It was the morning after Mrs. Scott had given me my first and most mind blowing blowjob ever and made her son cry by telling him how small his penis was and that his girlfriend would prefer me. I thought that it must have been a dream. I would soon fin out how wrong I was.

It was morning and I was hungry so I went into the kitchen looking for some cereal for breakfast. When I got to the kitchen I saw that Nick was already there sitting down eating some toast and jam. When he saw me he gave me the dirtiest look I had ever seen. I found myself some cereal and milk and sat down. Not a word was said between the two of us. You could cut the tension with a knife. I just looked down at my food and ate hoping he would finish fast and leave.

“Good morning boys I hope you two had a good sleep.”

I turned around and saw what wet dreams were made of. It was Mrs. Scott standing in the kitchen in the sexiest, skimpiest piece of lingerie that I had ever seen. She was wearing a tiny white baby doll. It barely covered her pussy so you could see her perfectly shaped legs, but that didn’t matter because the whole thing was see-through so you could see right through. The best thing was that she wasn’t wearing any underwear underneath so you could see her soft, hairless pussy. Her enormous perky tits were stretching the fabric and barely being contained, but that didn’t even matter because you could see nipples and all anyway. During the time I was staring at her perfect body I had gotten a pretty massive boner, which was hard to hide because I was just wearing boxers and it was making an impressive tent aswell. My erection threatened to rip right through when she went to sit down in front of me. She walked around the table and my eyes almost fell out of my head when I saw her from behind. At the back the baby doll was only attached at a point at the top and the rest was left open so Mrs. Scott’s big, tight, bouncy ass was totally uncovered and naked.

“MOM! Don’t you think that that’s a little revealing? I don’t want to see that.” Said Nick

“What are you talking about sweetie? This is my favourite thing to wear to bed. It’s so comfortable. You don’t think it’s too revealing do you Johnny?” Mrs. Scott asked.

“No, not at all. I think you look just fine,” I said just to annoy Nick.

“See sweetie, I told you.”

My erection was becoming quite uncomfortable. I wanted another blowjob so bad, but I was too nervous to say anything incase it was actually just a dream. I was fidgeting quite a bit and Mrs. Scott must have noticed this.

“Are you all right Johnny? Let me check you out,” she said as she walked over to me.

“I’m fine, don’t worry,” I said as I tucked my chair in to hide my giant boner.

“Here turn around so I can check you,” she said.
I reluctantly turned around and prepared myself for what was going to happen. To my relief she took one look down at my crotch and smiled.

“Oh Johnny dear you didn’t have to hide that. Your so hard, that must be so uncomfortable for you let me just let it out for some air.” She knelt down and reached inside my boxers and pulled out my dick through the fly, which stood straight up. “Isn’t that so much better? You shouldn’t be so shy. Be proud of that huge package of yours. I can tell that Nick is really jealous and as he should be. You have a tree trunk in your pants and he has a twig. No offence to you Nick I’m sure you’ll find someone attracted to your other qualities. But you Johnny could get any girl you wanted. But this is somewhat my fault. I should have known that a boy as well endowed as you would needs lots of relief. I’m sorry Johnny. I promise from now on that every morning I’ll give you one of my world famous blowjobs until you shoot your load right down my throat. How does that sound? And I’m not taking no for an answer, it’s not healthy for you to keep sweet, sweet cum inside like that and my doctor tells me I need more protein anyway so it’s an advantage to both of us.”

“I guess your making a lot of sense,” I said coolly, but in my head I was screaming for joy.

She slowly licked from the base of my cock all the way up and then used her tongue to lick all around the tip. She then looked up at me and said, “ Mmm delicious, I love your extra large sausage” and then took my cock half way in her mouth and started bobbing her head up and down rapidly. This was a better feeling than last time.

“Mom! You always do this. I hate you,” Nick screamed as he left the kitchen crying again.

“Oh my god Mrs. Scott, your amazing,” I moaned

She stopped with my cock still in her mouth, looked at me, smiled and then continued. But then she started to moan while she was doing it, which made it feel even better.

