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Candice continues her exploration...
Sorry I had to break up this story in the middle, but I do not get too much time to write. Hope you enjoy the next part.

Candice felt his forefinger and thumb grasp her nipple and she felt a tingle which went right through her body. For a moment this distracted her from sucking on his cock, but she soon regained her rhythm and started to take his cock deeper into her mouth. Her lips were tight around his cock, heigthening his sensation and he moved his left hand to the back of her head to encourage her to take more of his cock in her mouth. His right hand was still working on her breast, now kneading it gently, feeling its soft plump roundness. Her head continued to move up and down on his shaft and with each stroke he pressed her head a little further down. She had never taken cock so deeply before and now the tip was almost touching the back of her throat.

Her hand had moved from the base of his shaft down to his balls, which she was gently stroking in time with the rhythm of her head bouncing up and down. He was getting close to climax, she could tell. He was groaning with pleasure almost constantly now and she could feel his cock getting ever harder. Then just as the tip touched deep into her throat, almost making her gag, he came explosively. His warm cum, shot into her mouth and throat and she had to swallow most of it immediately to stop herself from choking on it. She rarely swallowed cum, but thought that he had paid $10,000 for her, so she had better give him what he wanted. She continued moving up and down on his shaft for a few seconds longer, licking it clean of his remaining semen, then licking her lips provocatively as she swallowed the last drops.

Was that it, she thought to herself. He had cum, so maybe they would just spend the night together now and she would leave in the morning. The reality of what she had just done, suddenly hit her again. What if her family and friends found out? How would she ever be able to look them in the eye again. Panic was beginning to take her over, when he got up and fixed them another drink. She gladly took this and almost downed it in one. It gave her some comfort and she soon realised that he was not finished with her yet.

He moved his hand to the zipper at the back of her dress and slowly slid it down her back. Moving behind her, he gently kissed the back of her neck and the worked his way down her back, pulling the dress down as he went. The dress ended up sliding to the floor and he took the clasp of her bra and expertly unhooked it. It slid gently off her arms and fell to the floor. At last her soft breasts were free and moving his hands up from behind her, he cupped them. They felt fantastic and he swithced between cupping them and then working on the nipples. She could feel his cock starting to get hard again as it pressed into her backside. Maybe I will get that cock inside me after all she thought.

He turned her around and she thought it was about time he lost some clothes, so she gripped his shirt with both hands and lifted it up over his head. He must work out, she thought as a muscular six pack was revealed. He pulled her close and her nipples brushed against his chest adding to her excitment. Suddenly he picked her up like a knight in shining armour and carried her to the bed. He placed her down and in one smooth move, removed her panties. Now she was naked in a stranger's bedroom and she liked it. It was the most reckless thing she had ever done and every nerve in her body was jangling, just as much as her juices in her pussy were flowing. She wanted him inside her now.

He removed his trousers and boxers and joined her on the bed. She felt the tip of his penis brush against her vagina. He grabbed it with his right hand and began rubbing it on her clit. She threw her head back and her mouth was wide open letting out a small cry. "Please" she whimpered, "Please put it in me"

He continued to tickle her clit with it, not saying a word. "Oh God, yes" she said as she could feel herself approaching orgasm. He suddenly pulled away and her cry of disappointment was replaced by a shreak of joy as he replaced his cock with his tongue. He worked her clit in a circular motion getting her ever more excited. Occassionally he broke off to stick his tongue as far as he could into her vagina, tasting her juices. Finally, as he was flicking her clit with his tongue she cried out in the spasms of orgasm. It was one of the most powerful she had ever experienced.

He immediately moved up her body and kissed her deeply on the lips, letting his tongue enter her mouth. She responded enthusiatically, thinking to herself that call girls were not supposed to kiss their clients were they? But what the hell, she thought, it felt so good. Then she felt him thrust his cock deep inside her still throbbing pussy. "Yes" she cried. He began pumping hard and deep into her and she loved it. His cock must have been 9 inches long at least. Probably the biggest she had ever had and it filled her with excitment at every stroke. She wondered if he would be able to cum again so soon, but she soon had her answer as a couple of minutes later, he exploded inside her. "Shit" she thought, "we should have used a condom", but this thought was soon lost as the pleasure she was feeling overwhelmed it.

Finally he rolled off of her and lay next to her catching his breath. Just then there was a knock at the door. He did not seem suprised and he picked up a dressing gown off the back of the bedroom door and went to answer it. Candice propped herself up on one elbow, intrigued as to who would be calling this late. She heard a couple of male voices and some laughing. After a couple of minutes he re-entered the room, closely followed by a tall black man and a shorter white man, both very sharply dressed in pin stripped suits.

Candice grabbed the sheet and pulled it quickly over her, very conscious of the fact that she was naked on the bed.

"You don't mind if my friends join us do you?" the man said. This sent her mind into a spin. She had never had group sex before. But then she had never sold her body for sex before either. Her heart was racing as she thought of what to do.

Chapter 3 will follow shortly...

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2011-10-15 19:17:24
What ? No condoms ! Idiot
Obviously she is no professional!


2008-07-17 12:55:39
Just raise the price, lady! Ha ha!

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