My first attempt at writing porn. It is actually novella length, so I will break it into chapters. This story has something to offend just about everyone - pedo, lez, bi, gay, pissing, shitting, older, younger, incest and so forth. If you get bugged by any of that go somewhere else to read.
Chapter 20 -Plan for Seduction-

It was Monday morning. Randy was out with some friends and Sandy and Dick were both gone from the house working. Cyndy and Candy were sitting closely, facing one another from their respective beds, speaking quietly in the shared bedroom. Cyndy held a slim flesh-colored vibrator in her hand and flicked the switch on and off, making it buzz and vibrate. She told Candy the whole story of how she and Rod and Jenny spent the day in the beach fort. Candy was quivering with excitement as she heard the explicit details. She then told Cyndy what she and Dick had done in his sauna. She left out no particulars and now it was Cyndy’s turn to let her imagination run wild, picturing the wild scene of Dick giving Candy a facial and then peeing all over her. “Wow Candy!” she hissed, “That’s hot! So he put his finger up your vagina too? Did it hurt?”

Candy smiled and shook her pretty head. “No, it felt good! But he was real gentle, and didn’t push hard or anything. So when are you going to start using the vibrator to break your hymen?” Candy had been on the internet reading about how to lose your virginity. There was a lot of information, and most of it was about men and women having intercourse for the first time, and how the woman usually didn’t like it, how it hurt, and how they’d bleed afterwards. Candy didn’t quite buy it all, and liked Jenny and Rod’s plans with the vibrator a lot more. “Why ruin your first fuck?” she thought.

Cyndy got a wicked grin and said, “How about right now? You got me all hot with your story about you and Dick, and just thinking about what me and Rod and Jenny did is making me even hornier!” Cyndy stood up and pulled offer her shorts and panties exposing her clearly moist slit. She flicked on the vibrator and touched it to her clit. “Oh! Ahhhhhhhhhhh! Mmmmmmm!” She rubbed it up and down right in Candy’s face. Candy quickly peeled off all her clothes and rubbed her own now juicy pussy. Cyndy worked the tool up and down her slit and humped her cunt at her sister’s enthralled face.

“I want to try it! I want to get rid of my cherry too so that I can fuck Randy and Dick!” Candy grabbed for the vibrator, snatching it out of Cyndy’s hands. She took the now slick tip and touched it to her own clit and felt the strong buzzing stimulate her sensitive and fully erect clitoris. “Oh GOD! Cyndy! This is almost too much! OMIGOD! Hmmmmmmm!” Candy’s eyes screwed shut and she thrust her pelvis at the buzzing vibrator.

“Stick it in Candy!” Cyndy hissed, “Push it in your pussy and see how far you can get it in!” Candy opened her eyes and saw Cyndy staring directly at her pulsing cunt with lustful intent.

“OK Cyndy! Watch this!” Candy slowly inserted the buzzing dildo into her now soaking cunt. It went in about an inch met the resistance of her cherry. She could feel the narrow tip go in, but the wider shaft wouldn’t go in any further. She pushed harder, and grunted, “Unggh! That doesn’t feel so good! Here, your turn! You do it now Cyndy!” Cyndy did the exact same thing with the same results.

Candy watched with fascination, “Should we just shove it in and get it over with?” Cyndy pushed harder, and it went in a little further. She then winced and pulled it out.

“Not me! I don’t like pain. I’ll just do it a couple times a day and see if I can stretch the damn thing out or wear it down.” Cyndy pulled the vibrator out of her pussy and handed it back to Candy.

Candy took it and shoved it back into her own cunt, this time not so much out of lust, but out of ambition to lose her cherry. Her slick pussy lips bulged around the intruding vibrator. “Unggh! Unnggh! It hurts!” She then felt it slip in a little further, and was pleased that at least she was making some progress. The girls worked on their cherries for a little longer and gave it up for the time being. They wound up licking each other’s clits and having a nice cum at last.

Later on, Cyndy and Candy, as usual, were laying around the pool, swimming and reading. Candy was reading some teen magazine, and Cyndy was reading a book she had noticed in her mom's book-case that someone had given her as a gag gift. It was all about hypnotism. The card in the book from Sandy's friend said; "Try this if you can't get a man any other way!" There was a smiley face drawn under it. She was intently reading about how to hypnotize a willing person. She heard the gate close and Randy walked into the patio. “Hi beautiful sexy sisters! Aren’t you glad to see your brother?” Randy puffed out his chest and strode past the girls.

“Oh brother.” Cyndy said while rolling her eyes. So do you want to hear what Candy and I have been doing the past few days, and this morning?” Cyndy teased Randy as she looked at him through slitted eyes and licked her lips.

Randy got a knowing and leering look on his face. “Yeah! Have you girls been naughty again? I’ve been so damn horny all the time thinking about you and mom that I my cock is rock hard half the time now!” Randy rubbed his rapidly growing cock through his shorts and sat down on the patio in between Candy and Cyndy sitting in their chairs. “Tell me everything!” Cyndy and Candy went back and forth, relating their nasty little escapades to Randy, deliberately torturing him with salacious and lurid details.

Randy was getting hornier by the minute, but he expected that Dick or his mom would get home any time now. He had to get his mom in on the family fun somehow, and then they would all be free to mess around whenever they wanted! “God Candy and Cyndy! Enough already! Mom’s gonna be home any minute and My dick’s gonna bust if I hear any more! You know what? I have a confession to make. Ever since I saw mom fuck Dick, I’ve been wanting to get her bad! She came in my room last Saturday when I was taking a nap, and I know she saw my cock get hard. Her boobs were in my face! We’ve got to find a way to, what do you call it? Seduce her!”

Cyndy got a “cat that ate the canary” look on her face. “I already did. She licked my pussy in the Jacuzzi last Sunday morning while you two were out being nasty in the arbor.”

“WHAT!” Randy yelped, “She licked your pussy! How the hell did you get her to do that?!”

“Yeah!” Chimed in Candy, “Tell us all about it and quick before she gets home!” Cyndy then told them what had happened.

Randy leaned back with a thoughtful look on his face. “We could blackmail her, but I would like it better if we could seduce her. She’s got to want to do it for it to be any fun. How about we make a plan to get her horny and see if we can’t get her naked somehow? What do you guys think? Don’t you want to be able to do it someday with mom and Dick and us together? Wouldn’t that be wild!”

