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My first story, be nice. Let me know if you want me to continue.
I was 15 years old when my dad remarried. When he did we moved in with his new wife, her daughter and her son. I was 2 years older than my new stepsister. Two years after the marriage i moved away to my moms house for a change. Thats when everything changed.

When ever i came back for the weekends my stepsister jen and her brother would be gone at their dads house. So i didnt see them for close to two years. I talked to her on occasion. But never eally saw her.

One weekend she ended up staying home and i actually got to see her. She had changed so much in that two year span. She went from being a cute little girl to being a smokin hot teen. Her tits swelled up her ass was fuller and her legs were the nicest pair i had ever seen. She had blond hair that went a little past her shoulders and beep blue eyes. She was a cheerleader at her school so she was thin, but athletic.

When i walked in and saw her, she ran up and gave me a big hug. I felt her chest press up against mine. I was in awe at how beautiful she was. We talked and hung out the rest of the day. Than the family went to go eat. When we got home me and jen decided to watch a movie together. She was on the top bunk of her bed and i was on the bottom. Half way through the movie my dad came in and said he was going to bed. I watched the movie a little bit longer and realized that jen had fallen asleep.

I turned the tv off and stood up on the bed to say goodnight. I gave her a little nudge and ahe didnt wake up. I nudged her again and she was still fast asleep. I let my had slid down a little bit and brushed up against her tit. She had on a tank top and some little shorts.

My blood began to race. I looked around to make sure that the house was asleed and i gently grabed her breast. She still didnt wake up. I slid my hand up her shirt and grabbed her full breast in my hand. Her nipples were soft and the skin was so smooth. I started to squeze and twirl her nipple. I wanted to see them. I lifted her shirt up as gently as i could and exposed her firm young tits. My penis was so erect and my heart was pounding so hard i though everyone in the house must have heard it.

After playing with her tits and her still fast asleep i started to look at her little shorts. I moved the crotch aside and exposed her little pussy. Her hair was short and her lips were gorgeous. I moved my hand down there and moved my fingers on the outside of her pussy. I started slow and soft than started to move fingersw in side her warm pussy. Thats when she started to wake up. I jumped off the bed and ran in my room. I heard her get out of bed and i opened my eyes and saw her standing in the hallway.

I was so scared that she would go wake her mom up nut she didnt. She went back in her room and fell alseep. The next day was as normal as any other. I guess she had no idea what had happened the night before. When the weekend was over i left and went back to my normal every day life. I texted Jen more frequently and she told me that rhe weekends had changed and she would be there from now on when i was. I was so happy

The next time i came down it was much of the same, I got a big hug the family went out and everyone went to bed. The next day the parents left me and jen home for the day while they went to the beach. Jen was on the computer and i was watching tv. I started flipping through channels and found one of the softcore HBO porns on. I wanted to see how jen would react so i turned it on and turned up the volume. I was shocked when i saw her turn around watch it for a few minutes then start rubbing her pussy. When she saw me watching she didnt stop. She sat next to me and spred her toned legs and started playing with her self.

My penis was bulging through my pants. I saw her eyes shift down and look at it. Her eyes got wide and a big smile was on her face. "Holy crap thats huge," I smiled and flexed it a few times. She started giggling and than asked' "can i see it?" The question threw me off, and i just sat there looking at her. After a minute i said "sure" and pulled it out. She stared at it for a minute than put her little hand on it. I had no idea what to say or do. SHe looked me straight in the eye and said, "I dont want to look dumb the first time i get a boyfriend, can i practice on you?" I looked right back at her and said "do what you want with me." SHe bent over put her lips around my cock and slowly started to give a blowjob. She stoped after a few seconds to ask if she was doing it right and i told her to keep going.

After only a couple of minutes i couldnt hold it, "i'm gonna cum," i told her and she kept on going. I had the best orgasm ever in the mouth of my step sister. She looked at me, swallowed, than smiled and asked, "how did i do." I laughed and said, "that was awsome, when are you gonna do it again." She smiled back and said, "there's a couple of other things i want to try first."

To be continued???

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2015-04-09 16:40:57
A positive grade for her having pubic hair. Don't shave her!

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2012-09-02 20:49:57
The Stories plot was just absolute and utter Trash...

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2012-05-21 09:46:59
needs more details and dont rush near the end but it was good

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2012-05-21 09:46:58
needs more details and dont rush near the end but it was good

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2011-08-04 20:43:18
EXELENT STORY but it needs a bit more detail by when she started sucking but other than that hot story! :D

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