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This is my first story. Although I have chalked the outline for the sequel, you are welcome to give your suggestions. All critics are welcome.
It was 3:37am when he was woken up by the ringing of the phone.
“Hello”, his voice was groggy with sleep.
“Mark, it me, M”, the reply came.
“M, do you know what time it is?”
“Sorry- “
“And I had a rough night of pussy bashing too. Don’t giggle!”
“Cant help it. Just to imagine that nine incher-“
“Get down to why you called.”
“Right, its Mr. X again”, a pause, then, “Hello, are you there.”
“Yeah I am M; go on with your story.”
“Hmm, I just wondered at your lack of response to Mr. X.”
“I’m sleepy.”
“Right, so as I was saying, reports came in that an unmarked container is headed for him on board a Russian cargo ship called the USSR CONT. She set sail a week ago. The reports continue to tell us that the ship docked at Alaska for 5 hours. It was unscheduled.”
Mark was fully awake by now. He knew that X could be up to no good. “So you mean that the container is now probably in Alaska”, he asked.
“Not probably, we are certain it is there. The whole place on the west of Alaska is under surveillance by some unknown group. Can be only X’s doing.”
“So, now you want me to go and dig it up right.”
“Exactly! Your mission is to free up that container and ship it back with all its contents intact.”
“You know what it’ll cost you don’t you.”
“Yes the money has already been credited to your account.”
“Very cunning. But I meant you, not the organization.”
“Yeah I know.” More giggling. “I have already started with the birth control pills.”
“Good. So now tell me the details. The reinforcements I will get and the rest.”
“You get no reinforcements. You go in solo.”
“But, god damn it, I can be killed.”
“It is risky I know. But the surveillance in place will pick up a team. Alone you have a better chance. But don’t worry. We will have rapid action teams on standby. Any signs of trouble, and they will move in with heavy firepower.”
“When do I leave?” He knew arguing for support was useless. Besides he would not have to worry about the safety of the cover man.
“Now”, the reply came. “A private jet will land in the Amsterdam airport in an hour. You will take it to New York, where it’ll land in our private airfield. There I shall meet you and fit you up with clothes and accessories.”
“What do you mean shall?”
“Well I can meet you only if you get here before 10am. After that I will be gone to brief your support crews.”
“Ok. I’ll leave now. Anything else?”
“No. that will be all.”

