My first attempt at writing porn. It is actually novella length, so I will break it into chapters. This story has something to offend just about everyone - pedo, lez, bi, gay, pissing, shitting, older, younger, incest and so forth. If you get bugged by any of that go somewhere else to read.
Chapter 10 –Cocktails -

The whole crew gorged themselves on pizza, and Dick poured several glasses of Chianti for himself and Sandy. She was feeling no pain now! Maybe he had a chance to seduce her....she seemed to be radiating sex, and "accidentally" bumped into him with her boobs and hips several times!

Sandy felt definitely buzzed - no...she was getting drunk! And about time too, she thought! I have to do everything! Work, drive the kids all over the place, take care of having a home - the responsibility was enormous. "Well, it's time I just let go for a change," she thought. Dick Long was a really nice guy, and we are all living in his house - he'll never let anything bad happen to us!" She looked at him with a new appreciation for his maturity and laid back attitude. She would never marry him, hell, he was at his best as a bachelor. But, I like him, and he is sexy for a middle aged guy. Maybe I'm just horny as hell! She was just drunk enough to drop her inhibitions and go with the flow.

Dick was also enjoying his time with the Cummings family, and was really smitten with them. They were such sweet people, and they were all having a wonderful day. He couldn't take his eyes off Sandy, she had such a great body, an exotic sexy face, and a sweet nature.

Sandy made up her mind; "Hey let's all go inside before the mosquitoes start to eat us alive! Do you kids want to watch a Pay per View movie?"

The response was unanimous, the kids rushed into the apartment and fought over the remote to check out the movies. Sandy smiled at Dick, and said, "Well, alone at last, what should we do now?" Dick laughed and said, "Well, Sandy, I don't want to do anything you don't want to do...but how about I make us a couple of espressos and Grand Marnier for a little night-cap? We can sit on my balcony and look at the city lights if you like......"

Sandy was more than ready for the offer! What would happen? Would he make at pass at her? She knew he couldn't take his eyes off her all night, and his attention both flattered and stimulated her. She thought, "At his age I'll bet he thinks I'm a fox and a half!" She was right - Dick thought that she was at the best age a woman can be in life. Experienced, attractive, and able to ask for what she wanted without fear or embarrassment. Sandy moved close to Dick and put her hands lightly on his shoulders, "That's a fantastic idea! But I must change out of this bathing suit, and I'm sure you want to change as well!" Sandy did a pirouette, and skipped into her apartment to change. Dick watched her go and smiled warmly. What a woman!

Sandy found the kids all sitting together on the couch watching Mission Impossible Two. They were riveted to the screen and pretty much ignored her. "Kids, I'm joining Mr. Long on his balcony, and we're going to have coffee, chat, and look at the city lights - just holler if you need anything."

"OK mom!" they chimed, giving each other knowing looks.

Chapter 11 – Sandy -

Sandy went to her bedroom and wriggled out of her bikini - "Jeeze!" she thought, "look at this crotch - its soaked!" She was really horny - the few moments with Randy and smelling that coconut affected her like an aphrodisiac! And the rest of the evening with Dick just made it worse - she hoped he would try to get in her pants! She went through her closet and finally selected a long silky skirt that was slit all the way up to the hip, which she also got in Hawaii, and a shorty tee which hugged her boobs and revealed the swell of her sexy tummy. She decided to skip the bra and panties - it was hot, and it would be dark. "Who am I kidding?" she smiled to herself.

Dick had swapped the bathing suit for a pair of shorts, but left the open light shirt on - it was hot after all. He was brewing up the espresso when he heard a light knock on the door coming up from the apartment. "Come in! Its unlocked!" he yelled. Sandy came in and surveyed the scene; candle light, the smell of espresso, and luxurious furniture and art. "Hmmm, Dick really has good taste!" she thought. She ran her hand over the couch...soft glove-leather....nice. The French doors to the front balcony were open, and citronella candles were burning, and the whole downtown cityscape was laid out below them. "How nice to live on a hill with a view!" she thought.

Dick said over his shoulder, "Have a seat outside, I'll be out in a second to join you." Dick frothed some milk in case Sandy wanted to add a little to her espresso.

Sandy chose a lush cushioned outdoor love seat/couch instead of a regular chair on the darkened deck. She secretly dipped her hand into her pussy - good, it’s not soaking everything for the moment! She smelled her fingers - her pussy was giving off an alluring and musky scent that was both subtle and fragrant. She decided that she would make sure Dick got a whiff of it! She sat in the middle of the couch so that he would have to sit close to her.