Cyndy, always the thinker in the bunch, reflected for a moment and spoke. “Well, we’re all virgins, but Candy and I are taking care of that, and of course, you don’t have to worry about losing a cherry either, Randy. So let’s take our time and work on her gradually. I know I can get her again in the bath, and Candy, you can barge in on us, and she’ll be so horny that she won’t be able to resist it if you start licking her pussy. So that will bring Candy in on it. Now, Randy,” Cyndy turned and looked at her intently staring brother, “We can fix it so that mom sees you jacking off in your room. That really turned me and Candy on, and I’ll bet she can’t resist watching you cum. She’ll start thinking about your cock all the time, and when the time is right, she’ll be ready! What I’ll do is, I’ll take pictures of her in her bathing suit, and you can print them and look at them while she’s watching you jack off. You can say like, ‘Oh mom! I’m cumming for you mom!’ and stuff like that.” Cyndy and Candy both started giggling and poked Randy with their feet. “That way, mom will know that you’re hot for her, and get her horny for you. What me and Candy will do is let her catch us looking through the vent at you. She always calls for us to help with dinner, or the dishes or something, and we’ll pretend we didn’t hear her, and she’ll come looking for us. So, then me and Candy will look all guilty, and run into the kitchen, leaving her to figure out what we were looking at – she won’t be able to resist looking through the vent. You gotta make sure she sees you cum. And meanwhile, you try to get into the pool with her whenever you can and try to ‘accidently’ brush her pussy and tits, and make sure she feels your hard-on. Give her hugs and stuff in the water and she’ll start getting hot in spite of herself. I know how she gets, and once she starts getting hot, she’ll stop with all the guilt crap. So, maybe we can start tonight in the pool. We’ll beg her to swim with us, and I’ll take pictures of her boobs and pussy with the telephoto on the digital camera. You’d like that anyway wouldn’t you Randy?”

It was Randy’s turn to laugh. “You’re damn right I’d like sexy pictures of mom! What a great plan Cyndy! We’ll figure out the rest later. Soooooo, do I get to plank you hot babes when you’re done with your cherry busting?” Randy clambered up and jumped to get out of the way of the sister’s kicking feet. They all were laughing uproariously as Sandy came out of the apartment, home from work. She smiled and waved at her lovely children. They were so good together, she thought. Little did she know!

“Hi kids!” Sandy said with her beautiful smile. “What’s so funny?” She put her hands on her hips and cocked her head to the side as she looked down at her children. She was wearing a silky patterned skirt and blouse and stood in stiletto heels that were just conservative enough for the law office.

As usual, Cyndy knew how to fill in an awkward moment. “Ah, well…Randy farted by accident and it sounded so weird it was funny!” The kids looked at one another, and Randy sputtered and started laughing again. “I did not!” “You did too!” “Did not!” “Did too!”

“OK, OK, you guys, I should have figured it would be something crude like that.” Sandy said while rolling her eyes. “Were you all good kids today? Or should I be expecting a call from a neighbor, or the police?”

“Ah mom!” Candy said, “We’ve just been hanging around the pool and reading while Randy was out with Timmy and those guys. Say mom, let’s all swim together before dinner OK? You promised you would help me learn how to do the side-stroke.”

“Actually, that sounds like a good idea, it’s sure hot out again today. I’ll go in and change. Are you going to join us Randy?” Sandy asked.

“Sure mom. Yeah, it’s boiling out and I can’t wait to jump in the water!” Randy and Sandy went back into the apartment to change into their swimming suits. Sandy walked behind Randy and noticed that he certainly had a nice butt. “What a good looking boy!” she thought for the hundredth time. She went to her bedroom and chose a rather skimpy bikini with very light fabric. It felt good to get out of her work clothes and be almost naked. She thought, "The funny thing about a bikini is that it had pretty much the same, or less covering than a bra and panties, yet it was OK to wear it in public!" The thought of getting Randy excited by seeing her in the bikini crept unbidden in to her mind. “God what is going on with me? These kids are getting me horny every time I turn around! First I lick Cyndy’s pussy, and now I’m thinking about Randy getting a boner! This is crazy!” She absently rubbed her nipples through her bikini top making them tighten up delightfully. “I guess I’m going to have to seduce Dick again before I do something I shouldn’t!”

She opened her door and stepped out into the hallway only to have Randy run right into her jiggling boobs with his face as he suddenly rounded the corner. “Oh! Randy! You startled the hell out me!” Randy for his part was stupefied by the exquisite pleasure of having his face in the middle of his mother’s silky cleavage. He turned beet red, and tried not to look like he was momentarily suspended in a heavenly state and slowly looked up at his mom’s face. He wondered what the hell to say.

“Uh, sorry mom!” he said thickly. Sandy felt it too. There was electricity in the air, and she didn’t know how to react either. Nothing more was being said, but communication between them was rapid and explicit. She saw how Randy reacted to touching her boobs, and she was secretly and guiltily thrilled that he was openly staring at her luscious breasts. Her nipples protruded through the thin fabric provocatively and she felt her pussy start to tingle. She looked down at Randy’s trunks and saw his cock clearly beginning to swell under the nylon material.

After what seemed like minutes, but was only a second or two, Sandy smiled brightly and said, “Well, no harm done, but you sure did startle me! Let’s race for the pool!” Sandy turned to scamper to the pool and Randy elbowed past her, making sure that he brushed her tits as he raced for the pool. Sandy felt the touch and knew that he had just copped a feel! And she liked it too….

Candy was in the pool bobbing in the shallow end, and Cyndy had the digital camera to take pictures of everyone, in order that her mom wouldn’t think that she was the prime photo op for the kid’s wicked plans. Randy dove into the pool at a run and completely doused Candy’s face with water. “Hey, you big dummy! I’m gonna get you for that!” Candy yelled. A splashing battle ensued as Sandy walked to the edge of the pool. She turned around and bent over to climb down the pool ladder and slip into the water. “Bzzz, Bzzz, Bzzz,” Cyndy snapped multiple digital shots of Sandy's deep cleavage, hard sexy nipples, and her incredibly lovely rounded bottom. She was praying that she could get a shot of her bikini clinging to her pussy when she got out all wet.

