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Good evening, first story, appreciate any constructive criticism, this is a possible series if comments are good enough, as I have seen this girl several times since then and this is honestly real. Which always adds to it, love to hear from you all, emails, pics, etc are always appreciated :) Cheers!


I remembered the way she looked at me....

You know? You're at a party and the girl just chooses you...or you choose her. It just seems to work that way. As if some type of predestination is the deciding how you two should be together. But its not like it matters, the end of the night comes and you are both two drunk to fucking breathe, let alone have a go.

A week passes by and the txt comes, you think to yourself of the possibilities...and you know you cannot say no.

I'm not without issues I suppose, just like every guy, always wondering about performance and how women view myself. But overtime, through the blessings of older women, I've learned a few techniques that have given me enough confidence to step forth. I don't have a 12" cock, 7" solid and 7.5" on a good day :) Though from my experience penis envy only seems to occur with men and their gay counterparts. Women just don't give a shit, they want you to use it, not brag about the damn thing...but I digress.

I knocked on her door...ready for the evening of drinks, yet expecting and acknowledging the fact of what was to come. She yelled a quick entry and I found her half dressed, still deciding about her attire for the evening. After a review, a selection of a shirt and skirt that matched her eyes occurred and we were off.

Now, to describe the young lass who accompanied me, her best assets, without a doubt, are her eyes, hence the outfit. Any women who does not possess stunning eyes and flowing hair, you might as well pass them by. This girl was intoxicating. She was 5'7'' and 135lbs, a strong 32B in the chest and soft, strong legs that led, undoubtedly, to a delicious dessert.

I suppose the give and take throughout the evening of pool, drinks, and bets over the billiards only further led to her attitude. The girl was quite a smartass and only continued her "reign of supremacy" about the bullshit of women. Though the banter was quite amusing, her eyes only depicted desire and her lips moistened with her lust....

The arrival of booze usually has the effect of removing any inhibitions at hand and, suprisingly enough, we found ourselves arrived at her apartment. I knew this was the time at hand and decided to show myself in the manner she had been wanting and needing all night along.

I do not believe she suspected the violence with which I threw her to the wall, I quickly moved in...her lips firmly pressed against mine while I slowly lifted her up, grinding my ever growing cock against her legs. This lasted for only a moment, before I knew I needed more.

I slowly moved down to her neck, nibbling and slowly caressing her the arch, knowing full well of the signals heading to her brain. Her quiet moans and earnest grasps at my neck only furthered my lust. I slowly sat down at the edge of the bed and knew it was time.

"Lay across my lap my dear." It was a simple command, but one that broke the passion immediately.

"What?" She hesitated, obviously confused by my question.

My eyes narrowed. "Do not make me ask again or you will regret it deeply sweetheart."

She quietly whimpered, and, without a word, slowly laid over my lap.

I slowly stroked her back and felt her relax, even while lifting her skirt, its almost as if she knew what was coming. Pushing the clothing to her waist, I carefully caressed her ass, noticing the green thong sliding between her cheeks.

She never felt it coming...the hard smack on the right cheek would have sent her to the ground had it not been for the strong grip.

These were quickly followed by several other strokes to both cheeks until the ass was flaming red. The only sound was the bashing of flesh and her cries. She quickly began to beg me to stop.

" can't do this...I've never..."

Interrupted by my any woman should be.

"I'll be a good girl...just for you, anything you want, please, just stop..."

Yet again, her moans and quiet whimpers gave away her excitement

"I can't...oh god...please...please...just stop, I'll do anything you want..."

I hesitate, curious to see if any permanent damage has been made to her ass, and only then notice the wetness on my leg is not from her sweating, but from her fucking cunt.

I roughly flip her over and the blow of my hand directly on her cunt sends her several inches into the air.

"NOOO...You can't...oh god, please, it hurts, it hurts baby..."

It is quickly followed by succession of several blows before she begins crying in earnest for it to stop.

I throw her upon the bed and demand she remove my pants, she stops, and slowly begins to respond, though after a quick smack to her ass, begins to do so in earnest. My cock springs out as she pulls my boxers and pants down, quickly engulfing it with her mouth.

She looks at me in confusion as I strike her head.

"YOU need to ask permission my dear." I quickly twist her nipples as I see a tears rim her eyes from the pain.

