Big brother catches little brother peeping at him...

Because our house was so small, I had to share a bedroom with my younger brother, Dean. When I was younger, it didn't bother me all that much, but at almost eighteen, I wanted and needed my own space. For a twelve tear old kid, Dean was alright I suppose. Even so, he was at that age, you know, when he needed his privacy, too.
Don't get me wrong, our bedroom was quite large as bedrooms go. There was enough room for our single beds, a shared double wardrobe and a computer desk, so it wasn't exactly cramped. But it was space I had to share.
The problem was that dad had pissed-off four or five years ago with some tart he'd been shagging behind mum's back. Mum said, after he'd gone, that she'd been glad to see the back of him as the slapper she'd caught him with that time wasn't the first. Dad wasn't big on parental responsibility, either, and the tight-fisted old bastard never contributed a penny to mine and Dean's upbringing. So mum had to go out to work and we ended up in a council house on a better-than-average estate of identical so-called 'family homes'. Yeah, right.
It was the school holidays, about eleven o'clock in the morning and I wasn't in the best of moods anyway. I'd had another argument with the girl I was seeing, Dinah, (thick as pig-shit but fantastic in bed!) and she'd broken up with me for about the eighth time in as many months. I knew she'd ring me in a day or two, crying her eyes out and begging me to take her back because she "really, really loved me". Like the twat I was, I'd forgive her again, start going out with her again and break up with her again a few weeks down the line. Still, as I said, sex with her was always brilliant, so I figured the other hassles were a small price to pay for getting laid two, sometimes three, times a night when we were together.
I'd had along soak in the bath and only had a big bath towel wrapped around my waist when I returned to my bedroom. Dean was still in bed, the idle little sod. His eyes were closed and I assumed he was still asleep. Turning my back to him, I dropped the towel and began drying myself.
I got that creepy 'fingers up the spine feeling' a couple of times, like when it feels you're being watched, but I just dismissed it. At least I did until I happened to glance in the full-length mirror that was fixed to one of the doors of the wardrobe. I was being watched - by my little brother!
Oddly, I wasn't angry or offended. Hell, truth be told, I actually felt quite flattered. I was used to being seen naked; in a small house like ours, it couldn't always be helped. Sharing a bedroom it was virtually unavoidable.
Without wishing to sound vain or come across as the big 'I am' or something, I knew I looked good. I was six feet, one inch tall, weighed a trim fourteen and a half stones and had a good physique. I went to local gym at least twice a week and worked out with a couple of mates. Mum said I got my looks from my dad, which was about the only thing I had to thank him for in my opinion. I'd lost my virginity with a sixteen year old girl when I wasn't much older than my brother was now.
I'd been propositioned more than once by guys, too. I politely declined each time, and thanked them for asking. me, I couldn't give a toss whether someone was gay, bent as a nine-bob note or what. As long as they didn't give me shit, I was fine.
So, when I saw that Dean was watching my every move, I decided on the spur of the moment to teach him a lesson. I stood up slowly, stretched to my full height, giving him a good view of my flaccid prick in the mirror, then turned around suddenly to face him.
He closed his eyes quickly, but not quick enough. He knew I'd seen him and rather pathetically tried to make out he was still asleep.
"Cut the crap, Deano" I said, deliberately using his nickname, which he hated.
"What?" he said, trying to sound like I'd just woken him up.
"As I said, cut the crap" I repeated.
"I don't know what you're talking about, Craig" he lied, averting his eyes from my naked body.
"Oh? So you weren't laying there watching me, then?" I challenged.
"No, I wasn't!". He actually managed to sound indignant and offended at the same time. Had I not actually seen him looking at me, I might have believed him.
"You're a bloody liar!" I told him as I took the three paces from my bed to his. I stood over him, my prick dangling in front of his face. "Is this what you were looking at?" I asked, holding my prick.
