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(Sequel to “Ying Li and the Farm Boys”) College boys enjoy helpless Ying Li in State Park
Billy’s Farmer’s Market was deserted this autumn Wednesday, excepting for Billy Jr. He had a small bottle of an experimental drug he had stolen a few weeks ago. One drop made you utterly obedient to any spoken word and unable to remember afterward. He and his 3 buddies tried it a few weeks ago on a middle-aged Chinese woman who had stopped at the vegetable stand. It worked beyond their wildest expectations. All 4 had managed to fuck her without any resistance. When they finished they told her to come back the next Wednesday but she hadn’t. The drug’s effects did not last that long.

Ying Li, 43, a very conservative and proper mother, had recently come from Shanghai to help her 19 yr. old daughter in her first few months at university in Iowa. She felt very jittery this Wednesday as she had every Wednesday for the last few weeks, sensing she needed to go somewhere.

Ying started housecleaning to calm her nerves and, while tossing out some newspapers, came across an ad for “Billy’s Farmer’s Market”. Suddenly she felt an intense need to go there. She quickly dressed in a dark, green cotton knee-length skirt and a light green silky blouse together with green, mid-calf socks and black slip-on shoes. Underneath she wore a simple front-fastening white push-up bra and white cotton panties. She always wore proper, modest clothing.

Hopping into her daughter’s car she drove to Billy’s Farmer’s Market. Ying found, to her surprise, that she somehow knew exactly how to get there. Driving down the dirt road, off the highway, she reached the weathered market stand.

A young man lounged behind the counter ignoring her as she selected a few veggies. He looked up as she brought the veggies to the counter. Billy Jr. was stunned! The Chinese woman had returned! She didn’t seem to recognize him. Could he do it again?

“Morning ma’am. Would you like a cup of hot apple cider? We give a free cup of hot apple cider to all of our customers.” He asked, crossing his fingers.

“Yes, thank you.” The cool autumn breeze had made Ying shiver slightly so she agreed.

Billy Jr. turned to get the apple cider and slipped a drop or two of the drug into the drink before handing it to Ying Li. He couldn’t wait for the drug to take effect again. She would unquestioningly do anything he told her!

The phone rang as Ying sipped the warm cider. Billy Jr. answered, leaving the drug bottle on the counter. Ying noticed it had a simple handwritten label: “Medicine, One drop only. Wednesday”. Billy Jr. had written Wednesday on it to remind him of the day he first used it.

“Hello.” Billy Jr. said into the phone with an irritated tone. It was his half-wit cousin, obviously off his medicine again.

Ying heard the young man arguing with someone.

Finally, Billy Jr. shouted, “Just take the medicine! You’ve already taken it? Good. Now take a hike and get lost, okay? Bye!”

Slamming the phone down, he turned. The woman was gone!? The bottle with his precious drug had vanished!!

Ying Li drove back to the highway. Beside her sat the bottle of medicine. She couldn’t remember what the medicine was but did remember that she had already taken her dose today. She felt a pressing need to go for a hike. Her mind kept repeating, “Take hike and get lost.” Upon reaching the highway she saw a sign, ‘State Park 10 miles’.

The park rangers gave her a map of the easy trail on the east side of the park warning her that the west trail was difficult, easy to get lost on and had wolves. If she took the west trail and heard or saw any wolves she should just stay very still. Lying down and playing dead might be a good idea. In any case, she shouldn’t move no matter what. Further, they warned, there were no people on that trail so any noise she heard must certainly be wolves. The rangers didn’t know anything about wolves since there were none in the park but they did enjoy scaring people.

Driving toward the easy trail, Ying’s mind kept repeating, “Get Lost”. Soon she found that, somehow, she had actually driven to the difficult western trail. She walked along the trail for about an hour nervously listening for wolves before stopping beside a quiet beaver dam to rest. She hadn’t noticed when the trail petered out and wasn’t sure which way to go back. But the beaver dam was peaceful so she lay on the grass under a big tree and closed her eyes.

The rangers were annoyed when the 3 college boys showed up again. They were always heckling other visitors, especially the ladies. Knowing that no one had gone up the western trail that day, they told the boys that the eastern trail was closed for the day and that they would have to take the western one.

Jack carried the all-important beer back-pack while Tom brought the sandwiches and Chris hauled a rifle and ammo for target practice.

Ying heard indistinct sounds as she dozed. Her eyes opened as the sounds came closer. Wolves?? No, human voices. But the rangers said anything she heard would be wolves. Wolves!! What to do? Lie down. Be still. Be quiet. Maybe they wouldn’t spot her! Her heart pounded as she lay on the grass, as still as she could. The vicious wolves must hear her heart thumping! Be still! Be quiet! If they found her, maybe they would just sniff and leave.

The sounds came closer. The wolf howls sounded strangely very human. Her mind was playing tricks! The rangers said wolves. It must be wolves. She willed herself to complete stillness as fear drained the blood from her face. The drug worked in new ways. The rangers had said stay very still and play dead. The drug caused her to go completely limp.

The boys reached the top of a hill and stopped to have yet another beer. Tom, looking down, said, “Hey, there’s someone sleeping down by the beaver dam.”