Dick came out with an elegant black Chinese lacquer tray with the coffee in Italian single shot cups, and the Grand Marnier in snifters. "Here are your drinks, Your Grace," he said with a fake British accent and acting like a butler in a manor house. Sandy laughed and patted the spot on the couch next to her. "Sit down Milord please!" As he sat down, she tapped him on the nose with the finger she had just rubbed through her pussy. Dick's senses went into over-drive...he barely caught a tantalizing hint of the most intoxicating, lust inducing, sexual fragrance on her finger that he could ever remember. "What a day!" he thought, "Something really special is happening today! Just then, the golden disk of a huge full moon began to rise up over the city.

"Ohhhhhhhhh! Look at the moon, Dick! It's fantastic!" Sandy whispered with excitement and awe. Dick thought it was magnificent too. They both sipped their coffee and liqueur and looked at the moon and softly shimmering lights of the city and the twinkling lights of the cars on the streets.

Dick looked up at moon and joked, "Makes me want to howl! ARF, ARF, ARoooooooo!" he quietly howled, so as not to disturb the neighbors or draw attention to themselves. Sandy gave him a playful punch and leaned against him. The liqueur tasted great and added to her pleasure of the moment. She looked at his handsome face and parted her lips sensuously. Dick was no fool! This was an invitation, and they both knew it. He leaned down to her and their lips met. She reached her hand to his face and drew him in closer. There it was again! He could smell her pussy clearly now on her hand!. He gently pushed his tongue in her mouth and they kissed passionately. Both of them ran their hands over each other's bodies, and both of them became inflamed with lust while enjoying petting each other like a couple of teenage kids. Dick ran his hand up Sandy's thigh and discovered that she wasn’t wearing panties. He lightly touched her pussy - it was as smooth as a baby's butt. Sandy shivered with delight at the touch.

"Oh god Dick!" moaned Sandy, "I know this is silly and stupid for me to make out with my landlord! But I don't care! You kiss so nice!" She then caressed his now fully erect cock through his shorts. "Do you like me, Dick? Am I pretty enough for you to fuck?" She asked lewdly, squeezing his cock. "Dick, you'll have to forgive me! It's been months and months since I've had any sex, and I need it bad now!"

Dick swept her up in his arms and carried her inside and gently placed her on the couch. The room was perfectly romantic with the soft candlelight and the exotic far eastern artwork placed elegantly around the room. "Sandy, you're pretty enough for any man on the planet to want you...I just can't believe that I'm the lucky guy tonight! And don't you worry, I won't bring this up tomorrow, or ever if you have any regrets. I think the whole day has been magical in a way." Sandy sighed and parted her legs wide open so that Dick could see her succulent, enticing pussy. He didn't hesitate, he threw off his shirt, dropped his shorts, and pulled Sandy's top off. Her luscious boobs bounced free and her nipples contracted delightfully.

Chapter 12 –The Voyeurs -

Meanwhile, downstairs, Cyndy had gotten restless - she'd seen this movie before, and now she started wondering about her mom and Dick upstairs. Anyway, Candy had whispered in her ear that she was going to get Randy to show her his cock and get him to jack off for her later tonight in his room. Cyndy was a little jealous, but she figured, what the hell, she could seduce Randy any time she liked. Candy was doing everything right, that's for sure. She had been snuggling against him during the whole movie and Cyndy could see Randy's cock going up and down between his watching the movie, and enjoying his little sister's attentions. Cyndy told her brother and sister that she was sick of the movie and was going to go to her room to change and get ready for bed.

It was a lie. Cyndy headed straight for Randy's room and moved his chair under the vent and climbed up to have a peek. Yesssssssssss, there they were! - Her mom and Mr. Long on the couch. She knew her mom wanted to get a little drunk and cut loose after all that had happened. Mr. Long was the perfect cure for her right now. Cyndy decided right then and there that she liked being a voyeur! This was fun and exciting! Quiet as a mouse, she watched her mom and Dick getting wilder and wilder. Maybe she should get Candy and Randy; they would love to see this! She hopped of the chair and ran into the family room. Her eyes were wide and she had a salacious, eager look on her face. "Guess what! Mom and Mr. Long are on the couch upstairs making out and taking off their clothes!" That was enough for both Randy and Candy. They jumped off the couch and all three ran on tiptoes to Randy's room. Cyndy had to go back to her room to get another chair so that they all could watch.

Dick gazed lustfully and wantonly at Mrs. Cummings lying on the couch with her top off and her legs spread wide. The time for talking was over. He got down on his knees between her legs and dipped his face before her seductive, irresistible cunt. He pulled her pussy lips gently apart and ever so lightly licked her increasingly wet slit. It was heaven! She really tasted like honey, or French Champagne that sometimes had a honey scent and taste. Her pussy juice was lightly fragrant with the tantalizing aroma he had sensed earlier on her fingers. God, he was now her slave! Whatever she wanted, he would do, willingly and enthusiastically!