I sit back and quickly demand. "Lay back and masturbate for me, beg me to fuck you, and if you stop looking at me for a moment, I'll make your ass into ribbons..."

She slowly laid back, now scared, and began to rub her cunny, now dry from fear, as she looked at me.

Yet it quickly responds, and in moments she was moaning like a whore, begging for a suck and fuck. She could not control herself and soon was reaching for my rigid cock. Yet again, the blow on the side of her head stopped her.

"You stupid bitch!" I admonished. "It's simple, I am in charge, and the moment you realize that, the better!"

She immediately cowarded back and shrank back even more as I stepped forth, yet knowing it was something she could not refuse.

I laid beside her and slowly played with her cunt, caressing her lips and clit while softly speaking to her.

"You have been a good girl, and I know you want to be fucked, but you have to tell me how badly you want it."

She only whimpered while looking, not realizing that all she had ever wanted was to be dominated, humiliated, and fucked. Pure and simple.

"Please...fuck me." She breathlessly responded.

"FUCK WHAT CUNT?" My harsh response startled her to sit back.

", pussy."

"What if I want your FUCKING mouth slut?" Again my response gave the slightest sign of fear in her eyes.

"Then...then you can have it."

I quickly flipped her over and slowly slid the head of my cock into her pussy, listening to her beg and moan the entire time. This quickly escalated into cries and begging as I refused my length from her.

"Oh god...please fuck me, give me your hard dick, I'll do anything...oh"

My response was simple. "If I fuck are mine."

As was hers, yet noticeably softer. "Yes..."

I slid my full length into her, listening to her cry to it every second. I quickly begin a hurried pace, fucking her little bitch cunt until she began to cry out and beg for more.

However, I could not let her feel any type of bliss, and began brutally spanking her already bruised ass. This only further her excitement and she began to become increasingly wet.

"Oh FUCK, I'm gonna cum on your cock...I want you to pound my little pussy..please, please take me hard"

Her announcements only increased my vigor and shortly thereafter she was close...

"I'm going to cum baby...yes...oh god...oohhh...shhhiitt"

Her pussy quickly closed around my cock and the juices flowed forth like the fucking Nile, she fell beneath me as I pulled out, the only sound was of her whimpers....

She continued to quietly twitch and feel the effects of her full body orgasm as I slowly sat down.

Now on the edge of the bed, I only looked at her as she rose.

"I never have to ask." Was my only reply.

She slowly leaned over, hesitant to suck as the cock was covered in her juices, but my strong hand behind her head sent her over as she engulfed the head.

She began to suck, slowly as she moaned, enjoying the taste of herself, and how the cock felt in her mouth. She knew she always liked to suck, but never had a man who demanded it or who insisted she suck after fucking, they never lasted that long anyway....the end result was she felt herself get wet again.

" be a good girl and do not spill a drop, or I will break you like a street whore." As my orgasm increased, I felt the strength of my cum come forth.

Her only response was a moan.

I held her head down as I erupted, strings of cum filling her mouth! She obviously could not hold it all but I continued to hold her down as she choked, and only further orgasmed knowing the level of control I had over her.

The semen began dribbling out and I never said a word while she licked my cock and balls, getting every last drop before swallowing.

I only looked at her as she stood up, quietly whimpering and breathing heavily.

"I..I hope that was good..." was her only response

Noticing the wet streak down her leg, I knew I had her.

"We need to see each other again, to teach you how to properly satisfy a man."

Her eyes quickly lit up and she smiled before my second response:

"To continue your punishment...and your training."

Her quiet whimpers were more than enough of a response...

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2016-06-05 19:51:53
Will you be posting more on traning mother and daughters

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2016-06-04 23:12:02
Will you be posting more on traning mother and daughters


2009-11-29 00:37:37

Master's lacieReport

2009-07-20 16:55:18
Um, ok, you are a bad Master; alright sadist... But Master doesn't fit you at all. You, as an individual, should never train a girl; only inflict pain on her... As Sinturian said; it's not realistic.


2008-08-05 02:36:50
ok strory, but i think there was too much violence in it. i also think it was a bit short but not a bad start for ur first story.
ps. i'm not a grammar freek but some people are so don't forget to use spell check.
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