It all started with a night out with my wife.

We went to a few pubs before hitting a nightclub. Once inside we carried on drinking and were both quite merry when my wife asked me to dance, I declined and told her to go ahead. I secretly enjoyed watching strange men hitting on her and fantasising about them having sex with her.

Within minutes my wife had a few drunk men around her trying to chat her up but she politely ignored them and just kept dancing in an increasingly sexy way.

I should have mentioned earlier what she looks like and how she was dressed.
She is 40 with a great figure, blonde hair, nice big tits and pretty to go with it. I had to do a lot of encouraging toget her to wear the midriff white shirt (no bra) black mini, which barely covered the black stockings she was wearing and high heels. She complained she looked like a slut, but I convinced her she looked hot, and as we were not going to be local she agreed to wear it. Did I mention the black thong?

While I was watching her dancing, a guy approached me and asked me if I knew her, I said yes she was my wife and he complimented me. He said he hoped I didn't mind him saying she was hot and wished she was single, I asked why and he said he would love to sleep with her. By now I was full of drink and replied I would love to see him fuck my wife. He was quite suprised so I told him of my fantasy, which actually involved more than one man!

He asked me if I had ever told her, I said she was way too reserved, even when drunk! He then told me to wait where I was and walked off. He came back a few minutes later and told me he had something in his pocket that would make her do whatever we asked. I asked him what it was and he told me it was the latest date rape drug. I asked if it was safe and he told me it was and anything she did, she would forget by the next day. It sounded perfect and coupled with the drink and lust I decided to go for it.

The guys name was Peter and he was about 40ish, slim and not ugly. He handed me the small vial of liquid and said just mix it into her drink. After doing this I called my wife off the dancefloor and introduced her to Peter. I handed her her drink and watched apprehensively as she gulped it down.

Thanks she said and went back on the dancefloor. I said to Peter that nothing seemed different and he told me to watch her.

15 minutes later her sexy dancing around the men got more intimate as she got closer and closer to them.
I then noticed her undo a couple of buttons on her shirt, and start to play with her skirt as she danced, lifting it provocatively flashing her G string slightly.

I told Peter I thought that this was hot and he told me I had seen nothing yet!

We had to pull her, much to the dissapointment of the other men, off the dancefloor and as I asked her if she was ok, I could see a weird spaced out look on her face. She was smiling though and said she loved everyone!!

Peter said, am I sure? I just nodded yes not really understanding and he leaned forward and started french kissing my wife! I thought I may get jealous but fuck that really got me hard, and even more so when he slipped his hand into her shirt! I expected a big protest from her, but all we got was a giggle!

"See", he said. Then fairly unseen as we were in a darkish corner, he bent down, put his hands up her short skirt and removed her panties, whilst doing this he informed he was fingering her. She didn't protest to this either, then he wispered to her, "Dance Sexy for me", she then went back to the dancefloor and started doing the most erotic dance I had ever seen!

Another button was undone and you could see almost all her breasts! She slightly lifted her skirt again and recieved huge encouragement from the men which made her lift it higher! It soon became obvious she had no panties on and the guys went wild as word shot around.

A couple of guys lifted her onto a small danceplatform, which exposed her even more!
She does shave around her full pussy lips and has a hot landing strip on top which soon became apparent to anyone on the dancefloor! Even the girls were cheering!

With the encouragement she got more daring and turned around and bent over, with her legs parted you could see her full pussy! The crowd went wild so she turned around and lay down on her back and parted her legs as wide as she could. A couple of drunk guys went forward and started touching her wet lips and one even put his face on her pussy!

Peter told me we should put a stop to this as it was getting out of hand, so we pushed our way through and to everyone's groans, took her back to the table. Her shirt was wide open and her skirt was still pulled up. I should have covered her but I was enjoying these guys looking at her most intimate parts! I also loved them touching them too!

Peter went to get a drink and returned with 3 men in their late 50's. He introduced them as the owners of the club ( I wondered why we never got thrown out!) and they all said hello and asked me what we would like to drink. They said they had loved my wifes dancing, I replied so did I!

My wife was now sitting between Peter and one of the owners. Peter was openly fondling her breasts and the owner had his hand up her skirt. He lifted this and anyone at the table or walking past could see his larger two fingers going in and out of her pussy. It's amazing how many people were lingering around that table!

The music suddenly went quieter and as I looked around, I realsed it was closing time. I got the feeling that we were welcome to stay a bit longer!

When the crowds had gone there were the 6 of us and a few staff cleaning up. My wife by this time had been passed along the owners a few times, and as the last of the patrons had gone, one of them took off her skirt and top.

He told her to stand on the table, so there she was, my reserved wife naked apart from high heels and stockings, being looked at by the owners, Peter, the staff and a very horny self.

They then told her to get on all fours, and as soon as she had, one of the owners pulled out his short fat cock and put it too her mouth. She leaned forward straight away and started sucking like a pro!
Peter then got behind her and after pulling out his cock, played with it and her pussy as it hardened.
It grew a lot more than I thought it would and at full hardness was a thick 8 incher!
He smiled to me as he drove it straight into my wifes pussy, thrusting it in fast and hard.

In the meantime, smallcock announced he was cumming and proceeded to groan as he filled my wifes mouth with his hot cum. She was groaning herself from Peters big cock, and half the cum dribbled down her chin. (God what a horny look!)
Peter followed soon after and shot his hot cum deep inside her. He never asked but I didn't care by now!
Both smallcock and Peter were soon replaced and at the end of the night there were some happy owners and also a couple of happy cleaners!!

My wife looked exhausted, laying spreadeagled on the table with cum on her mouth tits and dripping onto her thighs from her rather red pussy.

I managed to get her clothes back on with some help from Peter. I said thankyou to him and he said, "no, thankyou"! He told me to bring her back soon, which I think I will!

Peter called us a taxi, I sat my now unconsious wife in the front and got into the back. We set off and the driver looked across at my barely dressed wife!

That another story as I will tell you if I get some good responses to this story. It is fiction but with a fair amount of truth to it as well.
Feel free if you need to critisise the story but please dont give me a hard time over the grammar.
I would love some good comments as well if you enjoyed it, so as to encourage me to continue.

Thankyou for reading.

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2016-01-10 12:09:50
My wife Diann, 5'3", 104 lbs, 32C in her younger days, loved being fucked. Once while high like the woman in the story, she asked for and received two cocks in her pussy at the same time. She Aya today, years later, that that was the best sex ever.

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2015-07-07 20:11:48
I fingered myself while reading this!!!! I'm so turned on.... wish i could do this..... without the drug...... ahhhh.....


2014-12-09 05:14:30
I am eager to read the second part of the story

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2014-08-14 11:11:51
Always reisnrhfeg to hear a rational answer.

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2013-01-22 22:51:45
That's a very true point. I remember my mom mainkg us clothes when we were little but when I was older I didn't want to wear them. I was embarrassed. But I loved that she always made us homemade cakes for our birthdays. I can't imagine having a store bought cake for my birthday. My grandmother would always make us quilts and then clothes for my barbies, dolls, etc. It seems so special now that she is no longer with us. I would hope that she would be proud of me now that I am learning how to sew and quilt. Just the memory of her keeps me going. Thankfully I have my mother to teach me those things and pass on the knowledge.

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