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The day after the Party
For those with a short attention span, this may not be for you. There is a lot of story background, not just sex. Thanks to those of you who have liked the story so far and I hope you enjoy this just as much.

Chapter 3

“Wakey wakey! Sleepy heads!” Petr barged into Alex's 'Boudoir' with all his 'bitches' sleeping in his large double bed with him. Her twin sister's had decided that sleeping with their 'pimp' for today was the only thing to do! Jaquie, Sammy and Angel were all in the bed too, naked flesh touching naked flesh wherever you looked! Jay had gone home after he'd managed to fuck Angel again, he'd needed to get to work early and Angel told him that she was going to stay 'Just in Case' Alex could get it up for her again. He'd felt a tinge of jealousy but knew that it was not worth losing friends over. Not when those friends liked to fuck just as much as he did! Petr looked at all of the lovely naked flesh on display and shook her head in wonder,

“It's amazing what a big cock can do!” she thought. “C'mon you lot! Someone needs to make breakfast, clean up this tip and get ready for the beach! We're all going to the beach today to work on some of these white, wobbly bits!” she laughed as she slapped Jaquie's very white ass. All of the people on Alex's bed stirred to a semblance of life at her shouting demands. It was only eleven in the AM and they'd only had four or five hours of blissful sleep together.

“Fuck off, Petr! We've only just got to sleep!” said a mightily pissed off Robyn.

“Bullshit guys! You've had plenty of sleep! I've organised to meet everyone down at the nudist beach in an hour! You'd better all be fucking ready or I'll tie you down and spank you!” she paused and then looked at Jaquie,

“Not you Jaquie, I know you like that too much to be a threat!”

Without another word, Petr swept from the room, a huge grin splitting her face. Five confused, smiling faces looked at Jaquie,

“Tell me more, Jaquie!” said a laughing Alex, his cock twitching in Angel's hand from the thought of Jaquie being asked to be spanked. Jaquie turned crimson and tried to bury her head in a pillow as the others all begged her to give them more juicy details, they must be true if Jaquie was behaving like this.

“I told Petr about my fantasy of being spanked. She got it out of me how it's something that I originally wanted to do to my brother, 'cos he's such... a shit to me, but I've turned it somehow, into something I want done to me.” They then all heard about her brother's antics, getting her to fuck his ass for him while his small pecker dribbled over itself when he came and how he couldn't get properly hard. They all sympathised with Jaquie but kept her spirits up, telling her that maybe, one day, she'd get that spanking she wanted.

“I hope that when I do, it's one of you guys, you're all so great to me.” Rob seemed to act fastest, she took hold of Jaquie's wrists under her pillow and gave Sammy a look to grab her feet as she was closest. Sammy realised quickly what was happening and jumped to grab Jaquie's ankles, sitting on them and rubbing her own pussy in the process.

Kat soon became the 'Mistress' and began to ask Jaquie questions.

“Does our Jaquie like... to be spanked?” Jaquie could only squirm in her 'shame' and she felt her pussy flood with juice as she got turned on by being held down, against her will, but knowing that if she wanted, they would stop. It was the best feeling in the world for her, maybe apart from Alex's cock giving her orgasm's. What bliss it would be to get both at the same time!

Kat slapped Jaquie across her left ass cheek to leave the imprint of her hand there.

“Does our Jaquie like that?” Another! Harder slap this time, across her right cheek, Jaquie squirmed at her 'shackles' and enjoyed the delicate pain she so desired.

“Yes, Mistress! I like to be spanked!” Jaquie winced at the next hard slap across her buttocks,

“Wrong answer! This is your punishment for being a 'bad' girl!” Another delectably hard slap and Jaquie squirmed under the confining restraints of her friends.

“No Mistress! I'm a naughty girl and I don't like to be spanked! But I do deserve it!”

Angel's hand soon became very full as Alex's hard-on grew at the antics of his sisters and his girlfriend's actions. Their attentions all seemed to be focussed on Jaquie. She slowly wanked his cock, getting it to a state of delectable hardness and decided to take the lead to bend her head to take him in her willing mouth.

