My first attempt at writing porn. It is actually novella length, so I will break it into chapters. This story has something to offend just about everyone - pedo, lez, bi, gay, pissing, shitting, older, younger, incest and so forth. If you get bugged by any of that go somewhere else to read.
Chapter 17 –Cyndy at The Beach -

Cyndy and her best friend Jenny were walking down the ocean beach with Jenny's brother Rod, who was a year older than them at 15. They had walked in the surf and sand for hours, and had brought light rucksacks with food and water. They wanted to get as far away as possible from Jenny's mom and dad and her annoying little sister Julie. Rod thought that Cyndy was hot, and had faked reluctance to join them on the walk.

Cyndy looked at Rod running in the light surf. He was not the athletic type with the big shoulders or tall, or built anything like the jocks at school who were always talking trash to the cute girls. He was more of an artistic type; he was medium height, with longish blond hair, and an average but slim build. He had a deep tan, and a wonderful smile. At home he could be found on the computer working with graphics software. He was becoming quite an impressive animator. In short, Cyndy liked him a lot, and thought he was cute.

Jenny looked a lot like Rod, except in a very feminine version. She had the same blue eyes, blond hair, and deep tan, however she had blossomed into young womanhood with nice high and softly rounded boobs, and a firm round butt. She was not fat, but her bottom was a very alluring feature of her sexy young body. She was a little embarrassed by its voluptuousness, but she figured since everyone loved Jennifer Lopez's booty, hers must be OK too. Jenny too was watching Rod, and thought with guilty pleasure about what they had starting doing together when no one else was home. Jenny had accidentally spied Rod jacking off in his room and found herself turned on by the lewd sight of him cumming all over himself! One thing led to another, and they were soon experimenting with every sexy thing they could think of doing. Just last week, after preparing herself for a month with a vibrator, they had fucked! Since she had gradually worked at her hymen and cunt with the slim vibrator, she did not have to experience any pain or misgivings during her first fuck. She had loved it! And of course, Rod was now her slave since he could hardly contain himself with his fuck-lust for her. No one else knew a thing about what they were doing.

It was around noon and the sun was getting hot. Cyndy felt like taking a break and finding a little shade. "Hey! Guys! Let's find someplace to have lunch in the shade!" She called to the siblings who were now chasing each other on the wet sand. The sun reflected off of the shore sand and they looked liked silhouettes or shadow theater characters racing around. The air was fresh with the smell of the sea and the waves rushed up the beach with a hissing sibilance. The kids joined up and started to scout the higher beach where the driftwood piled up against the grass covered dunes. "Hey! Cool!" Shouted Rod. He had found one of those forts that kids build out of driftwood in between the bigger beach logs. Someone had really gone to town building this one! It was built between two huge twelve foot diameter logs which were bleached gray and smoothed by the sand and weather. One side of the fort was completely covered with smaller poles, making a roof, and a private shaded space with clean beach sand for a floor. The other side was open to the weather, but shielded from the beach and private as well. Maybe somebody suntanned naked here! The kids all climbed in, delighted with their find. Jenny ducked into the covered half and spread her beach towel over the sand and Cyndy and Rod followed suit. Soon they had their sandwiches and soda out and were thoroughly enjoying their al-fresco lunch.

"Chtthhhhhhhh, Rod! Can you hear me? Come in! Fzzt" One of the family radios the kids carried crackled with the sound of Rod's dad's voice. "It's dad, checking up on us," said Rod rolling his eyes. Well the good thing was that since they had the radios, their parents let them out of their sight for a change, and the kids could have fun without being constantly monitored. "Yeah dad, I can hear you."

Rod's dad sounded like the typical concerned parent; "Where are you? Are you all OK? I thought we told you to call in every hour or so!"

Rod answered like a typical teenager; "We're fine dad. We're up the beach about a mile and we're having lunch. We found a really cool fort, and we're going to stay here, and rest a while, and do some swimming after we're done digesting and just hang out here for a while. We'll leave a radio on so that you can call us if you want."

"OK Rod, you kids have fun, and be careful!" Rod's dad clicked off and the kids all rolled their eyes at one another.

All three kids felt a little sleepy after lunch and running around all morning. They decided to just hang out for a while in the fort. Cyndy and Jenny had moved out into the sun and took off their shorts and tops revealing their bikinis. They both lay soporific in the sun working on their tans, glistening with the lotion that they had spread on each other. Rod was sitting in the shade enjoying the view. Jenny looked and Rod and raised an eyebrow, "Hey Rod, did you bring it?" Rod smiled and pulled a marijuana joint out of the pocket of his rucksack. "Yep! Do you want to smoke it now?" he said conspiratorially. "Yeah, let's get high!" Jenny said excitedly.

Cyndy had never smoked pot before. "You guys smoke pot!? Omigod! Aren't you worried about it?!"

"Worried? Worried about what?" scoffed Rod.

Cyndy looked concerned, "Well they said in school that it leads to harder drugs, and that it makes you do things you wouldn't normally do!"

"Like what?" asked Jenny as she put the joint in her mouth and her brother got out a lighter.

"Well, like you lose your inhibitions, and you aren't in control." Cyndy said tentatively.

