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This was no regular sleepover
There was once a girl named Elma, she was 15 years old. She had a great, curvy body. She had a 36B cup breasts, and was a real flirt. She was one of the schools most popular girls, and all the guys were in line, asking her out.
Her best friends name was Sunny, or sunjana, and was also 15. They did absolutely everything together, and were inseprable. Sunny was half british and half indian, although she tried avoiding her indian heritage. Her voice had a strong British accent. She had a beige skin tone, and was slim. Her hips werent as curvy as Elma's, but they had somewhat of a shape. Sunnys breasts were small A cups, with dark brown, pinchable nipples.
Often times while the girls were changing together, Elma would fantisize about lapping her tounge around Sunny's nipples and sucking and pinching them, while Sunny sat there holding her head, moaning. As you could tell, Elma had a sexual mind. She wasn't a lesbian, but she would much rather prefer pussy then dick. She would go home and masturbate, fantisizing her teachers and friends being raped. She loved rape.
One night the girls were having a sleepover at Elma's house, which was quite big, and the closest naighbors were half a mile or mile away. Her parents were out of town, and only her sister was with her, though she was off at her friends house for the night. They had the house to themselves. Deciding to order pizza and watch tv while they waited, Elma eyed Sunny as she was flipping through channels. She suddenly began fantisizing about her best friend again, getting horny.
Although it was summer, the house was cold due to the broken heater. Sunnys nipples were sticking out of her shirt, which wasn't anything new since she disliked wearing bras. Elmas pussy was wet and she strongly wanted to pounce onto sunny and lick her from head to toe.
Soon enough, interrupting her fantasy the doorbell rang. Sunny ran off to anwser the door, she was extremely hungry. The pizza man exchanged their large cheese pizza with the twenty dollar bill, and was about to leave until he saw Elma in her short shorts walking toward the kitchen.
The man looked as if he was in his middle 20's, with a bald head, and stained pizza hut shirt. He had wet arm pits, and a large belly, which stuck out over his belted pants. His eyes lit up watching Elmas little ass shake as it walked.
Sunny slowly closed the door as he stopped it with a strong muscled arm, and asked, "Your parents home kiddo?"
"Uhh.. This isn't my house, but no, nobodies here but me and her.." Sunny pointed toward Elma, who was walking toward the door with a confused look on her face.
The man checked Elma out, not caring wether she noticed or not, and then brought his eyes over to sunny. He then stepped into the house, the girls having no clue as to what was going on.
"Uh.. May we help you?" Elma asked in a bitchy tone, stepping back.
"Shut the fuck up bitch," he anwsered, pulling out a pocket knife, holding it up to sunnys neck, "or ill cut her fucking head off."
By now both the girls were frightened and were frozen in shock. Sunny began to whimper, pleading little "no's" and "please don't" under her breath.
"I told you to SHUT THE FUCK UP!" he yelled, pushing down on sunnys throat, causing a drop of blood to form; she began to cry, trying to stop herself.
Elma was almost on the verge of crying, and tried to run to get the phone to call 911 when the pizza man yelled, "HEY, another move or sound will result in your BITCH friend DEAD. Get on the fucking couch, cooperate and nobody will get hurt," then letting out a, "that much" under his breath.

