As I mentioned in chapters 1 and 2, this is a long novella, so hang in there! Chapter 9 is too long I know, but it sets up a lot of action in the next chapters.
Chapter 7 - The Bathroom -

Candy and Cyndy got too hot outside swimming and laying around the pool and decided to come in for a ice-cold soda. Candy thought about watching Randy again, and said, "Hey, where’s Randy?" She thought, "Hmmm, if Randy's not in his room, I can look through the vent where he was watching and see where he was looking!"

"Hey Cyndi - let's sneak into Randy's room and see if we can look through the vent where he was spying last night!" Candy was already tiptoeing into Randy's room. "Ah hah! He's not here! - Come on Cyndi, let's look through the vent!"

"Shhh!" Hissed Cyndy, "Keep quiet! OK, let's peek." Candy picked up Randy's chair and silently moved it under the vent. Both girls climbed up and peeked through the vent. "OH MY GOD!" Candy said in a hushed, excited voice. "SHHHH!!!!" hissed Cyndy again. What they saw glued them to their perch. There was Mr. Long and Randy sitting on the couch next to each other, with their shorts and shirts off, jacking off slowly and deliberately. Both cocks were standing straight up, hard as rocks, and shining with lube and pre-cum. Both girls started melting pussy juice into their bikini bottoms and were quivering with desire. "Oh god Cyndy, that's what he was looking at! Dick jacking off! Now they're doing it together! Do you think they're gay?!"

Cyndy listened closely: "No, listen, they're watching TV with girls getting fucked and cum on - they're just so horny that they can't help jacking off!"

"Ohhhhhh, they're making me horny!" whispered Candy. "Let's masturbate together again!" Candy pulled off her bottoms and top and arched her pussy up towards her sister. "Look Cyndy! I'm getting all wet again, and my nipples are hard!"

Cyndy was no lesbian, but this was hot! She peeled off her suit top and bottom and pushed her nipple into Candy's dripping wet slit. "Ohhhhhh, Candy, you are one sexy little sister!"

Candy humped her pussy on Cyndy's nipple and the two of them forgot all about the masturbating boys upstairs. "Let's go in the bathroom and lock the door in case Randy comes down!" Candy whispered. The girls scampered to the bathroom and climbed into the big jetted soaking tub. Cyndy was ready for something more than frigging. "Candy, I want to show you something new that makes you feel even better than jacking off. Here, lay down and put your feet on the tub bottom, and put your knees up. Yes, now, spread your legs all the way apart. Yessssssss." Cyndy was looking at the most erotic sight she could imagine. Here was her 11 year old sister's sweet, fresh, young little pussy wide open, swollen with lewd anticipation and dripping girl cum down her ass crack. Her clit stood out from her inner pussy lips, swollen with desire. Just waiting for her to lick it until she made Candy cum! Cyndy had never licked another girl’s pussy, and probably never would have - but this was her sweet little sister who she loved dearly. She couldn't wait to give her the enormous orgasm that she knew was going to come, thanks to the lessons from her daddy!

"OK Candy, here goes!" Cyndy licked Candy's hot, wet little pussy from asshole to clit in one long slow continuous lick. Candy couldn't believe what she was feeling! "Ohhhhhhhhhhhh Cynnnndeeeeeee! Oh my god that feels sooooooooooooo good - oh god don't stop!" Cyndy was not about to stop, one taste of this sweet little pussy and she was hooked. She lapped up all the juices, and started thrusting her tongue in and out of Candy's hot little hole. Candy squirmed and humped her cunt up to her sister's hungry mouth. Her clit was swollen to twice its normal size and was distended from its protective hood about a half inch. Cyndy seized on it with her lips and tongued it lovingly. Candy was transported to a state of complete sensuous indulgence. She didn't want this to ever stop! She rubbed her puffy nipples and got them to stiffen into hard nubs which she tweaked with growing pleasure. "Oh God Cyndy, I'm gonna pee again! And this time it's gonna be big!"

"Do it Candy! Pee all over me with your cum!" Candy raised her hips high to her sister's slavering mouth and came! She grabbed Cyndy's head and pumped her cunt up and down on her face and mouth. Girl cum spurted from her pussy, soaking Cyndy's face. "OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Unnnnghghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!" Candy wailed. Her baby cunt contracted over and over again with a mind blowing massive orgasm! Cyndy rode the storm and licked her sister's pussy until the contractions subsided, and the sprays of pussy juice stopped.

Candy slumped back, panting, but still held her legs around her sister’s face. She felt like she had to pee before they started with this, and now she couldn't hold it any longer. "Now I really gotta pee Cyndy! You better back up!"