“Cyndy! Come on and get in the water! It feels great!” Sandy called. Cyndy put the camera back into its case and dove in cleanly. She too was wearing her sexiest that Sandy didn't know she had. She had been wearing her sarong, so Sandy hadn't seen it yet. It wasn't a thong, but damn near. It was canary yellow, and made of thin nylon with no lining. Her nipples and pussy lips were clearly visible through the fabric. She swam under water and surfaced next to her mom. She put her arms around Sandy and slid up against her sensuously as she popped to the surface. “I love you mom!” She whispered. “I love you too honey,” Sandy whispered back. "Where did you get that bikini!? My god Cyndy..." Randy was under the surface watching his mom and sister’s pussies touching and instantly got another rock-hard erection. Candy dove under and watched Randy’s cock swelling up in his shorts. Her pussy started to tingle. She reached out and grabbed his cock, loving the feel of it in her hot little hands. Randy turned to look, figuring it had to be Candy. They smiled at each other under water and pointed up at their mom and Cyndy. Randy swam beneath his sister Cyndy's parted legs and thrust her up with all his might. She popped up to the surface totally surprised as Randy took her place hugging his mom. He was smiling hugely as his mom reacted to the sudden substitution of kids.

"Hi mom!" Randy joked as he then let go of her and dodged Cyndy's ferocious retaliatory splashing attack. He felt like his chest was burning with the impression of his sexy mom's succulent breasts. Sandy thought that she felt Randy's rock-hard boner pressing against her pubic bone! "Ohhhhhh! He's hard for me!" she thought lewdly. Candy then took Randy's place hugging Sandy as Cyndy and Randy duked it out. She hugged her mom and pressed her puffy nipples against her mom's perfect boobs. "Mom, you are so pretty! You look so good in this bathing suit! I hope I get as pretty as you are! Do you think I'm pretty mom?"

"Of course I do Candy!" Sandy smiled lovingly at her youngest daughter who was truly a picture of budding femininity. Her eyes were clear and huge, her hair was shining and thick, her lips full and succulent, and her body showed promise of being just as magnetic as her sister's - she was a little goddess for sure. "Sweetie, you are a cute little lady now, and you will grow up to be a real beauty! Look at your sister; she looked a lot like you at your age, and see how gorgeous she is now?" She hugged her baby girl to her and kissed her fondly on her cheek. Candy was delighted and thrilled with the love her mom was giving her. "My mom is the best!" she thought happily. She kissed Sandy back on her forehead, and Sandy then tossed Candy up out of the water to join her siblings in the water war they were waging. By now, Sandy was boiling with lust. Her kids were so attractive and loving that she could hardly contain herself anymore. She had to fuck, and it had better be soon! She tried to cool herself off by showing Candy how to do the side-stroke. Cyndy got out of the pool and started taking more pictures. Randy climbed up the ladder and thrust out his hips so that she could get a shot of his boner tenting up his trunks behind their mom’s back. Now Cyndy was getting a little hot herself!

"Hi Sandy! Hi kids!" Dick had just gotten home and was waving from his deck overlooking the pool. "That sure looks inviting! Would you like a drink Sandy? You name it and I'll make it!"

Sandy looked up at Dick with a huge smile. Ahhh, I'm going to fuck the hell out of him tonight and I can't wait! She thought salaciously. "Hi Dick! How was your day? Can you make a Mojito?"

Dick chuckled, "Funny you should ask! I just picked a bunch of mint from the garden yesterday and I wondered what I was going to do with it!

In a little while Dick came down with a pitcher of Mojitos and set up glasses on the bistro table. As Sandy climbed out of the pool to have her drink Cyndy had the telephoto lens focused on Sandy’s bikini bottoms. “Bzz, bzz, bzz.” She clicked off several more shots, and as she had hoped, they were very sexy. Sandy’s bikini was wet, and clung tightly to her pussy. Just like her daughters, Sandy’s pussy lips were full and protruding and looking very alluring as they were outlined by the wet nylon. Dick didn’t miss the sight either. “God, she’s hotter than ever!” he thought to himself. He had to get her upstairs to fuck!

Sandy saw the appreciative look on Dick’s face and bent over to towel her feet to give him a good look at her cleavage. From behind Cyndy took more pictures of her superb ass. Randy stared open mouthed and kneaded his cock through his suit. Candy came up behind him and reached around underwater to help him rub his rock hard cock. “Mom sure is sexy, isn’t she Randy!” Candy whispered in Randy’s ear.

Randy said, “No kidding Candy, she’s hot!” He looked at her and Dick speaking, and could tell that they were flirting with each other. “They’re gonna go up and fuck again, I’ll bet you money!”

Candy whispered excitedly, “I hope they do! Then we can play together Randy! Would you like that?” She sensuously rubbed his cock and cupped his tightened balls. “Wouldn’t you like to help Cyndy and I work on our cherries?”

“I couldn’t think of anything I’d rather do, other than fuck mom!” Randy ducked under the water as his mom sat and turned to look at them. When he surfaced behind Candy he whispered, “Let’s help them out! We can tell them that we want to cook one of those frozen pizzas we have and watch TV. She’ll let us watch Pay per View, for sure, just like last time.” He swam to the ladder, climbed out of the pool, walked over to Cyndy and flopped down in the chair next to her.

“Hey Cyndy,” he whispered bending his head close so that she could hear him. “What do you think mom is thinking right now?”

Cyndy grinned and said, “She’s thinking about how to get rid of us so that she and Dick can go up and fuck their brains out.” Her pussy tingled at the thought. “I don’t think we’d be so lucky as to see them through the vent a second time though.”

“Yeah, me and Candy think that they’re gonna go and fuck too. So, we thought we could ask to cook the frozen pizza and watch TV. Candy wants me to help her work on her cherry too. What do you think?” Cyndy’s nipples tightened as she thought about playing with her brother and sister again.

For an answer she called over to Sandy, “Hey mom, we want to cook the frozen pizza and watch TV, is that OK?”

Sandy’s prayers were answered. “Sure! Go ahead and watch Pay per View if you want!” She thought to herself; “The way these kids have been lately, they’ll probably watch some porno show!” Sandy smiled at Dick, and spoke in a low sexy voice, “So Dick, if you’re hungry, I’ve got something wet and hot I’ve been saving for you.” She leered at him and licked her lips slowly, causing them to shine in the sunlight.

Dick’s cock lurched in his shorts and gazed lustfully at Sandy. He couldn’t believe how damn lucky he was! He whispered back to Sandy, “I’m starving! And, I can offer you some desert too.” He leered at her with barely concealed lust.

Sandy grinned wickedly. “Hey kids, Mr. Long and I are going to have something to eat upstairs! We’ll watch a movie afterwards so have fun and behave yourselves.” She got up and bounced into the apartment and put on a silky sarong and a low cut t-shirt, with nothing on underneath either. She felt sexy and desirable as she ran upstairs and locked the door behind her.

