I hope I'm able to maintain the level of writing I had with the first chapter of the story. As it happens I'm on vacation this week so that gave me a lot of extra time to write the second chapter, and with luck I may manage another one over the weekend, but no promises. Enjoy and let me know what you think.
Chapter 2

Jason stared at the back of his eyelids and tried to sleep as his erect cock continued to demand his attention and keep him awake in spite of all his efforts to ignore it. He’d tried masturbating but as he stroked his shaft and tried to call up the image of Elizabeth as he’d fucked his horny wife six months earlier. But every time the image would shift and change until the face and body he saw under him was that of his thirteen year old daughter Karen. Every time it happened stopped stroking his cock and forced the image out of his mind, disgusted that he could even think about doing something like that to his own daughter - no matter how horny she made him.

As he took a deep breath he heard the slight creak of his bedroom door opening and his eyes popped open as the glow of the hall guide lights flooded his room. In the open doorway he could see his daughter’s silhouette in the light of the hall and in the back of his mind he wondered where Karen had found the sheer nightie that barely blurred the light passing through it as it left nothing to the imagination as it swayed around her sexy curves.

All Jason could do was stare as Karen closed the hall door so the room went pitch black again as he heard the thirteen year old’s soft tread as she crossed the room to his bed on bare feet, dropping the nightie to the floor with a hiss of silk before she reached out to turn on the light on the night stand. “Hi daddy,” Karen said as she reached down to pull the blankets away from her father’s naked body, pulling them out of his Jason’s limp hands as she tossed them off the end of the bed and slid in next to her father.

“Karen, this isn’t right,” Jason said as he edged away from his daughter but only managed to make room for her next to him on the exposed sheets. “Karen, do you realize how much trouble I’d be in if anyone found out about this?”

“Whose going to find out?” Karen asked as she pressed her naked body up against her father’s bare flesh. “You may think I don’t know what I’m doing, but I do. I know exactly what I want, and if you were honest with yourself you’d admit that you want it too.”

“Don’t be ridicules Karen,” Jason said as he turned away from his young daughter in an attempt to hide his erection. “I’m your father, how could you possibly think I’d be attracted to you like that?”

“Because mom told me all about it before she died,” Karen said, nuzzling up to him so he could feel her breath against the nape of his neck as she spoke. “She told me you’d be a hard nut to crack, but if we kept at it you’d finally break down and give in. That was before she died, back when we were both working on you.”

“How could you say something like that about your mother?” Jason asked, forcing himself to keep his eyes on the wall so he wouldn’t be tempted to look at his daughter and her sexy face and bare suckable tits. “Your mother was not that kind of woman.”

“Yes she was,” Karen said as she pressed her body against her father so he could feel her breasts flatten against his bare back. “She knew she had to prepare you before she revealed the truth about her own sexual experience, but she told me about it almost four years ago. She told me all about how her father popped her cherry when she was ten years old and she wouldn’t stop begging him to fuck her. And when she was my age and old enough to know what she really wanted from him he died before she could convince him to give her a baby.”

“That can’t be right,” Jason said, shocked that his wife could actually do something like that, but at the same time aroused by the thought of Elizabeth losing her virginity to her own father.

“And after that,” Karen continued as she slid her hand across her father’s body and down his stomach and slowly down toward his crotch and his hard cock, “she seduced her younger brother and popped his cherry, but even though they tried for years to have a baby they didn’t succeed before he joined the army and ended up dying in that training accident.”

“Are you telling me,” Jason said slowly, “that your mother told you that she fucked her father and brother, and even tried to have a baby with your Uncle Rob?”

“Yes she did,” Karen said as she continued to slide her hand down her father’s belly, “and she told me that if I wanted to fuck you she’d help me do it. But she died before we succeeded and I had to do the rest of the work myself.”

“Karen,” Jason said in a strangled voice, “you can’t possibly think that I’m going to do anything like that to you.”

“Your lips say no,” Karen said as her hand moved the last few inches to her father’s crotch and her fingers wrapped around his erect cock, “but this tells me what you really want to do. Admit it daddy, you want to fuck me as much as I want to fuck you.”

“Yes,” Jason said with a groan of pleasure as Karen ran her finger along her father’s hard penis. “But what if someone finds out? Do you have any idea how much trouble I’ll be in if anyone ever finds out that I’m fucking my own daughter?”

“How will anyone find out?” Karen asked. “I’m not going to tell, and I’m sure you’re not going to tell. And if anything ever happens mother made sure that she found the perfect doctor to cover up any questions the police might have.”

