My first attempt at writing porn. It is actually novella length, so I will break it into chapters. This story has something to offend just about everyone - pedo, lez, bi, gay, pissing, shitting, older, younger, incest and so forth. If you get bugged by any of that go somewhere else to read.
Dick Long had a great life - now. He had finished a successful career as an airline pilot, and was now semi-retired, and doing a little real estate work on the side for some extra cash. He was a good looking 43 years old and kept himself fit by running and working out. Never having had children, he had a carefree attitude about life. He was about five feet ten inches tall, had thick premature silver hair, and a casual style. He liked to wear jeans and a t-shirt, and if it got hot, shorts and sandals. He liked to hike, ski, and sail on his 40 foot sail boat. In short, he was about as good as you could get for his age.

Life was not so good during the career years; he had married and divorced three times. Being on an airplane and staying in hotels on a daily basis took their toll on his relationships. His ex-wives had gotten bored, had cheated, and didn't like the fact that when Dick was home, he was sick and tired of restaurants, traveling, and going out. He just wanted to relax. Watching TV and having a barbeque was perfect for him - but his wives had all wanted to go out on the town when he was home. Not that he wasn't a good catch - he made good money, had a nice house, and could satisfy any woman in bed. Sex was never the problem.

In fact, the sex had been great - Dick's cock was eight inches long, circumcised, and was thick with a nice flared cock-head. He kept his balls shaved, and the rest neatly trimmed. All of his wives had loved to suck his cock just because it was so nice. His first wife, Suzanne, was put off by the volume of cum he shot when he came - Dick's orgasms yielded at least 10 contractions, each one shooting a good six inch rope of cum or more. On the other hand, his second wife Kristen, loved the cum and would beg him to shoot it all over her - particularly on her shaved pussy, or in her mouth - she loved the taste. But now Dick was single, and he wanted to keep it that way - even though his traveling days were over.

So today was another sunny morning in Portland, and Dick had no particular plans other than to meet with a prospective tenant for his downstairs apartment - vacant at the moment. In order to make a little extra money (so he could work less) Dick had made the lower level of his large home into a rental unit with a kitchen/family room, two bedrooms, and a large utility area. The utility area had a door to the garage, and a lockable door to the stairs leading to his living area; the main floor, and the second floor with a master suite. The apartment family room had sliding glass doors to the patio surrounding the pool. Dick let the tenants use the pool, and he found that getting to know them while hanging around the pool together made the landlord/tenant relations very good. Dick liked gardening, and had flowers, pots, vegetables, and a grape arbor. Under the grape arbor was a secret garden with walls of grape vines in the summer. He liked to relax there in his chaise lounge while reading book - he would often fall asleep listening to the birds or the splashing of his tenants in the pool.

At noon his prospective tenants arrived for the interview. A mini-van pulled up and a young looking woman and three kids got out. "Wow" Dick thought looking at her - she was about five foot seven, and had a voluptuous figure - large round breasts, and a nice ass. She had dark hair and wore it loose. The kids were all attractive - a teenage girl, a younger brother, and another girl who looked about 12. His first thought was that two bedrooms probably wouldn't do for them - "Oh well - let's see what they have to say" Dick was thinking that he would really like to have them for tenants just for the nice "scenery".

Dick opened the front door smiling and waved them in, "Hi, I'm Dick - you must be here to see about the apartment - I'm afraid it might not be enough space for all of you", he said sympathetically.

The good looking woman answered with a kind of sad smile, "Well, let's at least take a look if you don't mind - we all got kind of excited when we saw the pictures of the pool in your ad. My name is Sandy Cummings, and these are my kids - Cyndy is the oldest - she's 14, and this is my son Randy who is 13, and this is Candice who is almost 12.

"Nobody calls me Candice! My name is Candy!" said the cute little girl with a pout. She was about 4 foot 9" with big blue eyes, strawberry blond hair, and a bit of baby fat around the tummy and her clearly budding breast area. It looked to Dick like she had those lovely little puffy nipples girls that age and shape get - best not to think about that!

"I'm pleased to meet you all" Dick laughed, "just follow me and we'll have a little tour. The main floor and the second floor are my living area, and down these stairs is the apartment." Dick led the way down the stairs into the large utility room. "You can come in through the garage here in the utility area, or through the sliding doors to the patio." Dick led them through the rooms, which were very nicely done with hardwood floors, a new kitchen with a large family area including a fireplace, and a deluxe bathroom with both a large jetted soaking tub and a shower.

