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The pretty teacher is forced into deeper depravity by her pupil.
Chloe Hunt awoke on the Saturday morning, her head swirling, body aching and a rank taste in her mouth. Had she really been fucked by an entire rugby team, or was it just another figment of her dreams? She took a breath, reflecting. No, it had been real enough, validated by the feelings in her body. In comparison to reality, her dreams had become pale imitations of that couple of hours in the changing room.

Limping across the landing, the pretty schoolteacher ran a long hot bath, generously doused with bubble bath, stepping in tentatively and standing for a minute whilst growing accustomed to the heat. Sucking in the steamy air she eased down onto her backside, submerging in the bubbles that puffed up like a giant meringue. Head only above water, the undercurrent stroked at her battered pussy like hot fingers. Oh that felt so good.

Reaching down Chloe spread the soft lips wide, submitting to the water's urgings, groaning in a mix of pain and pleasure as its warmth entered her inner sanctum. Gathering up a ball of foam in her fingers and arching, she brought instant relief, literally cleansing away the soreness inside. No permanent damage, it seemed, she teased the ravaged clit until it throbbed.

At the same time, Chloe cupped each pert breast, wincing at the pain from the bite marks that had been inflicted by Jack two nights earlier and which remained as a reminder in addition to the fresh ones courtesy of the rugby players. After the events of the previous night, Jack seemed an eternity ago. Oh how she wanted him back and for her life to return to normal. Taking the plunge she submerged fully, the blonde mane straggling like jellyfish tentacles at the surface.

It was then that something happened that took her breath away - quite literally. The bathroom door crashed open and in came a shadowy figure. Chloe's head re-emerged through the surface, face masked in terror and about to scream when a large hand stretched to cover her face and push it back down again below water. The resultant cry was muffled, a line of staccato bubbles pumping upward from her lips.

Chloe's body thrashed from side to side, trying to break free of the strong grip, the water crashing in waves around her. She watched through the glazed surface as her assailant's free hand reached down to find its way between her legs. Three thick fingers parted the labia, making a bee-line for her swollen clit. Straining to see, she made out the face of Charlie, her milkman. A chirpy type of chap who flirted with her on the doorstep, he'd asked her out hundreds of times to no avail. All that pent-up lust must have now manifest itself in this violent attack. "You've had your chances, Chloe dear," he averred, the words wavy.

The milkman's fingers bent to rub her love button purposefully, sending more urgent air bubbles to the surface like popgun pellets. As the air drained from her lungs, the heady feeling of euthoria was like nothing Chloe had ever experienced before. With the oxygen all but gone, she came hard on his fingers as the last helpless trail of air bubbles burst on the surface...


Chloe awoke from the latest dream with a fearsome jerk, alone in the bathroom. The water felt cold around her body, attesting to the half hour she'd dozed, and she shivered markedly. Outside in the street, the milkfloat rattled a lonely furrow sending an even bigger shiver down her spine. An intense dream, the squirt from the resultant orgasm had left a cloudy seam of pussy juice in one of the clumps of foam. Rising quickly, the pretty blonde groped for the towel, its warmth and downy feel bringing welcome relief.

As she dried, a knock on the front door startled her. Easing aside the bedroom curtains to peek out, Chloe saw the milkfloat parked obliquely outside and heard Charlie whistling on the porch. Damn, it was the weekend and he'd come to collect what he was owed. The pretty schoolteacher swallowed hard, trying to stifle the frightening thought. The knock came louder, more insistent, forcing Chloe to wrap the towel around tightly to go answer.

Peering around the edge of the door, she saw Charlie's eyebrows elevate as he spotted the matted clump of wet blonde hair and a glimpse of bare shoulder. He tried to sneak a peek around the door, giving Chloe one of his huge early morning smiles and causing her heart to race. The dream was still replaying heavily on her poor mind as she grabbed her handbag. "Keep the change," she stated, thrusting the note into his hand in an attempt to curtail any fuirther embarrassment.

No such luck, as she did so, the door opened a few more inches, just as the towel started to moved ever so slightly at first, her pert tits unable to halt its progress, revealing the briefest hint of nipple. Charlie issued a salacious parting glance, his leering features etched indelibly on her brain. Closing the door, Chloe leaned back upon it, breathing like an asthmatic. It was then that she felt something warm between her thighd, realising that she was wetting herself, a warm stream trickling seductively down an inner thigh. She jumped as the door rattled once more, her face a picture of fear. Oh God, was Charlie coming back to finish the job like in the dream?

Composing herself, and in spite of standing in a warm puddle of pee, Chloe opened the door a crack. It wasn't Charlie but Kevin's father Frank Manning that stood on the step. An overbearing older man, Chloe seemed to be surrounded by them at every turn.

A miserable thought struck her. Frank must have seen the CCTV tape. Oh God, it was the only explanation. Why else would he be at her front door? When was this nightmare ever going to cease? Chloe quaked inwardly, waiting for the accusation to fall. Shuffling uncomfortably, her pee-hole quivered once more and a warm gush tickled her pubes, running down her thighs as Frank spoke. "The wife and I are going away for the weekend," he began. "Could you keep an eye on young Kevin for us, make sure he doesn't throw any wild parties?"