"Hmmmmmmmm, that may be kinda true...." Rod was thinking of the first time he and Jenny started fooling around, and it was after they had smoked some weed. "But that's not necessarily a bad thing!" He and Jenny gave each other knowing looks. "Why don't you just try a few puffs, and if you don't like it, don't do it again. We both like it, and we'll take care of you - it only lasts a little while anyway. Cyndy was intrigued. Jenny was her best friend, and she hadn't noticed anything weird about her. As a matter of fact, she seemed even more confident and sexy than ever before.

"Wellllll, hmmmmm, OK, I'll try it!" Cyndy always liked breaking the rules, and she was both excited and a little scared about trying the illegal narcotic. Jenny passed her the joint and she took a big puff. "Ahhhggghhh!" Cyndy coughed until her eyes were watering. "Geeeze! That is awful! How can you smoke that stuff!?" Jenny and Rod were already feeling the effects from the first go round and were laughing their heads off, with tears running out of their eyes as Cyndy coughed, made faces and doubled over. Rod gasped out between bursts of hilarity, "Try it again, but this time, just take a little, and hold it in for as long as you can."

Cyndy frowned, shook her head, took a more tentative toke and held it in, finally blowing out a smooth stream of smoke. "I guess it's not so bad after all." She smiled and felt a little odd. Hmmmmmmm, this feels nice! Wow! Everything seemed a little different, like I'm watching a movie or something. The surf sounded louder, and was full of sounds and detail she had never noticed before. The same with the sky, and the beautiful clouds - everything seemed a little more colorful, and a little more detailed. "Wow, this is cool - I like it!" All three kids lay back quietly and grooved on the sensations of the pot and the sunshine.

Jenny giggled, "Let's tan naked! It'll feel so nice, and no one could ever see us here!" Without further ado, Jenny peeled off her swim suit and tossed it aside. Her soft round boobs jiggled like a bowl of jello when she flopped back down. Both Rod and Cyndy looked at Jenny's juicy shaved pussy with unabashed curiosity.

Cyndy was amazed! "Well," she thought, "Why not?" It's not like I haven't been naked in front of anyone before! She thought of her dad, her mom, and her brother and sister. Cyndy peeled off her suit revealing her lush nubile young flesh. Rod wasted no time yanking off his trunks, and laid down between his sister and Cyndy. His cock had sprung to hardness at the first sight of Jenny's boobs, and now throbbed almost painfully after getting a look at Cyndy's succulent body. Cyndy looked at his nice hard cock and her mouth started watering. "Hey Rod," she purred, "Will you rub some suntan lotion on me? I'm afraid that I'll get burned without my suit on!"

Rod was only too happy to comply. Before he could even open the bottle, Jenny cried, "Hey me too! I need some lotion too!" She then climbed around Rod and lay side by side with Cyndy, with their bodies touching from head to toe. God was this a delectable feast to behold! Rod was beside himself with lust, and his cock now throbbed in time with his heart beat. A little drop of pre-cum oozed from the tip of his bloated swollen cock-head.

Jenny looked at Cyndy through slitted lustful eyes; "Cyndy, are you still a virgin?"

Cyndy delighted to the feel of Rods artistic hands rubbing suntan lotion into her lovely breasts. "I have to admit that I am. But I'm not really what you would call innocent."

"Oh yeah?" Jenny asked probingly, "What have you done and with who? I can see that you aren't too shy, what with my brother mauling your tits!" She laughed wickedly and enjoyed the licentious sight of her brother pawing her best friend, while all of them were naked.

"I'm not telling!" Cyndy smiled as she melted under Rod's gentle and sexy touch. His rock hard dripping cock grazed her thighs and gave her an arousing thrill. How could she tell? They would think she was totally twisted! "How about you Jenny? Are you a virgin?" Rod was now massaging lotion into Cyndy's mons veneris, lightly skimming her now fully turgid pussy lips. A little bit of pussy juice started to collect at the bottom of her cunt.

Rod then moved over to his sister and sensuously rubbed lotion all over her. He paid special attention to her nipples and pussy lips. "Oh yeah Rod! That feels good! Rub my pussy some more!" Cyndy watched the lewd incestuous scene hotly. Jenny looked at Cyndy through now lust soaked eyes. "No, I'm not a virgin! Rod and I have been fooling around for months, and he just fucked me for the first time last week. Do you think we're disgusting perverts?" She didn't really care - she was feeling like she wanted to fuck Rod right now, and if Cyndy didn't like it, she would just have to tough it.

Cyndy was now juicing wetly, and her clit hardened and thrust up through her labia. "Ahhhhhhh! Well, in that case I guess I can tell you about me." She then told them in graphic detail all that had transpired to her in the past year, starting with her dad, and ending with her mom.

"My GOD Cyndy! Your mom licked your pussy, and your dad came on your tits! Oh My God ! That is so hot!!! Why haven't you fucked anyone yet! You should fuck Randy right away! Fucking is soooooooooo nice." Jenny dipped her fingers into her pussy and started frigging her clit. "What do you think Rod? Do you think that Cyndy is even more perverted than us!?" Jenny and Rod were now thralls to their lustful urges, and even further inflamed by Cyndy's nasty, salacious little narrative.

Rod stared lecherously at both girls, slowing jacking his cock. "As far as I'm concerned, now I'm in love with both of you!" He straddled his sister's gorgeous tits and held his now dripping cock to her mouth. "Lick my cock Jenny! Lick my cock!"

Jenny pushed him aside and said, "Let's go inside the fort, it's getting too hot out here, and I want to get wild!" She grabbed his rock hard cock and pulled him into the cool shady fort. Cyndy followed eagerly. It seemed to her that perhaps she may have lost her inhibitions...

