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Last chapter to the great weekend
-Please disregard any spelling or grammar mistakes. Please do not comment about them-

Chapter 5- Final Day

There I was, on the couch, waking up with my beautiful step mom Kristina laying next to me with her head on my lap.

I began reminising about all the good times I have had this weekend so far and thinking about all the good times to come.

Me and my step mom Kristina have found this similar interest. SEX. We both love it, we are both great at it and we both enjoy it with eachother.

I'm very surprised my father is never home to be with Kristina. She is a great girl, besides the sex part. She is a very beautiful woman, who cares a lot and is so easy going. She is very nice and likes to lend a helping hand when she can (NO PUN INTENDED).LOL.

All I can do is stare at her and watch her sleep (not in a creepy way). She is beautiful.

I sat there for a few minutes until I began hearing some noises coming from outside. They were loud noises and I didn't know if it was an animal or a dying person.

I immediately removed Kristina's head off my lap and got up. I looked at the clock and noticed it was 3 am.

I headed towards the back door and grabbed the handle. I stood there for a second to brace myself and be prepared for whatever animal or creature or killer I was about to encounter.

I slowly opened the back door, making no noise at all.

I then reached for the light switch and turned it on.

The bright light flashed into my eyes, blinding me for a second. When I opened them I saw my cousin Jenny straddling her friend Nick and riding him back and forth.

They quickly stopped as the light turned on and they saw me.

"OMG Lucas, What are you doing?" Jenny screamed

I stood there angry as hell.

"Dude shut the fucking light, Jenny keep going. Fuck this little shitbag" Nick said

"Nick stop it, he's my cousin" Jenny said to Nick

Jenny got up off Nick and took a few steps away from him. She was standing there completely naked.

Nick stayed on the ground, still with a hard on.

I began walking towards Nick with my fists clenched.

"What are you doing faggot? you want a fight pussy?" Nick said as he began getting up.

Without a word out of my mouth i quickly socked Nick in the face.

Nick dropped to the ground like a tree getting thrown off a cliff.

"You fucked up Nick. and remember size does not matter" I said as I walked up to Nick laying on the floor.

I grabbed nick by the arm and raised him off the ground. I quickly head butted nick and continued to head butt nick over and over.

Nick's face was a mess. He wasn't a fighter, He just liked to make it sound like he was.

Me, on the other hand, have been in many many fights. I train to fight. Its my thing.

"Dude I'm sorry stop please" Nick begged.

"LUCAS STOP IT NOW!" Jeny screamed.

The lights from inside the house now turned on and someone was walking towards the back.

I turned my head to see who it was and Nick secretly picked up a rock and hit me.

Right in the back of the head. I fell to the ground as my head began to bleed a bit,

I got right up and ran towards Nick, spearing him to the ground. I got on top and started to lay punch after punch after punch.

Then someone grabbed me. It was my uncle. he pulled me of Nick and threw me to the ground.

"What the fuck is going on here?" He screamed

"Dad its my fault"Jenny answered

"Why the fuck are you naked?" My uncle said.

He then looked over to Nick and realized he was naked too.


"Im sorry sir, Please, Im sorry" Nick begged to my uncle


Nick quickly got up, ran to his shorts picked them up and ran off.

"Lucas, are you alright? You bleeding?" He said

"IM fine trust me, He hit me with a rock with I turned to see who was coming outside" I answered

"Alright go inside, Jessie will fix you up....Goddammit kids" He said dissapointed

I walked away into the house, while my uncle stood outside mumbling words.

I opened the door and standing there was Jenny.

"Lucas, Im sorry, don't be mad" She said

I walked right by her.

"Lucas, come on" she said

I quickly walked up the stairs and into the bathroom.

I grabbed a towel and put it to the back of my head.

Just as I was standing there my aunt walks in.

Right away my mind shifted. WOW, I didn't even care anymore, I wasnt even mad. Seeing her made me happy.

She walked in wearing this sexy red, silk, night dress. No bra underneath because her nipples were popping straight out at me. Her hair was all a mess, which made her look even sexier.

Out of Kristins Jenny and her, I wanted her the most. Mostly because she teased me a lot and she wasnt giving in.

"What happened, are you ok? Jessie said

"Oh Im ok, its nothing." I said

"Let me see" she said

she grabbed the towel and removed it.

"Oh its not that bad"Jessie said

Then my uncle walked into the bathroom.

"Lucas, Im sorry if I seemed mad out there, Im not, Im glad you care and stick up for your cousin, you have heart, and i must say, You kicked his fucking ASS" My uncle said

We all laughed it off.