Chapter 21 –Eat Me, Suck Me, Lick Me-

Dick called her as he heard the door shut and click. “I’m up here Sandy!” Dick was running a bath in the Jacuzzi and had poured in some foaming gel. While the tub filled he lit candles. He was wearing one of his oriental robes and nothing else. A bottle of ice-cold champagne chilled in a bucket by the tub, and a crystal bowl of strawberries, and another small bowl of Godiva chocolate syrup with a spoon in it sat next to it on a low table.

Sandy entered Dick’s master suite breathless from scampering up two flights of stairs. “Wow! Dick, you really know how to treat a girl!” She walked over and embraced him, rubbing her bra-less tits against his handsome chest. She then kissed him feverishly, mashing her full lips against his. Her hands wandered down to his butt and she squeezed his buns, pleasuring him, while grinding her pubic mound against his now rigid swollen cock.

“How about some champagne, beautiful?” Dick opened the bottle with aloud pop and poured the sparkling liquid into two champagne flutes. Sandy peeled off her clothes and accepted the glass from Dick with an enchanting smile. They clinked the glasses together with a musical ‘ting!’ Her eyes sparkled in the shimmering candlelight. She held herself proudly with her shoulders back and her divine breasts thrust forward. She stepped in close to Dick and whispered in his ear, her taut nipples brushing his chest erotically. “I’m going to be a very bad girl tonight Dick.” She hissed salaciously, “I want you to fuck me. I want you to fuck my mouth, fuck my cunt, and I want you to suck my pussy and lick my ass. I want to be your little cock-slave tonight Dick!” She grasped his engorged cock and jacked it lovingly, and into his face with half closed eyes. She then stripped off his robe and pressed her wet cunt-lips against his eager cock.

Dick was further inflamed by her dirty talk. “So you’re a bad little girl with a potty mouth, are you? Well, I just happen to like nasty little girls who play with men’s nasty cocks with their own dirty little cunts.” He took Sandy’s hand and wrapped it around his burgeoning penis with it’s dripping and bulging cock-head. She milked it dutifully and bent down to lick the tip.

“I want your big nasty penis, Mr., and I’m going to put your dirty cock into my mouth and suck the nasty sperm out of it!” She licked Dick’s leaking piss-slit and made strings of pre-cum drip between her mouth and Dick’s cock while fondling his smoothly shaven balls. She looked up to see Dick leering at her with undisguised lust. “Hmmmmm, I love licking your big cock Dick,” she said sluttishly. She in turn leered back at Dick while she handled and sucked his cock as if worshiping it. She stuck her tongue out and ran it wetly around the bulbous head, and then licked up and down the full length of the hard pulsing shaft. It thrilled her to be performing this nasty act while he watched her with greedy lust-filled eyes. “Are you ready for something to eat now, Dick?” There was a long cushioned bench next to the tub, and Sandy threw a large white bath-towel over it. She picked a large juicy strawberry from the bowl and dipped it in the rich dark chocolate syrup. She lay back on the bench with her bottom sitting on the end and put her feet on the floor. She then spread her legs wide, giving Dick a mouth-watering view of her fully aroused pussy. Her large clit protruded from her full and puffy smooth shaven cunt lips, and her vagina glistened with her slippery nectar. She leered lasciviously at Dick as she wiped the chocolate coated strawberry up and down her cunt, coating it with pussy juice, and smearing chocolate all over her slit. She then held it and pushed it into her glistening cunt so that the fruit was held in her open cunt like a cherry on a sundae. “Getting hungry Dick?” Sandy smiled wickedly at Dick and rubbed chocolate syrup around her clit with her elegant fingers, the nails painted a bright red. It was a lewd and stimulating sight.

Dick watched her rubbing her cunt with salacious lust. He too picked up a strawberry, held it under the end of his massively throbbing cock, and slowly milked a big gob of shinning pre-cum onto the fruit. He used his shining wet piss-slit to smear the enticing fluid all over the strawberry until it glistened with a glaze of his juices. He stood over Sandy, his throbbing penis inches from her face, and held the strawberry to her lips. He then pressed his cock to the side of her face so that the pulsing underside throbbed on her silky smooth cheek and his balls touched her chin. Sandy lustfully inhaled the heady aroma of heated male cock and balls. She stuck the tip of her tongue out and licked the strawberry, and then opened her mouth as Dick gently fed the fruit to her. She shuddered with lust as she squished the berry around in her mouth, savoring the fresh tang of the fruit, mixed with the salty viscosity of Dick’s pre-cum. “MMMMmmmmm!”

Dick then kneeled before her pussy and licked up and down Sandy’s chocolaty, cummy cunt. He pushed his tongue into her juicing hole under the strawberry and licked it out of her slippery vagina. Sandy twisted and moaned in sexual ecstasy. He too savored the taste. He stood and leaned over her, settling his weight on Sandy’s inviting body and on one elbow. He could feel the wetness of her cunt with his cock, and her stiffened nipples met his chest with a tingling electrifying sensation. He leaned down and kissed her full sweet lips. They both licked and pleasured each other’s lips, slipping and sliding them together in their own combined fuck juices. Dick slid his cock up and down Sandy’s wetly clinging cunt, grazing her distended clit with his piss slit on each pass. Her puffy, full pussy lips sheathed the underside of his greedy fuck tool in a wet slippery embrace. Both entered a mindless state of carnal desire and lustful gratification, wantonly slithering their sweaty bodies together
in pure sexual abandon.

Chapter 22 –Virgins No More

Downstairs the kids were eating their pizza and discussing their plans to seduce their mom. Cyndy looked thoughtful and said, “I think we’re going to have to bring Dick in on this.”

Randy looked at her quizzically and said, “Why?”

“Well,” Sandy said, “She’s upstairs fucking Dick right now, partly because we got her horny. So, if she just runs upstairs every time she gets hot, we’ll never get her worked up enough to lose her inhibitions.”

Candy nodded her head in agreement, “Yeah she’s right! We have to make sure that she’s not getting any sex from anyone for days.”

Randy smiled wickedly, “And we’ve got to keep her horny as much as we can. We already have a plan to get her to watch me jack off, so, what else can we do?”

Cyndy thought for a minute. “We can get her to catch all of us jacking off one by one, and maybe even some stuff together. She can barge in on me and Candy having sex and playing with the vibrator, and she can barge in on me sucking Randy’s cock. I think we better keep Candy and Randy apart for this phase of the game. She has to be already having sex with me and Randy, and Candy has to walk in on it or something. We can cross that bridge when we get to it.”

Candy started thinking. She thought she just might have a plan. In the mean time she wanted to play with Randy’s cock! “Come on Randy, let’s go to me and Cyndy’s room and watch the porno video that you got from Timmy’s brother on the computer! I can’t wait to suck your cock while we watch it!” And maybe now’s the time to get rid of this damned hymen – I’m tired of waitin’, and I don’t care how bad it hurts!”

