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I discovered the joy of group sex only days before my wedding
Originally posted on xnxx forum. I have added a second part for this version, which finishes off the story.

It was still before lunch and we’d already finished a shoot in San Francisco, my flight back to LA was not until 8:55 so I was stuck for a while. Joy, one of the girls I knew (we use my fianc? agency and had worked together before) asked if I wanted to stay at her place ‘till my flight. That’s how I found myself naked and dozing on a patio overlooking the rocky Pacific coastline. We emptied a bottle of chardonnay, talked about the shoot, the lingerie we were modeling, the crew, my imminent marriage, her current boyfriends (multiple) and of course, sex (on which I admit to be naive). The wine and my almost sleepless night in the hotel had caught up with me (I can never sleep in a strange bed) so I dozed in the sun.

Slightly tipsy, half asleep and half awake I dreamt voices, "Sssooo fine", another voice "nice tits, nice body" another voice "hmmm yad crawl a mile on broken glass to eat her shit" laughter then the first voice again "fuck shit, I gonna fuck that bitches ass". That’s when I opened my eyes,

Joy was sitting, still naked and unselfconsciously chatting to three black men. They were looking at me, ogling my naked body with lecherous grins on their faces. I died of embarrassment, I glanced around for something to cover myself with and made a grab for a towel but one of the men was too quick and trapped it with his foot so it slipped through my fingers. He said "No need to cover such a fine bod babe, we’z only lookin’, seen it before lotsa times on the net". Probably true, as a model specializing in lingerie my picture is all over the Internet. But standing in front of a camera almost undressed and with a professional crew is a lot different than lying naked in front of a group of foul mouthed black men.

One said "If it make ya feel better" he slipped his T-shirt over his head then stepped out of his shorts, his friends followed his lead. I tried to avert my eyes but my gaze was drawn to magnificently sculpted bodies, I stared openly at the three naked men. Joy went to open another bottle and left the patio. They let me look while they looked at me, my eyes dropping from their muscled chests to their slim waists and lower and then I was really shocked. All three were flaccid or semi flaccid and all three were much bigger that my fianc?when he’s hard. Guilt flooded me, I was staring at three naked men and comparing their penises to the man I was marrying in 2 days time and my fianc?just didn’t cut it. It really was an involuntary action but my legs parted ever so slightly, the three men saw it happen and grinned even more. Joy came back with 2 bottles of wine and some more glasses, she poured and introduce Nasir, William and James, Nasir came and sat at by me on my patio chair, it felt so wicked to have naked male flesh pressing against me. James sat alongside Joy, Will was leaning against a rock. We drank, we socialized as though at a party and all thoughts of our nakedness were forgotten.

Joy mentioned I was to be married on Saturday, they asked what my future husband was like, pretty soon the talk turned dirty and they asked what he was like in bed. I did not want to answer but Joy described him. "He lays on top of you and slobbers all over your tits while he wiggles his tiny worm about inside you, when he cums he falls quiet just lying on top then rolls off to go to sleep with no thought for your pleasure".

Well that’s what sex is… isn’t it… Oh horror, slowly it dawned on me she’s known him, she’s had sex with my fianc? I asked, she admitted that about 4 months ago she’d slept with him and it won’t happen again because he was useless. She told me that he tries it on with all the girls, sometimes he gets lucky, most times not, they know he’s a terrible lover.

I was hurt, I thought about it and understood that it’s not Joys fault but my fianc?, I like him, I love him, I’m going to marry him but if he can play around then maybe I can. Up to now I’d stayed 100% faithful to him, in fact he’s the only man I’ve ever had full sex with and he does this to me, I’ll show him.

Nas brought an arm up around my shoulder and I released he was stroking my hip with a finger. I was already upset and simmering with consternation, my anger flared, I turned to him to let fly then realized he was making me feel naughty, a warm liquid feeling between my legs and I wanted revenge. Again I felt a wave of guilt but it was washed away by the warmth between my legs. I forced myself to calm down, I was beginning to feel like I’ve never felt before, naughty, good, dirty, excited, trashy and more than anything I wanted payback, I wanted his big black dick inside me. I spread my legs a little, he looked at me and I gave a slight nod then his hand edged towards my sex.

