Chapter 8
The summer quickly progressed. Annie and Hannah really started to show. They were adapting well to the changes in their bodies. Both girls loved the increased sensitivity in her nipples, how her breasts kept expanding and most of all how her stomach was stretching with the result of our extensive lovemaking sessions. I loved them too, especially the fact that she was horny all the time.

Annie had after almost three months and change gone from a C to a DD and her belly was also expanding with our child. Hannah, who was behind Annie a couple of weeks, had grown from a perky A cup to a respectable C. We started attending the bi-weekly birthing and baby attending classes for expectant teen mothers at Saint Eligius Prep. Everyone in the class was surprised when they saw me accompanying Annie, since in almost every case the father never cares enough to stick around for any of the fatherhood stuff. The girls and the teacher were really floored when Annie told the tale of our cover story in another command performance and Hannah told her true story. Again I had heaps of praise and admiration dumped on me by people thinking I am going above and beyond the duty. It seemed to always turn Annie and Hannah on even more and when we got back home we made love all night.

After the second class, Hannah and Annie invited the other five girls in the class over for some naked pregnant yoga. Esther Jackson was the first to arrive. She was also 15 had been pregnant for about the same time as Hannah and Annie, was half black and half Ashkenazi Jewish - 100% hot. The combination yielded an olive skinned Sephardic looking girl with wavy brown hair and brown eyes. Before she got pregnant she had disproportionately large DD breasts on her tall trim athletic body, now they were about an F cup. Annie, taking charge told her to get naked which she did, causing Annie to remark, "God, you have an amazing body." Esther replied, "You should have seen me before I got knocked up, although that was what probably got me this way in the first place!"

Next to arrive was Hillary Mackenzie, she was also 15 and around three months along, she had red hair and green eyes, was a slightly plump yet athletic five foot nine soccer player, and what were D cups before had expanded to DDs. Being pregnant made her even more attractive. After the door closed, the other three girls who started to set up the yoga mats yelled at her, "Get naked!" She complied quickly.

Susanne Bouchard, also 15 and three months along, showed up next. She was half Indian and half French, was about 5 foot nine and sort of looked like Norah Jones having about the same color skin, eyes and hair. She was a star on the lacrosse team which meant she really had an athletic body along with her exotic looks. Her pre-pregnancy breasts were barely a C cup and now they were filling out nicely edging closer to a D cup.

The last two to arrive were 15 year old stepsisters Kaity Murphy and Willa Olsen. The amazingly beautiful pair, both about five feet eight was rumored to be lesbian lovers, but given how they were both about three months along, it looked like they weren't. Kaity was half Chinese and half Irish with the pale freckled sort of skin you would find on an Irish girl. She had straight reddish brown hair, hazel eyes and her B cups were starting to approach C cups. Her stepsister was an athletic Scandinavian beauty with pale blonde hair and electric blue eyes. Like many Scandinavian girls, she was well endowed with Ds before she was pregnant and now was edging closer to a pair of DDs.

Annie told the two stepsisters to strip, and they did and sat on the mats along with everyone else. Then she made an announcement, "I am too horny for yoga right now. I think we should all have some fun first. It is good to see that all you girls are clean shaven!"
Hillary noted, "But there is only one guy! What are we going to do?"
Annie pushed Hillary down onto the floor getting in a 69 position and told her, "Do what I do to you to me."

Not surprisingly, Kaity and Willa paired off. Kaity started sucking her stepsister's ample breasts while they both fingered each other's pussies. Hannah chose Susanne and they chose the 69. This left me with Esther, who I had been eyeing ever since she came in since those mammoth breasts of hers were so amazing. I love both Annie and Hannah, but still I am a guy and of course part of me knew that the two of them planned this to happen so it was all good.

Since they were taunting me, I decided to start with to her 38Fs with the amazing puffy pink areola and nipples about the size of a dime. I ran my tongue around her sensitive nipples and Esther made a pleasurable moan that sounded like yes. Sadly there was no milk yet. I worked my way down to her clean-shaven crotch and once again put the lessons learned from the Israeli ambassador’s daughter to good work. After a few minutes of sucking her pussy she came as I was licking her lips so I was able to quickly lap up some of her delicious juices.

Of course this gave me a raging hard on and I was expecting to have Esther return the oral favor. I was wrong. Esther commanded as she got down on all fours, "Put that hard rod in my pussy. I haven't been fucked for months! I am so fucking horny. I saw how you liked my tits, fuck me doggy style so you can play with them!" Her language was even more of a turn on, since Annie kept calling sex "making love" and had gotten Hannah to do the same.

I got behind Esther and we manipulated our bodies so I could have myself inside her while I fondled her amazing pendulous breasts. Her pussy was nice and tight and I obviously had no worries about her cherry. I got all eight inches in here and after several minutes of pleasure and making all sorts of noise we both came together achieving orgasm simultaneously.

Little did we know, we had an audience - all the other girls were watching and fingering themselves. "That looked like a lot of fun," giggled Annie. "I call next!"

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