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Geeky pupil turns the tables on his sexy young teacher.
Chloe Hunt felt the bitter shaft of sunlight pierce the curtains and run lengthways down her naked body, illuminating the thatch of golden hair at her middle. The bed sheets discarded some time during a night of unbridled passion, her body was glazed in a film of sweat and heated by desire. Opening one eye, she regarded lover Jack Willis wrestling on a sock in readiness for the day ahead, a small smile forming on her lips as she recalled the previous night's lovemaking.

Twelve years her senior, Jack was without doubt the most considerate lover Chloe had ever had the pleasure to know, in stark contrast to the previous men in her life who seemed only to have their own interests at heart. In some ways Jack was a little too considerate, a real gentleman, but it was a minor complaint. Right at that moment, Chloe could hardly be happier.

A lingering kiss was followed by a promise to see her again that evening, her lover's exit leaving Chloe to hug the pillow as she battled the urge to go back to sleep. Forcing herself up from the sanctuary of the bed, the schoolteacher who'd turned twenty-three earlier that week tiptoed to the shower, turning the dial to cold. Her oversized nipples swelled instantly as the chilled water lashed at her shapely body. Administering a layer of fluffy white soap she cupped the pert yet cute breasts, the early morning ablutions brought an all round rosy glow.

Bending to wring the water from a shoulder length mane of blonde tresses, Chloe dried herself all over before perching on the edge of the bath. Extending a shapely slender leg, she began to paint each toenail a shade of devil red. Sandal wearing weather, she wanted to accentuate her cute little feet with a dab of colour.

Returning to the bedroom, the pretty blonde fumbled in the drawer, locating a set of underwear to match her nails. Whilst climbing into the lacy red panties and hooking the bra up over her beautiful little breasts, Chloe heard the rattle of the milkfloat in the road outside, suddenly craving a nice refreshing cup of tea. She ought really to put on a dressing gown to fetch in the milk, but the garment was nowhere to be seen, carelessly discarded prior to the previous night's lovemaking. Oh well, she'd only be out on the step for a mere second. Yet how she'd live to regret that hasty decision.

Early still, the coast was clear for the daring reconnaissance. As she reached for the bottle, next door's cat leapt across the fence, swirling lovingly at her ankles, pushing itself up against her. As she knelt to stroke the purring kitty, the door slipped momentarily from her hand. "There's a good little puddy cat," she cooed.

It was then that the door creaked painfully behind. Gaining momentum and slamming shut before there was time to react, Chloe was trapped outside in just her skimpy red underwear. "Oh shit," cursed the pretty schoolteacher, the throwaway expletive totally out-of-character from the normally sweet young thing.

Rarely heard to swear, even in extremes, she couldn't contain herself, repeating the curse. For this was extreme: she was locked outside and fully exposed to anyone that happened to be passing by.

And the first person that happened to pass by was her next door neighbour's son and one of Chloe's students, the borderline geeky and somewhat creepy Kevin Manning. At sixteen he was a mere seven years her junior, yet it seemed like a gulf of generations. "Miss Hunt!" he exclaimed, firing a shocked expression over the fence.

"Kevin," Chloe responded, wrapping her arms around her body protectively, pretty face blushing a violent crimson to match her underwear and toenails. "Um I seem to have been rather stupid and managed to lock myself out."

Kevin took a moment to look his teacher up and down, leering unsubtly. "Yes, you have been a bit stupid, haven't you miss."

Chloe's face clouded with indignance, though she was in no position to censure his insolence. She decided to play to stereotype. "Haven't I just, dumb blonde that I am?" she concurred, trying to make light of the situation.

At that moment, Chloe heard other footsteps approaching and, fearful the whole world might witness her predicament, she cowered in the shadows of the porch, never so embarrassed in her life. "Oh Kevin, what am I going to do?" she bleated, realising that the backdoor was still locked and the only open windows were high up.

Kevin rubbed his chin thoughtfully, before pulling out his mobile phone. Yesssssss, that was it - call the fire brigade, Chloe thought. They'd help her. Nooooooo - all those big strong men would see the respectable schoolteacher in her underwear. She'd never live it down. However, calling for help was the furthest thing from Kevin's evil mind. Instead of telephoning, he held up the cameraphone before his face, squinting before taking a perfect photograph of his semi-naked teacher. "Oh God, Kevin, no..."

And with that he went on his way to school without a word, just a grin on his nerdy face.

Chloe felt the tears well up in her eyes. Looking around hopelessly, there was only one thing for it. Picking up a slab of rock from the garden, Chloe turned her face and smashed the glass in the front door. Reaching through, careful to avoid the raised shards, she let herself in before anyone else had a chance to humiliate her.