Elma shivered, and sniffled while walking over to the couch. The pizza man kept his arm wrapped around Sunny as he walked over to the couch as well, sitting both the girls next to him.
"Now I have some nice little bitches," he said, looking at both, "how about a little kiss" he leaned toward elma and began forcing his toungue down her throat as she tried pushing him away.
"Igh.. Ugh.... ooooof" were the only noises elma could make. Sunny watched in disgust as she and her best friend were being controlled by some gross pizza man.
The man lapped his tongue across Elma's lips, and she found herself to be enjoying this. She pushed herself closer to him, and he seemed to get even more turned on.
Soon he stopped and turned toward Sunny, "who's next," he sing songed as he licked his lips and began slurping on her mouth. Elma watched in both lust and disgust, her pussy juices began to flow again.
Once finished with sunny he grinned evily, and they could both see the lust in his eyes. "How about you two sluts perform a show for your new daddy, I wanna see you two bitches make out!" he said, and without another thought pushed their two heads together. Unlike Elma, Sunny was NOT excited. Elma began doing what she had longed to do for a while now. She brought her arms subconciously over to Sunnys head, pushing her closer, and began to push her tongue through her lips. Sunny was so confused, and tried to push her away. The two girls' arms were tangled though, and Elma was winning. Sunny then gave up and swirled her tongue around her best friends. The girls were unaware that the pizza man had brought his 9" erect cock out of his pants and was rubbing it. "Ohh yes you whores. Just like that, you know you wanna fucking please daddy. Yess your getting him so turned on. Mmmmm" he kept repeating himself.
When the kissing stopped, the girls looked at eachother emberassed. Elma was secretly hoping he would make them do more things with eachother. Their eyes moved over to his dick, which had a good amount of pre cum all over it and they gasped.
"Mmm bitches, see what happends when you listen to daddy? You get him excited, and now you have to pay for it."
Elma suddenly noticed he had layed his knife next to her while he was kissing sunny, and she slowly picked it up when he wasn't looking. Once she had a good grasp, she wasn't sure of what to do, and decided to hide it and wait.
The pizza man then lifted his wet pits and pulled his arms over the two's shoulders. "Who's gonna suck daddies cock first? Hmm?" he coo'd. Elma looked over at Sunny in disgust. She never found a large piece of meat that squirts out white goo a turn on, but had always wanted to try sucking a cock.
"WELL? Which of you two bitches is it gonna be, Im letting you decide! Unless you'd like me to choose.."
Elma then got on her knees infront of the man, and grabbed the hard, fleshy cock in her hand, finding it was too thick to wrap all the way around it. She looked up at him, and grinned, slowly moving her hand up his shaft, stroking his balls with her free hand.
"Mmmmm.. That's a good slut" he responded. Sunny was utterly disgusted at what Elma was doing, but couldn't look away.
Elma continued to move her hand up his shaft, until she started massaging his head. He just kept muttering sayings about how she was a good whore and to keep going. Elma gave his balls a final squeeze, and placed her hand on his thigh for support. She slowly stuck her tongue out, lapping his dicks head with it, and then fully taking it into her mouth. She'd watched a good amount of porn, and tried to immitate the girls in the sexy panties and high heels. Elma then tried to stuff the whole 9" into her mouth, but only got it in about an inch more then half way before she began to gag. The man had placed his hands around her head and didn't let her pull up. Elma tried to loosen her mouth, and began to suck furiously. He began to squeeze her head, and fuck her mouth, moaning with each thrust. He had his cock almost all the way in, and had Elma chocking, so he pulled out just before he shot his load. Elma began to cough, and catch her breath.
"You did the work.." He began to say, massaging her covered breast while she panted, "so how about you whore get the reward." He then turned toward Sunny and began pumping his dick, rolling his eyes back. His sticky cum shot all over Sunny's face, some landing in her mouth because of her opening it to scream.
Sunny was so humiliated, and mad. She began to try whiping the cum off her face, but only made matters worse by spreading it onto her hands and hair.

