My first attempt at writing porn. It is actually novella length, so I will break it into chapters. This story has something to offend just about everyone - pedo, lez, bi, gay, pissing, shitting, older, younger, incest and so forth. If you get bugged by any of that go somewhere else to read.
Chapter 15 -Sunday Perversions-

It was 10:30 the next morning. Sandy woke up with sunshine brilliantly dappling the walls of her bedroom. She stretched hugely and absently scratched her pussy. It was sore! She searched her feelings about all that had happened last night. She knew she should be feeling regret and shame, but as she thought about it, all she could feel was joy. Last night was about the most magical thing that had ever happened to her. She and her children had bonded in a loving way that she never even imagined. She said to herself, "I think I'll do like Dick suggested and just forget about it and go on as if nothing happened." Part of her was being tugged the other way - she sure as hell wouldn't mind playing around with Dick some more! Oh well, she thought, let's just see what happens. She wondered what to do about her kids - what she and they did last night was not normal. No, it was more like being natural!.....hmmmmmm, she thought.

Dick was already up, and getting ready to go pick up some clients. It was Sunday, a work day in the real estate business, and he was going to take them around to see some homes for sale, and then pop into a few open houses to educate them about the market. He would be gone all day. On his way out, he saw Randy having a morning swim in the pool - it was another hot day, and already 80 degrees out. "Hey Randy, everybody have a good time today - feel free to go up and watch my TV if you want. I'm going to be gone all day working with some clients." Dick waved and got into his car and drove off.

Sandy slipped out onto the patio in her silky Hawaiian bathrobe, patterned with Bird of Paradise flowers. She looked very exotic and tropically sexy in the form-fitting robe. "Where's Dick off to, Randy? She watched Randy swimming laps and diving underwater to swim along the bottom of the pool. "He's sure a good looking kid," she thought to herself, once again.

"Hi mom," Randy spluttered, surfacing. "He said he was going to be gone all day with some clients." He dove for the bottom and swam along the bottom thinking. "Mom is so pretty.....and sexy! Why can't I just have a boring looking mom like everyone else! I can't stop thinking about how beautiful she is!" His cock began to swell in his suit - he tried staying under as long as he could to try to curb his incestuous desires for his mom.

Sandy surprised herself...knowing that Dick would be gone all day, she felt a kind of yearning for him. "Hmmmmm! What's got into me!?” She thought with a slight frown. She went back inside to take a bath. She normally took a shower, but after last night’s athletics, she wanted to soak, and especially soak her pussy! She filled the big jetted tub and gently immersed herself into the steaming water. She slid down low and dunked her head under to wet her hair. Her shoulder-length dark brown hair drifted around her lovely face in a floating fan. She surfaced and let out a relaxed sigh of pleasure. Ahhhhhh, this feels great! She soaked for quite a while, and started to doze off.

“Mom! Hey mom!” Cyndy knocked on the bathroom door. “What’s taking you so long! I gotta go pee!”

“Oh, I’m sorry honey!” Sandy called, “I’m taking a long hot bath. Just come in and go, I won’t look! Cyndy opened the door, and scampered for the toilet. She lifted her nighty and flopped down on the seat. Pssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss. Cyndy let out a long and forceful piss into the bowl. She giggled at all the noise, usually done in private. Hearing the colossal pee, Sandy giggled too, “I guess you really had to go, huh, Cyndy?” Cyndy giggled again, let out a final squirt, and wiped her pussy. “Ow! It’s sore from all that frigging yesterday!” she thought. From where she sat, she had a good view of her mom soaking in the tub. God, mom was so pretty! Her boobs were perfect, and she didn’t have any hair on her pussy! She decided she wanted to join her mommy in the tub. After all, like she said last night, they used to get into the old hot tub together naked! Cyndy didn’t want to get into another discussion like last night – it seemed her mom did better when she didn’t have to start thinking about everything. So she peeled off her baby-doll nighty behind the tub where Sandy couldn’t see, and revealed her gorgeous, nubile teen body. Her figure looked a lot like Sandy’s, only not quite as developed, and of course her hair was more blondish than brown. She was a succulent treat for any eyes! She then crept up behind Sandy and slipped into the tub right next to her mom, forcing her to one side as she slid against Sandy's slippery body. She wriggled herself next to Sandy's sexy body like an eel, both of them slippery in the warm soapy water.

“Cyndy!!” Sandy yelped with her eyes wide, “What are you doing!” The feel of Cyndy’s soft, naked body slipping down the length of her own felt very sensual and erotic. She had already given up the fight – what the hell! We did the same thing last night and it was fantastic.

“Mom,” Cyndy sighed, also savoring the soft, sexy girl on girl body contact, “You looked so pretty and comfortable in the water, that I had to get in with you! Isn’t it nice?” She cuddled up to her sweet mom and turned on her side and put her head down on her mom's shoulder and the upper part of her breast. She then wrapped her upper leg over her mom’s pussy area, and pushed her own pussy against Sandy’s leg. "Mmmmmmmm, mom, I love you! murmured Cyndy blissfully. The feeling of wet, soapy flesh against flesh was intoxicating.