"Im going to bed, Im dead tired, ill see you in the morning, Hun take care of rocky's head" he said as he walked out of the bathroom.

"Seems like you just got yourself a nickname, Rocky" My aunt said as she laughed

"Seems like it" I said back

"Sit tight Im gonna go grab some ice" Jessie said as she walked out.

I sat there just thinking about my aunt and how she looked. Her and Kristina looked almost exactly the same, except for the fake tits on Jessie. They were too nice, if thats possible.

I began getting hard sitting there.

As i sat in the bathroom, Jenny walks in.

"Lucas, listen, he took advantage of me, Im drunk. We had a lot to drink and he started touching me. I said no but he kept going and insisting. Im happy you came out because we had just started. I was scared to say no he was grabbing me hard" jenny explained

"Listen, I am mad, but its really none of my business. I overreacted. i just couldnt let that happen. Seeing him kissing you and feeling your tits. I got possesed." I said

"No Lucas thats fine, I like you. I mean I really like you, Your like no other guy I know, I feel soo comfortable around you and I know Im safe. I havnt had a boyfriend in while, guys see me and all they wanna do is fuck, but you actually care about me, you actually have me in your heart. I admire and love that about you" She says

"Alright lets not get all mushy. To be honest I really like you, I was jealous. That fucking prick is gonna get it worse if i see him again" I said

"Your adorable, K im going to bed, I'll see you there in a bit?" jenny says as she winks.

"Yes, Give me a few minutes" I said

Jenny then leans forward and gives me a kiss on the lips, she then places her hand on my hard cock.

"save this for later sweety" Jenny says

She then lets go and walks out.

Wow this family is great.

My aunt then walks in the room with a bag of ice.

"Hows your head Lucas?" she asks

"Its better, forgot about it for a sec" I answer

She then places the really cold ice pack on my head and I feel a drip.

"Fuck its leaking" she says in shock

"Its really ok Jessie, I dont need it" I said

Then a peice of ice falls out of the pack, falling right on my lap.

"Dammit, im sorry Lucas" she says

She then reaches down, without looking, and tries to grab the fallen ice cube.

She grabs the ice right away and picks it up then throws it into the sink.

"Sorry" she says again

"its ok, thanks for helping but its fine really" I said

"No trust me I have 2 young kids who get hurt a lot, if you dont ice it, your gonna feel it tomorrow" jessie explains

"Ok fine then" i submitted

Then all of a sudden another ice falls onto my lap.

Without a word she reaches down to grab again.

This time her hand touches my thigh, she then moves closer to the pubic area.

She then hops to the other thigh.

"Dam ice" she says as she looks down to see where it fell

I also look down and notice it sitting right on the head of my cock.

She reaches down again and slowly tries to grab it,

The cold feeling and the tease was making me so horny, I was still hard.

Jessie grips the ice then it slips out and land back on my cock.

She reaches and grabs again, sending shivers throughout my body. WOW this girl knows how to tease even when she doesnt know, or does she?

She finally grabs the ice and lifts it towards the sink. She tries to toss it but the ice flies out again and lands into her cleavage.


She puts the ice pack down and standing right in front of me she begins digging into her cleavage trying to grab the ice.

her gorgeous tits were becoming wet from the ice and her nipples were gettin even harder.

"This is really harder then it looks" Jessie says with a smile

"Do you want some help?"I say with no hesitation. I needed to fuck her. I was not gonna waste this opportunity.

Just as I said that the ice falls between her tits and through and out of the bottom of her night dress.

"I guess not" She answers


Holding just the single piece of ice, jessie rubs it on the back of my head.

Slowly in circular motions, All this was making me die. I was gonna explode.

She then leaned towards me and looked at the back of my head,

Her wet tits right in my face, pushing up against.

"Woops" she says as she falls over pushing her tits right into my face and falling towards me.

I quickly grab her ass, trying to help her balance.

She was now leaning over me with my hands gripping her ass and her tits in my face. the door was wide open and this would be a bad time for someone to walk in.

I didn't care. I held that ass as long as i could. It was soo nice. So firm and soo tight, she definitely worked on it.

She then got her balance and got back into a straight position. I didnt let go of her ass since she didnt tell me to and she was now standing between my legs.

My hard cock pressing up against her leg. I knew she felt it.

I began moving my hands around grabbing more of her ass. But then she dropped the ice again. this time it flew out behind her,

She grabbed my hands with hers and removed them from her ass.

She turned around and slowly bent over to pick it up.

She was facing away from me so her ass with right in my face, Her night dress had ridden up revealing her gorgeous laced thong underneath hugging her gorgeous ass.

