Here's the last chapter of Horny Loving Brother (at least for now) I still have some ideas for these characters and I could be back for another story with them later.
Chapter 32

Ken paused at Dannie’s door for a second before he eased it open so he wouldn’t wake up his sister or daughter. From Dannie’s bed he heard his sister’s regular breathing as she slept. As he tiptoed over to his daughter’s crib he heard a soft whimper as she woke up and he hurried the last few steps before Kendra finished waking up and called from attention from her exhausted mother.

With all the skill he’d acquired over the last five weeks Ken changed his daughters wet diaper and held her against his chest, cooing softly as the infant snuggled against his shirt. But in spite of his best efforts Kendra wasn’t satisfied and started letting out a plaintive whimper that he tried to muffle against his shirt.

“That won’t do any good Ken,” Dannie said, stifling a yawn as she sat up in bed and turned on her light. “Kendra’s hungry and only mommy can take care of that.”

“Sorry Dannie,” Ken said with a weak smile as his sister bared one of her milk filled tits and held her arms out for her daughter, “I didn’t mean to wake you up.”

“You didn’t, Ken,” Dannie said as she brought Kendra up to her breast and the girl found her nipple and started suckling. “For once Kendra slept through the night so I was about to wake up naturally, or as naturally as I can with the milk sloshing around in my tits like this. Say, aren’t you worried about mom and dad catching you in my room like this?”

“Even if they were home I wouldn’t be worried,” Ken said with a chuckle, “I overheard them talking the other day about how happy they are that I’m helping you out with the baby all the time. They still have no idea that I’m the one who knocked you up.”

“Back up a minute,” Dannie said as she shifted Kendra to her other breast. “Did you just say that mom and dad aren’t home? It’s Saturday morning and it’s only six o’clock, it’s way too early for them to be out of the house.”

“Actually they left the house over an hour ago when Mary’s water broke and the two of them rushed her off to the hospital,” Ken said, licking her lips as he watched a drop of milk hanging from his sister’s bare breast. “They woke me up to let me know what was happening, they also told me that they tried to call Mr. Evanston to keep an eye on us like he did when you were giving birth to Kendra last month but he and Jim were getting ready to rush Kathy to the hospital. In the end mom and dad decided that they could trust us on our own for a few hours.”

“They really don’t know what we’ve been up to do they?” Dannie asked with a wide grin as squeezed the breast Kendra wasn’t using so a large drop of milk seeped out of her nipple as Ken watched it hungrily. “Since mom and dad aren’t home I guess that means we can have some fun, right Ken?”

“Oh yeah,” Ken said with a grin of his own, licking his lips again as he watched the large drop of milk as it hung on Dannie’s nipple for a second before it splashed to her belly.

“Well what are you waiting for Ken?” your daughter isn’t going to drain all this milk on her own.”

“Just waiting for an invitation,” Ken said as he sat down on his sister’s bed and bent forward to suck her free nipple into his mouth as his daughter ate from the other one.

“Speaking of an invitation,” Dannie said with a sigh of pleasure as her brother and daughter drained the milk from her heavy tits, “I think my pussy’s finally recovered enough for a good fucking.”

“Are you serious?” Ken asked, taking his mouth away from his sister’s tit long enough to speak before he sucked the nipple between her lips again.

“Very serious,” Dannie said as she ruffled her older brother’s short hair. “Can you think of anything better for you to knock me up with baby number two at the same time Mary is giving birth? Can you imagine how jealous Mary will be when she finds out?”

“Jealous enough to fuck me as soon as she steps in the door,” Ken said with a chuckle as he got to his feet and returned Kendra to her crib before he removed his clothes before he rejoined Dannie in her bed where she’d managed to remove her own clothes.

“Good point,” Dannie said with a shake of her blond curls as she stroked Ken’s cock with one hand and her milk filled tits with the other. “Maybe we should wait until after Mary recovers from giving birth before we tell her about this.”

“I think you’re right,” Ken said with a sigh of pleasure, “but are you sure you’re ready to fuck? I thought the doctor told you to wait at least two months before you fucking again.”