Sandy was shocked with herself. This is completely forbidden! But it's so nice! ......How could this possibly be wrong?! I should be having a fit right now, and couldn't get any better! Here she was with a her baby girl, who was practically a carbon copy of herself...and clearly, we are both in heaven snuggling together! Is this the true meaning of love? Sandy was rapturous, as was her beloved daughter Cyndy. She put her arm around Cyndy and drew her closer in a loving embrace. "Cyndy baby, I love you so much!" she whispered passionately in her daughter's ear. They lay in bliss together. Cyndy felt unabashedly sensuous. Being in the warm water enfolded by her mother's arms made her feel like a baby in the womb. She gently humped her pussy on Sandy's creamy thigh. "Oh mom, this is sooooo nice." Sandy couldn't agree more. She felt electrified by the feeling of Cyndy rubbing her pussy and boobs against her - not wantonly, but oh, so sensually. Sandy responded by gently pushing back until both were rapturously sliding in gentle motions against one another in the warm soapy water. "OK, now this is getting sexy!" thought Sandy unashamedly. Cyndy was rapidly becoming one with her hormones, and as always, she felt no inhibitions or guilt. "How could this be wrong?" she thought to herself. Cyndy's innocence and naturally erotic nature broke down all of Sandy's reservations and long ingrained learned guilt. "How could this be wrong!" She thought, as one with her daughter. Sandy and Cyndy embraced passionately and then kissed one another with complete abandon. Cyndy climbed up on Sandy and mashed her boobs against her mom's.

Outside, Randy was sitting in the shade playing with his Game Boy, totally engrossed in the action. Candy took her newest Harry Potter book out to Dick’s secret garden in the grape arbor. It was really neat in there! Long grape vines hung down like a curtain, and lush low growing shade plants grew like a carpet on the ground. It smelled like thyme and flowers. Dick had set up a chaise lounge with a small table next to it. Candy had visited him there several times - he was usually reading, or falling asleep with a book in his lap. It was like a completely private room in there, but with leaves for walls! Dappled sunshine shone through the canopy, and small insects circled towards the light. Cyndy loved it in there. She plopped herself down on Dick’s lounge. “Hmmmmm? What am I sitting on?” she thought as she felt something under the cushion. She lifted it up and found a paper-back book that had been hidden there. She looked at the cover, “Omigod! There was a picture of a naked girl about her own age on it, and the title, “Daddy’s Little Girl”. She quickly leafed through it finding it to be illustrated porn. The fly leaf said “Printed in Denmark”. She couldn’t wait to start reading it!! She immediately started on page one. After about 10 minutes of reading vivid sexual text, and looking at dozens of intensely erotic illustrations, Candy was on fire. She couldn’t stop herself now! She pulled her shorts and panties down around her ankles and spread her legs wide, exposing her deliciously wet pussy to the humid summer air and to her now probing fingers. She held the book in her left hand so that she could read the smutty porn and masturbate at the same time. What a picture she made! Her cute little hairless pussy was all the more enticing for being forbidden and taboo. She had smooth puffy pussy lips which were now splayed open and shining with her nectar. Her clit was rather prominent, and protruded from her inner lips, engorged with blood and fully turgid with her building lust. It was a lewd and provocative vision. Candy was the absolute picture of forbidden carnal pleasures.

Randy got bored with the Game Boy and wondered how Candy was doing. They sure had fun yesterday! Who would think that a girl her age could be so sexy, and, she was his sister!. He had better make sure that she still liked him. He got up and walked over to the arbor barefoot. When he got there, he could hear Candy moaning, and a rhythmic wet sound, and creaking springs. "What the hell?" he thought as he reached out and gently moved aside a trailing grape vine. There she was, with some book in her hand and her pants down around her ankles, with her knees spread wide. She was rubbing herself rapidly, and then slowly as she turned the pages of the book. He could see the cover; "Daddy's Little Girl" and a picture of a naked teenager. "She's reading porn!" he realized. God what a scene! Look at her! Candy's pussy shone wetly, and a trail of her cunt juice ran from her fuck-hole down into her ass crack, coating her rectum. Randy's cock pumped to hardness instantly and pushed out the front of his trunks. He rubbed it through the fabric. Should I come in and play with her, or let her finish? He was enjoying being the voyeur, just like his older sister. "Too late!" He thought as she lifted her hips off of the chaise lounge.