"I wasn't looking, Craig, really I wasn't" Dean said, sounding a little scared. Unfortunately for him he took more after mum than our dad. He was small for a twelve year old boy, and had delicate, rather girlish features. You know the look; that cutesy, pretty-boy, boy-band-member look. He also had a tendency at times to act like a girl at times, too. Like now. It was that that annoyed me.
"Don't fucking lie to me!" I swore at him, "I saw you looking at me. There's a bloody mirror over there", I said, pointing my arm at the wardrobe, "and I could see you looking at me, you bloody pillock!"
My anger had its desired effect.
"I'm sorry, Craig" my little brother whimpered. "I didn't mean to look" he added.
I should have given him a spade to help him more easily dig the hole he was making for himself. His eyes had barely blinked while he was watching me.
"Oh right", I said sarcastically, "so you accidentally opened your eyes; your eyes accidentally happened to be looking in the mirror and you accidentally forgot to fucking blink as well?!" I learned at an early age that sarcasm, properly used, could quite often produce desired results. I was pretty good with it, too.
Dean said nothing. He knew he was caught. I stood there looking at him, teasing him, really. The fear of what might happen is often far more powerful than what actually happens, a lesson I'd learned from the bullies at school. It was through them that I took up fitness training. I got pissed-off with being scared.
I wasn't a bully myself, not usually. I wasn't really bullying my little brother, but I was getting a kick out of teasing him, though.
"I'm sorry" Dean mumbled.
"Well, sorry ain't good enough this time, Deano" I said, my voice all reasonableness.
"Wha, what do you mean?" Dean asked, a tremor in his voice.
"You were obviously looking at me for a reason" I told him, "and from what I could see, it was this you were looking at" I pointed to my prick.
Dean said nothing, just lay there looking up at me from his pillow.
"Well, have a look, then, if that's what you want" I urged. He tried to disguise it with a blink, but I saw my brother's eyes flick to my prick, just momentarily.
"Don't be shy, now. This is a once-only offer, just for you" I heard myself saying, sounding like a corny Arthur Daley-like second-hand car salesman. "You can even touch me, if you want to" I added.
He wanted to, I knew he did. I could feel his want and his indecision. God only knows what had got into me. From teasing my brother, now I wanted him to take hold of my prick!
I waited for him to make a move, but he just lay there, so I took the initiative. I whipped my hand under his duvet, grabbed his wrist and slapped his hand on my prick.
"Go on, open your bloody fingers and hold me!" I ordered.
Slowly, Dean's fingers curled around my prick. He held me very gently, as though my organ was the most delicate and fragile thing he'd ever touched. In some respects, it was, too. Hell, as far as I was concerned, it was delicate, if nothing else!
It came as much a surprise to me as it must have done to my brother when it began to swell in his hand. What had started out as a prank was rapidly turning into something far different to what I'd intended. I was becoming turned-on... very turned-on.
In no time at all, my prick was fully erect in my brother's hand. Again, without bragging, I have to say that I was pretty well endowed. Erect, my prick measured an impressive six and a half inches (yeah, I'd measured it one day!"). None of my girlfriends had ever complained about it! My brother had given up all pretence of not being interested. His eyes were glued to what he was holding in his hand.
"Is that what you wanted to see, Deano?" I asked. he didn't reply.
"C'mon, you don't have to be shy with me. You're holding my prick for Christ's sake!" I laughed. That brought a nervous smile to his lips.
“I was wondering...” he began, then tailed off
“Wondering, what?” I asked. “Wondering how big I was or something?”
Dean nodded and smiled again.
“Well, now you know” I said. “What do you think?”
Dean looked away for a moment. I saw his face redden as he blushed. I could tell he wanted to say something, but was either too shy or embarrassed to say it.
“C’mon, mate”, I encouraged, “I won’t laugh at you or anything.
“Really?” he asked
“Yes, really”
My brother looked at me to see if I was bull-shitting him, which I wasn’t, seemed satisfied with whatever he read on my face and nodded.
“I... I think it’s beautiful” he said softly, looking right into my eyes.
