The plot thickens......
Chapter 3 – The Divorce -

Sandy divorced Bill, and took custody of the kids, blaming Bill for everything, even though Cyndy cried and wailed and told Sandy that she had seduced Bill and made him do it. Sandy decided not to press charges, preferring to hold up Bill for child support, which he couldn't do if he were in jail. And after all, he was a typical man and was no match for Cyndy who could wrap him around her fingers. She never did love Bill all that much, and was glad to be free of him.

Cyndy missed her dad, and secretly called him whenever she could. A few times she lied about going to the mall and instead took the bus to Bill’s house and the two would masturbate together. The last time she also sucked his cock and he licked her pussy. She loved getting her pussy licked by her daddy -he was gentle and slow, and always treated her lovingly. She was still a virgin, even though she had begged Bill to fuck her. Bill just couldn't cross that line because he loved Cyndy so much.

Randy now looked at his sister a bit differently - she was hot as hell, and loved to see a guy cum! She had seen him doing it that one time while he jacked off in his bedroom, and was not grossed out! Maybe one day he would get a chance with her....

Candy besieged her sister with questions about what she had seen between daddy and her sister ever since. "What were you and daddy doing? Why was mommy mad? Why did daddy have to leave? I saw you two, was it fun or what? Did you like it? I want to know what you were doing!" Cyndy just shook her head, and said, "You'll know one day..."

Chapter 4 -The Vents -

It's 10:30 PM and Dick Long was sitting on his couch watching a DVD called "Taboo" with the story being about a mother who was divorced and getting the hots for her son - who she then winds up fucking and sucking avidly. By this time, Dick was horny as hell and was stroking his cock, which was covered with lube. Slowly he ran his fist up and down his cock, milking out drops of pre-cum and scooping it up to taste from time to time.

In the utility room where Randy had his makeshift bedroom, Randy was awake and doing pretty much the same thing with his cock as Dick was upstairs. Randy was surfing porn on the internet and jacking his cock, Randy leaned back in pure pleasure, and then opened his eyes... "Hey what's that?" A glimmer of light was coming through a vent on the ceiling. He moved his desk chair to the vent and peered up through it. "Holy shit!" Randy was watching Dick slowly pumping his cock that was shiny with lube and pre-cum. Evidently, he was watching porn on his TV! He watched as Dick stroked and milked pre-cum out of his cock and licked it up. "Wow! This is making me want to cum!" Randy moved his chair back to the computer and furiously jacked his cock. It was only a few minutes before he groaned and came like a racehorse. Watery jets of boy-cum shot from his dick covering his hand and chest. His cum came in streams, almost like pissing, there was so much. "Oh God this feels so good", he moaned in ecstasy. Finally his cum ended, and his stiff 6-inch prick began to deflate. His chest, stomach and balls were shining with fresh cum. He grabbed an old white t-shirt and wiped up his cum, stopping to sniff the aroma a few times.

Next to the utility room, Candy was awake and supposed to be asleep. She was thinking about Daddy and Cyndy and what she saw in the Gazebo. Candy, like her sister, had a pussy that had a mind of its own. Although she was only 11, (almost 12!) she had this constant tingling in her pussy whenever she thought about seeing the incredibly lewd scene of her daddy and big sister playing in the gazebo. She had to know more! As she lay there fantasizing about daddy and Cyndy, she heard Randy drag his chair in the utility room. "What is Randy doing now?" she thought. The bedroom she shared with Cyndy was right next to the utility room, and there was a vent connecting the two rooms. Cyndy was sound asleep, breathing noisily through her nose. Quiet as a mouse, Candy crept over to the vent and looked through. "Oh my God!" Randy was standing on the chair, jacking his cock and looking through the ceiling vent. "What is he looking at? It must be Mr. Long! I wonder if he will do it like daddy?" Randy quickly stepped off the chair and sat back in front of his computer. "He must be looking at naked girls!" Candy thought. And then it happened! Just like with daddy and Cyndy, Randy's penis started squirting white stuff all over himself! The look on his face told Candy that he was in ecstasy and his soft moans confirmed his pleasure. Now Candy was feeling very peculiar - she reached down under her nighty and felt her tingling pussy - it was wet! What is it? Was she getting sick? Did she have to pee? She had to ask sister first thing tomorrow about what was going on!