“And what about your sister?” Jason asked as he slowly but excitedly rolled over to finally look at his thirteen year old daughter as she smiled seductively at him and pressed her bare tits against him so he could feel her hard nipples pressed against his bare chest as the last of his will power failed him and he ran one hand through her redish brown hair as the other one slid down her body until it was stroking her almost hairless pussy.

“Trust me daddy,” Karen said with a gasp as her father’s finger slid along her wet slit, “Nancy won’t say anything.”

“If you’re sure,” Jason said, wondering why he was trusting his daughter’s words when there was no evidence that his younger daughter would actually keep quiet about him and Karen.

“Oh, I’m sure,” Karen insisted as she rubbed her naked body against her father, opening her legs slightly and trapping his erect cock between thighs so it came in contact with her moist pussy.

Jason moaned at the touch of his daughter’s cunt lips against his hard shaft and almost missed the words Karen whispered against his chest. “Fuck me daddy,” she begged as she ran her pussy lips along her father’s prick.

“Are you sure that’s what you want?” Jason asked his daughter. Her only response was to press her body even harder against him. “I guess that’s a pretty silly question isn’t it?”

“Yes it is,” Karen said with a giggle. “I’ve been trying to seduce you for over six months now - and mother was helping me before she was killed. I was so happy when you finally responded to my advances this afternoon that I knew I’d get you to finally pop my cherry tonight.”

“You’re a virgin?” Jason asked in surprise.

“Of course I am dad,” Karen said as she looked up at her father and gave him a lopsided grin. “Do you think I’d let someone else pop my cherry after mom told me about how much she enjoyed it when her father popped her cherry?”

“If you’re sure that you want me to fuck you then I will,” Jason said as he kissed the top of his daughter’s head, “but I’d like to do something else first. I want to make sure that your pussy is good and wet before I shove my cock in your tight little cunt. So lay back on the bed and I’ll eat you out before I pop your cherry. How does that sound?”

“It sounds wonderful,” Karen said as she slid up the bed until her head hit the pillow. Jason looked up to see his daughter’s redish brown hair forming a halo around her head as he shifted around to get between the girl’s teenage thighs.

“Now be a good girl and open your legs nice and wide for daddy,” Jason said as he pushed his daughter’s legs as wide as he could without hurting her. Karen was already purring with pleasure as he slipped his head between her thighs. He almost gasped with pleasure when he saw how beautiful his little girl’s slit was. When he’d seen it earlier the pussy looked bald under the skirt, but now that his nose was just a few inches from her naked cunt he could see that it had a few wisps of red hair sprouting around her cunt lips. He pursed his lips and blew softly across his daughters moist but closed cunny and heard the girl gasp at the unexpected sensation as a shiver ran through her body and her lips opened a fraction of an inch to reveal the puffy pink skin of her inner lips as the hair around her slit fluttered in the slight breeze.

“That tickled daddy,” Karen sighed as her thighs opened even further for her father’s mouth and tongue.

“If you liked that,” Jason said with a smug smile as he brought his face close enough to see the freckles scattered around his daughter’s virgin cunt, “then you’re going to love what comes next. Without waiting for a response Jason leaned forward and stuck his tongue out to run the tip up and down along his daughter’s slightly open slit. Jason relished the fresh taste of Karen’s juices as he ran his tongue along his little girl’s cunt, enjoying the way her slit opened a little more every time he slid along her pussy lips. After a few strokes he started hitting a bump at the top of Karen’s slit and it wasn’t much longer before he felt her clit pop out of it’s sheath.

“Is something wrong daddy?” Karen asked in a dreamy voice as her father pulled his tongue away from her opening pussy.

“Not a thing,” Jason said as he looked down at his daughters wide open cunt as her juices ran freely from her pink pussy lips. “Just enjoying the view.”

“Is that all?” Karen asked as she wiggled her ass on the bed.

“Not quiet,” Jason said as he reached out to run a finger along Karen’s pussy until he was stroking it across her fully erect clit. “Did you know that you have a very large clit?”

“No,” Karen said as a shiver ran up her spine, “is that good or bad?”

“It’s not as large as some I’ve heard about or seen pictures of, but it’s bigger than your mother’s, and probably more sensitive too.”

“Then I guess that’s a good thing,” Karen said as her father caught the oversize clit between his fingers and stroked his thumb across the tip.