Chapter 18 - Playtime with Candy-

Candy dashed into the house and stopped, waiting for Dick. "Where should we go Dick? I can't wait to play with your big cock!"

"Let's go up to the second floor where my bedroom is. I've got a spa, a sauna, and plenty of privacy up there." Dick led the way upstairs to his elegant master suite. None of the kids, nor Sandy for that matter, had ever been up there. It was large, comfortable, and clearly hedonistic.

"Wow! This is really nice Mr. Long! But I gotta go pee right now! Do you want to watch me? Cyndy and Randy both like to watch me pee! Cyndy liked it when I peed on her in the tub, do you want to do that, or is it too dirty? I like peeing and getting peed on! I think it's sexy!" Candy babbled on excitedly as she tore off her bathing suit revealing her budding sexuality. She was a real beauty alright! Her bottom was round and full, and her puffy tits were delightful.

Dick had a kinky side, and he had played piss games before. "I'd love to watch you pee Candy, would you like me to pee on you too?" He didn't think he'd be peeing for a little while with his cock as hard as wood, but the idea excited him anyway.

"Yeah! I want to watch your pee come out of your cock! I don't have to go poo-poo, or you could watch that too - like in your book and what me and Randy did." Candy climbed into the big jetted spa and ordered Dick to lie down on the bottom. She straddled his body and positioned herself with her pussy right over Dick's face. "Where do you want me to pee Dick?" She held her succulent pussy lips apart, exposing her clit and her pee-hole. Like her mother and sister, Candy's pussy was made to incite lust. Her pussy crack was long, and her cunt lips large and full. Her clitoris was also larger than most, and protruded enticingly from her smooth wet inner lips. A thin drool of pussy juice crept from her cunt hole and shone on her full smooth silky little thighs.

Dick couldn't believe his good fortune. Here he was with this gorgeous little nymph squatting over him, holding her succulent puffy little pussy open, and asking him where to piss on him! His cock swelled to enormous proportions; the head becoming purple and shiny it was so engorged. A trail of slimy pre-cum oozed out of the tip and crawled down the underside of his throbbing shaft ending up coating his balls. "Pee all over me Candy. Piss on my cock, and on my face! When I open my mouth, try to pee in it." Dick was senseless in his state of perversion.

"OK Dick, here it comes!" Candy squinted as she pushed her cunt towards Dick's face and squeezed out a jet of piss. She then clenched her urethra and stopped the flow. "I'm gonna control where I piss on you Dick! Do you like that?" Candy looked at Dick with a feeling of lewd and lustful domination. She could tell that he really was excited by what she was doing. "Do you like my hot pee on you Mr. Long?"

Dick rubbed his face, smearing the hot golden little girl urine around while smelling his fingers, and licking and tasting the salty offering. "Cyndy, you have to be about the sexiest kid on earth! Yeah, I admit I love it! Make it last as long as you can!" Dick lifted his hips way up and rubbed his enormous cock against her cunt. "Do you like my cock Candy? Does it feel nasty on your hot little cunt?"

Candy liked the dirty talk and egged Dick on. "Yeah Dick! I like your big dirty cock! I'm gonna pee all over your cock and balls to prove it!" She squatted low and rubbed her wet cunt over Dick's cock-shaft and released another strong jet of pee on his cock and balls. Dick held his piss slit open to catch some of her hot pee in his own piss-hole. This was some very nasty forbidden fun for both of them. Dick opened his mouth and Candy took her cue. She inched up to Dick's face and positioned her cunt right in front of Dick's eyes. "Do you like looking at my pussy Mr. Long? Does it smell good to you?" She pushed her cunt onto Dick's nose and humped it up and down, soaking his face with cunt juice and urine. "Here comes a big pee! Open your mouth Mr. Long!" With that she released the last of her pent up piss and filled Dick's greedy perverted mouth to overflowing. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" Cyndy sighed with pleasure as she watched Dick swallow some of her pee. This was even better than peeing with Cyndy or Randy. Candy really liked pee games! She thought of when Dick fucked her mom; he was so sexy!

There was no way Dick would be pissing for a while; his cock was swollen to the bursting point and he needed to cum bad. His balls were up tight to his cock and churned with a huge load of hot fresh cum. Candy finished pissing and slowly rubbed her succulent cunt on Dick's mouth. He avidly licked her pussy from top to bottom and gave her enlarged clit a few tantalizing sucks. "Candy, would you like to do a 69?" He asked while lewdly leering up at her amazing cute body above him. What a view! All the way from her pussy mound, past her slightly bulging tummy, over her budding breasts with their illicitly appealing puffy nipples, and finally up to her charming and beautiful face, framed by her lovely thick blond hair. Candy now wore a look of lecherous salacious intent as she watched Dick avidly licking at her pussy. "MMMMmmmmmmm, oh that feels so good Dick! What's a 69? Does that mean you're going to fuck me?"

Dick was extremely horny, and the thought of sinking his cock into her tight virgin cunt caused him to flex his already huge cock, which ballooned the head and squeezed out a spurt of pre-cum. "No Candy, We're not going to fuck. You're much too young and you could actually get an injury if I were to put my cock into your pussy before it was ready. You need to talk to your sister about what to do to prepare yourself for fucking. You should wait until you're older anyway -then you'll have something to look forward to! No, a 69 is like the way the numbers look - both the same, but one up and the other down, It's a name for when two people suck and lick each other's cock and pussy. Let's rinse off and do it, what do you say?"