Another slap. “Spread your legs!”

Angel moved from sucking him and then to position her pussy above the cock still in her hand.

Slap! “You Like my finger's in your pussy! You naughty girl!” Slap!

Angel descended to take Alex's full length inside her and immediately felt her orgasm threaten to overwhelm her.

Slap! “This is supposed to be punishment, girl! You're coming all over my fingers already!” Slap!

Angel's climax receded enough for her to start humping Alex's huge monster. She rode him hard and loved being filled by him, she just wanted his cum now.

Slap! “Let's see what the Master wants to do to you.” Kat, Rob and Sammy all laughed when they turned to see Alex's cock pumping into Angel's squirming cunt.

“Mistress thinks Master needs to cum soon!” Ten furious minutes later, Alex exploded inside Angel's delicious young body, her pussy milking him for every drop of his seed. The girls all watched but didn't stop their delectable slapping torture of their willing friend.


Breakfast, if it could be called that, was very short. Kat and Rob put out cereal and juices for everyone and made coffee for the road. They had used up all of their 'get ready' time on Jaquie's punishment and licking out Angel's pussy. Jaquie had then had to lick Angel spotless and got a few extra hard slaps for missing a few spots. She had to suck on all their pussy's, one after another, cumming in her mouth. Sammy and Rob had licked Alex's cock clean of the combined cum as Kat kept an eye on Jaquie. She made Jaquie lick her to climax again too, for good measure! Jaquie had cum three times at being spanked and loved her new Master and Mistress' for it.

Luckily, Petr had the family people carrier to drive down to the nudist beach, six scantily clad kids were jumping around and screaming as they made their way along the highway, they were driving her mad.

“Can't you lot fuck or something and shut up, please?” They all stopped and looked at her exasperated face, laughed their heads off and carried on as they were.

“You wanted to take us to the beach, sis!” said a Sage sounding Robyn before joining in with the others to laugh at her predicament.

They all piled out of the 'van to make their way down the overgrown path to the nudist beach with all of their bags of food and drink between them. The beach only had a few people on it, most of them a lot older than any of them and they seemed to feel slightly intimidated by the lustful stares of the single old men they passed.

“Hey! If we didn't want to be seen, we wouldn't be here, right?” said Petr. They were all still in their bikini's and Alex had his baggies on.

“Almost there, just around these rocks!” said Petr. Her friends were all already there and sunning their naked bodies while sleeping or reading on their towels. Alex's 'Bitches' were all slightly embarrassed to start with until, of all people, Jaquie stripped down to her skin to go for a swim. They all followed suite and quickly stripped down too and joined her flaming red buttocks in the water for a refreshing dip.

“Bloody hell, Petr! You weren't kidding! They all have perfect bodies on them. Alex actually 'owns' them all?” asked her friend, Jason. Petr just smiled, nodded and added,

“Yup! Me too!” She dropped her sarong, her only clothing, and ran down to the water to dive in and join Alex's 'Harem'. They all swam about, enjoying the water's coolness as, on the beach, almost every set of eyes were watching them, wishing they were a part of this tight group of beautiful friends.

The day was very relaxed for all of them as they all chatted and got to know each other a little more, telling each other about their first times or their most erotic experiences. The Kelly's all got to tell their story, from their own points of view and loved hearing about each others stories and how they all intertwined together. All of the girls decided that they too wanted their pictures taken by Alex and, to then be royally fucked by Shaggy! Their laughter could be heard all along the beach that afternoon. They also suntanned their white bits some and tried not to get too burned. They were all very tired from the night before and most of them eventually dropped off to doze and get some well earned rest. They talked about how super-horny they all were, sitting in the sun and looking at each other's bodies and being seen by everyone else on the beach too.

So many of the old men came walking by their spot to look up their naked legs to their shaved pussies, or to ogle their tight, firm breasts whose nipples seemed to be constantly hard. The funniest was the fact that the guys in their group got just as many stares, mostly at their cocks, from the same old men! Alex felt lucky that his dick could only manage about half mast after it's long night and that these old boys didn't get to see him hard, they might think it was for them!