It was gone ten o'clock before the glazier finished the job and the red-faced schoolteacher was able to get away, her first lesson missed. With ten minutes spare to the next, she managed to track down Kevin Manning for a quiet word. Unfortunately, for once in his life the boy was surrounded. A horrible thought crossed her mind: perhaps her picture was already in the public domain. Not really sure what to say or do, she asked for a word in private. The other boys issued a childish chorus of "oooooh", causing the demure young teacher to blush virulently.

Out of earshot and battling to retain her dignity, Chloe whispered: "Kevin...that, um, that photo you took this morning...that was intended as a joke, right?"

The schoolboy pursed his lips quizzically. "A joke, miss?"

"You'll delete it, right?"

"Delete it, miss? Why would I do that? It's a very nice photo..."

Chloe's heart fluttered. "Yes, but in the wrong hands..."

Kevin's lip curled upward wickedly. "Oh you're concerned I might...share it."

Chloe sniffed miserably, her early good mood having evaporated entirely. "Yes."

"Well, your secret's safe with me, miss."

That wasn't what she wanted to hear. Quite frankly that picture was like gold dust in this environment. It made her sick imagining hordes of teenaged boys masturbating over her partially clad image. And the wider ramifications didn't even bear thinking about. Desperation began to take hold as she sweated around the breasts and armpits. "Kevin, please, I'm begging you to delete it."

Kevin smiled knowingly, leaning in to her ear, a hand resting on his teacher's hip. "Tell you what miss, I'll think about it."

Chloe shivered as she felt his hand slide around to cup the left cheek of her bum. He squeezed until she pulled away with a gasp, her cheeks maroon. The schoolboy merely issued a wink, clearly revelling in the sense of advantage he held. It was then that it truly dawned upon Chloe that she was in bother, a great deal of bother.

Only one thing for it, she had to get that phone at all costs, and sooner rather than later. Still early in the day, chances were he hadn't passed it on to his friends, not that he had any. And Chloe could see why now. He was an evil and manipulative little nerd who just happened to lived next door. She had to get that damned phone before he wrecked her career, and perhaps her life. She could feel the tears welling up again, but had to be strong.

Clearing her head with a black coffee, after a little investigation, she established her nemesis had Games next. Hopefully that meant his jacket would be left unattended in the changing room, a plan beginning to form. If Chloe timed it right she could sneak in, nab the phone and destroy the evidence during the lesson. Without the photo Kevin had nothing against her. Heart thumping hard against her left breast, she looked at the clock on the wall for direction.

It was hardly professional but she had to leave her class of third formers to their own devices half way through their lesson, sprinting across school. As she crept inside the boys' changing room furtively, the stench of sweaty shoes invaded her nostrils. Little time to hang around and risk being caught, the desperate teacher moved from peg to peg, searching for her tormentor's jacket. A triumphant "yes" escaped her lips as the task was simplified when she espied his nametag sewn into the inner sleeve. What a nerd! Wresting the mobile phone from the pocket, she clenched her tiny fist in triumph.

Safely back outside, she dropped the phone to the concrete, spiking her heel into the glass face, before stamping up and down with the sole. Soon she'd wrecked the thing, broken it into pieces. "So you think you can get the better of me, huh Kevin Manning," she said under her breath.

Her joy was short-lived as, upon re-entering the classroom she was met by the headmaster. Ushering her outside, he thundered: "What is the meaning of leaving your class unattended, Miss Hunt?"

Chloe's bottom lip started to quiver. "Um, I'm...something came up...I...sorry"

"See me in my office after class."

Chloe bowed her head in shame. "Yes headmaster."


Chloe wandered into the headmaster's reception and was told to take a seat. A few minutes later her nemesis Kevin Manning showed up. Boldly she looked him straight in the eye, met with a counter sneer. She knew that he knew, but where was his proof? "I want to report my mobile phone stolen," he announced to the secretary, a sideways glance toward Chloe making her shuffle just a little uncomfortably.

At that moment the teacher was summoned away, the subsequent grilling from the headmaster leaving her teary-eyed yet relieved that it had been worth it. Her revealing picture had been destroyed and would remain nothing more than a figment of Kevin Manning's imagination. As a consequence, Chloe ambled down the corridor to the staffroom in renewed spirits. All that was left was to work out how to get even with the little geek. It was then that her breath was taken away as she was accosted from behind and dragged into a nearby storeroom. "Get your hands off me," she protested to the mystery assailant.

Kevin pushed her back, foaming at the mouth and incandescent with rage. Yet it was Chloe that fired the first shot, voice quivering discernibly. "You are in so much trouble, Kevin Manning."

The schoolboy offered a look of disdain. "You think stealing my phone is the end of this, you stupid bitch?"