Cyndy was also excited, “Oooooo! Good idea Candy! Come on Randy let’s watch your dirty nasty video, and you can help us bust these cherries! Besides, I’m on the pill now from the clinic, and I might as well put them to work.” The kids ran back to the girls room, closed the door, booted up the computer and inserted the DVD. They figured they had at least an hour or more before Sandy came back.

Soon, all three kids were naked and rubbing their sex organs with slippery fingers. They were watching a particularly lewd video of an orgy, complete with a daisy-chain of fucking and sucking men and women. Candy whispered with undisguised lust, “Let’s do that! Let’s get in a circle on our sides and suck each other!” They quickly lay down on the bed and maneuvered themselves into a sucking circle, with Candy sucking Randy’s swollen cock, and Cyndy lapping on Candy’s wet slit, and Randy tonguing Cyndy’s puckering asshole. Secretions were starting to flow freely from the children’s cunts and cock. Candy bobbed her head up and down on Randy’s nearly bursting cock, avidly sucking up pre-cum like it was a soda straw in a milkshake. Randy groaned into Cyndy’s butt-hole and cunt, causing her to hump her crotch on his face, smearing it with slimy girl cum. Candy whimpered out a breathy warning, “I’m gonna cum soon! And it’s gonna be a big one and a wet one!”

“Do it Candy! Squirt my face!” gasped Cyndy. Just then Randy grunted and spewed streams of hot, wet cum into Candy’s sucking mouth. That was enough for Candy to clench her thighs around Cyndy’s face and thrust her burgeoning clit against Cyndy’s sopping face, cumming violently. Cyndy too fucked her cunt into Randy’s mouth and smeared him with her cum, as her cunt contracted convulsively while she arched her ass and cunt into his mouth with a mind blowing orgasm. Candy pulled off of Randy’s organ and directed it at his face in his sister’s crotch. The last few ropes of cums pelted Randy’s face and her cunt and drooled down them in a crawly glaze.

“Oh yeah!” breathed Candy with salacious lust while staring at the lewd and sexy scene. “Cyndy,” she begged, “Stick the vibrator in me now and bust my cherry while it’s hot and slimy! DO IT! Do it now!”

Cyndy reached in the drawer and pulled out the vibrator, and held it up for all three to look at. “Are you sure? It’s gonna hurt like hell Candy!”

Candy lay on her back and spread her legs wide, displaying her soaking wet cunt which was a deep pink from the licking she had gotten. Her clit still stood like a little cock, sticking up from her juicy inner lips. “Do it now!” she commanded. “I want a chance to heal up before I fuck Dick and Randy!”

“OK Candy, try to relax, and I’ll make it quick!” She got on her hands and knees in front of Candy’s gaping cunt and positioned the tip of the vibrator at the entrance. Randy’s eyes goggled at the sight of Candy’s open pussy, and even more so at the sight of his virgin older sisters dripping, gooey, cunt upthrust from the bed right before his eyes. His cock started to swell to almost painful hardness, upturned and throbbing. He had a flash of inspiration! While Cyndy and Candy were intently focused on Candy’s deflowering, he climbed up behind Cyndy and rubbed his cock on her wet slit. “Oh yeah, Randy! That feels hot! Rub your cock on my slit!”

“Here goes, Candy!” warned Cyndy as she slid the vibrator in Candy’s cunt. She stopped at the obstruction of her little virgin hymen, and backed it out, ready to slam it in and finish the job. Behind her, Randy did the same thing with his cock in her drooling vagina. “Randy! What are you doing!” Randy pulled his cock back, and then slammed it into her squishy cunt. Cyndy wailed with pain as Randy’s thrust caused her to mash the vibrator equally hard up her baby sister’s soaking gash. Candy too howled with surprise and the shock of the sudden entry of the vibrator past her now broken hymen all the way to the bottom of her untouched channel. All three kids froze in this position with surprised looks on their faces. Randy slowly withdrew his now bloody cock from Cyndy’s violated cunt, as Cyndy did the same with the vibrator from Candy.

“Owwwwwwww! Oh that hurt!” moaned Candy. Cyndy groaned while rubbing her pussy and looked at the blood – not really much, and the pain was subsiding – the “practice” must have helped a bit after all. Cyndy grimaced and turned a nasty, lewd smile on her brother. “Well, that’s one way to do it you little pervert! We did it!” She looked at her little sister’s pussy, and was relieved to see that it too seemed none the worse for the trauma of her first insertion. “That’s it for me until my pussy has a chance to heal up.” “Me too,” groaned Candy. Randy was still kneeling with his massively swollen cock bobbing in time with his heart-beat. “Hey! Just a minute! What about this?” he pleaded while holding his rampant dick in his hand. “That’s your problem!” giggled Candy as she and Cyndy scampered to the bathroom to bathe and soothe their ravaged pussies.

Chapter 22 – Hypnotized-

It was the next morning, and Cyndy figured it was time to go and talk to Dick about their plans to seduce Sandy for group sex with her family (and Dick!) Sandy was away at work, and Randy and Candy were sleeping in. Cyndy tip-toed past the sleeping Randy in the utility room and silently climbed the stairs to Dick's level. She tried the door and it was unlocked, she opened it a crack and whispered as loud as she could without disturbing Randy, "Psssst! Dick! Are your there?"

Dick was sitting on a stool in his kitchen making coffee. He was in his bathrobe, and had been idly pulling on his cock like he did most mornings, stretching it out and pumping it up. He thought that the exercise kept it big, and maybe increased the size a little bit over time. His cock was semi-erect and his back was to the basement door when he heard Cyndy whisper. "Now what?" he wondered. "Yeah, I'm right here in the kitchen - is that you Cyndy? Come on in!" He pulled his bathrobe close and tied the belt. He wasn't too worried about getting caught with a hard-on, seeing as all of the kids had admitted spying on he and Sandy fucking in his living room - among other things that had been going on!

Cyndy slipped through the door and came into the kitchen. She too was wearing a bathrobe, though hers was quite different from Dick's terrycloth. It was red satin, thigh high, with Chinese dragons patterned on it. She looked very sexy with her sleep mussed hair and inviting figure. "Good morning Dick," she beamed, Mmmmm, the coffee smells good."

Dick smiled back, "Would you like a cup?" He looked Cyndy up and down. Damn, but she was a delightful little morsel! Her eyes shone clear and her skin looked like silk in the morning sunlight - not to mention that her breasts clung to her robe, revealing her curves, and he could even see how her puffy nipples stood out from the roundness of her boobs.