"Yessss," hissed Sandy, "Lick my pussy, yessssss, put your finger in me! Ohhhhh, that's good. Now suck on my clit...ohh ohh ohh yesssssss. Lick my bottom!"

Dick loved it! What could a man want more than a woman who made it clear what she wanted! How could he frustrate her when she told him exactly how to please her! He avidly licked her asshole as she moaned in delight. Her cute little butthole flexed in and out with the ecstatic pleasure that Dick was giving her. By now, her cunt was drooling sweet pussy juice abundantly. Dick moved his mouth up from her ass to tongue it up. "Yessssssssssssssssssssssss," she hissed with lewd and lustful delight.

Even though he had shot one of the most massive cums of his life on Randy today, Dick's cock was swollen beyond its usual proportions and was as hard as a baseball bat. He humped futilely as he savored Sandy's heavenly cunt. Sandy watched Dick suck her cunt through slitted wanton eyes. "I want to see your cock, Dick, stand up and show it to me!" - Dick did not hesitate - whatever she wanted, she would get! He stood up and straddled Sandy's hips just like he had straddled Randy's earlier, but this was different! He humped his pelvis up in a fucking motion, and pumped his hugely swollen dick right before her face. "Oh yessssss, oh Dick, you have a fantastic cock! Oh, I love your big hard cock!" Sandy squealed with salacious craving. She grabbed it and pulled Dick's now dripping cock into her hot wet mouth. "Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!" she moaned around his huge cock in her mouth, sucking out the pre-cum and savoring the musky, sexy taste of Dick's long cock.

Downstairs, the kids were getting extremely horny. All three looked at each other with wide open eyes and were holding their crotches. Back to the vent to see more! Candy couldn't wait, she grabbed Randy's trunks and yanked them down. His cock sprang up, slapping his belly where it stayed there as hard as a rock. Pre-cum was already oozing out of his wide open piss slit. "Randy! I'm gonna do what mommy's doing!" She squatted down and took Randy's cock in her mouth....”oooooooh, this was really fun and sexy!” Randy could not take his eyes off his mom "God mom is so hottt!" He began to instinctually and mindlessly fuck his dick in and out of Candy's mouth.

Cyndy could not take her eyes off of Mr. Long's huge sexy, dripping cock - mom was so lucky tonight! Cyndy peeled down her bikini and began to frig herself slowly, squishing the pussy cum all around her sexy cunt. Randy looked down at the sight, "Damn! Cyndy is as hot as mom!" he thought. He was going into outer space with all of the stimulation; Candy was sucking him, mom and Mr. Long were about to fuck, and Cyndy was salaciously rubbing the sexiest cunt on the planet. Cyndy was standing very close to Randy and their bodies were touching as they squeezed together in order to see through the vent. “Hmmmmmm” she thought, “Randy smells really good…like coconut or something….” She started rubbing her pussy up and down his leg as they watched. Candy pulled off her bikini bottom and started rubbing her very wet little pussy while she sucked her brother's cock.

Upstairs Sandy released Dick’s hugely swollen cock from her mouth. “Dick,” she said breathlessly, “I’m a little drunk, and I’m feeling really nasty! Do you like a nasty girl?”

Dick was practically going blind from lust at the moment, “Yes! Yes! The nastier, the better!”

Sandy looked at Dick’s lewdly waving cock which bobbed up and down with his heart beat – it was the absolute picture of lust – he stood before her with his hips cocked upward, lifting his massive cock at her, like a Satyr or Priapus! “I want you to rub your cock all over me Dick!” Sandy ordered, “Start with my face and rub it all over me! You have such a big nasty cock!”

“Oh yeah…..this lady is hot!” Dick feverishly thought. “I’d love to rub my cock all over you Sandy,” he leered. He positioned himself closer to her and slowly wiped his cock all over her face; he rubbed the tip over her eyes, he wiped his whole cock and balls up and down her face, he pushed his piss-slit at her nose, and smeared his dripping pre-cum on her lips.

“Oh yesssss, Dick! Your cock is so nasty and hot – I love the smell of your balls!” Sandy hissed while holding Dick’s ass in her palms so that she could press his cock harder into her face. “Nasty, nasty, nasty,” she chanted while cooing and moaning with the stimulation. Dick worked his way to her luscious full and round tits and rubbed his cock all over them, spending extra time rubbing his pre-cum into her hard and tight nipples. All the while he leered lewdly at her.

