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This story is for all my cheating wives. Haha
It was a Thursday morning and I had taken off from work. I was sitting on my couch and heard the neighbor’s front door shut. I peeped out my window and saw this fine brown-skinned, petite, heavy chested, woman sitting on the steps; it was Dana. She appeared to be all alone today because her husband’s car was not parked in front of the house. I figured this is my chance to get closer to her seductive looking body. I like to work out so showing off my chest and biceps would be my best approach. All of a sudden, I had a brilliant idea. Instead of walking out the front door with my chest all exposed like I’m trying to show off, I went out the back door and ran around the block like I just came from jogging. As I got closer to my front steps, Dana looked at me and gave a friendly smile. “Coming from jogging?” Dana asked. “Yes”, I replied while faking gasping for air. “I like to run early in the morning when the weather is much cooler”. She paused for a second just looking at me and then she said “I see”. I looked deep into her eyes and can see some curiosity going through her mind. I quickly asked her, “So where is your husband?” “He’s at work”, she replied. “Oh”, I unsurprisingly said. I wanted to see where her head was at so I said “Well, being as though you are married, I hope I am not offending you by standing here with no shirt on, sweating and what not” “Absolutely not!” “I don’t mind”, she said with flirtatious eyes. So I said, “I’m getting ready to go back inside and work out some more.” She looked at me in amazement and asked, “Do you have your gym inside your house?” “Yes”, I replied. “You are welcome to check it out sometimes you know…” I said with hope she says okay. Surprisingly she said “Yes!” “I would love to check it out” I looked up and down the street to make sure nobody was watching us enter my house. As she stepped through my front door, I couldn’t help but to look at her round curvaceous booty. She had the kind of booty that if you smack it I might smack you back! As she followed me to my basement, I turned around and said “You look nice today” She blushed and said “Thank you and so do you.” I blushed back and we started to head down the steps. She looked around and said with curiosity “Very nice, so how much do you bench?” “230”, I replied. “I would like to see you do it” she said with throbbing eyes. As I lay down on the bench with my gym shorts on and started benching, I knew I was turning her on because my massive dick was bulging. I heard her murmured “Jesus”. As I finish benching, I decided to look deeply into her eyes and ask her “Can you keep a secret?” She replied “Yes” and asks me as well, “Can you?” With a happy smile I replied, “For sure!” I started to not give a fuck and just flat out said “Damn you have a sexy body.” She laughed and said back “I can tell; your dick look hard as a rock.” She started licking her bottom lip and making “mmmm” sounds. I said to her, “My body is aching; I can use a nice body massage.” She replied, “I only massage a man’s body if they are nude.” I smiled and started to take off my jogging pants and briefs real slow. Finally, I was nude and my 9 inch dick was fully erect. She said “Damn!” and starting massaging it in her hands. Her hands felt so warm and soft. I was wondering what she was going to do next. She pushed me down on the bench and slowly dropped to her knees. With soft spoken words, she said “I can’t help it!” and slammed my dick into her moist mouth. “MMMM”, I said as she went up and down on my thick brown juicy dick. I started to grab her by the hair and thrust her head up and down on my dick like there was no tomorrow. Before I could cumm, she pulled her lips away from my dick and said “I want to feel it.” She started to take off her top and her succulent nipples were right before my eyes. It was like my dream has come true. As she pulled down her pants, I started stroking my dick and talking dirty to her. “I can’t wait to slide my dick all up in that good pussy of yours.” I said. I started to look for a condom but it was too late, she was on top of me sliding my dick inside her warm pussy. I started gripping up her soft booty and pulling her body close to me. As she was riding me on the bench, her 36 DD tities kept smacking me in the face. I couldn’t believe it. I felt like I was falling in love with some married pussy. She whispered into my ear and asked, “Do you like it big boy?” I replied, “Hell yeah, I love some married pussy!” She started moaning louder and squeezing her pussy lips on me tighter. She said with force in her voice “My man doesn’t have a long thick dick like you, fuck me harder!” I pulled her neck closer to me and started licking her passionately from ear to neck. Her ass was feeling so soft in my hands that I started to let my body go. “Give me this pussy Dana” I said with a loud command. She started riding me faster and harder. “Is this what you want, huh, is this what you want?” she asked me over and over again. I couldn’t get my words out; I was losing my breath from the good ass pussy I was fucking. She looked me deeply into my eyes and said “Give me that nutt!” Her eyes were so beautiful that I did exactly as she requested. A load of nutt started shooting up inside her pussy and I said like a little bitch “Damn I love you.” She said back, “You don’t love me, you love my pussy, now give me that nutt!” I couldn’t believe it, I was still cummin. After 30 seconds of busting a nutt, she got off a top of me and said “Damn, you were good!” We both started laughing and shaking our heads in shame. This was the best sex I ever had. I finally got to get with the wife next door. END

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2017-01-07 12:25:41
I just fucked our next door young Buck!!! 9" cock felt Soo good!!!!

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2014-08-06 17:58:28
A good sex story although it was very difficult to read.

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2010-08-16 23:56:03
yes...use more paragraphs...i met a white maried a nite. we ended up fucking at a hotel. she loved my long back her cunt. I never wore a condom, I hope she is ok?

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lol at weman40

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lol at weman40

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