He gently began to ease my lips apart, he slipped a finger into me, I gasped. Will took an interest and sauntered over to us, he looked at what Nas was doing to my pussy then strolled up beside me. His dick was hardening and beginning to stand out. He knelt beside me with a hand on each shoulder then came right down and kissed me. It was a long, deep and passionate kiss with tongues licking. His hand found one of my breasts and he began to massage it, he stroked the nipple and it began to harden then his mouth went down and he sucked the nipple. My left nipple was hard and erect and tingling when he moved over to my right breast and started increasing my pleasure by working there. I reached and touched his hard black shaft, it was hard, warm and silky as I stroked his whole lenght. Nas had turned round and had several fingers inside me, gently pushing in to the knuckles then pulling out, his face was on my stomach his tongue flicking at my clitoris.

The pleasurable sensations from my pussy stopped, he’d pulled his hand out and moved his tongue away as he stood up. He knelt between my legs at the end of the patio chair, leaned forward and pushed his tongue where his fingers had just been. He wiggled and flicked his tongue inside me, licked my labia and clitoris then worked back down to my vagina. Pretty soon I was right on the edge of orgasm and he pulled away and began to kiss my thighs and stomach and the tension in my clitoris waned. Then he had his tongue back inside me and as he moved up to my clitoris he pushed some fingers back inside me and worked them, spreading his fingers and my vagina as he licked and sucked my clitoris. He’d brought me right to the edge four or five times, how did he know, he was driving me crazy with pleasure and frustration, "God let me fucking cum" I heard myself yell. I was ashamed of my language, I don’t swear very often and I never blaspheme, swearing in American is so limited, try Russian or Danish if you really want to let you feelings known.

Will was still causing devastation at my breasts as each of my legs was spread on either side of the patio char. At last, now he’s going to fuck me I thought as I felt him move up. He began to slide the tip of his dick into me, easing my lips apart with a little pressure and his girth filled me he pushed in a little more, the tearing pain hit me as he opened me wider to accept his thick shaft. I gasped, he’s ripping me apart and the more he pushed the more it hurt. I struggled but Will was more or less holding me immobile so I couldn’t struggle against the pain, my legs came up and he slid right into me. The pain went in a flash of ecstasy, is this what a real man feels like, I was full, the sensation was exhilarating, my fianc?had never even come close. He eased out with a sigh then pushed back into me. I locked my legs around his waist and held him deep within me. It was bliss until he said, "fuck that" he reached and grabbed my ankles and pushed them right up. Will got out of the way as Nas pushed my legs up so my feet were each side of my head.

"Im gonna fuck you sooo fucking hard bitch yooo gonna scream" he pulled almost out of me then rammed back in, I yelped as he bottomed, the pain was unbearable, like a kick in the stomach from inside, he thumped against my cervix. "Yah, scream on that nigga dick bitch" he powered into me again, slap, yelp. When he pulled back it felt like he was dragging my insides out with him. Again, slap, yelp, pull, slap, pull, slap as his balls swung against my ass and my vagina stretched to fit his enormous size.

Oh my, such sensations, pleasure I’ve not known, the feel of that thick black shaft powering into me. I exploded, I already said that don’t like to swear but I am sure I yelled "Lede s?knep mig ohhhh fuuuuucccckkkk", as I came. I’ve never come so hard before, I felt my vagina flood and it just kept happening, I came again and again, "ohhh yessss, fuck meeeee knepppp miiiigg" each time more powerful than the last and only seconds apart. Nas was taking me to heaven and he just kept on thrusting his dick into my quivering vagina.

The chain of orgasms eased, I was panting, gasping for breath, my pussy was stretched and tingling and I felt elation throughout my body. Then it struck me, I’m getting married on Saturday and my fianc?has always used condoms, we’d timed the wedding so I would be ovulating hoping that I would get pregnant on our wedding night only 2 days away. I was not sure if he was wearing a condom, I never saw him putting one on, I panicked "No... Pull it out, pull it out, don’t come please" I pleaded with Nas as I tried to push him away. "Fuck that bitch I’m gonna fill your cunt with black baby juice".