“Does this feel good Sandy? How do you like this? Where would you like me to rub my cock now?” Dick kept up a steady stream of salacious and lewd questions.

Sandy was so turned on she couldn’t believe it – this was turning out to be the most intensely erotic moment of her life! “Wipe my pussy with your big cock, Dick!” she hissed.

Dick thought a second, “Just a minute, I’m going to lay down a comforter on the carpet.” He opened an Oriental cabinet by the couch and threw out a large, cushy, silky comforter on the floor. “Lie down beautiful, let me look at you!” Sandy quickly slid on the comforter and writhed in sensual pleasure on the silky fabric. She was now totally nude, and she spread her legs for Dick.

“Do you like what you see, Dick? Do you think I’m a nasty girl for shaving my pussy?” Sandy peeled her pussy lips open with her elegant manicured hands, exposing her exquisite cunt, looking just the same as that which Cyndy had inherited. Her nails were painted a deep shade of burgundy which highlighted the very wet cunt which she held gaping open for Dick to ogle. Dick stood directly over her. A string of pre-cum drooled from his wide-open piss hole. He had to fuck her now!

Dick kneeled between Sandy’s legs and lifted them up around his shoulders. “I’ve got to fuck you now Sandy! I can’t wait!”

“Do it! Fuck me now! Yessss, I want you in me now! Fuck me, fuck me, Dick!” Sandy locked her legs around Dick and grabbed his hugely swollen, pulsing cock. His cock-head was bloated and flared out above the long hard shaft. Angry veins stood out in bold ridges pumping more blood into Dick’s raging erection. Sandy guided his cock-head to her soaking cunt and squeezed her legs around Dick to force him to enter her. “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me,” she moaned.

Dick’s body was enclosed by her silky smooth voluptuous thighs, and was being forcibly pulled towards Sandy’s eager cunt. “Yessssssss, unnnghh!” Dick grunted and thrust his cock up Sandy’s pussy all the way to the hilt. Sandy screamed with pleasure, her head back and her tits thrust up. Dick began jack-hammering her cunt with rapid deep strokes. Her tits shook up and down with Dick’s fucking. Sandy pushed back to receive every thrust, soaking Dick’s massive tool with her succulent cunt juice. Both were now out of their minds with pure lust, only feeling, and not thinking anymore. “uh!, uh!, uh!, uh!,” Sandy grunted with every thrust, reveling in the best fuck of her life.

Downstairs, Cyndy and Randy were riveted to the vent, their mouths hanging open and their eyes as wide as dinner plates. “My god, they’re fucking now! And I mean FUCKING! Omigod! Omigod!” Cyndy couldn’t believe how totally erotic the scene was.

“Shhhhhhhhhh!!!” hissed Randy, “They’ll hear you!”

“No they won’t!” said Cyndy, “They wouldn’t hear a truck driving through the house right now!”

Candy let go of Randy’s cock, “Let me see! Let me see! I want to see them fucking!” She climbed on the chairs and squeezed in between Randy and Cyndy. All three kids were now totally naked and rubbing against one another, and caressing and fingering each other’s sex. It was an intensely erotic tableau. “Wow!” exclaimed Candy, “So that’s what fucking is! God it looks like mom is getting hurt! Is he hurting her?!” Just then Sandy squealed, “Oh god Dick that feels so fucking good! Harder, harder! Fuck me! Fuck me harder! Don’t stop! Oh god oh god oh god, it feels so good!”

Candy looked up at her brother and sister, “Well I guess not, then!” They all started giggling.

Cyndy was thinking quickly, “This show’s gonna be over pretty quick and I have to get off right now! Somebody lick my pussy now! Candy! Lick it! Lick me like I did to you earlier!”

Randy was flabbergasted! “Lick me like I licked you…!” What had he been missing? “Quick Cyndy,” he said, “Lay down on my bed. Candy will lick you and you suck my cock!”

Candy wailed, “What about me! What about me! I gotta cum too!”

Randy thought a second, “I’ll lay down then. Candy, you sit on my face. Face my cock, and back your pussy up to my mouth. I’ll lick your pussy. Cyndy, you get on your hands and knees and put your bottom in Candy’s face – Candy, you lick your sister! Cyndy, now you suck my cock!” In a flash they all piled on the bed, and on one another, and started sucking and licking.

Randy was in heaven. His 11-year old sister was sitting on his face, mashing her incredibly sweet little virgin pussy all over his face and rubbing her little butthole against his mouth. He licked and sucked, exploring every delicate feature of her crack, from asshole to clit. In turn, Candy was delirious with pleasure, she moaned, and groaned, and avidly sucked on Cyndy’s clit. Her vocalizations added to Cyndy’s pleasure, to Cyndy it felt like a cross between a vibrator and a good cunt licking. Cyndy jacked and sucked Randy’s cock using all of the tricks her daddy had taught her.

