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making sure she is good and dirty before she gets clean
I drive by one more time, looking at her window I see her light is off but there is a dim glow of blue, more than likely her TV still on. The night is dark as clouds cover the moon, allowing me to slip in the night undetected by the neighbors or her parents. I park around the corner as to hide my car from sight, having been seen before in it; it would be obvious who was around. I quietly make my way through the street, wearing a black shirt with dark jeans and a black hat, I realize how much of a robber I look like, but I won’t act to suspicious and I won’t be noticed is all I can hope for. I make my way closer and closer till I come up to her house, I crouch at her wall knowing what lay right behind it, my treasure, my Veronica. I pull myself around the corner of the house to the front where her window sill is low enough for me to adventure in.

I take my time making sure no one is coming down the street and that no one is watching through a window. I slowly stand up from my crouching and slip my finger tips into the bottom of her window. I pull up slightly and to my surprise I find it to be open. I wonder if she always keeps it open, or if this is just a recent thing. I slide the window up more and more slowly trying my hardest not to make a sound. I climb through the window, carefully stepping over her night stand. I finally get through the window to only realize she is not even in the room. Her bed is empty but the sheets are ruffled, I lay down close to it, and feel the warm of her body still lingers. I smell her perfume from the day, god she smells wonderful even after having a full day of work and stress.

Then I hear it, the running water that tells me where she has gone. She has disappeared to. I sneak down the hall way, rolling my steps of my converse shoes, making no sound as I continue down her house. The sound of the water gets louder and louder, my hand slowly creeks open the door, to find steam pouring out of the room. I step in with a fogged mirror to my back and a shower curtain to my front. I see the shadow figure of the young woman washing her body, bending down all the way; stick her prefect ass into the air. I can’t take it anymore. I start to undress myself, dropping all my clothes on the floor, my dick semi hard from the sight in from of me as she continues to rub her body. She caresses her breast as I finally finish striping of all my garments. I walk slowly towards the shower’s back; I push the curtain slightly forward as to not give a hint of my presence just yet.

As I climb in my eyes first see her wonderful round ass; streams of wet hair slightly covering that wonderful backside of hers. I climb in more as she looks down and washes her wonderful abs, She slowly moves her way down and gently rubs her sweet little cunt making it even wet with her sweet juices instead of water. I finally climb all the way into the shower, the water hitting just my legs at first. I walk closer to her; she still has not noticed me. My semi hard dick hits the wonderful ass of her first. She gasp not knowing who it was that’s behind her, she stands up straight in fear only to be greeted by hands grasping her arms keeping her back toward me. I whisper into her ear, it’s alright princess, it’s just me. I see a smile come out of the side of her face. I slowly kiss the back of her neck, Gosse bumps form on her neck as she breaths harder in the shower. The water hits both of our bodes heightening the sensation of the pleasure we both receive. My hardening dick slips in-between those ass cheeks that taunt me so. I thrust up and down slowly, giving myself large amounts of pleasure.

My hands slide down her arms and slowly, move their way back up to her amazing breast. I gently squeeze them massage them, putting my fingers around her nipples, twisting and pulling them lightly. She moans and bucks at the feeling, pushing her ass even more into my hard dick, she starts to bounce her ass up and down shaking it like a pro on a dance floor. I increase my grasp on her breast squeezing harder and twisting her hard nipples till I draw little screams from her. She arches her back while one of my hands arches down her perfect stomach. My hand fallows the water that leads in-between her tight dancing legs.

She moans as my hand parts her sexy lips, while my other hand pinches her breast. Her head leans back and makes eye contact with me. Our lips meet and exploded in ecstasy. My tongue digs deep down into her throat, moving around within her mouth. My fingers part her lovely pussy lips while my middle finger starts too slid in and out of her awesome fuck hole. She moans into my mouth, and the feeling is sensational. Her right hand grabs the back of my head to hold me closer to her, while her left hand reaches to her back and finds my hard dick still in-between her amazing ass. She takes hold of my cock and starts to slowly stroke my member, torturing me with her fingers.

I pull my finger out of her tight cunt, which is greeted by a grunt of dismay, however it is quickly replaced with a whine of pleasure as my middle finger finds her pulsing clit. She grasps my dick with her full hand now. I give a moan of agreement and buck a little at her touch. Our mouths part as I start to kiss her ear, nibbling and licking her lobe. She giggles like a little girl as I do; giving that smile that memorizes me so. I kiss her down her neck all the way to her shoulder. Her breath is more ragged then before, she is close to release. I go faster on her clit and squeeze her breast more and more, drawing more moans. I go faster and harder on her soft clit. She gasp for air then finally comes, letting go of my dick and pushing up against the wall to try and keep herself up, it only serves to present her ass and pussy even better to me.