"I cant pick this thing up" She said

She began wiggling her ass in my face slowly, I was fucking harder then ever and I was ready to make my move.

She then bent her knees getting lower and moving her ass down past my face past my stomach between my legs and brushing my hard cocks head slowly. This felt soo good. He ass just brushed my hard cock and I was in heaven.

She then went up again and brushed it again. Puttin her ass in my face again. She slowly turned and faced me again.

"Hows the head now Lucas?" She asked

"Throbbing Jessie, Throbbing" I answered

"Poor you, itll go away, don't worry" She said

"I dont want it to, at least not yet" I said back

"Well Im going to bed, ill check up on you in the morning"Jessie said as she slowly gave me a kiss on the cheek but close to my lips, she then walked, shaking her ass side to side, to the door and out.

WHAT, YOU GOTTA BE FUCKING KIDDING ME, (yes i bet WE ALL are thinking that)

I stood up and lowerd my shorts. I pulled out my cock and began stroking it hard. The pressure was too strong now and I had to cum.

I closed my eyes and thought about Jessie. Iwent faster and faster and harder and harder.

I opened my eyes and Jessie was standing there.

"I can't believe you let me leave" She said with the sexiest voice ever.

She shut the door and locked it.

I then quickly walked up to her and grabbed her.

I started kissing her with so much passion. I grabbed her ass and grabbed her tits.

I was taking in everything about her all at once.

I kissed her lips then her neck and then her tits. I picked her up and held her high while i kissed her stomach and licked her tits as she straddled me standing up.

I put her down and threw off her niight dress. She stood there in her laced thong with those gorgeous tits out in the open.

"you teased me Jessie, bad" I said

"I know, but trust me, itll make this much better" She answered

I continued to lick her and kiss her and even nibble on her nipples. I was loving every bit of her body.

She held my cock in her hand and just stroked my head gently. More of a tease.

She then got down on her knees and began flickering the tip of my hard cock. she would open her mouth and place my head in her mouth but made sure it didnt touch her. More teasing.

She was an expert at teasing and I didnt mind, it just drove me crazy.

She then flickered and did it again. Kind of like the game operation. Without touching the walls.

I couldnt take it, I grabbed the back of her head and forced her mouth closer. She closed down and began sucking

Her mouth was soo warm and soft i was lloving it. She sucked and sucked and I held her tits in my hand and she went deeper and deeper.

she slobbed and spit and rubbed my dick all over her mouth and her face.

She sucked and sucked going deeper and deeper into her throat.

She grabbed her tits and wrapped them around my dick. She fucked my dick with her tits and licked the tip as it got to her mouth entrance. Back and forth back and forth. I was flying. I felt like I was in heaven and I neveer wanted to leave.

She was so intense. She made my dick the hardest it has ever been ever. And I thought ti wouldnt get any harder. I wanted to burst, but held it.

She took her tits off and continued to suck it hard and fast. She used so much suction I was getting pulled by her suck.

I couldnt take it, I wanted to fuck her.

I grabbed her face and pulled her up.

i Licked and nibbled on her nipples as she stroked my cock.

"My turn" she said

I lifted her up and spun her around and onto the toilet. I got doen on my knees and began licking her inner thighs.

I looked at the floor and saw a piece of ice still sitting there so i grabbed it.

I put the ice on Jessies neck, then lowered it to her nipple then her other nipple then i lowered it down to her stomach, to her thigh then her pubic area then her other thigh then I lowered it to her pussy, circling her lips slowly with the piece of ice, then finally stopping at her clitoris.

I threw the ice down and went up to her lips. I gave her a big kiss then went to her neck. I began to blow lightly on the wet cold ice trail. She shivered and moaned when I started going down her neck to her nipple then to her other nipple.

"Wow, this is fuckin great" she screamed

I continued down to her stomach and to her thigh. I then blew towards her other thigh. She was loving this.

I began blowing on the cold wet trail round her pussy lips. around and around i went. This drove her crazy. WHO WAS THE TEASE NOW HA.

I circled around
and around listening to her moan.



I continued to blow, watching little drips of her cum squirt fro her pussy.

I then began blowing towards the clitoris while she was cumming. This tweaked the orgasmn and heightend it. SHE WAS ON CLOUD NINE.

"I FEEL LIKE MY SOULS GOING TO LEAVE MY BODY" she screamed and giggled as she cummed.

I then placed my tongue on her entire pussy area. WIth continuess ice cream licks I licked her entire pussy over and over. She moaned loud and cummed over and over again.