Candy loved the idea and couldn't wait, "Sure Dick, that will be awesome! But I still want to try fucking, and I won't wait forever! Will you lick my butt too, the way Cyndy and Randy did? He fucked my bottom too, but I think your cock might be way too big."

Dick smiled salaciously, "I couldn't think of anything I'd rather do!" They turned on the water and rinsed each other off using the spray wand that was part of the faucet assembly. Candy directed it at her pussy. "Ohhhhhhhh! that feels sooo gooood! Wow! You could cum using this thing!" Dick watched with unhidden lust. God she was a sexy little thing! Since he knew he would get to fuck Sandy again, he wasn't at all concerned about not being able to fuck Candy's ass and cunt; she was too young anyway and so pretty. He didn't want to cause her any pain - ever. What would be the fun of making someone hurt anyway? Besides, he'd had more ass and cunt than most men would ever get, having been an airline pilot. Though playing with Cyndy was a first, and it was proving to be pretty much the most sexually intense and stimulating experience of his life. He would never have initiated it, but he happily acquiesced to her desires. If not him, it would be someone else he was pretty sure. She was probably better off with him, since he truly cared for her.

"Let's do it in the sauna Dick!" Candy said enthusiastically. She pranced in and looked around. It was a large sauna with a steam unit with black rocks in it, and wide benches along the walls. The floor was done in terra-cotta tiles. The lights were low and it is was very quiet and private. There was a stack of fresh white heavy towels on a rack by the door. "So how does it work?"

Dick shut the door and turned up the thermostat. He then took five of the large Turkish towels and laid them out on a bench like a bed. He sat down on the towels and patted the space next to him. "Come here Candy, we'll wait a minute and ladle some water on the steam rocks from this pail. A wooden bucket with a long-handled wooden ladle stood next to the heater. Candy hopped up and leaned into Dick as he put his arm around her shoulders. Her eyes were transfixed on his huge bloated cock as she wrapped her fingers around it and pumped it up and down. A gobbet of pre-cum oozed from his piss-slit. Dick reached down and caressed her puffy nipples causing them to contract into picture-perfect hardened nipples. She stuck her chest out and thrilled to the feeling.

Dick spoke, "OK, it should be ready for the water now!" Cyndy jumped down, and Dick lusted after her bottom as she bent over to dip the ladle into the bucket. God what a sexy little ass! It was not one of those slat-like asses that some young girls have, but rather a nice rounded butt that was smooth as satin. Her butt looked all the more sexy since it was lily-white compared to her deep tan. Her waist dipped in which emphasized the roundness of her bottom. What a hot little fox! Candy ladled the water over the rocks and a big cloud of steam boiled up. It was getting warm and now humid, and they both started to sweat.

"OK Dick, how should we do the 69?" Candy was by now impossibly horny and was dying to suck and lick Dick's enormous cock.

"Alright Candy, I'll lie down on the towels, and you get on your knees like this..." Dick held Candy and positioned her so that her bottom was in front of his face, and his cock was right in front of hers. God what a package! Dick was practically drooling at the sight of her puckered little butthole, her soaking wet cunt slit and her obviously distended clit. For her part, Candy was equally inflamed with lust at the sight of Dick's bloated pulsing shaft. His cock head was ballooned full and shining with pre-cum. She grasped Dick's thick cock-shaft and licked his dripping piss-slit. "MMMMMMmmmmmm!" Candy hummed her pleasure as she opened her mouth wide and sucked his cock into her hot little mouth. She gripped the hard shiny shaft and jacked on it. “I can’t wait to get a mouthful of your cum Dick!”

Ahhhhhh that felt so good! Dick thrilled to the illicit forbidden feeling of having little Candy suck his raging erection into her virginal mouth. “Do you want to taste something now Candy?” Dick said while lifting his hips towards her sucking mouth.

“Like what?” Candy asked, looking back over her shoulder at the leering Dick.

“Let me show you,” said Dick as he reached around Candy’s smooth full thigh and held the base of his cock with his thumb and fingers. He then slowly slid his squeezing fingers up his pee-shaft, making a runnel of pre-cum ooze out of his cum-slit. “Do that once in a while to get some more.”

“MMMMmmmmmmm!” Candy stuck her tongue out and touched it to the rivulet of pre-cum, then pulled back a little, making a gooey string between her mouth and Dick’s inflated cock. She then licked up more juice and ran her cummy tongue over lips, savoring the salty sweetness, and enjoying the syrupy feel of it on her upper lip. “I love it Dick!” She gripped his cock and imitated what Dick had done and milked out a little more pre-cum. Nice! She was feeling slutty and hot! She was also getting sweaty from the steam and her hair stuck to her forehead in damp strands.

Dick admired the view. Candy was getting sweaty, and a sheen of perspiration made her body shine like it was oiled. Absolutely beautiful! Dick loved the sensation of two sweaty bodies rubbing together in the sauna – it was sensual and very intimate. He returned to her bottom and slowly and lewdly licked her butt-hole. Candy reacted immediately by shuddering, moaning, and pushing her bottom back into Dick's mouth. He loved licking her ass! It was so tight and clearly sensitive too. He hardened his tongue and pushed it at her tight little rectum. Candy knew all about this from when nasty Randy stuck his cock in there! As soon as she felt Dick push with his tongue, she relaxed her butt-hole so that he could shove his tongue in deep. Dick couldn't believe it! She opened her little butt hole as he tongue fucked it! This little girl was hot as hell! He vigorously fucked his tongue in and out of her butt-hole as she just as avidly sucked his cock, taking as much as she could into her soft sweet mouth. Sounds of slurping and smacking filled the room. Both Sandy and Dick whirlpooled into a state of sexual oblivion.

