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it was only a week into the summer holidays and i was already bored stiff.

i'd spent a couple of nights camping on a beach with my mates but i felt it was all over to soon as i returned to the Care Home i'd spent my life in.

when i returned Julie (the equivalent of a head carer) gave me a card. the envelope was very fancy and inside was an invite to one of my very distantly related cousins wedding.

i couldn't exactly refuse so julie took me into town when i told her about the letter and i got myself some basic smart clothes.

on the day of the wedding the home payed for a train ticket to take me up to the lake district and julie gave me some extra money for while i was there.

the train ride went by pretty quickly although (due to my predictibly unpredictable hormones) i did have to discreetly make my way to a toilet where i jacked myself with the whit silk panties holly had given me.

feeling the soft pants rub against my dick caused to me to groan in pleasure and i qiuckly grabbed the second pair of panties i had been given and deeply inhaled in time with my pumping.

when i came the thick stream of cum spat across the cramped cubicle and splattered against the opposite wall. luckily i shot my wad in one go and none of it hit the floor. i left the cubicle with the wet panties stuffed in my back pocket, and the stream of cum still dripping down the wall. i'd decided to give the next occupant something to occupy them as they relieved themselves. (although in which manner i remained undecided on)

the overhead speaker buzzed and i stood with my bag hung across my shoulder as i made my way to the exit.

only being a small village, i was the only one on the platform as the train departed. i looked out across the valley the train station was in and saw a small village nestled up against a lake and a tall five-storey building, the hotel the wedding was at, seperated by a long stretch of grass and a snaking tarmack drive.

not wanting to waste my money i decided to walk and followed the winding country road down into the village.

about half way down i stopped to have a break and pulled a coke out of my bag, sitting down on an old log and watched an old farm and the cows wandering about in the field across from me. i saw a girl, about fifteen-sixteen, using on old a small spade to dig up some vegetables growing in a patch in at the back of the farm.

facing away from me she bent over to examine a cabbage patch, my heart beat jumped up because as she did so her short, above-knee skirt rode up her legs and i got a clear view of her lace black panties. reaching a hand behind her she scratched her crotch and slowly peeld the panties out of the way as she delicately plopped a finger in her twat.

i watched for about a minute, slowly rubbing my erect dick through my pants as she fingered herself, then she stood, and her skirt fell back down her legs. turning, she saw me and waved, smiling, oblivious to the fact i'd just watched her frig herself.

finishing my coke and re-arranging my nether regions i continued down the valley to the town. it was half an hour before the wedding so i found myself a clothes shop and used an empty cubicle to change into my smart clothes. i saw someone who worked there watching me suspiciously but when i walked out the door and the alarms didn't go off she turned to a waiting customer.

i walked through town following the signs for the hotel. when i reached the hotel i saw the long tarmacked drive leading up to some revolving wooden doors. i followed the drive down to the hotel and wandered through the doors. i heard myself gasp as i gazed in wonderment at the luxury and wealth around me. the reception was lit by two massive chandeliers hanging from the cieling and in the centre of the room, an ornate wooden desk stood with small exotic plants potted around it.

"Excuse me sir," the receptionists voice interrupted my gazing around the room. "Can i help you?" the receptionist asked from behind the ornate desk.

"Oh, yea, im here for the wedding," i said rummaging through my pockets trying to find the invite,

"Ah, yes," he said examing the fancy letter, "Just go along the corridor and through the double doors on the left."

i followed the mans instructions and thought about what would happen when i entered throguh the doors, nothing could have prepared me for the reality.

"Ryan!" i heard a cry as i entered the room, looking around i saw people generally just milling around but not paying me any attention, suddenly i was nearly knocked over by a short, brown-eyed, amber-haired girl, and my heart beat exploded upwards.

"Amber! . ." i gasped, her crushing bear-hug forcing the air out of my lungs.

"What are you doing here?" she asked releasing her grip,

"Some distant relative invited me," i said breathing deeply, "What are you doin' here?" i asked,

"My step-sisters a brides-maid," she said,

"Oh, thats nice,"

"Not really, she's a real bitch," i laughed as amber indicated her step-sister behind her, a tall, dark haired girl.

"Have you got a table yet?" she asked,

"No, not yet . . ."

"Good, come sit with us," she interrupted smiling, taking my hand and leading me towards a table.

i sat down next to amber as she introduced me, "Mum this is Ryan, he goes the same school as me . . .and no, were not." she finished sharply.

"Oh, Ryan, this is my mum, Liz," she said,

* * * * *

After we had met each other the wedding started and we watch quietly as the bride and groom and walked towards the stage together. they stepped onto the stage and said their vows etc. etc.

by the time the wedding ceremony had finished, it was dark and slowly people began to leave.

"Were gonna be goin soon," said Liz taking a sip of her drink, "Are you staying over tonight?" she asked me.