Ironic words, she thought, Kevin was the least likely person capable of throwing a wild party. Chloe nodded her head vigorously in agreement, unable to shut the door quickly enough. Again she leaned back against it, fighting to control the tears. Even at the weekend her ordeal persisted. Stepping over the warm puddle, she eased off the towel, standing naked in the hallway. On hands and knees she mopped up her mess, feeling worthless. A precious half an hour snuggled into the sofa like a comfort blanket was interrupted by the bleep of the mobile phone, sending her heart racing. The message was simple: Be next door in one hour. K.


An hour later the demure schoolteacher stood on the neighbour's step, shivering feverishly in spite of the clement weather. Kevin answered the door with a grin, ushering her through into the lounge. She was shocked to observe that her schoolboy tormentor was not alone. An equally, if not even more geeky-looking kid, was perched on the edge of the sofa, wearing spectacles and a goofy expression. "This is my cousin, Nigel," Kevin announced.

"You never said anything about..." Chloe began.

"Shut it," Kevin snapped.

Chloe lowered her head instinctively. "Sorry."

"SORRY? Sorry what?"

"Sorry SIR."

Kevin allowed himself a satisfied grin, taking a seat next to his cousin. Nigel looked young and under developed, surely no older than thirteen. It occurred to her through the myriad of grotesque thoughts circulating her messed-up head that these two had probably reached their teens without seeing a woman naked, other than on the Internet or in a porno mag. In many ways she would be providing a valuable service, stopping them from going off and raping some poor eleven-year old girl. At least that was what she tried to convince herself, to justify this madness to a rapidly eroding conscience. "So, what would you like today, Sir?" she asked meekly.

Kevin looked on thoughtfully, like a kid in a sweetshop who'd found a wad of banknotes. He took a minute to consider the options. His face beamed as an idea took shape. "Okay, do a striptease for us."

Chloe cringed, not so much at the request itself as the implication. She'd hoped they might just take turns screwing her, satisfying their urges, in the process losing their cherries and then let her be. That would be a quick, almost painless, release. At least that was what she'd hoped might happen. As it was, this had all the hallmarks of a lingering torture. The pain showed on her pretty face. Kevin shook his head, sighing with disdain. "Look Miss Cunt, if you're not at least going to make it look like you're enjoying this, we're going to have to hurt you. Understand?"

The mere threat jolted the pretty teacher and she forced a smile. "That's better. You see, if you play ball and be a good girl, all this will be over - today.

Chloe regarded him quizzically. "Today?"

"Yes. I'll delete your picture and destroy the CCTV tape, and that'll be the end of it."

Chloe's lips curled upward in a genuine though uneasy smile. Could she believe him? Was this just another of his games to give her false hope before snatching it away again and leaving her broken? She had to believe for, right at that moment, it was all the hope she could cling to.

"Get on with it," Kevin commanded, growing impatient.

Chloe stole a huge breath. I must make this good, she told herself, turning away from the boys so her back faced them. I must make them cum quickly. I could be out of here a free woman by midday. The sense of joy gave her a newfound rosy glow.

Running her fingers through the tangle of hair, Chloe rocked her head from side-to-side and shimmied her hips as if getting into a dance routine. Leaning forward, her peachy arse bobbled in the air, a hint of lace displayed as the short skirt rode up to the tops of each thigh. The sexy moves brought contented sighs audible from the appreciative young audience on the sofa.

Against her better nature, the whole scenario quickly proved to be less odious than Chloe had envisaged. In actual fact she was rather getting into it, a natural tease. "Do you like my bum, Sirs?" she enquired seductively, lapsing into the character of a dirty stripper with relative ease.

Looking back through her spread legs, Chloe licked her lips, before repeating the question. "I said do you like my bum, Sirs?"

"Yesssssss," rang out the chorus of approval.

Chloe placed her palms flat on the carpet, giving her arse a good wiggle. The pleated skirt fluttered, riding higher to expose more panty lace. Gripping her ankles she continued to writhe from side to side. Slowly the sexy blonde ran her hands up each calf, letting out a contrived gasp of lust.

"Crikey she is one hot bitch, you were right," commented Nigel, speaking for the first time.

"Mmm, she's the hottest bitch in school," Kevin concurred.

Almost involuntarily, Chloe's pussy twitched at the words. God yes, she was one hot bitch. Hands caressing and moving upward over her calves, she continued to pant in mock desire. Finding her thighs, the gasp reached a crescendo. Through the gap in her legs she could see the bulges in their trousers quite distinctly. "Don't mind me, Sirs," she mouthed hoarsely, licking her lips. "Feel free to get those lovely big cocks out."

Both lads grinned, glancing at each other for reassurance before wrestling zips down. As Chloe's fingers reached the apex of her thighs and disappeared inside her skirt, two rock hard pricks were unveiled. Tentatively their fists wrapped around each shaft in unison, stroking gently.

At the same time Chloe moaned with the first semblance of genuine arousal as her fingers made contact with the crotch of her panties. Gently she pushed against the cotton front, barely parting the lips beneath, teasing and pleasing herself whilst purring seductively. Pirouetting around, she faced them, their fists easing up and down their shafts to reveal a pair of glistening purple domes. "Mmm, you dirty little boys, Sirs," she cooed, the scene undeniably arousing, even if they were two undisputed geeks.