He held me down against my struggles. My feet pushed against his shoulders, his muscular arms wrapped around my legs, he clutched both my flailing hands in one of his hands and slapped my face hard with his other hand. "Shut the fuck up bitch" he hissed at me "I’m not fuckin’ stoppin’ now". The strange thing is this violence excited me so much I came again. How I wanted him, I stopped struggling and tried to pull him deeper into me. He rammed into me hard and said "See ya fuckin’ want me, you want ma nigga cum right up ya white bitch pussy". I did, I really wanted him to cum inside me, I’ve never felt so hot and wicked before, new passion was discovered, aroused and awakened, what had this black man done to me, all I wanted was for him to keep fucking me hard until he came.

He moaned, his eyes rolled back in his head and he kept roughly thrusting into me. Then he pushed really hard, his pelvis grinding into mine and his back arched as he forced the full length of that thick black penis into me. He let out a long low "ahhhhhhhh" and I came again as I felt his penis pulse as his hot semen exploded into me.

He stayed like that for ages, rigid, deep inside me, his penis twitched now and again and each time it twitched he let out a little moan. Then he let go of my ankles and dropped onto me. He rested with his head in the crook of my neck and again I felt another twinge of guilt as he reminded me of my fianc?after he’d finished - although getting to that point was a totally different experience. Occasionally his dick twitched inside me and he moaned. Gently he kissed the spot on my face where he had slapped me. He began to pull out and I thought he would but even semi flaccid he still wanted to fuck. Slowly and gently he slid his softening but still thick shaft and fucked me accompanied by a loud squelching noise, I was very aware of that noise and certain it meant trouble.

As his thick black shaft moved within me my mind was in turmoil, I’m getting married on Saturday to a man I love dearly but who had cheated on me, probably more than once. As revenge I’m having sex with a man I met less than an hour ago and I feel so excited, so alive and so wanton, it’s the best sex I ever had and I may be pregnant by him. My body was/is in ecstasy never before in my life had I felt so much pleasure. The sensations this crude black male had awoken in me, his rough, even violent sex was a revaluation. That a big, thick penis can make so much difference to the joy of sex had me thinking that I’d been cheated and now found the truth.

I was awoken from my reverie by a shaking. Nas was being shaken and pulled away from me, I tried to cling on to him to keep him inside me but Will was pulling him off and was insistent, "Give someone else a poke" he said.

I didn’t want another man to fuck me. I wanted to spend my entire life with Nas deep inside me, being fucked by Nas. I was damn certain I was not being turned into ‘din omvandrende madras’ (prostitute), ‘en luder’ (a whore) by having ‘bunkepul’ (gangbang) sex with multiple men. Nas pulled out and slipped over the side of the patio chair, still kissing me, still stroking my breasts. I felt fingers probing my sloppy pussy and a hard, erect penis pressing into my thigh I melted. Of course I wanted him. I wanted him so badly, I wanted him deep inside me, I wanted him to cum inside me, and to mix his semen with the semen already planted there. I wanted James too. I wanted to be fucked and fucked until I could take no more then I wanted to be fucked again.

Will stood and pulled me up then lay down on the chair, with one hand he held his long dick, with his other hand he guided me to straddle him. He was quite a bit longer than Nas but not as thick. He pulled me down onto him and he entered easily. He held my waist and forced me up and down him a few times then pulled me right down so his whole length was inside me. That last couple of inches was agony, The head of his dick banged against my cervix and rubbed against it as he went oh so deep into me. He lifted me then pulled me back down again, I cried out oh it hurt, just the last inch or so was torture. Tears streamed down my face as he held himself deep inside me for a few seconds, He lifted me and pulled me down again, the pain was not as bad this time, I merely sobbed. Before long I was riding him, as I dropped onto him he bucked up into me. After only a few minutes he pulled me down hard onto him and I felt him cum. My pussy was already wide and sloppy from Nas, that girth had opened me so Wills semen tricked out between his long dick and my vagina walls. I could feel it running out of me, tickling as it flowed. He pulled me forward onto him then he began long, slow even strokes. "Baby" he said "That just ta release da pressure now Is gonna fuck you good" and I wanted him to fuck me so much.