Jack replied, “Let’s go down and give them a good scare.”

Chris, “About time we had some fun.”

They turned off the trail and headed toward the slumbering figure by the beaver dam. It was a middle-aged woman dressed in green with shoulder-length black hair completely unaware of their approach. They yelled to make her jump.


Ying Li heard the wolves howl right next to her. So scared, but she managed to stay limp.

Jack said, “Is she dead?” He pushed her leg with his foot. Nothing.

Ying Li felt a wolf paw at her thigh. She stayed absolutely still, her heart pounding like thunder.

Tom said, “Hey, lady, are you dead? Answer me please.” Tom was getting nervous.

A spoken order. Ying Li heard herself answer. “No.”

Chris, “Well why don’t you move then?”

“You are wolves. I stay limp, you go away. Not eat me.” Ying couldn’t understand how wolves could talk but she felt compelled to answer.

“We’re wolves?” The three boys looked at each other mystified. Tom poked her in the ribs. Nothing. He picked up her arm and let go. It dropped completely limp. Weird! Was she treating them like fools? He slapped her face in anger. No reaction. Just a red patch on her face.

Ying Li felt one of the wolves pick up her arm and drop it. Her terror intensified. The wolf wanted to eat her arm! Its paw stamped on her face! Stay still, maybe they will go away.

Chris ran his hand up her leg to the edge of her skirt. He pushed the skirt up exposing her slim, tender thigh. The 3 boys whistled. Nice legs. Still the woman did nothing.

Ying Li felt the wolf paw at her skirt and leg. Strange whistling sound from wolf jaws. They think she is juicy meat!! Stay still.

Chris said, “Lady, roll over, wave, do something!”

To their surprise, Ling promptly rolled over onto her stomach while waving one hand.

She was horrified! She had moved! The talking wolves would eat her now!

Jack said, “Make like you’re swimming.”

Ling’s arms and legs made swimming motions. The boy’s jaws dropped.

Tom said, “Lady you’re doing anything we say?!”

Ling replied to the question as if it was an order, “I do anything you wolves say.”

“What if we tell you to do something really bad?”

“I do anything. Please not eat me.”

They looked at each other, big smirks covering their faces. This cookie was obviously completely whacko. But, when opportunity presents itself…

Jack chortled, “Looks like we’re going to have some real fun.”

Chris laughed, “Get up and strip so we can see if your body is worth eating.”

Talking wolves wanted her to undress? Easier to eat if naked? The three hungry wolves, 2 with cream-colored fur and 1 with black fur stood there licking their chops.

Ying decided not to disrobe. “You want eat me! I not strip!” Ying noticed with incredulity that she had stood, kicked off her shoes and was unzipping her green skirt. What was happening? Were wolves magic?

The three hooted at Ying’s refusal to do what she was clearly doing. The skirt fell to her ankles exposing her white cotton panties and smooth, slender legs. Ying unbuttoned her blouse exciting them with the smoothness of her sleek tummy. Her small belly button peeked out over the top of her panties. The blouse followed the skirt to the ground. Ying Li stood there wearing just green socks, white cotton panties and a white push-up bra. The bra squeezed her modest 34B boobs together to good effect.

She stared at the hungry wolves ogling her nearly naked body. She felt ready to go to pieces from stark fear. She wanted to flee but her body would not obey. Instead, one foot then the other came up and her hands removed her socks. Bewildered, she struggled to stop, but her hands unhooked the bra clasp suddenly releasing her twin orbs as the bra fell to the ground. The wolves pranced around in excitement. As her nipples hardened in the cool breeze, she bent over to slide off her panties causing her firm breasts to hang down in an unintentionally provocative manner. The wolves howled with hungry desire.

Ying implored them, “See I not good meat. Don’t eat me. Please.”

Tom, Jack and Chris drank in the delightful sight of the naked oriental: her tasty, slim thighs, firm breast mounds with erect brown nipples, the tender belly, and the dark patch of curly hair between her legs. They felt their cocks throbbing, pressing against their pants. They did indeed want to dine on Ying’s flesh although not the way Ying’s fear envisioned.

Tom with a look of ravenous need instructed, “Nice body. Now, before we eat you, we want you to take our clothes off.”

Ying gasped at the mention of eating, then thought, ‘Clothes? Wolves don’t have clothes!’ Suddenly she saw the wolves did indeed have clothes! Despite her fear, she almost laughed at the sight. She found her hands pulling their t-shirts off exposing their hairy wolf chests. She tugged Tom’s pants down and jumped as his erect, juicy cock leaped into view.

This wolf was in heat! Why?! Would it hump her leg?

Nevertheless, she turned to Jack, unbuckled his belt letting his pants fall. Again, a large, thick pink erection jumped out at her! Next she slid down Chris’s track pants. His big black ramrod almost hit her face as it bounced up and down.

All the wolves were in heat! What would they do?? Her fear turned to nervous apprehension as she backed up. The wolves hungrily circled her. Their erections swayed as they moved and she saw their big ball sacks dangling. The wolves didn’t seem intent on biting her. What were they going to do??