Beautiful? Whatever I’d been expecting him to say, it certainly wasn’t that! A girl had said the same thing once, but hearing it from another guy was... weird. Even so, I can’t say I disliked hearing it.
Dean’s fingers were gripping me more tightly and I was becoming more aroused the longer I stood there. I was horny anyway as I’d not got laid last night. I decided to tease my little brother a little longer.
“Kiss it” I said.
“If it’s that beautiful, then kiss my prick” I told him, feeling sure that he’d refuse and pull away from me. Instead, he turned the tables on me.
“Are you sure?” he asked, his voice awe-struck.
“Yeah, of course I am” I said airily, still believing he’d back off. I was wrong.
The next thing I knew was that my little brother was sitting himself up and his lips were closing in on my prick. For a brief moment I thought about stepping back so that he’d look really stupid, but at the same time realised that I didn’t want to. I had no idea what was happening to me but I wanted to feel my twelve year old brother’s lips kissing my prick.
And I did. His lips pressed against the side of my shaft so lightly, so delicately, that it felt as though a feather or something had touched me.
“Do it again” I told him, my voice carrying less strength than previously.
This time when Dean kissed my shaft, I felt his lips pressing warmly against the softness of my foreskin. He kissed me again, then again, his lips moving up and down my swollen shaft, right to my thatch of curly pubic hair then up to the smooth head.
“Is that alright, Craig?” he asked softly.
“Yeah, yeah, it’s cool” I answered in a voice that tried to sound disinterested. It probably didn’t, though.
“Can I, er, you know, put it in my mouth” my little brother asked after he’d kissed me up and down my shaft again.
It was at that point it began to dawn on me that I was no longer in control of a situation I had brought about. And you know what? I didn’t care. Somehow or other I was actually enjoying myself!
“Uh, yeah, if you want to” I managed to answer, hoping that my rising excitement didn’t show in my voice.
I felt my foreskin being slowly being pulled back, exposing the smooth shiny purple head. Dean opened his mouth and, holding my breath, I watched as my little brother’s mouth closed around my prick.
Dinah liked to suck me off, but she was really clumsy about it, you know? It was only because I liked blow jobs that I let her put her mouth anywhere near my prick . Dean, though, treated my prick with what I could only describe as reverence. His lips closed around my sensitive glans and he flicked his tongue lightly over its sensitive smooth surface.
I had never felt anything like it. My brother’s tongue lightly flicked over my glans like a butterfly, making me feel things I had never felt before when a girl did it to me. Then he took more of my length into his mouth, taking me as far into his throat as he could manage without gagging. I felt one of his hands cup my ball sac and lightly squeeze them. That sent a thrill of never-before-experienced sexual arousal shooting through my body. I swear my prick became stiffer and thicker!
Dean began to move his head backwards and forwards, his lips sucking me deep into his throat, his tongue constantly licking the sensitive head. His hand held my balls gently, his fingers giving them the lightest of squeezes every now and then, which made me gasp in pleasure. Jeez, but it felt amazing!
My hips naturally wanted to hump, but Dean was able to control me so effectively that each time I shoved my hips forward, he just backed away a little. It was frustrating and arousing, all at the same time. I’d never experienced anything like it.
When I felt my body beginning to tingle, I knew that it wouldn’t be too long before I climaxed. Still my twelve year old brother kept his mouth clamped firmly around my swollen shaft, his head moving rhythmically backwards and forwards, his tongue licking and flicking the glans continuously.
The pressure was building up in my balls and I desperately wanted to hump Dean’s face, but he wouldn’t let me. I felt myself becoming irrationally angry at him for frustrating me like that, but I didn’t dare do anything that would cause him to stop what he was doing to me.
I was on the very brink of tipping over into climax, trying to force my balls into giving up their load of cum. My whole body was rigid and I was making strange, animal-like noises as I willed my body to release me from the unbearable sexual tension that was surely going to drive me crazy any moment.