“That’s what he recommended,” Mary said as she bent down to lick the tip of her brother’s cock, “and I had to force that out of him. Obviously he felt I was too young to fuck - much less get pregnant - but he did admit that I could fuck sooner than theat if I was careful.”

“How careful, Dannie?” Ken asked with concern. “I’ve only been fucking one girl for the last two months where I was use to fucking three girls every day before you and Mary got too big to fuck. I have a lot of cum saved up, and I’m horny as hell.”

“My cunny’s still a little sore from Kendra,” Mary admitted as she used her grip on Ken’s cock to guide him between her open thighs. “But I’m sure things will loosen up once you get inside me, so don’t worry about it.”

“Ok,” Ken said as he placed the head of his cock against his sister’s drooling slit and raised one hand to squeeze Dannie’s milk heavy tit as he gave her a broad grin, “but you let me know if it starts to hurt. Ok?”

“Of course,” Dannie said as she scooted her bare ass on the bed so that the head of Ken’s cock slipped between her pussy lips. “But until then I expect you to fuck me with everything you’ve got, because I want to be carrying your second baby by the time Mary comes home from the hospital.”

“You don’t have to ask me twice,” Ken groaned as he slid his cock into his sister’s drooling pussy. “But I actually hope I don’t knock you up right away, because I want to fuck you as much as I can before mom and dad realize you’re pregnant again.”

“Kenny,” Dannie said as her face alternated between the pain of her aching pussy and the pleasure of having it filled with her brother’s cock, “I don’t care if you knock me up now or later, I plan to keep fucking you until I head for the hospital to give birth to our new baby. But since this is a great time for you to knock me up before mom and dad finally realize what we’ve been up to for months I hope you do it right here and now.”

“I’ll try, Dannie,” Ken promised as he pumped his hard shaft in and out of his youngest sister, lifting his cock up with every stroke so that it rubbed against the twelve year old’s clit every time he slid into her fuck hole. As Dannie groaned with pleasure Ken bent down to catch one of her erect nipples between his teeth and sucked it into his mouth until the last of his sister’s milk started flowing between his lips.

“Oh God, Kenny,” Dannie moaned as her pussy quivered with every stroke across her sensitive clit, “you know just what I love.”

“I sure do, sis,” Ken said with a grin as Dannie’s cunt clung to his prick every time he pulled it out of her belly, “a hard cock and a pussy full of baby juice.”

“I have one, now give me the other,” Dannie grunted as she threw her legs around her brother’s ass and held him tight against her groin.

“Not until you cum first,” Ken grunted between clenched teeth as he tried to keep his quivering balls from exploding every time he buried his cock deep in his sister’s hungry belly.

“If that’s what you want,” Dannie said as her body went taut under her brother’s sweaty body, “here I cum!” Dannie’s last words were screamed to the ceiling as her slit clamped tight around her brother’s cock and held it buried tight in her belly as her orgasm rippled through her body from outstretched toes to the top of her head and then back down again.

“I’m cumming too,” Ken screamed as his balls cramped tight against the base of his cock and he flooded Dannie’s pussy with the baby juice she craved.

“Thanks Kenny,” Dannie said, nuzzling up to her brother as he collapsed next to her on the bed. “I hope our next baby is a boy so Kendra has a brother to fuck when the two of them are old enough. I just hope he’s as perfect and beautiful as his sister.”

“So do I,” Ken said as he leaned over to give Dannie a quick kiss before he dropped his head back on her spare pillow and smiled at the ceiling. “I guess we better see what we can do about breakfast.”

“Later,” Dannie said as she scooted down Ken’s body until she could reach her brother’s soft cock. “Right now I want to get you up and ready for another fuck. There’s no way to tell how long Mary’s going take to give birth and for mom and dad to get home. For all we know one of them may decide to stay at the hospital while the other one comes home to take care of us.”

“When you’re right you’re right,” Ken sighed as Dannie sucked his prick into her mouth and his shaft started to respond to her efforts. “But if I’m going to keep fucking you and Mary I’ll have to eat something to keep my strength up.”

