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An online chat between me and a female friend
I called your extension, “please come in here and bring your pad.” You quickly got to your feet and entered my office, bringing along a notepad as requested. The chances of you having to take any notes were slim and none, but it looked good to anyone who happened to see you going into my office. I greet you with a leering grin, “I'm feeling rather tense this morning, and wondered if you could help me relieve all my tension?” You smile, walk over around behind my large executive desk and lift your skirt above your waist.

I gaze upon your exposed athletic legs in those sheer silk hose and your can see your bikini panties. You seductively peel your panties to your ankles, you kick them off and hop up on the desk, spreading your legs to make your tasty pussy available to my hungry mouth. I lean down, my nose close to your opening and take a deep breath, savoring the aroma of your ripe young pussy.

You keep your pussy neatly trimmed, and besides, with it trimmed, your clit and succulent lips were much easier for me to find with my probing tongue. Your pussy was almost trained to expect a hard, orally induced orgasm once a day, and if for some reason you missed it, your pussy would twitch for the rest of the day, sometimes driving you into the rest room where you could manually relieve yourself.

Planting hot kisses on the inside of your firm thighs, I slowly work my way up to your wet pussy, pausing along the way to nip and lick your sweet flesh. You sigh contentedly, knowing that within moments your pussy will receive the attention it so desperately needs! Your clit is out of its protective hood and eagerly awaiting the arrival of it's daily friend, my hot tongue! As my tongue flicks over it, barely touching it, you thrust your hips up, hoping to make contact with my wandering tongue.

You use your hand to forcefully pull my head hard into your gaping slit as I run my tongue up and down your wet crack, until finally settling down on your hard little nub. “Yessss… suck me off,” you beg, humping your hips forward, trying desperately to keep my warm tongue right where it would feel the best!!! Finally after minutes of teasing, I zeroed in on your clit, nibbling and sucking it until you spilled all of your juice into my mouth as a hard, crushing orgasm racked your beautiful body.

“You do that very well, I can’t live without it!!!” you gasp out. “We'll have our other meeting later this afternoon” I told you, winking, while you were slipping your panties back on and straightening your skirt. “Call me when you're ready,” you replied, “and I'll be right in!” That next session would involve you orally satisfying me and then getting royally fucked!

You left to meet your friend “Jessica” for lunch. Jessica sounded a little depressed and you tried to find out what was bothering her. She confessed that her love life was a total shambles, and that she hadn't had a man in over two months and no amount of masturbation could take the place of a man and his real live pecker! You came up with the solution to her problem. You told Jessica to show up at the office at two fifty five, and not to ask any questions. You promised that by three thirty, her problem would be a thing of the past! Jessica looked at you for a long moment and finally agreed to meet with you.

At exactly 2:55 Jessica strode into the office with a somewhat questioning look on her face. “Well,” she announced, “I'm here. Tell me how you're gonna fix my problem.” Before you could respond, the your phone rang, and my voice said, “Please come in and bring your pad.”

“Let's go” you said to Jessica while taking her by the arm and swiftly leading her into my office. “This is the friend I was telling you about, I think we can help her with her problem don't you?” I gave Jessica an approving once over, stood up and shook Jessica's hand, and said, “Certainly, what are friends for anyway? Right Jessica?” Jessica absently nodded her head yes and watched in stunned silence as you unbuckled my pants and let them drop to the floor around my ankles!

A moment later my shorts joined my pants, leaving me naked below my waist. Jessica couldn't help licking her lips in anticipation as she hungrily eyed my large erection. You took it in your soft hand and gently jerked it back and forth while saying “I think that this is a lovely cock, don't you Jessica?” Jessica nodded her head slowly, not taking her eyes off my cock for a second. You could see that your friend was taken aback so you led me around the desk, guiding me with my dick until I was standing directly in front her. Releasing my hard shaft from your grasp you pushed Jessica's hand onto my hard member and whispered, “For the next half hour it's yours, don't waste any time!”

