This is the first chapter of my new story. This is the prequel to my story Jason's Little Family but the stories can be read independently, just remember that this story is how things really happened thirteen years ago, not how someone remembers them.
Jason’s Little Family: The Beginning


Valley Honey

“Damn!” Jason Carter growled as he slammed his brakes on and came to a stop as the stop light changed and the traffic on Hill Street started rushing by. “Every fuckin day,” he sighed as he looked through the passing cars to try and catch a glimpse of his own house just two blocks up on Grant.

He settled back in his seat and glanced up at his reflection in the rearview mirror, reaching up to pat a strand of his thinning brown hair back in place as he tried to consider what he was going to do about his daughter Karen when he got home. Ever since his wife Elizabeth died in the car crash six months earlier his thirteen year old daughter had been acting strangely - almost like she intended to take her mother’s place in his bed.

Jason had done his best to ignore his daughter’s advances without actually pushing her away since he was sure that it was just her way of dealing with her mother’s sudden death, but with every day Karen’s attempts on his celibacy grew more forceful and harder to ignore. Because of his two daughters Jason had made the decision early on to ignore the women around him who tried to get closer because he didn’t want to traumatize the girls by bringing a new woman into their lives before they were ready to deal with it. But his enforced celibacy just made it even harder to ignore Karen’s continued advances. If he didn’t put an end to the teen’s attempts at seduction soon he might end up fucking her just to end the frustration.

“Maybe,” Jason muttered as he tapped the gas peddle in anticipation of the green light, “I should try a different tactic. “Maybe if I changed things around and started responding to Karen’s advances it will scare her off and we can get our relationship back to where it belongs. Yes, yes I think that might work. After all, Karen doesn’t really have the experience to know what she wants or what she’s doing, so I think this is the way to go.”

The light finally changed and Jason hit the gas and slid through the intersection and on through the two blocks to his home. It wasn’t until he was parking the car in the garage that Jason suddenly realized that he had another problem to deal with. His younger daughter - Nancy - was turning eleven in just two days and he had no idea what he was going to get her. On top of that, Jason realized as he locked the car and closed the garage door, the new school year started in just three weeks and the girls clothes were at least six months old. Maybe it was time to plan a shopping trip for the weekend and let Nancy decide on one or two stores where she could pick out her own birthday presents.

“Hi dad,” Karen said, giving her father a mischievous grin as she looked up from the stove where she was making dinner. “How was your day?”

“Pretty much what you’d expect,” Jason said with a sigh as he stepped up behind his daughter and put his hands around her just below the swell of her breasts. He expected to find himself hesitating as he started working on his plan but as his arms circled Karen’s body he realized that the idea of touching her like this didn’t repulse him the way he thought it would. “Owning my own company does come with a lot of responsibility - but when I leave the office I’m free to do whatever I want.”

Karen turned in the circle of her father’s arms and hugged the man who stood almost a foot taller than her reddish brown hair. As his daughter pressed her body against his Jason realized that the thirteen year old girl wasn’t wearing a bra under her thin blouse and he fought to suppress the erection that threatened to poke the girl’s belly as he felt her erect nipples poke his stomach.

Jason reminded himself of his plan to push things until he scared Karen off and reached down to grope his daughter’s ass cheeks through her skirt and he felt his cock give another lurch when he realized the girl wasn’t wearing any panties either. As he made the effort to suppress his erection Jason bent down to give Karen a long kiss on the lips instead of the quick peck on the cheek he usually gave her and saw the smile on the thirteen year old’s lips as she stood up on tiptoe to meet him.

As he wondered if he’d made a mistake with his plans when Karen forced her tongue between his lips and ran the tip across his teeth. Jason released his daughter’s butt and took a quick step back, from his grinning daughter as she ran her lips across her lips as her eyes crinkled with pleasure and made the freckles across the bridge of her nose dance and he thought she was going to say something when his younger daughter Nancy ran into the kitchen.

“Daddy you’re home,” Nancy said as she slipped into the space between Jason and Karen and gave him a hug. As Jason fought to get his erection under control he looked down at the top of Nancy’s redish brown hair and gasped at the young girl’s enthusiastic grip around his waist.

“Give me a chance to breath, Nancy,” Jason told the ten year old with a laugh as he wrapped his own arms around the girl and hugged her back.

