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Ivory DuBois lay in drug induced haze as a low moan gurgled from deep in his chest do to the unbelievable pain that racked his injured body. “Ohhhhhhhhhhh!” he groaned softly while trying to get his bearings. “W-where am I???” “You’re in County General Hospital, Mr. DuBois, my name is Mary Vance, I’m your night nurse.” “What happened to me?” he asked in a groggy voice. “You were in a head on collision, you’re lucky to even be alive,” the nurse replied while checking his vitals. “Ohhhhh, I hurt all over!” he moaned. “Well, you should hurt all over,” she answered while filling in his chart, “two broken legs and arms will do that to you.” “Y-you’re kidding me,” he stammered as the gravity of the situation overtook him. “I’m afraid not,” she replied a matter of factly. “Now I just gave you some morphine through your IV, it should take effect in just a few minutes.” “I’ll check on you every fifteen minutes or so,” she added as she headed for the door of his private room. “Now try and get some sleep, you certainly need it.” With those words nurse Mary Vance swept out of his room while the first drops of the pain killer eased into his blood stream. “Thank god!” he mumbled as slipped into blessed sleep. “Thank god!” Ten days later…… “Good afternoon Mr. DuBois,” the second shift nurse said with a smile. “It’s time to remove the catheter.” “Hold a on a minute,” he replied nervously. “Both of my arms are in casts, how the heck am I gonna go if I can’t, you know?!?” “Don’t worry, we have portable urinals,” she said with a laugh, “just buzz a nurse and she’ll help you.” “Oh wonderful,” he replied wearily as nurse Crocket lifted his sheet and summarily grabbed his big black penis before pulling the thin plastic tube from his urethra. “Jesus!” he gasped. “Take it easy will ya?!?” “It’s better to do it quick,” she answered while covering him back up. “Now if you need anything just buzz me!” “Need anything!?!” he mumbled out loud. “I’ll tell ya what I need, I need to get out of this frickin’ hospital, that’s what I need!” But twenty minutes later that wasn’t all he needed, what he needed to do was relieve himself, and fast. He punched the button on several times with his finger and waited impatiently for someone to answer. A few moments later a voice over the intercom blared in his ear, “What can I do for you Mr. DuBois?” He pushed the another button and replied urgently, “I, uh, I need some help right away!” “Okay, we’ll send someone right down,” the voice answered. “Please hurry!” he replied. Good grief, he was gonna go all over himself if someone didn’t get the lead out! Then just when he didn’t think he could hold it in even one more moment the door swung open and a cute little blonde in a white jumper with pink stripes entered the room. “You needed some help?” she asked with a smile. He rolled his eyes while shaking his head before replying, “Yeah, I do, but you’re not gonna like it!”

She made her way over to his bed and asked, “So, what can I do for you?” “Now look,” he replied, “I need a real nurse to help, you know, to use the urinal.” “Oh, don’t worry,” the nineteen year old laughed, “I do this all the time.” “You do?” he asked incredulously. “Of course I do,” she answered while slipping into the bathroom to get the plastic bottle. “You don’t think the nurses have time for this, do you?” “Well, I guess not,” he answered softly. “Now you’re sure about this?” he asked again. “I don’t want any trouble.” “It’s no trouble at all,” she replied while pulling back the sheets. Now while it everything she had said was the truth, she had indeed done this hundreds of times, nothing could have ever prepared her for what she found hidden under the bed clothes. Her mouth literally hung open as she gingerly reached out to take a hold of his massive penis. “Are you all right?” he asked. “You look a little pale.” “Uh, I’m fine,” she finally managed to mumble. “I was just a little surprised, that’s all.” It had been almost two weeks since he had felt such a soft feminine hand on his organ, and even though he tried not to, it immediately stiffened to its full nine and a half inches of length. “Oh, jesus!” he offered quickly. “I’m sorry, I really am!”