Mark jumped off the bed and put his encrypted phone on the bed. He ran into the bath and showered. Then he quickly put his clothes in the bag, wore an outfit and left. The manager just waved him off. The organization will take care of the checkout procedures.
He took a taxi to the airport. There security personnel guided him to his waiting supersonic jet. He hopped in behind the pilot and the plane took off at the next clearance. In less than five hours he was in New York strolling across the runway toward a moss covered building. M was waiting for him.
He never knew her real name. It was not to be known. But what he knew was every contour and line of her pussy and boobs. She was 42 years old but looked 36. She had 36 c breasts; one of them was operated for cancer and then artificially enhanced. Her pussy was loose- a product of a failed marriage which gave her conjoined twins who died during the separation procedure, and he could go on for about half an hour before the friction amounted high enough to get him to an orgasm. Not that he bothered, she always had the knack and experience to surprise him in bed. And, well, if all pussies were alike, wouldn’t he be bored?
She handed him a briefcase which contained his combat suit, weapons, radio transmitter and receiver, along with a GPS location tracker. He quickly changed with her help. In the privacy of the changing room he managed to slip two fingers into her pussy that was just getting wet. She prevented any more action that time but promised to make up for it when the mission was over. He was quickly shunted onto the plane that took him to Alaska.
“The plane will drop you about 10 miles from the surveillance outposts. From there on you are on your own”, M said over his radio. “As you saw your clothes are radar, sonar, and gamma ray proof. I don’t have to explain the working of your suit to you. Also you are strictly instructed to use your radio for emergencies only. Am I clear?”
“Perfectly, M. Wish me luck.”
“All the best of luck. An-“
The rest was drowned by the jets of the plane flaring up. He took the seat in the front, away from the bay door and thought about the mission ahead, offered a prayer and kept thinking the ‘what ifs’ when his thoughts were interrupted.
“Three minutes from drop-off point, sir. Get to the bay door. I’ll release the airlock in two minutes”, the pilot cut in.
Mark stood up, clapped the pilot and copilot on their shoulders and made his way to the bay door. The pilot slowly counted off the seconds. When 90 were left, the airlock whooshed open. Mark placed his hand on the handle. When 30 were left he twisted the handle and the bay door slid open. Below him was a vast expanse of ice sheet. On his left mountains rose up, still covered in ice. On his right, there was a plane of ice. In the distance he could see tiny black specs which he thought was the support team.
“Sir jump. And best of luck”, the pilot said. He jumped from an altitude of 9000 feet. He had a free fall up to 1500 feet there he pulled open his parachute. He glided the rest of the way down and touched the ice on the blades of his ice skates. He pressed his thumb and forefinger of his left hand together and the thin caterpillar chain on the bottom of his skates kicked into action propelling him across the white waste land. He was guided by the GPS map flashing on the inside of his visor. He soon reached the first surveillance outpost. He pressed a button on his right palm and the black suit he wore changed color to white, camouflaging him in the white desert.
He sneaked up to the first outpost and slipped inside. There were two men playing cards; he slit their throats without any struggle. They were just too surprised to register the blade in his hand. Then he walked up to the computer that took care of the surveillance equipment and tracked the next outpost. He sneaked up to that and again killed the men manning it. They were asleep. He knew he had to work fast, if they realized these killings the sirens could go off and his luck at finding sleeping and surprised guards would be over. He took out two more outposts before he knew the sirens were off. He also realized that he was through with the first layer of defense because now gun lasers were crisscrossing the field. Undeterred he moved on, through an electric fence- which he tripped by grounding it, a mine field- carefully picking his way past the mines using an ultra sonic ground scanner. He reached a sniper outpost. He killed the sniper on it. Then he commanded the sniper and took out the guards on the nearby towers and posts. It took him four hours to get to the installation after clearing the surveillance outposts.
He sneaked into the installation. With his pistol in his hand he moved quietly through the dark passages killing anyone he came across. He finally came to the boss cabin. It was guarded by four men with automatic rifles. He took an aim and put a bullet through the head of the first guard. The others raised their weapons. He jumped across the opening of the passage where the guards were, shooting like a lunatic. There was a cry and he knew he hit at least one of them. He heard footsteps behind him as he ran. He took a turn into a side passage, a minute later a guard shot past the passage. He fired. The bullet hit the man squarely between the shoulders and he toppled over. The guard following him turned into the passage where Mark was hiding and opened fire. Mark was flat on his belly and heard the bullets ricochet off the walls of the passage. Rising his gun hand he put a bulled through the nose of his attacker. The guard fell on him and put the load of his brains and blood on his back. Mark pushed him off of him and returned to the passage that led to X’s room. He saw the guard he hit on the inner thigh whimpering on the floor. Mark put a bullet through his head, more out of pity to end his suffering than to kill him as an enemy.
He tried to open the door but found it locked. So he used a little explosive on the door knob and forced it open. He entered the office only to find it empty and X gone. There was an open trapdoor on the floor. Mark jumped in. He slid down the metal slide that led away from the office. The slide ended in a hanger. He saw X’s jet take off and disappear in the distance. He also saw the container which was docked and secured to the hanger floor.