You slipped out the door and returned to your desk. You glanced over your shoulder, a little smile came across your face as you thought to yourself “At least I've done my good deed for the day!”

Inside my office, Jessica and I stood facing each other, while she held my hard penis in her hand. I pulled her to me, crushing my lips against hers. Her body responded to my touch, and she melted against me, my hard cock pinned between us. I nibbled her ear and whispered, “I would really love it if you would suck me!” Jessica pulled away and dropped to her knees, her lips barely brushed my smooth cock head. Jessica stretched her mouth to get it over the purple head and halfway down the hard shaft.

“God it tastes good! It has been so long since my mouth has sucked a cock!” She thought. Sensing her control over him is exciting since he was bigger and stronger. She continued to work the hard shaft with her hand, pulling it out of her mouth occasionally and spitting on it. Once the shaft was fully wet she cupped my ass in her hands and began to impale her face on my cock, attempting to take it all down her throat. She was ravenous!

She cupped my nut sac and could feel my balls tighten as my orgasm neared. She used her warm tongue and soft hand to work my cock and balls into a frenzy. All she wanted was a mouth full of cum as she expertly stroked and twisted my shaft with one hand and tugging my balls with the other. Her tongue was busily licking the underside of my shaft and knob with each bob of her pretty head. Jessica spread my ass cheeks and slipped the tip of her finger into my asshole which coaxed me into forcefully emptying my warm cum deep into her hungry throat. I groaned as it squirted from the tip of my jerking, twitching cock, shooting three thick ropes of cum down her throat. Her tongue rapidly bathed the sensitive head of my cock between each spurt which nearly drove me insane. I grabbed her hair in both hands and held my cock deep in her mouth as the last throes of my orgasm subsided! When she felt me starting to calm down she slowly released my cock and inhaled a deep breath of air.

I pulled her to her feet, unbuttoned her blouse, and grunted “Let's get you out of these clothes!!!” She was now only in her rose colored push-up bra and lacey panties. Jessica reached around and unhooked her bra. She let it slowly, teasingly slip from her chest allowing her 36C breasts with dark brown nipples to jut out proudly. Her wonderful, fleshy tits were begging to be handled and sucked.

“Panties!” I ordered, watching as she slid them down to her knees and let them drop to the floor at her feet.. Her bush was a vee shape of thick pubic hair, trimmed just enough to be hidden by her swim suit. I leaned her over the desk, spread her legs wide apart exposing her hairy slit and ass. I growled as I took her ass in my hands and slid my cock across her wet slit. She moaned when my turgid head forced it's way between her meaty lips. She had trouble stifling a scream when I jammed my cock all the way in, causing her to have a surprisingly quick orgasm on the first stroke! “Like that bitch?,” I hissed through clenched teeth as I drove my hot cock in and out of her drenched pussy.

“Jesus,” she gasped, “it's been so fucking long for me, fuck me harder, fuck me harder!!!”

Just hearing her talk dirty drove me over the edge as my pistoning cock gave her helpless vagina a well deserved cum bath! Feeling my spasming cock spewing its cum, Jessica felt her own orgasm tear through her hot crotch as waves of pleasure crashed over her as I plunged in and out! When the last bit of cum was expelled from my cock I slipped out of her, leaving a river of warm cum running down her leg.

I close your door behind me knowing full well that I have left my friend in very good hands. Holding my pad of paper tightly as I head back to my desk.. My thoughts started to wander, I was thinking about the two of you and how you'd go about fucking her. Quickly my imagination took off and before I knew it I was making my way to the ladies room, I could feel my body getting warmer and my nipples harder. My pussy started to get hungry for some relief; I could feel my panties getting slightly damp. Not wanting to look hasty I started to slow down.

