When my sister rang and asked me if I would take care of my little nice, Bethany, for a few days, I was more than happy to oblige. Hell, I didn't get to see the kid that often as it was, so a few days with her company was no hardship whatsoever. My sister arrived with her mid-morning the next day.
Bethany was as cute a kid as you'd ever want to meet; the sort of kid you saw winning 'Bonniest Baby' competitions. At seven years old, she was turning into a little character and I loved her to bits. She ran into my open arms and planted a big smacking kiss on my cheek and giggled delightfully when I tickled her ribs. I laughed along with her as I put her down and shooed her upstairs to the bedroom she'd be using whilst staying with me. I escorted my sister into the lounge.
"Are you sure you're okay with this?" she asked, worriedly
"Yes, of course I am!" I asserted as I hugged her.
"You know, she can be a bit of a handful" my sister warned
"Don't worry" I told her, "Bethany and me will get along just fine. You saw how happy to see me she was". That seemed to be the right thing to say for my sister said nothing more about it. After a cup of tea, she gave me a hug and kissed my cheek before leaving. "I'll ring you later!" she called as she pulled her car off the drive. I watched her drive away, with little Bethany standing by my side, waving enthusiastically, her little face wearing a beaming smile.
I hadn't realised how much energy a seven year old kid had! By the time I put my niece to bed that evening, I was worn out! The little girl hadn't stopped running around, asking questions and being generally delightful from the moment I closed the door after her mothers' departure. I was happy as a pig in shit, I have to say.
The only odd moments came when Bethany went to the toilet. I heard her peeing, which surprised me a little as I would have thought at seven years old she would close the bathroom door. But my surprise was as nothing when she called to me from the bathroom. I went and stood at the door.
"What's up, Pumpkin?" I asked
"You have to wipe me" she said
"Wipe you?"
"Yes, like daddy does when I have a pee" she said, quite seriously.
I thought it was odd, but hey, I wasn't a parent, so what did I know? I walked into the bathroom, pulled some toilet paper off the roll and balled it up. I reached between my niece's legs and gently dabbed at her tiny little pussy.
"NO!" she suddenly squealed, "you're not doing it right!"
"Bethany looked genuinely upset and I couldn't for the life of me understand why.
"hey, what's the matter, honey" I asked, looking into her cute face.
"That's not the way daddy does it" she said, on the verge of tears.
I was perplexed, I have to say. What could be more simple than wiping a little girls' pussy after she'd peed?
"How does daddy do it, then, honey?" I asked the little girl.
"You have to pretend to drop the paper so that it's your fingers that wipe me" she explained in that oh-so-patient tone of voice that only little kids can adopt when talking to adults. "Like this" she went on, putting her hand between her legs and running her fingers along her little slit.
Oh, my God! I thought, realising all at once what her dad was doing to her. He sure as hell wasn't doing anything to help his little daughter.
"Well, as you've already done it, Bethany", I said, barely able to speak coherently, I'll try and do better next time, okay?"
My niece looked at me with the same look her mother used to give me when we were kids and she was pissed off at me. It made me feel as much of a kid again as Bethany was! "Okay" she said agreeably then hopped off the toilet, bent over and pulled her panties up before turning and reaching for the flush handle. She yanked it vigorously then took my hand and I allowed her to lead me downstairs.
The same thing happened every subsequent time she went to the loo after that. It seemed, to me that for such a little girl she went to the toilet an awful lot. Now I understood why, at least partially.
I suspected that her dad - a complete tosser if ever I'd met one - was actually fingering his little daughter for his own pleasure. I should have been furious with him, but after I'd been called to the bathroom to wipe her for at least the seventh time before she went to bed I actually quite liked it.
The softness of Bethany's pussy was like nothing I'd ever felt before and, even just running my finger along her slit gave me feeling that I would never have expected to have over such a young girl. After the second or third time, I found myself actually looking forward to the next time...
The next morning turned out to be unexpectedly mild after what had been a chilly, rather than cold, spell. I lived about five miles from a beautiful small wood and I thought that Bethany would enjoy seeing the wild rabbits and squirrels, amongst the woods' other inhabitants, in the wild. An hour after breakfast saw us driving away from my house with my little niece chattering away excitedly beside me. I smiled indulgently, feeling like the proud uncle I was.
I parked up at a deserted picnic area and with my niece's hand in mine, walked into the woods. The air was full of sound; birds, insects and animals rustling in the undergrowth. Oh, and Bethany chattering away nineteen to the dozen. Had it been meaningless gibberish, it would have been irritating, but my niece was nothing if not inquisitive. She asked intelligent questions about what she could see and hear and I did my best to answer them. I'm sure I failed her miserably at times as she frequently let out an adult-sounding 'humph!' if I failed to give her a good enough answer. In spite of being made to feel ignorant and inadequate by a seven year old schoolgirl, I was thoroughly enjoying myself.
After maybe twenty minutes of walking and talking we came to a small clearing. We had neither seen or heard another person the whole time and I found it quite special to be so alone in such a busy world. It was peaceful and relaxing and I was feeling pretty good about life. I'd brought along a snack in a biodegradable carrier bag, which I set down and told Bethany that I thought that it would be a nice place to sit and rest for while and have our snack.
"I need to pee" Bethany informed me and, before I could say anything, she had walked off to the edge of the clearing and was pulling her panties down. I stood transfixed as my seven year old niece squatted and watched herself peeing.
