I was 15 when i had my first sex dream, but it wasn't until i was when i started having them about my mother, at first i blocked them out and i would tell myself i didnt have a dream last night, then when i was 17 i started replace my mother with other women, celebrities mostly, and i would tell myself i dreamt of having sex with them, when i was 18 i discovered i could tell myself to wake up and i would that lasted about 18 months, recently i have felt myself just give in and have the dreams, and as weird as it seems i like them, i go to bed every night wishing for another sub-concious incestuous encounter with my mother.
But a few weeks ago, things have progressed to a new level.
It was a saturday morning and i had decided to go into town to look for a CD, it was about ten in the morning and my parents were still asleep, their bedroom door was open so i poked my head around and whispered goodbye, when i got into town i went into the shop and saw the CD i wanted had sold out so i made my way home again, i got home about eleven and quietly entered the house as i thought my parents were still alseep, i gently closed the front door, barely making a sound, and i crept into the lounge and took off my coat and put my keys on the table, as i did this i heard a thumping noise on the ceiling, my parents room was above the lounge, and i thought the cat had gotten in there and was jumping around, so i tip-toed upstairs and crept towards my parents room, there was a gap in the door so i put my eye to it, what i saw amazed me i saw my parents 'at it' i couldn't believe it, i had always thought my family was pretty mundane even dull at times, but i had always thought if any of us were particularly sexual it would be a close call between mother and me. as i stood there watching my mother riding, as if she were on a horse, her body bouncing up and down, her breasts rising up to meet her face and then crashing down again rebounding off of her chest, her ass jiggling from the imact of her riding, whilst all of this was happing, i took the opportunity to unzip my jeans and 'release the hound' as it were, i felt my hand stroking at the same speed as my mothers bouncing. then suddenly she began to slow down and eventually stop the she just got off of my father and layed next to him, they kissed a few times and held each other, but i wasn't finished, i quickly crept back downstairs avoiding the steps that i knew would creek, i quietly ran towards the front door and opened it and closed it again, making it sound like i had just got back, i made sure my parents heard it, then i ran up to my bathroom and relieved the tension doing the best i could to make it sound like i had gone for a whizz or something other than getting my rocks off.
that night all i could think about was the sight and sound of my mother in the heat of physical extacy i fell asleep dreaming it was me she was straddling and me she was riding to the limit.
The next day i decided to carry on as normal and not cuase my parents to feel suspicious of me, and i did, i went throught the whole day as if nothing had happened even thought all i could think of was yesterday, that night i had trouble sleeping and i went downstairs for a drink, but somehow i got the feeling i should check in on my parents, and so, just as i did the day before, i crept along to their room and peered through the gap in the door, and once again was shock and aroused by my findings, my mother was on all fours being pounded from behind by my dad, i thought the first time i saw them doing it was erotic but this was something else, my mother was facing the door but couldn't see me, however my view was one of perfection, i could see her whole body thrusting backwards and being forced forwards, her breasts jiggling back and forth and wiggling sideways, and i remember the sounds of her buttocks slapping against my father as he continued to thrust himself into my mother, her groans, although quiet, occasionally rising in volume as she got caught up in the heat of this intense sexual experience, once again i found myself uncontrolably attending to my arousal stroking my penis that was stiffer than it had ever been before, and just like the last time, they were done before i was so i crept back upstairs and relieved the tension again.
This kind of thing happened over the next two or three nights, my parents would got at it and i would watch, all the while wishing it was me making love to my mother and my body that was intertwined with hers, then one day my parents had stopped talking to eachother we spent the evening watching tv, whilst there was this feeling of tension in the room, i wasn't sure whether the tension was sexual or otherwise, either way i knew tonight was probably going to quiet and un-eventful, still that night i crept towards my parents room and spyed through the crack in the door and just as i had suspected they were asleep, i still looked on as my mother lay there where nothing, her breasts gradually peering over the sheets as they moved with her every breathe.
