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My ‘Close Knit Family’ thinks that incest is a way of life and I’m not going to argue with them about it.
Fbailey story number 231

Close Knit Family

As I lay there next to her I couldn’t help but remember our past year together…

It all started when I turned thirteen years old and mom told me about our ‘Close Knit Family.’ At that time it didn’t seem all that close knit to me. After all I only had mom and grandpa. My father was nowhere to be found and grandma had moved out with her son soon after I was born. I had a cousin Valerie that I hardly knew. All that was soon going to change.

Mom told me just how close knit our family really was. She told me that my father might be grandpa or Uncle Dick because they were the only men that she had ever had sex with.

She told me about when she used to sleep with her father, when her brother used to sleep with her mother, and when they both got pregnant. They were pretty sure that my father was grandpa and that my cousin Valerie’s father was Uncle Dick but that they really didn’t know since both men had sex with both women anytime that they wanted too.

So with two pregnant women in the house at the same time grandma moved out taking her son with her.

Now that I was thirteen, mom was going to start sleeping with me. Apparently I was old enough.

That was good because I was really curious about sex at the time and mom taught me everything that I needed to know. I learned all about her body from sleeping with her, taking baths together, and of course fucking her whenever I wanted too. I learned what pleased her and what pleased me too. Sometimes things that pleased me didn’t exactly please her but she let me do them anyway. For example mom isn’t real fond of anal sex but she lets me do it to her once in a while. I’m not fond of spanking her with a wooden paddle but I do it whenever she wants me too. Then mom isn’t fond of having a cock in her pussy and one in her ass at the same time either but grandpa seems to like it, especially if his cock is in her ass at the time.

Because I turned thirteen we got closer to grandma again too and she, Uncle Dick, and Valerie moved back in with us. Grandpa and Grandma started sleeping together while I slept with mom most of the time and Valerie slept with her father most of the time.

Soon all three women were pregnant again and due at about the same time too. Grandma was forty-one years old, mom was twenty-seven years old, and Valerie was thirteen years old.

All three of us men had been fucking all three women so any one of us could be the baby’s father. I was pretty sure that I was the father of all of them but then again Uncle Dick claimed the same thing.

The fatter they got the more I wanted to fuck them. The same was true for Uncle Dick too but not for grandpa. He stopped fucking them at about three months along, once they just started to show.

The school gave Valerie a hard time about being pregnant in the seventh grade but she wasn’t the only one either. Mom had a very serious talk with the school principle and nothing more was said about it. She allowed Valerie and the other three pregnant girls to attend school as long as they could but not after their eighth month. She didn’t want the other kids to witness childbirth in the hallways first hand.

So anyway I fucked all three women every single day right up until the day they delivered. When the children were finally born grandma and mom had girls while Valerie had a boy.

The house was full of babies and nursing mothers. Uncle Dick made the women trade babies for each feeding so that they could bond with all three babies. By then mom was sleeping with her brother and Valerie was sleeping with me. I loved to watch two babies sucking on Valerie’s nipples at the same time but if only one baby was feeding I would suck on the other one. Apparently the more milk that was needed the more they produced. Uncle Dick and I made sure that they produced plenty. However despite everything I just loved to suck on Valerie’s breasts. They were bigger and harder. She actually begged me to suck on her at times just to relieve the pressure that she felt. It was my pleasure. Just as soon as she was able I was back to fucking Valerie again. She let me try it after about ten days and since I didn’t hurt her too much it was okay but she wouldn’t let her father or her grandfather fuck her yet. Mom finally let her brother fuck her after about two and a half weeks but grandma kept grandpa at bay for almost four weeks before she would let him in. The funny thing was that both Uncle Dick and I had been fucking her for a full week by then too.

Anyway about six weeks after childbirth things were right back to normal and Valerie was back in school. The boys liked Valerie’s swollen breasts and she showed the other girls how she could ‘express milk’ and make it squirt all over the girl’s restroom. The other three girls that were pregnant were bottle feeding their babies.

On Friday’s the girls could bring the baby’s into school for the day. It was kind of a ‘show and tell’ and kind of a ‘birth control poster’ at the same time. “Don’t let this happen to you.”

On those Friday’s everyone wanted to watch Valerie nurse her baby, so she let them all look. She wouldn’t wear a bra that might get in the way, she would wear button shirts, and she never used a blanket to cover her tits up either. Those boys sure got an eye full. Whenever no teachers were watching Valerie would even show them where the baby came out. She didn’t mind showing them her pussy and even letting them get a close look at her scar too. The doctor cut the lower part of her pussy so that the baby wouldn’t tear her. He had a fancy word for it that sounded like ap-pease-e-omony. The boys weren’t at all interested in seeing her scar they just wanted to see her pussy and touch it. Valerie didn’t mind at all. No one could figure out how a baby could come out of a hole that small.

The principle was happy when school let out for the summer. She had gotten calls from parents about Valerie and the other girls showing their sons their breasts and private areas. Plus three other girls in the seventh grade were pregnant too thanks to the immediate interest in sex.

Valerie had found out that our grade school principle had a family just like ours and that she had sex with her father, her brother, and her son almost every day too. Apparently she and our grandmother had been friends in grade school too. They had both had babies at fourteen but she had gone on to graduate from college while grandma had not. Grandma had been the one to tell mom to have a very serious talk with our principle.

By the time we went back to school in September Valerie was pregnant again…along with twelve other girls in the seventh and eighth grades.

Mom and grandma finally got on birth control but they figured that Valerie could have one or two more babies if she wanted too. Hell Valerie was looking forward to having a baby every year of high school too. She was planning on having six children. Uncle Dick and grandpa said that they were willing to help me get her pregnant and support her.

As I said we were a ‘Close Knit Family.’

The End
Close Knit Family
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