Chloe wrinkled her nose, before snapping: "Don't you dare talk to me in that manner. I can and will make your life a misery."

"Oh can you now, Miss Hunt? Or should I call you Miss Cunt, you stupid, stupid bitch?"

Chloe was taken aback at the depth of his vitriol, at the harsh words he used. Yet she stood her ground, determined not to let some nerdy schoolboy get the better of her. Nothing would give her greater pleasure than to help get him expelled. "Make the most of your last day at this school, Kevin."

Chloe turned away towards the door. In turn Kevin moved to block the way. He was no athlete but still towered six inches above the petite teacher. "Move!" she ordered, still just about in control of her emotions though her heart was racing. "You didn't think that I'd take precautions?" he whispered.

Chloe exhaled deeply. Precautions, what did he mean?

"Oh, Miss Hunt – stop acting like the blonde bimbo."

Chloe's mouth fell agape. "How dare you...?"

Before the sentence could be completed, Chloe felt Kevin's fingers grip her cheeks around the mouth, clamping it tight. "I forwarded your photo to my laptop, just in case."

Chloe's heart fell, her eyes moistening. She felt sick. All that risk and he was one, if not two, steps ahead of her. "So if you think this is over, Miss Cunt..."

Thankfully the bell came to Chloe's rescue, her schoolboy tormentor issuing a chilling prescient: "I'll deal with you later."

Wiping the tears from her eyes, Chloe followed out of the storeroom, dusting herself down and trying to recompose. This was now as serious as hell. She really had incurred the unhinged boy's wrath and he was likely to do anything. The next lesson went by in a blur, her head spinning. What could she possibly do to stop the ordeal?


Post-lesson and, with lunchtime's welcome arrival, Chloe was relieved to get away from the school. Walking home to where all of this had begun with the inadvertent exposure on the doorstep that morning, she wasn't sure what to do but knew she had to do something. A ring on the doorbell of Kevin's house and a furtive look past the blinds through the front window seemed to suggest no one was home.

Heading around the back, out of sight of the road, Chloe searched for an open window. Bingo! There was one half open above the kitchen door, designed to be moved up and down, guillotine-like. It would be a tight squeeze but she was of a slender frame and could shimmy through. Heaving herself up, Chloe clung to the window frame for support, belly pressed to the cold glass. Pushing upward, her arms, head and shoulders found a way inside. Using all her reserves of strength, the desperate teacher eased in up to the waist, just legs and bum left on the outside, almost there. "Damn you Kevin Manning for putting me through all this," she cursed beneath her breath.

It was then, just as she was about to congratulate herself on a job well done, that the window started to creak. All of a sudden it eased away from its holding, descending the few inches to pin her spine like a mouse in a trap. "Oh my God," she puffed, legs kicking wildly stil outside, struggling to no avail.

With her back clamped in this manner, there was no way in and definitely no way back out. Each wriggle merely strained her stomach muscles and was as painful as hell. As the realisation dawned, Chloe began to cry hollow, desperate tears. How could she have been so stupid? What on earth had she been thinking? This whole sorry situation was fast becoming her worst nightmare.

A couple of minutes elapsed in silent contemplation before the stillness was finally broken. "Oh so predictable, miss," rang out a familiar voice from behind.

"Kevin? Oh Kevin, help me out please."

"What exactly are you doing, Miss Cunt...Miss Stupid Cunt?"

Chloe began to hyperventilate. "I was, um..."

Kevin snorted. "You were trying to break in to steal my laptop, weren't you, just like you stole my phone?"

Chloe said nothing, little more than a barely audible whimper coming from her lips.

"Trying to break into my parent's house was a really dumb thing to do. God, you really are a brainless bimbo, aren't you."

Chloe could offer little defence.

"Look up to your left, miss."

Chloe obeyed, craning as far as her neck would allow. Up in the corner was a CCTV camera, its lens pointing straight back accusingly. The pretty schoolteacher gasped in surprise.

"My dad's very security conscious and with good reason, it seems. Who'd have thought, Miss Cunt a burglar?"

"Please help me, Kevin," she pleaded helplessly.

"You do need help, miss, more perhaps than you realise. You see my dad will check the tape tonight when he gets home from work, and I wouldn't want to be in your shoes when he finds out."

"Oh God, Kevin, no..."

"At best I reckon you'll lose your job, at worst, who knows? The police will almost certainly have to be called. But then again my dad might just take matters into his own hands..."

Chloe drew a breath. Unlike his geeky son, Frank Manning was a most intimidating man, more brawn than brain. How he'd fathered Kevin, God alone knew. One trait they did share, however, was a real creepiness. "You won't let that happen, will you Kevin? Please."

"That depends, miss."