Cyndy was feeling absolutely perverted and depraved. She had never felt so lustful - she stared at Candy's pussy, and got the same salacious, leering look that her daddy got when he spurted his come all over her tits in the hot tub. "DO it Candy! Pee all over me!"

Candy arched her hips up and let go with a torrent of hot piss, spraying Cyndy all over her face, her hair and her luscious young tits. Cyndy rolled back and raised her pussy up to the flying stream of golden piss. "Oh god Candy, you're pissing on my clit, you're pissing on my clit!" Cyndy was so far gone with lust that the feeling of hot piss from her sweet sister sent her over the edge - she came violently, moving her pussy in fucking motions against Candy's stream of piss. "Oh Candy! I'm cumming on your piss! Keep pissing on me please!" Cyndy humped her pussy up and down against the stream, and the girls finally wound up pussy to pussy on the floor of the tub. Now it was Cyndy's turn to piss - she relaxed her bladder and let out a gushing stream of hot piss to mix with her sister's - cunt to cunt. They lay totally spent in the tub, luxuriating in a warm pool of piss and cum, slowly rubbing their cunts together lewdly and openly. "Ohhhhhhh, I don't want this to ever end," said Candy with her eyes glued on her sister's cunt.

Chapter 8 – The Masturbators -

Upstairs Dick and Randy were slowly reaching the end of their control over the inevitable huge orgasm that comes after jacking off slowly to porn for about an hour. Each had a puddle of pre-cum at the base of his cock. Each time they stopped jacking to prevent cumming, they would dip their fingers in the pre-cum and taste it or rub it around.

“Dick, I’m not gonna last much longer!” Randy said in a husky voice, clearly fighting the intense tide of pleasure threatening to overwhelm him. He ever so slowly ran his fist from tip to base of his rock hard shining wet cockmeat. Another glistening pearl of pre-cum dripped out of his piss hole on the upstroke, and slowly crawled down his cock to pool with the rest.

“Me neither, Randy! I’m about to cum a gallon the way it’s feeling now!” Dick said as he slowly milked his wet and pumped up 8-inch boner. The head was swollen hugely and gleaming with pre-cum. “I think I’m gonna make a big mess on myself when I let go!”

Dick’s remark made Randy suddenly remember what he and his school friend Timmy did after school before Timmy’s mom and dad got home from work. At least once a week they would jack off together while either surfing porn on the internet or looking at dirty magazines they got from Timmy’s older brother. Both boys tended to produce a pretty large volume of boy-cum which they shot out in streams all over their chests and bellies, sometimes even hitting themselves in the eye or on the mouth. The boys didn’t think they were gay, since all the porn they liked had naked women and fucking. Clean up was always a problem since they had to hide the evidence of their cum fests from Timmy’s mom. One day, Timmy said to Randy, “Look, I only have one rag today, and it probably won’t be enough to clean us both up when we cum. How about when you’re ready to shoot, just aim it at my chest, and then I’ll shoot mine in the same place. It might be fun, I like the feeling of my own cum squirting on me anyway.”

“What the hell!” Randy thought, “It might look cool to see Timmy all coated with cum just like the sluts on the internet who get coated with cum by a bunch of guys.”

“Sure, I’ll do it!” Randy said, “As long as you cum on me the next time.” “Ugnnnnnn – I’m gonna cum right now just thinking about it!” Timmy was sitting way back in his chair with his cock standing up hard and tall in his fist as he jacked off. Randy then straddled him and pointed his cock right at Timmy’s. He let out a grunt and pumped a long stream of thin boy-cum all over Timmy’s cock and balls. He then kind of lost control, and was leaning back with his eyes rolling up into his head as he mindlessly shot out stream after stream of cum right at Timmy. He coated his belly, his chest, and then accidentally squirted a stream right up Timmy’s chin, hitting him in the mouth. This was too much for Timmy to resist! He too grunted and let loose with a geyser of his own cum, adding to the mess all over his torso. He came so hard that one stream hit him on his own face as well. As the boys came back down to reality they looked at the mess all over Timmy. Both of them were actually turned on by the lewd spectacle. Randy’s cock was still hard, and he couldn’t resist squatting down and rubbing it through the slowing drooling glaze of cum. “Wow!” both boys thought.

At that moment, Randy looked at Dick Long jacking his last few pumps before he would shoot his load. “Hey Dick, me and my friend Timmy used to come on each other’s chests to make the clean up easier – why don’t you shoot your cum on me and then I’ll shoot too and we’ll only have one of us to clean. Besides, it feels really good to have hot cum landing on you while you jack off!”

