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Promising new career intoduction of massage specialist
After reading many stories of varying degrees of sex and eroticism, I’m sure my story is a lot different from the norm. I guess you could say I was more of a late bloomer when it came to sex. Even though I came from a large family; five sisters and two brothers, a half a dozen or so aunts and twice as many cousins, the families’ sexual attitudes were very private and almost secretive.
I guess most people would have considered me somewhat nerdy. Growing up with five sisters, I don’t recall ever having seen any of them in the nude. Thoughts of incest never entered my mind.
I studied hard in school and thought maybe I would be come a doctor or a famous scientist. I played baseball throughout my school years which kept me in pretty good shape. I was satisfied with that schedule and the thought of girls never entered the picture. I was kind of shy around the girls and even through high school I only made small talk with most of them.
It wasn’t until after graduation that I realized that many of the girls wanted me for more than just talk. You know how all the guys and girls write usually stupid stuff in your yearbook; mostly small talk and quips that no one ever pays attention to. Being the nerd that I was, during summer after graduation and having lots of free time, I decided to reminisce about the people I left from high school. I pulled out my yearbook and began reading what people had written. Well, this was where I found out many of the girls I used to talk to and sometimes sit with at lunch had thoughts of going out with me .This was something I never realized. Some of them were quite hot and as I think back I remember covering the front of me with my books; there was Donna, with the huge blue eyes and a knock-out body to go with them. In my homeroom, every day, before the first class of the day I would look over at her to see if she had that tight blue plaid dress that outlined every inch of her. She would wear it two or three times a month; every time she did, the outline of her nakedness gave me a raging hard-on. I could feel myself trying to raise my desk with it as it strained to rip through my clothes. Yep, Donna was hot stuff and way to sophisticated to even think of going out with me. It was too late; I read her little quip in my yearbook, “I noticed how you always looked at me when I wore my blue outfit. I wore it just for you.” I think I missed the boat with her. She, in my dreams, would have been mine forever.
I flipped through several pages and came to Sandra P., one of my loyal lunch partners. She was in a couple of my classes; I guess she was a nerd too. She was quite pretty with shoulder length brown hair and green eyes. They weren’t as large or as bright as Donna’s but with her glasses they appeared larger than normal. She had a nice body with all the sexy parts that I may have been interested in if I wasn’t such a nerd. She didn’t flaunt it the way Donna did by wearing tight clothes. She dressed with loose fitting tops and when I was with her at lunch the top, if it had buttons, always seemed to have just enough unbuttoned so when she leaned over, I would sneak a peek at her developing peaks. Always wearing a lacy bra that squeezed her tits together and accentuated her cleavage, Sandy would position herself to allow me a look. I never realized that her moves were intentional, but it gave me a woody just the same. Even though I was a nerd I still would get excited being next to a nice set of tits. The only problem, being a virgin, and inexperienced, I didn’t know what to do with it. Most times she would get up before me to return to classes. But there was one day when she asked me to walk with her to her class. Without thinking I got up too soon, Sandra looked down at me and I know she couldn’t help seeing my cock bulging in my pants. I quickly covered myself with my books and made up some stupid excuse that I had to get to my class which was in the opposite direction. “Maybe tomorrow; we can leave lunch earlier.” I said. Damn I needed relief. By the time I made it to biology class my dick was back to normal. Enough daydreaming; I then read what Sandy had written. “Pete, I enjoyed many lunches with you, I wished I could have eaten more with you.” It seems like a lot of the notes had some sort of innuendo in their meaning. I preferred to thing of them as a compliment to my hidden animal prowess.
So much for spilled milk; If you never had ‘’it’’ you never miss it; whatever ‘it’ is. It now appeared that if I wasn’t so shy back then, I think high school would have been a totally different environment. After reading the rest of the notes, I made a note to call the ones with the sexy innuendos written next to their pictures at some time soon. I never did get around to it.
College was fast approaching and soon after starting college for pre-med, I knew I was on the wrong track. My interests had changed during the summer; first semester just after mid-terms I went to a party to unwind. College pressures were constant and a party sounded like just the remedy. I guess it was a typical party, music, dancing and of course under age drinking, but they were all new to me; so I just went with the flow. That’s where I ran into, Sandra, my former classmate from high school; my lunch buddy, ‘who wished she could eat more with me’. I think now would be a good time to find out how and what she wanted to consume with me. She was quite pretty; tall around 5’8”. And still a nerd like me. But somehow after starting college, my nerdiness didn’t stand out as much. It seemed to blend in with others which helped me to be more relaxed. I remember the little chats we used to have at lunch period and I almost got up the nerve to ask her out on a date, but never quite made that far. She moved after last year and I lost contact with her. Seeing her tonight brought back the memories. Only now she seemed different; still at 5’8” but her perfectly shaped breasts, slightly larger and heavier, jiggling under her sweater was something I never noticed before. We grabbed a drink and sat on an old frat sofa and began to catch up on the old ‘what’s happening in your life lately’ stuff. After a couple of drinks I felt my inferiority complex towards the opposite sex had disappeared. Just touching her arm and then her shoulder was enough to release some deeply hidden inhibitions I’ve held all my life. I couldn’t keep my hand off of her; from her shoulder it moved to her back.