The boys surrounded Ying, watching her heaving breasts, the way her belly went in and out with each anxious breath. Chris looked down at the curve of her ass, his rampant rod eager for contact. He reached out and drew her to him. His cock forced down along the lovely curvature, his chest flush with her soft back while his two big hands grasped her breasts tightly, his fingers pushing in on her hard tits.

Shocked, Ying felt the two large paws clamp onto her breasts as the beast held itself forcefully against her backside, her soft ass crushed against its enormous member. She struggled but could not break free.

Chris thumped on her until his pulsating cock finally found her bum hole. His cock had already become sticky and slippery from the leaking precum making it easy to push in. His hips swayed as he pressed on her bum hole slowly forcing his way in. She struggled but his firm hold just meant each struggle helped his rod slide further in her yielding hole.

Ying was shaken by the trauma of a wolf entering her. She cried for mercy, “Please stop. It hurts. Let me go.” She desperately wished this degrading humiliation would stop.

Jack, looked intently at the pained, mortified look on her face and answered, “Come on, you like this don’t you? You want all three of us. You can’t wait for us to fuck you crazy.”

A command! Ling abruptly felt heat rising in her as she felt a crazed need to be fucked by the 3 wild wolves. She thrust her rear hard into Chris’ long thick rod feeling it penetrate all the way, feeling the heat of his body against hers. She needed that rod to explode in her ass. She needed the other two wolves to mount her. Fast. Please let the wolves fuck her hard.

Ling was horribly ashamed of these thoughts but still felt uncontrollable desire.

Jack and Tom watched in amazement at the sudden change from struggling woman to succulent delirious sex kitten.

Chris gasped as his balls tightened and his cock exploded filling Ying with his hot juice. Ying felt his spasms with great ecstasy. As he pulled out, Ying felt herself drawn to Tom’s thrilling manhood. Her hand reached out, beyond her control, passionately seized his hot cock. She fell on her knees and rubbed it on her blushing breasts making sure to press one of her stiff nipples against the small hole at the tip of his cock. Tom felt his raging rod leaking cream over her tits as he felt his balls getting ready to burst. He rapidly tit-fucked her, feeling the delight of her soft mounds rubbing his cock to near eruption.

Ying was aghast at tit-fucking a wolf cock but could not give up this wondrous source of pleasure. Her eyes were glued on the wolf’s member as she forced it to give up its treasure. The howl of the wolf excited her even more as she watched its sticky goo squirt up her breasts and splash on her lips. Smacking her lips she enjoyed the pleasurable salty taste.

As Ying paused to savor Tom’s cum, Jack took her shoulders, pushed her onto her back and stood over her with his own cock proudly ready to enjoy this exotic, crazy woman. Kneeling, he parted her cunt lips as she offered up her now wet pussy.

She kept thrusting her pussy in an eager and impatient effort to get this last wolf cock inside. She was so hot and sticky; she needed this beast to take her quickly. Her thoughts utterly revolted her even as she licked her lips waiting for more pleasure.

Her cum-covered breasts pointed up at him as he aimed his greedy cock and pressed it to the moist cunt lips. The skin on his cock head peeled back as he eagerly entered her hot, heaving pussy.

Ying felt the wolf cock ram in until she was sure it could go no farther. The wolf’s paws held her in a vise-grip as it humped and thumped her hot wet pussy. The rapturous feeling was staggering. The incredibly strong wolf relentlessly pounded her throbbing hole until she could feel nothing but waves of uncontrolled bliss rocking her body.

As Jack dismounted the crazy woman, his cum leaking from her curly cunt, he giggled. “Thanks for the fuck lady, whoever you are.”

Tom handed him a beer as they got dressed. Chris stuffed Ling’s bra and panties into his pocket and the three stumbled off laughing raucously.

As Ying slowly recovered her senses, she was glad the wolves had left without eating her. Pulling on her clothes she eventually made it back to the park gate telling the skeptical rangers that she had narrowly escaped an attack by vicious wolves.

Arriving home, Ying wondered why she had no underwear. The day was a blank. She must have been to see a doctor because she had a new bottle of medicine labeled “One drop only. Wednesday.” She couldn’t remember what it was for but made sure she marked it on the calendar so she wouldn’t miss her next dose.

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You, my man, can dodge in and out of characters with ease, each story has a different but unwavering feel to it, your willingness to take on the female role, sometimes a bit misguided, but wholeheartedly on her side, your sharp wit and funny imagery, story-lines that are catchy, and the creative thinking to make the less narrative ones entertaining, your character-sketches - oh, I like yah. The naughty way you tackle sexual behavior and suppressed needs, gave me a new window to look at mine. My friend thinks you steal entire pieces from other people, you're that diverse. Oh - and you get me all 'hot and bothered' and touching myself. Shot! Evebroughtanaxthistime

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Damm and i thought there was actually going to be real bestiality....dissapointed to say the least....maybe fucking a real wolf would really have made this keep interest you need to up the tempo...the nasty and the lewdness....


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better than last story man

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Great imagination. Well set up for chapter 2. Or not. Just get the readers going... A bit of a streach,but fun.

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