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Daughter is forced to be a gangsers whore
Paying Daddy's Debts

"It's gonna be great!" said Milly, holding her cell phone with one hand while struggling to close the zipper on her suitcase. "When are you leaving?"
"Tomorrow morning," replied Rachel on the other end of the phone. "I can't believe you're leaving before me and Kevin."
"I know, I know, but Daddy phoned right before you did and insisted we leave right away. I don't know what his problem is but he wouldn't take no for an answer and you know what he's like."
"Yeah, well, as long as everything's okay and make sure you phone Kev before you leave."
"I will. I gotta go. Call me as soon as you get there, okay?"
"All right, bye."

Milly Cockleworth hung up the phone and went back to trying to zip up her suitcase. She was 18 years old and off to university. A whole new chapter in her life and to say she was excited would be an understatement. She had wanted to get out of this dilapidated house and this boring town for as long as she could remember. Since she was 8 years old to be exact. Ever since her Mom had left her and her dad and ran off with a lorry driver. Growing up was tough in the Cockleworth household. Her father, David, who wasn't a bad person, raised Milly but he was an idiot. One failed business after another. Hardly ever at home. Owing money to the banks, credit card companies, loan sharks and all sorts of shady characters. This meant Milly had to do without all the "nice" things all other teenagers had and this set her apart. All through her schooling she never had many friends and often got teased about her clothes, hair, shoes, everything. However, it was at school she met both Rachel and Kevin. Rachel, like Milly, was an only child and a loner. She had her own issues with her parents but never talked about it and Milly never pressed her on it. When you're not popular you don't want to lose the few friends you have. Kevin was Milly's boyfriend. They had been going steady for 6 months now and although the sex wasn't exactly fantastic she liked Kevin. More for his company than anything else. He was a nice guy, reliable.

Exhausted from all the packing Milly slumped down on the edge of her bed. It had been a hot day and as night approached a cool breeze made it in the open window and tickled the back of her neck. She was barefoot wearing jeans and a t-shirt. Her blonde hair was cut short and her skin was ever so slightly tanned. She wondered why Daddy had suddenly decided to drive the hundred miles or so to her campus tonight instead of tomorrow but then she already knew the answer to that. He had managed to raise the £10000 it would cost to send her to uni and had deposited that into her bank account. Milly was so excited about actually getting to go to uni she hadn't questioned her father about where the money actually came from. Now, though, it seemed obvious that he had borrowed from some loan shark and whoever it was wanted the money back. This made her feel depressed and angry. He would never change.

Just then Milly heard heavy footsteps coming up the driveway. Sound of keys jangling, the front door opening and then slamming shut. Daddy was home.
"Milly!" he shouted in his hoarse voice. "Where are ya?"
"Up here, Dad," Milly called back. "Just finished packing."
He came running up the stairs and entered her room, just managing to squeeze his fat body through the door.
"You all set then?" he asked sweating and out of breath.
"Well, yeah. I just need to get dressed and call Kevin," said Milly, picking up her cell phone.
"You can do that in the car and there's nothing wrong with what you've got on now." He grabbed the heavy suitcase and made his way back down the stairs. "We have to leave right now!"
"What have you done this time," Milly called after him.
"You know that ten grand I got you? Well the person I borrowed it from wants it back plus interest and he's coming to collect right now."
"Oh, Dad."
"I know, I know, honey. It won’t happen again I promise."
"That's what you said the last time. I am so sick of this."
"Lets get a move on, baby. He'll be here any minute with his thugs."

"When is this shit gonna stop?"
"Look, you go to university, get educated, get a good job, pay off all Daddy's debts and then maybe I'll be able to set up that used caravan business I've always wanted." He was standing in the kitchen beside the front door looking at her with wide eyes trying to convince himself more than her. "We can live happily ever after then."