Hands at her navel and facing them, slowly Chloe began to unbutton from the bottom up, taking supreme care not to rush things. The blouse parted to reveal a flat stomach. Both lads looked on in awe as they pleasured themselves. The blouse was then despatched to unveil a lace clad bosom that heaved ever so slightly as she cupped at it.

Eyes fixed upon Kevin's groin, Chloe couldn't fail to notice his fist speed up a notch, the foreskin blurring. Pushing out her elbows then pulling them back in against the sides of her pert breasts, the lovely teacher fashioned a hot cleavage. She imagined the boys would love nothing better than to get their hard pricks lost in that soft ridge of taut flesh. Chloe blew hard, the whole scenario dreamlike yet incredibly arousing.

Reaching back down, Chloe worked a pair of thumbs inside the waistband of the skirt, shuffling it at her hips whilst gyrating to some imaginary tune in her head. She had to keep reminding herself that she was some cheap stripper, a dirty slut and not a supposedly respected pillar of society. Oh God, yes, I'm a dirty fucking slut, she repeated over and over in her head until she began to believe it. Gradually the miniskirt eased free and down her shapely legs, pooling on the floor at her tiny feet. Lifting one, she kicked it free.

Clad in just a bra, panties and heels, the gorgeous blonde was a rare sight to behold, a mix of coquettish innocence and womanly experience. Willing the show to go on forever, Nigel's strokes began to slow noticeably, stemming the urge to cum too quickly. Kevin, on the other hand, masturbated with carefree abandon, precum leaking from the eye and down the greasy purple knob. Evidently Chloe was pleasing him. That in turn made her tingle.

Hands caressing her ribcage, Chloe continued to tease before reaching behind to unclasp the bra, letting it loosen around her breasts. Working down the spaghetti straps, they cascaded off her arms until the bra was held in place by gravity and a pair of nipples that had sprouted a good half inch. Chloe reached up to toss back her blonde mane, working her fingers through it like soft sand.

As the bra shifted and threatened to topple at any moment, the tops of Chloe's aureolae were exposed. Catching hold of each end, Chloe shifted the bra back and forth across her breasts like a born stripper, chafing the edge of each erect nipple. The schoolboys' mouths fell agape in anticipation. Panting, she let it slide away and down her torso, twisting around just in time to conceal the mammarial bounty from their eager teen eyes. Damn, they'd managed to turn her into one hot tease.

Shaking her panty-clad bum in the boys' faces, she shuffled closer until they could smell the scent of arousal emanating from between her legs. "Touch my arse, Nigel," she suggested.

After a tentative moment, gingerly the geeky schoolboy extended a hand, palming the flesh and quickly pulling it away like he'd touched a hot radiator. Chloe smiled broadly. It was hard to know who was forcing who. Turning around once again, she stood statuesque, facing the boys with each of her hands touching the opposite shoulder, a criss-cross over her chest to keep her breasts covered. Both boys were puffing like steam engines by now, wanking furiously. Chloe smiled, flashing her pearly whites. "Mmmmmmmm, cum for me, Sirs," she purred.

Both looked close to exploding yet at the same time trying to hold on for dear life. "Here they are, Sirs, my gorgeous titties," she announced, lowering each arm to reveal a pair of breasts that stood proud and firm with cherry ripe nipples.

The exquisite sight proved all too much for one of the virgin schoolboys. Nigel came hard, the moment marked by a triumphant grunt, spunk arcing as he aimed for his belly. A second wave followed, pooling in his navel, and he fell back exhausted, spectacles misted. Kevin, on the other hand, maintained eye contact with his teacher's breasts, mentally ravishing them until he too could contain himself no longer. An impassioned groan and another belly was flooded with squirty seed. And Chloe hadn't even lost her heels or panties!

A few pulsing heartbeats and pained breaths elapsed before Kevin regained his composure and control, leering across at the onlooking Chloe. "Well, don't just stand there, slut, come and clean us up."

Chloe winced.

"DO IT! Every fucking drop. And look lively."

"Yes Sir, sorry Sir."

Humbly she dropped to her knees, hesitating momentarily. Sensing her reticence, Kevin wrapped his fingers in her hair, applying sufficient force to press her face to his gooey tummy. Chloe inhale some up her nose as the rest coated her lips and she fought to breathe. When Kevin's grip eased, her tongue lapped at the sticky pool like a thirsty kitty. She circled, vacuuming up the surplus, ensuring every stray splash was consumed and his stomach left spotless. Without needing further prompting she took the softening cock in hand, feeding it into her waiting lips and sucking the head clean. Glancing up, she looked for approval. Kevin issued a silent nod.

Shuffling across on her knees, Chloe did likewise to Nigel, suctioning up the creamy deposit and giving the head a good suck to ensure it was as clean as his cousin's. Both boys exchanged satisfied glances.

It was only then that Chloe realised she craved relief like never before. She'd worked herself up into a frenzy, loins on fire. They couldn't leave her like this; it wasn't fair. Her heart was pounding against her exposed breast, her clit was throbbing and her shaved pussy was stuck to the crotch of the panties like glue. Fuck me, Kevin, give me what I need, her brain was crying out. Please, please, please put out this fire in my aching groin. Chloe positioned on the sofa in the space between each boy.