Elma finally turned back to her normal breathing and looked at sunny, disgusted. Cum was not her thing. She then moved her eyes toward the pizza man and he began stripping his clothes.
"Now bitches, who's ready for a brutal fucking? This time, how about we start with you," he stared at Sunny, who was now crying because she couldn't get the sticky jizz off of her.
Elma decided now was the time she should use the knife, and as Sunny glanced over at her, she gave her a signal when to get up, although she had no clue what Elma had planned. With a quick nod they both ran off toward the tv, and Elma quickly told sunny to run to the phone and call 911. Holding the knife out in front of her, she pointed it toward the pizza guy.
"Im giving you bastard a chance to get out of here and run for your life, or have the police catch you, but if you get any closer to me and her ill throw this knife at your head."
Elma moved over to Sunny at the far left corner of the room, still holding the knife out.
"YOU, BITCHES!" he yelled, trying to button his pants up and run out the door at the same time. He'd left his shirt on the couch, but to Elma that was all the proof she would need to rat him out. She quickly ran to the security alarm and turned it on, and the house began to roar.
In her mind, Elma was thinking that sucking his cock felt pretty good, and she'd teased him up real good.
Later that night when all of that was taken care of, Elma and sunny had happily finished their reheated pizza, and were cuddled up next to eachother, their legs under a blanket, the lights off, and them sitting on the couch watching tv. A chomercial came on, and they began talking. Elma suddenly brought up the pizza man.
"That was so gross Elma.. Why'd you.. Suck him?" sunny asked, a disgusted look on her face
"Would you rather have done it?" she joked, and placed her hand on sunny's thigh, though she didn't notice.
Sunny ignored her joke, "Well.. To be honest, that was pretty nice of you to do that for me"
"Your welcome," Elma smiled, and gave her focus back to the tv., as the show they were watching came back on. Elma was still very horny and turned to look at sunny. A crazy idea popped into her head, and she smiled. Suddenly she got up and smacked sunny across the face with her hand- "BITCH"
"What the fuck!? What are you doing!" sunny questioned.
Elma just smiled and ran into her room, expecting sunny to follow. When they were both in the room Elma pushed Sunny onto the bed, where she had ropes tied to the bed posts already because of her naughty masturbation nights. She tied Sunny's hands and legs tightly, giving her an ass shake. "You like that bitch? You like how my ass jiggles out of my short shorts? HMMM?" Then came another slap on Sunny's face.
"WHAT THE FUCK ELMA! UNTIE ME NOW!" she kept yelling, so Elma went and got a dried out dirty underwear from her hamper and placed it in her mouth.
"Ohhh you look to sexyyy all tied up and hopeless like that. I wish you wanted this as much as me you slut. All those days of teasting me by dancing around in your thong. Your such a whore Sunjana! I wish your mom was here too! I wouldmake you suck her big titties! Mmmmm. I wanna see my little slut suck those huge ass knockers your mother has. I bet your moms a whore just like you and would love it as her daughter sucked her hard nipples. I would suck your dads cock so he could fuck the shit out of you, while your mom gave me a lap dance and had those jugs bouncing all over me." Elma was soo turned on.
Loud muffles came from Sunny, but she was completely helpless.
"How about a little dance you slut, just like the ones you gave me!" Elma began to shake her hips as she lifted her shirt slowly, high enough to show her bra. Then she let it drop and turned around, shaking her pert ass. Her shorts lifted so half her ass was showing, since she was wearing a thong. She bent down and kept shaking and then stood up and took her shirt off completely this time. She unhooked her bra, and shook her titties around, but all sunny saw was extreme cleavage. Elma then put her elbows together and spit down on her boobs. "Mmmmm you like that? Yeah? I bet you wanna suck my nice little titties huh? Mmm yeah" She continued on her tease until she only had her panties on.
"Ok now, im gonna take that nice delicious panty out of your mouth, but if you scream ill put it back in."
Sunny gave her a nod, and Elma took out the garment.
"Why are you doing this!," sunny yelped, trying to get loose from the knots.
"Because baby, your a fucking tease and I've been dying to suck and pinch your little nipples for ages. But your gonna have to beg for mine first!"
"No way!" sunny shouted as Elma got closer to her, and she shut her mouth tightly.
"Your choice, but every time you don't give me what I want, you'll be punished!" Elma left the room and headed for the garage, where she looked around for something the shape of a cylinder. She then found a large rod that looked like somewhat of a dildo, and took it back to her room. "Last chance bitch, or this goes up your ass"
Sunny stared at the object and still refused. She didn't actually think Elma would do it. Elma slowly moved to her and took a pair of scissors, cutting her jeans apart, finding a see through, lace thong. "Oh you little SLUT!" she screamed, licking her pussy with the thong still on. Sunny was telling her to stop, and was screaming and trying to kick around, but failed. Her pussy was now bare and Elma was fucking excited.
"Ok bitch, you know what will make me stop," she said, and thrust the whole rod into her little asshole. She heard a moan from Sunny. Elma then fastened her pace, slapping her pussy as she thrust the rod in and out.
"OHHHHHHHHH, stop! Stop!" she yelled, and Elma pushed even harder, "Im gonna tear your fucking ass up slut!"
"Ok, ok just stop!!!" she yelled, "ohhhhhh!" She was desprate to make her stop, "Ok what bitch?",
"Ill do it I'll do it!!" Elma continued to thrust, "I said Ill do it! STOPPPP OOOOHHHH"
"Your not getting off that easy bitch. Beg to suck my tits! BEG!"
"AHHHH Ill do anything just stopppppp!"
"BEG BITCH!" Elma pushed it in the furthest it could go
"Mmm slut, beg! Make it dirty you fucking whore!"
"Let me suck your fucking tits Elma! I wanna twist them in between my teeth and feel them hard against my tongue. I wanna make you wet. OOOOHHHH. Lemmie suck your tittttttssssss!"
"Mmmmm you wanna suck them? Yeah?" she pushed them together and brought them over to sunny, as she unhappily took on in her mouth and began to suck. She teasted Elma's hard nipple in her mouth as Elma pushed her head closer.
"Mm bitch you like sucking mommas nipples. Yes yes cmon suck tose bitches. Ohh your soo sexy, mmm"
Sunny flciked the hard nipples with her tounge, and tightened her lips around them. She continued twisting and nibbling on them, until Elma had had enough.

(To be continued.. Suggestions welcome[: )

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gosh can't you porn writers learn how to spell? it's so distracting!

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Ohhh yeah. That bitch had it coming.
U shuld get the parents to come and have elma emberass them

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elma shud make sunny lick her ass

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