Milly sighed and was about to go back to her room to put her shoes on when the front door flew open knocking her father back against the kitchen table and onto the floor.
"Dad, are you all right!?" shouted Milly. She came running down and stopped dead at the bottom of the stairs.
In the doorway stood a tall, muscular black man. He was wearing a vest, jogging trousers and black Nike's. She saw, in his left jean pocket, the handle of a gun. He had on his face what Milly could only describe as being a bloodthirsty expression. The kind wild animals get when they're on the hunt for a kill. He looked at her father sprawled out on the kitchen floor.
"Where the fuck you going, Cocksuck," he said and Milly thought she heard the clap of thunder from far away.
"My name is David Cockleworth," said her father, his voice sounding weak.
The man looked at Milly with piercing eyes. She was scared more than she'd ever been in her entire life. These were the kinds of people Daddy was borrowing money from? Gangbangers? The man looked back at her father.
"Where's my money, David Cocklimp?" his voice boomed.
"It's Cockleworth and I said I'll pay it when I got it, Leroy," David replied as he sat back against the leg of the kitchen table.
"You've been saying that the last four months, Limpdick an' we ain't seen shit!" Leroy lowered his voice. "I don't think you're ever gonna pay."
"Look, take what you want. Whatever you fancy. Just take it."
Leroy looked back at Milly. His cold eyes studied her body up and down. A cold chill went up her spine. She couldn't move. Fear had gripped her and left her frozen on the spot.
"Anything you say?" Leroy rasped.
"Hey, leave my daughter out of this," David said trying to sound threatening but his voice was weak. "Take something else."
"Fuck you. You ain't got shit in this dump but this gal of yours, now she is fine in a plain kind of way."
"You gotta be fuckin' kiddin', man!" shouted David.
Leroy shook his head and calmly closed the front door best he could. It was only just hanging on its hinges.
"Tell you what," he said turning around. "I'm gonna make you a deal. You owe me ten grand, right? So I'm gonna be generous and fuck your daughter for a hundred pounds. That means after a hundred fucks you debt to me is paid. And it ain't just gonna be me fuckin' her, my boyz too. Now what you think, Cockweed?"
"I think you're out of your fucking mind and it's COCKLEWORTH!" screamed David.
"Listen carefully," Leroy said through gritted teeth, his left hand resting on his gun. "This is the best deal you're gonna get. I'm not even charging you any interest. Take it or leave it."
Still sitting on the floor, sweating profusely, David looked up at his daughter.
"What you think, honey?" he asked in a barely audible voice.
Milly had been standing there the whole time transfixed. She couldn't believe this conversation between her father and the gangster had taken place. Is Daddy really going to sell me into prostitution like some third world sheep farmer trying to pay off his loans?
"Y-You're kidding, right?" she stammered. "I-I mean you can not be serious. W-What about university?"
"You can go next year, Milly."
"Yeah, Milly," said Leroy, mockingly. "You got your whole life to go to uni."
Milly worked up the courage and tried to make herself sound angry.
"Fuck you!" she screamed. "I'm calling the police!" She still had her cell phone and started dialling.
"No, don't..." her Dad said.
"It's all right," interrupted Leroy, calmly. "Call the police. I'll deny everything and tomorrow I'll hunt down your daddy and blow his brains out."
Milly hung up the phone. She looked at Leroy who looked back right into her eyes. She was powerless and he knew it.
"It's decided. Lets go upstairs. You too, Dicklesworth."
"It's Cockleworth," said David, struggling to get up off the floor.

This isn't happening, this isn't happening, this isn't happening Milly thought as they walked up the stairs. She felt weak. It was as though all the energy had been sucked right out of her. So this is my life. A whore to a gangster. For how long? A hundred fucks he said but somehow Milly knew there was more to it than that. She would be sold to the highest bidder again and again. All she would get would be a hundred pound knocked off Daddy's debt but the majority of the money would go straight to Leroy.

When they got to Milly's bedroom Leroy ordered David to sit on the swivel chair next to the bed. He then ordered her to strip. She looked at her father.
"He ain't going nowhere," said Leroy. "I want him where I can see him. Now take your dam clothes off little girl."
Milly took off her t-shirt and let it drop on the floor. She unzipped her jeans and wriggled out of them and then just stood there in her underwear.
"Don't be fuckin' teasing, bitch," Leroy said, getting impatient. "Take it all off!"
She took off her bra to reveal her small upwardly pointed breasts. She let her knickers drop to the floor. She now stood in the centre of her bedroom, her slim body totally naked. Leroy looked at her trimmed pubes with a smirk on his face.
"Nice," he whispered. "Now come over here and get on you're knees."
"Please, don't," said Milly, almost sobbing.
"Shut the fuck up and don't you dare cry," Leroy said raising his voice. "Get over here and suck my dick!"

