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This is based on a true story of a Highschool sophomore and a freshman in college
It all started my Senior year of high school. My friend, Justin, and I were in the band program, and he decided to introduce me to an incoming freshman. Her name was Shannon. She was tall (about 5’8”), slim, and very attractive. She was the type of girl that all the guys flirted with. Though I was in a relationship at the time, the moment I laid eyes on her, I thought she was one of the most gorgeous females I had seen. ‘One day,’ I thought, ‘I might have a chance with her.

About one year later, I found myself no longer as close of friends with Justin, which was to blame on him and I attending different schools. I was starting to hang out with Shannon a little more, but mainly late at night when my friends and I would decide to hang out with her.

One day, while txting Shannon, we began to plan hanging out and going to a movie. Since it was getting late, we couldn’t go that same night so we made these plans for another day. Finally the day arrived, and I was looking forward to the movie all day. Though I was a bit nervous, I reassured myself it wasn’t a date, and that nothing would probably happen. While I was right at first, we found ourselves going to yet another movie. During this movie, we passed the time flirting and throwing ice cubes at each other. This was starting to get good!

We walked home to get my car, then drove out to get some food. After picking up a few cheeseburgers, I went to take Shannon home. At this time, I presented the idea that maybe she could stay the night with me at my dad’s house, and I could take her home in the morning. We made up a cover story to tell her mom, telling her that Shannon was going to stay the night at a girlfriend’s house. After all was cleared, we dropped my car off at my mother’s house and started walking with our food to my dad’s house. As we were walking, we spotted a picnic table, where we could sit down, eat, and talk. We talked for a long time, and I was enjoying every minute of it. As I turned, I noticed the sprinklers near the picnic table were turned on, and I had convinced her to go play around in the sprinklers with me. We wrestled, got soaked, and decided it was time to walk the rest of the way to my dad’s house.

When we arrived at my dad’s house, we went inside and changed into dry clothes, then sat down in my bedroom and started talking for a little bit. Then, we decided to take my dad’s car, and return to the park to play in the sprinklers again. I decided to put on some athletic shorts, but I forgot to put boxers on underneath. We went to the park, and as we were wrestling, soaking wet and cold, Shannon got really close to me. I wanted so bad to lean forward and kiss her, but as I thought of this, my dick started getting harder. Fearful that she might notice, I turned myself slightly, and continued to splash her with water. When the sprinklers got boring, we decided to go swimming, since we were wet anyways. We went swimming for about 15 minutes, then decided to drive back to my house.

After arriving at my house, we changed into our sleep attire, and went to my room. She laid down on my bed, which was only a twin sized bed, and I sat on the ground next to the bed. To my surprise, she gestured for me to lay next to her, and said “there’s enough room, don’t be afraid.” So I got up and laid with my head right next to hers. I yawned, and she asked “Are you tired already?”.
“No,” I said. “not when I have a girl like you in my bed!”
“Well what do you want to do?” she asked.
“Truth or Dare?” I asked her.
“Dare!” Shannon said.
“What?!? you can’t choose dare on the first turn! nobody does that!” I said.
“Well I do!”
so I thought, ‘well gee, this should be easy’... and it was then that I said
“I dare you to take off your bra”
“The bra AND shirt? or just the bra?” she asked, as she sat up to begin removing the clothing.
“Just the bra... for now” I said, trying to make this game last a while. When it came to my turn, she told me to take off my pajama pants, and I obliged with no hesitation. We continued daring each other to remove articles of clothing, until we were both laying there naked, on my bed, in my dark room. She then asked me “Truth or Dare?”
“Dare- this is getting good!” I said.
“Okay, I dare you to kiss me” said Shannon
“okay, how?” I asked, inferring if she meant just on the lips, or with tongue.
She responded “I don’t care- however you want to” so I leaned over and found her lips with mine, and slowly began making out with her. I did this for a short period of time, and then laid back down. I then asked if she wanted to choose a truth or a dare, and when she chose dare, I told her to do the same dare as me. She leaned over me and began to make out with me, starting gently, and then gradually increasing the intensity of the kiss. My hand started feeling it's way around her body, and as I pulled my lips away from hers, I asked, “Do we really need to keep the dares going?”
“I guess not” she said, and started kissing me again. At this, I decided it was time to have fun. I gradually slipped my finger into her pussy, hearing a moan as I did so. I began fingering her as we made out, and I tried fitting a second finger in her, but found it very difficult because of her extremely tight pussy. I then got on top of her, and kissed her body lower and lower down to her stomach. I was now facing her very neatly groomed pubic region, and I dove straight in, delighted by the smell of her womanhood. I continued to eat her out for sometime, stopping a little bit to readjust myself, and then continued. I then went back up on her, and she got on top of me and began giving me head. This was the best blow job I had ever received, and I felt myself close to cumming very fast, because of her precision. I didn’t want to cum just yet, so I pulled her up, and began fingering her again.
She then turned around so that her back was facing me, and I took no time sliding my lubricated cock into her cunt. She let out a loud moan, and I began working my way deeper and deeper inside her. When her lips covered my entire shaft down to the base, I began pulling out and pushing back in. This turned into a rhythmic thrusting as I was using my hand to push her hips back into me. I then started using my hand to explore her beautiful body, feeling every inch of her silky smooth skin. ‘This is the tightest pussy I’ve ever felt!’ I thought to myself, as the feeling moved from my dick through my entire body. I lifted her off of me and we changed positions with her on top. As she was riding me, I met her body with thrusts of my own. My hand continued worshipping her body, squeezing her breasts and wrapping around her body. I felt myself almost ready to cum, so we changed positions yet again, and I began fucking her doggy style. As I neared climax, my body tingled all over and I pulled my dick out of her wet slit and shot my load of cum into a t-shirt that I had grabbed from nearby. I had just experienced the best sex I had ever gotten, and it was with the most beautiful girl I had ever laid eyes on! After we finished, we both got back on the bed, and I stroked her hair as she fell asleep in my arms.


2010-07-03 22:38:29
this was a weak effort . no character development very little plot development . the sexual action and deion was inadequate .


2010-05-19 02:42:52
very nice write a second half very good start

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2009-05-04 19:00:09
nice story but too rushed and short
drag it out wit h foreplay or something
keep it up!

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2008-11-16 16:29:39


2008-07-25 23:30:36
next time cumm in her pussy ps great story 10/ 10

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