He went to it and examined it to make sure it wasn’t wired to blow. When he was certain, he unbolted it. Inside were six girls from 14 to 22 years of age, all beautiful and wearing bikinis. Next thing that hit him was the awful smell in the container. He saw in a corner was the waste that the girls’ bodies produced. They had all walked out with their hands behind their back. Mark knew that this was a general routine with these girls. Suddenly the youngest of them swooned and the one beside her caught her. In the light mark saw just how starved and malnourished these girls were. He told in brief who he was and what happened there. He then took them to the canteen he passed through in the installation. There he watched them all dig in the food like a pack of wolves. He radioed M that mission was accomplished and the details of the cargo in the container as that being the girls. Also he asked for evac.
“Negative. A storm has blown in. Also there have been landslides around the installation so neither can the ground nor the air troops move in, that is at least till the storm blows over”, M replied.
“Dang it! Any idea how long will that be”, Mark asked.
“This part of the world… no saying. Could be hours or days. For all I know you are stuck there.”
“What if we run out off food?”
“Manage it. I’m sure X and his men foresaw a storm. They must have stocked food.”
“Ok. Notify me when the skies clear. Also prevent X from attacking to regain his cargo.”
“Roger, will do. Is that all?”
“Yes that’s all.”
With a click the communication was cut. Mark turned to the girls and clapped his hands twice to get their attention. When he was satisfied that they were all looking at him, he broke the news. “We are stranded here. There is a storm blowing outside that has made rescue impossible. We need to watch the supplies as there is no telling how long the storm will last. Also I think it’s better if we get properly acquainted with each other. Hi, I’m Mark”, he couldn’t help feeling like he was addressing a military group.
“I’m Lezzy”, one of them said. “I’m 22 years old.”
“I’m Susanne”, the next girl said. “I’m 20 years old.”
“Kathy”, the third one offered, “and my age is 19.”
“Debra, and I just turned 18.”
“Well I’m Natasha”, the smallest of them piped up. “And I’m 14”
“Hi, Mark, you can call me Raima. I’ve seen 16 winters.”
The other girls all gave her the what-the-fuck and there-she-goes-again looks. Meanwhile Mark could not help but wonder the profession of these girls. He decided to ask them.
“I’m a special operations agent. That is all I can tell you and you need to know. Any more than that and your lives will be in danger. So no asking. If I am not mistaken, you must be aspiring models?”
The girls nodded and Lezzy said, “Except Natasha, she is my sister.”
“No”, Natasha exclaimed.
“No for what? Are you not my sister?”
“Yes I’m your sister, but I’m a model too.” She did a small catwalk and twirl to prove her point.
“Yeah, Yeah and I’m Miss World”, Lezzy retorted.
Both the sisters fell into a bickering argument, but Mark wasn’t paying attention. He looked at his watch and realized it was way past three in the night. He had to look after these girls till the storm blew over which can last over a week. He was already getting irritated at the girlishness of his rescued party.
“Ok, quiet”, Mark shouted, clapping his hands to get the girls attentions. “Its way past three in the night, don’t you guys want to sleep? I’ve cleared up most of the bodies so you won’t be freaked out. Hence I want you all to find rooms for yourselves, tell me which room you are in and then I want lights out. Is that understood?”
“Sir, yes sir”, Natasha said, mocking a salute to go with her acknowledgement. Mark felt his cheeks burn up, he also felt his cock give and involuntary jump at the cuteness of the girl. He next felt a little dollop of precum oozing through his urethra, sending the blood out of his cheeks, because he was shocked at the reactions his body was giving. He tried to regain composure.
“Five minutes. That’s all you get five minutes. You report here with your rooms in five minutes. Now go.”
“Are we supposed to carry our rooms he-“, Natasha started, but Lezzy slapped her hand across Natasha’s mouth and did not let her finish. Mark blushed again at the way his grammar was joked on by a girl less than half his age.
The girls obediently scooted off. In less than five minutes they came back. Mark accompanied them to a corridor. The corridor had eight rooms four on each side. Each room had two single beds, a common bedside table, a separate table in the corner with a chair, and three single seat sofas. It looked cozy.
“Ok”, Mark said. “I’ll take the room at the entrance to the corridor. The room opposite mine will be vacant. You may occupy the remaining in any way you want.”
The girls didn’t argue. Lezzy and Natasha took the last room on the right, Susanne took the one opposite theirs, Kathy and Debra took the second room on the left, and Raima, the quietest of the lot took the one adjacent Mark. He was slightly surprised when Kathy and Debra took the same room.
Half an hour later he checked through the rooms to make sure the girls had fallen asleep. Then he went to the canteen and grabbed himself a bottle of vodka and soda to go with it. He came back to his room and sat down to drink till he dropped. He did not get the chance to overcome the jetlag and now was wide awake. Normally he doesn’t see the sleep fairy till two or three in the night, at that rate he would be sleeping when it was day here. Three or four glasses down, he was feeling woozy. He then stripped, and lay down beneath the sheets. Immediately he began to fantasize. In no time his dick got hard and his hands did what they usually do to his hard dick. He didn’t even realize he was jacking off. His hands worked in the same way they always had, up and down, up and down, since he learned this trick of self pleasure when he was thirteen. He never knew when sleep hit him.