Candy sucked at Dick's cock without a thought for anything else in the world except for the feeling of him fucking her bottom with his tongue! Oh god, it felt so good, and his cock was so big and hard that it made her drool with lustful hunger for his cum. She knew exactly what to do! After watching him fuck and suck her mom, and vice-versa, and then, reading his lurid porn book, Candy had gotten a crash course in sex. She held her fist around his steel-hard shaft just like mommy did, and jacked it up and down. She remembered her daddy jacking his cock off on Cyndy's tits too! Jacking must feel good to a man, so she jacked Dick's cock lovingly. She worshiped his straining cock with its delectable drooling nectar. She stopped now and then just to pull back and admire the view of his pulsating inflated cock meat. Her eyes were glazed over with a hungry lusting craving for Dick's tumescent cock. She thought about what to do when she made him cum....should she let him squirt it all in her mouth, or should she make him squirt some on her pussy? She sucked avidly, excitedly awaiting whatever would happen. Cum, cum cum! She couldn't wait to taste and feel Dick's big cum!

Dick was rapidly losing control. The stimulation was almost too much! Candy was sucking his cock with complete abandon, and she was GOOD at it. He mindlessly and rhythmically pumped his cock up to her sucking mouth and jacking fist. He moved his attentions to Candy's now very full and inflated clit. She was hunching her cunt on his mouth, moaning and trying to talk with his cock in her mouth. "Mmmmph, MMMMMMm, mpphhhmmmmm." Dick stuck a finger in her soaking vagina. After about an inch, he felt her hymen. It felt soft and pliable, and his finger wormed through the small opening in it. Dick knew that every female had a different vagina, and also knew that some girl's vagina's were so protective that they had to have surgery to open them, while others had very thin and flexible hymens, and some girls even lost their hymen from doing gymnastics, or by having an accident. Candy's was a virgin, although it didn't appear to be something that would give her much trouble when she lost it. Candy pulled off his cock and looked over her shoulder at him, with a string of pre-cum and drool dripping from the corner of her mouth.

"That doesn't hurt Dick! It feels good! Stick your finger in deep! I like it! Stick your finger in me while you suck my pussy!" Candy wiped her mouth and went back to nursing Dick's cock.

"OK Candy, just let me know if it hurts, and I'll go easy on you." Dick lapped at her dripping pussy crack, and sucked on her distended clit. His finger was soon soaked with girl-juice, and her felt her clenching her pussy muscles on his finger. "Dick! Stick another finger up my butt-hole! I want both of my holes filled!" Dick happily complied to a crescendo of moaning and humping from Candy. "Dick! I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna cum like crazy!" Candy then jacked furiously on Dick's cock and slurped at his cock-head, engulfing it in her thirsting slavering mouth.

Dick lost it then and there. "Candy!" He slobbered into her clenching soaking cunt. "I'm cumming! I'm cumming NOW!" Dick then sucked at her erected clit and mouth fucked it greedily. His legs stiffened and he humped his cock up into Candy's sucking face. "AAAARRRRRGHHHHHHH! I'm cumming Candy! Take my cum Candy!" Dick's cock stiffened and ballooned almost impossibly as he entered the throes of a mind-blowing, gut wrenching orgasm. His balls pulled up to his cock and unloaded a huge load of pent-up cum into his cock-shaft. His cock-head expanded, and his cum hole opened wide with the first hosing of jizz exploding into Candy's sucking mouth.

Candy felt Dick's cock head bulge in her mouth as his piss-hole yawned open with a blast of scalding cum. That did it! Candy's cunt and rectum clenched shut on Dick's fucking fingers and began a series of cataclysmic contractions which propelled a spraying surge of pussy juice out of her cunt onto Dick's lewd salacious sucking mouth. In turn, Candy's mouth filled with several gigantic blasts of Dick's spurting cum-load. Her cheeks bulged with cock and semen, with cum seeping out around the seal between her lips and Dick's huge spurting penis. Involuntarily she pulled off of Dick's cock, virtually coming up for air. She gasped as sperm overflowed from her mouth and then she screamed out in pleasure as she humped her spasming cunt on his face. Candy continued to jack Dick's bucking and spitting cum-hose as it spewed a monstrous load of semen. Jet after jet of slimy fragrant jism plastered her face, coating her nose, her eyes, and mouth. Gobbets of crawling goo drooled all over her face as she moaned and panted in total ecstasy.

At the same time, Dick's face was sprayed with squeeze after squeeze of Candy's hot sugary girl-cum that he slurped and sucked in craven lust. Candy humped her juicy cunt up and down Dick's face smearing him with her sweet honey. Candy finally shuddered with one last clenching contraction of her orgasming cunt. Dick slumped back from her pussy with a grimace and grunted out his last wracking spasm of cum. Both lay spent and limp, soaked in sweat from the sauna, and both slimy with each other’s secretions. Candy finally kneeled up and turned around to face Dick. She rubbed her knuckles over her eyes, wiping enough cum away so that she could see. "Dick! Oh God! That was so cool, god did I ever cum!" She touched her fingers to her cummy face, "You really cum a lot! My face is covered with it! It's so nasty! I want to see what it looks like! Where's a mirror!"