She grabbed my head and pulled me to her lips. She kissed me with so much force. her tongue was stabbing my mouth.

She then reached and grabbed my cock, she pulled it towards her pussy and put it in.

"FUCK ME"she said

I began moving in and out starting slow and gradually increasing my speed. She grabbed my ass pulling me into her as deep as my cock and go.

I fucked her harder and harder while we kissed.

SHe was a great fuck, her pussy was tight. My uncle must have a small dick. (LETS NOT THINK ABOUT THAT LOL ).

She then pushed me on my back and got on top of me. She slid my cock in her and rode me like a cowgirl.

She went crazy, moving her gorgeous ass back and forth, her tits in my face.

I went nuts. She went nuts. She rode me fucking amazing.

She kept going non stop, Faster and faster, Im pretty sure if I came she would keep going.

She kept fucking me, Digging her nails into my chest and riding me.

She then orgasmed again.

Screaming and moaning really loud.

she then got up and leaned forward over the counter.

"COME ON Keep GOING" she said

I got up and stuck my dick right in her from behind, DOGGYSTYLE BABY.

I went fast right away. She pushed back on my dick and I went in.

I grabbed her tits and I fucked her and she reached back and played wit her clit.

I fucked her like this for another five minutes, Then I was ready to cum.

"CUM INSIDE ME DONT WORRY, IM ON THE PILL" She said while i still fucked her.

"I wanna see your face when you cum, get on top of me" she said

She laid down on the floor on her back. i got on her missionary and enterdd her pussy. I quickly began sucking her tits and fucking her hard. I went faster and faster and faster, i was ready. I was feeling it get closer and closer and this was abig one.

I went faster and faster getting as much as i can left. I sucked her tits then kissed her, then sucked more tits as i burst into her her. I kept fucking her while cumming sending twitches through my body. I moaned and screamed. and continued to cum.

"keep goin baby, get it allout" she said

I kept going. I squirt maybe 10 times into her and i was still feeling it. her pussy clenched and I fucked her and it leaked cum.

I continued to fuck her and lick her tits as I was now done but still wanting more.

We kissed passionately for 5 minutes until I got off her. My dick was still hard.

She got up on her knees and started to clean me off.

"WHat a great way to end the weekend, wasnt it lucas?" She said

"Fuck ye, lets do it again next weekend" i suggested

"FUCK YEA" she answered as we both laughed.

"Where did you learn that ice trick?, very nice, never felt that feeling before in my life" She asked

"Oh just my idea, thought i should return the tease" i answerd

"Well, WOW, that was great" She said

she continued to clean me off until i was all clean.

She stood up and kissed my lips.

"Goodnight sweetie"

"Goodnight Jessie" I said

she grabbed her thong and nightdress and walked out of the bathroom.

I grabbed my shorts and walked out.

I walked into Jenny's room, where she lay there on the bed.

Dam she looked hot, she was wearing lingerie.

I was guessing it was for me, since she told me to save my hard on for later, and I never showed.

She looked so peaceful so I just climbed into bed and went to bed.

The next morning I woke up and Jenny was up reading a book.

"Good morning handsome' Jenny said

"Hey Jenn" i said

Jenny leaned over and gave me a kiss on the lips.

"Sorry I missed you last night, I fell asleep as soon as i got on my bed" She said

I felt relieved.

"Oh thats fine" I said

"About yesterday, when I said I liked you a lot I meant it, I want to be with you Lucas, I am falling for you" Jenny explains

"Oh ye, well then why not give it a shot" I answer

Jenny smiles and kisses me again.

at that time, kristina walks in.

"Lucas, you ready?" She says

"Yes, ill be down in a sec." I answer

Kristina walks out.

"Do you want to come to my place?" I said

"Yes I would like that" Jenny answers

I then get up, get dressed, pack and walk downstairs.

My uncle my aunt and the two kids are saying bye to Kristina.

"Mom im going to Lucas', Ill meet you home later" Jenny says

"OK" Jessie answers

"Bye rocky" My uncle says to me

"Bye Lucas" My aunt says to me with this look on her face.

"BYE LUCAS" the two kids say at the same time.

I exit the house with Jenny and we both get into the car.

We drive off.


AFTER STORY- SO after that weekend, me and jenny got together, we are now a couple. Our parents know about us. They dont mind since we arent related at all. We have been together for 2 years and we are going strong.

Me and kristina hook up a lot still. Jenny knows, well, cuz she joins.

Me and my aunt havnt hooked up since but she always gives me this look like she wants to jump me when she sees me.

My uncle still calls me rocky to this date.

I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did.

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