“Are you sure, Randy?” Dick asked, “Because I cum a lot, and might not be able to completely control where it lands – you might get some on the face or in your hair.”

“Do it Mr. Long!” Randy said with a lewd knowing look, “It’ll feel great!” The thought of cumming all over Randy excited Dick. He had never had a homosexual encounter, but this seemed different. Randy was a good-looking kid with nice fair skin – not some hairy guy with a hanging ballsack.

“Unnghhhhh” grunted Randy, “I can’t hold back! Quick, get over me and shoot your cum!” Dick was ready too; he quickly straddled Randy and aimed his huge bloated cock right at him. A big drop of clear viscous pre-cum slowly drooled from Dick's cock and shook in time with his jacking motion, finally landing on Randy's own cock!

“Ugnnnnnnnnnnnnnnngg” moaned Dick. “I’m cumming, here it cums!” “Ughnn, ungh, uggnnn,” Dick grunted has be began to shoot the enormous load he had built up during over an hour of slow sensual jacking. A long thick rope of cum at least twelve inches long arced out of his piss slit and landed with a splash in a long curve, coating Randy from cock to chin. That did it for Randy who grunted and thrust up his hips in a rhythmic humping action, squirting out long streams of cum. He aimed his cock up and pissed out a stream of cum directly at Dick’s balls which were tight to his cock as they emptied their pent up load. The feeling of the hot boy cum creaming on his balls sent Dick over the edge. He pumped out long ropes of cum all over Randy, and aimed one right at his mouth. Randy licked his lips as the hot cum ran down his mouth and chin. Finally, after both had shot out monstrous loads of jism all over Randy, they were down to milking out the last streams of backed up cum. The sight of Randy coated with his own thin cum, mixed and overlaid with Dick's own thick ropes was about the most salacious, lewd, and depraved thing either had ever seen. Dick couldn’t help but do as Randy did with Timmy – he lowered his cock and balls to Randy and ran his still hard cock and his balls up and down through the lake of cum, and then humped his cock up and down Randy’s chest. Randy too was digging the dirty, lewd scene – Dick’s big cock was inches from his face. He wanted to try this again – and maybe with Cyndy some day! Dick slowly stood up, and a long string of cum connected the two spent masturbators. “I’ll get you a towel Randy, that was wild, thanks for knocking on the door!”

Chapter 9 – Pheromones -

Around six o'clock, Sandy was pulling into the driveway. The girls were laid out on the chaise lounges, having finished cleaning themselves up - and the tub! When they pulled their bathing suits back on, both found them to still be sticky with their pussy juice, so they jumped into the pool and swam around to rinse them out. “Just think,” Candy said, “Everyone else will be swimming in a little bit of our pussy juice! Maybe it will make them horny!” Cyndy laughed. They were both completely spent and then catnapped in the lounge chairs.

Randy was in his room, sound asleep in the middle of a nap – he was beat after cumming so much. He had wiped down all of the cum with Dick’s towel, but decided not to take a shower. He liked the idea that Dick’s cock and balls had been wiped up and down his chest, and thought that it was dirty and exciting. He smelled faintly of coconut lotion since they had both used a lot of it during the marathon beat off session earlier. He didn’t think you could smell any cum, since the coconut masked everything – but he knew that the musk might be just under the surface. Planning on just resting just a minute, he conked out. Between his jacking last night, and today's fun, he was all in for the moment.

Dick was doing some dishes in his kitchen when he heard Sandy’s minivan pull into the garage. He went over to the door to the utility room and yelled down the stairs as she came in the door, “Do you still want that martini I promised you Sandy?”
“More than ever Dick! How about giving me a few minutes to change into my bathing suit, and then we can drink them by the pool.” she said with a smile.

“Sounds great!” said Dick, “I’ll see you down there in a few!” Dick was thinking, “I wonder what she’s like when she’s tipsy? A couple of martinis will definitely get her started!” He went to the freezer and pulled out a bottle of ice-cold 100 proof Tanqueray. This was a deadly gin - when served freezing cold, and it being so smooth, one didn’t quite realize when one was getting drunk!

Sandy went into her apartment and looked around, and glanced out the window – there were the girls practically asleep in the chaise lounges by the pool. She quickly got out of her sticky work clothes and put on a nice two-piece bathing suit with cute boy-short bottoms. For a top she wore a thin silky bikini top which showed her luscious cleavage. For a little modesty she put on a silk beach wrap she had gotten on a vacation in Hawaii. Sandy was only 33 years old, and in fantastic shape. She went to the gym regularly to work out. She didn’t have the kind of body that got lean and muscular, but rather, she had always stayed voluptuous and soft looking. In short, any normal man would love to have her in bed!