The next morning my dad had to go to a work conference in the next town so he would be gone all day, he walked down the stairs grabbed his breifcase from the table got his coat from the back of his chair, lightly kissed my mohter on the cheek and said " see you around dinner time, i love you, bye" my mother still seemed angry about something all she said was "Bye" then my father left the house and drove away in his company car. As i sat there on the sofa i glanced up at my mother every so often as she stood there ironing then i decided to break the silence " Is there something wrong?" i asked nervously, she just sighed, i thouhgt she was going to lose it an scream that it was none of my business but she just looked at me and said " It's parents stuff, you wouldn't understand." I was dissapointed i felt like my mother had under estimated me, after all i was 19, if i didn't understand it then i would think there was something wrong with me, i decided to ask her the most personal and inapproriate question a son can ask his mother " is everything ok, you know, with you and dad, in the sexual department?"
she looked at me with a shocked expression, i think it was then she realised i had wasnt just her little mothers boy anymore, i was a teenager, nearly 20 in fact, she sat down beside me and said " well, your father and i have obviously had sex before, you're proof of that, and recently it seems that spark of desire has come back and we've been acting like we did on our honeymoon, but yesterday something didn't feel right, i asked your father if he wanted to join me upstairs and he just looked at me and said, 'not now theres a film on soon i want to watch', the way he said it its like we were just an old unhappy couple, i just felt so, unwanted, you know like i was just some woman who was there just to meet his needs, naturally i got upset and started arguing with him and that night we both went to sleep in a foul mood" she kept looking down as she said this only rarley looking back up at me, but when she had finished she looked into my eyes and i could see she was upset, as well as frustrated sexually, then i did something i never thought i would do i began to confess everything regarding her, my erotic dreams even the fact the i had watched tehm go at it for the past few nights, everytime i said something a voice in my head would shout "NO!" but i carried on i kept expecting her to stop me and yell at me for evenh contmplating a sexual moment with her but she just listened, like she would if i was telling her about a bad day or a big decision i was thinking of, and when i got to the end i just heard myself say " and thats it, i don't want what i have said to change anything between us, i just wanted to tell you, i love you mum, i always will, even if you force me to pack up my stuff and move out, i'll still love you because im your son, i just thought you should know that. I didn't want to just blurt it out to you like that but somehow i could just keep it secret and hope i would forget all this, i hope you still love me the way a mother loves her son, and i hope you understand just because i said this, i don't want things to change between us, i'm still you son and you're still my mother, but sometimes i feel more that just love for you, i feel attracted to you , sexually" then i stopped and took a deep breathe, i looked up at my mother with the sorryest look on my face, i made the typical puppy dog eyes at her, to be honset i thought she was gonna scream her head of at me till dad got home, instead she did something completely out of character, she put her hands on the side of my face and turned my head up to face her, then without warning she dove in and kissed me with such intense passion i thought i was going to explode there and then, it was amazing, my first proper kiss from the only woman i really, fully love, my mother. She broke the kiss and looked deep into my eyes, and i looked into hers, i could see the lust building the feeling of sexual desire riing up through her soul, and i think she could see my burning passion too, my feeling of total lust and excitment, my hormones raging around my body as if there was a riot happening. Then we kissed again our tounges dancing together as if there were doing the tango, our lips touching eachothers at times it felt like our mouths would never come apart, i could feel my hands easing their way down my mothers back until they eventually found the perfect resting place on her buttocks, i began squeezing them for all they were worth as my mother and i sat there on the sofa in a lustful embrace, our clothed bodies pressing up against eachother as if we were huddling for warmth, all the while my manhood becoming harder and harder, rising to he occasion as always the blood pumping around my body as my heart wen faster and faster. Then my mother broke the kiss once again and stood up, i stood up too, facing her with a puzzled look, she just smiled back at me and took off her top, as she threw it onto the floor i stood there in amazment, her breasts were fantastic, i could see them there, begging for her, pleading, iching to be released from the constraints of her bra, we began kissing again as my hands found their way round her back and i began to unhook her bra, it was surprisingly easy, just a quick shift and the bra was loose, we broke the kiss again as my mother eased her bra off of her shoulders, down her arms and eventually allowing it to slide off of her finger tips, there she stood, with nothing to hold back those amazing bosoms of hers, i couldn't resist i dove in, sqeezing them, kneading them like a baker kneads doe for bread, then i started pinching and tweaking her nipples they felt so good between my fingers then i went in