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I get woke up and striped, and dragged to the barn, while i that is happening i hear base and see head lights
Still half way sleeping the lights and base don’t faze me. Limp laying there naked unable to move. Still not sure of what’s going on, but I can tell its going to be unbearable. I see daddy and he has something long dark and shiny in his hand, it’s a blindfold. You place it over my eyes and tie it around my head.
I hear the loud base turn off and car doors shut. Not to sure but it sounds like 3. I start trying to get out of my bonding but it’s tied to tight. Not able to get up I tremble in fear of what is going to happen. I feel the touch of something or someone moving up my leg. Starting at my big toe and working its way up. It’s not sharp so I start to ease up. Not knowing what it is turns me on the most. I lay there hoping that the touch is that of daddy’s but I know its not. This touch is way
I get slid down to the end of the table; legs spread open, still tied down. The toy is tied in my ass so it won’t come out. I feel what feels like a tongue licking up and down my dripping cunt. I hear something heavy getting move word me. Closer and closer. It stops and I feel fingers entering me. Feels like three but not sure. I move my body, showing signs that I like what is going on. I hear the sound of a belt, and I was right. Whip right across my stomach.1, 2,3,4 I count my beatings. It hurts but at the same time i am getting wetter and wetter. The fingers are removed and I feel a big object getting placed right at the opening of my pussy. It’s a baseball bat and it’s hooked on to a machine, that way it pumps in and out of me on its own. Now I know what daddy has been working on in the barn.
It moves slowly at first the faster and faster, hitting my guts from going so deep. There is something being placed on my nipples. Hurting, keeping me from enjoying the pounding in my pussy.
The gag is removed from my mouth and I feel a cock being placed on my lips. Not caring who it is is I start sucking, Working my way from the tip to the base. Swirling my tongue around the hardness in my mouth. The moment my tongue moves, the cock slams into my throat, causing me to gag. I begin to smell ass when I realize he is hovering above me. Mom just knowing I have ass that close to my mouth makes me that much more wet. The pain in my tits is slowly going away, or so I thought. A pierce enters right through them and I accidentally bite down on the cock in my mouth. He stands up taking his cock out of my mouth and someone holds it open. Knowing that I am in for it now I wait for my punishment, and I know its going to be harsh.
I begin to smell ass again and I know what’s going to happen. I start moving my head back and forth knowing what was going to happen and I didn’t want it too. My head is grabbed and held in place. A strong odor is coming at me and I can’t stop it. My mouth begins to fill with shit and it is pushed closed, forcing me to swallow. I gag and they know i am going to get sick. I puke all over myself and they won’t clean it off me. Bet that will teach you to bite my dick cunt. He rams his cock back down my throat and I get sick again, this time all over the cock in my mouth. Thinking I was going to get punished again I waited, but it never came, Just another cock in my mouth. Now i have two and im not complaining. Both of them stretching my throat just like my pussy.
Suddenly the pounding stops and it is removed. Now i am stretched enough for anything. The large toy is removed from my ass also, and just like my pussy, the bat is slammed into my ass. But this time i didn’t scream, and it didn’t start off slow. The second it was inside me, it started slamming into me. Not caring about what was going on around me, i began feeling wet. All over my face, then down my body. The sent was strong and i knew i was getting pissed on. I love feeling degraded like that so it don’t faze me. Until, my mouth started filling up with it too. Both cocks that were in my mouth started filling me up too. Know that i would get punished if i got sick; i held it in and swallowed the salty piss. Another whisper in my ear... such a good slut, time for your reward.
With the bat still pumping in my ass, i hear the sound of my horse being walked over to me. I have never fucked my horse before but I and daddy have always talked about it. His two front legs are up on the table next to me. He doesn’t need help getting to me. He smells me and he knows just what i want. He has trouble fitting his huge cock in me so someone helps him. It’s hard to get in so he pushes. I scream for my life as you hear a big pop. He ripped me almost from hole to hole because he was so big.
I feel his cock almost tarring my insides. His cock swells more and more the harder he fucks me. With both my holes being pounded and two cocks in my mouth i didn’t think that there was anything else they could do to me. i was wrong. With clamps still on my nipples and all around my tits, someone starts squeezing them harder and ripping them off at the same time, making me focus my pain on that.
The horse stops for a minute and i think he is done. I am wrong. He starts pounding me harder and harder. The two cocks are removed from my mouth and i begin screaming. All i hear is laughing all around me. Shut up slut or your going to get it i hear. Not caring, i scream louder. Wacky, wacky, right across my face. I don’t know what i was hit with but it stings and i know it wasn’t a hand. I whimper in pain but stop screaming. I learn to enjoy what was giving to me. The horses cock is so swollen inside of me that u can see his cock hitting my stomach.