"Depends...depends on what...?"

Kevin paused momentarily. "On whether you agree to do everything I tell you to from this point forward."

Thrashing hopelessly from side and bemoaning her preducament, Chloe whined: "Oh, no way Kevin, there's no way in the world..."

"Well you're not exactly in the best position to negotiate right now, are you miss?"

Chloe whispered a forlorn-sounding "no".

Kevin continued: "In which case, you do everything I tell you. You'll have lived here long enough to notice that the workers in the office opposite the house use the cut through at the side of the house to get to the pub. It's their lunchtime any time now. All they've got to do is glance over the wall and they'll see your arse hanging out the window."

Chloe sniffed, yelping as, as if to accentuate the point, the schoolboy slapped the overhanging butt. The schoolboy chuckled in twisted pleasure.

Chloe knew that there were parents of some of her kids in that office. It didn't bear thinking about how she could explain her way out of this mess. The sad yet inevitable facts was that she needed Kevin's help - badly. "Please Kevin, help me out of here, I'm begging you."

Unable to see behind, Chloe waited, breath held. Kevin seemed in no hurry to act, clearly savouring every anxious moment. The captive schoolteacher trembled as finally something happened, his clammy hand moving to stroke the smooth flesh of her inner thigh. At the same time he lifted her skirt, folding it at the hips to expose a shapely backside. Chloe's pleas turned to desperation. "Kevin, no..."

To no avail, she shivered as the lacy scarlet panties were loosened at the hips, drawn down over a pair of delectable thighs, past the knees, down her calves and manoeuvred deftly over her sandals. Breath racing, Chloe felt the warm summer air brush against her exposed skin and pussy. "Mmm, you wear the colour knickers of a dirty whore," Kevin commented, before going silent.

A full minute passed.


From behind her, Chloe heard the unmistakeable sound of a zip being drawn down and a little grunt of pleasure fall from her tormentor's lips. "Oh God, Kevin, what are you doing?"

"What do you think I'm doing? I'm wanking myself in your slut panties, Miss Cunt. Oh fuck, yesssss."

Chloe's face contorted, though she couldn't see and was frankly glad of the fact. He was sicker than she'd ever imagined.

"Oh yes, oh fuck yesssssss..." Kevin mouthed hoarsely as he beat his meat.

Evidently no marathon man, the schoolboy came in under a minute, his orgasm marked by a grunt of approval.

Unsure what to expect next, Chloe flinched as she felt the panties back at her ankles, then smoothed up her shapely legs. She felt Kevin's dewy deposit smear the tops of her thighs and rub against her pussy as they were fitted in place. The schoolboy wasted no opportunity to grind his grubby fingers into the moist crotch, pressing the lacy material and the remnants of his seed inside Chloe's soft malleable pussy. He worked the eager digits back and forth for thirty seconds. "Ohhhhhhh," Chloe groaned, battling not to let his actions turn her on.

But she was highly sexed and it was, whether she cared to admit it or not.

"Will you agree to do anything I say?" he prompted, fingertips brushing her clit and sparking unwanted desire.

"Nooooooo," she maintained. "You'll never get away with this, it's blackmail."

"Two minutes, miss, two minutes and the office empties you'll be on public display. Two minutes to agree or your career is over."

She couldn't believe how manipulative this boy could be, her resolve draining, her desire rising. "Kevin, no, please. Please help me out of here. I will...I WILL do anything you say."

He paused as if contemplating. "That means ANYTHING, miss?"

"Yes, anything – just get me out of here."

Reaching over on tiptoes, the gangly schoolboy worked the window up from Chloe's spine, allowing her to slide back out from whence she'd come, albeit somewhat unceremoniously. She stood facing him, shifting uncomfortably as their eyes met then parted. She could feel the dampness of the panties against her pussy, his seed rubbing against her most intimate parts. "Mess me around and you'll be dealing with my dad. Be nice to me and keep to our agreement and he need never know."

Chloe glanced back inside the house, looking at the camera. "You'll destroy the CCTV footage, won't you Kevin?"

"I'll think about it. But first things first, I want my mobile phone back."

Chloe winced before confessing she'd trashed it. "I'm sorry," she added shamefacedly.

"You did what, you stupid whore?" he thundered, causing Chloe to cower.

"I'll replace it."

"Damn right you will. No, not just replace it - you'll upgrade it. I want one of those brand new ultra thin ones like your boyfriend's got, and I want it now."

Chloe felt the spiny fingers of fear grip her soul. This kid seemed to know everything, not just about her but about Jack too. "Have you been watching Jack and me?"

"Yes miss, I saw you last night."

Chloe swallowed. "W-what exactly d-did you s-see?"

Kevin grinned. "I saw him give you a massage."