I was kissing Will when rough hands jerked my head up. Nas was standing just beyond Wills head and holding his thick black dick in his hand. "Suck this nigga dick" he commanded me and pushed himself towards my mouth. I was frightened, I’ve never done it before. I’ve never made love with 2 men before so I guess anything new is worth trying. As Will was thrusting up into me I took Nas’s thick member between my lips. The first thing that struck me was the musky smell, not unpleasant, in fact mildly erotic. The tip of his dick was between my lips and I thought I was doing well when he grabbed the back of my head and thrust himself forward into my mouth. "Don’t fucking kiss it, suck it bitch". I started to suck, I swirled my tongue around the head of his shaft, I poked the hole in the tip with my tongue and he began to swell in my mouth forcing my jaw painfully wide as he hardened.

Will was still fucking me and I felt something rubbing against me from behind. I wanted to look back but Nas kept forcing himself into my throat. As I was gagging on his dick I felt an intensely excruciating pain in my rectum. Someone, James had thrust his penis right into my ass without warning. I screamed, and tried to pull away, he laughed as Nas and Will held me still for him.

Nas pulled my hair and forced his penis back into my mouth and began what was in effect to fuck my mouth, the tip of his penis banging against my throat, I gagged and he pulled back for a second then thrust it back in. At the same time James was ass fucking me, the pain soon subsided and I was getting used to the sensation, something else I’d never done before and never even thought of doing. Will was still deep in my vagina allowing James thrusts into my ass to push me up and down his dick.

Only a few minutes ago I thought I was not going to be turned into a slut and now I have three black men inside me. It’s amazing that you don’t know what you are missing until you try it and I’ve missed so much in my life.

Movement attracted my eye across the patio and that’s when I got really worried, Joy had a video camera and was filming me getting fucked by three black men. She smiled. She wouldn’t, surely she wouldn’t post it on the internet, I’ve known her for less than 6 months I really know nothing about her, she set all this up, I bet she would… That’s when I began to cum again, was it fear that made me cum this way or excitement. I don’t know but I do know that Will began thrusting opposite to James, as James pulled out Will thrust in, as James pushed into my ass Will pulled out. I was going wild, I pulled Nas’s dick deep into my throat until I gagged, pulled back then tried to swallow him, he moaned. I sucked hard on his thick shaft, I stroked the tip with my tongue, I swirled my tongue around the tip then forced him back into my throat. As Will started cumming into me again Nas’s dick began to twitch. He pulled out of my mouth and exploded semen into my face, I wanted it inside me, I wanted to taste him, I caught his dick and slipped it back into my mouth just as the last couple of spurts shot. Another first, I’d tasted a mans semen, I swallowed. I wiped the drips from my face and licked them from my fingers, some had dripped onto Wills face I dropped down and licked them too. Nas seemed to be very impressed with this.

Will was spent but still semi hard inside me. Nas went to sit by Joy and James kept up his relentless thrusting in my ass, before long he came too unloading a mass of hot semen.

Over 2 hours had flown by and I needed to head to the airport. I was a mess with semen in my hair and flooding from my vagina and ass, my inner thighs were glistening and I just didn’t have time to shower. I wiped myself down with the towel and started dressing, I’d just have to take the plane smelling like ‘det gl?spigen’ I am.

I asked Joy to phone for a cab for me. She looked at Nas then back to me and said. "We’re going out to a club in an hour or so, you want to phone the airline and change to a flight tomorrow, you can stay here". I hmmm’d a bit, "No I really can’t, I need to be back in LA to get ready for the wedding". "Okay" she said, "It’s only your last moment of freedom, I guess you can make up for it after you’re married".

That decided me. I phoned the airline. I phoned my fianc?

Then I was fucked in the cunt, ass and mouth by 3 black men again and again until I could take no more, and then I was fucked again before we went out to a club...

Part 2

On the morning of my wedding I awoke with a new and strange feeling in the pit of my stomach. Yesterday my stomach felt a bit weird when I woke at Joys house but I was the filling in a man sandwich then so I’d assumed it was just excitement. Now I’m home and I’m getting married in a few of hours so I had the butterflies for sure but the sensation that was concerning me was lower in my stomach. So, not butterflies then.

My mind went back to Thursday and Friday, it started after a photo shoot in San Francisco as I was idling the afternoon away with my friend and downing a bottle or two of wine. That restful afternoon progressed to unprotected sex with three black men and I discovered that I enjoyed what was happening to me.

