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Teen Female and Teen Male fall in love while exploring their bodies. Please Leave comments. Thanks.
It was a beautiful spring day, in a small town in texas on May 4th 1846. It was a sunday and all the families were making their way to the local church.
Samuel trudged along next to his parents, while absent mindedly playing with his susspender strap,then he looked up when he heard the familier voice of his childhood friend Beth, who was rushing over to greet him. She stopped short of running into him and smiled, saying hello, she was a beautiful fourteen year old girl, Sam wished she had hugged him instead of just coming to say hello, but not wanting to be rude he tore his eyes away from her young body to look her in her beautiful blue eyes and said hello back. She must have noticed where his eyes were lingering, he thought, because she blushed and giggled.
She fell into place beside him as they walked toward the church, talking about what they would do that day after the boring ceremonies of church. They arrived at the church and said their goodbyes, promising to meet each other at their favorite stream after church, when their parents turned them free.
The preist was a nice fellow by the name of Albert Warbrook, and he was known well by the local families as being a kind hearted man rather then a zealous preacher, which was rare trait in men of the cloth at that time. He smiled as the townspeople filed in and took their seats amoung the pews. He raised his hands and spoke, "Before we begin, I would like to congratulate Samuel Feildson on becoming fourteen years old last wednesday". Samuel smiled as everyone around him gave a short appricative clap, though he thought it was nice to finally be as old as Beth who had turned fourteen in Febuary and who had bragged about it almost every day since. With that the boring ceremonies of church began.
Later that afternoon after church and some chores, Sam made his way to the stream where he had promised to meet Beth. The stream was in a small secluded wood a alittle way from the town, it was a great place to play, relax, or talk. Their favorite spot to be was a bank, with smooth flowing shallow water running, where they would sit and talk with their feet in the water and occasionally splash each other.
No sooner had he gotten there, when he heard foot steps behind him. He spun around to see Beth smiling at him, her clean brown hair just hitting her shoulders. He grinned looking at her, and of course the small mounds on her chest. She walked closer to him, "Well how does it feel to finally be as old as me?" she asked playfully."Good, I guess." he shrugged. They sat down at the waters edge and started to talk about the affairs of the town, and their families.
After a few minutes of talking they were standing in the middle of the small stream, Sam with his pants rolled up to his knees and Beth with ends of her plain dress gently flowing in the current. Both eyed each other, knowing full well what was about to happen. Sam stretched and with his arms out, he was defenseless, so Beth jumped on the oppertunity, she kicked at him and sent water spraying over his front. He yelped and ducked down to scoop some water to send her way, Beth meanwhile jumped behing a small tree that came alittle ways out into the stream.
Sam sent as much water as he could at her, and after a few minutes of splashing, and alot of laughing, she slowly came out from behind the tree. "Ok, I've had eno-!!" As soon as she came out from behind the tree she slipped on the smooth rocks and crashed into the water, with a loud ripping sound. She stayed down on her hands and knees in that water, "Ow ow ow" she hissed. Samuel, just stood there motionless, "Are you ok?" He asked, finally inching towards her, suddenly stopping dead in his trackes, noticing the long strip of cloth that hung on a small limb of the tree.
Slowly, and cautiously Beth stood up, cringing as she looked at her scrapped hands. It wasent that bad she thought. Until she looked at Sam, who had frozen in place and blushed a deep scarlet and who was staring directly at her chest, she also looked down, now noticing the obvious and rather large tear in her dresses front. Her eyes widened and she blushed, her left breast was fully exposed! She quickly wrapped her arms around herself. But it was to late, she had unwittingly exposed her self to samuel, who still stood there frozen in place.
"Well dont just stand there she" she said sarcasticly. Slowly He started to move again "I....I....." he stuttered. Without thinking she smiled and said "Did you like what you saw?". "Um, yea...your really pretty" he blushed putting his hands behind his back. She blushed back and smiled even wider."Well how about I give you another peak?" she said playfully. "Really? That would be great!",Slowly she moved her arms away from her chest revealing an almost perfect breast, although small, her breast was nicely rounded and perky, rising off her chest like a grape fruit cut in half. Samuel studied every part of her breast, his eyes wide, it was the first time he had ever seen a girls chest in the nude.