Momentarily Chloe forgot the ordeal, consumed by fond reminiscences of the previous night with her lover. Jack's touch had been so strong, so sure, she'd almost cum without vaginal stimulation. When finally they did make love she was as wet as a bath sponge. She lost count of the number of orgasms he gave her. But now the memory was sullied, contaminated by the thought of creepy Kevin Manning spying on them.

And soon her misery and regret returned. Oh, why oh why had she gone out on the step in just her underwear? Yet even then all she'd had to do was bluff it out. If he had passed the picture on, so what? It was nothing worse than a few embarrassing days, having to explain her mishap. But no, she'd compounded things by destroying Kevin's phone and then trying to break into his parent's house.

"Come on miss, I want that phone," he ordered, dragging her back to reality.

Their visit into town drew some odd looks from Kevin's peers, prompting Chloe to try to keep a couple of steps in front or behind to disassociate herself from the teen geek. But Kevin was having none of it, patting her arse like a long term lover and extracting maximum value from the sorry situation. Consequently, Chloe was glad to arrive in town, buying the phone Kevin craved without question. A hefty chunk on her credit card it was a small price to pay to redress the balance. "Okay then, are we even now?" she asked in hopeful anticipation as Kevin surveyed his new toy proudly.

Kevin's eyebrows lowered. "Even? EVEN? We're nowhere near even," he raged.

Chloe felt her eyes well up. "So what is it you want from me?" she entreated, not really wanting to hear the answer, and one which Kevin skilfully evaded in any event.

"Let's get back to school," he said simply.

The devious boy made small talk on the way, as if it were the most natural thing in the world to do though Chloe never heard the words, brain swimming. With the school gates coming into sight, he stopped her. "I think you'd better lose those dirty smelly panties, don't you miss?"

Chloe looked over quizzically as gangs of pupils filtered noisily past. "What, here?"

Kevin went into thoughtful mode. There'd be time enough for the real humiliation to begin. He was enjoying the slow build-up and Chloe's reaction to it. "Just make sure they're removed before the lesson. Oh and one other thing, I want you to call me Sir from now on. Understand?"

Chloe grimaced. In all that had happened it had escaped her memory that the first period after lunch was Kevin's English class. "Well, I'll see you shortly, miss," he announced, leaning in close enough that she could feel and smell his breath.

", not here," she gasped as audaciously he made to kiss her.

"You called me Kevin," he spat. "What did I tell you?"

"Sorry, s-sir," she spluttered.

In Chloe's mind, every passing eye seemed to be on them as Kevin stroked her cheek tenderly. She pulled away before he could kiss her As she departed hastily Chloe knew already she'd be made to pay later for the indiscretion. However, her head was in such turmoil that she was happy just to survive from minute to minute.

Safely ensconced in the staff toilet, she climbed out of the panties, running her thumb guiltily over the crotch before slipping them into her handbag. Thankfully she had a relatively modest skirt on, knee length unlike some of the minis and micros she liked, but it was a skirt nonetheless, and she'd be conscious until hometime of the bareness beneath.

The class of a dozen sixth formers was already assembled as their flustered teacher made her entrance, eyes glancing over anxiously at Kevin. Seated at the back and alone as ever, he smirked her way. Despite rationing the glances in his direction, she could feel his eyes boring into her midriff throughout the early stages of the lesson.

Chloe sighed inwardly. It wasn't just Kevin that concerned her. What if he'd informed the others in the class? What if they all knew their teacher was knicker-less? Chloe reddened, addressing the forum in a shaky voice, convinced when the sun shone through the window they could see her pussy through the fabric of the skirt. Yet for some perverse reason that thought made her tingle, a glistening of wetness forming around her labia. In turn, her skirt soaked up the juices like blotting paper, leaving a little stain on the front. It was getting worse!

Setting a long reading task in order to avert their eyes off her, much to Chloe's relief quickly the class became engrossed. Cowering behind the desk, she fanned her face, tried not to rub her thighs together and willed the clock to move faster. No such luck, it seemed to stand still. As she looked up to look at them, Chloe startled as Kevin summoned her to the back of the class. Tentatively she ambled over to his side. "Quicker next time," he growled beneath his breath, eyes making angry slits.

"Yes Sir," Chloe whispered.

"That's good, you're learning," he responded in hushed tones.

He beckoned the teacher closer and Chloe gasped as his palm grazed the back of a calf, rising to meet the flesh at the hamstring. Busily the clammy hand rode up inside her skirt, stroking a soft creamy thigh. Thankfully, if were any consolation, the rest of the class were so engrossed in their reading that no one glanced back. If they had, they'd have seen Kevin's probing fingers scamper up like a startled spider to penetrate his teacher's moist cunt, sliding up past the knuckles. "Stay there," he warned with understated menace in his voice.

