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The pretty teacher is forced to become the poker players' plaything
Chloe Hunt sat in the bedroom, awaiting the next episode in the chain of indignity and humiliation that had befallen her. Quite how she'd gone from being a na? schoolteacher to a sextoy for all to enjoy in the space of four days she didn't rightly know. It had all been such a blur.

Manly baritone voices from downstairs wafted up the stairs as they took their seats in readiness for the game of poker. Stealing a lungful of air and a glance in the mirror, the petite blonde was far from sure that the little black mask around the eyes would conceal her identity, especially from those that knew her intimately, like Jack Willis, the former lover with whom she'd shared six blissful months. And if not Jack, Bill Mason and Jeff Andrews, the headmaster and games teacher at Chloe's school surely would recognise her.

Joining them was Charlie, her milkman, who'd hounded Chloe for a date over several months. Only one was totally unfamiliar: a huge black man whose physical presence alone frightened the demure schoolteacher half to death. The sextet was completed by Frank Manning, Chloe's neighbour and the only one aware of her identity. As an added precaution, Chloe bunched her hair up into a blonde bun to make her less conspicuous.

The black and white off-the-shoulder French Maid's outfit clung to her braless bosom, chafing the attentive teats beneath, a ridge of material running from nipple to nipple as the material stretched tautly. A length of frilly white lace trim ran around the top edge of the outfit leaving her shoulders exposed. A white lace collar hugged her neck whilst a little two-tone hat perched on her head. At the front, a spotless apron hung from her hips, the one-piece outfit ending somewhat abruptly thigh-high. Inevitably no panties had been provided.

Undoubtedly sexy on a figure like Chloe's, she couldn't help but admire her reflection, clocking a crooked smile borne of uncertainty and ever-present fear. She wasn't at all sure what her role as hostess for the evening involved - serving drinks and food and attending to the men's needs had been Frank Manning's brief.

Slowly and with the uncertainty of Bambi on ice, the sexy blonde took to the stairs, the front room coming into view over the banister. The men had assembled at a round table and poker chips were being counted out into piles amid a volley of good-hearted banter as Chloe arrived at the door to present herself. "You really have excelled yourself this time, Frank," enthused Charlie the milkman who was facing her way.

Not aware it was Chloe, his fantasy girl from next door, Charlie introduced himself, inducing a nervous smile. Not expected to speak, that suited her fine. It would give the game away if they heard her voice. Discovery would almost certainly mean being fired from the job she'd strived so hard to succeed at and the real probability of police intervention. Abusing a position of authority with a pupil was frowned upon in law as many teachers before Chloe had found out. If only she'd gone when the chance arose she wouldn't be in this mess now. If only...

As she stood in the doorway, Chloe fiddled nervously with the mask, praying it would conceal her identity. A glance over at Jack elicited a lustful grin and a whistle of appreciation from her former lover. "Indeed he has excelled himself," he concurred with seemingly no hint of recognition in his eyes. "Hi, I'm Jack."

Chloe issued a thin smile, struggling go through with the charade. She just wanted to turn and run. The two teachers with whom she worked, and to whom it was the most essential she remained anonymous, had their backs to the door as she entered. However, their eyes bulged immediately as they craned around to see. "Oh my," they gasped in unison before introducing themselves, eyes lingering and mentally undressing her.

Chloe forced a smile, before her attention passed to the only complete stranger in the group. "Hi, I'm Big Col," confirmed the larger-than-life Afro-Caribbean who, complete with a wiry goatee, resembled Shaft.

Again Chloe pursed her lips in greeting.

"And you are?" enquired Big Col, causing Chloe's heart to flutter.

"Sarah," confirmed Frank Manning on his hostess' behalf.

Tonight she was Sarah, Sarah the sexy French Maid.

"Well don't just stand around, get us beers, chop, chop," Manning commanded. "In the fridge in the garage, and bring something to nibble on."