Beth studied the dazed expression of awe on Samuels face, and as slowly as she revealed herself she covered herself up. Samuel stood there for a moment, then "Can I.....Can I....Touch it?" He asked timidly. "No!" Beth squealed immediatly.They both stood still for a few moments, Beth was the first to break the silence "I'm going home", "Should I come with you?" asked Samuel in a whisper, "No, you shouldnt." She scolded. "Fine!" Retorted Sam. With that Beth stalked away from Samuel, and off into the forest with her arms wrapped around her. Samuel stood there, trying to make sense of what happend.
The next day after chores Samuel went down to the stream, and was resting his feet in the stream, when he heard someone coming through the forest towards him, of course it turned out to be Beth.
He stood up, and they both froze staring at each other. Then without saying a word, Samuel turned and walked across the stream away from Beth, immediatly he heard the splashing of footsteps behind him. "Wait" Beth said grabbing his arm, "What is wrong with you?". He slowly turned to face her,"You are". Her eyes widened and she dropped his hand, tears welling up in her eyes. She turned and fled into the woods.
For the next few days Samuel went un-accompanied at the stream.
Then one day, two days after she fled into the woods, Samuel heard someone coming from behind him as he sat by the stream. He didnt have to turn around to know it was Beth. She stood a few feet behind him, without saying a word.After a few tense seconds "What did you mean by that?" She asked. He stood up and slowly turned around. "I...I meant, I cant stop thinking about you!" Beth's face automatically took on the look of surprise and confusion and Samuel blushed a deep scarlet.
" do you mean?", "I dont know, I mean I keep thinking about you and---"And what"she inquired".......your body" he sputtered.
It was Beth's turn to blush a deep scarlet. The both said nothing for a few very awkward seconds. "Do you really like me that much?" she asked in a whisper."Yes", she paused unsure of what she was about to do. "Well then can touch me if you like!" She was so unsure of what she had just said she didnt know if she had said it at all. Both had blushed a deep scarlet. Samuel was dumbfounded "really?" was all he could manage. "Yea, I mean...I mean that is if you really want to!" Again they both just stood there, watching each other. Slowly Sam stepped foward, his heart beating terribly fast as he raised his hand to reach out and touch Beth. Beth stood stalk still as Samuel placed his had on her left breast, then for some reason he started to pull away. She slowly cupped his hand in hers and placed it back on her breast. "If its you, its ok" she said tenderly. His heart beating a million beats a second, Samuel slowly put pressure on Beth's young breast.After a few seconds she took hold of his other hand and placed it on her other breast."Keep going" she said.
Samuel started massaging her breasts with renewed confidence. After a minute or two, Beths face was flushed and she let out alittle moan. Taking that as a good sign Samuel kept going rubbing the cloth on her front."Hey, can I do it without your clothes on?" He asked tentitavly. Beth let out another moan and nodded, then quickly shrugged off the shoulders of her dress and pulled it down to her waist. Samuel took in the full site of Beths breasts, "shes so beautiful" was all he could think as he slowly put his hands back on her breasts. He brushed his palm over one her nipples and she flinched ever so slightly. Now noticing this he tweaked her now firm nipples, "aauhhhh" she moaned. He caressed her nipples softly and she moaned appricatively. He could sense changes in Beth, as he could himself, his manhood now fully stiff in his pants. This felt really good he thought.
As he kept playing with her breasts and nipples Beth could feel somthing comeing, she didnt know what it was, but it felt so right! She felt a heat and wetness building between her legs. Lost in herself she didnt notice him lean foward, until she felt his lips pressed against hers. She opened her mouth ever so slightly and so did he, and slowly they worked their mouths together in unison. That pushed her over the edge, she felt the build between her legs and she grabbed Samuel tight,and shuddered for a few seconds in total bliss, she had never felt this way in her life, she felt a great release in her loins and She broke off their kiss and moaned loudly. They stood there for a moment, Beths arms around samuel as she moaned and then sighed with release.
Finally the wonderful feeling went away, and Beth could feel wetness rolling down the inside of her slender thighs. She hugged Samuel even tighter and then released him. He slowly backed away realizing somthing had just happend. Beth was shaking alittle, she looked up at him with and expression he had never seen before, a mixture of love and satisfaction. "What happend?" he asked quietly. "I am not sure, but it felt really good" she replied breathlessly and smiled at him. She looked him over,her eyes stopping on the front of his pants where there was an obvious buldge. She decided not to say anything alittle unsure of what it was. He noticed and covered himself with his hands, "I...I..." he stammered. They stood there for a moment, and both felt really awkward.