Rooted to the spot, Chloe bit down on her bottom lip. She could feel her face cheeks blush a deep purple and sweat trickle down her neck and between her breasts. She fought obstinately to deny the feeling of sexual pleasure, but it was a vain quest. He seemed to know exactly the spot that made her tingle. Chloe tried her utmost to stifle the groan that forced its way out, along with a little bead of cunt juice that trickled slowly down an inner thigh.

She breathed heavily as his fingers set her alight, made her heart pound and body buzz. Finding her clit, he gave it a tweak with a fingernail. The stirrings in her loins were hard to bear, harder still to deny. It was sheer torture and she almost cried out and betrayed herself. She wanted nothing less than to be bent over the desk and fucked deep and hard. By Jack, yes Jack, not this kid. No, no, no, she couldn't start thinking about her lover or she surely cum hard in class. Nooooooo, she maintained, willing him to stop. "That's all miss, thank you," Kevin announced, unplugging the juice laden finger and sucking it clean with a joyous grin and sigh of pleasure.

Excused, Chloe fled back to the front of the class, the urge to break down in tears overwhelming. As she sat down in the chair to hide the telltale signs of her arousal, her juicy pussy squelched, the need to have it filled again almost unbearable. Yet she had to resist the temptation, if only for the rapidly diminishing remnants of her dignity.

For the rest of the lesson, Kevin's eyes burned into her unerringly. It came as little surprise when the bell rang and the class dispersed that Kevin remained behind like a bad smell. "I enjoyed today's lesson, did you too miss?"

Chloe's regarded the floor. "No, Sir, I hated every minute of it. If you had any respect for me..."

The sentence hung in the air as Kevin pushed his face in hers. His tongue glanced off her clenched lips. "Oh God, not here Sir," she pleaded.

Kevim grinned. "Mmmm, not here but somewhere else?"

Chloe nodded miserably, long resigned to her fate. If having sex with him brought the torment to a swift end, it was the price she had to pay. "Yes, I'll sleep with you," she consented.

The boy whistled. "Your place tonight?" he suggested.

"I can't, not tonight...I'm..."

"Whatever it is, cancel it. Oh, I bet it's that boyfriend of yours?"

Chloe nodded dejectedly.

"Okay, well I want you to phone him right now with an excuse."

Chloe went to protest but thought better of it, reaching inside her bag for the mobile phone.

"That's a rubbish phone you have, miss," he chuckled. "You want one like mine."

Chloe's eyes misted as she made the treacherous call. Thankfully it was a message so she didn't have to lie to him directly. "Hi Jack honey, it's me, Chloe...something's, um, come up at school so I'll have to cancel tonight. See you soon."

As Chloe put the phone away, Kevin could hardly contain his glee. "See you at eight," he promised. "Oh, and shave that hairy pussy, it's like a jungle down there."

Chloe sat, head in hands, and let her emotions run to the fore in a monsoon of bitter tears.


The five hours between school and 'the date' passed like the final hours of a prisoner on death row, the deflated young teacher praying that hers would be a quick release. She couldn't bear the creepy youngster crawling all over her, sucking, licking and biting her most intimate parts. She hoped that Kevin would be so overcome with lust that he'd shoot his load as quickly as he had earlier in the garden. That, or he'd soon grow bored once he knew how easily he could have her. Then she could get her life back on track. There was a niggling feeling at the back of her mind, however, that things wouldn't be quite that simple. But she had to cling onto some hope. If only things had worked out differently...

If only things had worked out differently...?

How many times had those words plagued her today?

If only the front door hadn't shut...

If only she hadn't trashed Kevin's phone...

If only she hadn't tried to break into his parent's house...

But for those things she'd be in the arms of her lover now, and not anticipating a night of whatever sordid fantasies her least favourite pupil harboured in his evil little brain. But things hadn't worked out differently and Chloe was at his complete and utter whim, his plaything for the evening. She pictured him next door, up in his bedroom, getting ready for her as she was for him, shaving the pubes from between her legs to create a smooth pink surface.

Twenty minutes later the doorbell rang and her heart plunged as she drew up all the inner steel she could muster, creeping slowly towards the door, though not wanting to get there. She willed Kevin to go away, to leave her alone, to pick on someone else. Her eyes welled up uncontrollably, and she shook away the tears, reminding herself to be brave. She could get through this...couldn't she? Stealing a deep lungful, gingerly Chloe opened the door.

Her mouth fell agape as she was presented not with the odious Kevin but with her lover Jack, clasping a bottle of wine and a crooked smile. "Jack? Oh Jack..."