"I know what I'd like to nibble on right now," mused Charlie, causing Chloe's cheeks to redden.

The other men grinned, a similar thought in their minds too. Chloe issued a polite little curtsey before engineering a hasty exit. It was not hasty enough, however, to prevent Bill Mason from goosing her arse. Chloe squeaked and the other men shook their heads in mock dismay, berating the lecherous headmaster. Glad to be free of the claustrophobic living room, Chloe located the beer fridge and took a moment to compose. Removing a handful of cans, she filled six pint glasses and placed them on a tray with six bowls of Doritos and an assortment of dips from a nearby cupboard. "Come on Chloe Hunt, you can get through this," she reassured herself.

Bill Mason wasted no time in picking up where he left off as Chloe leaned to place the glass on the coaster, taking an arse cheek firmly in hand. On the other side of her, Jeff Andrews did likewise, the two lecherous lecturers getting a good feel of the goods. Unashamedly the ancient headmaster sighed and uttered: "Mmmmmmmm, what a peachy little bum you have my dear."

As if to emphasise the point he gave it a little slap. "Ouch," Chloe complained, in the process causing the tray in her hands to rock.

The well-brimmed glasses shook and some beer splashed on the table cloth. Immediately Frank Manning banged his fist. "You clumsy girl."

Chloe whimpered as the games master reached up to grip the nape of her neck, forcing her face down on to the table cloth. "Now lick up your mess," he ordered.

Chloe did as she was told, extending her tongue to soak up the liquid deposit, tasting the beer on the tip. As she did so, the headmaster lifted her skirt and, after allowing a moment to admire its aesthetic curvature, he issued three slaps, harder this time than the playful one of earlier. Chloe sucked in air as tears welled up in her eyes. Struggling to compose herself, she breathed as deep and evenly as possible before rising with all the dignity she could muster. "That's what happens to naughty little girls who spill drinks," chided old man Mason with a devilish glint in his eye.

Chloe offered a pouted look of contrition before moving on around the table. Big Col thanked her as she leaned across, a nipple brushing his cheek, yet unlike the others he managed to keep his hands to himself. Shifting in his seat, Chloe couldn't fail to notice the mammoth bulge in his trousers that rested upon a thigh. It had to be as thick as her wrist. The big man noticed the pensive glance, a look of smug self-satisfaction filling his face. Chloe swallowed hard before dispensing Jack and Charlie's drinks without further mishap. Charlie ensured to stroke her inner thigh furtively before she completed the circle by putting down Frank Manning's pint.

All six men supped gratefully, wiping backhands across frothed lips before checking their pocket cards as Chloe placed a bowl at each man's side, dodging rogue hands that wanted to feel her up, and touch and grope her. Thankfully the ensuing game helped take their minds off carnal thoughts, though surely it was nothing more than a temporary reprieve. Chloe moved away from the table, hands crossed at her apron and awaiting further instruction.

Half an hour passed as the men huffed and bluffed and chomped and slurped, refills called for. When Chloe returned with the tray she discovered that Jack had won the first game and was collecting off the other five.

"How about we make this next game more interesting," suggested Frank.

Unsubtle glances her way caused Chloe to blush. "The winner gets the lovely Sarah to sit on his lap for the duration of the game after that."

"I'd rather she sat on my face," chortled Charlie.

"All in good time," replied the host with a leer.

The play was loose, the men clearly anxious to 'get on'. Charlie took the game and Chloe made her way around the table. Charlie's arms opened to receive her as Chloe plumped down in his lap. She could feel his warm, excited breath on her neck, making the downy hairs stand to attention. She could also feel the beginning of an erection press into her bum from beneath. Charlie, it seemed, was somewhat excited by the turn of events. His hands either side of her body reached for his cards. "Bring me some luck, darling," he whispered in her ear, shifting so that the crack of her arse rubbed his cock tip. "Mmm, that's it," he slavered.