While Randy spied on her, Candy was oblivious to her surroundings. She turned the pages, reading and looking at the graphic illustrations. The story was about a 13 year old girl named Mandy, and her daddy Hank, who lived alone on a farm. The mother had left them for the big city and never came back. The book started with the girl and her dad watching the animals on the farm. Mandy became fascinated by the stallion mounting the mare in the corral and pestered her daddy to explain everything. He did, and Mandy asked if him and mommy did that to make her. He told her that they did. She then said that it must hurt, and her daddy explained about marriage; how a girl loses her virginity, and then how man and wife then have sex just for fun, and how they prevented more babies - and how it felt very good after the woman becomes used to it. The story then went on about how Mandy became obsessed with the idea of seeing her daddy's cock, and playing with it. The story followed its course and Candy shuddered with lust as she looked at an illustration of Mandy kneeling before her daddy's huge upthrust cock that had a drop of "pre-cum" drooling from the tip! "Just like Randy!" she thought. She turned the pages, and soon Hank was fucking Mandy. The pictures showed everything! "I gotta fuck!" Candy thought as she furiously rubbed her pussy. She thought of Mr. Long fucking her mom. "Oh, I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna cum!" Candy thrust her hips up off of the chaise lounge and came wetly on her busy little fingers.

Randy silently slipped into the arbor and stepped in front of Candy. Candy almost jumped out of her skin, and then said, "Oh it's you! God I thought it might be Mr. Long or mom!" She lay splayed out with a film of sweat covering her legs and face, limp and exhausted from her long drawn out frigging and cum.

"Looks like you're having fun Candy! So what were you reading - it's gotta be porn!" he smiled lecherously at his sex-kitten sister. "I peeked at you through the vines, and you looked so sexy I didn't want to interrupt you."

"You did!?" Candy was secretly thrilled that her brother was watching her masturbate and looking at her pussy. "Did you like watching me? Hey, I gotta go pee now, do you want to watch me pee? Cyndy likes watching me pee. You can watch my pee coming out of my pussy if you want."

Randy was already horny and hard, and the thought of watching Candy's pussy close up and peeing excited him even more. "Yeah! I want to see you peeing! That sounds sexy, Candy! Where are you going to go?"

Candy got up and pulled her shorts and panties off of her ankles, clutched them in her hand, and slipped out of the back of the arbor. Behind the arbor was a garden work area with a potting table, a tool shed, and compost bins. She walked behind the tool shed into a space between the shed and an 8 foot high fence, all in deep shade under towering evergreen trees. "Right here! Come and watch Randy!" No one could ever see them there. Candy stood with her knees bent and her pussy thrust forward, and pulled her pussy lips open, exposing her delightfully wet little cunt and piss-hole. Randy came over, and got on his knees and held his face right next to her pussy so that he could see everything. He could smell her overheated little cunt and the musky fragrance from her cum. Her thighs shone with pussy juice in the dappled sunlight. His boner felt like it was ready to burst! He yanked off his trunks, freeing his rock hard cock, which he immediately began to jack. "Do it Candy! I wanna see you pee!"

Candy smiled down at her horny brother and pulled her pussy lips open and closed to further inflame him. She humped her pussy up and down, and then cocked her hips up and let loose with a gushing yellow stream of hot piss. Randy watched her piss-hole dilate and jet forth a strong blast of piss. This was very cool! "Candy! Piss on my cock! Piss on my cock!" He whispered lewdly. He then stood up and hunched his cock into her steaming stream of piss. She obliged him by twisting her hips so that she could blast his cock with piss. They both humped at the air in a salacious lewd dance of depraved hedonism. Randy was so hot that he was ready to cum. "Ungggggggh!!! I'm gonna cum Candy! I'm cumming!"

"Shoot my pussy with your cum Randy! Cum on me! Oh yeah! Cum, Randy, cum!" Candy squirted a last jet of piss onto Randy's hands which were vigorously jacking his swollen cock. His cock was dripping with her hot piss as he blasted his first jet of cum all over her pussy which she held open with her cute little fingers. Sweet hot boy cum glazed her cunt and ran down her fingers to her already cum gleaming thighs. "MMMMMmmm!! Oh Randy, that feels so hot! Cum on me! Cum on me!" Randy shot stream after stream of hot gooey cum all over Candy's pussy and fingers, as she rubbed it into her clit, beginning another climax of her own. "Ohhhhhhhh god!! I'm cumming Randy! Ohhhhhhhhhh!" Candy wailed as she came again violently.

Both kids slumped against one another, hugging in a sexy, slimy embrace. Candy breathlessly hissed, "Oh Randy, I can't believe I came again so soon! I love playing with my pussy and your cock!"

"Yeah Candy! Me too! You really get me turned on!" Randy and Candy were presently beyond any inhibitions with each other, and their imaginations were in over-drive. "Randy," said Candy with a lewd look on her face, "You gotta read Dick's book I was looking at! It is SO dirty!"

Randy was intrigued, "Oh yeah?, what was in it?"

Candy rubbed cum around on her tummy and cunt and smelled her fingers, smiling. "Everything! You wouldn't believe it! The girl fucked her daddy, they played with a horse's cock, and they peed and pooped together so that they could watch each other's butts and wee-wee's! They were soooo nasty! Reading it got me all hot!"

"Really! They played with their poop?! How?" Randy was both repulsed and interested.

"Well," Candy said, "The daughter got constipated, and the daddy gave her an enema to make her poop and feel better. Then he watched her poop out a big huge turd, which made her butt-hole look sexy to him! And THEN, he put his cock up her bottom and they had sex in her butthole! It was SO nasty and dirty! They had pictures in the book of it, and it made me want to rub my pussy!"