"I want to see the pool!" The boy Randy said as he opened the sliding glass doors to the sunlit patio and sparkling pool. Randy was a good looking kid with the same blondish hair as his little sister. He seemed like a happy kid and was clearly enthusiastic about swimming in the pool. "Mom! Look at it! Please let's rent THIS apartment! I can't wait to go swimming!"

Sandy shook her head and said, "I think Mr. Long might be right about there not being enough space. I would have one bedroom, the girls the other, but where would you sleep Randy?"

"Aw mom - there must be some way to work it out." Randy looked at the pool longingly in the brilliant sunshine. Waves of dappled light reflected back to the shade where they all stood. "I know!" he said questioningly, "How about putting my bed and desk in the big utility room by the garage? We could get a screen or something to make my area more private. How about it? What do you say Mr. Long? Could we do that?"

"Now honey, don't be asking Mr. Long things like that, I'm sure he doesn't want his utility room made into a bedroom." Sandy looked at Dick and raised an eyebrow.

Dick thought, "Yesss - anything to have this gorgeous woman and her lovely kids around!" Dick smiled at Randy and said, "You know Randy, I don't use that room much - I have some tools, paint and such there, and if you don't mind me knocking on your door once in a while to get things, I think that would be fine. - What do you think Ms. Cummings? Would you be happy with that arrangement? The rent would be the same."

Sandy thought a minute and 14 year old Cyndy finally spoke, "Mom, we all love the pool, and Mr. Long seems like a real nice guy, let's go for it!" Cyndy stood on one toe and did a little spin with a big smile on her face. Sandy smiled and shook her head, "OK kids, as long as Mr. Long thinks it won't be a problem, we would love to rent the apartment." Cyndy said "Yay!" and gave Dick a hug. Dick was pleasantly surprised and enjoyed the sensation of her budding and tight young breasts pressing into his abdomen. She let go of Dick and gave her mom a big hug too.

"Fine by me!" said Dick "Let's get the lease signed and you can move in on the first of the month."

Chapter 2 - Daddy -

I was the weekend and the Cummings family was settled into the apartment and enjoying the fabulous summer weather. As usual Randy and Candy were in the pool splashing and laughing while Sandy lay in a chaise lounge in her sexy bathing suit, leafing through a fashion magazine.

Cyndy sat in another poolside lounger and was thinking about her father. The reason they were now living in an apartment without a dad was because of what happened between her and her dad, Bill, about a year ago. Bill worked from home as a programmer and took care of the kids during the day while Sandy worked in a legal office as an executive assistant. One day Cyndy came home early from school and quietly let herself into the house. Usually her dad could be found on the computer doing his work, or taking care of things around the house and yard. Cyndy liked to sneak up on him and say "Boo!" when she was right behind him. He would jump out of his skin and pretend to get mad. He loved Cyndy dearly and couldn't ever really get mad at her - she was a great kid with good grades and never talked back or made trouble. Cyndy heard something coming from her dad's home office where his computer was. "What on earth is that?" she thought. There was a rhythmic squishing sound and very soft moaning sounds coming from the room. Cyndy peeked through the door, which was open a crack and was astonished to see her dad with his pants down around his ankles and stroking his cock up and down! Clear fluid dripped from his pisshole and ran down the shaft of his cock. She was flabbergasted and rooted to the spot viewing this lewd scene. "What is he looking at?" Cyndy wondered. She knew all about boys jacking off having caught her brother doing it in his room. Randy had been embarrassed, but Cyndy had heard about it from her friends and told him to relax - she wouldn't tell on him.
Well this was different - her DAD! - was jacking off his big cock. Cyndy stared at the scene with intense fascination. She started to feel tingling in her pussy and it started to get wet. Her dad was jacking faster now and was lifting his butt up in a fucking motion to his hand. Cyndy slid her hand under her skirt and touched herself there - god it was getting all wet! Her panties were soaking through! Just then Bill groaned and started cumming; a big glob of glistening white sperm appeared at the tip of his cock and ran down his hand. Next a long rope of cum shot from his pisshole and landed on his chest - his shirt was open in anticipation of an intense orgasm. Finally about five more streams of cum shot out and coated his chest and hand. Bill had a lewd salacious look on his face as he milked a few more drops of cum out of his dick. Cyndy was stunned to see him scoop some of the cum off of his chest and lick it! This was too much! Cyndy quickly retreated down the hall to her bedroom and closed the door. Her heart was pounding and she was confused by her feelings; she was so turned on by what she saw she couldn't believe it. She quickly pulled her panties off and rubbed her pussy from top to bottom, paying special attention to her fully erect clitoris - she had played with herself before, but this was ten times more stimulating - she came in seconds, suppressing a moan and soaking her fingers with cum. "Wow! That was incredible!" she thought. She couldn't get the picture of her dad cumming out of her mind!