Sandra didn’t seem to mind at all; actually she told me as I was caressing her back, that my hands felt nice and soothing and wanted me to continue. After a short while, both my hands were all over her back and I noticed she was braless. At that moment she said, “Pete, you should become a masseur.” She turned quickly to face me and as she did, her hardened nipples raked across my fingers. I instantly looked into her abnormally large green eyes to see if they would say I had done something wrong. She never flinched, but it left a lingering tingly feeling on the palms of my hands. I was about to say,”Excuse me.” for allowing her nipples to rake across my hands. I looked down staring at her breasts with my mouth open and all I could think of in that instant was I wanted to cover those stiff peaks with my open mouth; I felt sparks shooting through my abdomen; my dormant stick of meat started to come to life. I shifted a little to ease the discomfort. She took a quick glance toward my crotch but never said anything. Maybe it was just in my mind, but I felt my dick getting harder than ever. I was sure she could see it too.
It must have been the alcohol talking when I blurted out, “How do you know I would make a good masseur unless I give you a full body massage?”
She agreed and said, “Great idea! I’m staying at some of my girlfriends’ apartment. Why don’t we leave here and finish this massage there; then I will decide if this is the career for you. Jessie and Karen said they’d be out late so we have the place to ourselves for several hours”. “Shit! Now what do I do? I have no clue as to what a full body massage is. I heard the term but that is all I know.”
Something was stirring in my groin at the thought of giving a full body massage to Sandy. My cock softened for the moment. I could feel a wet spot developing in my shorts. I would have been satisfied just touch her breasts and those nipples that speared my hands at the party. That was more than enough for me.
We got to her place a few blocks away. We got a couple of cold drinks from the fridge and while I was deciding how to go about this, Sandy was making a comfortable spot on the living room floor with several large blankets, a few pillows, and a sheet. I was still in the kitchen nursing my drink and wondering what to do next when I Sandy called from the other room, “I’m ready for my massage.”
There she was lying on the makeshift bed covered with a sheet saying, “I found some freesia scented conditioner in the bathroom. It smells nice and is very slippery for rubbing on skin. I’m sure Jess or Karen won’t mind if you use some on me. I warmed it in the microwave, so it should be just the right temperature.” “Damn!” My mind was racing. “Warm lotion; that must mean she’s naked under that sheet.”
I was shaking; I glance at the divan she had tossed her sweater and skirt in a heap, but I was still unaware she was totally nude under the sheet. It wasn’t until I reached her lower back and my hands were resting on two firm naked butt cheeks. My cock swelled; I took my hands off her ass and covered her back with the sheet. I moved down her side and began rubbing her feet and back of her smooth taught legs. They were long and silky. The lotion making them more slippery allowed my hands to glide from her feet to the crease of her cheeks in one smooth motion. I was beginning to like this. Sandy was a willing subject for this and made it much easier for me to continue. She was moaning and squirming as I did her legs and told me how nice it felt. I almost slipped when she said that; my right hand was on her left inner thigh just missed slamming into her crotch. My cock was harder still. I needed an excuse to get up and make a few adjustments. Being on my knees, I told Sandy I had to get up and stretch. I asked how I was doing so far. She said, “It felt like heaven.” With my confidence up along with my dick, I said, “Turn over and I’ll do your front. I’m going into the kitchen to finish my drink.”
I took my time continuing to nurse my drink. My dick was still throbbing. I was about to see those beautiful globes of Sandy when I go back into the living room. I was going to touch them; at least I thought I was. I didn’t know if a full body massage meant breasts and hard pointed nipples. “Hell!” I said to myself. “I might even put one in my mouth if I feel like it.”
Sandy called again breaking my wild train of thoughts. “Coming! Be right there!”
I tried to hide my swollen member as I re-entered the room; I’m sure Sandy noticed. She closed her eyes as I got closer, but she had a wide smile on her full lips. Her breathing was deep and slow. I stood at her head and watched her chest rise and fall before kneeling at her shoulder.