"Wow!" Randy said wonderingly. "So the dad put his cock in the girl's butthole! I guess that would's amazing how big of a turd can come out, and for sure, I've shit turds bigger around than my cock! Hey Candy," Randy said with a leering look, "I feel like I gotta shit, do you want to watch a big turd come out of my butt?"

Candy smiled delightedly, "I gotta poop too! Let's both go poo-poo and watch the turds come out of our buttholes! It'll be so dirty and nasty! You go first!"

"How do you want me to do it, Candy? Which way should I stand?" Randy wanted to have as much fun with this as he could, and getting Candy's nasty little ideas would make it all the better.

"Hmmmm," Candy thought about all kinds of naughty dirty things he could do. "OK, you stand up with your hands against the fence, and stick your butt way out. And when you start to poop, don't do it too fast! In the book, Mandy's poop came out slow and her daddy liked watching it. I want to see your poop come out real slow!"

"OK Candy, here it comes! Unggghhhhhh!" Randy relaxed his sphincter and started pushing a huge turd out of his rectum. His butthole expanded, and a turd the size of an ear of corn pushed open his asshole. All the pizza they ate last night was working its way out! He stopped pushing, and it sucked back in a little bit. He then slowly pushed it out, millimeter by millimeter.

"Oh god Randy! Your butthole gets really open while you're pooping!" Candy was fascinated by the lewd and depraved sight of her brother squeezing out a huge lump of shit. It fell to the ground with a plop, soon to be followed by another smaller log. "That was soooo dirty Randy! We're being really bad aren't we?!"

"I guess so," Randy said sheepishly, "but isn't it kind of fun!?"

"Oh yes!" cried Candy wriggling in excitement. "OK, now me! How do you want me to poop Randy!?"

Randy had never imagined doing something like this ever! "OK Candy, why don't you get on your hands and knees, and I'll get real close to your bottom so that I can watch your shit coming out! Oh, Candy, this is so nasty! I can't believe we're doing this!"

"Yeah Randy, it's dirty alright! I'm gonna poop mine right on yours. This is nasty nasty nasty!" Candy spread her knees over Randy's pile of shit and grunted. "Unghh, here it comes Randy! Watch me poop real slow!" Her cute little butt was hunched up as she started to push out her poop. "Ungggggh! I'm shitting Randy! Here comes my poo-poo!" Candy's butthole opened wide as a turd as big as Randy's appeared at the mouth of her asshole. Slowly she eased it out, all the while dilating her rectum to accommodate the emerging log. Her asshole stretched to the max and her insides protruded with it, as the turd crawled out. It was hard and long, slowly coming out of her little anus. Finally, as it was sticking out like a huge bloated cigar, it drooped and she released it from her rectum. It slid out and joined Randy’s shit with a squishing thud. Her butt hole immediately closed up and flexed in and out as she made sure her poop was finished. Randy now had another case of lust, accompanied by a jutting, rampant boner! He wanted to sink his cock into Candy's butthole, and bad! "Candy!" He implored, "Can I stick my cock in your butt like the book!?"

"Do it Randy! Fuck my butthole with your cock! I want to feel your cock in my butthole!" She begged, turning her head around and looking back at Randy. She was glad that her pussy and bottom were still soaked with slimy cum as she started rubbing her now erect clit.

Randy immediately maneuvered himself behind his little sister's ass, careful not to kneel in the now large steaming pile of turds. The fact that he was going to fuck his cute baby sister's asshole over a pile of their own shit only made him all the more obsessed with lewd and depraved lust. "OK Candy! I'm going to stick my cock in your asshole!"

Candy was more than ready for this!! After reading the dirty book and peeing and shitting with Randy, all she could think of now was to get his hard cock in her bottom. "Fuck my bottom Randy! Fuck my bottom!"

Randy positioned his throbbing cock at her puckered butthole. The opening was still greased with shit from her dump and was glistening with their drooling cum. He dug it! This was so exciting and nasty! Slowly, he pushed his cock head at her tight little hole. "Candy, it's all closed up! Make like you are going to shit again so that I can get my cock in!"

"Oh yeah," Candy thought. She relaxed her asshole and it opened wide as Randy pushed his dick right inside! Ummmmmmmh!! Oh god! It's so big! But if I relax, it feels just the same as a big turd coming out, and that always feels good! She experimented with pushing his dick in and out of her ass, just like a big turd.

"OHHHHhhhhhhh Yeaaaaah! Oh god, OmiGod! Candy! that feels so fuckin' good! Oh yeah, I'm fuckin' your butthole! MMMMMmmm it feels so tight and slippery!" Randy's eyes rolled back in his head as he experienced the ecstasy of his first sodomizing butt-fuck of his baby sister. Or his first fuck of any kind, for that matter!