From that day on, Cyndy tried to find ways to spy on her dad in hopes of catching him jacking off again. After about a week of no success she was getting frustrated. She had to see him do it again! She was horny all of the time thinking about his cock and his cum. She decided to take a big chance and see if she could find a way to get him to show her his cock - she thought she could take it from there and get him to jack off. She knew that he liked her body because she saw him peeking at her when they went to the beach or when she came out of the bathroom in a short robe. One evening Sandy had taken Randy and Candy to see a movie - she knew she had a few hours with her dad alone.

Cyndy snuck up on her Dad and said "Boo!" like she always did - Bill jumped out of his skin and grabbed her, threatening to give her a spanking. Cyndy ground her boobs against him and said "No Daddy! I'll be a good girl!" Bill thought, "did she just press her boobs on me? Can't be..."

It was now or never..."Daddy, how about getting into the hot-tub together? Just you and me for a change, and no Randy or Candy. I'll give you a shoulder massage - how about it?"

Bill smiled and said, "Sure honey - that sounds great, I'll go put my suit on."

Cyndy went to her room, and stripped naked - she had shiny brown hair and beautiful upturned green eyes. She also had a great body for a 13 year old. Her breasts were the size of grapefruits, and she had a slim waist and a nicely rounded butt. Her pussy was made for sex - it was not one of those little slits at the bottom of the 'v' between her legs - it was a long pussy crack with big full puffy lips and a prominent clit enfolded in a succulent pair of smooth inner lips. Other girls in gym class always looked at her pussy since it was so sexy. Cyndy, like most of the young girls today kept her pussy neatly groomed. She wanted to shave it, but that would be too much for the gym class!

She put on her new skimpy bikini that she bought without telling her mom, and headed for the hot tub in the gazebo at the back of the house on the deck. Her dad was already in the tub waiting. "Hey beautiful! Wow! That's some bikini! I don't think your mom would approve of you wearing that in public!"

Cyndy smiled with a sexy look on her face "Well, mom's not here, and we're not in public!" She laughed with her sweet girl voice and slipped into the tub with her father. Bill looked at her and tried not to think about how sexy and attractive Cyndy looked. "Christ! She’s my daughter! " He thought. Cyndy moved over to her father and squeezed herself behind him, so both of them were sitting on the bench seat under water. She pressed her pussy up against her daddy's butt and pushed her tits against his back. "Are you ready for your shoulder massage, daddy?"

Bill couldn't believe what his pretty daughter was doing to him! He was fighting a losing battle with his cock which was rapidly swelling to its full erect state. "Sure, Cyndy - I'm feeling a little tense, so it should feel great". Cyndy started sensuously rubbing his shoulder muscles and all the while subtly mashing her pussy and breasts against him. She knew he was getting hot - she could see his cock straining at the front of his bathing suit! Bill relaxed and enjoyed the ride - what else could he do anyway? If he made a scene, she might stop, and what if it was unintentional?

"OK Daddy, now I want to sit on your lap so I can do your shoulders from the front." Cyndy was already sliding out from behind Bill and moving onto his lap - where is cock was as hard as a steel bar and tenting up his suit almost painfully. "Uh, honey, that's OK, why don't you just relax and enjoy the soak?”

"Now daddy, I promised you a shoulder rub, and you're going to get it!" Cyndy scolded. Bill thought, "Boy am I...” Bill squirmed around trying to dislodge Cyndy, or at least try to hide his raging hard-on. "Too late," thought Bill - "there's no way she can't feel my cock on her pussy now!"