for the kill, i began devouring her breasts like there was ne tomorrow, i began with the left one, licking and sucking away like a starved man whilst still paying attention to her right breast, grabbing and squezzing it with all my might, all the while my mother stood there moan in extacy, then she stopped me and said " Your turn son," i knew what she meant i quickly pulled my t-shirt over my head and started to undo my trousers, but then mum stopped me " not here" she whispered and in a flash she grabbed my hand and lead me upstairs to her bedroom, where she began undoing my trouser and sliding them down then yanking them away from my ankles, then she stood up again and undid her jeans and let them drop the same as mine did her underpants going with her trousers, eventually we both stood there, naked, in all our glory admiring eachother, her looking and seeing all of me for the first time since i was a baby, and me staring at her fully naked body her flesh out of its clothing, her breasts heaving with excitment, my penis standing taller than it had ever stood before, both of us filled with feelings of lust and uncotrolable desire, we started kissing again, whilst at the same time moving towards the bed where my mother turned around an layed me down on the matress our tounges still dancing with eachother, out bodies drawing closer and closer together, then my mother broke the kiss and got onto the bed on her knees, before i knew what was happening she has straddled herself on me and began grinding her hips, gradually rising and falling. This was it, this was the first time i would actually experience sex with mother, my heart began to beat faster and faster, my pulse racing, my mother moaning louder and louder, my hands feeling around until they got to her ass again, i began to squeeze with all i had kneading her backside as i had her soft breasts, her buttocks were smooth and tender, and more than a handful, it was incredible the only thing i could see was my mother riding me, going up and down, her breasts going like they did the first night i saw her making love, her buttocks still firmly in my grasp, i was in heaven, lying there as my mother bucked her hips and moved up and down, i started to think, 'if this is a dream then i hope i never wake up.'
then suddenly i felt like i was about to burst i looked up at my mother and she looked down at me as i said "Mum, i'm about to..." before i could finish what i wanted to say she stopped and released her buttocks from my gasp and dismounted, ' oh no' i thought ' its going to go all over the bed and when dad gets back he'll know what we did' as i looked over at my mother she began shifting aroud, and positioned herself on all fours and said " do it then" needless to say i didn't need any more persuasion than that i got behind her and re-inserted myself and began thrusting with everything i had, as i did i leaned forward and grapsed her breasts, they were so soft, they felt so good, " let me make it easier" mum said as she knealt up right. There we were both of us kneeling up me with my hands sqeezing and kneading my mother's breasts and her moving her hips in a rhytem that matched my own, our bodies connected like never before, our lips once again clashing for a tender kiss, until eventually we both felt a warm feeling telling us we had nothing left, and so as the last ounces of energy surged from our bodies we layed down together, still conneced, and panted for breathe and as we both layed there i heard my mother say, " I love you son, you are the most important thing in the world to me" those words meant more to me than the whole experience and as we lay there, naked and exausted i said to my mothter " I love you too mum, and i hope we can share more time together like this, because, you are the most 'important to me and i never want anything to ruin our relationship" thats exactly how i felt, on the one hand i didnt want to destroy the mother-son relationship we had, on the other hand i didn't want to give up everything we just shared, either way i knew mum and i would never look at eachother the same way again, but that wasn't a bad thing.

As I awoke I heard my mother say "Quickly, your father will be home soon". I looked over at the clock, 4:35, my father would be home at five o'clock, we had to hurry and get dressed, i still couldn't believe what we had done. My mother rushed downstairs and put on her bra and top I quickly ran after her, struggling with my t-shirt and with my socks in my hand I leapt over the last two stairs and landed on my feet, my mother began ironng again as fast as she could desperatly trying to make it seem as if she had been doing that all day instead of what we had done. I looked at my mother as she quickly forced the iron over all the clothes, as i finished putting my socks on I looked at the clock again, 4:40, not bad, it had only taken us five minute to get back to the way we were before, I looked over at my mother and she glanced at me and said, "What is it?" she carried on ironing, I had to tell her, "What I said before" i began " about how important you were and about our relationship.." she stared at me as she carried on ironing, " yes" she said suspisiously, " well i wnat you to know that I meant it, you are important to me and I do want to carry on as we just have, but i don't want it to jeporise anything between you and Dad, I would hate to think you two split because of me and my feelings," she finished ironing and sat next to me " It won't," she began " your father won't even know about what we did, i'll make sure of that, and as for splitting up, thats never going to happen despite the recent events between you and me I still love him and I don't intend on being a single woman again."