Candy was a natural: after reading the book, making her huge poo-poo, and getting sprayed with Randy's cum, her butthole was lubed, relaxed, dilated, and completely eroticized. Oh, it felt so good, and so nasty! She started frigging her clit for the third time today as she pushed her squishy wet asshole at Randy's hard cock - and it wasn't even lunch-time yet! "Oh Randy! This is so NASTY! I love it! You are a bad, dirty boy! You have your nasty cock in my dirty butt-hole! MMM, yes, yes, yes! Fuck my dirty butt-hole!!!!" Both of them were on the verge of another incestuous mind shattering orgasm. Randy's jaw hung open as he salaciously watched his cock sliding in and out of his little sister's clenching slimy asshole.

Meanwhile, Sandy and Cyndy were equally enthralled with their own incestuous mother daughter coupling. Sandy closed her eyes and grooved with the feeling of Cyndy slipping her sexy little body against her own. It was so sensual and stimulating! "Mom," Cyndy looked at Sandy through slitted eyes as she ground her pussy against her mom's vulva. "Have you tried the pumps in this tub yet?"

"The pumps?" Sandy was suspended from reality, fully engaged in the sensuous moment of physical sensations with her daughter. She slowly thrust her pussy mound back against Cyndy's as their clits delicately rubbed against one another's. "What do you mean?"

Cyndy sat up, embraced her mom, and gently lifted her upright. "Close your eyes let me move you like this...." Cyndy lifted and guided Sandy to her knees facing the wall of the tub and positioned Sandy's cunt directly in front of one of the spa jets. "Keep your eyes closed!" Cyndy ordered. She then climbed out of the tub and squatted on the rim with her pussy leveled at Sandy's face. She reached down and pushed the pump jet button - she'd done this before by herself and knew what would happen to her mommy! Whoooooshssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! The pump sent a jet of water and fizz directly onto Sandy's open cunt.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Oh My God! Cyndy!!! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Cyndy! Ahhhhhhhhhh! Oh THAT FEELS SO GOOD!" Sandy thrust her cunt up into the flow as her mouth went slack and her eyes squeezed shut in involuntary fuck lust. She humped her entire body at the pump and then opened her eyes....Cyndy was holding her lovely young pussy lips open with her exquisite fingers and pink painted nails right in her face! "Oh god Cyndy! Let me lick you!" Cyndy pushed her drooling pussy onto her mommy's mouth while leering salaciously through her sexy slitted green eyes. She loved it..."Yeah mommy, lick my clit!" she thought as she humped her nubile and sweet cunt on Sandy's lips.

"I'm gonna cum Candy!" Panted Randy as he slid his pumped up cock in and out of his little sister's slippery little asshole.

"DO IT Randy!" Candy ordered as she frigged her hot juicy pussy again and again. "Cum in my butthole! I want to feel your dirty cum squirt in my butthole!" Her clit grew even larger as she frigged around the slime from their earlier cum all over her hot cunt. Randy flexed his cock to rock hardness and thrust his shaft all the way to the hilt in little Candy's greasy butthole. "Unnngggghhhhh! I'm cumming up your butt Candy! I'm squirting my cum in your bottom Candy!" He pushed his cock as deep as he could into her clasping little asshole and started pissing streams of scalding cum into her bowels. "Unnnghhh! Unnnghh! Unnggh!" Randy grunted with each convulsive contraction of his spasming jizzing cock.

"AAAAGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!" Candy came hard as her brother filled her colon with hot boiling sperm, and as usual, she squirted her girl cum all over her hand and thighs while lewdly massaging her clit. "Ohhhhh," she thought, "If butt fucking feels this good, I wonder what REAL fucking is like!" Randy slowly went limp, and she shit his cock out of her asshole. "MMMMMMmmmmmm! That feels really nice to squeeze his cock out like a turd!" Candy, still on her hands and knees, looked around at Randy with a knowing salacious smile. "Did you like fucking my bottom Randy? How did you like cumming in my butt? Watch, Randy!" Candy then squeezed and pushed her bowels, forcing Randy's cum to ooze out of her freshly fucked rectum. A big crawling blob of cum bubbled up out of her anus and drooled down to her cunt-hole. "Lick it Randy! Lick my butthole like you did last night! If you don't, I'll never let you fuck me in my bottom again!" Candy crawled around to Randy and wiggled her asshole at Randy's face and pulled her butt-cheeks apart and squeezed some more cum out of her clenching anus.

Randy decided right then and there that he would do whatever Candy told him to do! This was too good to believe, and besides, he was feeling so dirty and nasty that the idea of sucking his own cum out of his baby sister's butthole was irresistible! Candy was like a little mythical goddess of sex, and her wish was his command. He didn’t know the words for what he was doing as he bent down to felch his sister’s creampie! “OK Candy, I’m gonna lick your butthole and clean out all my cum!” Randy licked Candy’s butt-crack up and down as she squeezed out blobs of his oozing cum. He loved the depravity of it all. His soft wet tongue slid over her cum-oozing puckered asshole. He loved the sensation of pushing his face into her sweet young ass and cunt. He stiffened his tongue and thrust it in her hole as deeply as he could.