Suddenly, Dean whipped his head back and released my prick. Immediately his hand grasped my shaft tightly and he began to pump it vigorously; hard and fast. Seconds later, the dam that my body had been holding back burst and I cried out loudly as cum exploded from my prick.
My knees nearly buckled as my balls gave up their load of cum and my head swam with the force of my climax. Spurt after thick spurt of creamy fluid shot from the head of my prick and splashed onto my little brother. His hand continued to pump me, drawing every drop of the precious fluid from the depths of my sac until he was satisfied I had no more left to give.
My prick was still quite hard when my legs gave out and I sunk heavily to the floor. My prick was still throbbing and tingling, dribbling clear fluid still. The massive high I’d enjoyed cumming was slow to fade away and, as I lay panting beside my brother’s bed, a stupid grin spread across my face. It was, without any doubt whatsoever in my mind, the very best climax I’d ever experienced. And it had been my twelve year old brother who had done it to me.
He was looking at me, his pretty-boy face a mask of innocence. I loved him right then, I really did. If he’d been a girl, I would have kissed him. I managed a smile for him as my breathing slowed and my pounding heart started to beat at its normal pace again. The stiffness left my prick, too, and it lay curled in my lap like a deflated balloon. I felt great!
A dozen or more questions were running through my mind as I sat there: where the hell did my brother learn to give blow jobs like that? How long had he been doing it ? Was he gay? Did I care if he was? (no) Why me, today?, none of which I had answers to, but I was sure I would before too long.
Dean used a corner of his duvet cover to wipe my cum off his chest then got out of his bed. Like me, he slept naked and I saw that his little prick was standing up stiffly as he stood upright.
"That was bloody brilliant!" I told him. He beamed a brilliant smile at me.
"Thanks", he said, stepping towards me. "I'm glad you enjoyed it".
"Where... how did...?" I couldn't make my mouth work properly.
"I dunno" Dean said dismissively, as if it was unimportant to me. "I'm not gay, if that's what you're thinking" he added. That was exactly what was going through my mind.
"Well, you must have done that before" I insisted. "You looked like you know what you're doing"
No, I haven't" my little brother said. "All I've ever done is wank... and look at some of your DVD's"
So, the crafty little shit had found where I hid my porno stash! Even so, it didn't explain how he learned to give a blow job like the one he'd just given me, and I said so.
"Honestly, Craig, all I did was watch how the girls in the films did it and copied them" he told me earnestly. I believed him. One thing my little brother wasn't was a convincing liar.
"Okay, fair enough" I conceded. I was almost afraid to ask the question that was really bugging me.
"So how, you know... what we just did?" I asked vaguely.
"I dunno" he said. He paused, thinking for a few moments. "If I tell you something" he began slowly, "promise me you want laugh at me or call me names"
"Oh, for God's sake, Deano, you've just my prick in your mouth!" I sighed, "I'm hardly in a position to be calling you names now, am I?"
"No, I suppose not", he agreed.
"So, what was it you wanted to tell me?" I prompted.
My twelve year old brother sat beside me, dragged his legs up and rested his elbows on them His prick had gone soft again, shrivelled down to a walnut-sized lump between his legs.
"Well, when I was watching your DVD's" he began slowly, "I found that I was looking at the guys more than the girls". His voice was barely above a whisper as he said the last, and he was blushing furiously. His face was a deep red.
"When I wanked", he continued, "I was, you know, thinking about what it'd feel like to... to, you know..." He tailed off, took a deep breath then exhaled it slowly.
"When I wanked I was wondering what it felt like to suck a prick!" he gushed, getting his words out as quickly as he could. "I thought I was weird or something" he added, looking at his feet.
"You daft sod!" I said brightly. "Firstly, you're not weird" I told him, "and, secondly, most boys go through a stage like that when they're your age".
"Really?" Dean asked, his face brightening a little.
"Yeah, of course they do"
"Did you, then, you know, look at blokes and stuff?" he asked.
I'd not only looked, I'd even experimented a bit with one of my mates, but I wasn't about to admit that to my own brother.