Beth pulled her dress back into place... not knowing what to say or how to feel, "So..uh...same time tomorrow?" she managed. "sure!" He smiled hopefully. She backed up alittle, and they said an awkward goodbye and both headed home with new thoughts on their minds.
During that night and for the better part of the next day all they could is think about one another. Beth day dreamed for most of the day about what the buldge had been in Samuels pants, she was surprised to notice that when she did, she became wet between the legs. She nearly soiled a pair of underwear while rubbing herself amidst a vivid day dream. It was somthing she had never done before, but she was very pleased with this new discovery.
Samuel explored his body as well, for the first time he rubbed himself when his penis was hard, it felt fantastic, especially when he thought about Beth doing it. At one point he felt a pressure in his loins and he had the feeling he was about to burst, but then he heard someone coming up the steps and quickly covered himself, alittle disappionted about not being able to release the pressure, perhaps he could with Beth later, he fantasized.
When their parents finally let them loose to play, they immediatly headed for the stream, with some new ideas of what to do together. They both arrived at the same time, and said hello. They made small talk for a few minutes, then lappsed into silence. Thinking of the joys to come they both took a tentitive step foward. Both immediatly stopped, eyeing each other,"Well do you want to?" both said at once. "Yeah" Both said instantly. They both blushed, looked away and then looked back into each others eyes and each only saw desire. They walked up to each other and embraced. Their lips met and soon their tongues were soon roving in each others mouths. While kissing, Beth took Samuels hand and took a chance, placing it between her legs, letting her dress fold to get Samuels hand as close as possible to her lady parts. Samuel froze for a moment unsure of what to do, but as Beth pressed his hand between her legs, and he got the idea.
Beth moaned in his ear, and thats all it took to set a fire in his loins. So he decided to take a chance, "Hey, do me too"he begged, He took her hand placed it on his buldge. The instant her hand touch the front of his pants and started to rub he knew it was something special. This continued for a few minutes. Slowly each started to realize somthing....
Beth being the more bold of the two,paused,"Hold on"she whispered, removing Samuels hand.She then hiked up her dress, after that she retook Samuel's hand and placed it under her underwear and directly on her, now wet, opening. Instantly as Samuels unexperianced fingers started to probe her wet hole, she let out a moan, his fingers touched parts of her that had never been touched by anyone else before.He slowly inserted one of his fingers as far he could, and Beth gasped loudly, he could feel her warm insides pulsing around his finger as he slowly pulled it back out and reinserted it. He kissed her again, their tongues meeting breifly, "Does that feel good?" he asked, "oh...oh...Yes!" she panted, while he continued to pleasure her.Then he slowly, almost as if teasing her, pulled his finger out and removed his hand from between her legs. "Why'd you stop?" she asked, clearly wanting more. He paused for a second, "Becuase I want you to do me to" he said. She immediatly looked down at the buldge in his pants.
Slowly Samuel reached down and undid his pants, pulling down both his underwear and his pants to his knees. As he straighted his boner flung up pointing directly Beth, who blushed at the sight of it. Samuel took Beths hand wrapping it around his hard shaft and slowly began to work it back and forth. Beth smilied and kissed him, working her hand alittle faster and rolling back the skin that covered the head of his penis, as she did, Samuel moaned in her mouth, he had done this by himself before but it never felt like this! Beth again retook Samuels hand and placed it back over her wet slit, immediatly his fingers went to work.
They continued like that for awhile both savouring the pleasure of each others hands. Then Beth had a peculiar idea. She broke off their kiss and whispered somthing in Samuels ear that he would never forget. He gulped and nodded, then Beth kissed him, and got down on her knees in front of him. She gandered at it for a moment, then licked her lips as if excited by this idea. At first she kissed the tip of it with her wet, beautiful lips,then stopped, Samuel looked down and saw her looking at some clear fluid that was leaking out the head of his tool. "What is it?", "I dont know, I dont think its pee....", she peered at it again, wondering for a moment, then in one deft movement, she leaned foward and enveloped Samuels hard on in her small wet mouth. Samuel gasped, it felt incredible.