“I guess it is,” Jason agreed as he brought his mouth up to Karen’s drooling slit and started sucking her juices into his mouth as they flowed freely from her slit. With his thumb still stroking the tip of his daughter’s clit Jason pushed the tip of his tongue between Karen’s tight cunt lips to reach the soft pink lining of her fuck tunnel. At first Karen’s cunt muscles fought to keep out his intruding tongue but as he continued to work on her clit her pussy continued to open until he could push his whole tongue into the girl’s virgin cunny.

“That feels so good daddy,” Karen moaned as her body quivered with her approaching orgasm. “Can fucking really feel better than this?”

“It can and it does,” Jason told his daughter as he pulled his mouth and fingers away from her vibrating cunt before her orgasm exploded through her body. “And right now I think it’s time for you to find out just how good it feels to have a cock in your tight little cunt.”

“Don’t stop daddy,” Karen whined as her father slid up her body until the tip of his aching cock came to rest against the mouth of her cunt. “I was just about to cum.”

“I know you are,” Jason said as he adjusted his cock against her slit before he bent down to kiss her erect nipples and then her mouth, “that’s why I stopped. When I pop your cherry it’s going to hurt, but if you’re close to an orgasm when I do it then it won’t hurt as long because you’re so close to cumming that your body will forget all about the pain when you go over the edge. At least that’s what I’ve heard but I don’t know for sure because you’re the first virgin I ever fucked.”

“Really daddy?” Karen asked as she threw her arms around her father and held him close, “that makes me feel very special.”

“You are very special,” Jason told his daughter as he kissed the freckles scattered across Karen’s nose. “Now are you ready to lose your cherry.”

“Yes daddy,” Karen told her father as she gave him a brave smile.

“Here we go then,” Jason said as he tensed his ass and slid his hips forward. For several seconds Karen’s cunt lips held out his invading cock but it finally yielded to the pressure of his assault and spread wide for his shaft. Jason’s groan of pleasure covered the slight gasp of pain from Karen as the first two inches of her father’s seven inch cock forced it’s way into her virgin pussy.

“Hang on Karen,” Jason said as he looked down to see the tears escaping from his daughter’s eyes. “It won’t hurt for long - and it only hurts like this the first time. After this there won’t be pain, only pleasure.”

“I don’t care how much it hurts daddy,” Karen said through her clenched teeth, “I want you inside me, and I want you inside me now!”

“That’s my brave horny girl,” Jason said as he bent down to kiss the tears running down his daughter’s cheeks as he pulled all but the head of his cock out of her slit and then slammed it forward with enough power to force another inch into Karen’s tight wet virgin slit.

“Oh daddy it hurts,” Karen whimpered, “but it feels so good to finally have your cock inside me that I don’t care. I love the way your cock makes me feel so full.”

“And I love the way your tight little cunny wraps around my shaft, it feels so good I could cum any second.”

“Don’t you dare,” Karen said, “don’t you dare cum before you pop my cherry and fuck your whole cock inside my belly.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll manage it somehow,” Jason promised his daughter as he slid another inch of his shaft into Karen’s slit and felt the head of his cock hit something that stretched slightly against his attack.

“This is it,” Jason told his daughter as he pulled all but the head of his cock out of Karen’s cunny and prepared for the thrust that would slam through Karen’s cherry and end her virgnity.

“Do it daddy,” Karen said as she gritted her teeth in anticipation.

With a deep breath Jason slammed his hips forward. The head of his cock hit Karen’s hymen and he felt it stretch under his assault and finally split from top to bottom and his daughter let out a muffled scream as his cock tore through the barrier and slid through to fill the rest of her cunt with one thrust. “Oh God,” Jason groaned as he held the full length of his cock deep enough in Karen’s pussy to feel her cervix tickling the tip of his prick. “You have no idea how good your cunt feels wrapped around my cock like this.”

“And you have no idea how good your cock feels buried in my cunt like this,” Karen told her father as she wrapped her arms and legs around him and held him tight. Even before her father started moving inside her cunt Karen started wiggling her ass around so her large erect clit rubbed against her father’s pubic hairs and sent a jolt of sexual energy running up her spine. “Now fuck me daddy, fuck me and cum inside me like I’ve been dreaming every night for the last two years.”

“Cum inside you?” Jason said in surprise. “But if I do that . . .”

“I know exactly what that means, daddy,” Karen said, holding her father tight even as he started to slide his cock in and out of her still tender cunny. “And I’ve been dreaming about that too.”

“But Karen I’m your father,” Jason said as his cock slid in and out of his daughter’s pussy. “Do you have any idea how much trouble I’ll be in if I get you pregnant?”

“As much trouble as you’ll be in if someone finds out you’re fucking your own daughter?” Karen asked with a mischievous twinkle in her eyes.

