A boy genius gets a milky reward for his work
I started working on the Digital Matter Reconstitutor and Manipulator (DMMM) when I was ten. I was one of these genius kids who graduated college when they were six and med school by twelve. Becky lived next door and she was a bit shy. Her parents were from Scotland and were rumored to be Druids (they weren't). This didn't make her popular with any of the kids at school. Since I wasn't a kid at school I didn't know any of that. It also didn't help that she was raven haired, green eyed and pale.

Her parents were very rich, but they didn't live like it or even flaunt it, and they asked me if I would home school her for them since they travel a lot. I agreed and they paid me some obscene amount of money, which was nice since I was also doing some high paid free lance work (mainly endorsing it since I was famous for being the ? smart kid) for various electronics companies in my own lab along with my pet project the DMMM - something nobody else knew about.

So it was one thirteen year old teaching another. Let's just say Becky got a very high grade in sex ed, and she wasn't a slouch in everything else either. I wound up having her finish her high school courses by the time she was 15 and proving a worthy lab assistant. By then she was the perfect package - brains, beauty (she had these lovely perky 34 Bs, but she always wished they were bigger), and personality. Our kids would probably wind up being smart, but then we always practiced safe sex. She went to the local university wound up graduating in two and a half years.

It was the night of her 18th birthday that everything changed. Driving home from the market, Becky got hit by a drunk driver head on going about 80 mph. Becky was in a coma with her left arm and both of her legs amputated. I was listed as the emergency contact and when I arrived at the hospital I was devastated.

I knew what I had to do. I stopped by the hospital's animal research office and asked if they had any rats missing limbs. (Being a doctor on staff helps with these things.) They did and I signed a cage of them out. Then I went back to the lab and fired up the DMMM. I hadn't designed the machine for this, but I was desperate so I had to give it a shot. It worked at the first try. Five hours later I had six healthy four limbed white rats. Then I tried something else. I put one of the rats in to see if I could turn it into a brown rat. It worked.

I returned the rats to the hospital's animal research office where the clerk didn't even notice the difference. I checked in on Becky and they said that she would probably be in the coma for days maybe weeks. So I went back to the lab stopping at the animal shelter to find a poor dog that was missing a limb. I found one and was told that they were just going to put him down and I saved him. The lab mix looked up at me with sad eyes and was told his name was Marvin. In the car I told Marvin that I was going to make him as good as new. After three hours in the DMMM Marvin was better than new to the point where he could even help make puppies again.

I made a few phone calls and was able to have a hospital room setup in the lab. I was going to transfer Becky there and then give her the DMMM treatment. Everything went without a hitch and by now she was breathing on her own, but still dead to the world. I removed her clothing and placed her naked broken body in the DMMM. It was hideous and beautiful at the same time and I was oddly turned on by it, but I had work to do. I made the adjustments to the DMMM controls to get Becky back to better than before status. As I waited I removed all records of her injuries from all the relevant databases.

Ten hours later the process was complete and out walked a naked Becky.
She asked looking a bit confused, "What happened to me and why am I naked?"
"It is a long story," I said. "You should take a look in the mirror and take a look before I tell you."
She took a look at herself in the mirror admiring her new body. She was a few inches taller than before the accident, her dark hair now had some natural red highlights, and she was now sporting a pair of 34 Fs with droplets of milk on the nipples. She grabbed her tits and said, "Did you give me implants? I would never want implants they are fake. Take them out now. They are leaking"
"That is all you Becky feel them. I liked the old ones, but you always wanted them bigger, sorry about having you lactate, but your breasts were the least of my worries," I said then proceeding to tell her the events of the past few days.
She asked, "You did all that for me?"
"Yeah I did. We can put you back in and fix your breasts if you want."
"No, I think I like them this way," she said while putting her nipple up to her mouth so she could suck her milk. "Have some milk."
I suckled her and it was delicious.

Soon we were being paid $1 million a go for people to get the body they want (of course we do throw in some freebees to those how deserve it) and of course we did solve the milking problem. Still Becky loves her big milky breasts and so do I.

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2012-08-31 03:26:14
wasn't that kinda rushed /?

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2009-11-18 10:31:49
nice, it was a great story I wouldn't change to add more sex, I think it would ruin the story. You did a great job

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2009-02-28 15:51:30
i love it please write more =P


2008-07-31 12:27:18
Dude Jersey Boy,
it was heart warming story I like it, but please add some more sex dude please!! Nice start!

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2008-07-20 22:29:56
An OK story. More sex would have been nice. Get Becky pregnant.

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