It felt good to know that things weren't goin to change around here too much, seeing my parents happy is the greatest thing in the world and even though mother and me shared something earlier I know that it's nothing compared to almost twenty nine years of marriage between her and Dad.
I heard a car pull up outside and as i looked out of the window i saw it was Dad, he had a bunch of flowers in his hand i realised then he was going to try and make up with my mother by any means necessary, which could mean I would get to see another night time event, I felt bad about watching them make love, like I was invading their privacy or something but i think as far as mother and I go there is not much to keep private anymore. As my father walked into the front room he didn't even look at me, he just approached mum and said, " about our disagreement, I'm sorry, I shouldn't have said what I did, I was just frustrated, do you forgive me?" I knew for a fact he was forgiven, after the day me and mum had, i dont see how she could be angry " Of course" she replied "it was just a silly arguement, no harm done" then she took the flowers and gave Dad a kiss, I just smiled and said "well saved old man" Dad just looked at me and laughed as mum went to put the flowers ion water and start to get dinner ready.
that evening we all sat down to a great dinner and shared a few laughs, all the while the memory of me and mother's first real connection lingered in my mind and i could tell she was still thinking about it, every so often during dinner she would look at me for a split second. Dad just carried on like he always does, talking about work and how there's something wrong with the car and how bad the traffic was, every so often throwing a joke into the conversation, which are never funny but we laugh anyway. After dinner Mum and Dad sat down to watch the TV whilst I escaped to my room and listened to music as I played games on the internet, later on I heard Mum shout " Night son" it sounded like more than just goodnight to me, it sounded more like, we'll be having a good night, if you can't sleep. Believe me, I had a feeling I would need to go downstairs for something later, about 11:30 I opened my bedroom door and heard an all too familiar sound, so i crept along to my parents room and peeked through the gap in the door, tonight it felt different though, before it was like a discovery but now I just felt dirty, never the less I wasn't going to stop, as I looked through I saw my parents doing what they liked doing best and i stood there, doing what I like doing best, watching them roll around naked and in love, I felt more excited than i had ever felt, seeing them position and reposition my breathing got heavier and I beagn to sweat, I could barely remain silent, but i knew if I didn't it could break up the family so I found any means i could of being quiet as I observed my parents proving their love to eachother, my mother led on her side, my father behind her, their bodies moving as ours did earlier, her buttocks squashing up against Dad, her breasts drooping slightly to the side, her breathing increaing as she reached the end and eventually the final sigh of breathe as she lay there next to my father. I stood there a few moments longer and watched her go to sleep with nothing on her but a smile, and as she smiled, I smiled because I could tell she was happy, not just because she had gone twice in one day, but because she felt loved and cared for by her husband, and her son.
The next day as I walked down to breakfast I saw my dad give my mother a passionate kiss goodbye as he left for work and as he walked towards the door I said " bye dad" he just looked at me and put his hand up to wave as he shut the front door. As I walked into the front room I saw my mother finishing her cup of coffee and scoff her last bit of toast, " Morning" i said " Good sleep" she looked at me and smiled a naughty smile " oh yeah, you" for a moment it sounded like she was going to punish me for watching her most intimate moment I just said yes and sat down to eat some cereal, after breakfast I put my bowl in the dishwahser and helped my mother wash up any left over cups and plates, as we stood there washing and drying, we gradually got closer and closer to eachother after a few minutes I started to feel the heat from my mother, and as we finished we both looked at eachother, it was the same look as yesterday, one of lust and desire, we kissed a sensual and passionate kiss as we ran upstairs, this time though Mum led me into the bathroom, I felt a bit confused, but all was revealed when she reached in and switched on the shower. we began to undress quicker and quicker, both of us wanted to do this more than ever, eventually we were both naked and got into the shower, as we did we both started kissing again, our bodies getting wetter and wetter as the shower continued to flow, my mother turned around and slightly put her buttocks out, as i stood there staring at her fleshy cheeks, the water running down her back soaking them, I couldn't do anything but move towards her, holdong out my hands ready to embrase her behind, i got behind her and started moving my hips upwards, going in and out, each time it felt more intense and exciting, my hands once again reached in front of her and grabbed her breasts, both of them soft and wet from the shower, the sight of my mothers hands up against the shower wall was incredible, my eye trailed down her arm to her shoulder and to her back and eventually i caught sight of my hands over her breasts, it was magical,they we were, mother and son once agian embrassing eachother naked and this time wet. after we had kissed for a few minutes my mother handed me some body wash and said, " don't mind giving me a hand do you" I think its fair to say i had no objections to rubbing my hands all over her wet, naked body, I put some of the body lotion onto my hands and began rubbing it on her back, I started at her shoulders and gradually worked my way down, leaveing a trail of lather in my path, then finally I reached her buttocks, I went straight for them rubbing my hands all over them, every so often squeezing them between my fingers, it was heavenly. I began pulling her buttocks apart and letting them go so i could watch them jiggle it was fantastic. My mother began washing the soap off of her back as I stood up and began rubbing shower lotion on her front I began with her stomach and worked up to her breasts, I just ran my hands all over them squeezing and kneading them like dough, my mother put her head back slightly and let out a quiet sigh of pleasure. once she had washed all the soap off of her body we began passionatly kissing again, we had spent ages in the shower but we didn't care we just never wanted it to end.