He shot back an apologetic look. "I'm sorry to turn up like this Chloe, but you sounded so down on the phone earlier...I thought I'd come round on the off chance...and, well, here I am and here you are."

Chloe blushed, dredging up an excuse to explain her availability whilst glancing anxiously over his shoulder for sign of the nefarious schoolboy. He sure as hell wouldn't be far away, but what could she do - turn Jack away? Ushering her lover inside, she melted into his strong arms, feeling safe, temporarily at least. A reprieve had arrived and even the psychotic Kevin couldn't surely risk it with Jack in the house.

"Is everything okay, baby?"

"It is now," she replied with a genuine smile, the relief literally pouring out of her.

Jack uncorked the bottle in the kitchen as Chloe shadowed him like an errant lamb. He poured two large glasses, Chloe grabbing hers and swigging like it was water. Oh how she needed that. Taking Jack's strong hand she led him to the couch, an anxious glance to her right, through the front window and into the street. No, she convinced herself, Kevin would be mad to chance it. Jack would smash the living daylights out of the little geek. Her aura had returned and with it the desire for her manly lover.

Reaching aside, she rubbed the thick ridge at the front of Jack's jeans, eliciting a moan of appreciation. "You're keen," he observed.

Leaning back, he allowed the pretty teacher to wrestle down the zip, extracting the thick cock, cradling and stroking it playfully. Jack could barely believe his luck. Lost in the moment and the culmination of a day's worth of sexual tension, Chloe forgot that the curtains remained partially open, the first flush of dusk clouding the evening.

Eagerly she stroked the member to its full hardness, marvelling at its wondrous expansion. Imbued with Dutch courage, she went down on her lover, taking the engorged head between her wine soaked lips. Flicking an eager tongue tip over the eye she tasted Jack's precious precum. "Oh baby, yeah," he groaned, raking a set of fingers through the mane of blonde locks.

Chloe ran a velveteen tongue around the crown, sucking with purpose, tasting the gorgeous head, saliva laced with wine. Glancing up she locked eyes with her lover. "I love you, Jack," she confided.

It was at that moment that the mood was broken by the harsh rap at the front door. Chloe felt a shiver caress her spine, letting the cock slip from her mouth. Almost breaking down in tears, she looked into space inanely. "It's okay I'll get the door," said Jack disappointedly, secreting the bloated manhood back inside his jeans as he stood.

Chloe shrank into the sofa, trying to make herself invisible. Her breath held almost solidly for the next three minutes, she tried to listen and not to listen in equal measure. Finally Jack returned to the lounge, a puzzled expression on his face and clutching a huge bouquet of flowers. "Some young guy just delivered these," he mused. "Chloe, is there something you want to tell me?"

Chloe's face reddened and a veil of tears threatened to fall. Yet no words would come.

Jack looked distraught. "Shit, there's another guy, isn't there...sending you flowers?"

"Nooooooo," she wailed, unable to explain, and feeling Kevin's eerie presence close by.

Jack looked on incredulously. "I...I can't believe this. I thought we were...damn Chloe."

He too looked close to tears, masked by a wave of anger.

"Jack, honestly..."

Jack threw his arms in the air, suddenly losing it. It was a side she'd yet to see. "You cheap slut," he spat, reaching to grab her by the wrist. "All this time you've been with me, telling me you love me, you've been fucking some other guy."


Her blouse tore open like a paper tissue in his hands, the buttons down the front popping open to expose her braless breasts. Jack stared, shaking his head furiously. "Since when did bra?"

Chloe went to speak, to try to make some sense of it all, but her throat was dry. Jack was leering at her naked torso whilst fiddling with his own shirt buttons. "Well if you want to act like a slut, I'll sure as hell treat you like one."

Chloe squealed. Never before had she seen him this way. The calm exterior was exposed as a mere veneer, the rage inside her lover deep and thunderous. Reaching down, he moved swiftly, her skirt coming away easily in his strong clutches to reveal no panties and the freshly shaven pussy. Jack surveyed the sight with utter disdain. "Is that what he likes?" he bellowed.

Chloe wailed, the scene unfolding before her eyes almost in slow motion. Off came her lover's jeans with urgency, his cock standing up like a flagpole, the head like a giant bruised strawberry. It looked as angry as he was. "Well?" he prompted. "Does he like you to shave your cunt like some cheap whore?"

Chloe remained unable to respond, her vocal chords scraping uselessly. Even if she had been able to issue a denial, Jack's mouth was quickly clamped hard to hers, stifling. No longer the tender lover she'd come to know so well, he'd become rough and uncompromising, tongue pressed hard into her mouth as she whimpered back. Her tiny clenched hands made fists that punched at his chest to no avail as the wide-eyed brute cornered her against the wall. His arms either side formed a trap. "Is this how you like it with him - up against the wall?"