Beth could taste clear liquid on her tongue, it didnt taste that bad, in fact she kind of liked it she decided, he tongue started to lap at the source of the liquid. Samuel moaned again, and with this encouragment, she let her tongue explore its way around Samuels firm member. While she pleasured Samuel, she let her hand return to her special places, her fingers playing around the tight wet opening. As she inserted one finger the inside of her, her hand brushed up against a certain spot, immediatly Beth felt pulses of pleasure from that one spot, and then she moved her hand to grind against it while keeping her finger inside of her. She started to feel a great pleasure coming. As she rubbed herself faster and faster as she stimulated Samuel more vigourously. Atlast she felt something squirt out of her in a blast of great release. She shuddered and paused for a moment. Then after a moments repreieve she went back to pleasing Samuel, still feeling very good, and enjoying herself.
Then As her tongue coiled alittle bit around the head of Samuels penis, she gently started sucking on it too. This was all to much for Samuel feeling a pressure rise in his scrotum, and such intense pleasure he gasped "I...I...feel somthing coming", Beth kept her mouth around it for a minute continuing to suck, then she felt somthing hot and sticky spray out of Samuel onto her tongue, she quickly pulled Samuels pulsing member out her mouth, and looked up, feeling more of the warm goo like substance squirt over her lips and chin. Samuels eyes were shut tight and his mouth was open, letting out a barely audbile moan of pure pleasure. She swallowed, and quickly realized she didnt much favor this new taste, after a few more seconds Samuels faced returned to normal.
He looked down at her in a daze, "that felt really good" he said after a few more seconds. Beth wasent listening, what had just come out of him? It wasent pee, of that much she was sure, it was whitish and sticky, a thick rope of it still hung from Samuel's now softening hard on. There wasent that much of it.... only alittle on her bottom lip running alittle ways down to her chin. She slowly wipped it off with her hand, then played with it alittle in her hand, it was kinda sticky and had a strong smell to it she noticed. "What are you doing" he asked quietly. "What is it?" she questioned back."I dunno, I think its the stuff that makes babies....its never come out before." Beth looked back the white stuff on her hand and the little bit that had dripped down to the ground from Samuel with renewed interest."is it?! Am i going to have a baby now?!" her eyes widened."No.... I dont think so, my pa told me, uhhh....." Some colour returning to his cheeks,"Told you what?" Beth asked with great interest."Well, our parts have to go together some how, and then when that stuff comes out,and it makes a baby". "Really?", "yea, I think." "Hmmm"
Beth got up and adjusted her clothes, and Samuel quickly put it away and buttoned up his pants, and the both walked the very short distance to the stream, Beth washing her face and hands.They both sat back and reflected on what had just happend. "Can we do this again tomorrow?". "Of course, but tomorrow, you have to do that to me" Beth answered. Still feeling a certain warmth inside her. She leaned foward, and kissed him before he could say anything. Their lips lingered together for a moment of pure happiness and then they both pulled back. "Ill see you tomorrow" Beth said smiling as she got up to go. "You bet!" Samuel said back quickly.
With that Beth hurried off back to her home and Samuel sat there alone thinking of Beth.
It was early the next day that Samuel and Beth met at the stream.
Both had been thinking of little else then their little exploites. After some small talk, they started to kiss. They held each other and kissed for a good few minutes. But then Beth, very aroused, wanted more. She broke off their kiss, and whispered in Samuels ear "its time for you to do me".
Samuel blushed, and he smiled as he got down on one knee, and then sliding his hands under Beths dress he pulled down her underpants. After her under garments were at her ankles he lifted up her dress for the real prize. But he couldnt see the sweet hole his fingers had so enjoyed. All he could see was the mound of skin in front of it, he leaned foward and licked tentively but he knew it was no good. Removing himself from under Beths dress, he looked up at her, "I cant reach it" He said sounding alittle dissapointed and ashamed.
Beth cursed inwardly, But she felt somthing for Samuel that she didnt feel for anyone else. "ITs ok, just use your fingers like you did yesterday". Samuel nodded and stood up, pulling out his now firm dick. As they reached for each others privates, Samuel had an idea.....
"Hey, Beth...turn around" his hand stopping in mid air, "what?!"