Cyndy had Bill right where she wanted him - horny, hard, and starting to let his cock do the thinking. She massaged his shoulders and lightly ground her pussy directly on his rock hard cock. Bill fought his feelings of lust and tried to just go with the flow. It could all end relatively innocently, and both of them would have had a thrill that neither would speak of....."Honey, that feels great - it's the best massage you've ever given me."

This was it! Now was the moment for Cyndy to make her move. "Daddy? I can feel your big hard cock on my pussy. I really like the way it feels - do you like feeling me sit on it?" Bill was totally shocked - what the hell should he say and do now? "Uh, Cyndy, that's really inappropriate for us to talk about, maybe we should get out of the tub and stop all of this now."

"No daddy, you like it as much as I do, so don't worry, and I'll never tell anyone! Especially mom! Oh, daddy, I have a confession to make; I saw you jacking off in your office last week, and I want to see you do it again - I'll never tell anyone, I promise! Please let me see you jack off again, I can't stand it!"

"Honey I can't!" Bill agonized. Cyndy hissed, "Yes you can daddy and you will, or else I will tell!" Cyndy ground her pussy down on Bill's cock and moaned with pleasure. "If you don't jack off for me, I'll strip naked right now and get myself off right in front of you. Would you like that daddy? I want to see you shoot your sperm again, please!" Cyndy then got off of her father and grabbed his cock through his suit and started jacking it. "Please daddy, do it for me, I love you! I'll never tell a soul about it!"

Bill had lost all control of the situation. He moaned and let Cyndy slide his trunks off, exposing his huge raging erection. "Daddy, get up on the edge out of the tub so I can see your beautiful cock!". By now Bill was beyond caring about right and wrong - his sexy, wanton daughter had complete control over him. She took his hand and wrapped it around his cock - "Now jack off for me daddy, I want to see you squirt your sperm again!"

"OK honey, you want to see me cum? I'll cum for you all right!" Bill now had a lewd, salacious leer as he began to slowly jack his cock. Pre-cum began to leak from the tip. "Do you like this honey? Do you like watching your daddy's big cock?"

Cyndy was beside herself with lust as she watched her daddy stroke his cock. "Yes daddy, I love it. I'm getting so hot watching you jack off!" She slid her hand into her bikini and began to match her father's masturbation. "Daddy, I'm rubbing my pussy with you and it's getting so wet!"

This was too much for Bill. Already inflamed with lust from all of the pussy and breast rubbing Cyndy had given him, he was ready to blow his load. "Here it comes Cyndy, daddy is going to cum!" He jacked his cock and thrust his hips up in a fucking motion that drove Cyndy wild. His shaft was glistening with pre-cum which flowed copiously from his piss hole. The head of his cock was almost purple and engorged with a huge load of cum. He slid his hand up and down the hard shaft and pointed his cock right at Cyndy who stood in front of him in the water. Cyndy was drooling at the sight. She saw Bill's cock balloon even bigger and knew he was about to cum for her.

"Oh daddy! Cum on my tits, cum on my tits!" With that, she pulled up her top and thrust her luscious tits right in front of Bill's burgeoning cock. She then slid her hand back to her pussy and frigged it wildly, pushing her hips up and down in a lustful fuck motion.

Bill yelled, "Daddy's cumming!" and with a drawn out grunt Bill began to shoot his load. He had not cum in a week and was hotter than he'd ever been in his life. Cyndy stared with lustful eyes as the first shot of cum erupted out of Bill's piss hole, splashing her right nipple with a searing hot rope of cum at least 10 inches long. As it began to drool down her tits, Bill started cumming hard. He shot blast after blast of fresh hot cum all over Cyndy's tits, covering them in a musky hot glaze. That was enough! She started cumming herself, moaning and thrashing her hips as she finger fucked herself to a huge overpowering orgasm. She took her hand and rubbed her daddy's cum all over her tits, and sucked on her cum coated fingers. Bill shot one last stream of cum out of his rock hard cock and moved his hips to rub his cock all over her juicy cum-coated tits. "Ahhhhhhhh," groaned Bill, milking a last drop out his cock. Cyndy reached down with her mouth and licked it off. "Mmmmmmm, daddy, you taste so good! I love your cock!"

Just then, Bill looked up to see Sandy and the kids standing in the doorway to the Gazebo with a stunned look on all their faces. Sandy slammed the door and took the kids back into the house.

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