She gasps for air as the water continues down her body, dripping from her incredible abs and perky tits. Her round ass and juicy pussy stick straight at me; my hard dick lies on top of it, itching to continue its pleasure. I kneel down in the shower, the water wetting my hair and face. My face inches closer and closer to her sweet smelling pussy. I stick my tongue out to get a small taste of her wonderful cunt. I run my tongue up her slit only slightly touching it. She whimpers at the wetness of my tongue. She looks over her shoulders again, this time with her intense lustful brown eyes. I comply with her wants; I stick my tongue into her lovable cunt. She moans as I push my tongue deeper into her tight pussy. My tongue moves in and out in all directing, circling her clit. She bucks hard against my face, her hands banging the tile on the wall as she gasp for air.

I continue to thrust into her cunt with my tongue, my left hand massaging her ass as I continue to tongue fuck her harder and harder. My thumb reaches up and circles her clit slowly and softly. I get faster and faster pushing harder and harder on her contracting pussy. I taste her juices as they flow from her cunt, spilling all over my mouth. I like it up and lick my lips saying how good she tastes. I lean forward and kiss her letting her taste her own juices, some of her cum dripping from our lips mashed together. I stand up; she still braces herself against the wall. My hard dick rises as I do, pushing up against her slick twat. I rub the head of my dick along her slit. She bucks at the treatment and begs for her fuck. Fuck me please; I need you dick in me so bad, just fuck me hard and now. I push and pop the head of my dick into her wet cunt, only to pop it out again. She moans as the warm water and my cock reenter her swollen pussy. I push deeper and deeper with each thrust.

I thrust hard into her sweet fuck hole; she moans and whines as I continue to fuck her in her shower. I continue to pound her again and again. Thrusting all of my hard cock into her juicy hole. I feel her pussy contract as she screams out my name into the bathroom. Cum drips from her tight pussy onto my still hard dick. I take my dick out of her extremely wet pussy and turn her around, her cum covering my hard dick. She stars at it, looking at the extremity that was just gapping her wonderful hole. He looks with eyes of hunger; she licks her lips before sticking out her tongue and sliding it down the slit of my dick. The feeling nearly makes me cum all at once. I hold back trying to make the feeling last as long as I can. Her lips form their way around the tip of my dick. Her mouth is as warm and her sweet cunt. I feel her suck on my head like a girl that has been at it for a long time.

My dick gets further and further into her talented mouth, her tongue lapping at the underside of my cock while inside her mouth. She sucks as hard as her mouth allows, I could feel my dick inching into her mouth more and more, then I felt it. I almost gasp as I look down and she, that feeling I have on my tip in the back of her throat. She has me all the way inside her. Her tongue slithers all over my erect dick inside her glorious mouth. She moans as the tip of my cock bounces off the back of her throat. I begin to buck my hips into her mouth causing her to chock on my dick. I back off; she grabs the base of my dick, taking full control of me. I look down with my big blue eyes; she looks up with those brown eyes, my cock still in her mouth, and a slight grin on her face. She has me by the balls, literally. Her other hand reaches up and gently cups my scrotum. I moan in response as she gently massages my balls, jerks my dick, and sucks me off like no other woman can.

I begin to feel the tension climbing in myself. I tell he to go faster and harder. I buck again urging her on more and more. She teases me resisting at first taking my dick out of her mouth, then smiling at me with a child’s smile. Beg me she says with a slight giggle of a school girl. A small shot of precum drips from my dick. She takes a taste of me, humming at the taste. You taste as good as me, she says now with a devilish tone in her voice. She takes my whole dick back into her mouth all the way down her throat. I feel my balls tighten as a start to shoot my load deep into her throat. She swallows every ounce of cum I drop into her mouth. Her throat muscles contracting around my cock, juicing me of all my cum.

We lay in the tub, letting the warm water wash away the evidence of our activities. She stays cuddled up against me; I turn the water off with my feet and let her lay on me. Her breath is soft as we lay resting. Best shower ever I say to myself. She looks up at me, Wait till I get you in the bed.


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It made me very Horny and I need a shower...XXX

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Sounds great to me BTWHIDK

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uridhara, ndaita bonyoro after readin ur story. Iri bho baba we re enjoyin ur stories in Zimbabwe

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soo hot!!!!!


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