At about 5:30 his aching bladder woke him up. He also had an erection but he did not realize that. He was so sleepy that he did not even recollect the adventures of the day before. He made his way to the toilets at the end of the main corridor. He saw that the door to one of the cubicles was ajar. He pushed it open. What he saw drove the sleep out of him faster than a bucket of cold water. Lezzy was seated there. Her head was thrown back resting on the commode’s lid, her hair over the flush water tank; her left hand was pinching her left nipple while her right hand was a blur in her pussy. The whole cubicle smelled of her pussy. Her mouth was open and her tongue was running across her lips. Mark felt something tugging at his pelvis. He looked down to see his dick at full erection. Instinctively he grabbed it, oblivious to the fact that if Lezzy opened her eyes, he would be as exposed to her as she was to him.

Back in the second room on the left, Kathy just kissed Debra awake. Debra woke up to find Kathy partly on her. Their boobs were pressing against each other. She felt Kathy’s nipples press between her ribs causing a slight pain. She returned the kiss by opening her mouth to push her tongue into Kathy’s. Kathy moaned as she sucked on her lover’s tongue. Debra reached between them to grab Kathy’s boob and gently squeezed it. She gradually increased pressure till her fingers couldn’t close anymore. She still increased pressure and her hand slipped across Kathy’s boob to close around her nipple. Kathy moaned her approval as Debra twisted and twirled her nipple. Debra felt a hot drop fall on the underside of her boob and knew that Kathy was lactating. She pulled the boob up and breaking the kiss took it in her mouth and bit lightly on it. Then she sucked hard enough to get a small stream of milk out of her boob. Kathy felt the milk pass through her nipple and into Debra’s mouth. She then felt the milk on her boob as Debra rolled it around in her mouth before gulping it.

Back in the toilet, Lezzy stroked, if humanly possible, faster. Mark felt the build up to his orgasm behind his prostrate. Lezzy moaned; it was a deep moan that could have originated from as deep as her cervix. She was close, closer than Mark, whose dick she was imagining in her cunt, who was closer to her than she ever thought. Then she rolled over into her orgasm, imagining Mark’s hot sperm in her pussy, next instant she was shocked out of it by Mark’s cum on her boobs. For an instant she thought someone put a hot wire over her left boob, through her cleavage, down to her right thigh. Her eyes shot open to see Mark, a thick drop of white semen falling down between his legs, a strand still connecting it to a wine red tip that mushroomed into a blur hand, which was slowing down. His head was thrown back and swung from side to side like a pendulum. Her orgasm was interrupted in the most ironic way possible but she watched Mark’s orgasm while running her thumb through Mark’s ejaculate on her body. When he opened his eyes, she showed him her thumb, covered in his cum, and put it in her mouth. Mark shuffled forward and forgetting all gentleman behavior stuffed his cock in her mouth as it lost its erection. She sucked it vigorously, nibbling the eye of his penis with her front teeth. She moved down to nibble the connection between his head and foreskin. All the time her lips were covered over his penis-head sucking him off. His cock was not half way to rest before it was back to attention thanks to her expertise. He was surprised because his cock, once spent would go down, and stay down for over an hour, during which his companion would usually fall asleep. She seemed to be determined to have his cock in her and fulfill her fantasies.