"Yeah. Yeah I did", I told him, "but, you know, only in a curiosity sort of way"
"What, like me you mean?"
"Well, yes and no" I said slowly. I was treading on thin ice and didn't want my little brother to know one of my most closely guarded secrets, especially as the lad I'd messed around with was still a good friend.
"That doesn't make sense" Dean told me, and he was right, of course.
"Look" I said, turning to face him, "when I was eleven or twelve I found that I liked looking at the guys at school, you know, in the showers and that. I didn't fancy any of them or anything like that, it was just a growing-up thing. I knew all along that I liked girls anyway!" I laughed, and Dean laughed as well.
"I like girls, too, Craig. Honestly"
"I know you do... and I know they like you". I mentioned the name of a neighbour's daughter who thought Dean walked on air. She was only ten, though, and ten year old girls don't figure much in the romantic aspirations of twelve year old schoolboys. Dean laughed with me as I teased him.
"But I still get stiffies looking at guys" my brother said softly.
"It'll pass" I told him casually.
"What if it doesn't, though? I mean, I really liked sucking you" he insisted, "and" he went on before I could speak, "I want to know what it feels like for a guy to suck me!". then, out of the blue, he began to cry. Not sobbing crying, but fat tears leaked from his eyes.
"Come on, Deano" I said soothingly, "it will pass. Trust me, I've been there"
"Look" he said, sniffing loudly, "just talking about it is making my prick hard"
It was true. My little brother's tiny prick was rock hard again between his legs again. I felt a funny shudder go through me as I sat there next to my naked brother. Memories of another twelve year old boy came back to me... Good memories, too. I felt my own prick beginning to stir again.
"Stand up" I said
"Why? What for?" Dean asked. God, younger kids could be so bloody annoying at times!
"Just stand up, will you" I said patiently. Without another word, he did so.
My twelve year old brother stood in front of me, his crotch just about level with my face. Suddenly, I was twelve years old again and I opened my mouth and took my brother's tiny stiff prick into it.
Until the moment my tongue licked at Dean's smooth glans, I hadn't realised just how good it felt. When I'd sucked my mate's prick, I didn't have a lot of idea what I was doing. We only sucked each other a couple of times, watched each other wank, and that was about it. Five years older and more experienced, I had a better appreciation of what I was doing, and feeling.
My brother's twelve year old prick was little more than a stiff twig. It was thin and only about three inches long. He didn't even have any pubic hair yet! Using just my lips I eased the foreskin back and sucked Dean's tiny stiff organ right into my mouth, feeling my own prick swell to full erection again.
I lashed his sensitive head with the very tip of my tongue, which made him squirm so much that I had to hold him still. I put my hands on his arse cheeks to steady him as my head moved up and down on his rigid prick. Dean's bum wasn't very big and my hands almost covered it completely. Without meaning to, I found that my fingers were able to feel his arse crack.
Another strange surge of arousal shot through my body and straight to my prick, making it feel harder still. God, it was wonderful having a little boy's prick in my mouth again, so wonderful that my fingers began to explore my younger brother's arse crack.
Dean flinched when he felt the tip of one of my fingers probe his tight anal ring. I held him more tightly and sucked him harder and faster as I pressed my fingertip firmly against his anus. He made small sounds of protest, but weakly, as though he didn't really mean what he was saying. I ignored him, anyway, when I felt his tight ring of muscle relax and my finger slipped into his sphincter.
I felt Dean's prick stiffen in my mouth when my finger slipped all the way into his arsehole and I sucked his prick harder still. I eased a second finger into his arse and he began to hump his hips backwards and forwards, forcing his prick deeper into my face and my fingers deeper into his arsehole.
I felt Dean lay his hands on top of my head, gripping me tightly as he become more and more aroused. I was just holding his tiny prick gently in my teeth as he thrust his hips forwards and back again, allowing him to face-fuck me. At the same time I was sliding my fingers in and out of his sphincter, finger-fucking his arse.