"Really?" Dick smiled, "OK, let's go into the bathroom and you can see." They slowly got up and limped out of the sauna into the sun-lit master bath which was lined with mirrors. Candy looked in the mirror and couldn't believe it - her face was a mask of shining cum which was slowly melting down her face and dripping in a long string down to her puffy little breasts.

"Wow Dick!" she said wonderingly, "This is so nasty! I love your cum all over me! OmiGod! Look at my face!" She smeared Dick's cum around and then smelled and tasted her fingers. "Do you have a name for this, like you had a name for 69?"

"Well, yeah Candy," Dick said thoughtfully, "Some people call it a "facial", and lots of women really like it and ask for it sometimes. My ex-wife used to love getting a facial. She would rub it all over her face, and then ask me to lick it off. We had a lot of fun doing things like that."

"Hmmmmm," Candy smiled through the mask of cum with a salacious leer. "So do you have to pee yet Dick? I want you to pee on me…I want you to pee on my face and rinse your cum off me with your pee!” Candy went back into the sauna and lay down in the middle of the tiled floor near the stainless steel drain. She pulled her knees up and out, and rested on her elbows. She was the picture of depraved wantonness. Her shining wet pussy gaped open, and cum drooled down her face and dripped on her budding tits. She scooped some cum off of her chin and rubbed in into her bald pussy lips. “Do it Dick! Pee all over me!”

Dick wasted no time, “OK Candy, here it comes!” Dick straddled Candy’s slim body and squatted over her face. He rubbed his now semi-hard cock around her face, smearing around his cum load. He then stood up and aimed his cummy cock at her face. His piss-hole opened wide with a strong stream of hot piss. He started with Candy’s hair and worked his way down her face, aiming his penis and pissing with wicked carnal lust . The mixture of piss and cum dripped onto her puffy nipples and a rivulet pooled at her navel and ran down into her cunt slit. He then pissed his way down her body and finally squirted his boiling stream onto her open cunt, spraying his piss into her slick slit and at her asshole.

“Oh god Dick! This is so nasty! Squirt your nasty hot piss all over me!” Candy lay back and wiped her hands up and down her body, rubbing cum, sweat, and piss together in salacious rapture. “Dick, this is so nasty that I’m going to shit right here on the floor! Do you want to watch me go poop Dick?” Candy raised her anus high towards Dick’s gushing prick.

“Yeah Candy! Do it! Make a big turd while I piss on your butt-hole!” Dick watched in lewd fascination as Candy squinted and tried to push out a lump of shit.

Candy didn’t really have to go, but she wanted to try anyway. This was so dirty and fun! With a grunting effort, she managed to squeeze out a small shit. She held it part way out of her dilating rectum so that Dick could piss on it. Dick aimed his stream at the turd and pissed in a circular motion around Candy’s shit squeezing asshole. Candy finally pushed the turd all the way out, and Dick’s piss filled her rectum as it closed back up. “Oh god Dick! Your pee feels so hot on my butt-hole!” Candy reached down and pulled her ass-cheeks apart, opening her anus for Dick to piss in. Dick squeezed a last couple of squirts of piss into her clenching hole. Candy groaned and expelled Dick’s piss out of her protruding rectum and slumped back in a wicked state of quenched lust. “Ahhhhhhhhh, that was so nasty and dirty! Oh, we sure made a mess! Do you mind Dick? Do you think I’m a nasty bad little girl?”

Dick leered down at Candy with open perverted satisfaction. “No Candy, that was really good for me too. I loved it! Do you think that I’m a disgusting old pervert?”

“No way Dick! It was all my idea anyway. I know you wouldn’t have done anything unless I started it.” Candy idly massaged her slick gleaming body with her sliding palms, her nipples tightening sensuously. “As a matter of fact, I want to do lots more things with you! I want to do everything the girl did in your dirty book. But not now! We gotta clean this up and take a shower!”

Dick took the shower wand and rinsed everything down the drain. He and Candy then soaped each other up and took turns rinsing themselves and the floor. The held each other in a soapy slippery embrace and rubbed against one another. Finally when all was clean, and Candy dressed and went back down to the apartment.

Chapter 19 –Fun in the Beach Fort –

Cyndy, Jenny and Rod ducked naked and high on marijuana into the covered part of their private little fort on the beach. Jenny took charge. “Cyndy! I want to taste your pussy like what you and Candy did! Your pussy looks so hot and sexy! I gotta lick it! Lie down on the towel and spread your legs!” Cyndy was only too happy to comply. She lay back and placed her feet on the towel and spread her knees wide, fully revealing her glistening cunt. She was digging the floating sensation of being high, and her gaze focused on Rod’s throbbing cock. Rod’s cock was one of those pricks with a strong upward curve, and it jutted straight up from his crotch in a lewd and suggestive angle. The vulgar image of it being thrust into a wet cunt filled Cyndy’s mind. She wanted to suck it!

“Rod,” Cyndy said in a throaty shameless voice, “I want to suck your cock. Come over here and give me your cock!” Sister and brother then positioned themselves over the supine and eager Cyndy. Rod held his jutting cock in his fist and slowly jacked it immodestly in front of Cyndy’s face.