Later we went out to a club and by the time it closed in the early hours of the following morning I could add another eight to the total men I’d had sex with. I’d even taken part in a gang bang on the stage in front of a couple of hundred people, most unusual for a shy twenty two years old girl who was considered prudish and had only ever had full penetrative and protected sex with one person before.

So I’d had my revenge on my cheating fianc?with eleven black men bringing the total number of men who’d penetrated me to twelve. My fianc?had always used a condom when we made love and we’d set the date of our wedding so that I’d be at my most fertile. Admittedly one of the men did use a condom but all that meant was that I had taken the seed of ten people, some of them multiple times into my receptive vagina.

I lay in bed taking stock of what I’d done and thinking wicked and warming thoughts. One second Nas was pushing his thick dick into me and was being nasty the next I was kneeling on an old settee on a stage with one man in my vagina, one in my mouth and my hand grasping another. The spotlights were bright but I could just see the faces of the crowd shouting encouraging abuse.

I soon became hot and damp and my thighs quivered as they opened and I slid my fingers between my legs. My stomach was even now making it’s presence felt and truly I’d never had a sensation like this before. On the morning of my wedding with two fingers probing my vagina I was certain that I was to bare the child of a stranger.

My mind would not let go of my recent trip to San Francisco and even getting ready for my wedding was taking second place as I dressed for that momentous moment. I guess I shouldn’t have refused my mother and sister permission to help me get ready, perhaps their constant jabbering would help distract me but I knew that there was much for them to prepare and to be truthful I really wanted the time alone.

My thoughts turned to my fianc? I needed to explain to him what I’d done before the ceremony and it had to be face to face because I just couldn’t tell him on the phone. This was stymied because his parents were being very strict on etiquette so we were not allowed to see each other before the ceremony. By the time I’d arrived back in L.A. last night he was out with his friends doing the clubs (and possibly other things) and I just couldn’t disturb his stag night.

Now I was ready and I scanned myself in the mirror, beautiful, there was no sign that I’d been an absolute whore for the previous couple of days. I felt so guilty that I’d had sex with other men and so exhilarated as that pleasant moistness warmed through me again. Cynically I was dressed all in white and the deceit fortified me against my fianc? cheating. I looked again in the mirror and what I saw was a demure, shy, virginal vision, my pale blue bra, panties and suspenders couldn’t be seen.

A knock at the door surprised me, I opened it and standing before me was Nas. Immediately my vagina flooded, I needed to feel him inside me again, he grinned and wished me the best as I dragged him into my lounge. Next thing I knew I was lying on a chair with my ankles on the shoulders of the man kneeling between my legs, his beautiful thick dick fucking me hard. Except for my panties I was still fully dressed, so was he with just the fly of his trousers open and his thick dick poking through and ramming into me.

Timing was critical and I was a couple of minutes late so there was no time even to clean up as I ushered him from my apartment. I could see that the front of his beige trousers showed damp with my juice and I could feel his semen begin to dribble from me. Downstairs a limo waited for me, my father nervously sitting inside. Nas climbed in beside me and whispered crudities in my ear while my father sat opposite scowling at his damp patch.

Within twenty minutes I stood in the chapel with my future husband by my side and another mans semen dripping from my vagina. I knew I’d leaked in the car and the back of my pretty white dress must be crumpled, damp and darkly stained with the semen that had dribbled from me. I knew family and friends sitting behind could see the dampness, many of them had seen me arrive with Nas and I felt so excited. During our vows I happened to glance Nas sitting in the pews holding my pale blue panties to his nose and I thought of the exquisite sex we’d just had and of his semen inside me as I stumbled on the words “…to be my lawful wedded husband”.

Toward the end of the reception it was my grandmother who mentioned it. She could speak little English so her Danish masked her words from those around us. She told me she could smell me on that black man she’d just been talking to. She yanked me towards her then told me that she could smell him on me too, two and two adds up to you lying together. I told her of the last couple of days and she asked searching questions of my fidelity, questions that I was not able to answer at that moment, questions that left me stuttering and staring with my mouth open. Then she totally stunned me as she said. “Don’t look so shocked, I spent much of my life in Africa. You have an uncle there, my son lives with his father in Mozambique so I know exactly how you feel when you see a handsome and well endowed black stud. I’ve just seen you married but I’ll ask you if you want me to distract Ray for half an hour”.