“Did you bring me something daddy?” Nancy asked as she released her father with obvious reluctance and started patting him down in search of a bulge in his clothes. “You did remember it’s my birthday Saturday.”

Jason stopped her before she could find the obvious one in his pants and told her, “I know it’s your birthday on Saturday,” he said as he pulled away from his youngest daughter and saw the older one giving him a knowing grin as she tried to suppress a laugh. “But I haven’t had time to pick up your presents yet. In fact, as I was parking the car I was thinking that Saturday we could all go shopping.”

“But it’s not Karen’s birthday,” Nancy pouted.

“No it isn’t,” Jason agreed, “but school’s starting in a few weeks and both of you need new clothes - especially since you haven’t been shopping since before your mother died. When we go to the mall you can pick out two of the stores we go to and I’ll get you whatever you want from those stores for your birthday. How does that sound?”

“I guess that’s ok,” Nancy said with a shrug.

“I’m sorry Nancy but things are just too busy at work for me to go out and get you something, but at least you’ll get what you want for your birthday.”

“That’s true,” Nancy said with a sniff as she turned to leave.

“Nancy,” Karen said before her sister had a chance to leave the room, “dinner’s almost ready. Can you set the table?”

“Sure,” Nancy said with a longsuffering sigh as she turned to the cupboard and started getting the plates and bowls down.

“Dinner smells good,” Jason said as he gave Karen a careful smile as she gave him a seductive grin. “What are we having?”

“It’s just spaghetti,” said with a shrug as she put the colander in the sink and emptied the pan of noodles into it. “I didn’t even make my own sauce, I just used a jar.”

“Well it still smells good,” Jason said as he lifted the lid of the fry pan and sniffed the simmering sauce. “And it looks like you did more than heat up a jar of sauce.”

“I did add some meat and spices,” Karen admitted as she stepped over to the microwave to check on the vegetables, “but it’s still nothing special.”

“Well I think it’s special,” Jason said as he replaced the lid and stepped away from the stove. “Well, I better change and wash up for dinner, I’ll be back in just a few minutes.”

“Make sure you change into something comfortable dad,” Karen said, giving him a wink as he turned to leave.

As he changed out of his suit Jason wondered if he’d made a mistake with his plan to scare Karen away by coming on to her. After all, he was the one who backed away, not her. But even though she seemed prepared to take whatever he gave her and go forward with it there was no way he could back away from his plan now. He’d just have to keep going and hope that she got scared off before anything happened.

Dinner went better then Jason could have hoped, Nancy now seemed happy with the idea of the shopping trip on Saturday and kept planning where she wanted to go and what she wanted to get for her birthday presents. Jason kept glancing at Karen as her sister made their plans for Saturday and was relieved to notice that everything seemed normal until she reached under the table to pinch his thigh and gave her father a broad wink when he turned to look at her.

After they finished eating Jason took his turn at the dishes while the girls argued about what they were going to watch on television until they finally agreed on something before the show ended. When the dishes were done and put away Jason moved to the living room and settled down in his easy chair, watching his daughters as they stretched out on the floor, casually swinging their legs behind them as they watched the mindless cartoon show on the tube.

As he read his paper Jason glanced up occasionally to keep an eye on the girls, giving them a fond and proud smile every time he looked up. It wasn’t until he saw Karen raise her legs higher than usual and spread her thighs that he remembered the older girl wasn’t wearing any panties under her skirt and he had a clear view of the thirteen year old’s bald pussy and round ass as her skirt opened wide around her waist. As his cock rose to attention in his pants Jason tried to hide his interest in his daughter’s naked slit by holding his paper up and glancing past it whenever he thought he could do it without either of his girls noticing, but he realized that Karen knew what he was doing when he saw her pull her skirt up even further as she looked back and gave him a quick wink as she did it.

After he finished the paper and put it aside to watch TV Karen got up from the floor to sit on the arm of his easy chair as they enjoyed the next show. Karen waited until Nancy was engrossed in the show before she gave her father a wide smile and a seductive wink as she slid off the arm of the chair and settled into his lap with her ass nestled against the bulge of his erect cock.

“You don’t mind, do you daddy?” Karen asked as she wiggled her ass in his lap.

“Of course not,” Jason gasped as he tried to suppress his hardening prick at the same time that he reminded himself that he was suppose to be the one making the advances against her and not the other way around. Hesitantly Jason placed his hands on Karen’s hips to steady her and then slide them up under her shirt until he was cupping her bare breasts.