Chapter 5 – The Lesson -

The next morning was Saturday morning, and the sun was shining in a clear blue sky. The temperature was already 80 and the forecast threatened to take it over 90. Sandy Cummings had to work - her office was in the middle of a hugely profitable litigation against the city council. She left the apartment and kissed her kids goodbye for the day. On her way out, she saw Dick on his balcony looking out over the pool deck. "Hi Dick -what a beautiful day! But, bummer, I have to work indoors all day, and on the weekend too! Say, can you keep an eye on the kids for me, if it's not a bother? I told them to see you if they had any kind of trouble or something came up."

By this time Dick had bonded with both Sandy and the kids, and was more than happy to agree. "Sure Sandy, no problem, I'm just hanging around here all day anyway. Too bad you have to work! If you feel like it, I can have a martini waiting for you by the pool when you get home!" Sandy gave Dick the thumbs up and got into her van and took off for work.

Cyndy and Candy had taken their morning showers and were getting into their bathing suits for a lazy day of hanging around the pool, drinking pop, and looking at magazines. Candy looked at her naked sister pulling on her bikini bottoms and thought about what she had seen last night. "Hey Cyndy, guess what? I saw Randy rubbing on his penis last night and squirting a whole lot of white juice on his tummy!"

Cyndy looked at Candy with a puzzled expression and said "What?! How could you see Randy in the utility room?"

Candy grabbed Cyndy's hand and led her over to the vent. "Look! This vent goes through to the Randy's room! I heard him last night and looked through! And then I saw him holding his penis and peeing the white stuff - he was acting like it felt super good." Candy then told Cyndy the whole story of what she had seen and heard.

Cyndy looked at Candy and knew that it was time for a little talk. She told Candy all about boys masturbating and cumming, and how they liked to look at naked girls and porn. "Now Candy, this is between you and me, and never tell mom! That night you saw me and daddy in the hot tub, we were both doing the same thing. I saw daddy masturbating, and I got hot, just like you did last night watching Randy. You see, when you see something like that, you can't help it - your pussy gets all hot and wet and it makes you want to rub it and play with it. Are you still hot thinking about what you saw?"

Candy squirmed around and thought about Randy's jacking off. "Yeah, I'm all tingly down there, and I feel like it's getting wet again!"

"Well that's the way it is with me too, so you better get used to it. Here, let me show you how to get the same feelings as me and daddy and Randy got jacking off. Pull off your suit bottom. Now lay down on the bed". Candy lay down on the bed on her back. Her sweet little pussy was a lot like her sister's but the lips weren't quite as developed. Nonetheless, there was a sheen of pussy juice coating the inner lips as Candy struggled with understanding how her body was acting. Cyndy stood in front of Candy, peeled off her suit, and opened her own pussy lips with one hand. "See, here is your clit, and here is your pussy hole. Now do like I am and rub your clit with the juice coming from your pussy hole. Ahhhhhhhh, that feels so good doesn't it?"

Candy imitated her sister and started rubbing her slit and her clit. "Ohhhhhhh, yesssss, WOW! that feels really good! Is that what daddy and Randy feel too?"

"Yes, it's pretty much the same thing, and you'll make juice just like they do, but not as much, and it will leak out of your pussy hole rather than shoot out like them. You might pee a little bit too – some girls call that squirting." Cyndy was now getting hot watching her baby sister rubbing her clit and thrusting her hips up in obvious pleasure. " Do you like it Candy?"

"Oh God oh God it feels so good! I feel like I'm going to pee! I can't stop it, I'm gonna pee! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhgh!!!!" Candy writhed on the bed frigging her clit like mad.

"Oh Candy, you're making me hot! Let it go and pee! You're cumming! AHHHHHHH so am I!!!!!" Cyndy squeezed her legs together and came violently, yelping with pleasure.

"Oh I'm peeing now, I'm peeing! Ohhhhh Unnngggghh!!!" Candy convulsed with her first orgasm and squirted a mixture of pee and girl cum out of her pussy soaking her hands. "Oh god, oh god, oh god....that felt so.....................good." Candy flopped back on the bed and lay panting in bliss. Cyndy was shocked with herself for enjoying this girl with girl masturbation!

"Cyndy?" Candy asked, "Can we do this again?" Cyndy smiled, and said "Yeah, how about every day!"

Chapter 6 - Secrets -

Dick Long was watching a baseball game on TV, and he could hear Candy and Cyndy in the pool laughing and playing around. "Those two are great he thought - they get along, and really seem to be good friends." Little did he know how good! There was a knock at the door from the apartment stairs. Dick got up, walked over and opened the door to see Randy standing there. "Well, Randy! How are you doing? Can I get you a soda or anything?"