“Don’t worry,” Dannie said as she took her mouth off Ken’s cock and licked her lips as she stroked his shaft with her hand, “we’ll get breakfast soon, but if I’m going to get pregnant as soon as possible I need as much of your cum as I can get, as fast as I can get it.”

“I guess I can see that,” Ken said with a weak grin as his cock hardened in his sister’s hand. “And if you keep that up I’ll be ready for another fuck in no time.”

“Good,” Dannie said, giving her brother an even broader smile than the one he gave her, “because after going so long without a cock in my pussy I need more - and I need it now.” Even as she spoke Dannie straddled her brother’s hips and aimed his barely erect cock at her drooling slit.

“Dannie I’m not hard enough yet,” Ken gasped as his sister forced the head of his prick between her pussy lips and rocked back and forth on his thighs.

“You’re hard enough for me to get your prick into my cunt,” Dannie groaned as she continued to rock back and forth on her brother’s thighs, forcing more and more of his thickening prick into her body with every thrust of her hips.

Ken groaned with pleasure as more of his cock disappeared into his sister’s cum filled pussy. Whenever Dannie’s slit squeezed his shaft his prick grew harder and thicker until her pussy lips kissed the base of his cock and he knew that he was ready to fuck his sister again. “There,” Dannie said, shaking her blond curls as she smiled down at her brother, “I knew I’d get you hard if I could just get you inside me again.”

“When you’re right you’re right,” Ken said with a weak smile as he grabbed Dannie’s hips and held her steady as he bounced his ass off the bed. He slid his shaft most of the way out of the preteen’s slit before she dropped back to the bed with a scream of pleasure as his cock slammed back into her body with enough force to make her bounce up again for another stroke.

“Fuck me Kenny, fuck me,” Dannie screamed as she bounced her ass off her brother’s thighs as Ken held her steady for every stroke.

“I’m gonna cum sis,” Ken groaned as he felt his balls starting to twitch as they slapped against Dannie’s bald cunny.

“So am I Kenny,” Dannie gasped as her pussy started to vibrate around her brother’s invading prick. She could feel her belly jumping with every stroke of her brother’s cock and knew she and Ken were going to cum together.

“I’m cumming,” Ken screamed as he slammed his cock as deep as he could into his sister’s pussy and held it there as his balls cramped, shooting wad after wad of baby juice into Dannie’s already overflowing slit. Ken could feel his sister’s fuck tunnel clamp tight around the whole length of his cock as it milked every last drop of cum from his shaft as his prick wilted in spite of Dannie’s best attempts to keep it hard.

“I think that’s it for me,” Ken groaned as his soft cock dropped out of Dannie’s dripping cunt and his sister rolled off him to drop to the bed. “At least for a while.”

“I’m with you,” Dannie sighed as she grabbed a pillow and raised her ass off the bed so she could slip it under herself. “As much as I’d love to fuck again right now I think one more orgasm would be more than I could take without blacking out.”

“In that case why don’t you just rest up and let my cum soak into your pussy while I go into the kitchen and get breakfast started.

“Ok,” Dannie said with a contented sigh as she rubbed her belly and gave her brother a wide smile as he slid out of her bed. “Let me know when breakfast is ready and I’ll join you - but not a minute before.”

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“Kenny, I can’t eat all that,” Dannie said as her brother set down a big plate of Denver scrambled eggs in front of her as she sat down at the kitchen table.

“Sure you can,” Ken said as he added a smaller plate with a buttered English muffin and poured a large glass of orange juice for her. “I saw you eat more than that when Kendra was growing in your belly.”

“Ok,” Dannie admitted as she eyed her breakfast with a thoughtful frown, “you’re right, I can eat that much - but I shouldn’t if I want to lose the weight I put on while I was carrying Kendra.”

“You shouldn’t be worried about losing weight yet,” Ken said as he scrapped the rest of the eggs into a plate and set it down in his place next to his sister and eyed his daughter with a proud smile as he scooted his chair up to the table. “First of all your body is still healing from giving birth. Second, you’re nursing so you need the protean for your milk. And third, if I actually did manage to knock you up this morning you’ll need it for the new baby.”

