Chapter 1 of a nasty fantasy story about a 9 year old girl who turns depraved for life - wanting nothing but nasty sex in all forms that it comes in. BEWARE - parts are very, very nasty and unless you've got a filthy, nasty mind you will not like parts of this FANTASY. The longer it goes on, the nastier and more depraved it gets. It's purely written to get dirty fuckers cocks and pussies cumming. I hope you enjoy it and please let me know if you do, if you don't, then don't, because I know it's certainly not to all tastes. Thank you.
Lisa was a slut. Ever since she could remember she lived only for all kinds of nasty, depraved sex. It all actually started when she was 9 years old…

One night when her Daddy was reading her a bedtime story he realised that her hand was down below the sheets and moving back and forth. When he asked her what she was doing she said she was scratching an itch and it wouldn’t go away. Her Dad asked her if it felt good though and she said it did. Daddy asked Lisa if she wanted him to have a look and see if he could stop the itch and she said yes please. Daddy pulled the covers down and pulled her little shorts that she slept in down her slender young thighs.

“Ok, let me try to get rid of that itch” Daddy said as he drooled over his 9-year-old daughters hairless little quim. Then he started running his fingers over his little girls little gash. Within 2 minutes Daddy was trying to scratch Lisa’s itch with his tongue. He was drooling so much that he drenched his girls cunt with spit and was slipping a finger a little way inside her and running it around. Well, that was when young Lisa’s life started being devoted to fucking. She came for the first time in her life in her Daddy’s mouth and then came for another twenty minutes before she fell asleep. Daddy climbed up the bed and stroked his fat, 8-inch cock until he came all over little Lisa’s face, which after eating his underage daughters hole for 25 minutes, took 30 seconds. Her angelic little face was drenched and she woke up for a moment, tasted some cum off of her lips, mewled happily and scraped some more into her mouth before swallowing and falling asleep again with most of her face still caked with jizz. Daddy soon came a little more on her face before going for a VERY cold shower.

Over the next few years Daddy read Lisa a story every night before bed and always ended by eating her little cunt out. Of course he taught her to suck his dick, and she was a natural. She enjoyed everything about it, even when Daddy was cumming and pushed his fat dick down her young throat. This made her retch, gag, drool, cough, splutter, spit and cum as hard as she could cum. Daddy soon came again when he saw his little girl drool a load of throat slime down her chin, her flat chest and to her pussy. Lisa knew that her Daddy liked this and started scooping it up, playing with it and rubbing it into her face. “You fucking, nasty little cunt…I love you, baby girl” he’d say as he came on her again.

By the time Lisa turned 12 she was giving and receiving oral sex to and from her Daddy everyday. She fucking loved cum. She had to have it, or she’d go crazy. By now Daddy was also sticking fingers up Lisa’s pussy and asshole, as well as licking both holes out. Little blonde, angelic looking, 12 year old Lisa’s favourite times were when her Mommy went out with her friends for the night and she had the house alone with her Daddy. These were her favourite times because they could do things they just couldn’t when her Mommy was around. Lisa knew ALL about sex by now, and what was normal and what was dirty, and what was just plain perverse. Her Daddy had taught her well, and Lisa craved the times with her Dad when they could treat her like a filthy fuckpig. It was shortly after her twelfth birthday that Daddy fucked her cunt for the first time and filled her twat up to the brim with cum. They'd ripped her cherry to shreds months ago with her Mommy's dildo's and she loved that as well. She put on a delicious show for her Daddy of emptying and scooping the cum from her gash onto her hand and the floor. The cum in her hand she licked up. The cum on the floor she licked up with her little, fuckable ass stuck up in the air. Daddy then fucked that ass as well. Lisa thanked her Daddy for every second.

She also loved what she knew was coming later; being dragged into the shower by her hair and pissed on by her Daddy. She knew it was so nasty to have him piss on her 12 year old face and body that it made her cum without touching herself. Just as she’d get her little mouth filled to the brim with Daddy's piss she’d take a big gulp and as her throat contracted so did her gash. She’d lie on her back and piss all over her own face as Daddy came on her again. She just adored the feeling of warm bodily fluids on her skin, spit, piss and cum - she'd bathe in it all fucking year if she could.