Kevin seemed to read her mind and understand her need, indicating to the flaccid cock that slept on his belly. Reaching over, Chloe palmed it, stroking and trying to nurse it back to life. Yet even for a young man with boundless energy it was too much to ask. "Oh God I need to cum so bad," she whined.

Reaching aside she took each boy's left hand, placing them on her crotch and groaning at the mere touch. It was like an electric shock to the groin. Never before had she felt so wanton. "Please Sirs," she begged, before the tone became more insistent. "Make your slut cum."

Forcefully she pushed each set of fingers inside the crotch of her sopping panties, using her own hand to guide Nigel's fingers to her button whilst Kevin's slid in and out of the oily groove. Her juices greased their slender fingers and she mewed like a cat on heat. Gradually each boy got the idea and Chloe was able to take away her guiding hands to concentrate on twisting and pinching her pulsating nipples. "Oooooooh," she moaned, consumed with lust. "Deeper. Finger my hot cunt."

She grinned as the sensations found their way to each cock, slowly inflating them like limp party balloons being filled with air. Soon each cock was hard once more and Chloe took them in hand, stroking and squeezing, eliciting a volley of moans and a heightened bout of attention to her cunt. Up and down pummelled her fists, in and out plunged their fingers, all working in unison. "Now fuck me," she pleaded.

"After you've had fifteen cocks up there," replied Kevin dismissively.

Chloe blushed with humility.

"Dirty sluts like you don't deserve our nice clean cocks."

"Oh God, make me cum with your fingers then," she ordered, pumping their cocks like crazy.

Standing, she tore the panties off, allowing the boys unrestricted access to her juicy cunt. Their digits worked with youthful vigour as she stroked back generously. Suddenly her body jerked and the orgasm struck like a bolt of lightning to the pussy. "Ooooooooh," she growled, before screaming, her body jerking crazily. "Oooooooh oh yesssssss."

Almost immediately her skilled attention to those two hard cocks had the desired effect on each boy. She lowered to receive Nigel's load in her mouth, swallowing the swollen cock and feeling the eruption at the back of her mouth and the trickle of cum down her throat. Kevin stood up to milk his wad in her face, fist blurring at his midriff. Chloe was drenched in cum, swallowing eagerly before pulling each lad to her, their cheeks on her heaving breasts. Sleep came easily.


When Chloe awoke, the sky outside was fading to grey and Nigel was gone. Kevin had showered and applied perhaps a little too much aftershave for Chloe's tastes, its scent oppressive. She kept a tight lip however. "The last part of the deal," he confirmed. "Then you're a free woman."

Chloe looked over, enquiring with her eyes. "We're going to go out on a date," the schoolboy confirmed.

A date? Chloe suppressed the urge to show any hint of emotion though the very thought of being seen in public with this nerd made her skin crawl. What if she was spotted by other pupils, or worse, fellow teachers?

"You've an hour to get ready for me. Go get yourself cleaned up and wear the sluttiest outfit you can find."

"And then you'll let me go?"

Kevin issued a little nod of confirmation as she headed next door in preparation.


"No, no, no, no, no," sighed Kevin in exasperation as he opened the door on his plaything. "That's not nearly slutty enough."

Chloe's chin dropped miserably. She thought she'd chosen well in the tight yellow halter, grey pencil skirt and calf length black leather boots. It was a knockout combo yet evidently did not please Kevin Manning. "Now lift your halter," he commanded.

Still on the doorstep, Chloe did as ordered, allowing Kevin to unclasp the bra. He smoothed the halter back down, brushing the schoolteacher's attentive nipples. "That's a little better," he affirmed. "Now, your panties too. Come on, off with them."

Chloe grimaced but obeyed, letting him hook them over her boots. "Perfect," Kevin drooled. "I think we'll catch the bus into town."

Chloe followed subserviently to the bus stop where a grubby looking chap in his late fifties or early sixties leered as she leaned on the shelter. She must surely resemble a hooker touting for business. Instead of shame, however, all Chloe felt was a warm, wet feeling between her legs. She had turned into the slut Kevin wanted.

The bus pulled over and the schoolboy targeted one of the long seats near the back that faced one of similar dimension. It meant that Chloe had to face whoever sat opposite, in this case the unkempt pensioner from the bus stop whose eyes seared into her like a branding iron. As she shifted uncomfortably in the seat, the pencil skirt rode up her thighs, giving the old guy a spectacular view of the teacher's gazelle like legs. The mere thought of being watched made her nipples tingle and inflate inside the yellow halter as her pussy continued to throb.

When Kevin's hand reached over to a bare thigh and clasped hold, she very nearly came there and then. His fingers extended to ease the legs apart. Stealing a glance over, Chloe saw the senior citizen leer back, a bulge discernible at the front of his trousers. Accidentally-on-purpose he dropped his bus pass. With a heave, he levered out of the seat, joints creaking. On his knees on the floor, he could see right up Chloe's little skirt and into her juicy cunt, its lips quivering in readiness. Fumbling for the pass, he salivated, before climbing back into the seat, nursing a painful erection. A stain on the front of his trousers illustrated where the blunt cock head had made contact with the cloth.