Candy was really getting off on her brother licking her pussy! "MMMMMMphmmm", she hummed into Cyndy's pussy as she sucked on her sister's now totally engorged clit. She bobbed her head up and down as she sucked it like a miniature penis - Cyndy was drooling girl cum out of her pussy and Candy salaciously sucked it up right out of her hole! Now Randy was sticking his tongue up her bottom! She pushed back and relaxed her butthole so that he could get it in deeper. It felt sooooo gooood! Now he was sticking his tongue up her vagina! "He's gonna get a wet face," she wickedly thought. Oh that feels really good! I wonder what a big cock up there would feel like! Now he's sucking on my clit, just like I'm doing to Cyndy! Oh....I think I'm gonna pee cum again!"

Cyndy too was close to cumming hard from her baby sister sucking on her clit. Part of the whole perverted thrill was just how lewd and depraved it was! "This is more incest!" she thought excitedly. "Maybe that's why I got so turned on when daddy jacked off. First I'm an incestuous little daddy's girl, then I'm a nasty little voyeur, and now I'm getting an incestuous cum licking from my little sister, and at the same time sucking off my perverted incestuous voyeuristic, masturbating, brother!" She loved sucking Randy's cock - it was a lewd, dirty thrill, and he tasted like coconut and cum! She could feel his cock head swelling, and he was making an awful lot of pre-cum! She tightened her lips around his rock-hard cock, and increased the length of her hand-strokes on his slimy cock. "If he starts cumming, I won't be able to stop mine! I hope Candy is ready to cum!"

Randy's balls were churning up a huge load of fresh cum as his gorgeous, luscious sister sucked his cock. He'd never had it sucked, and she seemed to be an expert! God it feels so much better than beating off! He doubled his efforts on Candy's little pussy - she better cum soon, cause I'm gonna cum a gallon any second now! All he could see was Candy's cute, sexy, little butt and pussy - but he wished he could see his cock sliding in and out of Cyndy's mouth! Candy ground her clit back on his sucking mouth and squealed into Cyndy's cunt, "I'm gonna pee! I'm gonna pee!" Randy felt her contractions begin and she started squirting cum on his face. That was it for him, Randy grunted and thrust his cock up to his sister's mouth, "I'm cumming! ugnnnnnnh!, ungh!" A long thin stream of steaming hot cum shot out of his piss slit into Cyndy's mouth.

"That does it!" thought the lust drugged Cyndy. Her mouth filled with cum to the overflowing and it drooled down her lips covering Randy's balls. She started cumming on her baby sister's mouth and creamed her sweet little face. All three were now locked in a huge mutual orgasm. Cyndy couldn’t believe how much cum Randy was spewing in her mouth. She pulled her mouth off, jacked his cock and pointed it at Candy's face and her own pussy. Long streams of cum coated both. Candy lifted herself off of Randy in order to see better and try to catch some of his cum in her mouth – she was dying to taste it! Randy was rewarded with a view of both of his sisters getting hosed with his cum. It was the sexiest thing he'd ever seen! And they clearly loved it! They were now rubbing his cum all over themselves - into their tits, across their pussies and they were licking their fingers!

Chapter 13 – Dick and Sandy Get Nasty

Meanwhile, Dick and Sandy were close to cumming, neither wanting the fuck to ever end, but both in uncontrollable ecstasy. “Dick!” Sandy panted, “Stop for a second! I want to make this last a little longer!!!”

“Unghhhhhh!” Dick moaned. “I’ll stop but I won’t pull out!” Dick leaned back so that he could see his cock going into her cunt.

“Oh god Dick! I don’t want you to pull out!! Just fuck me real slow for a minute!” Sandy then reached with both of her hands and started to slowly rub her clit while Dick gently and slowly ran his cock in and out of her clasping wet pussy. He looked down at the lovely Mrs. Cummings. With her arms reaching for her pussy, her full beautiful tits where lifted up and squeezed together. Her skin was a lovely creamy pink and her tight contracted nipples a tan and cherry color.

“Geeze Sandy!” Dick whined, “Between you rubbing that beautiful pussy and squeezing your boobs together like that, how do you expect me to last 10 more seconds!!!”

Sandy giggled, “I’m sorry Dick! Do you like my boobs? Do like them like this?” Sandy then moved her arms in even closer, pushing the luscious, creamy boobs right to his face.