Chloe shifted uncomfortably, knowing the game could last an hour or more. Charlie ran his lips over her neck and did his damnedest to unease the miserable girl. She was glad when more beers were called for, careful to take her time.

Returning, she was cheered to learn that Charlie's possession was soon to be over. The winner of this game could claim kisses off the hostess for the duration of the next. From Charlie's lap she noted Jack and Jeff go heads up for her favours. The thought of being kissed by Jack again gave her heart. She wriggled impatiently, merely exacerbating the friction on Charlie's cock. "Oh God, I think I'm gonna cum soon," he gasped, slobbering close to her neck.

To Chloe's disappointment Jeff Andrews won the showdown and her favours, Charlie letting go of her somewhat grudgingly. Chloe trotted around and stood by the games master's side. Could he tell it was her? Chloe agonised as she pushed up on tiptoes, melting into the chest of the rugged athlete. His hands came to meet her arse, providing the added elevation enabling their lips to meet.

He proved a more adept kisser than Chloe had imagined, gentle yet firm, with a long roving tongue that worked its way past her lips and found the depths of her mouth. Oh gosh, though she hated to admit it, this was making her pretty wet. And they were all being so nice to her. "Okay then Jeff, let the poor girl go," called over Jack agitatedly. "Play your cards, man."

As Jeff pulled away he gave her a smouldering smile. Jack, on the other hand, merely sneered like a kid denied a sweet. Could it be that he realised? Or was it perhaps that Chloe was succeeding in driving a wedge through this close-knit group of buddies? Jack especially seemed frustrated and the tension in the room was discernible. When time allowed between hands, Jeff would bring her face to his and push his tongue in her mouth. Unwillingly, Chloe found herself responding. "More beer," the order rang out and she headed off to the garage, this time hurrying back as quickly as her little legs would allow.

The fellas were deep in hushed conversation and Chloe couldn't help but think she was the subject. "Oh damn," complained Frank Manning, a poker chip dropping on the floor. "Sarah, pick that up for me."

Chloe shot back a confused look.

"Damn you, girl, when I tell you to do something..."

Taking a firm grip of her arm he pushed the frightened girl to her knees. Suddenly the mood in the room changed, buoyed by sexual frustration and testosterone overload. Chloe scrambled beneath the table on hands and knees, searching for the errant chip. As she did so, a foot wriggled free of a shoe behind her and she jumped as Frank Manning extended his leg to place a foot between her legs, kicking up the skirt. In the confusion her crown hit the underside of the table with a crash, dislodging the little hat. Disorientated and half-concussed, she crawled around, not sure where she was.

The big toe snaked its way through a hole in Frank's sock and nestled at the entrance of her pussy before wiggling its way inside. Surrounded by a wall of legs, there was no escape for Chloe. She glanced ahead and into the lap of Big Col who was anxiously wrestling with his zip. Her head fuzzy from the knock, she turned to see the other four men on either side nursing hard-ons. The only consolation was that, under the table, at least no one could see her predicament as she scurried like a trapped mouse. Or could they?

Unseen to Chloe, Manning held a finger to his lips as his big toe continued to work her cunt slit. The others raised their glasses from the surface and grinned as the table cloth was lifted away to reveal a glass surface beneath. Quickly the game was forgotten as a far more thrilling one arose. From above they enjoyed the perfect view of the hapless girl beneath on her hands and knees. Head bowed and in a state of shock, Chloe had no idea she was on display like a goldfish in a bowl.

The prodding motion from Manning's foot pushed her ever closer to Big Col. She glanced up to see a python-like black cock being held tight. As he drew back the thick foreskin, a head the size of a ripe plum was unveiled. Those around the table saw it too, and though they were all manly men they couldn't help but marvel at its size.