“Looks like you could do a bit of prostitution yourself there, Shaggy!” Petr laughed at her own comment and everyone joined in at his discomfort. Jaquie looked seriously at Alex for a moment before saying,

“I bet I could make my brother give you lots of money!” He looked at her, the shock on his face melted away as he thought that, if it was Jaquie's brother, it might not be so bad to try it just once. Hell, at this stage, he was up for anything.

“OK, Jaquie! You're on, you can pimp me to your brother for however much you think I'm worth. Then you'll know if he's gay.” Everyone was slightly shocked for a while before they all started to giggle and chat excitedly about what Alex was proposing to do.

“Oh, he'd never be able to afford your true worth to me, Shaggy! I'll just have to take everything he's got!” Howls of laughter followed Jaquie's matter of fact statement and they all talked about what he would one day get do to Gavin.

The group shrunk later as most of Petr's friends left, just Jason and Marc remained to see out the day in the sun and feast their eyes for just a while longer. They had all spoken and agreed that last nights party had been the best they'd ever been to and wanted to know when the Kelly's were going throw the next one, they said they'd definitely be there when it happened. Eventually, it was just Alex with all of his girls surrounding him on the beach after the last two of Petr's friends also left. The sun was about to touch the water in the distance and everyone watched for, and imagined the 'sizzle' as it touched down and sank into the ocean.

“Shaggy needs to test the wares of one more of his Ho's before we leave this beach girls.” Petr announced, she had been lying down and playing with herself and become too horny to ignore the fact that she hadn't yet let Alex fuck her with his huge cock and she knew he'd be able to get it up for her now after a few hours of rest.

The twins sat up and looked at their sister, diddling her cunt slowly and beginning to hum with pleasure. They looked up and down the beach to see if there was anyone close enough to be a problem and thought that the couple seemingly asleep about thirty metres away were the only ones left at all. They got all of their friends to sit up and move slightly to cover from sight the hardening cock in Sammy's hand. She'd cottoned on quickly and wanted to be Shaggy's 'Fluffer' for his first time fucking his oldest sister. She bent over and took him in her mouth and he groaned out loud at her brilliant new technique she'd been taught about, by Petr, earlier in the day. The hands of every girl surrounding him were then caressing his body and making him fell like he'd died and gone to heaven already. Petr shuffled over to her little brother's prone body and took his balls in her mouth to make him moan even louder. She loved the taste of his mildly sweaty balls and the aroma of his sex in her nostrils. She got up and stood over his prone body, as Sammy stopped sucking his cock and looked up at Petr, holding Alex's cock straight up, knowing where she was about to put it for her.

Petr just stood above Alex, her feet on either side of his hips and her left hand playing with her clit while the right pinched her erect nipples.

“I've waited a long time, it feels like I've been waiting all my life to do this, little brother!” She slowly bent her knees to descend with her pussy being held open by her wet fingers, their sexes making their way towards one another like an arrow towards the bullseye. Sammy made sure Alex was lined up and loved seeing his cock slowly, inexorably enter further and further into his sister. The girls all moaned and groaned as he entered her and she sank as far down as she could, filling her cunt with the biggest monster of a cock she'd ever had the pleasure of fucking. Petr sat on his huge phallus, head back and hands pinching her nipples as hard as she could as she came for the first time on her brother's lovely cock. The hands of all the girls carried on their explorations of the couple and both felt immensely happy and turned on by all of the stimulation of their friends and family. She started to ride Alex's cock after her climax subsided a little and felt she needed this to be a good hard fuck. Before long she was bouncing up and down his shaft with long strokes, raising up until just an inch or two was still inside her and then slamming down to grind her clit against him.

