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My internet didnt work so I just put two and three together
That night Zack and Cody waited for there mother to go to sleep. About twenty minutes went by the Zack said "Are you ready for round two?" "Hell yeah, Let's do it."

They both went into their room. Zack plugged in an old night light. "There this way we can see what were doing." First they warmed up as Zack started to kiss his younger brother. Cody was quick to react and stuck his tounge in his brothers mouth.

They made out for a good five minutes and then Cody went below the covers. He put his hand on his brothers cock and played with it until his night vision kicked in; Because even with the light it was still very dark. Zack pulled the covers back so his brother could find his target. "Well what are you wanting for?" Cody then put the tip of his brothers dick in his mouth and swirled his tounge around it. "Yeah Cody keep going you do it so good."

Cody then put a little more cock in his mouth till it touched the back of his throat. He held it there for a second until he had to gag. He then removed his brothers dick and slowly licked up from the balls all the way to the head. Then he put it back in and started sucking; Slow at first; But gradually speeded up. "Damn; You better stop or i'm gonna cum to soon."

Cody then stopped sucking and slowly release Zack's dick. "Good now take your pants off." Cody gladly pulled down his pants to set his own raging hard on free. "Now get on your knees." Once Cody was on his knees Zack pulled him over to the side of the bed and started to rub the tip against his little brothers ass. "It won't go in I need your mouth for a second." Zack put his dick in Cody's mouth to get more lubrication then he got back into position and this time managed to it in.

"Damn Cody I can't believe your still as tight as you were before." Zack waited for Cody's ass to relax then he pulled half way out and then put it all the way in. With a moan he started to pick up the pace. Cody moaned continuesly as his brother fuck his secondary virgin ass.
Zack kept going until he felt the stir of his balls with a few more thrusts he was one away from his climax. And with the final thrust he slammed into his brothers ass so hard his balls bounced off of cody's as he shot his load deep into his little brothers ass. He got on the bed and Cody said "My turn." He pushed Zack onto his back and put his legs on his shoulders and put his on Zack's asshole.

And then with just a little push he entered his brother. He just like Zack had to build up up fucking power. Then he finally got up to speed. His balls slapped against his brothers ass as he took his time to release his own load. He continued the long fuck until he felt HIS load start to race up his shaft. So he quickly pulled out and shot his load all over his brothers stomach.

Then he fell ontop of his brother. Then the two started making out again. Cody then decided to clean up his mess; As he slid his tounge down Zack stomach he started sucking up the cum. Then he got up to Zack and started to make out with him. He stuck his tounge in so Zack could get a taste of his brothers cum. They both got half in their mouths and together swallowed the combination of spit,sweat,and cum. Zack said "Taste good. You know what you can cum in my mouth anytime you want.

The boys got dressed and then got in their own beds. "Zack?" "Yeah?" "Can we do this again tomorrow?" "Well of course why would'nt we?" "Thats good well good night." "You to."

Chapter three

Cody woke up and ate breakfast as he waited for his brother to wake up. Zack finally woke up and sat on the couch. "Hey whats up." Cody sat down on the couch with his brother. Then Zack asked "Wheres mom?" "I don't know. I think she went to work. Remember she got that promotion." "Oh yeah. So what do ya wanna do today?" "I was thinking we could play some basketball. And then we could do the obvious." "Whats that?" "You know." "Oh yeah. duh. But we can do that now I mean I gotta take a shower anyway. You wanna join me." "YEAH. What you even ask for?"

The twins made their way to the bathroom. Zack started to get naked and Cody followed after. Zack turned the water on and waited for it to get hot. Then Cody said "Lets get started then."
He got on knees and licked up the shaft of his brothers dick. He then started ducking the head into his mouth. Zack pulled away. "What are you doing?" "Getting ready." "Well you've done enough of that. It's my turn now." Cody got to his feet. Then Zack got on on his and return the favor. He slowly licked his lips and then wrapped them around his little brothers dick. He sucked hard and slow as his brother put his head back in pleasure as Zack's tounge went to work on the soft underbelly of his dick. Zack stop sucking and started jacking him off. "What are you doing?" "I want you to in face so we can make out with it in our mouths again. Cody let his brother do as he pleased.

As Zack jacked him off he stuck his tounge out to catch the precum that oozed out of Cody's dick. Cody's cum started bubbling in his balls and he could feel his climax coming "Zack I'm gonna cum." With that Zack rolled his tounge around the tip of Cody's dick. Then he felt Cody's dick pulse so he stopped licking just in time for the waterworks. Cody let out a moan as he blew his load all over his brothers face. Zack got up and then started kissing his brother with the cum. Cody broke the kiss. "Let's get you cleaned up as he swallowed the cum Zack spit into his mouth. They then stepped into the shower. Zack washed his face off and then looked at his brother and said "Ok my turn once again; Now grab the railing." Cody grabbed the railing and arched his back so his ass was accessable. Zack grabbed his brother from behind. "This is for the dry fuck you gave me lastnight. Zack pressed his dick against Cody's ass and pushed hard enough for it to go in half way. Cody let out a moan as his ass adjusted to pain. Zack continued to push until he was all the way in. He then started fucking his little brothers ass fast but gentle.

Cody held on to the railing with one hand as he started jacking himself off. Zack pumped in and out as fast as he could."Do you like that?" he asked "Hell yeah keep going." Zack kept up the speed until he felt his balls stir. He then slowed his pace as he pulled slowly out and then slammed back in. He did this for twelve more thrusts and the got back up to speed. Cody felt his own climax coming "Zack I'm gonna cum." "So am I." In seconds they both felt the cum moving up their dicks. Cody put his hand over his dick to save the cum as Zack blew his load into his ass. Zack pulled out and then cody turned around and shot his load all over Zack's dick and balls. He quickly got on his knees and started sucking the cum off. Zack was'nt done shooting his load as his brother started sucking. He continued to cum in his mouth as he sucked. Cody then swallowed the mixture of cum; "Mmm, tastes good to bad you could'nt have any." "Oh yeah." Zack said as he leaned in to lick some cum that cody missed. "Yeah it does taste good."

The twins got dressed and went to play basketball. and thats where our next story begins.

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The story is very hot -_-

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The story is very hot -_-

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ok this is a little cool though im strait......its just that I cant handle picturing them fucking.....


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gay fetish. interesting........I guess I do.

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