The big man wasted no time in slapping the semi-hard member around Chloe's face, rubbing his precum into her cheeks. At the same time, Charlie and Jeff decided it was time to take a piece of the action, reaching under to clamp a nipple each in their fingers, pinching, squeezing and twisting through the dress. Chloe went to groan but the sound was muffled as the thick cock was forced into her waiting lips. The bulbous head stretched her mouth and threatened to snap her jaw and Chloe couldn't help but gag. Big Col looked on, seemingly unable to get the shaft any further inside the pretty schoolteacher's tight mouth.

Manning stopped toeing her pussy, his big pinky stained with cunt juice. Twisting the foot sideways he booted her arse like a karate expert, sending her waif-like body forward and in the process impaling three inches of thick shaft in her mouth. Breathing rapidly through the nose, Chloe fought not to choke, spluttering and gagging as the implausibly large organ split her lips. Three more times Manning booted her arse like he was trying to hammer in a stake.

Either side, hands were now down the front of the dress, groping each breast, squeezing like they were sizing up pieces of fruit for ripeness. And, unbeknown to the hapless Chloe, all six men were looking down on her, watching every moment of the girl's humiliation. Having tickled her tonsils, Big Col pulled out of her mouth, smearing the spittle from his hard tool over her cheeks. Chloe breathed in fits and starts, her heart racing, head still in a state of disorientation. After the briefest respite, she was rotated like a Lazy Susan on a restaurant table to face Charlie. His cock was out in a flash. Half the size of Col's in all dimensions, it was thankfully able to fit snugly in the warm mouth. "Suck me, bitch," he commanded.

Chloe issued mute protestations, until Bill Mason reached below and administered a volley of spanks to her bare arse. Chloe's body jerked and in the process she inadvertently deepthroated the milkman. Sucking as best she could, she delivered him to the verge of orgasm before being rotated once more.

The familiar cock of Jack Willis was next to fill the wet recess. Mmm, how she'd loved that cock during their time together. It was a perfect seven inches of gorgeous man-meat. How she wished none of this had happened to cause their parting. This time she sucked with relish for old time's sake, receiving the accolade: "Oh yes you filthy little cock craving whore, you."

Hmph, maybe she was better off without him. He was no better than the rest of these chauvinists. By the time she got to Frank Manning, his prick had been well masturbated, the head generously lotioned with precum. As she sucked and licked, her own saliva, flecked with precum, drooled from the sides of her mouth. Manning passed her on before his excitement got the better of him.

Her mouth was stretched and sore by the time she arrived at headmaster Bill Mason. Bill was rougher than the others, wanting to fuck her face like it was a tight little pussy, telling her that naughty little girls had no choice, that they were there to be used. Too exhausted to offer any resistance, she let him get on with it, her ears used for support as he banged hard in and out of her pretty mouth. As a result, he came quickly, spraying a wad of watery old spunk in her throat. Chloe was allowed ten seconds to swallow and compose before she was booted towards Jeff Andrews.

When five minutes of sucking elapsed and she saw every man but Mason wanking furiously, Chloe had a fair idea of what was coming next, though was powerless to do anything about it. The hunch was confirmed when Manning ordered her onto her back. The games master and milkman delivering in unison, ropes of cum were aimed at her face, slashing at it. Traces found a way onto her tongue but mainly it remained on her face in a puddle, dewdrops hanging from her nose and chin. Glancing up, Chloe opened her mouth to receive the next load which Jack despatched with a satisfied grunt. This time she swallowed, savouring the seed of her ex-lover before Manning unloaded a massive wad of spunk, covering her face and matting her hair. By the end, her face was covered in a gooey mess.

Wiping her face with her fingers, she proceeded to suck the sticky digits clean, tasting all the different flavours on them. As she lay, staring up, her chest heaved. Jack tossed a napkin beneath and she cleaned up the remainder, finally finding her bearings and aghast to note that the table cloth had been removed and she was on display. They'd been watching her throughout the ordeal, no doubt revelling in her humiliation.