“Fuck Mrs. Scott your going to make me cum so hard.” With those words she raised her head and pleaded, “Give it to me, I want it soooo bad.” She then went down and put her mouth around my cock so that just the swollen head was in her mouth and then looked me straight in the eyes. What happened next was amazing. She started sucking as hard as she could and took both her hands and started jacking me off as fast as she could and the whole time she never looked away. “Ohhhhhh Mrs. Scott.” This new sensation pushed me over the edge and I spurted 7 times and all of it went straight down her throat.

“How do you feel,” she asked

“Soooo much better. Thanks,” I said
“Whenever you have the urge just come and see me alright, I mean it.”


“We better get ready Daisy, Nick’s girlfriend, is coming over and she’s really looking forward to meeting you.”

I had showered and gotten ready when I heard the doorbell ring. Daisy was here. Daisy was a goddess at our school. She was latin from Puerto Rico and the hottest girl in school. She had many of the same qualities as Mrs. Scott. She was blond and had huge, bodacious boobs maybe just a little smaller than Mrs. Scott. Probably a 34 D. And she had a latin ass also not quite as big as Mrs. Scott’s but just as mouth watering. I hated that she went out with an asshole like Nick.

I ran to the door but was pushed out of the way by Nick who told me to keep away from Daisy or else. He opened the door and there she was. Her clothing choices were almost as bad as Mrs. Scott’s, but I wasn’t complaining. Her tits were stretching out her tiny t-shirt, which left the bottom of her boobs hanging out and was cut so low that I thought I could see the top of her nipples. She had an amazing tight stomach. She was wearing jean shorts that were shorter than short shorts. It left most of her succulent ass and the crotch of the jeans was right between her outer pussy lips and made an awesome camel toe. Her legs were just as toned as Mrs. Scott.

“Daisy, how are you doing baby?” asked Mrs. Scott who had appeared behind us. She was in her swimming gear. The smallest bikini I had ever seen. It was a string bikini. Her top had two tiny triangles that barely covered her nipples not leaving much to the imagination and showed just how perky her boobs. They didn’t need any support at all. Her bottoms were made of even less material. It was literally just made of strings. One going around her waist and then one attached to that going between her legs. It didn’t hide much at all. It gave an even better view of her completely shaved pussy than the baby doll.

“I’m great Mrs. Scott. I love that bathing suit. You look so sexy. Are we going swimming because I left my bathing suit at home?”

“Oh that’s not a problem at all I have a matching one in my closet. You’ll look great in it.”

“Oh no your not Daisy. That bikini is way too revealing,” said Nick

“Shut the fuck up Nick I can doing anything that I want. I’m not going to let a pathetic guy like you tell me what to do. And your barely a guy at that you baby dicked loser,” said Daisy. Nick then whimpered and lowered his head in humiliation.

“Oh and Daisy this is Johnny, he’s staying with us.” Then Mrs. Scott went in close and whispered something in Daisy’s ear. I couldn’t hear exactly what they were saying, but I Mrs. Scott mouth, “this big,” and spread her hands out approximately the size of my dick. Then they both looked at me and smiled devilishly.

“Boys change into your swim gear we’re going outside to the pool,” exclaimed Mrs. Scott.

My mom had packed me my new swimsuit, which I hadn’t tried on yet. I looked through my luggage case and was quite surprised. Instead of the usual kind that were shorts my mom had bought me a speedo. I tried it on and realized that my package could barely fit. The outline of my above average dick was quite noticeable. Mrs. Scott was calling me so I thought what the hell and went out by the pool.

Everyone was already out by the pool. Nick was in his bathing suit by his girlfriend and Mrs. Scott and Daisy in their matching string bikinis. I felt something stirring below. The bulge in my speedo got a little bigger.

“It’s a perfect day to go sunbathing. Johnny would you mind putting some oil on my back,” asked Mrs. Scott.

“Sure,” I said.

I walked over to her and squirted some of the oil in my hands and then proceeded to rub it into her back.
“I hate tan lines let me just take this thing off,” said Mrs. Scott who then not only took off her top letting her boobs free, but also took off her bottoms. She was completely naked. It got even better.

“You’re so right Mrs. Scott,” said Daisy and then she proceeded to take off her bathing suit.