“God Sandy! You’re killing me!” Dick dipped his head down and took a nipple in his mouth, sucking on the fragrant morsel. He then moved to the other, all the while gently sliding his bloated cock in to the hit, and slowly out to the ballooning cock-head. “I gotta be the luckiest chump in the world tonight!” he thought happily.

“Diiiiiick....” Sandy purred, “I’m feeling really, really nasty!” Unbidden, her memory of seeing Bill cum all over Cyndy’s tits came to mind. Try as she might to be offended by the sight, she had secretly been picturing it while she masturbated alone at night in her bed. God, that was really a nasty, lewd, and sexy scene! Cyndy had clearly loved it; she had made herself cum mainly just from watching her dad spray her tits with tons of cum. Sandy was tipsy enough now to lose all of her inhibitions. “Dick, when you start cumming, I want you to pull your cock out of my pussy and jack it off all over me! Please?... I’ve been having a fantasy that I want to live out! Be a nasty boy and cum all over my boobs! And squirt some on my pussy! I want to rub it in with my fingers while you cum and we’ll both have a huge nasty orgasm! I want to see and feel your hot come soaking me, and running down my big boobs! And then I want us to hug and rub each other’s dirty, nasty, cummy bodies together!” Sandy’s eyes squinted with lust as she licked her lips and leered at Dick.

“What next?!” Dick thought “God YES! Sandy, that would be about the sexiest thing I could ever think of doing! Oh god, you’re putting me over the edge with your sexy talk, Sandy! I gotta fuck you hard now! I can’t hold off any longer!”

“Yes Dick! Fuck me hard now! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me hard!” Sandy started rubbing her clit furiously, and her boobs rippled and shook between the fucking and frigging. She was going to cum any second, and cum HARD!” Dick was now pounding her cunt with deep lusty strokes, all the way in, and all the way out. It felt so damn good! He too was about to cum, and he was going to cum all over this beautiful little sex goddess!

Downstairs, the kids lay in an exhausted sexy puddle on Randy’s bed. Cyndy spoke first, "We'll never have time to get cleaned up before mom comes back down! Hurry! grab your swimming suits and let's run for the pool!" All three dragged themselves off the bed, grabbed their swimming suits, and rushed on tiptoes out to the darkened pool - the pool lights had not been turned on. Almost silently they slipped naked into the totally calm, flat water, leaving their suits on the tiled edge.

"Unnnnnnnnghhhhh! Sandy! I'm cumming!" grunted Dick. His vastly swollen cock burgeoned with a huge load of cum. His balls contracted and the first scalding pressurized jet of cum shot out of his cock deep into Sandy's clasping, convulsing cunt, filling her with liquid heat.

Sandy felt the rush of slimy cum coat her pussy all the way to her womb. "OOOOhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! Unh! Unh! Unh! I'm gonna cum Dick!" She screamed and panted. "Pull it out and cum all over me now! Cum cum cum!! Oh yesssss, oh yeah, oh yeah, shoot your cum on me! Please cum on meeeeee!" she chanted. She thrust her tits and pelvis up and pressed her feet down on the floor and lifted her butt as she wildly fingered her clit. Her boobs undulated and shook with passion as Dick jerked his cock out of her tightly gripping cunt.

Before Dick's eyes was a vision of passion and lust. Sandy lay beneath him her legs splayed, arching her ass off the floor, and writhing in lustful entreaty; begging him to spray her with his streams of cum. He fisted his bursting cock and jacked it right at her incredible gorgeous shaking tits.

Sandy salaciously leered up at Dick, panting, her lips parted and her eyes narrowed in lust. Yessss, he was pointing his fat swollen cock-head right at her tits. She watched in lustful anticipation and focused her eyes on his piss-slit. It opened wide as Dick jacked it down, and on his upstroke a long stream of cum burst out of his wide open cum-hole, arcing from her navel all the way to her open mouth. She felt the heat and drooling liquid of his cum splash on her tummy, tits, and on her lips. She immediately ran her tongue over the drooping blob of cum running down her lips and chin. “Mmmmmmm! Oh god Dick! Now my pussy! Cum on my cunt! Cum on my cunt! I want to rub your hot cum into my clit! Cum! Cum!” Dick then pissed a huge stream of cum all over her pussy and her wildly frigging elegant fingers. Next, he aimed at her luscious swollen tits and shot long heavy ropes of cum all over them. Her gorgeous tits were still pushed together and upthrust by her arms, and it was easy to coat them thoroughly with his scalding torrent of gushing cum. He overshot her tits and creamed her nose and mouth, narrowly missing her eyes. Cum crawled down her face as he watched in depraved, lewd excitement. This had to be the greatest, sexiest fuck he had ever experienced in his life – and with the sexiest, most gorgeous woman he had ever had! Her entire torso was now glazed in his steaming cum. Her pussy was awash in an erotic bath of his cum and her pussy ejaculate. “Unnnnnnghg! Ungh! Ungh! Unghhhhhhh!” Sandy grunted in time with her strong cuntal contractions, squeezing out a jet of cunt-cum. “I’m cumming, I’m cumming, Oh God! I’M CUMMING!” She wailed as she convulsed under Dick’s shower of cum. Her hips bucked off the floor causing, her pussy to slide over Dick’s ass, coating it with hot wet pussy juice. He could feel her fingers working her clit as she humped at his ass. After one final shuddering contraction, she slumped her body back to the floor. “Ahhhhhhhhhhh.”