It was then also that it dawned on her one man had still to cum, startling as Big Col reached to pull her by the leg like a caveman claiming his woman. As she clambered up to meet him, he stroked a huge hand up her inner thigh. For such a big man his touch was surprisingly tender, stroking and caressing that sensitive area in the shadow of her pussy. Her breathing raced and she was forced to bite her bottom lip as wetness gathered in her cunt. It was with a mix of relief and disappointment that she noticed the monster cock had been put away.

Inevitably, the big man's sure fingers found their way higher, one of the tips inspecting the full length of the moistened crack. Chloe groaned throatily as her slippery labia were teased apart and the roving digit entered the warm recess. In actuality, Big Col's finger wasn't that much thinner than some cocks, the rounded top reminiscent of a cock head. The walls of Chloe's pussy stretched to accommodate the entry before clamping snugly around the intruding digit. She let out a lustful moan as the other five men looked on with mouths agape, regretful that they were spent.

Big Col held the finger in place, venturing no further, almost touching her clit but not quite. Indeed the nail was so close that when the tiny female love organ vibrated it grazed the edge. Chloe knew she shouldn't, that she should resist, but there was no turning back and she found herself unable to prevent her treacherous body from pressing down. Her clit was aflame with desire and rarely had she wanted anything so badly. As her mouth formed an 'O', she held Col's shoulder for support and began to rotate her hips, working the swollen clit over and over the thick fingertip, up and down, in and out, her juices starting to flow in generous portions. "Ooh, yes, yesssssss, that's it," she mouthed.

As she glanced down into the big man's lap, she saw the huge cock begin to tent inside his trousers. Suppressing a deep moan as she continued to pleasure herself on his finger, the lusty schoolteacher tentatively placed a tiny hand over the bulge, tracing its thick length with a red fingernail. Big Col growled huskily beneath his breath. "Seems this hot little slut wants some nice black cock," he observed with a chuckle.

Chloe half-heartedly shook her head, mouthing 'no', though it wasn't as if she had much choice in the matter. With that, Big Col extracted the finger from her pussy with a discernible slop. Holding the juice laden digit to his lips he tasted Chloe's honey, enthusing. "Oh man, what a tasty little fucking white girl cunt, what a juicy piece of pussy. Now bend over the table like a good slut," he ordered, wrestling down the zip.

Chloe hesitated, fear masking the lust in her eyes for a brief moment.

"I won't tell you twice, bitch," he threatened.

Chloe did as she was told, her breasts squashed to the cool table top, bobble arse in the air. Big Col stood and moved behind like a menacing shadow, mumbling expletive-laced sweet nothings under his breath. Reaching across he prised apart the pretty blonde's thighs and took a moment to admire the pink plumpness of her labia, licking his lips hungrily. Fringed with a light wisp of straw coloured pubic hair that was just starting to grow back, it was a pussy that craved attention. With tight and symmetrical folds, the clit had worked free from its hood to almost lie on the outside. "Man, I've gotta taste that juicy cunt first before I fuck it," the big man growled.

Lowering to his knees, he took Chloe's firm round buttocks in hand, administering a good squeeze like he was kneading dough and easing them together and apart. Chloe felt her pussylips rub together, driving her arousal. As he continued to manhandle the gorgeous buttocks, the pink slit opened like a spring flower petalling, glazed in morning dew. "Oh man, that is one helluva cunt," he heralded before clamping down his mouth.

From their seated positions, the other men could hear the sucking and slurping as their huge mate feasted with relish on Chloe's delightful pussy. One upwards lash of the big man's tongue and Chloe writhed on the tabletop in ecstasy, fingernails scraping the glass surface with a pained sound. As he sucked on her clit like a piece of chewing gum, she feared he was going to swallow it. Chloe couldn't help but gush, little globules of her arousal smattering Col's mouth. Standing, he wiped a hand across his stained lips. "Man, that pussy tastes even better than it looks."