“Yeah,” Jason admitted with a chuckle as his balls twitched with his impending orgasm. “But it would still be a bad idea for me to knock you up, even if people never suspected that we were fucking they’d know something was up if your belly started swelling with our baby.”

“Daddy,” Karen said as her breath started coming in pants with her own impeding orgasm, “I already told you, you don’t have to worry about that because mom made sure that our doctor would know just how to cover up any embarrassing questions from the police or anyone else. No one will ever know that you’re fucking me - even when I start having your babies.”

“It’s still not right, Karen, and I’m going to pull out now before it’s too late,” Jason said as he tried to pull away from his daughter’s tight cunny before it managed to milk the cum from his balls. But Karen’s arms and legs were wrapped too tight around his back and ass for him to pull free as his daughter humped her cunt up and down his shaft in an attempt to get him to shoot his load before he managed to break free of her grip.

With a groan of pleasure and submission Jason buried his cock deep into Karen’s body until he felt his daughter’s cervix tickle the tip of his cock as his balls clenched tight to shoot his load straight into his daughter’s womb. “I’m cumming Karen,” Jason cried with a mixture of pleasure and shame.

“So am I daddy,” Karen cried as her body jerked and jumped under her father and her cunt milked all the baby juice out of his cock. “Thank you daddy,” Karen sighed as her father’s cock went soft in her pussy.

“This is so wrong,” Jason said, shaking his head as he pulled his cock out of his daughter’s pussy and watched his baby juice drip out between her pussy lips as they closed up to hold the juice in her cunt.

“If it’s so wrong,” Karen said as Jason stretched out beside her on the bed, “then why does it feel so good? How long before we fuck again?”

“Karen we can’t,” Jason told his daughter as she rolled on her side and pressed her bare sweaty breasts against her father’s side, “at least not before I pick up some condoms so I can’t knock you up.”

“Well we can’t do that before tomorrow,” Karen pointed out, “and since you already shot a load of cum in my belly another load isn’t going to matter that much. In fact two or three loads won’t matter that much, will it?”

“I guess not,” Jason admitted with a sigh.

“So, does that mean I can sleep with you tonight?” Karen asked as she reached down to grasp her father’s slimy cock, giving him a quick grin as the shaft jumped in her hand.

“Yes,” Jason said with a sigh of defeat. “And yes we’ll fuck again and I will cum inside you again since you already have one load of juice in your belly. But tomorrow I’m going to pick up some condoms and after tonight we aren’t going to take any more chances.”

“If you say so daddy,” Karen said with a disappointed sigh. “Maybe I’ll be lucky and you already knocked me up.”

“And maybe I’ll be lucky and you aren’t,” Jason said with a sigh of his own, but even so he couldn’t stop thinking about what Karen would look like with her belly and tits swelling up with his baby in her womb and he felt his cock give another lurch in Karen’s grasp.

“It feels like your cock is already working toward are next fuck daddy,” Karen said as she began to stroke the semi-erect penis in her hand. “Let’s see if I’m as good at eating cock as you are at eating pussy, and when I’m done you should be ready for another fuck.”

“That sounds like a wonderful idea,” Jason said, giving his daughter a smile as she slid down his body and made her way between his legs.


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"Jason's Little Gamily: The Beginning Chapter 2" - Jason and Karen Carter - (Father and Daughter)

The story is like bees being drawn to honey...I'm affectionally drawn to it!! The story has more thrill and fantasy to me than the first reading of several weeks ago. It's like rooting for one's favorite sports star(s) to be the eventual winner, with the impending results of Karen being now pregnant due to the encouragement ofr her now deceased mother!! Go Karen, GO!!

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"Jason's Little Fmily: The Beginning Chapter 2" - Jason and Karen Carter - (Father and Daughter)

Now tht Karen has successfully seduced her father, making him fully consummate and impregnate her young and fertile womb, this story is off to a magnificent beginning!!!

The author should detail why, how and when Jason's deceased wife, Elizabeth, planned with her thirteen year old daughter Karen her (Elizabeth's) husband's fathering babies with Karen. The not knowing the facts and particular's of the girl's deceased mother in effect pre-arranging the incestual affair(s) with their father Jason. Most probably it's because Elizabeth seduced her father and brother, and attempted for many years to be impregnated by them; for some unknown reasons Elizabeth was unable to conceive a baby by her father and brother--unfortunately. Thirteen year old Karen ( and possibly almost eleven year old Nancy) will accomplish what hteir was unable to do--have babies by their father!!!

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