Sandy ran her hands over her shining, slippery cum-coated body. “Oh god Dick! You are a dirty, nasty boy for cumming all over me! Oh, you’re such a nasty boy!“ She moaned and leered with delight as she used her hands like a squeegee to scoop cum from her tummy up to her tits in a thick, jellied mess. To Dick’s salacious pleasure she rubbed his cum all over her tits, massaging it into her nipples. She then scooped up strings of gooey cum with her fingers and drooled them into her mouth like she was sucking on spaghetti! This was beyond sexy! This was the ultimate sexual experience for Dick! All the while she looked at Dick’s delighted reaction through wanton slitted eyes, with a wicked, salacious smile. “He loves it!” she thought, he's totally getting off on being nasty, dirty and free from any inhibitions.

Sandy loved it as much as Dick. “Dick!” she commanded, “Lie down on the floor!” As Dick obediently lay down next to her, she rolled on top of him and rubbed her cum laden tits all over his face. “This is what happens to naughty boys who spray their nasty cum on an innocent girl’s face and boobies! Lick my tits! Lick my big cummy tits!” She then grabbed Dick’s still hard cock and sat on it, squishing it into her soaking pussy.

“Mmmmmmm, Anything you want, you sexy little goddess!” Dick said dutifully, as he laved her sweet tit-flesh, tonguing his cum all around her perfect tits. His face was now as messy as hers, and both of them were still gripped in their lustful fantasies. His cock felt divine, slipping around in her slimy, cummy, juicy cunt.

“Kiss me Dick! Just like we did outside on your balcony!” Sandy lowered her mouth to Dick’s and they wetly and sloppily kissed and rubbed their faces together. Slowly they both started to relax, and Dick’s cock began to gently subside in her wet, warm and now relaxing pussy. They entered a state of bliss, locked in a passionate embrace. Sandy began to return to reality. Dick did not have any plans of ever returning to reality! “Oh Dick! You must think I’m an awful little tramp now!” she moaned into his neck.

“Now Sandy, you cut that out right now!” Dick admonished her gently. “What we did was for our mutual pleasure alone, and is nobody’s business but ours. Do you think that I am a filthy, perverted cradle robber for trying to get into your pants?”

Sandy smiled and sighed, “That was the nicest, hottest fuck I’ve ever had in my life Dick, and I needed it so bad! You were the perfect man to do it. You’re not some young stud out to score, or to find a find a relationship – which I don’t want right now anyway. You are a worldly man with discretion who will keep this as it is – a beautiful sexy evening, not to be forgotten – at least by me!”

Dick smiled too. “Me either. That was truly divine Sandy, it was the sexiest, hottest, experience I've ever had, AND, with the most gorgeous woman I've ever fucked!" Dick said with conviction. Dick then smiled and thought for a second, "Well I suppose we should get cleaned up, the kids should be done with that movie by now.” Dick looked at a clock on the wall.

“Hmmmm, you know Dick, I’ve got to wash my hair,” she giggled, still a little tipsy, and pulled at a sticky, cummy lock of hair on her face, “And if the kids see me with wet hair, they’re going to wonder what the hell we were doing up here. How about we sneak down to the pool and do a little skinny dip? Then they'll just think we've just gone for a midnight swim."

Chapter 14 – The Pool -

The kids were quietly floating in the shallow end of the pool. "Ahhhhhh, that feels nice!" Candy whispered. She floated on her back feeling the cool water flood her overheated, cum-drenched pussy. "Now the water is going to make anyone who gets in this pool horny after all of us have mixed our cum into it!"

Cyndy laughed, she felt exactly the same as Candy. She spread her legs wide and fanned the fresh cooling water over her hot cunt, "Mmmmmmmm, that is nice. God I feel so good right now....."

