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A teacher's after class activities.
"Miss Bonds, I can't tell you how glad I am that my daughter is in your
class. I think you are one of the best teachers this town has ever had.
Katie talks all the time about how much she likes you. She has never
been so enthused about going to school before. I just wanted to come
here tonight and thank you personally for all your hard work."

"Well, thank you Mrs. Robinson, I appreciate hearing that. Katie is a
wonderful student and it is a pleasure having her in my class."

"You know Miss Bonds, I am a friend of the mayor's wife. I'm gonna talk
to her and see if we can get you a special award..."

"Oh no, Mrs Robinson, really, you shouldn't do something like that. I'm

"No really, I will. You are a fine role model for our children. You
should be recognized for it and I'm gonna see what I can do!"

Corri smiled as Katie's mother walked away. But the smile was weighing
heavily on her. She glanced at the clock. It was 7:45. Fifteen more
minutes to go before the PTA meeting was over. Corri let out a momentary
sigh of relief before the next parent came up to talk to her. Putting
aside her fatigue she put her "Miss Bonds mask" back on and played the
part of the demure, caring teacher.

Teaching children was Corri's passion. She loved every minute of it. But
she despised the trappings of the profession; the formalities, the
social functions, the PTA meetings. It all seemed so plastic to her. But
she knew fully well that she had to play the game. Appearances were
important. So when the time came she would act out the role of the
perfect role model as if it was natural to her. But as this Friday night
meeting ended, all Corri could think about was rolling out.

"Long one, huh"

Corri turned to see Alice Redoubt standing next to her table ready to

"Yes, it was, Mrs. Redoubt, I am really tired."

Despite the fact that they were friends, Corri could never call her
Alice. Mrs Redoubt had been her teacher when she was in the third grade.
She was the most experienced teacher in the state with over 40 years at
the job. Corri felt obligated to address her respectfully.

"So what's your plans for the weekend, Corri?"

For a moment, the mask slipped down. It wasn't the polite young
schoolteacher who inexplicably answered so blatantly, but rather a woman
whose primal desires needed to be filled.



"When I tell you to, you will remove the blindfold. I will hand you a
small mask which you are to put on. You will then kneel down before me
in front of the chair. You will get in the doggie style position with
your hands flat on the floor. You will raise your head and look up at
me. You will not speak unless I ask you something that requires a
response. Under no circumstances will you turn your head during this
entire session. Do you understand these Instructions?"

"Yes, Sir."

"Good, let us begin then. Take off the blindfold."

Corri reached around to untie the black silk scarf which covered her
eyes. She threw it to the side. For a moment she looked at her Dominant
with a look of uncertainty. Her naked body trembled slightly but
noticeably. As her eyes met his, she steadied. She reached down to
accept the black mask from him. It was small, covering only the nose and
the area around the eyes. There were little holes over the eyes to see
through but her peripheral vision was greatly restricted. She kneeled
before her Dom, looking up at him with expectant eyes.

"Very good. Come forward and begin, please."

Corri tensed up as she felt the head of a cock probing for the opening
of her pussy. She winced as it penetrated her a moment later. She gasped
and lowered her head as she felt the long length of a stranger's cock
thrusting deeply into her. She had no idea who the man was. Nor would
she. She was forbidden to turn her head and he was forbidden to talk.
The fucking was deep and hard, swaying Corri's body in a rocking motion.
There was no attempt to be gentle or slow.

"Lift your head up and look at me!"

Corri raised her head back up. Already her eyes were glazing over as she
felt herself cruising into subspace. Mind numbing endorphins were
pouring into her system giving her a high that no drug could duplicate.
She looked at her Dom. She felt powerless as his demanding eyes bored
deep into her soul.
She completely surrendered to the feelings of helplessness which were
rapidly overwhelming her. The loss of control thrilled and excited her
like nothing else could.

And that was the point. Submission was the method by which the prim and
proper 4th grade teacher achieved a sense of balance in her life. She
enjoyed submitting to her trusted Master who took her on roller coaster
rides of sin and debauchery. She craved the pleasure filled sessions
which brought her to heights of sexual ecstasy that she had never
imagined possible.

As the hard fucking continued, Corri could hear his breathing becoming
more pronounced. She sensed his orgasm approaching. She was not the only

"Stop! Get off her! Now!"

The stranger immediately pulled out and backed off. Corri felt an
emptiness inside. But not for long.

"Ok, your turn. Get in place and give it to her."

The second man mounted her quickly. He began fucking her in earnest.
Corri moaned softly as a wave of energy flowed through her body. Her
head lowered again.