Over his shoulder Chloe saw a dark figure through the window, a pair of motionless and emotionless eyes staring back. She tried to duck beneath Jack's arms to flee but he was too fast, capturing her and hoisting her up against the wall easily. Adjusting, his hands held firm beneath each thigh as he pinned her, angry cock making several fruitless attempts to stab at her pussy.

He was rabid, calling her every slut name under the sun, salivating at the mouth. Her hands bounced off his body as ineffectual punches rained down, her elbows coming to rest upon his shoulders for support when quickly her strength was sapped. Repeatedly he thrust, trying to find a way in. Twisting his buttocks to gain leverage, finally Jack's fiery cock head found the soft recess of her pussy mouth, her nails scraping his shoulders. The cunt lips petalled unwillingly to receive the invading tip, sening a shiver through the frightened young teacher's body. "Oh that's it, you filthy whore. I bet you're even thinking about him now, wishing it was his cock inside you rather than mine."

"Nooooooo," she cried, fighting back weakly, a token yet ineffective resistance.

Chloe tried hard to dispel the image of Kevin's sneering face, but it was impossible to, particularly with him out there right now spying, witnessing her relationship disintegrate and her world collapse inwards. Powerless to prevent Jack's insistent and uncompromising advances, finally she submitted fully, spreading her legs wide to receive the whole shaft in one massive thrust that split her pussy and nudged the cervix. "Owwwwwww," she screamed, banging her fists at his neck, pert breasts crushed against his strong chest as he lifted the helpless waif into the wall.

"Take it all, bitch," he roared, retracting and slamming another length of rock hard cock into her cunt.


"Yesssssss," he retorted, working the musular length in and out with purpose, buttocks working unyieldingly.

Chloe tried to close her mind, tried not to let the vicious assault arouse her. Yet perversely Jack's newfound dominance and the thought of Kevin out there watching them soon overcame her weak will. Her clit needed little stimulation at the best of times to fire her towards orgasm and, combined with the feel of her nipples chafing on Jack's manly chest, it wasn't long before she was dripping wet, taking each pounding with a thrilled moan. And the trouble she'd be in with her schoolboy tormentor after tonight's rejection didn't bear thinking about. It was enough to make her cum.

"Oh you dirty cock craving tramp," Jack cried as his buttocks pumped. "Tell me what you are."

Chloe couldn't help herself. "I'm a dirty cock craving tramp," she admitted breathlessly. "Oh God, Jack, use me like the slut I am," she begged.

Jack shot back another look of disdain and another length of cock, working more intently than ever. Chloe felt he might pierce her womb at any moment and impale her to the wall. Her fingernails embedded deep in his strong shoulders, drawing the flesh, her knees up by his armpits. The wall took the full brunt, every slam vibrating around the room. Running short of breath, Jack eased back a step, hands behind Chloe's shoulders, her back arching like a dance partner as he fed each nipple into his mouth, sucking, licking then biting.

Chloe's body was aflame, her moans becoming screams, her juices drenching the thick shaft that worked unyieldingly in and out of her soft cunt. "Fill me with your thick seed, Jack," she pleaded. "Oh God I'm sooooooo close."

Once more Jack forced her to the wall, banging relentlessly. With abandon she screamed the house down. The orgasm felt like an electric shock around her clit. "Pump your spunk up inside me, please Jack," she begged.

Jack shook his head from side to side, face clouded. "Get on your knees, you slut. You don't deserve my cum inside you."

Though taken aback, Chloe did what she was told unquestioningly, looking up to see his fist blurring at his midriff, wanking furiously. Jack grunted as he came with the ferocity of an exploding hydrant, despatching a lasso of thick spunk into her waiting face. It lashed at her lips and nose, mouth clamped tight. "Open," commanded her lover, then when she resisted: "Open your fucking mouth."

Chloe obeyed, the next wad spraying and painting her tongue. Before she had time to consider spitting, Jack's cock plugged the tiny opening, and he groaned as he emptied the rest of his balls in diminishing amounts. He held the thick cock in place until Chloe gagged and swallowed ever drop. Shaking his head and sighing, as he pulled away, he said with venom: "I'll see you around - not."

"Jack..." she pleaded, still gurgling down his cum. "Jack, please..."

Her now ex-lover held his hands aloft. Dragging up his jeans, he was gone in a flash, the door slamming in his wake. Chloe followed, stopping when she espied the envelope on the hall floor. The message read simply: 'Hope you like the flowers. I'll deal with you tomorrow. K.'

Chloe felt her body quiver. The ordeal was only just beginning.


There's a series in this if sufficient interest exists. All feedback is welcome.

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