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Sue had once saved by a Gorilla and now it was time for Pay Back
Part1. Tit For Tat

It was really bad weather. Thunder storm was destroying everything. The time was only 5pm. It was mid July but dark grey clouds made it really dark. Sue was sitting next to fire and getting angry with herself. The decision she made to come here was really not a good idea. She could easily wait for few more days. But now it was too late.
Sue was a very pretty and beautiful girl. She has such a soft and smart body. With her hands full breasts and long legs she could easily be a main attraction to anyone. Her mum and dad died last year and she was living in one bed room apartment. She was working as a sales lady in very famous company, so her salary was wonderful. Her dad was left so much for her that she even could live porch live without working. Her mother and father had very beautiful house across the country right in the middle of the forest. Sue used to go with her parents to spend holidays there. She loved that house and woods around it. Her parents told her to be careful of wild animals. She still remembered that day when she was playing in woods. She was trying to catch a butterfly and gone deep into the woods. She heard some strange noise. That time sue was only 13. So she got scared. She was about to scream when she saw a big black gorilla standing right in front of her and straining at her left. Then within a moment gorilla jumped towards her. She closed her eyes and screamed. When she opened her eyes she saw a big brown wolf was laying on the grass with no motion and gorilla was standing next to it and looking at her. Then gorilla moved forward towards her. She was looking right in his eyes, but all she could see in his eyes was kindness for her. Gorilla quietly tapped on her head, turned around and disappeared in woods. She could easily see a big scar on his left shoulder. She came back home and told everything to her parents. She was really scared after that incident.
Sue was now 21. But she still remembered that day and thinking if that gorilla was not there God knows what would happened to her.
One day she came back from work and getting ready for shower when she had a phone call from her family solicitor. He wanted to meet her. She asked him to come over and have meal with her. While they were having dinner he told her that her father has a land in South cost which she wasn’t aware off. Sue told him that she doesn’t know anything about it and if she can sell that land because it was useless for her. James (solicitor) told her that there is a problem. The documents for the land were not with James but her father kept them in his country house. So she has to go there and get them. Sue thought it is good because she hasn’t been there for last two years and she needs vacations too. First she thought that she will ask her friend Kelly to go with her but then she decided to go there by herself. She wasn’t sure that what condition the house would be so rather then getting embarrassed in front of her friend, she should go by herself and if house needs any attention she can fix it without getting worried to come back quick. She took two weeks off from work in case if she needs to stay there longer. Sue packed her bags and got everything ready which she could think off can be handy in her forest house. She left her apartment at 2am. It was long drive. When she was about 50 miles away, the weather got really bad. It was raining and thundering. The time was 3pm. Sue was very tired off driving but she wanted to get home before it starts thunder storm. By the time she got there, it was really dark and puddles were everywhere because of heavy rain. Sue got into the house and took her luggage inside. She was completely wet and soaking. She quickly checked whole house and luckily it was still in good condition and everything was working. She put her silky gown on after shower. Made cup of tea for her and then sat next to fire.
Here she was sitting next to the fire and getting angry with herself. But after a while she was ok and enjoying her cup of tea and thinking of her old days which she spent here. And then she thought of that gorilla which saved her life. And from nowhere she kissed in the air for that gorilla to say thanks and then she smiled for her foolishness. Thunder was really bad and she was getting scared that how she is going to spend night here alone. She wished that even if she had a cat with her, it would make big difference. Suddenly she heard some funny noises from outside and she got really scared. She quickly checked main door and windows to make sure they are fully locked. She heard it again but this time it was more clear. Then again. The noise was very close to door. She listened very carefully. It was animal noise and it was in pain. That gave Sue some courage. She went to the window which was next to the main door and tried to look outside. Because there were dark grey clouds which made dark everywhere, so she couldn’t see anything. After a while when her eyes got used to of the dark a bit, all she could see something big black next to the door and moving very slowly. She was still scared. Didn’t know what it could be. And then lightning solved her problem. She could easily see that it was big black giant gorilla sitting right in front of the door and trying to avoid the rain. She took a deep breath. Now she was feeling sorry for him but still there was no way that she was going to take any risk. It was dark again and she was waiting for lightning again. But from deep inside she was happy that at least there is some one around her although it is wild animal. And then it was lightning again. This time it was really bright and what she saw in that bright light, she couldn’t believe it and she was so so happy and excited. She could easily see that big black giant gorilla and a big scar on his left shoulder. She thought for a moment that this big beast could be harmful for her but next moment she decided to let him in. Even if this beast going to hurt her, it doesn’t matter because the life she is enjoying is given by this gorilla anyway. Without thinking of any danger, she opened the door. Lightening again, she looked in his eyes and he looked in her eyes. Then she moved a side to give gorilla access to come in. First gorilla hesitated but when he felt warmth coming from inside the room, he slowly moved and entered in the room. So many leaves and rain came in the room with him. Sue closed the door. Gorilla was in bad condition. He was bleeding from his left front paw. Sue was standing only a meter away from him. She looked at him. He was the same gorilla who saved her life but he was grown. He was almost double the size now. Gorilla was looking in her eyes, like he had recognized her. She went inside the house and brought two big towels. She spread one towel next to the fire on the floor. She wanted gorilla to come forward and sit on the towel. Still she didn’t want to make any silly move. Slowly she moved closed to him. She was looking small doll next this giant beast. Then she touched his black fur very carefully. But gorilla didn’t mind. She moved her hand on his fur. By doing this she had very strange feeling somewhere inside her. She looked in his eyes, it seemed that he is no harm to her. Then she started drying him off with other towel. Then she hold his paw and tried to move him forward toward the other towel. He obeyed her and followed her. When he sat on the towel, she went inside again and brought her first aid bag. Now she wasn’t scared at all. She hold his injured paw in her small hands, cleaned the blood and put bandage on it. Sue stood up and cleaned all the floor and came back and sat next to beast. All she could see in his eyes kindness for her. She looked at him and said thank you so so much for saving my life other day. She knew that he couldn’t understand what she was saying but she carried on. “I was so happy when I saw you at my door, I didn’t care about any danger you could do to me. But I was pretty sure that you wouldn’t hurt me because if you wanted you could hurt me few years ago. I am so glad that now I can help you”. Beast was looking at her and when she finished he raised his arm and touched her silky hair. It looked like that he understood what she said. He put his hand back of her head and pressed her towards him. She didn’t resist and moved closer to him. Gorilla was now in good condition. Fire made him warm and gave him energy. She was so closed to him even she could feel his hot breathing. Gorilla raised his other arm and she couldn’t control herself and got very closed to him and then climbed on his lags and put her arms around him tried to give him a hug. But he was too big for her to put her arms around his back. She looked in his eyes again, laughed and hided her face in his black hairy chest. She didn’t noticed that by doing that her silky gown’s rob had opened. Now her white big breasts with pink nipples were pressed to his hairy chest too. Sue could smell his soft hairy chest. The smell was so nice that she couldn’t control herself and started kissing on his hairy chest. She could feel her shaved tight pussy was getting wet. She was getting so aroused that she took her gown off. Now she was all naked sitting in giant black gorilla’s lap, kissing his hairy chest. Gorilla really liked it and he started moving his hands on her back. Then suddenly she felt some thing hard and hot on her bum. She looked down and smiled. It was his black dick who was getting hard. She looked at him again and kissed his chest and moved downwards. She was still kissing his chest and then belly and then down and then she was a inch away from his huge black dick. The smell was so strong that she could smell it even from inch distance. ( To be continued in Part2)

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