"Grab her fucking hair....lift her head up!"

Corri felt her head jerk backwards as her long red hair was pulled with
a vicious tug. She savored the delicious pain which flowed from it. She
looked again into the eyes of her Dominant. From the very first time she
saw him she was captivated by his beautiful blue eyes. They had a
hypnotic quality to which she easily succumbed. As she was melting in
his gaze she felt the first powerful wave of orgasm rising in her body.
Her eyes filled with tears as she made a tremendous effort to keep her
eyes open as long as possible. Only when the powerful orgasm peaked in
her brain did her eyes slam shut. As they did, Corri let out a series of
loud prolonged screeches. Her pussy convulsed, squirting a stream of hot
come over her thrusting partner.

The fucking went on for over two hours. Each time one of the men felt an
orgasm approaching he quickly pulled out and just as quickly was
replaced by the alternate stranger. Neither man was allowed the pleasure
of release. Only the well fucked young woman was allowed to experience a
string of innumerable orgasms. But as the marathon session wore on, the
Dom sensed the weakening stamina of the men.

"Stop! Now!"

The Master of Ceremonies stood up, walking to the side of the sweat
soaked threesome.

"Corri Ann, put your head down now. You, get in the chair. You, get
behind her again."

The three supplicants followed the Instructions.
When in position, they waited for further orders.

"Corri, you are to raise your head enough to suck his cock. No further.
You are NOT to look up at him. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Sir."

"Good. You, sit back and enjoy the blowjob. You, get back on and fuck
her. You may both get off this time BUT you must do it together. If one
comes first the other will be left hanging without coming. I'm sure
you'll act as a team. Begin!"

Corri reached forward as she felt a cock enter her pussy again. It felt
good to raise her hands off the floor. She pulled the cock forward to
her mouth. Looking down at it she saw that it was black. For a brief
moment she hesitated. She had never had sex with a black man. Now she
had. She laughed to herself as she slid her mouth over the head of the
swollen black penis. Another taboo broken! If only she knew with whom!

The three went at it as the Dominant sat off to the side watching.
Although their energies were somewhat diminished by their great output,
the promise of completion breathed new life into the men. They both
wanted their just reward. But as the heat built up Corri felt the man
fucking her slow to an almost standstill. She understood. She began
sucking with a desperate urgency. She slid her mouth up and down with
tremendous speed making loud noises as she gasped to get enough air. As
she did the man being sucked reacted with muffled moaning and heavy
breathing. When it became obvious that the blowjob was reaching it's
climax the man fucking thrust as hard as he could into Corri's pussy.
Within seconds all three of them began their orgasms. The men let loose
with groaning sounds that belied the extreme power of their blasts.
Corri could not possibly handle the volume of semen which burst into her
mouth. The white fluid oozed out the sides of her lips as she tried to
keep up. In the eternity of a minute all three were spent.

"Bravo, bravo! Very good! A tremendous performance! Yes, indeed,
tremendous! Wonderful! Yes. I do appreciate both of you coming over
tonight. I thank you very much as I'm sure Corri would if she could
talk. But she can't so she won't. And I do hate to tell you both that
it's time to leave but I'm afraid that it is exactly that. Please get
dressed and go. You have fulfilled your purpose this evening."

The two men quickly and quietly got dressed. In less than five minutes
they were led out the door.

"Now, little girl, for the finale. It's my turn. Lay across the

Corri crawled across to the hassock. She felt the softness of the
caribou fur as she laid across it. She put her arms out letting them
fall to the floor. It felt so good to have the weight off her legs. She
waited. She heard her Dom undressing. She knew well what was coming. And
she wanted it.

"Hmmmm.....I'm ready. You were beautiful tonight little girl. I hope you
enjoyed that scene."

"Yes, Sir"

He poured a handful of very warm oil onto Corri's ass. He quickly
directed most of it with his fingers into her asshole. Spreading it
around, he probed deeply stretching the tender tissue. Pulling his
fingers out he immediately plunged his erection in. Corri cried out, not
from pain but from an intense feeling of pleasure. Nothing, absolutely
nothing brought her more pleasure than anal sex. Her Dom had introduced
her to it during their first session together. It was the form of
lovemaking which bonded them together most intimately as Dominant and
submissive. He was the only one who was allowed to fuck her anally. The
position on the hassock allowed him to penetrate very deeply into her
with all his weight pressing down on her. As he came, Corri felt his
sperm streaming inside her. A warm glow spread throughout her body. They
both collapsed, rolling off the hassock onto the floor. He pulled the
teacher close to him stroking her hair while holding her.

"You can take off the mask now."

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