Two of the most gorgeous girls that I had ever seen were lying naked infront of me. This was too much and I got a full out erection sticking straight out made a huge tent in bathing suit.

“Johnny would you be a dear and do my front too, thanks.”

I gulped. My erection was hidden behind Mrs. Scott. If I went around everyone would see it stretching my speedo. I didn’t mind Mrs. Scott seeing it so much, but Daisy was here also and I didn’t know what she would say. But I just went for it.

I looked at Daisy and smiled politely and she smiled back, but then her gaze dropped down to my crotch and her eyes went wide and she gasped.

I turned around to face Mrs. Scott when she suddenly said, “Hey you don’t want any tan lines too.” And then she grabbed my bathing suit and pulled it down to my feet. All 9 inches of my cock were sticking straight out and it was about 2 inches away from her face.

“Wow Johnny you have a fucking big fat horse cock there,” Daisy exclaimed. I laughed nervously. “I’d kill to fuck a guy that hung, all I’ve got to work with is Nick’s micro dick. I feel embarrassed for him when I see it. If I was a guy with a cock like Nick’s I’d kill myself. Hey I have an idea lets compare them. Nick take off your trunks. Johnny come here”

“Do I have to,” Nick whined

“Yes,” Daisy said forcefully. Nick begrudgingly dropped his shorts. Wow his dick was small. He was about 1 inch soft and it was pretty skinny. Mrs. Scott and Daisy both started giggling. I kinda felt sorry for him.

“You can’t even compare them to each other. Johnny’s is one of the most beautiful, mouth watering cock’s ever and Nick’s looks like a second belly button. I bet I couldn’t even fit Johnny’s throbbing piston in my mouth. Here if I can’t fit it in my mouth I’ll give you a hand job and if I can then I’ll fuck your brains out. Does that sound fair?”

“What about Nick?”

“Who gives a fuck.”

Daisy took my cock in her hands and held it right infront of her face. She started licking it all over to lube it up. She got to the tip and licked all around it. She was making the sexiest moaning noises while she was doing it. She then took a deep breath in and slowly started to push her mouth down my cock. She was having a little trouble but she got it in.

“Hey I can fit it in my mouth. A bet’s a bet, now I’m going to have to fuck your brains out. But it’s really big so I’ll have to lube it up with my mouth. One blowjob coming up.”

She then started giving me a sloppy blowjob. At first she could only get the tip in her mouth, but as she slobbered more and more on it she got a little more until it was hitting the back of her throat.

“Okay it’s time to fulfill the bet. Here lie on the deck lounger”

I lied down and she crawled on. She took my dick and squatted so it just touched the entrance of her pussy. She took a deep breath in and slowly lowered herself. She was incredibly tight. Her pussy was so warm and it felt great. She started going up and down very slowly and then started speeding it up until she was impaling herself with it hard. Her tits were bouncing up and down and she started moaning and screaming.

“Oh fuck Johnny. I’m going to fuck you so good and hard. You’re so fucking big. Yes. Oh my god you make my pussy feel so good. Oh god, oh god, oh god. Yes, yes, yes. You’re so fucking good. You’re going to make me cum so hard. Fuck, fuck , fuck.” Then she looked me in the eyes and started fucking me even faster and harder. “Oh yes, oh yes, right there, oh my god, OOOOOOOHHHHHHHH!!!!!” She stopped and started to contracting on my dick and she started convulsing and toppled over me. I thought she had passed out, but then she whispered in my ear, “That was the best fuck I’ve ever had. You made me cum the hardest ever. Now let me return the favour.” She raised her self off my throbbing cock and moved down so her head was over my cock. “I’m going to reward you with the best blowjob ever. I want you to cum in my mouth.” Then she impaled her mouth on my dick and started bobbing up and down. Her mouth was like a vacuum. I wasn’t going to last long after that incredible fucking.

“I’m going to cum,” I said

She looked at me and her response was. “mmhmm.”

I came so hard. 9 good spirts. She tried to swallow it all but some dribble out. Any cum she missed she licked up clean.

“I’m going to come around here more often.”

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