The sleeping couple had heard Alex's moans. A couple in their late twenties who enjoyed being able to get naked in public. Both were trim and healthy from good exercise and lots of sex together, they knew that their relationship together was frowned upon by those that knew they were half-siblings but had moved to this part of the world to start fresh and no-one need know anything about their old lives. Sue had opened an eye to see what the groaning was about and saw that this fun looking group had manoeuvred around to surround the one remaining male.
“Lucky little fucker!” she thought playfully. She was about to close her eyes again when she saw one of the girls stand, she was playing with her tits and pussy for all to see and Sue nearly wet herself from sexual desire at the words she heard from the girls mouth,
“I've waited a long time, it feels like I've been waiting all my life to do this little brother!” Brother! They were brother and sister, looking like they were about to fuck for the first time, and on a public beach, with only a few naked girls to hide their actions.

“Seth! Seth, wake up bro!” she whispered to her half-brother while grabbing his limp cock that was sleeping in the last rays of the day's sunlight. She woke him with her finger to his lips and whispered her findings to him as his impressive dick grew in her experienced manipulating hand around it.

“I want to watch them fuck while you fuck me, Seth!” He understood her desire as it was mirrored by his own. They stood up, Seth's cock in her hand, and slowly made their way over to the group of beautiful girls surrounding the incestuous lovers.

Both Kat and Rob noticed the other couple from down the beach stand up and move towards them. They knew that this couple weren't going to make any trouble for them when they saw his cock in her hand and his fingers could be seen between the lips of her blonde pussy as he inserted them from behind her. They both watched, fascinated by the approaching couple looking at the twins' siblings fuck on the sand next to them. The couple seemed to know that they were being watched and stopped a few metres away, the woman was in front of him now, bent over slightly as he reached around to play with her tits and she reached between her legs to guide his good looking, hard cock into her cunt. The couple had a feast of pussy and tits and ass to watch along with the fucking brother and sister in the middle of all of them. They humped hard into each other, Sue was cumming already, just the thought of watching someone else doing the illicit things she enjoyed doing with her own brother spurred her to a knee trembling orgasm. She fell forward onto her hands and knees, her brother's hard rutting cock slipping out of her and he too dropped to his knees to quickly try and recapture his sister's cumming, quivering pussy that he craved so much.

All of the girls were now watching the new couple right next to them, fucking hard and grunting saying things like,

“She's fucking her brother! He's gonna cum in his hot sister's cunt!” while they looked back at them and their Shaggy fucking his sister's hot, sweet pussy. Kat and Rob both got up from where they'd been sitting fingering themselves and shuffled over to Sue and Seth,

“You like that? You like watching my brother fuck my sister?” They both looked into Robyn's face at her comment, she smiled and nodded to them,

“Yup! He likes to fuck his sisters. He lost his virginity taking my sister's at the same time, then he fucked me too and took my virginity with his big meaty cock up my cunt!” Her dirty talk had the desired effect on Seth and Sue, they watched the fucking couple, they saw the twins with their hands inside each other as they talked to them and before long, Seth spewed his cum inside his sister and just kept on pumping her with their cum spilling out of her at his thrusts.

Petr was having the fuck of her life on top of her brother's thick hard shaft. She'd seen the other couple fucking next to them and it only spurred her to another lovely orgasm. She slowed her pace while watching them and Alex turned his head too to see the blonde couple fucking too, it helped to delay his own climax but nothing to ease his horniness for his sister. Petr saw him cum inside the blonde and their cum leaking out of her, she wanted to lick that cum out of her but was not prepared to get off Alex's magnificent eight and a half hard inches of pure ecstasy except maybe to...

Petr grinned and stopped on her down stroke to look at her brother,

“I want to take something from you little brother...” Everyone could hear what she was whispering and they were all looking at her, waiting for her next words. “I want to take your 'other' virginity baby brother, I want you to fuck my hot little ass for me!” Alex was looking into her eyes with something of a dazed look as she didn't bother to wait for his answer and raised herself off his cock and, holding on to it, placed the bulbous head of it to her small back passage.

She pushed down hard as she relaxed her anus as much as she possibly could, knowing that this wasn't going to be the easiest ass fuck she'd ever experienced but it was sure to be one of the best by far.