"I have an idea, it'll be good I promise" Looking confused Beth turned around and Samuel hicked up her dress. "Hey thats my butt!" she exclamied as Samuel put his hand on her small,soft, and pert ass. "I know, hold on" he said at lenght admiring Beth's backside. He took his member and slid it between her ass checks, it was warm there, it felt nice he thought. Beth stiffened " what are you doing?". "It feels really nice" he said pulling it back out. He noticed the friction of the skin and had a grand idea, he spit on his hand and rubbed it on his cock. "Well it feels kinda weird to me" Beth said, Placing his hard on back between her checks, "Dont worry it'll feel good in just a minute".
He leaned into her slightly making her bend foward, and began sliding his penis in and out of her butt crack, as he did this he reached around Beth and let his fingers play with her honey trap. This continued for a few minutes, Samuel could feel the head of his cock pressing against her tight butthole every time he thrust foward, her butt was hot around his young dick and he knew he couldnt take much more of it. "Beth, I.....ugghhhh" he moaned as he buried his fingers as deep into Beth as he could and he felt her gasp as he thrust and pulled her close to him. His penis throbbed and he felt his hot seed squirt out of him into Beth's perfect ass. Beth felt it to and straighted, her butt clamping over Samuels dick as he squirted one more time into her. Samuels fingers slipped out of Beth, and he took a step back. Beth quickly hicked up her now fallen dress and probed her tender butt. When she removed her hand it had alot of Samuels cum on it.
"Did you like that?" she asked in a sort of dissatisfied way. Samuel straightened and smiled "Yeah, it was great". Beth looked at him non-plused as she whiped more of Samuels cum from her ass. "We you still have to do me" she said, almost stand-offishly. "Of course" he said without a moments hesitation. "Lie down" he said with a wolfish grin, thinking himself quite deveious for the problem that he had just solved.
Beth washing her hand off in the stream turned to look at Sam. She waddled over in front of samuel, her shoes and underwear still on. She slowly laid down, and Samuel quickly stowing away his now soft memeber, knelt at her feet, he quickly went to work removing Beths shoes, and underwear despite her protestes. "This better be good" she said as as Samuel moved her dress from her now exposed pussy.
He smiled at her one last time before laying down in between her legs and cupping her ass, he then buried his mouth into her. Before she could react Sam shot his tongue into her love hole.
At first she jerked back at this new, and most wonderful sensation, but then let Samuel continue. It felt great, his wet, young tongue wriggling around in her tight snatch. He licked in and around her hole, letting his tongue touch her in ways, his fingers could not. She moaned as she felt his hot breath on her now very wet opening. Soon, she was holding his head to her groin as she approached climax.
She had an odd taste, but it was a good taste, he decided as his tongue as he continued to ravage her loins.Then he felt he hole tighen around his tongue, and she pressed his head closer to her hole. Beth let out a high moan, she felt a great release. Suddenly things became alot wetter as alittle bit of her wetness squirted into samuels mouth and around it. It was a taste he couldnt discribe, but after feeling her body soften once again he pulled his head away, his mouth dripping. He looked over her and Beth lay there breathing heavly with her arm over her forehead.
He whiped the juice of her sex on hhis sleeve, laying down beside her and wrapping his arms around her, she turned to him and she did the same, they kissed and knew only happyness. They lay there for the next hour holding and kissing each other until they each had to go home. They each departed with one thought in their mind, that was of how much they loved each other.
It was a day before they could see each other. They met the day after in the early afternoon, both anticipating the next taste of each other's love, and Samuel brought somthing with him. Beth and Samuel stood deeply kissing one another, and Samuel holding a folded cloth in his hand. The stopped kissing, and Beth asked about what Samuel brought, he explained it was his families picnic blanket. She asked why he had brought it but all she got was an "Ill show you". Samuel laid out the large blanket and motioned for her to join him on it. They respectfully took their shoes off and sat down next to each other on it. It was alot more comfortable then the ground.
"Its comfortable..but what do you have in mind Samuel?"She eyed him with suspicious smile. "Well" Samuel answered at length, "I thought we could try it". "Try what?" Beth asked, playing dumb. "You know!" Samuel spluttered blushing. "I think I do, But you have to tell me!" Beth giggled. "Um, I thought we could try putting our parts together". Beth smiled, "I would love to Sam!".