“I guess you’re right,” Dannie said with a sigh somewhere between relief and frustration as she grabbed her fork and started to shovel the mound into her mouth with a contented smacking of her lips.

Ken was halfway through his own breakfast when the phone rang and he scrambled to reach the phone before he realized that Dannie was enjoying her food to much to be bothered with anything so trivial. “Hello,” Ken said as he watched Dannie’s milk filled tits bouncing slightly every time she chewed or swallowed her food. “Oh, hi Jim. What’s up?”

Dannie stopped eating and watched her brother as he continued to speak on the phone but she couldn’t figure out the whole conversation until after he said goodbye and hung up the receiver before he returned to the table. “Well,” Dannie prompted, picking up Kendra as her daughter started to fuss. She opened her blouse and nursing bra and pressed the girl to her breast so she could eat while Ken told her about his phone conversation.

“That was Jim Evanston,” Ken started.

“I figured out that much, Dannie snapped before she turned to coo comfortingly to her daughter.

“I guess you would,” Ken said with a grin. “Anyway, he said that Kathy had the twins - a boy and a girl - she named the girl Geogia Beth because her eyes look just like her father’s.”

“I wonder what George and Beth are going to say about that,” Dannie said with a soft chuckle as she switched Kendra to her other breast to continue feeding.

Ken ignored his sister’s interruption as he continued, “and she named the boy Benjamin James because even now his cock is bigger than any other newborn the doctor’s ever seen, and because she says it’s probably the closest she’ll come to naming a child after her brother without anyone suspecting something.”

“Sounds like George and Ben actually did manage to tie in their competition,” Dannie said as she burped Kendra and then set her daughter back in her bassinet. “Anything else?”

“Yeah,” Ken said as he picked his dishes up from the table and took them to the dishwasher, “Jim said that Mary had her baby too and he volunteered to make the call so mom and dad could have more time with her.”

“Well,” Dannie urged as her brother grinned at her. “What did she have? And what’s the baby’s name?”

“Well,” Ken said, dragging his answer out as long as he could, “it looks like you don’t have to worry about this baby being a boy because that’s what Mary had. She named him William Jacob after our grandfathers so no one will have a clue that I’m the father - though mom and dad may have their suspicions when Mary and Bill get married once their old enough. But right now we have about an hour before mom and dad get home which gives us enough time to clean up from breakfast and have another quick fuck - just in case I haven’t knocked you up already.”

“Or even if you have,” Dannie said as she gave her brother a seductive grin.


Ken was never sure if he was actually successful in knocking Dannie up that day or if it happened later in the week when they managed to sneak in at least one fuck a day, but Dannie didn’t have another period before her belly started expanding with her second daughter. Mary was just as impatient to start her second child as Dannie was and Ken managed to knock her up in their first month of trying. By the time summer camp rolled around both girls were noticeably pregnant and their parents were going to keep them home until they found out that the camp was running a special week long camp for teenage mothers and they agreed to let the girls attend the camp which was run by an equally pregnant (but now married) Beth. At the camp they were joined by Linda (the most obviously pregnant girl at the camp) and Kathy (carrying her brother Jim’s baby).

Jim and Linda were the first ones to get married, Linda’s parents agreeing to let their daughter marry as soon as she turned sixteen and it was obvious they weren’t going to keep her from getting pregnant no matter how hard they tried. The second couple to get married were Mary and Bill, her parents watching suspiciously as five year old William walked down the aisle as the ring bearer while his five year old cousin Kendra walked behind him as the flower girl. Ken was halfway to his Bachelor’s degree before his parents finally agreed to let him marry an obviously pregnant Kathy (they never suspected that the child in her belly was her father’s and not their son’s) and adopt her four older children. The last ones to marry were Dannie and Ben since her parents insisted that he had to have a job to support his instant family - and his mother and sister’s wanted to have one more baby by him before they gave him up to his new wife. Even after everyone was married there were times when no one was completely sure who the girls were pregnant by, but no one really cared - as long as everyone enjoyed themselves.

-The End-

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