He mounts me closer, right up to me, having his whole cock in me. He begins to cum and i feel it. Swelling my stomach like there is a huge water balloon in it. He pulls out and a large amount of cum falls out but not all of it. Two different hands slide up in side of me and pull more out. Taking my blind fold off, before i could open my eyes and see who was around me, cum is thrown into my face, And into my mouth. I try to spit it out when a hand is placed over my mouth to make me really taste it. The hand is removed and you see that i have swelled all the cum like the good little cum slut i am. You want more i am asked and i shake my head yes. Really loving the taste of what came out of the horse’s huge cock.
The base ball bat is removed from my ass and i get flipped over and tied back down. On my knees with my arms layer out in from of me. Im bleeding from both holes and you love it. You take pictures and show me how gaped my holes are, then put the blind fold back on me. I hear the horse getting walked back over and i beg no. there is a hole in the table where my mouth is and a cock comes up through it. Forgetting about the horse, i begin sucking the hard cock. Everything goes silent in my mind and all i am focusing on in the cock in my face. Wanting to suck the best i can so i can taste the cum i love
Not knowing what was going on behind me, i feel the table move a little but don’t pay attention to it. All of a sudden the horse rams his cock back in me but this time in my ass. I rip even more and now it only feels like i have hole. Trying to keep my mouth on the cock in front of me, i am sobbing with pain. I begin feeling a tickle on my clit and i start enjoying what’s happening to me. Thinking that i am enjoying it too much, i feel something sharp like a knife running across my back. I arch up and i am shoved right back down by the back of my head. The cock slams back down my throat.
The horse is still pounding my ass and i start feeling pressure in my pussy. Now i know i still have both holes. You and someone else are under the table, shoving your fists in and out of my pussy. The horse cock in my ass and two fists in my pussy, i squirt all over the place. You put a bowl under me and catch my cum. i feel like i am neglecting the cock in front of me so i start sucking harder and faster. Wasn’t long till his cum was shooting down my throat. Mmm, i don’t want to waste any of it so i keep sucking till him cums again. That’s when u knows you do a great job, when you can get a guy to cum back to back. The cock slides back through the hole, and i wait for more.
A whisper in my ear, want something to wash it down... i say yes. A bowl slides in front of me and i start licking and drinking my cum like a dog. I can tell that the horse is getting ready to cum again, swelling, almost getting stuck in my ass. He starts Cumming and i scream, it’s so painful. A hand grabs my mouth and another one grabs my neck. I know the person choking me is you so i don’t freak out. As the horse is Cumming in my ass, i start Cumming again, this time so much more. A fist is still in my pussy and my cum is falling out around it. The horse pulls away and has a tired look in his eyes. His cum is oozing out of my ass and all you guys begin licking it out of me.
Mmm the feel of my ass getting tongued almost makes me want to cum again. All of a sudden it stops. You flip me back over and let me be free, not tying me back down, Knowing im not going to go anywhere. You take my blind fold off and tell me how good i have been. With tears still streaming down my face, you wipe them off and give me a kiss, Letting me taste my juices, blood, and the cum of the huge stallion. You say to be a good girl and stay there, so i listen. You and three of your friends stand around my face and start jacking off for me. Knowing that i love watching this, you let me play with myself as i watch.
You tell me that if i can take all four of your guys cum, and swallow it all that this will happen again another time. I know i can do it so i agree. I lay with my mouth open on the table, waiting for cum to explode in my mouth. Three of you cum at the same time and blow your load all in my mouth. The forth starts Cumming as i am swallowing the first three. I hurry and open my mouth for the last one, almost loosing some. I caught it just in time. His load is smaller since he has already got off once so it is easy to take’s swallowed all four and didn’t waste any. You are not surprised. I get up, wipe my mouth and smile. Yes slut you say... can we do it again tomorrow daddy? You smile and throw me a towel. We will see you say. Everyone leaves and we go inside.
We take a shower and lay in bed for awhile cuddling reminiscing about our wonderful night!

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2016-08-12 12:57:41
Yeah! Liar, liar pants on fire. Dary fantasy.


2014-08-21 15:09:00
as much as i liked it i dont think it humanly possible to take two mens fist at the same time as a horse cock up your ass but mabye im just not stretched enough yet

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2012-10-24 00:15:03
No build up unless there was a story before this one other then the lack of genuine story line you just need to use more paragraphs.

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2009-12-03 08:23:53
Hm...there should be paragraphing...

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2009-11-12 22:33:19
this is gross

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