Sue was in near hysterics at the scenes she was witnessing in front of her eyes, she was so turned on and horny that she thought she might collapse from the sheer weight of pleasurable feelings. Sheepishly, with lust in her eyes, she turned to Kat and very softly said,

“Help my brother, Seth... to fuck my virgin ass too!” The twins both reached forward to run their hands over the bodies of these two strangers and began to lightly pinch their nipples, caress their sweaty flesh and play with balls and pussies. Kat gently pushed Seth back until she had her hand wrapped around his fleshy cock as he kept pushing his cock into his sister, and her hand made contact with her engorged folds. They both gasped at this new person's hand insinuating itself into their lovemaking, but both relished it thoroughly! Kat's other hand reached down to fondle Seth's dangling balls with their downy feeling covering of hair, matted into clumps and wet with sweet sweat and cum from their efforts. Robyn helped her sister's efforts by reaching underneath Sue to squeeze her breasts and pinch her pointy nipples, and she played with the clitoris of her new beach playmate.

“You're going to fuck your sister in her ass now!” Kat whispered into this man's ear and then she stuck her tongue into it and kissed his neck.

“Your brother's going to fuck your virgin little asshole now!” Rob whispered into Sue's ear, she also ran her tongue all over her new playmate and kissed her face and lips.

Petr was feeling like she'd been split in two by her brother's monster invasion of her ass! Her juices had done much to lubricate his shaft and make the insertion up her tiny passage only slightly more manageable for her. She'd finally managed to get down about three quarters the length of Alex's cock before she thought she'd bottomed out. She knew she could get more of this behemoth organ into her and started to pull off him and descend again in a steady rhythm. She fucked his cock very slowly as her ass felt like he'd torn the flesh with his girth.

Jaquie, Angel and Sammy all helped to get her comfortable on his thick giant ass raider by pumping her pussy and pinching her nipples to keep her at a climactic peak of pleasure while the pain in her ass lessened. She'd done it! She was all the way down, his cock was completely buried in her ass!

“Oh fucking hell, Petr! Your ass is so tight sis, I can't believe how good it is to fuck your ass! It's so tight and smooth! Different, but good!” Petr could hardly hear her brother's cries to her, she was lost in a state of euphoric bliss as her umpteenth orgasm tore through her insides.

Kat had taken the hard wet penis of Seth from his sister's cum leaking pussy and as she stroked it up and down, Rob inserted her fingers into Sue to cover her fingers with their cum and then moved to her puckered asshole. She massaged the ring of her rosy orifice with the juices and then inserted one finger slowly into her, she enjoyed the sensations around her finger as much as Sue seemed to like having her hole occupied by it's new invader. Sue felt another finger wanting in and pushed back to invite it in as Kat lowered her head to take only the second penis she'd ever sucked, into her mouth. She marvelled at the different tastes of these two lover's fluids compared to those she had experienced only hours before with her brother and sister.

Seth was truly enjoying the ministrations of one of the amazing twins as she sucked his cock and had inserted a small finger up his ass, while in front of him, the other twin fucked his sister's ass with four of her small shiny wet fingers in preparation for his cock to be placed, by the twins, into his sister's virgin asshole. His twin stopped sucking his cock when she felt his balls change and knew he was close, she didn't even talk to her sister as she withdrew her fingers from his own sister's slightly stretched anus and guided his knob to the small gaping hole that had been left. He slipped his cock straight in! All the way inside his sister in one movement as she relaxed totally to welcome the sodomist incursion from her wonderful brother.

Alex felt his cum rise through the length of his constricted cock inside his sister's ass and shouted for all the world to hear, that he was cumming. Everyone was saying soothing, sexy things to both couples and touching, caressing and entering any unused opening that was on them with their fingers and tongues. Alex came, shooting his welcome seed into his sister's tight anal passage just as Seth grunted at the arrival of his own huge climax in his gorgeous sister's newly deflowered tush. They all collapsed into sweaty heaps on the sand and blankets in elated amazement of the feelings they were all experiencing.

“Oh my fucking hell! That was amazing, all of you are by far the most exciting people I've ever met! Thank you! Thank you, all!”