Where was Randy? She peeked into his room, and there he was; asleep on his bed on top of the covers. All he wore was his bathing suit since it was so warm. He looked so peaceful and handsome! She loved all her kids and was very proud of Randy – he was such a good-looking, fun loving boy. She silently walked over to the bed and bent down to kiss him on the forehead. What was that aroma coming from him? He smells like coconut! She bent lower towards his chest and took a deep sniff…..hmmmmm, there’s something kind of tantalizing about this smell…... She didn’t realize that Randy had opened his eyes...just in time to see his mom’s boobs right in front of his face. “Holy shit!” Randy thought, “I must be dreaming!” Her round and firm 38Ds were spilling out of her bikini top as she bent over him - he could practically see down to her nipples! And they were just inches from his eyes! He didn’t make a move so as not to disturb the moment. The air seemed to be charged with a sexual aura. In spite of his desperate efforts to stop it, Randy’s cock immediately began to fill and lift. His mom was sniffing his chest! She must be smelling the pheromones from our cum! He watched as his mom’s nipples stiffened under the silky fabric of her top. She’s getting hot too!
Sandy watched, hypnotized with lewd fascination as Randy’s cock pushed up his bathing suit. “My God!” she thought, “What’s going on, I’m getting wet!” She quickly looked around to Randy’s face and saw him try to shut his eyes as if he were asleep. “I gave my son a hard-on! – this is as bad as his father and Cyndy!” She stood up and retreated feeling hot and bothered, and not wanting to have any kind of confrontation with Randy about his hard-on. Who could blame the kid – he’s thirteen and chock full of hormones! She would have to watch herself around him from now on – there was something about him that was strongly compelling and sexy!

Randy couldn’t believe what had just happened! He had never thought about his mom in a sexual way before, but now he realized that she was a beautiful woman with a sexy body who had not had sex for months and months! I wonder……

Sandy tried to compose herself as she walked out onto the patio by the pool. Dick was waiting at a bistro table by the pool with a martini shaker and two frosty martini glasses, complete with olives. He was wearing his bathing suit, a light shirt which was unbuttoned, and sunglasses. "God, I'm so worked up that he looks good to me!" Sandy thought as she looked at his fit body, and rather handsome face. It had been far too long since she had gotten laid. "I can't fuck the landlord for Christ's sake!" she thought, wistfully looking at a pronounced bulge in his suit. "I'll bet he has a nice cock," she was thinking, as her nipples remained hard, and her pussy was still juicing. She dove into the pool gracefully and slowly swam over to where Dick was sitting and held on to the tiled edge. Both Candy and Cyndy were roused by the splash and finally looked up. It was a fabulous summer evening with golden slanting western sunlight which dappled through the leaves in the light breeze. Sandy looked absolutely sexy and exotic with her gorgeous figure, long, dark hair, and the same green eyes which Cyndy inherited. "Candy!" she called, "Please bring mommy her silk wrap and hand it to me." Sandy didn't want to give the wrong impression to Dick and have him thinking she was flaunting her body. She climbed out and smiled at Dick as she wrapped the silk around her waist. All it did was make her look sexier as far as Dick was concerned!

"Hi Sandy!" Dick smiled and waved towards a chair, "Have a seat, and have a martini! That should make you forget about working all day on a beautiful Saturday."

Sandy smiled back at Dick and noticed that he had a nice chest that wasn't all hairy like Bill's. Stop it! she told herself. "Thanks Dick, this looks perfect! Just then Randy strolled out of the apartment squinting in the sun. "So you finally decided to wake up and join the world," Sandy called - she wanted him to think she hadn't noticed he was awake earlier. "Honey, why don't you go to the fridge and bring out some sliced cantaloupe and strawberries for us to have with our cocktails? You and the girls can have watermelon and sparkling water if you like."

"OK mom." Randy went back inside and the girls followed him arguing about what to have for an appetizer by the pool.

"So Dick," Sandy asked, the sun illuminating her face with a golden hue and making her almond eyes shine a vivid moss green, "were the kids any trouble today? What did they do all day?"

Dick could hardly speak. He thought, "God this woman is so gorgeous!" And for some reason she seemed to be radiating an allure and appeal that went subtly beyond her sexy good looks. If he didn't watch it he would be springing a huge boner, which in his case was 8 inches that would not fit in his suit! He looked away from Sandy and started vigorously shaking the martinis in order to distract himself. "They were basically laid back slugs all day," he joked. "Randy and I watched baseball in my living room and the girls swam, sunbathed, and read magazines. They must have been inside for a while because I didn't see them by the pool during the hottest part of the day." He thought about what he had just said, "the hottest part of day" and chuckled.