"Yes, please! Do you have cream and sugar?" Sandy noticed Dick ogling her and loved it. She accepted a cup from Dick and sipped.

"So what brings you up here so early this morning Cyndy?" Dick asked.

"Well, there's something I want to talk to you about - it's about us kids and mom." Cyndy looked at the floor and she swung her foot from the stool with nervousness. "You know, and we know, that all kinds of sexy things are going on around here, and we want to get mom to do something. We also know that you and mom are doing it together, and we decided that we need to talk to you." Candy leaned over to pick up her cup, and Dick got a very nice view of her cleavage. His cock started filling and lifting thinking about all of the illicit sex Cyndy alluded to. "See," she said, "We have this plan...." She then told Dick the kids whole plan, and expressed her concern about Sandy getting too much sex to get really horny - or at least horny enough to fuck Randy so that all three kids had compromised her guilty inhibitions against incest.

Dick didn't think for long about how to respond to Cyndy's proposition. "Cyndy, I guess you must think that I'm a dirty old man, but to be perfectly honest, you and your family moving in here has been about the most exciting thing that ever happened to me in terms of sex. As long as all of us can be discrete, and swear to keep this secret, even if you kids start fighting about something, then I'll tell you; there is nothing I'd rather be doing than having sex with all of your together - it would be awesome. So, what can I do to help get Sandy worked up?"

Cyndy thought for a second, tilting her head and rubbing her chin. "Are you going to be going out on your boat any time soon? If you are, we can work on her while you're gone, and when you get home, we'll all get her! Candy has a plan she thought of that she says will work for sure. She won't tell us what it is, but she says we all have to wind up in your sauna after dinner one night. Knowing mom, if you get her tipsy, and we get her horny, she won't be able to stop herself from doing it with us."

Dick said, "I've been thinking about going out on the boat with a couple of friends for a few days. I'll give them a call and line it up." He admired Cyndy's cute face and gorgeous body and winked at her.

Cyndy didn't miss a thing, and she was feeling kind of sexy this morning - she moved her legs so that her robe parted, giving Dick a view of 18 inches of creamy succulent thigh. She sipped her coffee and suddenly thought of something that had been at the back of her mind. She had been reading the book about hypnotism, and thought maybe that would be the perfect back-up plan for seducing Sandy...if she could do it, AND if she could get her mom to agree to try it for fun. "Hey Dick," she said while crossing her legs, "Can I do something silly with you? Would you let me try to hypnotize you? I've been reading this book, and I want to try it. Besides, if Candy's plan doesn't work, maybe I can hypnotize mom!" She giggled and clapped her hand over her mouth.

"Hypnotize me?!" Dick laughed and crossed his eyes. "Why not? Let's give it a try!" Dick was amused, and thought that it would be fun no matter what happened. He envisioned Cyndy ordering him to lick her pussy or something while he was 'under'. Unbidden thoughts of fucking her entered his mind. He felt a little guilty, thinking she was still a virgin. Just then, there was a knock at the basement door, and Randy pushed it open.

"Hi Dick, good morning Cyndy! What are you guys doing?" Randy was wearing his pajamas and walked over and sat on the stools with Dick and Cyndy.

Cyndy said, "I've been telling Dick about our plans with mom, and he's in!"

"And," Dick said chuckling, "She wants to hypnotize me to see if she can do it if Candy's plan doesn't work!" He laughed and slapped Randy on the back. "Why don't you join us? Maybe at least one of us will get hypnotized...."

Cyndy too laughed at the puzzled expression on Randy's face. "OK," she said, "Let's go in the living room. Dick, do you have a gold pocket-watch on a chain?" She giggled as they went to the living room.

"No," he said, "But I have a crystal pendant on a gold chain from Thailand that's supposed to be magical - I'll go get it." Dick returned a moment later with the amulet swinging from his hand on a golden chain. It sparkled in the sun and cast rainbow hued diamonds of light all around the room and ceiling. Dick handed it to Cyndy.

"OK," Cyndy said, "You guys sit on the couch in the middle, and I'll stand here...." Cyndy stood before Dick and Randy on the couch with the sun shining full upon her from the balcony window. She looked like a high priestess in her red satin Dragon robe. Her full and creamy thighs were all the more enticing as Dick and Randy had a nice view from just below her pussy. Sunlight sparkled from the amulet as she gently swung it from her upraised hand. "Watch the it and nothing else, as it moves from side to side....see the light as you watch the crystal...." Cyndy droned on quietly and intently. She swung the crystal and continued for about 10 minutes, all the while speaking softly; "Believe in the crystal," she said, "As you start to feel sleepy, as you enter you drift into are growing very are falling asleep..." She leaned forward and started to whisper her hypnotic cadence. "You are under my spell and under my will do all I ask or tell you to will be my servants, and you will call me master whenever I speak to you...." Her beautiful breasts slid free of her robe as she leaned closer to Dick and Randy. She remembered the book's instructions and finally said, "Later, when I say 'AWAKE!' you will be released from my power, yet you will remember all that you said and did!"

Dick felt very sleepy and disoriented. "What the hell....." The last thing he saw before he slipped into unconsciousness was Cyndy's incredibly sexy breasts spilling from her loosely wrapped robe in front of his face.

At the same time, Randy's head dropped back on the couch, his eyes rolled back into his head, and his mouth hung open slackly. Strangely, both he and Dick had enormous erections that pushed up the front of their robes.

Cyndy stopped swinging the amulet, and was silent, her lovely eyes open wide in disbelief. "My god!," she thought, "I did it! I did it! And letting them see my boobs before they went under made them hard! Hmmmmm, what should I do? This could be really interesting....."

Just then, there was another knock at Dick's kitchen door. "Hey! Where is everyone!? Dick? Cyndy?" Candy walked into the kitchen and saw her sister with her robe open in the living room standing in front of the couch. Dick and Randy where sitting there asleep on it? "Hey! What's going on, Cyndy?"

"Shhhhhhh!!! Don't wake them up! I just hypnotized them." Cyndy held her finger in front of her lips to silence her little sister.

"Hunh! Hypnotize them? You don't mean to tell me that that stupid book actually taught you how to hypnotize someone?!!" Candy walked over to Dick and Randy and stared at them intently. She was wearing panties and a long t-shirt and was rumpled with sleep. "Geeeeeze! They're out! Omigod Cyndy! What if you can't wake them up!!"