Down below Chloe blushed profusely, yet she craved more relief. As if in answer to her prayers, Col took hold of the shaft of his huge appendage, moving up close and working the bulbous cock head up and down the schoolteacher's slimy pink crack. Chloe purred, lost in ecstasy. Yet, as he pushed to try to go deeper, she was wracked with an overwhelming apprehension and fear for her wellbeing.

It was obvious too what the others were thinking as they looked on aghast: if that monster fucks her tight young pussy she'll be ruined for the rest of us. And the prospect of having a cunt like a wizard's sleeve didn't exactly enamour Chloe. "Oh God no," she pleaded, forgetting the vow of silence as the fat cock head rubbed the tight slit. "Take my arse instead, please," she begged in desperation.

Immediately she regretted uttering the words. Yet they seemed to find favour with the enormous black beast who issued a throaty chortle before removing the juice stained knob from her pussy entrance, scraping the blunt tip over her perineum. "Oh baby," he sighed as his eyes focused on the brown bullseye, clenched as tight as a mouse's butthole. "What a fucking hot damn piece of arse that is."

Vainly Chloe tried to fight back, wriggling like an eel as the cock head slid into the groove of her arse and nestled there. A couple of blunt stabs and it was obvious this little virgin knot was not for breaking. "God damn," complained Big Col. "We're gonna have to take this verrrrrrry slowly."

Chloe winced, savouring the moment of relief as he pulled back and away. Reaching over, the big man scooped up a glob of garlic dip from the dips tray on one of his thick digits, smearing it around the rim of the hole and dabbing the centre as Chloe lay spreadeagled. The knot puckered, enough certainly to slide in the very tip of a big black finger but no more. Chloe's arsehole squelched as Big Col worked the digit inside in a corkscrew motion. The garlic stung but it was nothing compared to the numb pain as her arse walls felt the knuckle stretch its way down. "Oh fuck no, that really hurts," she groaned, no longer caring if she gave herself away.

The protestations came to no avail as, with a strong heave-ho stabbing motion, the whole finger was buried in her anal passage. As Col lifted the digit upwards, Chloe's lightweight body elevated, her belly lifting off the table surface. She was utterly at his whim. "Tee hee hee," he chuckled like a child with a new toy, repeating the trick several times.

"Ooh ooh no," Chloe complained, her anal walls expanding and contracting around the sausage-like intrusion.

Col twisted it around gently inside her, gaining more leverage and making the arsehole slightly more malleable. "Oh God," she moaned, banging her palms on the table top. "Please, no."

"Mmmmmmm, so fucking tight baby," the big man marvelled.

Then with a plop, out it came leaving her arse empty once more, the knot closing tight and sealing itself around thin air. Big Col seemed to be thinking up a plan of attack. "You two, come round here," he commanded.

Charlie and Jeff walked either side, marvelling at the sight of Chloe's nether regions at such close proximity. Both wanted more than anything what Col was about to help himself to, their early eagerness to cum having conspired against them. As directed, each took a butt cheek and pulled. Chloe could feel the hole literally wrenched open.

As the two men forced the gap open, Big Col lunged forward, trapping the very end of his tapered cockhead in the tiny gap. As the two helpers let go, Chloe's buttocks snapped back snugly entrapping the spongy knob. Col let out a yelp, sucking in air through his clenched teeth and berating her for being such a tight white slut bitch. Hands on her shoulders, dwarfing the tiny young teacher, he angled to penetrate deeper, trying to drill the bloated head into the unfeasibly miniscule opening.

All the while he was rocking away, he was talking to her in whispers, telling her what a hot piece of arse she was and how he wanted to get his whole cock inside and fuck her bimbo brains out. Chloe's breath raced and she came close to passing out, fingers clenched as the first inch of shaft buried in her bum to join the fat cock head. Chloe whimpered and inhaled hard. She begged for clemency yet, despite everything, her pussy was absolutely soaked, the glass table top directly beneath her midriff glazed with cloudy extract.