“Daddy,” Karen sighed with pleasure as her father’s hands massaged her tits and her nipples popped erect against his palms. “Do you have any idea how long I’ve been waiting for this?”

“No,” Jason gulped as Karen spread her skirt out and pressed her naked slit against his thigh as she as she slid back on forth in his lap as the bulge in his pants grew harder and longer and poked his daughter’s ass as she rubbed bare cunt along the fabric of her father’s pants. “How long have you been waiting for this?”

“Longer than you can imagine,” Karen groaned as her body started to quiver in his hands as he continued to play with her small tits. As Karen’s breath came in gasps Jason took a quick look at Nancy but she was so absorbed with the TV that she hadn’t even glanced around to see what her father and sister were doing.

Karen clamped her lips tight against her scream of pleasure as her whole body went ridged with her orgasm as she ground her naked pussy against her father’s leg. As her body relaxed after her climax Karen turned her head and whispered into Jason’s ear, “Thank you, daddy.”

“I didn’t really do anything,” Jason whispered back, “but you’re welcome.”

“Oh, you will do something,” Karen giggled as she reached down to stroke her father’s cock through his pants as he continued to play with her tits.

Jason tried not to think about what his daughter meant as she settled back in his lap to watch the rest of the television show but it was hard to forget it while he was playing with Karen’s tits under her blouse and his hard cock was trapped between his stomach and his daughter’s ass. He breathed a sigh of relief when Karen finally slid out his lap and rearranged her blouse and skirt before she turned to her sister.

“Come on Nancy, time for bed,” she called.

“Already?” Nancy pouted, “it’s my birthday in two days, can’t I stay up later?”

“No you can’t,” Karen said firmly, “in fact I already let you stay up too late because it’s really my bed time. Now come on.”

“Ok, ok, I’m coming,” Nancy said as she got up from the floor without taking her eyes off the television screen until she was actually in the hall and headed for her own bedroom.

Jason sighed in relief once he was sure both girls were gone and he picked up the remote and turned on the news. It was obvious that his plan had backfired and he wondered what was going to happen next - and if he’d be able to say no when his own daughter had him so hot and horny. As long as he could hold out through the rest of the night he had a chance, especially if he actually followed through the hints that Mary Temple was giving him at the office. So far he’d ignored the girl because it was obvious that she was more interested in his money than him but at least she wasn’t his daughter, and he could certainly afford whatever it cost to get rid of her afterward.

With his plans made Jason watched the late show long enough to catch the opening monologue before he turned the TV off and headed for bed with his cock still semi-hard in his pants so he was forced to lean forward as he walked to his own bedroom in the dim glow of the hall’s guide lights. He topped at Nancy’s bedroom and opened the door to check on his younger daughter, crossing the floor to her bed and pulling the covers up to cover her before he leaned down to give her a quick kiss before he left the room. He hesitated outside Karen’s room as well but he was worried about what he’d do so he just opened the door and looked in at the mound under the covers and the mop of hair on the pillow before he closed the door quietly and moved on to his own room.

With a sigh of relief Jason slid under his covers and turned his back to the door as he closed his eyes and hoped he’d actually get to sleep.


2015-07-27 09:21:38
Greatest beginning of good things to come Thank for sharing imagination.


2014-01-28 10:25:48
"Jason's Little Family: The Beginning Chapter 1" - Jason, Karen and Nancy Carter - (Father, Teen and Pre-teen Daughters)

The "beginning" certainly has some obviously titillating and fantasy images of great and grand things to come--and cum--in this neatly packaged Carter family, in matters that just might become sexually gratifying for Jason and his young, very teenage daughter! Of course, there's his other, preteenage daughter that just might make the affair a total "family affair"!!

The writer/author has teased we reader's mightedly and anxiously!!
Though the story is short, the context, and especially the content, of the story is bountiful, beautiful and promising!!

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2011-12-07 21:17:37
this is starting out to be a good read!! enjoying it a lot!! and she is only 13,,,,hhhhmmmmi remember playing with girls at that age,,,small breasts but really taunt nipples!!

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2011-07-14 02:52:55
4/10 I'm a tuff cridic.

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if it was't his daughter it would be better but you're still the best writer on this site. 4/10 but i'm a tuff cridic.

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