This is my first story. It is part one so it has some scene setting things at the beginning.
The Earth government had appointed 16 year old Ryan Lafferrty's father, Robert, to the position as the first ambassador to Sheforn a planet in the Beta Sector. Ryan thought that he'd be living it up at home while his father was light years away and twin sister Rachel off at the Space Patrol Academy. He was wrong; he was going along to Sheforn.

His father broke the news to him, "Son, we have been through a lot since your mother died after you and your sister were born. A change of scenery will be good for you. This is going to change your life. This is history, the establishment of relations with another world" "OK dad, whatever," Ryan unenthusiastically responded.

Two days later they boarded the Space Patrol hyper-jump ship that would after a week of hyper-jumps deliver them and the staff of the new embassy to Sheforn. The Prime Minister of Earth singled out Ryan and she told him, "Ryan, you are the only person going to Sheforn who doesn't have diplomatic training. Don't worry just be yourself no matter how strange things seem. Just do what feels right. The best thing is their language is almost identical to English, so there is nothing new for you to learn." Ryan just nodded and shook her hand.

The journey to Sheforn was uneventful and the unloading of the staff and supplies to the surface only took a few hours. While the staff was unpacking, Ryan and his father were going to be the guests of honour at one of the Supreme Monarch's palaces. Ryan gawked at the alien landscape as the ground shuttle transported them the 50 kilometres to the reception. "It looks a lot like Earth, doesn't it," his father said. "Yeah, I suppose it does, so it isn't going to be all bad," Ryan replied.

When they arrived at the lavish palace, Ryan got his first look at the people of Sheforn. The males seemed normal enough, but the women had three sets of bulges on their fronts. Ryan thought to himself, "God, they have six breasts! I have to try not to get a boner, since that would probably be very undiplomatic." Ryan and his father were formally introduced to the Supreme Monarch Teleya, an incredibly beautiful red haired woman with kelly green eyes in her 30s dressed in flowing robes of blue and green that accentuated her very ample bosoms. Ryan estimated that she had three sets of 36 DDs. Something seemed awfully familiar about her for some reason.

Ryan was concentrating very hard to keep his hard on under control when Teleya spoke to him, "I am sure you do not want to be with all of us adults. My daughter Lehcar is looking forward to joining you. She has seen the same amount of solar cycles as you and you should join well together. Notrom, take Ryan to the joining room." Notrom, a six foot tall male member of the Monarchic Guard escorted Ryan through a maze of ornately furnished hallways until they stopped at a door. "Your must remove your coverings before you enter the joining room," instructed the guardsman. Ryan complied removing every inch of clothing from his athletic six foot two body and handed each article to Notrom. After the final item, Notrom opened the door.

The joining room was a well lit round room with about a twenty five foot diameter. In the centre was an eight foot circular bed with a beautiful young Sheforn woman with very long red hair lying naked. Ryan realized that this girl looked very much like his sister, but with four more breasts. She stood up and said, "I am Lehcar, come join with me." She looked at Ryan's raging nine inch hard on saying, "I see you are ready for joining!"

Lehcar went to the bed and laid down, Ryan followed and the two started to kiss. Ryan then started to lick her top most pair of breasts on his way to her golden red hair covered pussy. Lehcar was making sounds of delight as Ryan's tongue worked its magic resulting in him being covered with delicious alien girl cum as she reached orgasm. Ryan had never tasted anything so good.

A slightly out of breath Lehcar told Ryan, "That was the most incredible feeling, but this is not how they taught me about joining with you. Let me lead you." From her position lying with her back on the bed, she then grabbed Ryan's very sensitive and erect member guiding it into her red hair covered pussy. Ryan inserted his penis into the alien pussy and found it quite tight. As he explored deeper he reached the alien cherry. Lehcar was making sounds of pleasure and made a little groan when her cherry got popped. They both came at the same time in a moment of orgasmic interspecies bliss.
"Wow, that was incredible," Ryan said after basking in the lingering pleasure for several minutes.
"We shall be in unity as one forever now," she said. "Shall we join again?"

They joined dozens of more times over the next several hours until Ryan decided he wanted a blow job. He asked Lehcar, "Remember what I first did to you with my mouth?"
"Yes, it was wonderful. It is just as good as joining with you," she said.
"There is something like that you can do for me," he said, then launching into a lesson on how to give a blow job.
Ryan laid back on the bed to see how good his instructions were. Lehcar first tickled his semi erect penis with her tongue then proceeded to call his member to full attention, placed it in her mouth inch by inch while sucking it. Ryan felt his penis in her throat and the sucking action caused him to cum, she swallowed it and then released him from her mouth. A few moments later she said, "That was a great feeling for me. You have a very good taste!"

"Now there is a way for us to do that to each other at the same time, is called a sixty-nine," Ryan said then gave a description of the position.
"It sounds good. I did not know there were so many ways of joining with you," Lehcar said happily.
The two got into a sixty-nine and as they pleasured on another they did not notice the door open and someone walk in. When Ryan and Lehcar finished, Lehcar was the first to notice the newcomer. She stood up and said, "I am Lehcar, come join with me."

Ryan was a bit horrified to see his sister Rachel there standing there buck naked. Sure, he had seen her naked before. When they were kids bathed together and he had caught some glimpses of her around the house, but this was something else. He also noticed that she and Lehcar were identical, except for the amount of breasts. Something was going on here, but Ryan did not know what.
Rachel introduced herself, "Hi, I'm Rachel, and I would be happy to join with you. I see you know my brother Ryan."

"Hi Rachel," Ryan said a bit meekly, while trying to cover his manhood from his sister's gaze. He had this feeling in the back of his mind that he would be joining with his sister soon and felt a bit repulsed by it. However, he realized that Lehcar looked exactly like her, except with four more breasts, and he had no problem joining with her.

Rachel jumped on the bed pushing down Lehcar and started to fondle her breasts. Ryan was a bit taken aback, since he never thought his sister was a lesbian. Rachel then stuck her fingers in the alien girl's mouth to wet them, then into her pussy and finally into Lehcar's pussy. Ryan's sister's ass was waving in the air and Ryan was having a raging hard on and contemplating if he should fuck his sister doggy style. "It is your sister for Christ sake," Ryan thought to himself.
Then another voice was in his head, it was that of his twin sister who he always had a psychic connection to, "Come on Ryan. You always wanted to. I want you to."
Ryan was torn. His sister was hot, she was inviting him, and she was having lesbian sex with an alien girl who was basically identical to her. Still it was his sister.

To be continued. . .

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