"What are you laughing about?" asked Sandy with a quizzical look and a little smile. Dick poured a freezing, martini into the chilled glass. It looked perfect on the bistro table with the sunshine flowing through it, making it look like a cut crystal sculpture - the olive was magnified by the liquid and the pimento inside shined a bright cherry red.

"Oh, nothing much," he lied, "just thinking about when I was a kid and how I didn't appreciate a lazy day like this - sunshine, no responsibilities, and so much adventure all around waiting to be discovered." At least part of it was true!

In the apartment kitchen, the kids were carefully using a melon baller to make perfect little spheres of the juicy cantelope and then arranginng them on a plate with fresh strawberries, a perfect summer evening snack. For themselves, they cut a watermelon into wedges and filled tall glasses with ice and sparkling lime flavored water. "Say," said Candy, licking watermelon juice off of her fingers, "do you think mom likes Mr. Long?"

"What!?" asked Cyndy, "Isn't he kind of old for her?" She looked out the glass doors and saw her mom and Dick smiling and speaking quietly. She thought about seeing Dick and Randy jacking off to porn this morning...hmmmm, he was definitely sexy!

"I don't know," Randy speculated with a faraway look, "he is a really nice guy, and I think he's not bad looking either." Randy thought about how Dick had rubbed his huge cock and balls all over him earlier - he wouldn't mind hanging around this place for a few more years until he was old enough to get his own girlfriends!

Candy spoke up. "I like him, and he seems to like us too. Mom will probably get a rich lawyer from the office one day, but in the meantime, I hope she lets us stay here and hang around with Mr. Long." With that, they marched out to the deck with the fruit and beverages.

Sandy was really enjoying the martini, the setting, and chatting with Dick. This was the perfect way to forget about Bill, work, and everything else. It was like a little golden moment to be cherished and remembered for years to come. "You know Dick," she said with a beautiful smile, "this martini is the best I've ever had! How about another?" She was feeling pleasantly buzzed and her kids were clearly loving this evening and their time in the pool. She thought they seemed different today - happy, laid back, and they also seemed to be sharing some kind of unspoken rapport and satisfaction. Little did she know that all three were thinking about what they had done today, and how to go about having more fun with their bodies. Randy kept sneaking looks at his mom - she was getting tipsy, and had let her guard down. She was now visibly relaxed, and seemed to be comfortable showing her body and not worrying about adjusting her bikini or re-wrapping her silk. Candy stayed in the water so that she could rub her pussy as much as she wanted without anyone seeing. Cyndy floated on her back looking at her mom and Mr. Long. "I'd like to play with his cock," she was languidly thinking.

Sandy and Dick had another martini, and the kids played in the pool. Candy started thinking about when she saw Randy jacking off last night and squirting his nice sperm all over his tummy. She was a lot like her big sister - "I'd like to play with his cock," she was thinking. She swam over to Randy and hugged him from behind, pressing her pussy against his butt. She then started to tickle him under his arms. Randy spun around and tried to dunk her head. She held her breath and went below the surface right in front of his cock. "Ahhh," she thought, "there it is!" She pushed her face towards his crotch and gripped his soft penis through the thin fabric of his suit. At the same time she held his butt and pushed him to her face.

Randy was blown away - "What the hell! What in the hell is Candy doing?!" He let go of her and she popped to the surface with a knowing smile, now holding his now stiffening cock in her hand. "Candy!" Randy whispered, "What are you doing!"

"Shhhhh, Randy!" Candy hissed, "I saw you through the vent last night jacking off, and again today with Mr. Long! I want to play with your cock and see you squirt your sperm again!" She let go of his cock and whispered in his ear, "If you want me to sneak into to your room tonight, dive under water and touch my pussy!" Randy was flabbergasted! This was no place to get into details with the whole family around, and he noticed that Dick was looking at him and Candy with a curious expression. Candy laughed and splashed Randy and started to swim away. Randy dove deep and swam directly beneath Candy reaching up and caressing her pussy area through her suit.

Sandy looked at Dick and put her hand in front of her mouth and opened her eyes wide, "Uh oh! I'm so relaxed that I forgot that I have to feed these kids dinner!"

Dick laughed, "Hey, give yourself a break! Let's all order some pizza and eat it outside here - it's too hot to cook anyway! I'm buying, and I won't argue about it. "So kids!" he yelled, "How about pizza for dinner?"

The kids were still kids after all, and they all yelled "YAY!! Pizza!" They then started arguing about what kind of toppings they should order. Dick and Sandy played referee and they called and ordered the pizzas.

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