It wasn't very long before I tasted the first salty drops of pre-cum on my tongue. I let go of my little brother's prick and he immediately grabbed hold of it. He began to wank furiously while my fingers continued to fuck his arse.
"Ahh! I'm gonna cum!" he squealed a moment or two later. His small body went rigid and he let out a long groan as a stream of cum shot out of his prick and spattered my chest. A second load quickly followed the first as Dean continued to pump himself vigorously. Several smaller dribbles of cum leaked over his fingers before he slowed his wanking, then stopped altogether. I eased my fingers out of his sphincter and he flopped onto the floor beside me.
"Oh! Wow!" he gasped, drawing big breaths into his lungs, "that was incredible!"
"Yeah", I agreed, breathing heavily myself.
There didn't seem to be much more to say after that so the pair of us sat on our bedroom floor, steadying our breathing and thinking our own thoughts.
I'd tried to finger my mate's arsehole when we'd experimented, but he had got scared, accusing me of being queer. That was the last time we got together like that. Soon after I lost my cherry to that girl I mentioned earlier and all thoughts of other boys went out of my mind from then on.
Until I'd seen the way my kid brother was looking at me. Even then, I wasn't bothered. It was when he took my prick in his mouth that I really began to enjoy myself. And when I'd sucked his little prick and finger-fucked his arsehole, all sorts of feelings began to confuse me. My prick was still stiff, too, which wasn't helping any, either.
"Looks like I need another shower" I said after five minutes or so.
"I need one, too" Dean said as he sat up. "I've still got your cum on me". My brother's cum had pooled in my pubic hair, a fact I pointed out to him.
"Yeah, well" was his ambiguous, nonsense reply.
Neither of us suggested it, but we both made our way to the bathroom together. I sorted towels out for us while the water warmed up and Dean peed. He stepped into the shower behind me.
"Your prick is beautiful" he reverentially, taking it in his hand again. He knelt down and, with the warm shower spray falling over us, took me in his mouth again.
If anything, it was better than before. I don't know whether it had anything to do with being in a warm shower, or what (I liked wanking in the shower, maybe that was what the association was for me), but having my twelve year old brother's mouth wrapped firmly around my swollen shaft again felt even more magical that the first time in our bedroom.
Dean was even more gentle than before, which turned me on wickedly. I felt his tongue slowly trace the sensitive ridge of my smooth glans, which made my legs tremble. He snaked a hand between my legs and I felt his fingers feeling for my rectum. I opened my legs a little wider and shortly afterwards felt an electric shock of arousal shoot through me when Dean's fingertips pressed against my anus.
He continued to suck my swollen prick, lazily running his tongue over the sensitive head. As he had done when I'd had his prick in my mouth, I felt I had to steady myself with my hands my brother's head.
A small sound of pleasure escaped me when Dean's finger forced its way through my tight anal ring, and began to move in and out. My prick stiffened in my brother's mouth and he sucked me harder still. A second finger slipped into my sphincter, then a third, which was the most incredible feeling. Dean was finger-fucking my arsehole like he'd been doing it for years, slipping his fingers out to my anal ring, then quickly shoving them back into me.
I was making all sorts of noises without realising it. I could hear my own voice echoing around the tiled bathroom as my little brother aroused me to a pitch I'd never felt before. Over and over his fingers slipped in and out of my sphincter while his mouth and tongue stimulated my swollen shaft.
Suddenly, I didn't want to waste the load of cum that was accumulating in my balls and watch it wash away down the shower drain. I pushed Dean's head off my prick, which wasn't easy! He looked up at me from his kneeling position, concerned. I smiled at him as I asked him to remove his fingers from my arsehole. I reached down and pulled him to his feet.
A bottle of shower gel hung off the little tray on the shower rail. I applied a liberal amount to my hand and began to rub it into my brother's chest. I washed his torso, slowly working my way down to his crotch. My suds-filled hand gripped his tiny prick and began to 'wash' it thoroughly, bringing it to erection once more.