As I turn the corner, quite literally, I run into Dave, the ego maniac that likes to be a know-it-all all the time, it's no secret around the office that we share a strong passion of hatred and annoyance for each other, that's about the only thing we have in common. Since the day I started work we've been in this silent competition. I smile politely, just was we pass each other he begins to

“Nooo...” I think to myself, every time this man opens his mouth he rants on about how he's better at work and how he's the “man” I just get the urge to slap him or punch him. I stop to listen to what he has to say, honestly it's just going in one ear and out the other, suddenly... something he said hit me, our voices started to raise as we get into another pointless argument. I take a step towards him pointing my finger at him, quickly he takes two steps towards me, I back up against the office supply door.

He edges slightly closer, I feel the heat from his body, my heart racing a little. He observes me for a while; his hands reach past my hips grabbing hold of the door handle. I stumble back into the small room; he catches me, quickly pulling me towards him. Our lips touch, his are soft, as I get lost in his arms his tongue explores my mouth. His hands dragging against my thighs and up my skirt, he pulls me closer to him, tugging my panties down, as he cups my ass and pulls me up and on to the small table.

I unbutton his pants pulling his boxers down, his hard cock springs out. He leans in and effortlessly his cock glides inside me. I inhale sharply holding on to the shelf behind me. His cock goes deeper with every thrust, I feel so helpless yet satisfied as he pulls my soft dark hair. I moan softly in his ear, this sets him off and he starts to thrust harder, I moan out loud, his hand covers my mouth and he said softly “shut up bitch, they'll hear us...”

Soon enough I cum hard all over his cock, squeezing him with my pussy “your wet cunt feels so good” he groans. He continues to fuck me, pulling my hair again “I'm cumming...” My hands on his chest, I push him back he looks at me angrily, I jump off the table “what the fu…” he cuts himself off as I take his cock in my mouth, sucking it long and hard leaving no area unlicked. I feel his body tremble; vulnerable to the very touch of my tongue, he looks around for something he can grab a hold of for balance.

Finally taking his swollen cock deep in my mouth he looses control bites his fingers to keep from moaning too loud as he let’s go in mouth. I try to swallow it all but it’s too much, some of it drips from my lips onto the floor. I finish cleaning him then stand up fixing my skirt and looking around for my panties, I reach for them but he picks them up.

“I need those.” I say extending my hand towards him, he smiles, “kiss me first…” I lean in just enough to touch his lips softly, roughly his hand wraps around my back holding me against him. He presses his lips on mine; I feel something against my thighs and moan as he rubs my panties against my wet sensitive pussy. I break our kiss and slap him for the heck of it; he smiles and balls my panties up placing them in his pocket.

He turns to the door and twists the knob, “next time I’ll have to spank you for that…” The door closes in front of me. I grin and wipe a drip of cum from the corner of my lips.
As you know, Dave is the know-it-all type and he is also the tell-it-all type, as most of them are. At 4:55pm you hear my voce on the your intercom “I need to see you before you leave”. This is unusual, you know all went well with Jessica as she told you all about it before leaving. You wonder what it could be - no request to bring a note pad or anything! As you enter I tell you to shut the door. “I heard about your shouting match with Dave and I also heard about how it was possibly resolved in the supply closet”. I see a look of worry flash across your face. You wonder if I am mad at you for fucking someone else in the office. Were you supposed to save it all for me? What will happen now? I know you like and need this job and know I have the upper hand but do not want to bully you, but do want you to obey me. Yes, I am somewhat jealous that you shared that sweet pussy with someone else. I am not naive enough to think I am the only one
you fuck, I just do not want it to be one of my own, someone I know, the reality of it right in front of me. “Now you know that is not appropriate behavior for the workplace” I intone. You are incredulous, how can I say that, knowing that we fuck almost every day in the “workplace”. “As such, this can not go unpunished” I continue. You are crestfallen, look away from me, a sense of dread coming over you. You think you have really messed up a good thing - a job you love with good pay and Excellent fringe benefits. “It is the end of the work day and I have an appointment I must keep at 5:30, but I do not want you to have to worry about this all weekend. So, come to my house at 7:00 this evening and we will resolve it” I say with a tone you are not quite sure of. But, a glimmer of hope arises in you. Maybe you will not lose your job after all. You show up at my house right on time.................................

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