She walked over to him passing her father who was staring at her with wide eyes, mouth agape. Even he couldn't believe what a fine body his daughter had. She kneeled down so her head was level with Leroy's crotch. She noticed the bulge in his trousers and at first thought it was the barrel of his gun but when it twitched a little she knew what it was. Taking hold of the elastic in the waist of his jogging trousers, Leroy slowly lowered them. Milly's eyes widened as each inch of his penis became visible. Leroy smiled as he saw the look on her face. As he stretched the elastic over his penis it sprung up like a coiled spring and hit Milly on the chin. The shock of this knocked her back on her ass. She couldn't stop a slight giggle escaping her as she got back up on her knees.
"Come on, girl," Leroy said. "Don't keep me waiting."

Milly stared at Leroy's cock. It was bigger and thicker than Kevin's and seemed to be throbbing slightly. She took hold of it with her right hand and squeezed slightly. She could feel the blood pulsing through it as she looked right into the eye. It's almost like it's alive, she thought, and marvelled at its darkness, like oil. She imagined it gushing oil on orgasm.
"Yeah, black gold," said Leroy, guessing what she was thinking. His voice startled her. She had almost forgotten there was actually a human on the other end of this thing.
Milly had never given a blowjob to Kevin and she wasn't quite sure what to do now. She licked the eye a few times. It didn't taste of anything much apart from a slight tinge of sweat. She closed her lips over the head and flicked her tongue all around the end. Her mouth was dry but the saliva was soon starting to build up.

"Lick it all," Leroy gasped. "Lick it all over."

She took the end out of her mouth and licked the whole length all over starting on the underside, then the sides and finally the top of it. She took it back in her mouth and found she could get a lot more in. She began moving her head back and forth lubricating it with her saliva. It just seemed like the natural thing to do. Leroy gently placed his hands on the sides of her head and began gyrating his hips round and round like he was stirring milk into a cup of tea. She couldn't help but dribble some spit from her lower lip and the sound she made while trying to slurp it back up excited him more. He gripped her head more firmly and began thrusting his cock in and out of her mouth. She hollowed her cheeks and applied pressure to the underside of his dick with her tongue as she eagerly sucked on his dick, the meaty scent filling her nose. She had her hands on his thighs and as his thrusting became faster she moved them round to his firm ass cheeks and dug her nails in slightly. My god, she thought, I'm being fucked in the mouth and I'm loving it. She looked up at him. His eyes were wild. The contrast of his dark penis and her white face was really doing it for him. She had completely forgotten her father was still in the room and felt ashamed at enjoying herself so much. Still with Leroy's cock in her mouth she glanced over at him. To her horror she saw Daddy still in the swivel chair, trousers around his legs, dick in hand masturbating furiously. Before she could react Leroy grabbed her hair with both his hands and forced as much of his cock into her mouth as he could. The tip of it touched the back her throat and she gagged. Leroy pounded the back of her throat with his cock. She was gasping for air and dug her nails into his thighs trying to force him back but he was too strong.

"Swallow it all, girl!" he yelled. "Swallow it all!"

Then it felt as though a water bomb had exploded in her mouth. The first few jets of cum hit the back of her throat and she couldn't help but swallow. Leroy, still holding her hair tightly, kept his dick firmly in her mouth as the rest of his cum filled her mouth. There was so much her cheeks puffed out. She was amazed at how warm it was. She swallowed some but the rest dribbled out of the corners of her mouth and her lower lip. Leroy jerked his now semi-erect cock out of her mouth and slapped her on the left cheek with it.

"Good girl," he said. "Now wait there I'll be right back with my boyz." He went downstairs and out the front door. Milly, panting heavily, looked at Daddy.

"Bastard!" she said.

"Look, Milly, it's not what you think," he said pulling up his trousers. "Are you OK? How do you feel?"

"How do I feel?" she replied, raising her voice. "How do I feel? I just got face-raped by a gangster! How the FUCK DO YOU THINK I FEEL!! You're my Daddy, you're supposed to be my hero, you're supposed to protect my honour not sit there wanking like a moron! Look at me. I've still got cum dripping off my chin! How do I feel? I'll tell you how I feel." She narrowed her eyes and smiled. "I feel fantastic! I loved it! I loved being made to feel like a whore and I want more!"

Just then the front door flew open and in walked Leroy and two of his bodyguards. As they entered the bedroom she saw they were bigger and even more muscular than Leroy. They both looked at her up and down and smiled. Milly smiled back.

"These are my boyz, Delmar and Winston," said Leroy. "And they want some of your sweet ass pussy!"

Delmar and Winston didn't waste any time in getting naked. Milly saw both there black cocks were already rock hard.

