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Successful business woman in debt
Candice was sitting in her office her head in her hands. How could it have gone so wrong? A few years ago, she ran her own fashion store. Her exciting designs were selling well and she was making loads of money. She had enjoyed spending it. A fancy porsche, a swanky New York Flat, expensive jewelry, she had it all. But then recession hit and the sales dried up. She had not put anything aside. She had simply spent all that she earned and now she was in debt, really badly in debt. Suppliers were calling every day, threatening to sue her for the thousands of dollars she owed. The landlord of the shop was threatening to kick her out if she did not make a payment of $5,000 this week. She could not see a way out.

It was late, around 9.30pm. The rest of the staff were long gone. She decided that she needed a drink, badly. She picked up her jacket and left the shop. She walked a few blocks and went in Harry's. She had been passed this bar many times, but had never been in. She sat at the bar, removed her jacket and ordered a Jack and coke. A large one. She looked great. She was still only 31 and looked as good as she did at 21. She had a smooth tanned complexion and sexy brown eyes. She was proud of her 36, 26, 36 figure. Tonight she was wearing one of her own designs. A sexy low cut dress, in black, which showed off her ample bossom to perfection. It was quite short, about six inches above the knee with a small slit up one side, showing off her silky smooth thighs as she sat cross legged on the bar stool. Tonight though, she looked troubled and sat sipping her drink pondering her problems.

A man who had been sitting by the window had not taken his eyes off her since she entered the bar. Now he walked over to her and said, "Can I get you another? You look as if you need it". She looked up. She hardly heard him, too busy concentrating on her own problems. "What?" she said. "A drink" he said, "you look like you could do with another".

What the hell she tought. He was a good looking guy. "Sure. Thanks." she said. The bartender brought over another Jack and coke and then moved away again back to rearranging bottles.

"You looking for business?" the man said. Candice was taken aback by the sheer forwardness of this comment. She glanced around the bar and realised there were three other women sat alone around the bar, all provocatively dressed. This must be a bar where the working girls come, she thought. "I have a place nearby" he prompted.

"You couldn't afford me", she found herself saying. He smiled. "Oh, I think you might be suprised" he said taking out his wallet and laying five hundred bucks in front of her. Her heart was racing now. "That would not even get you half an hour" she said thinking it would put him off. He put more bills down. There must be a couple of thousand there now. "Is that better" he said. Her mind was racing. This gorgeous hunk of a man would pay thousands to have sex with her. She thought of the rent and found herself saying, "It might get you an hour".

"How much for the whole night?" he asked. Now her heart was pounding so fast and her hands were sweaty. She could not do this really, could she? "Ten thousand dollars" she heard herself say. "Done", he said, "Shall we go" and he offered her a hand off the bar stool. Her heart leapt, but she took his hand and climbed down from the stool.

The appartment was close as he had said. As she walked through the door, she could see it was massive. He moved to kiss her. Instinctively she moved away. "Money first" she said. What was she doing! She did not act like this. Not for anything. She was scared but also kind of excited.

He quickly counted out ten thousand dollars and placed it in her hand. She could not believe this. It would not solve her problems, but it would get her through the next week. Give her breathing space. She slipped the money into her purse and he took her hand and led her to a bar area in his living room. He poured her another Jack and coke. Thank goodness she thought. I need the dutch courage.

He put his hand behind her neck and slowly pulled her head towards his. The kiss was long and sensuous. His tongue touching her lips, making her whole body shiver, exloring just a little way into her mouth. Surely I can't go through with this, she thought. But his left hand was now on her right breast, feeling it through the soft material of her dress. She felt her nipple harden at his warm touch. She responded by putting her arms around him and pulling him closer.

Finally the kiss ended and he led her towards his bedroom. The bed was king sized, of course, and covered with fine silk sheets. He pulled her close again and wispered in her ear, "I want you to suck my cock now" He had paid for her and he was going to get his moneys worth, she thought. What else would he want her to do? Lets not think about that now, she thought. She slowly dropped to her knees in front of him and unzipped his pants. She reached inside and felt an already hardening cock, which she realised was quite large as she pulled it free of his pants. Her lips closed around the head of his penis and she began to suck him. Every nerve in her body was tingling. She knew what she was doing was forbiodden, but somehow that made it exciting. Her left hand was working up and down at the base of his shaft and her lips and tongue went up and down over the head. He moaned loudly. She was obviously doing it right she thought. It had become fully erect now and she thought it must be nine or ten inches long.

His hand moved to the back of her dress and undid the tie at the next. The top of her dress fell down exposing her bra. She had great tits. They were round and full, 36D. He moved his right hand down onto her left breast, inside the bra. Again her nipple instantly hardened. She found herself becoming wet, wanting him inside of her. Her head was still telling her it was wrong, but her body wanted it to go on forever. Wondering what it would feel like with that big cock inside her.

To be continued...

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2011-10-15 19:13:40
I do love LOVE fucking fir money '. It's hot

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2011-10-15 19:13:19
I don't even like to fo over nights!

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2011-10-15 19:12:50
I am also an escort. I don't know anyone who is getting paid that kinda money.But it's fantasy ... For that price I can only imagine what she would have to do!

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2011-10-15 19:12:49
I am also an escort. I don't know anyone who is getting paid that kinda money.But it's fantasy ... For that price I can only imagine what she would have to do!

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2008-08-19 20:36:47
Ok, I'm an escort, and I agree, theres little chance of getting paid that for an overnight, unless there is some special fetish involved... good story though x

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