Randy swam up behind her and reached around for her breasts, gently feeling them and touching her nipples with his fingertips. "Cyndy, thank you for sucking my cock, that was so fantastic! I love you and Candy so much! That was so cool what we were doing in there!" Candy swam up and joined them, also reaching for Cyndy's sexy boobs. She dipped her head and sucked on a nipple. She said. "I love both of you! This is so nice living here!"

"Thank you Randy and Candy!" Cyndy whispered. "Randy, you're so sexy! I loved sucking your cock and tasting your sperm! And Candy, you are the best little sister a girl could ever have!" They hugged one another in the water and smiled lovingly. All three were so into the moonlit magical moment that they weren’t thinking about their mom anymore. They should have been!

Dick and Sandy crept down the stairs from Dick's deck above the pool, naked, and holding towels, and bathrobes. They turned the corner on the stairway landing and walked out on the patio in the soft golden moonlight. They didn't look into the pool, because it was dark, and the very last thing either expected to see was three naked kids cooling off their sex organs at midnight in Dick's pool. They looked at each other and kissed, and then silently slipped into the water. The kids weren’t looking for anyone either, being locked in a loving embrace of sibling love and conspiracy. Then they felt a ripple of water rise up over their bottoms in the shallow end where they stood. Naturally, they all spun around to look - all stark naked and showing everything in the moonlight. What they saw made them gasp! They were speechless. At the very same instant, Dick and Sandy, also shining in the moonlight saw the kids, all hugging, and all completely nude!

No one could speak. Dick thought, "Whoa! Now what!? God! Sandy's angelic kids looked like a painting, standing there all innocent looking, and youthful in the moonlight - like forest nymphs in a Jean Carot print or something!" Dick was captivated and awestruck by what he was seeing.

Sandy was rooted to the spot staring at her gorgeous children in all of their naked and enticing glory. She was stunned, and speechless. "Oh, my, god......." she thought in panic.

Cyndy spoke first, always being the quickest wit in the whole bunch. "Hi Mom, Hi Mr. Long!" She smiled, "Mom, don't get mad at us! It was so stuffy inside watching the movie that we decided to come out for a midnight swim! It looks like you guys must have felt the same way!" What the hell could Sandy say? She couldn't very well scold them while she stood there naked, and with cum in her hair, and with Dick standing right next to her, ALSO NUDE! She decided to play it by ear.

"Well Cyndy, you're absolutely right," she said looking at her absolutely beautiful body. "But don't you think you should have put on your bathing suits first?"

"Well, mom, I don't want to sound sarcastic," Cyndy smiled, "but it looks like you and Mr. Long forgot yours too!" She giggled, and the other kids giggled too. Candy held her hand over her mouth to keep from bursting out in a gale of laughter. "Besides, mom, you and dad and us kids would all get into the hot tub back at the house naked together!"

"Yes, Cyndy," Sandy said, "But you were just little kids then! You are a beautiful young woman now, and it's not appropriate for you girls to be with your brother naked." At this point, she really didn't care - it was too incredibly beautiful and peaceful out here under the big summer moon in the pool with everyone naked. And, though she didn't know it, everyone's sexual appetites were completely glutted. At this point she was only putting up token resistance for the sake of propriety anyway.

"Well, mom," Cyndy said quietly, "I guess some people might think that, but me and Randy and Candy are comfortable with each other naked right now, and none of us is doing anything more than being happy together right now." She hugged Candy, and Randy hugged them both. Sandy was deeply touched by this exquisite moonlit tableau of her sweet beautiful children sharing their love for one another. She swam over to them and they all hugged together, mindless of any sexual impulses, sharing the joy of a golden moment, and enjoying the feel of their naked skin all pressed slippery together in the warm water. This was sublime! Sandy kissed each one of them, giving them big hugs and murmuring her love into their ears. The kids were also overcome with happiness. They really loved and admired their mom, and this was a wonderful moment of sharing and deep bonding.

Dick quietly got out of the pool, and put on his bathrobe. He had never witnessed such a touching and beautiful scene, and now his heart felt a little empty - for the first time in his life he regretted never having kids of his own, or ever having found a woman like Sandy. He would have quit the airline and done anything for her and kids like these. "Sandy," he called softly, "I'll leave you here with your wonderful kids (he smiled warmly at them) and go up and hit the hay. It was so nice spending the evening with you tonight! I really enjoyed it - the perfect end to a perfect day!" As Sandy smiled and waved to Dick, all three kids exchanged winks and knowing looks. With that, he climbed up the stairs and went inside. After one last Grand Marnier on his balcony overlooking the city he yawned, and then pinched himself on the arm. "Yep, I'm awake and didn't dream the whole thing!" He smiled to himself, rubbed his sore balls and went to bed.

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