Just before her thirteenth birthday Lisa came home from school to find her Mommy writing a note to her father. Mommy told Lisa that she had to go to Grandma’s because she was in the hospital. Lisa was ecstatic, not because her Grandma was ill, she loved her, but because this meant that her Mommy would be going hundreds of miles away and would be gone for at least 2 days. When Daddy came home from work 3 hours later he was greeted by the fantastic site of his 12 year old daughter completely naked with 3 of her fingers up her asshole and spit all over her body. She was grunting like the little fuckpig that she was and fresh, young girl cunt cream was all over the floor. He ripped off his clothes and stuffed his aching cock straight up his girls babyhole in one, cunt-stretching push. After several hours of hard depravity between a father and his 12 year old girl, Lisa was having the hardest orgasm of her life as Daddy had his cock cumming in her ass, his whole hand up her pussy and her mothers 10-inch toy cock down her throat. She was covered in spit, cum and piss and had a pint of it in her stomach. She was in absolute bliss and then passed out from the pleasure.

It went on like this for a few more months until her Mommy realised her young angel was fucking pregnant. Mommy had been spying on her daughter and frigging herself off for months after she'd realised her cunt got wet when she thought about her daughters body. “The little whore…the fucking tiny bitch…the slender, sexy cunt“ her mother thought as she took a look at her naked daughter with a baby bump through the keyhole as she rubbed her juicy adult snatch. Mommy decided to throw the door open and confront her Lisa and find out who fucked her baby pregnant. “D…D…Daddy” Lisa stammered. “What?!” Mommy said quietly, her breathing very shallow. “D…Daddy’s been fucking me for nearly a year………and eating my pussy and ass for about 3 years….” Lisa went on, realising that her sexy 28 year old Mommy was as horny as she was. “Tell me more, honey” Mommy breathed. “Well, he fucks my pussy, my ass and my mouth….and my throat. He cums all over me and in my holes and I eat it all up from wherever it is. I love cock and cum, Mommy. I fucking love it. And piss…he pisses all over me and I drink it and it makes me cum. I eat his asshole and like being spat on, in my face and all over my body. Daddy calls me a depraved fuckpig. And I fucking love that, too. Because I am a nasty, depraved, 12 year old fuckpig, Mommy, and I want to be a nasty, depraved fuckpig cunt” Lisa groaned as she eased her small hand up her stretched babyhole whilst watching her Mommy strip naked and fist her own cunt. “Mommy, can I eat your cunt and asshole please?” asked Lisa. “You’d fucking better, you little cumrag” snarled her Mother.

For the next few hours mother and daughter engaged in the first lesbian experiences of their lives. They ate each others pussies and asses, fucked them with Lisa’s Moms dildos and made out lots. Lisa shoved a thick dildo down her Mommy’s throat and made her cough up some juicy throat slime all over herself. Lisa scooped it up and rubbed it into her own face. Mommy spat hard into her girls face and called her all manner of nasty names. “YOU FUCKING DISGUSTING, NASTY, CUNT-LOVING, DEPRAVED, SPIT-DRENCHED, CUM-HUNGRY, PREGNANT, COCK-SUCKING, FUCKING LITTLE FUCKPIG!” she screamed at her 12 year old as she rammed the biggest dildo she had into her girls throat and spat in her face again as Lisa gagged up slime all over her face. Lisa’s young pussy gushed her fuck-juice as she came nearly as hard as the night with her Daddy. When Daddy walked in to see the scene going on he nearly died. He soon got over it and dived into his wife’s cunt harder than he had for several years, fucking both her and their daughter many times before they’d fucked themselves out just after 3am. Mommy and Daddy had used and abused their girls body for nearly 12 hours and Lisa couldn’t have been happier, led on her bedroom floor with her parents, covered in cum, spit, piss and cunt-juice.

Over the next 6 months Lisa was taken out of school and constantly fucked by her parents as she grew bigger and bigger with her baby. Mommy was also getting bigger and bigger as she had gotten knocked up on that magical night. Heavily pregnant 28 year old Mommy and heavily pregnant now 13 year old Lisa were led around rubbing their big pregnant bellies together and eating their swollen cunts out all day long whilst depraved internet porn played on the PC. Daddy came home around 6pm every night from work and took great joy in pounding his wife’s and daughters pregnant cunts all night, seeing if he could fuck his unborn daughters faces and spraying his cum all over them. “Come on, you fucker! Why wait until they’re 9 when you can fucking turn them into whores and feed them cum before they’re even fucking born!” screamed his wife as he fucked them.

Daddy was having one hell of a hard time at work. 9-5 was killing him and with what he had at home his cock was hard 24-7, constantly oozing cum straight from being made in his big, fat balls. Despite fucking his wife and daughter for 8 hours a night he still had to cum up to 6 times a day at work as the thoughts of his cunts at home and the things he would be doing to them went through his mind. He progressively filled up a jar with his cum throughout the day and when he got home he gave the jar to his sluts. They always tipped half of the jar of cum into each of their mouths before kissing with it and feeding their babies the stale cum before giving them fresh, straight from the cock for the rest of the night.

End of Chapter 1.

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