Furtively he reached inside a pocket, playing pocket billiards, feeling the unaccustomed stiffness and stroking himself through the layer of material. Though she tried hard not to, Chloe couldn't help but gaze back. Her pussy ached for relief and she fast became insatiable.

By the time the station came into sight, the wet patch in the old man's trousers was two inches wide and growing. He may even have cum. Chloe had also gone beyond arousal, pussylips soaked, and she was glad to be able to stand to allow the skirt to ease back down her thighs.

In a gentlemanly manner, the old man indicated to let her go first, his politeness met with a smile from the cute young schoolteacher. However, his motives were quickly revealed as less than gracious as the exodus from bus caused a sudden bottleneck. Chloe groaned as the old man pressed tightly into her bum. She could feel his warm fetid breath on her neck and his excited cock rub against the crack of her arse. As the queue shuffled forward slowly, the filthy old timer gave Chloe's arse a good cock prod.

Outside in the warm air, Kevin grinned evilly. "Excuse me, sir," he said, voice raised slightly.

The pensioner turned, fear in his eyes and a look as if to say: who me?

"You were looking up my girlfriend's skirt on the bus, weren't you?"

"N-n-n-o," the pensioner stammered, taking off as fast as his old legs would carry him.

In turn, Kevin bowled after him, tugging Chloe by the wrist. Soon they were alongside. "Oh yes you were," stated Kevin accusingly. "You're a dirty fucking old pervert."

The pensioner shuffled away, continuing to protest his innocence. Fearful he was going to be assaulted, he tried his best to shake them off. The bizarre pursuit took the trio down an alley and to a dead end. A pair ofld hands with dirt encrusted fingernails was raised in defence, though Kevin's intentions were less than malevolent. "Get your dirty old cock out," the schoolboy commanded. "And as for you bitch, teasing this poor old guy on the bus like some cheap slut..."

Chloe blushed as the schoolboy pushed her down on her knees. "Now suck the dirty old fucker's cock."

Frightened the younger man might turn violent, the horny pensioner unleashed the shrimp-like organ, wrinkled and shrunken by fear. Kevin repeated the order and grudgingly Chloe took hold of the soft shaft, rubbing it between thumb and forefinger. A couple of strokes and it began to expand, restored to the former glory of the bus. Chloe drew back the foreskin to reveal a shiny bloodshot head, glazed with sweat. And oh did it whiff. The pretty schoolteacher gagged before it even touched her lips. Squeezing her eyes tight she took the tip onto her velveteen tongue, closing her mouth and sucking. The initial taste threatened to cause a wave of sickness to rise but she overcame the urge, letting her tongue tip tease the eye.

Chloe allowed the shaft to enter the warm recess, working the uncut foreskin up and down with her lips. A hand rose to gently jerk the shaft, causing the old man to growl with pleasure, perhaps the first time in decades that ancient dick had felt a feminine touch. Kevin grinned, offering compliments and goading her on. In the space of two days, Chloe had become an accomplished cocksucker. "Now fuck the filthy slut's face," Kevin ordered.

The old man didn't need telling twice. Chloe gasped as the cock head was thrust deep into her tonsils, nose buried in a mesh of wiry, malodorous pubes. Grunting, the pensioner banged his cock in and out like he was pumping up a bike tyre. A dozen strokes later, he pulled out sharply, face contorted, fingers pinching at the base of the knob in a vain attempt to delay the inevitable spurt. To no avail, the pressure merely served to intensify the resultant ejaculation, like a knot of trapped water breaking free from a hose. For an old guy he certainly had plenty to give, unloading years of neglect into Chloe's waiting mouth. There was so much spunk it spilled from the sides of her mouth and dribbled down her chin.

Milking the last drops from the eye with his fingers, the pensioner smiled, pulled up his drawers and was gone, scuttling back off down the alley like a scolded cat. When Chloe had caught her breath, Kevin helped her up. "You know what I'd like to see happen tonight?"

He leant over to whisper in her ear, leaving Chloe shock-faced. "You mean you've never...? Never even thought about it?" Kevin mused.

"No never Sir, no. Oh God, the thought makes me..."

Though now he came to mention it...Chloe felt a treacherous little tingle in her loins.


The bar in town was just starting to get busy when they arrived, Chloe's scanty apparel drawing loads of lecherous looks. The pretty blonde blushed and wasted no time in heading to the toilet to freshen up and take stock of things. Quickly she washed off the remnants of the old man's cum from her cheeks and chin. During the blowjob her eyeliner had bled and she resembled a dirty little whore. Oh my, had she really walked across town and through the bar looking like that? There was little she could do about the streaks of cum on the halter, the lesson of school the previous day well remembered.

Though deep down, she had to confess it would look good wet and clinging to her breasts... No, Chloe no, she told herself, no you must keep such thoughts to yourself. Likewise, the stain on the front of the light grey skirt from the overflow of juices of her own aroused cunt was pretty much ingrained. Why oh why had she chosen to wear such an unforgicing colour?

Back in the bar, Kevin was waiting with a bottle of Becks. Chloe necked it swiftly, cleansing the fetid taste from her tongue and trying to get drunk enough as quickly as possible so as not to care. "I hope you're enjoying our date - so far," mused Kevin.

Chloe forced a smile.

"Let's play pool," he suggested, handing over a cue. "You can break."