Candy shuddered with lewd appreciation. “Yeah Randy!” she said in a low and lascivious voice. “Lick my butthole! Lick me! Lick out your dirty cum!” Candy reveled in their licentious acts, and immersed herself in the raw feelings of her own brazen pleasures. They both finally stood up and hugged and kissed each other, rubbing their sweaty cummy bodies together in mutual satisfaction. “Randy, I gotta get cleaned up, and I can’t go into the house like this!”

Randy licked his lips, smelled his fingers and thought for a second, “I know; here, wipe everything up with my trunks, and then I’ll put them on and jump in the pool.” Candy wiped both of them with Randy’s trunks, mainly using the softer insides. The trunks were soon saturated with their musky excretions. Randy pulled them on and found himself getting another boner as his cock rubbed against the gooey mixture of their cum. “This is getting ridiculous!” he thought amusedly. Candy got dressed and they made their ways separately back to the pool and the house. “Good!” thought Candy. She didn’t see her mom around and the bathroom door was closed, and it sounded like the jets were on and she was singing? Candy quickly put on her bikini and slipped out to dive into the pool with Randy. They gave each other conspiratorial smiles.

Sandy was locked into involuntary cunt lust with her beautiful sexy daughter. She slavishly licked at Cyndy’s luscious wet pussy, and sucked on her now turgid protruding clit. She slurped at the loads of pussy juice flowing into her mouth; savoring the arousing flavor, and gulping down the sweet nectar. Cyndy humped her cunt at her mother’s face while salaciously watching her mommy’s tongue and lips work her pussy. Sandy held her cunt against the rushing flow of the tub jet, angling her clit to get the most feeling. Both Sandy and Cyndy were moments away from their orgasms.

“Oh mom! I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna cum mom! Ohhhhhhhh, don’t stop! Keep licking me! Faster! Suck my clitty!” Cyndy’s mouth hung open and her eyes rolled back in her head as she started the powerful contractions of a mind blowing cum. She humped her cunt in a fucking motion on her mom’s face, smearing her cunt juice all over it. “Unnnnghhhhh! I’m cumming mom! I’m cumming!”

Sandy sucked furiously at Cyndy’s cunt, and reached down to frig her own distended clit. She too was cumming as Cyndy’s orgasm put them both over the edge. “MMMMMMMphhh, MMMMM, mmmmmmph!” Sandy moaned into Cyndy’s cunt as they both came, her voice muffled by Cyndy’s thick puffy pussy lips.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, Cyndy, that felt so good!” Sandy looked up at her daughter, as Cyndy slid back into the tub beside her. Sandy felt the familiar pangs of guilt, and realized that she was just as bad as Bill had been. “Bill didn’t have a chance, did he?” Sandy murmured to Cyndy. “Are you disgusted and ashamed of your mom now, Cyndy? I’ve been very bad!”

“Of course not! Mom, I love you, and as long as what we are doing is between us, and we both want to do it, what’s wrong with it?” Cyndy warmly hugged her mom. “Besides, would you rather have me chasing boys around who just want to get in my pants?” Sandy smiled and hugged her back. “Well, we better get out of here before the kids start wondering about us!” Sandy climbed out of the tub, pulled the plug and went to get dressed.

The rest of the day passed quietly, and when Dick got home, he said hello, and went upstairs to relax and call it a day.

Chapter 16 -Candy’s Playtime in the Pool-

The week passed quickly and uneventfully and Friday finally rolled around. The Cummings family and Dick had shot their wads over the weekend, and they just went about their usual business, deliberately suppressing their horny urges. The real truth was that all of them were a little worried about getting caught, and none of them really suspected that each of them was equally guilty of their own forbidden pleasures. Plenty of smiles and affection were shared by all of them anyway, and each spent the night in wild fantasies of lewd couplings between one another. It was just a matter of time.....

Cyndy had the day planned - she was going to go to the ocean with her friend Jennifer and Jenny's mom, dad, big brother, and little sister. Randy was going to spend the day with his old buddy Timmy, and was looking forward to trying a few new things together while they did their usual jacking off while Timmy's mom and dad were at work. Sandy, as usual had to work. Dick only had a few business issues to take care of, and planned on doing a little light work around the house. He would clean the pool and maybe do a little gardening. That left Candy alone, and Sandy asked Dick if it would not be too much trouble to keep an eye on her and make sure that she kept herself amused. Dick readily agreed - he really liked all the kids, and they were never annoying or troublesome in any way. Candy was a little cutie, and Dick loved watching her play in the pool wearing her bikini. Everyone went their separate ways first thing in the morning.

A few hours later, Candy, as usual was wearing her bikini, and floating around in the pool. Dick came out from the pool pump hut wearing his swimsuit, with a skimmer, water testing kit, and new filters. He liked to keep the pool sparkling clean, and even added fresh water every day, rather than just keep treating the same old water with more and more chemicals. He had noticed that the increased use by the kids had caused the filters to get somewhat clogged. Candy looked up happily at Dick, "Hi Dick!" she smiled, "Whatcha doing?"