The brutal anal penetration made her head swim and finally, and thankfully, she did pass out for a few precious moments. Coming to with a jolt, it was some consolation to find that the whole thick long cock was up inside her tight bumhole. Col's big black hairy balls rested close to her pussy. She shifted once more to try to get comfortable, grateful when he pulled back away and out of her with a plop. Once more the hole went to seal but this time, pleasantly dilated, it presented the perfect target at which to aim.

The relief of her emptiness was short-lived as he thrust purposefully forward once more. Her arse walls stretched, the muscles yielding unwillingly as the first six inches of fat cock worked its way painfully inside, the rest stuck outside like an uninvited guest. Chloe's tiny frame jerked forward like she was trying to get away. She was moaning and panting, willing a release.

Half a dozen plunges of similar force, each marked by little girlie squeals, and Col was able to plough right up to the base. That last length felt like a red hot poker and Chloe screamed out, desperate for something to cling on to, her tiny hands finding no grip on the slick table. "Oh yeah baby, that's it, take it all," Col encouraged as he held inside her, feeling sinew stretch and muscle yield to his urgings as he jiggled.

As the others looked on, the big man drew back and started to pump furiously from the buttocks, the sound of flesh slapping flesh echoing through the room. In and out he worked, back and forth into the tight sphincter until finally the pain for Chloe crossed the line and morphed into pleasure. She raised a thigh to enable a finger to rub at her sensitive clit. With the black beast pumping furiously, she needed an orgasm like never before. "Take it all, white bitch," he mouthed, voice raising an octave as his orgasm approached. "Come on baby, come on," he encouraged.

It was all Chloe could do not to scream, her arse ravaged. She exhaled as Col grunted and unloaded a stream of cum that painted her insides. "Oh fuck yes, you horny little bitch," he cried, pulling out quick, cock throbbing with numb pain.

Chloe writhed on the table like a fish denied water.

"Fuck I want that hot cunt of hers," insisted Bill Mason, climbing to his feet and leaning over, flipping Chloe on to her back like a rag doll before climbing unceremoniously on top, trousers and pants falling around his ankles.

Chloe offered little resistance as the dirty old headmaster sucked at her neck and pawed her tits, his buttocks bouncing as he slammed in and out of her sopping wet pussy with purpose. Chloe clenched her thighs, drawing him close and feeling her orgasm range in as he thrust away with abandon. He was dribbling all over her like a tramp, seemingly devoid of control. As he shot his cum shot deep into her womb, both cried out in ecstasy.

Barely able to draw breath before Charlie was upon her, the milkman filled her cunt with a short stubby cock whilst fingering her stretched arse in a leisurely manner. She squealed as she was forced to cum once more, clit seemingly on a trigger reflex.

Jeff Andrews had his own ideas about how to use their little plaything to best advantage, mounting the table top, knees either side and straddling her face. Gripping hold of the French Maid's outfit, he lowered it to Chloe's belly, exposing her pert breasts. "Squeeze those baby tits tight together," he ordered.

Drained of any resistance, Chloe pushed her boobs together, forming enough cleavage to encase the hard cock that had slunk between. Jeff bucked and fucked back and forth as Jack Willis moved between her legs. Chloe jerked as both men pumped forcefully, before another indignity arrived like a slap in the face. "Lick my arse, you filthy slut," ordered Andrews from above as his titfucking grew ever more urgent. "Stick your tongue right up there, you dirty whore."

Chloe grimaced, but a well aimed backhander to the cheek brought her back to her senses. Unwillingly she pressed out her tongue into the sweat-stained groove of the games teacher's arse. Chloe teased the knot with the tip, experiencing a slightly acrid taste. It wasn't as bad as she'd imagined and it was only when she stopped to think about what she was actually doing that she gagged. Soon, however, her reluctance was forgotten and, as Jack's skiled cock down below brought her to the throes of ecstasy once more, she found herself licking Andrews' butthole with relish.

