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Mike East was down early Saturday morning long before the rest of the family

had woken from their peaceful sleep. Mike always was first up on Saturdays,

he found it was a good way to start a relaxing weekend by reading the paper and

drinking some good black coffee before his wife, Jan, daughter Kay and son

David got up. Mike briefly stopped reading a page about his favourite football

team when he heard the creaking of floorboards above. “HHmm, my peace

comes to an end soon”. Mike muttered to himself as he continued reading the

sports piece.

Jan, had decided not to wash or change yet into her clothes as there were no plans

today to be anywhere special, so decided to get her dressing gown from her

bedroom door and head down stairs. Mike once more looked up to see who was

coming but knew before hand by the calmness of the person coming down the

stairs, the children normal ran down the stairs like wild animals! “ Morning

hun .” Jan greeted her husband. Mike looked at his wife only to see how ageless

she was. At the age of forty his wife looked just the same now as when she

was twenty years ago. “Morning, love, Mike looked at her lusty from his newspaper.

“Fancy another coffee”. Jan began filling up the kettle. “ Yes, please, you’re an

angle”. “ I’d better fill the kettle full as I heard, Kay moving around up there,

she’ll only be moaning again as to why she has to fill the kettle herself”. Jan

many times had had girl to girl talks with her daughter but to no end. “It’s her

age, being nineteen I thought life would get a little easier, but not with her. She

went mad last night all because, David was in the bathroom showering, he was

only in ten minutes.” Jan rolled her eyes. “ Yeah, she is quite the madam”. Jan

finished filling the kettle and

decided also to make some toast. Bending over she opened the fridge. To Mike’s

amazement his wife had no under ware on! “ Jan! You

have no knickers on, that dressing gown only comes to your waist”! Jan,

staying as she was looking in the fridge turned and looked towards her husband. “ Like

what you see, hun”. With a seductive wink his wife returned to what she was

getting on with in the fridge. The more, Mike stared the more he was getting

horny. “ Wow, Jan! I’m sure you could’ve put something more on with the kids

around.” His wife’s behind was round and large and just sticking up at him

making him so turned on. Jan, finished taking out bread and butter from the fridge

and turned around giving her husband a smile. “ The kids don’t notice, Mike.

You’re the one getting hot under the collar”. Jan turned away again and started

putting toast into the toaster. “ If, David or Kay came down here now and sow what you

have on or lack of what you have on, I’d bet they’d look”. Jan, stopped what she

was doing and did one full turn

looking straight into her husbands eyes. “ Ok, I’ll make a bet with you. Mike was distracted by how

low her nightie was. Jan had had large breasts from the age he’d met her, nineteen.

Even at the age of forty they were still fantastic to look at.

“ Well ”? Mike lost for words pulled his paper up and began reading again. After

several minutes gone, Jan, had taken her seat ready to eat. “ So, you think, David

looks at me, do you, Mike”? Mike closed his paper, folded it up and put it down on

the kitchen table with a slap. “ I didn’t say that, all I’m saying is that both the

children are of the ages eighteen, nineteen and are going to look due to over active

hormones, I can’t say I’d blame them too”. Mike looked down at his wife’s top

only to see that her nipples were quite prompt through her short nightie. “ Ok,

i’ll bet you ten pounds for both of them that they don’t look at me in that way,

deal"? Jan continued eating while, Mike looked on in amazement. “Ok, it’s a

deal ”! Mike shouted back confidently.

Just then, another door opened and closed from up stairs.

Kay had been awake for sometime now just thinking about men. She’d had her

first sexual experience a few days ago but was hugely disappointed. Her

boyfriend, Paul had cum too quickly leaving her frustrated. With a sigh, Kay

pulled back the sheets and decided to get up. Kay, decided that a trip to the

toilet was needed first then down for breakfast. Closing her bedroom door she

walked straight into her brother, David. “ Dave! Watch where your going you

nerd. What are you doing outside my bedroom door, being a pervert no doubt!”