"Dam, I wanna fuck this bitch in all her holes!" said Delmar.
"Get on the bed, girl," breathed Winston as he grabbed her arm and threw her on the bed. Then they were both on top of her licking and chewing on her small, pert breasts. Milly's pussy was already wet and was now starting to drip as both of the savage thugs crammed as many of their fingers into her pussy as they could. All she could do was submit to their lust. Delmar flipped her over. "Ass in the air, now!" he ordered. She arched her back and raised her butt cheeks high. Without any warning Delmar slid the end of his big cock into her pussy. Milly yelped as she felt the girth of it enter her.

"Shit!" she yelled. "It's too fuckin' big. You're gonna tear me apart!"
Delmar laughed as he grabbed her hips tight and forced his cock all the way in. "I am gonna fuck you like crazy," he said. Milly gritted her teeth as his dick pistoned into her. As her once tight pussy stretched around the thugs cock she felt waves of warm pleasure rush through her body. As she reached her first orgasm she couldn't help but scream out loud:-
Delmar couldn't help laughing. "Yo, Winston," he called. "Get over here and shut this yapping bitch up."
Winston didn't need to be told twice. He quickly positioned himself in front of her and without hesitation shoved his cock into her mouth.
"Time for a spit roast," he said. "Look who da piggy in da middle!"
"HA, HA, look at her Dad wanking away!" came Leroy's voice but Milly and her two fuckers were too engrossed in their own pleasure. She could feel Delmar behind her spitting into her anus and then inserting one finger then another into her virgin hole. They said they would fuck her in all holes and they were. Both men rammed their cocks into her like she was a toy and Milly wondered if they were ever going to stop. Just then she felt both men stiffen up.
"Oh yeah, I'm gonna cum in her man!" said Delmar.
"Me too," said Winston. "We're gonna fill her like a cream doughnut!"
That's exactly what they did. Milly felt Delmar's warm load fill her belly and at the same time Winston filled her mouth with so much cum most of it spilled out of her mouth and onto the bed. Once they had finished unloading all of their cum into her they got off the bed and quickly got dressed. Milly slumped down onto the bed. Leroy ordered his thugs to wait outside.

"Time for round two, baby," he said as he grabbed her by the hips roughly, picked her up and then threw her down so she was leaning on the end of the bed with her knees on the floor her skinny ass in the air. He positioned himself behind her, legs slightly bent and with knees resting against the bed mattress he pulled her ass cheeks apart to reveal her tight pink hole. Before she could react he had already plunged the head of his rock hard cock into her tiny, tight asshole.
"Shit, this is like being in heaven," grunted Leroy as he forced every inch of his massive cock into her ass. "Virgin anal is the best kind of anal!"
He was now fucking her ass like he fucked her face. The walls of her anus gripped his dick like a vice and although she had resisted at first Milly had now become quite pliable.

"You like it, huh," he said to her. "Tell me you like it."
"No, no, no!" came her reply but she was now feeling the warm waves of ecstasy beginning to flow making her forget the pain. She struggled but he grabbed both her arms by her wrists and held them behind her back with one hand and steadied himself with the other and continued pounding her ass. She was totally helpless. All she could was succumb to his savage assault on her ass. She screamed each time he thrust:-

"I knew you'd like it," said Leroy and yanked his cock out of her ass. He grabbed her by the hair, yanked her back and rammed his cock into her mouth. He came almost immediately and this time she kept her lips tightly shut around his cock so as to not spill a drop. She suckled his dick making sure she swallowed every drop. He again jerked his dick out of her mouth and forced her back round and onto the bed again. She felt his cock enter her pussy and thought; surely he can't be hard again? His penis felt different somehow. Smaller and thinner. She glanced over her shoulder and saw it was father who was bucking wildly behind, the sweat dripping off his forehead. Milly went limp on the bed. She wasn't horrified or even disgusted. She just didn't care anymore. She could barely feel his dick. No wonder Mom had left him. She could hear Leroy's mocking laughter as he left the house and drove away. Eventually, Daddy dribbled his cum into her pussy and got off her. He didn't say anything, didn't even look at her. Just left the room and went downstairs into the living room. Perhaps he felt ashamed at getting so turned at seeing his daughter get shafted by three black guys. More likely he had always wanted to fuck her and just couldn't hold himself back any longer.

Milly lay there sprawled on the floor, her mind blank. She did feel some guilt but that would pass. She wondered when the next great fucking session would occur with Leroy and whoever else. She still had £9900 of Daddy's debt left to pay. She shut her eyes and fell into a deep, coma-like sleep.

The End

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