Much to his dismay Ivory DuBois’ cock was again proving that it had a mind all of its own! He just knew he was in big trouble, but then much to his shock and wonder her heard a small voice ask huskily, “H-how big is it?!?” “Uh, a little over nine inches, I think,” he replied nervously. “It feels alive in my hand,” she replied glassy eyed. He let out a low deep moan as her delicate hand slid up and down its rough length. “Y-you better not do that!” he gasped. “Why not?” she whispered hoarsely. “B-because!” he stammered. “Because why?” she asked coyly while caressing his velvety head. “Jesus, do you know what you’re doing to me?” he asked thickly. “Yes, I do,” she replied calmly. “I’m jerking you off!” “H-how old are you!” he moaned as her tiny fingers flitted up and down his thickness. “Old enough,” she replied softly. “What if someone comes in?!?” he asked while looking at the door to the hallway. “That makes it all the more exciting, don’t you think?!?” she asked with giggle. The picture of getting hauled away to jail was far from “exciting”, but when the little blonde dropped her mouth over his straining pecker he threw caution to the winds as he thrust his hips towards her hungry lips.

He wanted in the worst way to feel her little ass and boobs, but all he could do was lay there and let her dictate the agenda. “I’ve never sucked a black man before,” she said softly. “How do you like it?” he moaned. “I’m getting very wet,” came her reply. “Do you know what I’m going to do now?” He shook his head from side to side, almost afraid to ask. “Well,” she replied almost casually, “I’m going to take off my panties, climb up on the bed, and then ride your cock until we both get our guns off!” Now nearly delirious with desire, Ivory DuBois lay there with his mouth agape while the cute little white girl slowly lowered her bare little pussy onto the head of his monster black erection! “Y-you have one big fucking cock!” she moaned while grinding her cunt down until she was completely impaled by his incredible organ. “You’re white girl’s wet dream come to life!” His head rolled from side to side on the pillow as the hot pussied little minx slid her unbelievably tight cunt up and down on his rock hard pecker. “I’ve got another question for you,” she said softly. “W-what!” he groaned. “Would you like to see my tits?” “My boyfriend says I have really pretty tits!” “Ohhhhhh god, yesssss!” he begged. “Show them to me, show me now!!!” “Okay,” she giggled as she undid the front of her dress. “But do you know what I think?” “I think that you’re a naughty boy!”

For a brief second Ivory Dubois thought that going through all of this pain was worth it as the little candy striper’s firm little pink nippled boobs flashed into view! “So, whaddaya think?” she asked while grinding her pussy back and forth on his stiffness. Perfection! That was the only word that came to mind as the cute little tits bounced up and down with her fucking motion! He couldn’t take much more of this! The little slut was driving him up the fucking wall! He let out a long low moan as his nut sack tightened up in anticipation of a earth shattering climax! “I-I’m gonna cum!” he gasped as she leaned forward to bury his face between her incredibly firm mammaries! With her leaning forward, he drove his pecker in and out of her helpless little cunt with almost brutal ferocity! She pulled his mouth to one of her red hot nipples and gasped, “Fuck me you big black stud man, make me be your while little whore!” That did it! The foul mouthed little slut’s pussy collapsed around his straining hardon, inducing what might have been the hardest cum of his entire life! Her own cum coincided perfectly with his as her pussy pin wheeled out of control into a rainbow of stunning orgasms that left her totally and completely satiated with his now slowly receding pecker still firmly planted in her stunned pussy!

After taking a few moments to regain his senses, Ivory DuBois kissed her on the cheek and whispered, “You better get you ass off me or were both gonna be in trouble!” She gave him a long wet kiss on the mouth before reluctantly letting his pecker slip from her still twitching vagina. Once back on the floor she quickly put herself back together and proceeded to do what she had originally come in for-to help him urinate into the plastic bottle. She gave him a wink before she left the room and returned to the nurses station at the other end of the hall. The head nurse looked up from her work and asked, “Any trouble with room 323?” She shook her head from side to side and replied, “No problem at all, no problem at all!!!”



2007-12-25 01:48:29
I had a hospital situation similar but no cast. Cute small slim red head. Small tits small little hands. It's making me rock hard again, Keep those stories comming,


2007-05-01 11:53:43
Wow Great story


2005-07-16 22:26:36
i go to a Dr. that I. would like to fuck, i have to jack off after every visit


2005-06-15 11:39:19
I like doing the letters part whenever Im away from the wife and kids and after having downed a couple, this letter and Wanderer's comments really made me do what I loved doing three and four time everyday a very long time back, 69, 70 and 71. Thank you, both of you


2005-05-10 07:35:48
great story.

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