When we had finished in the shower we dried each other off and went downstairs, as we walked down i glanced at my watch to check the time, 12:00, 'Time for lunch' I thought as I went into the kitchen I looked around for some food and eventually settled for a chicken sandwich, I made the sandwich and went into the front room to eat it, my mother was sorting out bills that had just come in the post, after about ten minutes she went out of the room. When i had finished my lunch i took my plate out into the kitchen to wash up, when i got there i saw my mother eating a banana, she looked so sexy standing there with that piece of fruit in her mouth, she could make anything look erotic, I just kept thinking how i wanted to tear her clothes off and kiss her all over, I thought i would be a bit more suttle this time though, she was standing on front of the cupboard where we keep the glasses and after being arroused by her and the banana my throat did feel a bit dry. I walked towards her and reached up for a glass, as i did i felt myself rubbing against my mother, I knew she could feel my excitment as I got a glass, she didn't seem to mind, she just put her banana down and began kissing me, I quickly put down the glass and grabbed her to bring her in closer and once again our tounge were dualing together.
Ever since the first time we connected, all i have wanted to do is get her naked again and again, after a few minutes of kissing my mother broke it up and smiled saying " You just can't stop can you? Your father will be home for lunch, he could walk in at anytime."
Just as she said that my father walked through the front door,I went into the front room and waited until my father went into the kitchen as he did I heard him say " Have you had a shower today? your hair is wet" When I heard him say that I remembered my hair was still wet too, I knew how it would look if my father saw me so i ran upstairs shouting a quick "Hi Dad!." I reached my room and let out a sigh of relief, I ran to the bathroom to get a towel and began drying my hair like no tomorrow, after about ten minutes it was dry enough so I put the towel back and went back downstairs for a drink, as I did I heard an all too familiar noise, my parents were making love in the front room, with the door open, I was half tempted to walk in there and catch them, but I realised it would be a mistake as my excitment would show so instead I crept along to the kitchne to get a drink and tip-toed past the front room whilst catching a quick glimpse of my mother in the heat of passion. I sat at the top of the stairs and tryed my best to get a good view of the front room but my parents weren't close enough to the door, so instead I just sat and listened until the moans got louder and louder and eventually stopped. As I started to move from the stairs I heard my father say, " I'm glad I took the afternoon off today." I just sat there and began thinking ' the whole afternoon, this means I'll have to keep myself under control until tomorrow,' it would be tough but I knew I could manage.


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get paragraphs and btw i take that back i had 5 kids with my mommy kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkgggggggggggggggggggggggklituuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuujkjkjkjkjkjkjkjkjkjkjkjkjkjkjkjkjkjkjkjkjkjkjkjkjkjkjkjkjkjkjkjkjkjkjkjkjkjkjkjkjkjkjkjkjkjkjkjkjkjkjkjkjkjkjkjkjkjkjkjkjkhjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjhkhhhhhhh


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Lust is hand

Lust is handled many ways by various people. When I was a teenager I suspected my best friend was having sex with his mom. One day I happened to read a letter his mom was writng to her sister confirming it. My friend killed himself!

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Seuoia >>>>>>>>>>>
is it true you have children with your own Mother ?
bianca from cali

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Sequoia, i am sick of you, everywhere i turn, i see your stupid messages go and make your mother pregnant again, its gonna be " i gave her 5 children now" not four you sick fuck

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