Ray is my husband and he was distracted while I had sex with Nas for the second time that day. We sneaked out to the back alley and with me leaning against a grimy wall he pumped his semen into me again.

Soon afterwards my husband and I made our farewells to our guests, we entered our room and as he held me to him he slipped his hand between my legs. “No panties” he said, “You are my naughty angel”.

Then as his finger easily slipped between my wet and puffy lips he continued “and you are so wet for me”.

This was it, the first time we’d been alone for days and this was the moment of truth, frighteningly late and obviously the wrong time but we’d not consummated our union yet so it had to be now. I told him I was so wet because that wetness was another mans semen. I told him about my time in S.F. and I told him that I believed that I was pregnant with a black mans baby.

He pushed me away and screamed that I was a tramp, a slut, a dirty whore. That’s when I told him that I knew about the women he had bedded and if he was going to continue then so was I. He insisted that it’s different for men, that it’s ok for men to sleep around but not for women, especially betrothed women. He wouldn’t accept that his standards should apply to me too, that if he can sleep around then so can I. I asked him where the women came from that he had sex with, that his standards counted these women as women and that they should not sleep around.

We eventually came to an agreement that meant we would not be applying for a divorced in the morning and as dawn broke we finally consummated our marriage and for the first time he didn’t use a condom with me. It was extremely strange because during our lovemaking we quietly discussed our previous lovers, he had many while I could only talk about the last couple of days. We were joined as one and stared in each other’s eyes as I spoke about the intensity of the last couple of days.

His lovemaking was different, better, he was trying to satisfy me, to prove himself to me. The fact that I was very wet and slack and obviously he was having “sloppy seconds” excited him, he really enjoyed the feeling of my used and wet vagina. For me it better than he is usually but still not particularly good, and now I know what good really was. I told him that I would have to teach him how my lovers fucked me and I knew I would enjoy that.

It was not until several months later that I discovered that the whole thing was a set up. Joy was very experienced but had had very uneventful sex with my fianc?and she wanted me to know what he was really like, what he’d been doing behind my back and for me to experience good sex before I married. She succeeded wildly, now I think you would call me a hot wife but I call myself a slut. I fuck my black friends often and sometimes my husband joins us. He sometimes attracts a new girl to his bed and I have been known to join in with him, as have my lovers to make a very interesting night.

I realise that the man I married is so very special, he never complains at my sexual adventures and I don’t complain of his. He’ll never make a real stud but his lovemaking is much improved, now he is so much more attentive and not as focussed on his own needs and he likes nothing better than very sloppy seconds, thirds or fourths. He’s grateful for my teachings because he gets more from sex than he ever got before. But I think what makes him so very special is the undying love he gives to my twins, twins that he obviously has not fathered.

Thank you for reading my story.


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Such unbearable levels of autism

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Oh Jeez you do what I have only fantasized about!! I can feel that great rod sliding into me now and filling me up!! So smooth and sexy--great story

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That was so hot, getting married with another guys jiz dripping out your cunt, real payback. Good composition too, shame about the glaring mistakes but they didn't spoil it so much, in fact they add to the mystique of your foreignness

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I enjoyed this story very much. My wife and I are currently working on finding her a black lover. I want her to experience what she can never get from me.

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I'm in my early thirties very attractive and married to a wonderful man. We dated in college and married after a two year engagement. We've been married nine years. I'd been with two other guys before my husband and I enjoy sex a whole lot. Several years back my husband told me he'd fantasized about sharing me with a black man. I was shocked, but after he'd shared this with me while we were having sex one night I asked him if he still felt that way? He assured me he did and in a moment of weakness I agreed to give it a try. He set me up with one of his customers who came to visit his office. We had dinner and he came home with us and before I knew it he was making love to me. It was the most incredible sexual experience of our lives. Now, he's had sex with me a half dozen times and I love sex with him. I'm going to visit him next week by myself and I can't wait to be with him. I love and need his huge black dick; it wasn't my idea, but it is now.

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