"Don't worry about that, I know what to do to wake them up. In the meantime, do you want to have some fun with them?" Cyndy pointed at their hard tenting cocks, feeling her pussy start to tingle. Her eyes squinted in lust and she put her arm around her little sister's shoulders.

"Yeah!" Candy said excitedly. "Can you make them do things, or do they just sit there with their cocks sticking up like zombies?" She giggled delightedly and licked her lips in anticipation.

"I'm not sure, but I think I can make them do anything I want. Let's give it a try...Dick!" Cyndy commanded.

"Yes master?" Dick's eyes opened slowly and he blankly looked at the sexy sisters.

"Untie and open your robe." Cyndy ordered.

"Yes master." Dick obeyed and opened his robe, revealing his rock hard jutting cock. It was visibly throbbing in time with his heart beat, and the tip was shiny with a droplet of pre-cum.

Candy whispered to her big sister, "It works Cyndy! He's calling you master! Make him jack off his cock! I love to watch a guy jacking off! It makes my pussy tingle!"

"Mine too Cyndy! I love to watch a man jack off. Daddy jacked off on my boobs! I'll make Dick jack off on my boobs in a little while!" She stepped even closer to Dick and took off her own robe, standing naked in front of him. Her pussy lips were swollen with lust and she put her hands on her hips and cocked her hips up at his face in a lewd humping motion. "Dick! Jack-off your cock for me!"

"Yes master." Dick wrapped his fist around his cock and began to slowly run it up and down the length of his cock. His eyes were glued to Cyndy's sexy cunt. Both girls watched in fascination as Dick jacked off slowly and mindlessly in front of them.

Candy said, "Tell Randy that he's my slave! Make him follow my orders!" She pulled down her panties and took off her t-shirt, now as enticingly naked as her sister. She stood before Randy and held her cunt in front of his unconscious face.

"OK Candy, here goes...Randy! This is your master will now do anything Candy tells you to do!" Cyndy watched as Randy nodded his head with his eyes closed.

Candy climbed up on the couch and rubbed her cunt up and down Randy's face. "Randy!" She said with authority, Open your eyes and look at my pussy!" Randy opened his eyes and stared straight into Candy's hot little cunt. "Lick my pussy!" She ordered. Randy then said, "Yes master." And licked her pussy up and down like a dog lapping up water. Slurp, slurp, slurp; he licked at Candy's pussy slavishly, all the while with his cock rock-hard, and now leaking pre-cum from the tip.

Cyndy watched the salacious scene before her eyes. Dick was jacking his cock slowly and endlessly while staring at her cunt, and Randy licked Candy's pussy like a sex zombie. Oh, this was too divine! She too climbed up on the couch and thrust her cunt in Dick's face. "Dick!" she commanded, "Lick my pussy!" Dick leaned forward and started licking her cunt in the same way as Randy was licking Candy's. At the same time he said 'Yes Master' and continued jacking his cock because Cyndy had not told him to stop. Soon, the room was filled with wet slurping sounds and moans and groans from Cyndy and Candy as they got their cunts licked by their sex-slaves.

Cyndy wanted to try some other things before she came! "Dick, Randy! Stop licking our cunts and stop jacking off!!" Both Dick and Randy stopped and stayed sitting side by side on the couch. "Come on Candy, lets see what else we can make them do! Here's what I want to see...I want to see Dick and Randy lay on the couch with their cocks and balls together and their butts touching. Then I want to see them rubbing their cocks and balls together and jacking their cocks pressed together! What do you want to make them do?"

Candy thought for a second, and giggled. "I want to see them suck each other's cocks! Oh! Wouldn't that be the nastiest thing!"

Cyndy agreed, "Oooooo, Candy, that's so dirty - we can make them gay and suck each other. Oh god, my pussy is getting wet!" She then stood before Dick and Randy and said, “Randy! Strip! Now both of you lay down with your head on the armrest of the couch. Now, slide together until your cocks touch each other! Yes! Now, hump your cocks and balls together!"

"Yes master!" they said in chorus. They positioned themselves as ordered and overlapped their legs so that their cocks and balls were pressed together. Then they started humping against one another. Pre-cum dripped from their cocks and mingled on their shafts. Dick groaned with involuntary pleasure, as Randy moaned like a sex-crazed Zombie. Their buttholes slid ass to ass as they became more inflamed with fuck-lust. Candy and Cyndy watched the forbidden acts being performed by their slaves with unbridled lust.

Cyndy said, “Now hold your cocks together and jack off with your hands around both or your cocks!” They obeyed and held each others dripping bloated cocks together from balls to cock-head and jacked them, all the while moaning in pleasure. "Oh god! This is too much!" Cyndy moaned, I gotta stop them before they cum! STOP!" She ordered.

"Yes master." they both said and quit humping each other's cock and balls together. Cyndy leaned down and held both rigid dripping cocks in her hands and pumped them up and down together, milking out more juices. She then took both cocks in her mouth at once. "MMMMMmmmmmph!" Cyndy was getting way too hot! The feeling of two huge cocks in her mouth, wet with musky male cum juices was causing her pussy to tingle and spasm.

"My turn!!" Candy tried to take both cocks in her mouth, but she couldn't get any more than the tips in. "Randy!" She ordered, "Suck Dick's cock!" Randy sat up and leaned forward to suck Dick's huge leaking cock. Dick moaned in mindless ecstasy as Randy sucked and jacked his penis.

Cyndy was beside herself. "STOP!" she ordered. "Dick, suck Randy's cock. Randy! Suck Dick's cock!"

"Yes master." Dick and Randy then turned so that they were on their sides sucking and jacking each others bloated rampant cocks. Cyndy loved it! This was the nastiest thing she had ever imagined! She then straddled Dick's sucking face and rubbed her cunt all over his face and her brother's bulging shaft. Soon Dick's face was a mask of shining pussy juice. Candy stood and watched enthralled as she rubbed her wet jutting clit.

Cyndy was feeling really dirty. "Candy! Rub your pussy on Randy like I'm doing! Let's soak their faces with our cum!" Both girls then rubbed their cunts on their slaves and sounds of all four's moaning filled the room. Slurp, slurp, squish, squish came the sounds as they all reveled in their debauchery. "Candy, do you remember when daddy squirted his cum on my tits?"

"Of course I do! Now that I know what it was, it gets my pussy tingling every time I think of it." She groaned again as she slid her soaking little cunt over Dick's huge cock-shaft and her helpless brother's nose and sucking lips. "Why do you ask?"

