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I confess to Lisa and Mom!
Perverted Deeds – Part 4

I confess to Lisa, and Mom!

Here it is several weeks after the night with Linda, Joe, and the big guy with the gun. Lisa and I are talking about getting married. We were keeping it private between us for the time until Lisa blurted it out at Linda and Joe’s house one evening. I do not feel uncomfortable being around Linda even after the night she took over. She acts as if nothing ever happened. When Lisa spilled the beans, as it were, the look on Linda’s face appeared to be disappointment to me. If you noticed I used Linda’s name first, Joe is no longer in charge at their house or in their life. Linda has control of him, and he loves it.

Linda asked if I would step outside and talk with her for a couple of minutes. We went out and walked around the house. Linda approached me, she asked, “Do you really love my sister?” I told her, “Yes.” She touched my face with her hand and told me, “You have to tell Lisa the truth about everything; you must let her know everything, you can’t keep secrets from her.” I agreed that it is not good to keep secrets. I also said, “Some things are better left unspoken.” Linda held my face in her hands and said, “You tell her the truth or I will!” She pulled my face down and kissed me on the lips, I felt her tongue lightly touching my lips. She said, “I know you will do the right thing.” As she turned to walk back into the house I called her name, “Linda!’ She turned around and looked at me and I walked to her, put my hands on her arms, then ran my hands down to her hands and while holding her hands I said, “I love your sister and I also love you.” “You and Lisa are just so exciting.” She hugged me, kissed me very gently on the lips and turned to enter the house. I walked behind her enjoying the view. I know I can never have Linda, but a man can still dream.

Now I had to make a decision about when to tell Lisa. If I don’t tell her then Linda will. When would be the best time? I have to catch her in a good mood, just after sex, or during sex, she might think it is a fantasy I am talking about. I guess I will stumble into this confession when the moment seems right. Maybe my deeds will come home to haunt me and I will lose Lisa.

A couple of weeks later Lisa and I were out to dinner and to a club for drinking and dancing. Lisa was wearing a very sexy blouse and skirt. It is rare for her to wear a skirt. As we were dancing in the club she began grinding her pussy against my cock. I wanted to fuck her right there. I ran my hands down her back to her ass. I had one cheek in each hand. I firmly held her and pulled up just a little. Her ass is so firm and hot! She is so hot, I am sure drinking more than usual made her even hotter. I noticed a couple watching us dance from a booth. I moved Lisa around to give them a view of my hands on her ass. As we danced she started kissing me. I held her tight and began working her skirt up over her ass just a little at a time. It did not take but a few minutes and her ass and thong were in plain view. The couple in the booth is now looking at her ass. She pulled my hands from her ass and pulled back just a little and dropped her skirt down over her ass. She unbuttoned another button on her blouse and gave me a pretty good view of her fantastic 34C tits. She then backed up to me and started grinding her ass on my crotch. I held her hips and she bent over a little giving the couple in the booth, and anyone else who was watching, a really good view of her tits. Her nipples are rock hard. As quick as she started she pulled away and said lets go to your house. We left the club and headed to my house.

While driving to my house Lisa was all over me. Kissing and rubbing my cock. I know at a couple of stop lights that people could see her playing with my cock. We arrived at my house, went inside and Lisa immediately started stripping off. She was nude in a few seconds. Lisa never bothered to ask if Mom or Sis were home. There cars were not here so I figured we are in the clear. Lisa rarely ever says anything crude or tells me what she likes sexually. She kissed me and looked into my eyes and said, “I want you to fuck me in the ass!” Oh wow! One of my dreams is going to come true, fucking Lisa’s hot ass!

We fell out on the couch hugging and kissing. I turned the lamp up brighter so I could see her fantastic body. She sat up on the couch; I got in the floor and spread her legs wide, pulled her forward, and began licking her ass and pussy. When I touched her clit she grabbed my head and held me there. “Lick my pussy, lick my pussy!” is all she would say. She held me extremely tight to her hot wet slit. I began slowly working a finger in her ass. Her ass is wet from the pussy juice running down and was well lubed inside also. She had planned for me to take her ass, she was clean and she put considerable lube in her ass. When I got two fingers in her ass I began pumping in and out pretty fast. All the time my mouth and tongue still locked on her clit. It only took a few minutes and she had an intense orgasm. Her legs were trembling as her orgasm started to subside. I slowly eased my two fingers out of her hot brown rose.

She sat upright and told me to lie on my back on the floor. I was on my back in a second with my cock standing up like a flag pole. She bent down and engulfed my cock in her mouth. When she pulled away my cock was covered in her spit. She straddled me with her back to my face; she moved down and guided my cock in her pussy. I almost came as soon as she bottomed out. She is sitting on my cock grinding her pussy in slow circles.