In the room Debra rolled Kathy over with the result that they toppled down to the floor from the bed. Giggling Debra took charge of the situation. She pinned Kathy’s hands over her head and attacked her ribs with her mouth. She pushed her chin into Kathy’s diaphragm and her lower lip, backed by her teeth under her lower rib. Kathy had trouble breathing. Debra forcefully exhaled from her mouth causing a farting sound. The vibrations traveled through Kathy’s diaphragm and lungs to vibrate her boobs. The tickle Kathy’s rippling skin caused made her giggle. Debra then licked the base of her breast bone while Kathy inhaled deeply to cause a depression to form there. Debra then moved on to the underside of her right boob and nibbled it playfully. She slowly came up to her areola, which had puffed and exhibited goose bumps at its periphery. Debra tried to nibble a goose bump but in vain. She then moved to her nipple and sucked on it till milk came out. As the milk came Debra bit into her nipple constricting the flow of milk. She sucked even more forcefully. The milk was squeezed through Kathy’s constricted nipple. To Kathy it felt heavenly, like someone was fucking her nipple. Between her pussy lips she felt her clitoris expand to its maximum, one little flick might set her off. It was soaked; there was no question of that. She realized the Debra was licking her navel and her boob was brushing her soft black pubic hair. She also realized that Debra had both the hands on her boobs, pinching them in places with her nails or simply rubbing them with her palm. The promise of a huge orgasm was obvious.

Mark was in a battle that looked lost. It was his bladder. If he didn’t do something soon, Lezzy would be bathed. If he did something, his balls would revolt against him and may forsake him. His mind knew for a fact going along with his balls (now being massaged by Lezzy’s thumb and palm) would bathe her in cum and piss. He decided for his bladder.
“I wanna pee”, he managed through gritted teeth.
“Mmmm”, was the reply.
“You will be bathed in it!”
“Sure you don’t mind?”
“Don’t tell me I didn’t warn you.”
“MMMM”, this one was harsh. It seemed she was craving for it.
Mark obliged. With a deep sigh he let his sphincter go. His piss went directly into Lezzy’s mouth. She used her tongue to prevent his flow from entering her throat. The piss shot out from the corners of her mouth on Mark. It dribbled down her chin, down his legs, made runnels on her stomach, got pretty much lost in Mark’s hair on his shin, trickled on her clitoris, flowed down his ankle, dripped into the bowl, mingled in the tiles before finally being drained off. Mark was empty. Lezzy let go of his cock and guided him, by his balls, behind the shower curtains. The tub was full of steamy water.
“I was planning a bath after the masturbation”, she explained.
He simply nodded and entered the tub. She entered and sat on him, his cock in between her ass cheeks. She lay against him. He grabbed her boobs from behind. She moaned.
“The cock’s in the wrong place”, he whispered in her ear.
“You are big”, she whispered back.
“I know, but that doesn’t solve the ‘wrong place’ problem.”
She giggled and lifted her ass. Reaching between her legs she held his cock in her hand. Guiding its head she placed it on the entrance to her love canal. She then slowly lowered herself. Once the head was docked in her cunt, she took her hand off his cock and placed it on the side of the tub. Wriggling her ass a little to get the perfect penetration position she started to descend. Hardly had she come down a centimeter when Mark pushed up. With the force of a battering ram he slid into her tunnel. Her breath froze in her throat on its way out. She had to cough to free her wind pipe. Mark happily churned the water between them. She leaned back and took his lips in hers. He tasted his piss and she the alcohol. They both turned the other way and spat. ‘Let the mouthwash get in there first’, they silently decided.

Raima turned in her sleep, a smile on her face. Behind her eyes she was in a huge flower garden. She was running gleefully. She was naked and felt her boobs bounce around with each step she took. She looked over her shoulder and saw three men, also naked, in hot pursuit. She amused herself as she looked at their cocks oscillating ahead of them as they ran. She realized they were gaining on her and with a delightful squeal, tried to speed up. The men behind her were laughing as the chased her.