I was stumbling as I applied the warm lotion to my hands. I slowly slid the sheet off her shoulders down to the top of her breasts. As I massaged her neck and shoulders she once more said how nice it felt. I moved down toward the top of her breasts and began to lightly and slowly rub. Within seconds her nipples started to stiffen. I didn’t what to do at this point. “Should I touch them, should I suck them, should I pinch them, should I ignore them?”
Just as I was trying to decide, Sandy pulled the sheet down to her hips. Dark brown hair on her mound was very visible. Pink nipples were puckered and pointing right at my wide open eyes. Her breathing was still deep, but slightly faster than when I first started. Her eyes were still closed and her relaxed smile across her lips said she was enjoying this. I couldn’t decide; breasts or her fuzzy mound.
With warm lotion, I ran my hands between her breasts down to her navel and off to the sides. She liked it so I continued. I must have spent twenty minutes just working her tummy. Several times I could feel the hair on my arms brushing over her stiff nipples. She never said a word about it, so I guessed it was O.K. I moved to her side and lightly rubbed her tummy; circling with my fingers grazing the fringe of her pubic hair. I was getting caught up in this and continued with alternating light and moderate pressure. As I gradually moved further down until brushing the top of her furry mound, she began to shake and shiver. I said, “Sandy, are you cold?” She only replied, “No, it just feels sooo nice.” Ignorant me! I didn’t even know she was having a mild orgasm. “Duh!” I thought to myself. My cock was digging into her side through my pants. My dick wasn’t one of those eight to 10 inchers that every guy here seems to have. I was just average, I think. I never measured it, but it was less than seven and close to two inches thick. I was leaking precum again. It hurt pushing against pants trying to rip its way out. Sandy couldn’t miss that pole pressing into her side. It was trapped like a prisoner looking for freedom. I had to shift my position to go to her feet and front of her luscious legs. I covered her chest and slid the sheet up from her feet to the top of her thighs. I could still see the outline of her hard nipples under the sheet.
She shifted a little when I began on her feet. Spread her legs and bent her knee of her left leg while I worked on her right. In doing this I had the best seat in the house. Her pussy was displayed with her dark brown close trimmed hair. It was all wet but I didn’t know why. Talk about nerds. When I think back on this; I had my chance to score a home run.
I began on her feet again while I let myself cool down. I didn’t realize it but this also gave Sandy a chance to cool down also. Gawking at her pussy as I rubbed her feet had no cooling effect on me. My cock pulsed continuously. Before I started on her three feet of smooth naked legs, I poured extra lotion into my hands. Once I started on these babies, I wasn’t going to stop. I forgotten about her voluptuous firm excited tits and concentrated completely on that dark wet patch. My hands slowly inched up the top of her thighs; the outside of them and then the inside. As I finished one with my fingers sliding up and down against her thigh and lightly brushing her swollen lip. She spread her legs wider to allow me to do this. I continued sliding my hands all over her right thigh, gliding the edge of my hand up and down her crotch. I briefly wondered if this was what a full body massage was about. I found out later that it was not. By the time I had reached the top of her other thigh she had both knees bent and pointed out towards her sides. I repeated the sliding of my hand along the left side of her crotch lightly massaging her left labia. Her pussy was open and dripping with wetness affectionately accepted my touch as my fingers pressed a little firmer into the top of her labia squeezing her lips against her clitoris. Her hips were moving from side to side to meet my hand as it traveled ever so slowly up her inner thigh. I stayed there between her legs for almost half an hour while she rocked from side to side allowing my fingers to press her lips together. I wanted to touch between her lips, but I didn’t dare. Her clit was swollen and protruding between her inner lips every time my fingers squeezed her from the side. She was so swollen and wet and slippery. She smelled so sweet I wanted to taste her. My cock was hard; rock hard. I wanted Sandy to touch me, but couldn’t get up the nerve to ask. I got the impression she wanted me too, but being both virgins, neither of us had any experience in these matters. When I finished her legs, I moved to her side again gave the top of her slit a very light rapid little pitter patter spanking for almost a minute. Saying, “Good little kitty.” as I did. I placed the palm of my hand on her mound and made circular motions. Sandy moaned and twitched when I did this. I repositioned my hand so that my fingers were sliding on both sides of her labia. My up and down strokes caused Sandy to buck her hips forcing two of my fingers to slip between her lips. I was electrified and pulled away. With her legs still open, my fingers having slipped in between her slippery engorged lips. I got my wish. Unintentionally I had my fingers covered with her fluids. Her eyes were still closed savoring her spanking and pussy massage. As I stopped, my hand went into my mouth for some delicious liquid refreshment; my dick was sorely hard now. I had to have more of this. I was exhausted from my first full body massage.