"Nah, i came down on a train today but im goin back later," i said,

"What?" she said looking shocked, "You cant go back now, its nearly eleven, why dont you stay here?" i choked on my drink as she spoke,

"At the hotel?" i gasped regaining my breath, there was no way i could afford to stay at a hotel,

"No stupid, you could stay with us, we've got a spare bed right?" she asked turning to amber,

"Spare bed, yeah right," she mumbled, as dumbstruck as i was,

"No, i couldn't possibly, i've got no clothes and i'd need permission," i said,

"Nonsense, i can get you some clothes tommorrow, and who would you need permission from?" she asked, rummaging through her bag, pulling out a phone.

i gave her julies number, and she went outside to call her. as soon as Liz had left the table i turned to amber,

"This is all right with you yeah?" i asked hesitantly,

"Yeah, this is fine," she said looking up into my eyes, "D'you think we could . . .Y'know?" she asked, her hand gently landing on my knee,

"I think we be able to do something," i said smiling, her hand pulled further and stopped next to my crotch,

"You know," she said slowly, "I've never given a handj . . " her hand whipped away as her mum entered from outside.

Walking over with a big smile Liz sat down,

"Okay, Ryan, your gonna stay with us for tommorow and thursday, on friday we'll drop you off back where you live yeah?" she asked,

"Yeah this is great, thanks so much Mrs Pearce . ."

"Please," she stopped me, "Call me Liz,"

"Okay, thanks Liz, i really appreciate this, thanks so much," i saw amber stand and hug her thanks,and, even though it was whispered, i just caught their brief conversation.

"So your not, huh?" said Liz,

"Okay then," amber sighed, "We are more than friends,"

Liz breathed out audibly, "So. . .Have you kissed yet?" she asked smiling,

"Yes . . ." said amber, not listing the countless other things we'd done "But only on the cheek," she lied hastily as her mum's smile widened,

pushing her away, Liz stood, "Okay, you guys, im gonna go call a taxi, if you wanna go outsde to cool down go ahead,

Grabbing me by the hand, amber led me outside.

the hotel was square shaped, like a block of flats, with one side facing the lake. on or right was a big garden with a few adults, talking to each other and smoking a pack of fags.

to our left was a more secluded area of shrubbery surrounded by trees. amber led me towards this area and led me through a gap in some trees, to a massive oak with a bench facing towards the lake.

we sat down on the bench and amber pulled her legs up onto the bench and laid her head across my waist, looking up at me.

"So . . ." i started, "What were you gonna say earlier?"

"Well, i was saying that, i'd never given a handjob, but," she added quickly, "I'd love to learn how," she whispered eroticly.

"Well if thats what you want," i asked, straightening up as amber put her feet on the ground,

"First, slowly unzip my trousers and pull down my trousers and pants," she looked down to see where she was putting her hands, "And maintain eye contact," iadded sharply.

slowly my pants become undone and she giggled as my cock sprang free and shuddered in the cold night air.

"Okay, now, wrap each finger around my shaft," she complied with her instructions and i groaned as her delicate little fingers wrapped around my erect cock and slowly began rubbing up and down,

"Oh god yeah," i moaned, "Keep doin' that," she carried on rubbing and as she gained confidence her pumping gained speed.

she giggled her cute voice echoing in my ears, she carried on pumping but with her free hand she scooped up a drop of pre-cum of my cock and licked her finger delicately, all the while looking deep into my eyes.

"Oh yes amber, oh god i think im gonna cum," i whispered in her ear leaning forward. then my heart stopped.

"Hey, you two," Liz cried as she rounded the gap in the trees, "Oh, oh, your busy, oh, okaay, well were goin in two minutes you guys,"

Through an amazing amout of luck i'd leant forward just as Liz had rounded the corner, from her point of view, and especially in the dark it must have looked like we were kissing, the bench blocking her view of ambers hand steadily pumping my cock.

it built slowly up inside, growing from a distant ripple to an inevitable wave of sticky white cum.

"OH GOD AMBER," i tried to whisper but the feeling inside me was irresistable.

sensing my imminent arrival, amber locked her lips and flicked her tongue around the swollen super-sensitive head of my cock, with such overwhelming feelings flooding through my body, i released my load into ambers mouth.

as my load flooded into her mouth, amber swallowed constantly, trying to keep it in her mouth. when my cum finally stopped she lifted her grinnng head, streams of cum running down her chin, and leaned in to kiss me.

our tongues entwined as my cum, and our saliva flooded each other mouths, we grabbed each other and pulled ourselves close as our kiss continued.

slowly we released each other, and as amber wiped the last of my cum off of her face, and pulled up my pants and zipped my trousers, we heard Liz call us again.

standing i held amber still and admired her, i kissed her again, a short, fleeting moment of intimacy before she gathered my hand in hers, and together we ran across the front drive towards the waiting Liz.

sorry there wasnt as much sex as there was in the last one, i had to find a way t fit the story together

as always comments welcome, enjoy. =)

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2013-04-27 06:03:36
Have I got a recipe for you to make the best ever lemon mamlarade if you promise not to inundate all your friends and family with lemon mamlarade for Holiday and Birthday presents..Promise?-wash and soak 5 Meyer lemons overnight in cold water-shave the peel, remove rest of the peel and white skin from the parts (bitter!)-mix one cup of water, one cup of organic palm sugar-bring to a boil- throw in the shaved peel and lemon fruit-turn off the stove-let cool while mashing with boiled (sterilized) hand masher-fill in boiled jars and lids-store upside down till cooled.You are welcomeMartin

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2008-08-14 13:41:40
its not that good, could do with a better grammar check, and longer, the deion is ok, but u need to describe the actual acts a bit more.


2008-08-03 16:50:26
I know in the first one i mentioned Ryan's dad and in this story it depicts him as an orphan. i apologise for the mistake and if i ever get to re-writing my stories i will be sure to make the necessary corrections. = )

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