Kathy had her nipples between her thumbs and forefingers of both hands, while the other three fingers, supported by the palm massaged both her boobs. Debra was just a blonde ball between her legs and a soft curvaceous ass near her feet. Kathy’s breath was just a blur through her lungs. Debra was lost in the aroma of her lover’s pussy. She was in a land faraway, where no sadness existed. She knew she was taking her friend along with her. Her left hand was under Kathy’s lower back, lifting her up. With her right hand she held her ass cheeks apart. She was finger fucking her ass hole with the middle finger of her right hand, buried to the first knuckle. With her lips she was smooching Kathy’s hairy pussy lips. The pubic hair was short and as soft as silk. She was using her nose to grind Kathy’s engorged clit. Her tongue was as deep as it would go in Kathy’s cunt. Kathy’s cunt was on fire. She felt the train start its journey, and waited for it to end its journey in the wreck which was its destination. The orgasm built around her vaginal walls, in her pelvis muscles, as they stored up the stimulation she was being subjected to. Then they released. Her pussy convulsed and so did the thousands of other muscles in her body. Just when she thought a body cramp was imminent, they released. The release shuddered through her, starting the well known orgasm contractions. She squirted her juices into Debra’s mouth. Debra let her mouth get loaded to bursting before she gulped it down. Then she crawled to lie on top of a panting and still convulsing, though weaker with every convulse, Kathy. They let their lips meet. Kathy tasted her sour juices on Debra’s lips and in her saliva. Debra rolled off her and climbed on the bed. She helped her pussy to her fingers as Kathy gained the energy to return the favor.

Almost half the water in the tub was gone but the copulating pair in the tub showed no signs of slowing down or reaching the climax of their act. Lezzy kept grunting in a very unladylike manner. The closed space of the tub was taking its toll on Mark’s pelvis muscles. But still the thought of stopping was very far away. Mark’s up thrusts were countered with Lezzy’s down thrusts. The result was that if Mark would have been half an inch longer, he would have been in her womb. Lezzy was stretched way more than she ever was. She was burning; the soap in the water was not soft on her skin inside. Then she felt his finger on her clit. She moaned. He rubbed it vigorously. She felt the well known tightening of muscles. Mark felt a soft ass part contact with his thighs and a hard reinforced one strike it back. He knew she was close. The knowledge brought him close. His cock tensed up as his body naturally tried to prolong the moment. She felt it, she knew what it meant. It brought her closer. Thus they dragged each other into the inevitable. He came first, fulfilling her fantasy. She felt him go rigid under her. He was moving slowly but she pumped harder. His cum was hitting her inside. It was hot; it felt like hot ropes were flicking inside her. Then his cock came up to dissolve them and leave another in its wake as it receded. She came next. Her muscles relaxed only to grip harder, then relaxed again, to tighten with new found fervor. She far over the moon. He felt like an invisible mouth in her tunnel had started sucking on his cock. It was a random motion, no two sucks were the same, and he couldn’t get tired of this. He let out the last of the ejaculate before his cock ceased to pulsate. But the random sucking continued for a full more minute before it finally stopped. They realized the water was now cold, they also realized the sweat on their faces. They realized they were panting harder than a sprinter after a dash. They just succumbed to a fit of giggles that morphed into hiccoughs.
Soon they gathered the energy to start the shower and clean them up. Remembering the spit, they rinsed their mouths too. Mark dried himself with a towel and tossed it to Lezzy before heading back to his room naked. She wrapped herself in the towel and went to her room. Mark was asleep even as his head hit the pillow.

Natasha woke up in her room to find her sister gone. But that did not wake her up, neither did it bother her. The culprit was a small but growing stain of ruby colored liquid on her panties.
“The bitch”, she murmured as she took it off.
She looked at her pussy stained with her menses and pulled the lips apart to see it flowing out of her hole. Getting up she opened the drawer set in the bedside table and took out the box of tissues. She wiped herself clean, before making a crude sanitary napkin with them. She just finished when her sister came in the room. She was all wet and had a towel around her.
“Oh, sweetheart”, she said when she saw Natasha’s plight. “Wait here”, she commanded her sister before leaving the room.
The door next to the canteen was a small dispensary. Lezzy rummaged through the closets and was not surprised to find a pack of sanitary napkins and a pack of tampons beside it. She picked the pack of napkins and started on her way back. On the way she took a wrong turn and came to a door marked ‘Laundry’. She entered it and was surprised to find a rack full of girl clothes. Everything from panties to sports bra, jeans to halter tops were there. She picked a 24cms panty from the rack. She gave them to her sister who expertly donned them. Lezzy dried herself and lay down on the bed naked. Natasha went under the sheets and tried to imagine the pain in her abdomen and thighs go away, as she struggled to find sleep.

[Next: Kathy gets Debra to her climax, Mark discovers Susanne, Raima is the sleeper of the day]

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