As Chloe bent down to address the table, the skirt rode up over the tops of her thighs, some lower arse flesh exposed. It was then that it dawned she was wearing no panties. Tugging awkwardly at the hem, she tried to right the situation but to no avail. Behind, onlookers were whispering about her and she could feel their eyes on her. As Chloe broke purposefully, the balls scattered around the baize and the skirt shot up to expose her most of her butt. Reaching quickly, she wrestled it back down again.

"Mmmmmmmm nice," rang out the call from the bar, and she wasn't sure whether they were admiring the break or her peachy bum.

Having potted another ball, she missed an easy shot, issuing an annoyed pout as Kevin took over at the table. The schoolboy potted a brace before missing a long shot, the white coming to rest right on the top cushion. That meant Chloe had to back into the guys at the bar in order to play the shot. Wincing as she bent, her butt bobbled, mere touching distance away.

Early evening still, the men somehow managed to resist the temptation to reach out for a grope, nonetheless enjoying the delicious view as the skirt rode upward. Chloe played the shot without thought, simply to get away as quickly as possible from the leering eyes. The balls ricocheted around the table and the white went down. Kevin shook his head solemnly, moving up close to speak in her ear. "You should take more care. Lose this game and, as a forfeit, you're going to get fucked by every guy in the bar on the pool table."

Chloe whimpered. Could he orchestrate that? By the looks on their faces she doubted they needed much persuasion. Consequently the threat had the desired effect and, with Kevin fluffing the two shots, in a show of steely determination she potted her way to the black. Steadying as her arse wiggled seductively at those three-deep at this end of the bar, the pretty blonde despatched the eight ball into the bottom left pocket. A cheer rang out and hordes of horny guys clambered over one another to get their money down.

"Winner stays on," confirmed Kevin, heading off to the bar to get more drinks in.

A slicked-back hair guy won the battle to be next on, pushing in the coin, balls rattling in the chute. Chloe used the time he took setting up the triangle to compose herself, embarking upon a brief tour around this end of the bar. Attracting ever less subtle stares from those congregated at tables around a small empty dancefloor, she smiled back demurely. God, it seemed every man in the place wanted to fuck her brains out. In a way she kind of regretted winning the game of pool. Spotting her wandering aimlessly around the circumference of the dancefloor, the DJ issued a booming welcome over the mic: "Hello, pretty lady."

Chloe blushed before ambling back to the pool table, cue in hand. Her opponent was a good player yet clearly of limited intellect. In an eagerness to win, he denied those at the bar an opportunity to feast upon Chloe's exposed nether region to any great extent. Moreover, he didn't even so much as claim a peck on the cheek for the victory, let alone the good grope to which the victor should surely be entitled. He must be gay, thought Chloe wickedly, the beer going to her head surprisingly quickly, testament to the fact she'd eaten little other than a bellyful of cum all day.

She startled as Kevin crept up behind, his warm breath on her neck, a hand smoothing the curve of her rump. "It's time you entertained us. Get that sweet arse on the dancefloor."

Chloe looked around open mouthed. "You want me to dance in front of all these people, Sir?"

It was almost like an out-of-body experience as the delicious blonde glided to the centre of the small dancefloor, twisting and twirling on her own, sheer adrenaline making her sway in time to the upbeat tune. Those watching from the sidelines soon became unfocussed blurs. Gyrating sexily, she pouted as the neck of the beer bottle pierced her lips.

It wasn't long before she was joined by another girl who'd somehow been cajoled into action by Chloe's brazen performance. A brunette of similar age with a tight bob haircut, she resembled Catherine Zeta Jones in Chicago, dancing at a safe distance whilst making occasional eye contact. Naturally the glances turned to little smiles and Chloe found herself responding. Before she knew it, they were brushing one another, giggling like little girls. All too soon that turned into dirty dancing for the benefit of the predominantly male audience. "Hi I'm Leah," announced the other girl.

Chloe introduced herself, glancing over to Kevin for approval. Watching intently from the wings he nodded silent permission for her to continue. Indeed, the bulge in his trousers suggested he was enjoying the show as much as any of the other onlookers and Chloe recalled the request from earlier in the alleyway: "I want to see you with another woman tonight."

The thought both frightened and frilled Chloe in equal measure. She'd never really given it much thought but was the first to admit that the term 'bicurious' she'd seen in magazine articles intrigued her. After all, that meant 100% exposure to sexual partners and Chloe was all for maximising potential.

The DJ provided the catalyst to get the evening moving, ironically by slowing things down. The new girl Leah took up a position behind Chloe, her chin resting on the blonde's shoulder, hands at her hips, grinding seductively. From his vantage point, Kevin had the perfect view as the brunette's hands caressed Chloe's ribcage and elevated to cup her breasts. Lost in the moment, Chloe moaned, arching her back. Elsewhere among the onlookers, cocks were starting to twitch uncontrollably inside briefs and boxers. Yet the dancing girls had other ideas. "You want to get out of here, honey?" whispered Leah in Chloe's ear, nibbling it seductively.

"Yesssssss," Chloe enthused.