Cyndy leered at her cute little sister mashing her succulent cunt all over her brother's face and Dick's enormous cock. "Because I want both of these guys to cum all over my boobs at the same time! I want to get drenched in their cum! It will be so nasty and dirty! Do you want to see that?!" Cyndy swirled her dripping cunt on Dick's face, and leaned back so that she could smear her asshole over his nose. She groaned and moaned in depraved lust.

"Yeah! I want to see it! Dick gave me a facial, and Randy's cum on me too. If both of them go at once, you'll get so much cum on you that you'll be covered in it!" Candy followed her sister's example and ground her little anus into Randy's face and Dick's cock-shaft. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhh god that feels good!" She looked at Cyndy, "I'm gonna lick that cum when they're done! Make them do it now! I'll lick your pussy so that you can cum when they do!"

Cyndy was ready. "STOP!" she ordered. Sit on the couch next to each other!" Dick and Randy released each other's bloated leaking cocks from their mouths and sat down side by side. "Yes master!"

"Dick! Move the leather chair in front of the couch!" Dick said 'yes master' and moved the big leather chair in front of the couch. "Both of you! Start jacking off!" They both obeyed and started jacking off. Cyndy sat in the chair in front of them and leaned back, spreading her legs wide, exposing her wet hotly aroused cunt. "Look at me!" she ordered. Look at my cunt! Look at my tits! Do you like what you see?"

"Yes master!" both Randy's and Dick's eyes were glazed with salacious lust. They jacked their wet leaking cocks relentlessly.

Cyndy said, "I want you to cum on my tits! I want both of your to cum on my tits and cum as much as you can! And I want you both to do it NOW!" Candy scuttled over to Cyndy's wide open pussy and started licking and fingering her big sisters now soaking inflamed cunt. "Stand up and cum on me NOW!" Both Randy and Dick lurched up and stood with their legs apart straddling Candy's little head, dripping pre-cum into her bouncing hair as she sucked on Cyndy's clit. They jacked their cocks furiously, their hands a blur.

"Unnnnggggggg! Ungh, Ungh, Ungh!" Randy was first to start cumming. A long wet stream of cum blasted from his gaping piss-hole hitting Cyndy’s tits, trailing all the way down to coat her from her straining tits to Candy’s bobbing head on her cunt. The first scalding blast initiated his reflexively pumping cock to produce stream after stream of hot wet cum. It was like he was pissing cum on Cyndy’s tits! Long wet streams burst from his shining purple cock-head and soaked Cyndy’s luscious quivering tits. After about the third wet drooling stream splashed on her, Dick started grunting and sprayed a heavy rope of cum directly onto her right breast, hitting it head-on and sprinkling her face with the spattering splash of it’s forceful impact. His next contraction was even stronger and sprayed upwards in an arc that hit her face all the way down to Candy’s hair. By now Cyndy’s tits were cris-crossed with drooling strings of hot fresh cum, slowly crawling down and even dripping off of her glazed and soaked nipples. They hardened with lust and dripped with cum. Dick and Randy mindlessly pumped and sprayed jet after jet of cum all over Cyndy’s chest, face and stomach, with the tail ends of most blasts winding up dripping all over Candy’s hair and neck as she slurped and sucked her sister’s hugely swollen clit. In their hypnotized state, they followed their master’s orders and kept cumming as long as they could. Randy’s balls churned and squeezed out a forceful blast of creamy jism which mixed with Dick’s thicker ropes of heavy cum. Dick squeezed his cock muscles and pumped his hips forward in lewd fucking motions as he ejected yet another long slimy rope of cum from his over laden balls.

Cyndy was awestruck and reveled in the lewd, nasty, carnal onslaught from the two men’s cum hosing, bloated, and swollen cocks which were soaking her tits, face and belly. She watched intently as cock-slits opened and closed, loosing massive streams of hot steaming cum all over her. She had to blink and move her face to dodge wads of goo blasted towards her eyes or nose. It was no use! Her tits shone with a complete glaze of hot fresh spunk, which appeared in layers, blobs, and wads. The whole steaming slimy mess slowly succumbed to gravity and oozed down her torso. She reached her hands up and started to rub the cum around her tits, scooping it up to her nipples and making strings of crawling goo with her fingers.

Between the onslaught of blasting cum and Candy’s greedy sucking of her hugely erect clit, Cyndy’s cunt wildly contracted with a colossal orgasm. Jets of squirting pussy juice erupted from her cunt filling Candy’s mouth and drenching her sucking face. As the convulsions subsided, Candy looked up to see Cyndy’s eyes trying to open through a thick, gooey mass of drooling cum. Candy’s jaw dropped as she took in the nastiest, most depraved and lewd sight she had ever witnessed. Cyndy was wantonly rubbing cum into her tits and scooping up globs to suck off of her fingers. She then took Candy’s head in her hands and dragged her little face through the gooey, slimy, drooling mess of sperm and jism. “Eat their cum Candy! Lick up their nasty sperm and kiss me!” Randy and Dick still stood above the girls, mindlessly jacking their spent but still hard cocks. Cyndy released Candy and she slid up the sperm drench mess to kiss her older sister. The locked lips and smeared their faces together in an orgy of lust. Cyndy finally started to return to her senses and looked at the guys still vacantly jacking swollen rods, the tips drooling out a string of draining cum.

“Awake!” she commanded and clapped her hands. Dick and Randy jerked, and flopped back onto the couch shaking their heads and looking around the room in confusion and at the cum drenched sisters. Candy’s hair and face looked like she had been dipped in a donut glaze tub, while Cyndy looked like she had been in a sperm wrestling contest or something.

“What the fuck?!!” Dick asked no one in particular, while Randy chimed in with “Holy shit! What the hell happened?! I think I liked it, but if I remember I…….” He trailed off realizing that he and Dick had sucked each other’s cocks! Among other things!

Cyndy too had an amazed look on her face. “I hypnotized you guys.” She said simply. “I don’t think we should try that on Mom – if we did, she could convince herself that she didn’t really want to have sex with us, and we want her to get horny all on her own!” She absently rubbed her hands around in the pool of cum filling her navel.

“Yeah, I think you’re right, Cyndy” agreed Randy. “Let’s just go ahead with our plan to get her so damn hot that she can’t help herself.” He smiled and idly milked a droplet of sperm up his shaft and watched it ooze down the front of his now deflating cock. “I think we all need to take a shower.” He smiled at his sisters.

Dick got up wearily and smiled a the wanton perverted Cummings kids. “I think I need a long soak in the tub, and then a nice dip in the pool. Who wants to join me?” The kids all agreed enthusiastically and they trooped off to Dick’s spa bathroom.

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