Petr later suggested that everyone go for a quick swim to clean up and they all washed off the perfect sexual odours and juices of the day before all flopping back down onto the blankets. Everyone introduced themselves to the sibling couple, the girls were all asked by Shaggy to give them both a proper kiss, if Seth and Sue wanted one, that was. They both laughed, but said that they would like that very much, they had done a lot more than kiss already! Alex grinned,

“But the girls here also like to be kissed back in the same way, don't you girls?” The twins knew instantly where Shaggy wanted to head this and started the first kiss. Both stood and pulled up a sibling, reached for the faces of Seth and Sue and kissed them tenderly, running their tongues across teeth and tongue of their particular partners. Kat's boobs were nipple to nipple with Sue and she moved her chest slightly to make the points duel softly as they kissed and also pushed her dampening pussy to grind against its opposite. She swiftly dropped down onto her haunches, her pussy splayed open, thirsty for some attention of it's own as she kissed Sue's slit, with her tongue snaking out to lather her clitoris. Sue nearly collapsed as Kat happily 'kissed' her new friend hello. Robyn had also kissed Seth lovingly before dropping down in time with her sister, knees out wide to take his soft cock into her hungry mouth. He gasped at the sudden warmth his cock enjoyed and it grew to almost full strength before she stopped and stood in front of him,

“Hi, I'm Robyn.”

She smiled angelically at him for a second or two, then cocked her head and raised her eyebrows questioningly. Her sister had repeated the words and gestures almost verbatim, to Sue. She caught on quicker than her brother, she took Robyn's head in her hands and with the biggest grin, leaned her body forward to kiss and manipulate her tits and pussy up against her new friend. Seth saw his sister and cottoned on, he moved forward to kiss Kat and pinched one of her nipples while his cock was pushed up against her mound. He moved his other hand to alter his cock's position to slide between her slightly parted thighs and it's hardness bounced up to slide against her pussy lips. Kat ground her hips forwards and bent her knees ever so slightly to get as much of his cock's length touching her now wet lips as they parted slightly to cover him with her juices. Their hips moved rhythmically, in a slow fucking motion. He then dropped down onto his haunches, much to Kat's disappointment, to kiss her bald, very wet cunt lips and clit before running his tongue inside her as far as he could. Kat was very close to cumming right then, her mouth was hanging open and her breathing short when he stood back up,

“Hi, I'm Seth.” Kat hummed her appreciation and started to breathe again, holding onto Seth, she looked over to Rob's contented face as she finished her kiss with Sue,

“Hi, I'm Sue.” They swapped partners then, and started the process all over again, Rob with Seth and Kat with Sue. The couple kissed and got kissed by all of the girls, they got very good at their little ritual and every one of the other girls had come at least once. Seth hadn't cum but he knew he was very close too.

Alex got up to introduce himself to Sue then, she had seen his cock earlier and was surprised that he had been quite so big for such a young guy. She got onto the tips of her toes, reached for his lovely face and kissed him tenderly. She took his cock and placed it between her legs and humped it slowly as she kissed him lingeringly. Seth was now feeling his first twinge of jealousy for his sister but was soon distracted to perfection by the twins tackling him to the ground,

“You haven't cum yet Mister! You get to choose which of your new friends gets your cum, please can I?” Angel shot her question at him as she took hold of his engorged phallus and wanked it slowly. Jaquie leaned in too, she took his cock into her mouth once again while Angel's hand pumped him inside her mouth for her. Sammy sat above his head with her knees touching his shoulders and his head in her hands, she bent her head over his,

“I know when I'm out gunned Mister, so I'll just sit here, shall I?” She kissed his lips with lots of little pecks and then raised herself onto her knees to manoeuvre her wet pussy to sit on his face. The other girls all giggled at Sammy's sly move. Petr also leaned in and edged Jaquie over so that she could have a suck of his cock too.

“No fair!” Shouted the twins, “How are we going to do this properly?”