Sandy cooed and moaned for the remainder of her front massage, “Pete, you will go far if you take up massage. Any time I need some stress relief, I will be sure to call you. I’m telling all my friends how great you are. A budding massage therapist is sure to need some bodies to practice on. And you can use mine anytime.”
I couldn’t take any more. My dick was aching. I needed to relieve myself in the worst way.
Before we left Jessie and Karen’s apartment, we both had to visit the bathroom. Sandy went first. She got up and stark naked pranced into the bathroom. I watched her pointed orbs bouncing with each step. My hand uncontrollably went to my boner just to give it a little pat saying to myself, “Calm down little guy!” I went to get another cool drink from the fridge and thought about my future as a masseur. It sounded like something I could go for. If all massages were like this, I would truly enjoy my work. Sandy was in the bathroom for quite a while. I finished my drink headed for the living room and thought I heard Sandy calling my name. I went to see if everything was all right. Approaching the bathroom, I could hear Sandy was calling my name, and moaning. She was still in there and had left the door ajar when she went to freshen up. I couldn’t help myself and took a peek. Sandy was sitting on the toilet beside the door. Stark naked, her eyes closed, her legs spread wide with her left hand pumping two or three fingers between her slit; her right hand rapidly vibrating her clitoris.
Automatically my hand reached for my zipper; I wrenched my swollen slippery precum covered meat and stroked to match Sandy’s rhythm.
Sandy began shaking and in between biting her lower lip, she would whisper my name in a hoarse throaty voice. Her feet came up off the floor with her toes curled tight. My knees buckled as I was about to explode. Just as she began to orgasm and I slipped against the door.
Losing my balance slightly, I stumbled into the bathroom and shot a huge spurt across her spread limbs. Sandy opened her eyes in shock, still coming and watching me stroking my dick as fast as she was stroking herself. I couldn’t stop. The sight of her nakedness with those gorgeous heaving breasts. Her legs spread wide. Her right hand now a blur. Her left hand frozen between her lips. The aroma of her sex. My cock exploding before her added to her orgasm. I couldn’t get it under control. I came all over her; her legs and the side of hers breasts on her face and hair, her pubic hair, and finally, the floor. This was a caution area. “Caution Floor Slippery”.
Sandy laughed and I was red. She was covered with my cum. “Pete, I was so aroused from that delicious massage, my whole body was charged. I couldn’t hold back any longer. You kept bringing me to a peak and then letting me cool down. After three or four of those I was primed for a convulsive climax. I felt your rock stiff cock pushing into my side and wanted to reach out and grab it. I wanted that thick piece of throbbing meat.”
Eventually I could laugh too. “Touching your soft skin and just looking at your beautiful body did the same to me. I didn’t mean to spy on you but you were gone for quite a while and I just came down the hall to see if you were O.K. I heard your voice and as I neared the bathroom door I heard you calling me. I saw you sitting on the toilet seat. Only when I got closer I saw you in a state of bliss. It was so exciting, my hand went automatically to my dick and I began stroking to match your rhythm. When your feet rose from the floor I could feel myself ready to cum; my knees buckled and that’s when I lost my balance and stumbled in and came all over you. I’m so sorry!” Still standing there with my dick in my hand, Sandy said, “Don’t be sorry. You gave me the most powerful orgasm of my life. I will never forget this.” She reached out and replaced my hand with hers. She squeezed the final drop out of me onto her fingers, looked up at me with those huge green eyes, and put it to her mouth. “Pete, I have to taste you. I took my hand and reached between her wet labia and said the same to her. “I have to taste you too; and to myself I said again.” “She had the sweetest tasting pussy. I knew from here on I would have more.” We both needed relief, but neither knew how to ask for it. I never did get to put one of those perfect little nipples to my mouth. But after tonight I knew there would be many more opportunities.
We took a shower together and I left her with a goodnight kiss.
This was how I got started in massage. I owe my career to Sandy.
As we both grew older we learned how to ask for what we want. And when Sandy still needs that special relief she tells her husband, Nick, “Watch the kids this Saturday; I have an appointment at Pierre’s Salon.
There have been many more sessions with Sandy and her friends since this first encounter.
I became the luckiest guy in the world.

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GREAT JOB! critiches: need more space
suggestions: keep taking it slow leading up to maybe even an orgy with the friends and some anal and/or doggy style

one of the best stories on here


2009-04-10 03:47:40
Okay buddy. Such an amazing lead up.
But I hate myself to say this but you need to find a place where she gets a hold of his cock and they fuck. But not hard. It's a slow meangingful fuck because he's savouring the moment. Just fit some sex into there.

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I don't agree with the "not much sex" comment -- this piece is a long, slow, woderful climax, and it's great just as is.

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