Leah led her from the dancefloor, past Kevin who nodded sagely. The guys grinned but made no attempt to follow, contained by their manly inhibitions. It was only Kevin that went after the pair, leaving those in the bar in a state of shock. A cab was waiting close by and the girls piled in as Kevin took the front seat. "Who's he?" enquired Leah with a giggle. "Looks a right dork."

Kevin sneered as he issued directions to the bemused looking cabbie.

"Huh, he's your what?" Leah spluttered from behind, taking a second look to re-appraise the schoolboy, but reaching the same conclusion.

By way of explanation, Chloe held her hands outstretched, a twelve-inch gap between. "And boy can he use it," Chloe enthused.

"Oh really?" giggled Leah. "Mmmmmmm."

In the front passenger seat Kevin allowed himself a smug smile.

They were barely a hundred yards into the journey when Leah surprised Chloe by sliding a hand up her inner thigh. Initially the pretty schoolteacher froze, particularly when she glanced up to see both Kevin's and the taxi driver's eyes staring intently in the rearview mirror. The cabbie only broke his concentration to look across at Kevin in disbelief, an expression that translated as: how the fuck did a snotty little kid like you meet these two firecrackers?

They were treated to an exhibition of intense girl-on-girl tonguing, Leah seizing control as both beauties could barely keep their hands off one another. Soon Leah's fingers were in Chloe's wet and welcoming pussy, eliciting a joyous gasp. The cabbie was left in a state of shock though Kevin remained nonchalant. The journey proceeded slower than it might otherwise have done as he reached a dawdle to prolong the show. Arriving home, the driver was reluctant to let them go. He begged and even offered Kevin £100 just to be allowed to watch. But Kevin refused. He wanted them all to himself.

It was only as they stood on the front step that Chloe's head started to clear and commonsense prevailed, bringing a moment of clarity. What on earth was she doing? ", I can't do this..."

The other pair exchanged incredulous looks. "Get inside," commanded Kevin, physically manhandling her.

"Get off me," Chloe crowed. "I want to go home."

"You're not going anywhere," stated Leah purposefully, joining forces with Kevin to haul the unwilling blonde inside.

Chloe tried to fight back but weight of numbers conspired against her. As Kevin held her from behind, his raging breath on her neck, Leah wrestled with the halter, hauling it up to expose the beautifully pert breasts. "Oh God baby, I want you so much," breathed Leah.

"Nooooooo," Chloe protested, lashing out.

Leah seemed to enjoy the defiance, responding with a sharp riposte around Chloe's cheek. The teacher whimpered and ran her tongue over the cut lip. Caught off guard momentarily, she was frogmarched to the sofa where Kevin pulled her down onto his lap. "Nooooooo," she squealed. "Oh God, no, don't do this."

Kevin kept her arms pinned as Leah went to work on her nipples, sucking longingly as if she wanted to swallow them. "Fuck, you're beautiful," drooled Leah.

The brunette worked her way down, kissing and nuzzling at the sweet pale flesh. Soon her head was in Chloe's lap. She clamped her legs tight together as Leah went for the skirt. But with Kevin sucking at her neck and fondling her breasts, Chloe felt her resistance drain. She was unable to stop her thighs parting as Leah's head darted in between. As Kevin held her tight to his lap and chest, an excited cock nudged her coccyx. "Oh God, baby, what a juicy looking cunt," Leah enthused.

Chloe melted as Kevin rolled each nipple between thumb and forefinger, pinching and twisting, squeezing and pulling whilst Leah's tongue extended ever so slightly. Gathering up Chloe's juices on the tip, she smacked her lips with a murmur of appreciation. Gliding back up Chloe's body like a lapdancer, their nipples brushed. Leah smiled and mouthed: "Oh baby, you just taste as good as you look. Don't fight me, hunny."

Moving higher Leah fused her lips to the other girl's, letting her taste her own pussy as their tongues lashed. Consumed by disgust, Chloe shook her head purposefully. "No, Leah, please..."

The words hung in the air as Chloe felt Leah's tongue once more in her mouth and a finger in her pussy. As Leah pulled away, she smeared the sticky digit across Chloe's pursed lips. Leah grinned and slid back between the teacher's legs as Kevin adjusted her stance. This time the wanton brunette licked the puckered arse knot, sending an electric shiver up through every nerve end. "Oh God, she's licking my arsehole," Chloe groaned as the other girl alternated between holes.

"Chloe, tell Leah what you are," Kevin commanded.

Her silence prompted the schoolboy to give her nipples a good firm tug. "TELL HER."

Chloe relented. "I'm a filthy little slut. I'm your filthy little slut, Sir."

"And what do you want?"

"I want your cock inside me. Please give it to me Sir."

With that Leah lifted the other girl until Kevin's cock head nestled at the entrance. A quick directional thrust and his shaft was buried inside her tight pussy. "Oh fuccccccckkkkkkk," Chloe screamed, but before she could say anything more, Kevin had slid onto his back, pumping from beneath as Leah climbed onto her face.

As Kevin rammed in hard and forcefully, Chloe instinctively licked at the pussy over her. "Oh yeah, that's it you filthy slut, lick my cunt good," Leah groaned, grinding down on the teacher's pretty face and nearly suffocating her.

The three went at it hammer and tongs for ten hot minutes, taking Kevin's virginity and Chloe's bi-virginity in the process. Just as both thought they might pass out, the forceful pumping from beneath resulted in a powerful explosion deep inside Chloe. Kevin's seed filled her cunt and felt warm inside her womb.