Alex had dropped to his haunches and kissed Sue's very wet cunt and clit, he sucked her until she trembled and then stood back up,

“Hi, I'm Alex.” She smiled and dropped down and took him into her mouth to taste herself, covering the top and head of his gargantuan dick. She loved the feeling of her mouth being filled to the brim by a cock other than her brother's, she had had a few other's but they were all so many years ago that she'd almost forgotten. She fondled his large balls in their sack like she was about to roll them like dice and Alex moaned. She knew he was close, but had heard the plight of her new friends and had an idea to spread the loving a little bit. She stood up,

“Hi, I'm Sue.” she laughed and threw her arms around his neck, “Pleased to meet you all. Now let's fuck!”

Everyone else heard her words and looked up from their torturing of Seth's cock to see Sue jump up and wrap her legs around Alex's waist and held on to his neck. His large cock was being protruding out behind her like a small tail as she sat on top of his length.

“You know something, Alex? I would very much like you to put your lovely cock inside me and fuck me half to death right now, but my sisters over here are also in need of more than just one cock to help get them off too!” She looked over to the group of naked beauties,

“What do you say, girls? Let's get the boys to take turns with us from behind for a minute or two each and whoever gets to milk their cum is a winner, until the next time that is!” A chorus of cheers erupted at her great idea and she just looked into Alex's eyes,

“I only wish I could have you to myself! Maybe I'll be the one to get your cum, eh?” she'd whispered into his ear as she brought her body up to have him put his cock to the entrance of her hungry pussy. Her lips parted easily as her lowered herself, spearing her cunt with Alex's throbbing shaft. She sank down onto him completely and felt her climax approach immediately. She quickly humped her hips against his and fucked herself fiercely for about thirty seconds of frenzied fucking before crying out and slumping, unmoving into his loving arms. Her cum was seeping slowly out of her and coating his balls while he just held her in place for her to feel his heartbeat through his cock like a slow vibrator, bringing her down from her climax so gently. She reluctantly got off his most beautiful cock and felt an emptiness inside herself that she longed to get filled again.

Sue quickly told the girls her idea when she had been able to walk on her tingling legs again and organised them into a circle, shoulder to shoulder and all of them on their knees and elbows on the blanket. They all looked at each other in this weird situation and couldn't help laughing as the boys just stood their smiling at the bevy of beauties waiting for their ready and waiting hard cocks. For the first time that night, they turned to each other and then reached out to shake hands, they were about to do the evening's ritual hello when Petr shouted out,

“If you two are going to say 'Hi, I'm... whichever.' We rally think you should shake cocks!” A lot of excited giggles erupted and then a tension seemed to build as they all wondered if the guys would really grab each other's cocks to say hello to each other. Seth wasn't too bothered, he'd touched his school friend's cock at camp one night and had even wanked it for him until he'd cum in Seth's hand. He'd also enjoyed his own cock being wanked at the same time, they'd done it to each other convincing themselves that it was just to feel what it would be like when a girl did it for them. Alex, on the other hand, was slightly unsure of this development. He thought about what his sister's had done with this guy then and knew that he would have to defer to the judgement's they'd already made of him in the time they had all got to know him and his sister.

Alex let go of Seth's hand and dropped it down to grab his still stiff penis, it felt odd in his hand. It was nothing like feeling his own cock there but it also gave him a sense of joy that he could feel what his sister's did, when they held this cock and something of what it might be like for them to feel his. Seth gasped slightly as the young man's hand closed around his manhood and held him, like he was examining his cock from some scientific point of view, a researcher with a big grin on his face and a throbbing cock of his own to be grappled with, fuck but it was very big. Seth extended his hand and grabbed the cock his sister had just cum all over and thrilled in that knowledge before giving it a firm squeeze and wanked it gently to the cheers of all the girls waiting to be fucked by them both.

“Hi, I'm Alex.”

The guys got up behind the extended tush of girls almost opposite from each other as all of the uneven seven in number hoped to be first, but knew that they might not get a fresh load of cum if they were, it was a cruel catch 22 for them all. Alex started with his oldest sister, as he slid his full length into her, he watched as Seth pushed himself eagerly into Jaquie, who's head was on the blanket, arms extended to hold hands with both Petr and Sammy. All the girls were holding hands from the same positions with two other girls and, like some sort of telegraph system, they all knew when the others were cumming as the boys pumped into one and moved on to the next in line. When Seth had his turns with Jaquie and both of the twins, they all loved the feel of only the second ever penis to invade their now, cock-hungry snatches and they all loved the feel of a more normal sized cock but knew that Alex's was always going to be their favourite.