I turned Dean around so that his back was to me. I applied more shower gel to my hand and rubbed my sudsy hands over his shoulders, his back and his arse cheeks. I slid a very soapy finger into the crack of his arse and fingered his tight anus.
My twelve year old brother laid his hands flat against the wall, pushing his girlish arse out as I applied yet more shower gel to my fingers - and some to my stiff prick. I slid two gel-slicked fingers in to Deans tight arsehole and finger-fucked him until I felt his anus relax. Taking hold of my swollen organ I pressed the head against my little brother's anus and pushed my hips forwards.
A deep groan escaped from Dean as the bulging head entered his virgin rectum. I moaned myself when I felt my full length slip gently and easily into my brother's young body. My prick felt huge as I began to hump my hips backwards and forwards, filling Dean's sphincter. He was very tight around my shaft, but that just made having my prick in him all the more enjoyable for me. Every movement of my prick in his sphincter sent shivers of pure sexual pleasure through my whole body.
I saw Dean remove one of his hands from the wall and reach for his prick. As my rigid shaft fucked his arsehole, he wanked himself. We were both making a lot of noises of unrestrained enjoyment as our bodies took pleasure from one another.
I felt Dean's sphincter tighten around my shaft and he yelped that he was going to cum. Seconds later, my prick held in a painful, vice-like grip, I couldn't move for a few moments as my twelve year old brother's young body became rigid as his tiny prick shot it's load of cum up the shower stall wall. He slumped against the tiled wall when he was spent and I began to slam my prick into his body hard and fast.
I gripped Deans hips tightly as my prick pounded his arsehole. I felt my own climax building in intensity, my prick swelled thicker still then I was crying out as warm creamy cum shot from my shaft and deposited itself deep in Deans sphincter. Still my hips kept slamming my shaft into his body, pushing more and more cum deep into him. It felt like a flood of my precious seed was filling my brother's young body as my hips slammed into him again and again. Eventually, there was no more left to give him and I eased my wilting prick from his body.
I couldn't remain standing and sat down in the shower tray, allowing the rapidly cooling spray to wash over me. Dean passed me the bottle of shower gel and I washed myself where I sat. The spray was cold by the time I followed my brother out of the enclosure and grabbed a towel.

There was a huge change in our relationship from that day on. I won't lie and say that what I've described in these pages never happened again, because it did, many more times. Me and Dean found that we enjoyed the 'other' side of our sibling relationship too much to ignore it.
I finished with the brainless bitch, for good, a week or two after we got back together again, but not without coercing her into helping Dean out. As a special 'pre-thirteenth birthday' treat, I arranged for him to enjoy the physical delights of my girlfriend before I dumped her for good. She was happy to oblige me, of course.
Dean got himself a girlfriend and, as far as I know, wasted no time in putting his new experience to good use with her. Me, I found myself a lovely girl to go out with. I think she might be 'the one', you know?
Even so, I notice that I've become increasingly conscious of how many good-looking young boys there are out there. Surely, one or two of them must be as sexually confused as my twelve year old brother had been? I would be more than willing to help any of them out...


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This is the sickest thing ive read. Boys of the same age exploring eachother is normal and to be expected, but not when theres such a huge age difference. I know this is fiction, but if the previous comments were serious, this story has inspired some readers to go and act out this story with some poor victim, and most likely the young boys they target wont be so willing as the poorly written boy in this story. I understand that this type of attraction is not a choice but offending is. So i urge all who feel attractions towards young boys to seek psychiatric help. Parapheelias like this are not as engrained in who you are as sexual orientation and with councelling you can change if you want to.

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ok to the idiot who said he was a rapist and should be in jail. 1: The lil' brother brought it on first. 2: its not really rape if its wanted.

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Good story.. it was fucking awesome keepp it up lollilover

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2012-08-05 05:40:42
Man, I am as straight as they come, yet my cock STILL got stiff reading this!

I am a fan of your writing, Lollylover, so I'm going to put it down to the way you write that turned me on and not the subject matter!

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