Within seconds, Kevin had slid clear, breathing in starts and watching from the floor as Leah leaned forward. Only the cunt she was about to lick had an added bonus inside: Kevin's fresh cream. Leah licked longingly, lapping like a cat at a bowl and soon the sensation became all too much for Chloe. As Leah eased back, the blonde lovely squirted, the gush arcing six inches and peppering Leah's face with juice like a peach being squeezed. "Ohhhhhhh baby, I wish I could do that," Leah mused, content for now to let Chloe's chameleon-like tongue bring her to a ballistic orgasm.

The room was filled with Chloe's frantic licking and Leah's moans. The resultant deposit soaked Chloe's lips and chin as they collapsed together.


"Just once more Kevin, please," Chloe pleaded, as the light of morning filtered the teenager's bedroom.

Leah was gone and the remaining pair had, not more than an hour ago, enjoyed perhaps the best fifteen-minute fuck of Chloe's life. That was on top of the fuck they enjoyed in the early hours as Leah looked on and masturbated before taking off. Yet as Kevin became adept in the skills of lovemaking under his teacher's tutelage so Chloe's needs intensified. It was like a drug to the nympho. She wanted it every which way, and then some.

Resisting her impatient urges, Kevin rose to turn on the laptop. It displayed the treacherous picture that had begun this bizarre chain of events, the one of Chloe caught by surprise on the step in just her red bra and panties. And to think that was only a couple of days ago. It seemed a lifetime away for Chloe. Kevin clicked on 'delete', confirming his intention with a further click. "There you are, Miss Hunt, gone forever."

Chloe's eyebrows elevated. He'd called her Miss Hunt. Not cunt or bitch or whore or slut. And he'd kept his promise. A horrible thought crossed her mind: had he tired of her already? Next the schoolboy took a video from the rack. It was marked 'CCTV home footage'. Tearing the band of black plastic out of the middle, it stretched then snapped. "That's all the incriminating evidence destroyed. You're free to go now Miss Hunt," he said simply. "The game's over."

"You don' don't want fuck me once more?" she said, almost disappointedly.

"No, I don't."

"But Kevin..."

"You really should go, miss."

Chloe pouted and turned over, going back to sleep. She'd catch him later. He was a horny teenager after all. Kevin's words were fuzzy as sleep encapsulated the tired schoolteacher. "Miss, you really should go...miss..."


The words came loudly: "What the hell is going on here?"

Chloe awoke startled, confronted by Kevin's father, Frank Manning. Kevin looked up too. Immediately Chloe realised she should have gone home when Kevin told her. "Mr Manning I can explain..."

The angry father shook his head. "No missy, don't waste your breath. You are in so much trouble when the school hears about this. I leave you in charge of my boy for the weekend and you seduce him like some cheap whore."

As Kevin sloped away like a polecat, his face betraying the merest hint of smug self-satisfaction, Chloe was left alone with the raging Frank Manning. "Mr Manning, please..."

The enraged father held aloft a huge palm, informing her to shut it. In no time it dawned upon Chloe just how much trouble she was in, cowering and covering her breasts from his stare. A teacher-pupil relationship didn't mean just getting fired, but the prospect of jail. She'd read about similar things in the papers. Frank Manning knew it too. And there wasn't even the evidence on the laptop or the CCTV reel to implicate Kevin, and at least spread the blame. To the watching world it would appear as if Chloe had instigated the whole sordid affair. "Mr Manning please, can we work something out?" she pleaded.

She should have gone when Kevin said. She should have gone. Why oh why had she been so stupid?

"Work something out?" he thundered.

"Please," she said, fluttering her eyelashes and using her femininity to try to get out of the deep hole.

Frank Manning surely wasn't immune to her girlish charms, confirmed when he said more softly: "Work something out, huh."

She found herself speaking the words almost subconsciously: "I'll do anything."

Old man Manning suppressed a grin. "Anything huh? Well maybe...I've a few pals coming round to play poker tonight..."

Chloe gulped and choked back the tears.

"We could always use a pretty little hostess."

Chloe knew she was in deeper than ever. For this was no longer a boy she was playing with. Just what did he have in store for her?


An anxious Sunday elapsed before Chloe discovered just how truly bad it was. Glancing from the Manning's top window in the French Maid's outfit that had been provided, the teacher watched each guest arrive, becoming ever more agitated. Only now was it apparent why the outfit came with a little black eye mask to give her anonymity.

First to arrive was milkman Charlie, swaggering in beneath her gaze. Chloe recalled the brutal dream in which he'd tried to drown her. Then to Chloe's horror came Jack Willis, her recently departed boyfriend. His forcefulness on their final night together had left her a wreck. The next to grace the poker evening with his presence was a huge and powerful-looking black guy Chloe didn't recognise but whose presence alone scared the living daylights out of her. The final double indignity arrived in the shape of Mr Mason and Mr Andrews, the headmaster and games teacher at her school. They too both had unfinished business with the pretty teacher.

The line-up made Chloe quake and bury her head woefully in her hands. The mask was a godsend but surely they'd know it was her. Oh God, what had she gotten herself into?


The final part will follow shortly.

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