“Good morning Candy!” Dick smiled. “I’m changing the water filters, they seem to be a little clogged up.” Dick pulled one of the filters and sniffed it. Usually an odor of mold, or algae gave him a good indication of how the water quality was holding up. “Hmmmmmm, this smells different…” he thought. It had a musky scent and felt a little slimy. There was something about the odor that made him sniff it again. And again. Something was familiar about it, but he couldn’t place it. It wasn’t a bad smell…actually, it was kind of an intriguing smell. Candy was watching intently as Dick sniffed the filter. Dick shrugged his shoulders, fitted the new filters and put the old ones in a bucket. Maybe it was suntan lotion.

Candy was relieved when she saw Dick shrug his shoulders and toss the old filters in the bucket. “God!” she thought, “He must have been smelling all of the cum we’ve been rinsing into the pool! Hmmmm, I thought it might make someone horny!” As a matter of fact it did. Dick looked at Candy watching him with a funny kind of look in her eyes; almost like she was hiding something… He didn’t quite know why, but he felt like getting into the pool with Candy and playing with her. He admired her developing breasts with her luscious puffy nipples clearly visible through the wet fabric of her suit. He loved those little “puffies”! “Hey Candy, do you mind if I join you in the pool? Would you like to be tossed up in the air and splash like we did before?”

A few weeks ago, Dick had joined the whole family in the pool and played a game with Candy where he would squat low in the water, have Candy stand on his hands, and then suddenly lift with both his legs and hands, launching Candy up out of the water. She would laugh and squeal and come splashing down delightedly. “Yeah Mr. Long! That'd be fun!” Candy liked playing with Dick, and she particularly liked holding on to his strong and handsome body. She was looking forward to it even more since the events of the past weekend! Maybe she could feel his cock, or get him horny! Dick took off his shirt and dove into the pool, swimming underwater over to where Candy was standing. Right before he surfaced, his eyes came level with Candy’s crotch. She had on her white bikini, and the suit bottom clung to her pussy lips, outlining a very prominent camel-toe! Dick couldn’t help but admire it, and he felt his cock lurch and his balls tighten up. He had better restrain himself – she was just a 12 year old kid! Or at least she’ll be 12 next week anyway, he thought.

Candy watched as Dick dove in, and she gave her suit bottoms a yank into her crotch in order to give him a little something to look at. She saw him hesitate as he came up to her….good! He was staring at her pussy underwater! Dick popped to the surface and splashed Candy with the edge of his hand, drenching her head. He laughed, enjoying the look of surprise and indignation on her cute little face. Candy quickly retaliated, and they wound up grappling with one another, all the while Candy giggling, and Dick laughing out loud. Candy finally relented to Dick’s upper hand. “OK! OK! Uncle!” she sputtered. “Now push me up out of the water like you promised!”

“OK, Candy, are you ready?” Dick crouched down and locked his hands together for her to climb into and get herself ready to get launched. Candy stepped up, and now her pussy was right in front of Dick’s face. Candy had further stacked the deck against Dick by working at her suit while they were wrestling. She pulled at it until one of her puffy smooth pussy lips stuck out of the crotch band, and the other was prominently outlined by the tight fabric. She was feeling bold and devilish as she thrust her hips out at Dick’s face, feigning imbalance, knowing that he was getting an eye-full of her sexy cunt lips. Dick was enthralled and thrilled at the arousing sight of this nubile young pussy right in front of his eyes. His cock immediately filled and tented his swim-suit. His cock was big enough that he was in danger of having it work its way out of his waist-band as it became engorged and tumescent. He had better toss her now, and dive for the deep end before she caught him getting turned on! The last thing he wanted was to lose the respect of this enchanting little girl, and causing her to think he was a dirty old man! Dick's apprehensions were quite misplaced! Candy couldn’t wait to get a feel, or another look at his big, fully grown, adult cock. She was remembering the vivid scene of Dick fucking her mom with his big hard cock! She was practically drooling with lust and lewd thoughts as she imagined Dick’s big boner in her hands or mouth!

Dick launched Candy straight up out of the pool, and as she splashed back into the water squealing with delight, Dick furtively adjusted his cock in his suit so that at least it lay flat against his abdomen instead of sticking straight out like a satyr. Little did he know that he was dealing with a horny little succubus who wanted nothing more than to encourage his stiff cock to its fullest possible erection! He dove and swam under-water until he got to the deep end. He looked up to see Candy kicking at the surface, and turning this way and that to see where he had swum to. Dick couldn’t help himself! He reveled in the sight of her sexy little cunt lips straining at her suit. He then saw something that shocked him to the core! He watched as Candy deliberately pulled her suit crotch into her pussy crack, now exposing both of her appetizing full and hairless lips! So! She was trying to turn him on! He immediately thought of Randy, and wondered if he had said something to her about them jacking off together! This was getting very intriguing. Dick decided to let it play out, and let Candy do whatever it was she had planned. He swam over to Candy and grabbed her around the waist and launched her up again.