As Jack grunted and pumped his seed up into her womb, Jeff adjusted to fire his hot load into her mouth. Chloe swallowed and hoovered up the remainder. Left alone at last, as she lay sprawled on the table top, chest heaving, Frank Manning called time. "Okay guys, the fun's over."

"I want to see her pretty face," stated Bill Mason, and before Chloe could react, her mask was in the headmaster's grasp.

It came away easily. Mason's face dropped. "Miss Hunt...?"

"Chloe!" Jack exclaimed.

"Oh my God!" added Jeff and Charlie in unison.

Even Big Col gasped, memories of parents' evening in his brain.

"You lot had better get home to your wives," the host suggested.

One by one they filtered out, leaving just the ragged, teary schoolteacher and Manning senior. Moving up close he whispered: "A word of this to anyone and the police get called in about what you did to my young lad. Teachers aint supposed to do that kind of thing."

Chloe knew he was right and that if she did report the rape to the police doubtless it'd be her in the dock all too soon. Miserably she rose and excused herself.


Chloe avoided school on Monday morning, rising only when the doorbell chimed in the early afternoon. It was Kevin Manning. "Leave me alone," she groaned through the letterbox.

"Please miss, I feel so bad about what's happened."

Chloe sighed. As if that was going to make things right. "Look Kevin, just go. I don't want to see anyone today."

"Honestly miss, I didn't mean for things to, um, go as far as they did, so I want to help make up for what I've done."

Her spirits at an all time low, reluctantly Chloe opened the door. "Come on, get it over with, Kevin," she said wearily, opening the dressing gown to expose her breasts.

Kevin looked back quizzically. "No miss, don't be stupid. I can help you out."

Chloe had a thumping headache and really didn't want to listen to the ramblings of a psychotic schoolboy.

She was, however, glad afterwards that she did listen. It gave her the courage to do what needed to be done.


"Come in Miss Hunt," mumbled Mr Mason the next day. "About the other day..."

"That's exactly why I'm here."


"I guess you think you have a hold over me as I'm just a young teacher you can get rid of at your leisure."

Mason pursed his lips. They were true words, of course.

"Well, here's my notice, I quit. I don't want this lousy job any longer. And you know what, you haven't heard the last of this. I'm going to the school governors, then the newspapers and then the police."

"Oh, come come, stop being melodramatic, Miss Hunt."

"Melodramatic?" Chloe gasped, ready to boil over.

"Now I'm sure you realise only too well that the police would be much more interested in your affair with young Manning than an all adult orgy you willingly consented to."

"Willingly consented to...?"

"The word of six pillars of society against that of a cheap slut..." Mason mused, enjoying the sense of power he held.

Chloe composed, determined not to rise to the bait. "Young Manning, as you call him, left school on Friday. He wasn't a pupil at this school when we made love," she shot back defiantly, battling to control her emotion.

Mason started to shake just a little as it suddenly dawned that their group had no hold over her. There was nothing preventing her carrying out the threat. The shaking became more violent as desperation set in. "You can't...I'll be ruined...I'm two years away from my pension...Oh, Chloe please."

"I won't mess around, Mr Mason I want ten thousand apiece from each of you to maintain my silence. Most of you are married men whose wives haven't the foggiest, and I'm sure you don't want to risk prison. You've got until the end of the week."

With that she stormed out, head held high for the first time in a week.


A fortnight later, Chloe's bank account had a lovely look to it, more noughts than she could ever have imagined possible. As such, she wasn't in too great a hurry to find another job, though a vacancy in the newspaper did catch her eye. Whilst waiting to be a teacher, she'd passed some physiotherapy exams, a fallback career if ever it were needed. She was more or less fully qualified.

"Hello, Branton Rugby Club," came the reply.

"Oh hi, I'm enquiring about the physiotherapist job advertised in The Recorder."

Mmmmmmm, it was almost perfect: all those big strong rugby players with back complaints and torn muscles to work better. Chloe tingled at the thought.

The End

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