Beth slid off her under garments and pulled up her dress. Samuel undid his pants and pulled out his semi-hard penis. "I think it has to be hard to go in" He said. "Then Ill make it hard" Beth responded in kind. She leaned over to Samuel next to her and started to fondle his young cock. After a few moments it was fully hard and ready to go! Beth was pretty wet, having been playing with herself while she played with Samuel. "Are you ready" Samuel asked as he got between her legs. "yeah".
She reached down and spread her hole to give Samuel a clear entry. Samuel pushed foward, the head of his penis hitting the side of her honey trap.
Holding himself up with one arm, he reached down grabbing his member and directing it so the head was on the hole. It already felt good.
He slowly pushed in, sliding in about two inches, Beth gasped, her insides reacting by twisting and grabbing at Samuels cock. Samuel shuddered and moaned. He slowly kept pushing, as he almost had himself fully inside he felt alittle resistance. He gave a quick thrust to push himself farther, and the resistance well away, but Beth gasped and grimaced. "Ow!" Beth said, feeling very full down below....but it felt nice....more then nice.
"Are you ok?!" Sam asked freezing in place. "Yea, It hurt alitte there but its feeling better, Keep going" Samuel nodded, his face flushed with pleasure. He thrust again burieing himself fully inside her. Beth moaned, His penis was hitting parts of her that have never been touched before, it was amazing, her insides were squirmming with the anticipation of the approaching orgasm.
Samuel, pulled out alittle and pushed himself back in. It was the best feeling, ever. Her hot, wet, and soft, insides were wrapped around his penis, pulling him deeper, as if milking his young cock. His hardon was now pulsing with the pleasure, he could barely contain himself, he knew it was coming soon. He started to hump her sporadically sending shock waves of rough pleasure through out Beths yound body. She couldnt hold it! She started cumming and coudlnt stop! Her juices were now flowing freely aound Samuels cock and Balls.
He kpet pumping then, ramming himself fully inside, Samuel felt Beths tight hole, squeeze him even tighter. It was so hot, wet, and tight, he just couldnt take it. He pushed himself as far in as he could, feeling himself erupt inside her.
Beth felt the hot spray of his cum deep inside her and the feeling sent her into another orgasm. Beth hole was rapidly squeezing him as he came, and it felt like he was being milked. He couldnt stop cumming! He sent spurt after spurt into her fertile womb. Their bodys stayed rigid for a few moree seconds and then he collapsed on top of her the last spurt of this young cum squirting into her dripping and squeezing hole.
They laid the for a few minutes feeling Samuels cock soften inside her and come out with a wet pop. They laid still in each others arms, Beth feeling some of his hot seed drip out of her and slide down into her butt. But it wasent a bad feeling and she felt happy and satisfied in Samuels arms and after their union. Samuel felt warm and so happy, he picked himself up enough to put his face right in front of Beths, kiss, and say, "Beth, I love you". Beth stared up at him, and smiled and wrapped her arms around him pulling him close, and in his ear said, "I love you to Sam."
Both held each other for a long time, Finally after about an hour they got up and resting in the stream. When It was time ago the both kissed deeply and promised to come back and do it again the next day.
And the both did and they continued doing it many months. Until Beths tummy started to grow big.

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2010-05-12 13:18:07
You described a really nice first penetration sex with a very hot girl participant......Wish mine had been as good....Some of the ones I had later on were as good but this one was awesome! And, yeah, in 1846 teens weren't as much in the know as they are today.....So I believed it.....


2009-07-20 03:17:00
Wow good story I enjoy it very much,can wait for part 2 of this saga if she had the baby and got married at yuong age it was a great romance

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2009-03-13 23:44:19
Reader 2008-12-13 20:51:04 if u look at the time period that the storie takes place in at the top in the first sentence (1846) then u should know that back then masturbation was considred a sin and was discoreged at all times. now days yes kids know about sex and such at young ages becuase of internet and also do to the fact that sexaul knowledege is easier to get to then it was in the 1800s besides that great story could use spell check but good writing no the less

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2009-01-24 22:06:03
gr8 story!!! needs A SEQUEL!

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2009-01-11 15:20:21
Natural writer, great story. Several Grammatical and Punctuation errors, but quite well rounded with the innoence vs. the intense lust. The ending was expected, although, no reader, back then children were expected not to know of such acts until there reached an age of maturity, which of females was around 14 or 15 the male, 16 or 17. Continue your writing. 4/5

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