“Diiiiiiiick!” Candy squealed. “Oh you surprised me!” Candy tread water over to Dick who was laughing and standing up to his neck in water that was over Candy’s head. She hugged him around the shoulders and wrapped her legs around his belly to hang on. She tightened her legs and rubbed her cunt on Dick’s stomach, feigning adjusting her position. His smooth skin felt so nice on her now over-heating little pussy. Her eyes sparkled with mischief and naughtiness as she smiled brightly, her cute young face inches from Dick’s rugged and handsome face. Dick spun her around with him in the water, and she slipped down a little bit, her naked splayed cunt-lips now came into contact with Dick’s lurching cock through his swim suit. By now, the tip of his huge cock was peeking out of the waist band of his shorts. Both of them thrilled to the illicit secret contact, neither of them speaking or letting on. Candy aggressively rubbed her pussy lips on Dicks cock, forcing his penis to protrude even further. Candy took advantage of the situation and maneuvered her pussy lips so that they encased Dick’s enormous swelling cock. “AAAAhhhhhhhhhh, that feels so good!” Candy rubbed her silky body and puffy cunt sensuously up and down Dick’s torso.

Dick held Candy by her bottom. “Well, Candy,” he said with a serious look. “I suppose you understand that what you are doing is completely inappropriate, and could get me in very serious trouble. I’m sorry that I can’t stop my penis from getting hard, but you are so cute and sexy that I can’t. I hope you can forgive me, and we can still be friends!”

“Oh Mr. Long,” Candy said while slowly rubbing her cunt against him, “I’ve already had plenty of chances to get you into trouble, and there’s no way that I’ll ever tell on you! Besides, I have a secret to tell you! A bunch of secrets!” She quickly told Dick about her and Cyndy spying on him and Randy jacking off to porn, and then how she and Cyndy got each other off, and then watching him fuck her mom, with the three kids sucking and licking each other, and finally about finding his dirty book in the arbor, and what she and Randy did after reading it. “So you see Dick, I know all about you, and now you know all about us. And I think that we must like the same things! And by the way, Cyndy wants to play with your cock! She keeps talking about how big it is and how she wants to lick it!”

Dick was stunned. Geeze, what a dope he had been all along! This cute innocent appearing little minx was a nymphomaniac sex-pot, and so was her sister! And he was the lucky guy to be home alone with her all day while she was obviously in a very eager state of lusting after his cock! “OK Candy, I guess I'm dead meat no matter what I do now.” Dick said as he cupped her soft round buns in his hands, squeezing them and running his fingers up and down her butt-crack. "So, what would you like to do now? I have to make sure that you are happy so that you don't decide to send me to prison!"

"You're being silly Dick!" She laughed, "Don't worry, I'll make sure that you never get into trouble for playing with me! I'll never tell! No matter what! Besides, I want to have lots of fun with you and my brother and sister and mom! Maybe we can all play together sometime! Hey....maybe you can get mommy to play with us too, and we'll all do sex things together! Wow! Wouldn't that be hot! It might be easy too...Cyndy told me that she got mom to suck her pussy in the bathroom last Sunday morning!"

Dick was in too deep to back out now. As a matter of fact, Candy had a good idea - it would be great if he and Candy and the kids ganged up on Sandy to seduce her - what better way for them all to be safe? He had a strong feeling that she would be more than ready and willing! Candy continued to hump her pussy against his rock-hard cock and he delighted in kneading her cute round buns. "Oh Dick, this is so sexy!" Candy breathed. "Do you like doing this? Does my pussy feel good rubbing your big hard cock?"

Dick was totally surprised when Candy pulled his face to hers and kissed him passionately on the lips. "I got so hot watching you and mom kiss just like this! When I saw that, I wanted to kiss too! MMMMMMmmmm!" Dick couldn't believe it. He opened his eyes to see Candy's eyes closed in obvious sensual abandon, and it was an incredible treat to see and feel her so close. Her skin was silky and so fresh and young in the sunlight - he could see her baby velvety peach fuzz illuminated by the back-light, and her long shiny eyelashes were fluttering - she was so pure and lovely! Even her eyelids were beautiful; smooth and flawless. Her lips were silky, soft, and full. Dick had never imagined experiencing such a sensual moment with someone so young - it brought back memories of fumbling with girls when he was a young teenager. Between the sun, the water, and this delightful creature squirming her sexy little bottom on his hands, and sliding her virginal pussy on his bloated cock, Dick was absolutely stoned with pleasure, lust, and wanton desire. At the same time he felt a kind of reverence for the moment - the incredible beauty he was experiencing was almost transcendental. He didn't want to defile the moment at any cost.

Candy had other ideas! She broke their kiss, took a deep breath and slipped under water. She grabbed Dick's swimming suit waist-band and yanked his suit down, freeing his now hugely swollen member. "WOW!" She thought. He sure has a big one! So much bigger around than Randy's and much longer too! His balls were smooth, with no hair! He must shave them! They were much bigger than Randy's, and were tight and round in his crinkled sac. Candy cupped Dick's balls with one hand, and stroked up and down his shaft with the other. She came up for air, still holding and stroking his manhood. "Oh Dick! You're big cock is really getting me hot! Let's go in the house and play!" Dick and Candy quickly got out of the pool with Dick walking after the scampering Candy into the house.

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