She rose up some and pulled my cock from her wet pussy. I could see her pussy lips were open wide. She pushed back towards my face and told me to use my tongue and get her ass ready for cock. I began pushing my tongue in and out of her hot ass. I love kissing her hot ass! After a few minutes of this she moved down a little and said, “Finger my ass, and get it ready for your cock.” I have an excellent view of her ass and pussy. I pushed one finger in her ass and began a slow pumping motion. Then I pushed another finger in her ass and gave her some time to adjust. After a couple of minutes her ass is red and was opening up pretty good. She never looked back but continued pushing her ass hard on my fingers. “Another finger please.” She said. I put a third finger in her ass and it went in without a problem. After a minute or so I put a fourth finger in her ass and she was really pushing back hard on my fingers. I thought she might like my entire hand in her ass.

I was so hot and I really needed to put my cock in her ass. In the heat of the moment I said, “The only other lady I know who likes four fingers in her ass is my Mom.” She moaned extremely loud and asked, “Have you fucked your Mom?” I answered, “Yes.” She moaned even louder and slowly pulled away from my hand. She sat on the couch with her ass and pussy out over the edge. Her legs were open wide. I moved up between her legs and started working my cock in her lubed hot ass. Lisa’s face was extremely red, her breathing was hard and she was pumping on my cock like a mad woman. She asked. “Is your Mom’s ass as hot and tight as mine?” I answered, “No!” I could not tell her that Mom has the best ass in the world.

I continued pumping extremely hard in her hot ass and I could feel my orgasm building. I told Lisa, “I am going to fill your ass with cum.” She held my hips, pulled her legs up high, and pulled me deeper in her ass. It a few seconds I shot my load deep in her ass. She did not orgasm but she is close so I began rubbing her clit. She had another orgasm in just a few seconds. I love watching her thighs tremble and shake during and after her orgasms. My limp cock slowly began to slide out of her well used ass.

After a few minute she said she is going to go clean up and I should use the lower bathroom and do the same. She was trying to hold my cum in her ass as she walked away. She looked over her shoulder and said, “We will talk when I get back.” She had a very serious look on her face. I figured it was now or never, time to tell her everything.

I was sitting on the couch nude slowly stroking my cock when she returned. She was still nude but did pick her clothes up out of the floor. She sat beside me, held my hand, leaned over and kissed me and said, “I love you, I will always love you no matter what you have done in your past.” Her statement really made me feel better. But I still had to tell her everything.

I turned to her and kissed her on the lips. I told her I was going to tell her everything I have done in the past and she should listen to it all before making any comments or judgments. I told her the story from beginning to end. I told her everything about Joe, Linda, Mom and my Sister, the night with Joe and Linda and the guy with the gun. She asked if I had sex with my Mom since that time. I told the truth, I said, “No.” She asked if I had sex with my sister since that time. I told the truth, I said, “Yes.” I explained the events of that night when I thought Travis drugged my sister. She asked me if I had sex with her sister Linda. I told the truth, I said, “No.” I did tell her how Linda backed up to me that night and I wanted to fuck her. Lisa said, “Linda is so beautiful and I could see why you would want to have sex with her.” She hugged me and told me that is a lot of information to take in and she is trying to understand what makes me do things like that. I told her, “Simply, I am a pervert!” She told me that it will take time and we might have to put the wedding plans on hold for a little while until we get everything sorted out. At that time I really suspected that I would lose Lisa.

We were sitting on the couch holding each other when I heard my Mom say in a stern voice, “That was one hell of a story!” I looked toward the front door and my Mom was standing just inside the foyer. Mom came over and sat down beside Lisa and hugged her. Mom said, “I came home and saw your clothes all over the place so I stood back out of the way expecting you to get dressed.” “But instead I heard a story that I thought was a fantasy, but I know it wasn’t.” “My son has told you the truth.”

Mom stood up, moved in front of us, she leaned over and kissed Lisa on the lips, and then she kissed me on the lips. Mom said, I love both of you and I hope you can work through the issues you have.” Lisa stood and gave Mom a big hug. My cock was getting hard watching my Mom hug my nude girlfriend. I then stood and hugged Mom. Mom looked down and noticed my cock was about half hard. She said, “Control yourself son.” “We will talk tomorrow.”

Mom went upstairs and went to bed. Lisa and I went to my room and went to sleep. To my shock, I did sleep well that night but I don’t think Lisa did. Lisa got up early, kissed me on the cheek and walked out my bedroom door and out of my life.

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2009-09-06 21:25:47
Need more, please. Perverted deed 1-4 was great, but please don't leave us hanging.


2008-12-23 16:39:25
She was one hot gal. Too bad you lost her.

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2008-08-20 00:08:25
It's getting better, now fuck mom and sis again for good measures, in a threesome

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