"Gee, no Mr. Long. I'm just sick of being around my sisters, and thought that maybe I could hang around with you for a little while." Randy looked at the TV and said "Hey, the Mariners! Can I watch with you?"

Dick liked Randy - Randy was always polite and reminded Dick of himself when he was a kid. A little lonely and confused with his parents being divorced, but always ready to laugh and smile, given the chance. "Sure Randy, have a seat and feel free to get a soda or some chips from the kitchen." They watched the game for a while and got bored during the many commercials. Randy looked at Dick and thought about what he saw through the vent last night. He'd like to know what the hell Dick was watching on TV that made him beat off.

"Say Mr. Long, can I talk to you about something kind of personal?" Randy was nervous and feeling a bit embarrassed and intimidated.

"Sure Randy - fire away! Any talk between us men is private and not to be repeated to anyone!" Dick was curious now, and wondered what was coming.

"Well, is it true that all guys jack off, and anyone who says he doesn't is a liar?" Randy sunk into the couch and wondered why the hell he'd said that. "God, I'm a complete idiot!" he thought.

Dick thought for a moment before answering. "I have to say that it is true. It's embarrassing, but true. I have to admit that I jack off all the time since I’m single now."

Randy smiled. He thought, "Well, well, well, I'm not a sick pervert after all!" He threw his hands up and said " I knew it! So when you jack off, do you look at porn?"

Dick laughed, "Well do you?" They both then laughed and relaxed. "So, Dick, do you have any good porno DVDs that you like to watch?" Randy was hoping to get a look at the DVD that was making Dick jack his cock last night.

Dick thought about the consequences of sharing this with Randy and said, "Well Randy, I do, but if your mom caught me sharing porn with you, my next stop is jail, and I'd lose everything I have, including this house and our friendship."

"I know Mr. Long, pretty much the same thing happened to my dad on account of my sister. Don't worry, I'll never tell anyone, plus, I'll never be dumb like my sister and get caught in the act!" Randy then proceeded to tell Dick the whole salacious story about his dad and Cyndy. Dick was at a loss for words, he thought, "My God, such a sweet innocent appearing family, and this wild sexy event happening!" Dick was completely captivated now, and looked out the window at the two sisters playing in the pool. "Holy cow!" he thought.

"So now we both have big secrets Mr. Long - I won't tell on you, and you don't tell on my dad, or me, OK?" Randy figured right that Dick was a good guy, and since he liked to jack off too, they could truly hold each other's deepest secrets.

"You got it Randy." Dick thought about what might happen next, and everything he thought of made him all the more horny.

Randy then let it spill; "Mr. Long, do you see that vent over there on the floor? Well, I saw light through it last night, and looked through the crack - what I saw was you jacking off! I want to see the DVD that made you so horny last night!"

Dick was floored - "Jeeze, he must think I'm a total pervert!" Dick looked sheepish. "Well, I don't know quite what to say! I hope you weren't creeped out or anything. Here's the controller - just press "Play" and there it is..."

Randy was ecstatic! Perfect! Now he could watch the best porn and beat off to his heart's content! "Hell no Mr. Long, I got turned on watching you, and I finished jacking off downstairs with a big cum! Let's watch it now!"

Randy pressed play and the video started. After about 10 minutes Randy couldn't take any more and said, "Dick, my cock is so hard it hurts - I gotta jack off, do you mind if I take my cock out and beat off?" Dick had the same problem. He suddenly remembered jacking off with his school buddies around the same age as Randy was now. "I gotta jack off too Randy, no I don't mind." They both dropped their shorts and freed their rock-hard cocks. Randy looked and Mr. Long's 8" cock which was dripping pre-cum out of the piss-slit. "Wow! that's a nice cock - I hope mine gets just as big!" he said. Dick looked at Randy's nice 6-incher and said, "You’re not so bad yourself - you'll have a whopper when you’re a little older, and all this jacking off will just make it bigger and stronger."

Dick got out the coconut body lotion and they lubed up their cocks until they were shining and oily. Now they started jacking slowly and sensuously, milking out every possible bit of pleasure and feeling. Pre-cum dribbled over their fists as they jacked to the salacious porn. Both started and stopped - on the verge of huge cums - only to start again when the fuck lust subsided. They were so into their beat off session that they didn't notice that the sounds of the girls in to pool had stopped.

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