“Do you like my cock Cyndy?” he asked while milking pre-cum from his piss-slit. He turned it right and left, and up and down so that Cyndy could feast her eyes on the mouth-watering treat. She loved the very lewd jutting appearance of his cock – it looked like it was dying to get into a cunt!

“Yeah Rod,” she purred, “I like the way it curves up like it wants to fuck something!” Candy grabbed Rod’s cock and guided it to her mouth. She opened wide and sucked it in. “MMMMMMMph!
“What a nice cock, Rod! Fuck my mouth with it! I want you to fuck my mouth just like you fuck your sister’s cunt!” “Ohhhhhhhhhh!” Meanwhile Jenny pulled Cyndy’s pussy lips open and swiped her tongue up and down her cunt-slit. Cyndy’s mouth was stuffed with cock and all she could do was moan around Rod’s now thrusting cock. “MMMMMMMMMphmmm.”

“Yeah Cyndy! I’m fucking your beautiful mouth with my cock! Oh yeah! It feels so good Cyndy. Oh, fuck, fuck, fuck,” he chanted as he slid his wickedly curving penis in and out of her wet slurping mouth. Cyndy’s eyes rolled back as she grooved on getting her cunt licked, her face fucked, and being stoned for the first time. She lost all sense of inhibition and moaned rhythmically as she was taken by brother and sister.

Jenny was overcome with craving to get fucked by her brother. She had to have his cock in her now! “Rod! You gotta fuck me now!” she cried with incestuous lust. “Cyndy! I want to lick you while you watch Rod fuck my pussy with his big hot cock! She grabbed her brother and pulled him from Cyndy’s sucking mouth, got on her hands and knees and positioned her cunt over Cyndy’s face. “Rod, fuck me from behind, right over Cyndy’s face! You want to see us fuck, don’t you Cyndy?” She then leaned down, wiggled her ass and cunt at Rod, and sucked on Cyndy’s hugely protruding clit.

Cyndy was burning with lust as she looked straight up at Jenny’s dripping wet cunt-hole, with Rod’s jutting upthrust cock throbbing at the opening to her hungering incestuous vagina. His balls grazed Cyndy’s nose as he grabbed his cock and guided it through his sister’s distended and swollen pussy lips, wiping it up and down to gather pussy-juice on his bloated cock-head. Cyndy inhaled deeply as she scented his masculine and musky ball-sack odor. She closed her eyes and the bright sunlight from a gap in the makeshift roof shone through her lovely eyelids making a red cast. “Unnggh!” Rod grunted as he plunged his cock into Jenny’s sucking, clasping cunt-flesh.

Cyndy's eyes opened in a salacious squint, “Yeah! Fuck her Rod! Fuck your gorgeous sister’s hot cunt!” She licked Rod’s balls, causing him to moan in ecstasy. Rod was in a total state of absolute lust and craven lechery as he brazenly fucked his wanton, shameless sister. Jenny fucked back at him, and her pussy juice crept down her thighs, wetting Cyndy’s shoulders. Cyndy reached up and started stroking Jenny’s tumescent puffed up clit, while humping her own cunt up into Jenny’s sucking mouth. Soon the fort was filled with moaning, sighing, and wet slapping and slurping sounds, with the spicy aroma of hotly aroused pussy filling the air. The tangy perfume filled Rod’s nose as he inhaled the fragrance, driving his stoned mind further into unmitigated and depraved fuck-lust. He fucked and humped sadistically as his horny wicked sister grunted in masochistic pleasure. She loved getting fucked, and the deeper and harder the better. Her cunt squished and clutched at Rod's upthrust cock as she pounded back at him. Candy’s eyes were open in salacious lust as she viewed the lewd, liquid scene of cock and cunt thrusting wetly, inches from her face. She lifted her head so that Rod’s pussy-slimed cock-shaft wiped slickly across her face with each fuck-thrust.

The sibling's fuck juice sent Cyndy over the edge, “Ohhhhhhhhhh! Unnnggg! I’m gonna cum Jenny! Suck my clit! Stick your finger up my asshole!” Cyndy was in the early throes of what was sure to be a massive orgasm. The marijuana made her feel as if her entire body was one giant spasming pussy. She shuddered in acute pleasure as her cunt started contracting and convulsing in Jenny’s face. Jenny wiped her finger through Cyndy’s dripping cunt juice and sank it into her clenching anus. Cyndy’s hips arched off the ground and she mashed her cunt into Jenny’s sucking face. Jenny was in a sex and drug induced heaven as her brother fucked her clutching cunt and she licked her best friend’s juicy pussy. She squeezed her cunt muscles around Rod’s pumping cock and milked at his building load of incestuous cum. Rod’s balls drew up before Cyndy’s eyes and his legs stiffened.

“I’m gonna cum Jenny! I’m gonna cum in your hot cunt!” Rod grunted and thrust shamelessly into his hot sister’s sexy cunt.
“Do it Rod! We’re all cumming now! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!” Jenny slobbered into Cyndy’s vulva and worked her finger in and out of her asshole. All three teenagers went rigid with orgasmic contractions as they climaxed together. Rod's upthrust swollen cock ballooned in his sister's cunt and began pumping gob after gob of incestuous semen into her greedy sucking and clasping cunt. Jenny felt his cum coating her vagina and filling it full of jism. Her cunt muscles gripped and sucked like a snake squeezing its prey as she came violently around his wickedly curving cock-meat. She howled with licentious pleasure and frigged her finger in and out of Cyndy's squeezing asshole as she sucked on her erect clit like it was a small penis. Cyndy stiffened and arched her pelvis in desperate humping motions into Jenny's face as she moaned and groaned in ecstatic stoned lust. All three were lost in their own world of carnal pleasures, further debauched by being high on illegal marijuana. There was nothing they would rather be doing!