David, was also in shock for walking into, Kay as there was a sharp turn in the

corridor with no one to blame but them selves for being in a hurry. “ Don’t

moan, Kay! Yeah, like your some beauty queen, not”! Interesting thing was that,

David while having a go at his sister did notice how beautiful she was and that

she was only wearing a short silk nightie which gave a good outline of her

breasts, he was impressed but a little confused at why he sow his own sister in

this new light. “ Move, creep I need the bathroom”! Kay stormed around that

sharp turn in the corridor leaving her brother in a bit of a trance. Kay, Closed

the door with a bang, pulled her nightie up and sat down on the toilet with yet

another bang. Still angry at her brother she too had noticed that he wasn’t a

young boy anymore. His chest was very hairy and she’d even felt his chest hairs

on own chest during the impact in the corridor. Kay, too decided that this wasn’t

the right way to think about her brother. Reaching for some toilet paper she cut

of a piece and wiped her pussy dry. Pulling down her nightie she finished by

washing her hands and leaving closing the door softly.

“ Morning mum, dad”?

Kay said coming down the stairs. The East family’s house was a different design

to your average house. You have the traditional front door leading into a hall

with a living room leading off and a kitchen with a staircase leading to the next

floor. In this house the stairs were situated in the kitchen so whoever came down

would directly see the kitchen table in front with the units in the background.

Kay went directly to the kettle to check if there was water in it. “ Yes, dear, we

have remembered you today” Kay’s father said with a touch of sarcasm. Kay

answered with a tut. Kay finished making her coffee then sat next to her mother

at the table. Seeing his wife and daughter sitting side by side it was amazing how

alike they were. His daughter looked so much like Jan when she was twenty. “ So

what’s your plans today, Kay”? Asked her father. “ Nothing much, just doing

some of my homework listen to some music, chill out”. “ What was all that

banging upstairs just then”? Asked her mother. “ Just that little rat of a brother

standing outside my bedroom door! I’m sure he’s a pervert. Talking about

pervertion, you’re a little under dressed this morning, mum”? Mike gave his wife

Jan a quick glance then looked away with a smile. “ You can’t talk either

madam! Look at what you have on, just that small nightie”. Mike looked at his

daughters night ware seeing for the first time how little she did have on. Not

being able to help himself his eyes were focused at how large her breasts were. “

Dad! What are you looking at”? Looking up, her father was a little lost for

words and had also turned a colour red. Jan, this time gave a quick glance at her

husband and smirked quietly to her self. With a sudden silence where the drop of

a pin could be heard there was a distraction as a door closed upstairs. Mike

breathed out again.

After the strange experience in the hallway, Mike had retuned to his room and

had just stretched out his bed. The first question he asked himself was, did he

fancy his sister? Mike was disgusted with himself for even thinking that but just

couldn’t help himself. Being at the age of eighteen and had never had sexual

contact with a girl making him very confused. Mike, had noticed before that

his sister was a very attractive girl and had heard it from many of his male

friends but, Mike himself had never really given it much thought until now. On

impact with his sister he felt how large her breasts were. But what was scary to

Mike is that they felt great on impact with his chest. Rubbing his face and speaking

aloud, Mike tried to get a grip. “ For fucks sake, man! She’s your sister”!

Mike took a deep breath and rose to his feet. Mike too had nothing planed for

today so decided to make his way down stairs for breakfast.

Closing his door, Mike took to the stairs. As the kitchen came into view so did his

mother and sister sitting side by side by the breakfast table. Slowly step by step

he couldn’t believe how little each of them where wearing. His mother’s nightie

was very low and showing of how large her breasts really were. Mike, wide eyed

scanned over his sister too, sitting there with her tight silky nightie on showing of

her amble breasts too!

It had so far been a strange morning and David had the feeling that there was more to come.

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