Both of the hard cocks did a full circuit of the girls before Seth announced, half way round again, that he was going to cum. Angel fucked back into him as hard as she could, her clenched teeth and clenched pussy muscles trying to milk it out of him and hoped that she would also cum when he did. The girls on either side of her, knowing she had won his cum, helped her along as much as they could by pinching her nipples hard and frigging her clit with rapid movements. He shouted out as he came deeply inside Angel. She felt the cum shoot against her insides and it was all she needed to finally bring on her rushing and welcome orgasm.

By the time Alex got around to Angel again, she had recovered enough from her lovely orgasm to carry on being fucked and begged him to cum inside her too. As he placed the head of his cock to her up thrust pussy, he could see the cum of another man, leaking and dripping out of her wanton hole. He watched as the cum from Seth squirted out of Angel when his cock sank all the way down into her and thought that perhaps he might just be dumping his next load of cum inside her too. He was close and knew it, he looked to all of the faces in the circle, watching with baited breath, hoping that he wouldn't cum just yet, that he would hold on until he could cum inside them instead. Seth had 'dropped out' of fucking all of the girls in turn but decided that he would still continue to take his turn behind all of these very horny women. He went around and fucked them gently with his fingers, from behind, paying a great deal of attention to their inflamed clits. He enjoyed this, as he could do two girls at once in this way and his cock was trying it's damnedest to rise again before long but never got quite hard enough to fuck into anyone else that night.

Somehow, Alex managed to hold onto his cum for another three girls before coming up behind Sue again.

“I think this could be it, sorry Rob, but you got me so close for Sue here to get it.” he said in grunts as he almost couldn't hold it in, like he was desperate to just let it shoot all over and cover every one of the girls here, in jets of flowing cum. He sank into Sue until his balls slapped her clitoris hard enough to help her achieve a mini-orgasm from the attention and penetration of his monstrously large cock. Her quivering pussy muscles clamped onto him and he now knew that he wouldn't be making it to the next waiting pussy of Petr. She saw that he was about to cum and told everyone to watch their new friend get her pussy flooded by Alex's cum. Alex couldn't hold on for another three strokes of Sue's amazing contracting pussy gripping him like a vice. He started to cum as he felt his cock bottom out inside her and she thought he was flooding her womb with what felt like a full quart of hot semen.

Alex pulled out of Sue after he'd emptied his balls into her and he collapsed onto his back. Petr and Rob, who were on either side of Sue, pounced on his wilting cock and sucked all of the pussy juices from all of the girls, and his cum, from it. Petr was about to start licking out Sue's still up turned cunt too when she looked up to see that Angel and Kat, still with there pussies stuffed full of Seth's fingers had moved closer and had begun playing with Sue's ass and cunt,

“Your brother says he wants to clean all of my brother's cum from your pussy, Sue. Would you like that, Seth?” He was looking at his sister with a loving desperation in his eyes and she groaned at the thought of her brother licking her cunt out to clean another man's cum from her well battered pussy. “Fuck yes!” He bent down behind his sister and began to lick her pussy tenderly from top to bottom. He lovingly licked her clean for the next twenty minutes as they all watched and fingered themselves and each other while Sue had two more little climax's from the pleasure of her brother's tongue.

Another swim, in the moonlight, and they all enjoyed the night air with each other as they got to know their new friends, where they'd come from and where they were living now, what they did for a living and so on. An hour later, they all decided to leave the beach they'd been fucking on for the last three hours of the now cool evening. They swapped phone numbers and went their separate ways for the evening, Seth and Sue happy to have met their first openly incestuous new friends and looking forward to the times to come.

Is not one reader interested in How Petra won the most Hunny in Chapter 2??? Oh well, that's in the next instalment.

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