Rod's penis slowly softened in his sister's cunt, and he rolled off of her with a satisfied groan. As his cock slurped out of her cum-filled vagina, a crawly flood of semen and pussy juice drooled out of Jenny's swollen and dilated cunt-hole. Her cum-load slowly oozed out and slid creamily over her clit, and down onto Cyndy's near comatose face, most of it dripping directly on to Cyndy's lips.

Cyndy slowly opened her eyes as she felt the thick slimy honey of the incestuous sibling's cum plop onto her lips. She beheld a captivating sight! A ray of sunshine through the fort roof illuminated Jenny's pussy right before her intoxicated gaze. Cyndy was entranced by the shimmering image of Jenny's glazed pussy inches from her fluttering eyes; the thick outer lips were coated with Rod's and Jenny's secretions, shining an iridescent hot pink, and the inner lips shone a brighter glimmering coral pink in the shaft of sunlight. Jenny's swollen clit was a darker glossy vermillion, and her semen and pussy-juice filled cunt hole was pinky-purple, with gobs of cum, looking like sugary donut glaze, drooling out of it. MMMMmmmmm! It looked like sweet candy!

Rod looked on in morbid lustful appreciation as Cyndy lapped at their incestuous secretions with obvious greedy pleasure. Cyndy lifted her head to suck directly at the source of the delightful fountain of their wanton forbidden lust. Jenny shuddered and groaned with satiated lust as Cyndy's cummy tongue and lips sucked her cunt like a baby nursing for milk. "Kiss her Rod!" Jenny commanded through slitted eyes, "Kiss Cyndy on the lips now!" She got on her knees and pulled Rod's face down to Cyndy's nacreous shining lips.

Rod smiled wickedly and said, "You don't have to push me Jenny! I can't think of anything I'd rather do than kiss Cyndy's sexy lips right now. Why don't you join us Jenny? Let's all kiss together!" The three then embraced and rubbed and smeared their cummy lips and tongues together in a long stoned kiss. They grooved on the sensuous and sexy feelings, enhanced by the weed and the roar of the waves in the background.

"Chtthhhhhhhhzzzfzt, "Rod! Can you hear me? Come in!" Fzzt.." The family radio in Rod's rucksack crackled.

"It's dad," groaned Jenny and Rod together. Rod told his dad that they were packing up and coming back and would see them soon. The three talked on the long walk back down the beach.

"So Jenny," Cyndy asked, "I really want to fuck! After watching my mom and Dick, and now you and Rod, I've got to fuck! God! It looks so sexy, and I need to feel a cock in my pussy! But I'm scared! Doesn't it hurt to lose your virginity? Will I bleed? Will people know? Will people think I'm a slut or a whore? Are you going to get pregnant!” Cyndy erupted with a thousand questions.

Jenny titled her head back and laughed lustfully. “OK Cyndy, I’ll tell you the whole story! Rod and I got to the same point you’re at now about a month ago, but my pussy wasn’t ready to fuck, just like yours. So, I got on the internet and read a lot about virgins, your cherry, and what to do to get ready to fuck. I was lucky because my hymen didn’t amount to much and was easy to break.”

“What did you do!? Did you have Rod fuck you to break it? Did it hurt? Did you bleed?!” Cyndy was still a little high and was babbling excitedly.

“Don’t have a cow Cyndy! I’ll tell you! What I read that sounded best, and like the most fun,” Jenny looked sideways at Cyndy with a leer, “was using a vibrator everyday for a while and slowly working it into your pussy past your cherry. You need one with a tapered end and is real smooth. So I got one from Susie at school; you know her, the redhead that fucks all the boys on the football team. So anyway, she gave one to me, and me and Rod started using it. Oh god, it feels so good when you rub it on your clit – it’ll make you cum so hard in just a couple minutes! But, yeah, anyway, so we pushed it in my pussy after Rod licked it and made it wet, and I could feel it against my cherry. I pushed harder and it started to hurt, so we didn’t do it anymore that first day. So then, we kept doing it, and it would go a little deeper each time. Finally, I made Rod suck on my clit while he pushed it in. I got so hot that I jammed my pussy down on it and it slid all the way in! It hurt like hell and I made him pull it out – I was kind of pissed because I ruined my orgasm! But anyway, we did it, and my cherry was busted. I was sore that night, and there was some blood on my panties the next morning. After that, we used the vibrator a couple of times, and it started feeling sooooooooooooo good! So just last week Rod fucked me, and we’ve been fucking every chance we get – it feels the best!”

Cyndy was excited. “Can I borrow your vibrator, can I get it tonight? Is there anything else I should do? Aren’t you worried about getting pregnant?”

Rod spoke up, “Yeah we thought about that. I took Jenny to ‘Planned Parenthood” and they gave her a prescription for birth control pills. I waited outside, and Jenny told them she had an older boyfriend and they had started having sex and that she wasn’t ready for a baby. They didn’t even ask any questions. Those guys don’t care how old you are – I think they want kids to fuck!”

“Wow! It’s that easy!?” Cyndy couldn’t wait to get a vibrator and start working on her cherry.

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