I found that I couldn't take my eyes off the sight of her tiny little pussy as her bladder emptied onto the ground. I'd had a bit of thing about so-called 'water sports' and seeing such a young girl unashamedly peeing in front of me was doing things to me that should have made me feel ashamed. It was the twin facts that not only was my niece not ashamed to let me see her doing something that was normally considered private and that I had already fingered her little pussy that pushed all thoughts of guilt away. Instead, I began to enjoy it, as evidenced by the swelling at my groin.
I walked over to Bethany and crouched down to her level. Without a word I placed my hand between her open legs and very slowly ran my fingers along her slit. She smiled at me and I managed to raise a smile for her as I fingered her little pussy again and again.
"Daddy does that sometimes, as well" my niece informed me. "I like it 'cos it feels nice" she said.
"That's good" I replied, not really knowing what else to say to her.
A thought struck me then, followed by a question, which blurted out of my mouth before I gave myself time to think about it properly.
"Does your daddy play any other games with you, sweetie? I asked
"Oh, yes!" she said brightly, standing upright with her tiny panties still around her ankles. "He likes me helping him when he has a pee" she told me.
"Oh, really? And what's that then?" I asked, almost dreading what I might hear.
"You need to have your willy out, silly!" I was informed by a giggling seven year old girl. "I can't show you otherwise!"
As it happened I needed to pee so, with my little niece watching me, I unbuckled my trousers and allowed them to fall to my feet. I was fighting myself, trying to not get an erection as I freed my organ from my boxer shorts. I took hold of my prick and pointed it away from us into some bushes.
It had never bothered me being seen peeing and having my little niece standing right by my side proved to be no hindrance either. I released a long stream of amber fluid onto the bushes, which Bethany watched with barely concealed patience. As soon as the last drops had hit the floor the little girl stood right in front of me.
I had no idea what to expect, so what she did next took my breath away. She reached up for my prick and took it into her small hand. With her other hand she batted my hand away! I stood there dumbstruck as my niece completely unselfconsciously began to gently shake the last drops of pee from my prick. It was, I have to say, quite a novel experience and not a little erotic as well. For sure, my prick began to stiffen in Bethany's hand.
"That's lovely darl..." I began to say but the little girl interrupted me.
"I have to clean it now" she announced, then the next thing I knew was that her little tongue was licking the head of my organ!
I must have jerked in shock or something; I definitely took a step backwards causing my niece to loose her grip on my now fully erect prick. Unfazed, she smiled at me, took a step towards me and reached for my prick again. This time I just stood there, amazed.
I'd had plenty of sexual experience in my time. One of the things I'd learned was that a lot of women didn't like to give head to a man, which was a real shame because I loved to feel my stiff organ wrapped inside a warm wet mouth. I was gob smacked, therefore, when my seven year old niece opened her little mouth and took as much of my length into it as she was able and started to suck on it!
Oh, dear God Almighty forgive me, but it was the most incredible sexual thing that had ever happened to me. I had a pretty vivid imagination and was able, when the occasion demanded, to summon up some very graphic sexy scenarios. But never, never, in my wildest imagination could I have conjured up what was happening to me at that moment.
My little niece, just a sweet seven years of age, was giving me perhaps the best blow-job I had ever had, she really was. Sure, it wasn't the most competent of blow-jobs, but when the mouth wrapped around your stiff prick belongs to a little girl of just seven years of age, you don't complain! And it was because she was so young that made it the best I'd ever had.
I could have no more stopped what was happening than I could have explained nuclear fusion to a gorilla. I was enjoying every single moment, watching my little niece's head bobbing up and down on my rigid shaft. It was, without a shadow of a doubts, the craziest, most ridiculous yet the most erotic sexual experience I'd ever had...
... and it was all about to come to its conclusion.
"Uh, honey" I managed to gasp, "I think you'd better stop now" I said. Bethany slowly released my prick from her mouth but didn't remove her hand.
"I know what to do now" she told me, smiling at me and looking very pleased with herself. She began to move her hand backwards and forwards, wanking me, her pretty little face a mask of concentration.
Could this get any better? I wondered as the little girl brought me slowly to climax. Well, to a point, yes, for Bethany eased me by minuscule degrees ever closer to the point of no return. It was exquisite agony for me as I willed my balls to give up their load of cum. I was panting in anticipation and my whole body was shaking with the effort of trying to force myself to cum. The tension built and built and built until suddenly, just when I thought I’d have to grab my prick myself and do it, my prick erupted. A long thick string of creamy cum burst from my prick and splattered to the ground. A second quickly followed, almost as thick. Bethany continued to wank me, bring forth more cum, more than I’d ejaculated in a long time. Only when she was satisfied that my prick had released all that it had to give did the seven year old girl let go of my prick. She turned her pretty face up to me and smiled the sweetest smile at me. I dropped to my knees and hugged her, kissing her little face and telling her how much I loved her. I meant very single word I said, too.

Believe it or not, after we'd put our clothes back in order we sat and ate the snack I'd brought along. I was, of course, bursting with questions; like, for how long had my seven year old niece been giving blow-jobs? And how long had her father been 'playing' his games with her? Given the relative expertise and, I have to say, ease and comfort with which the little girl had taken my prick, first in her hand and then in her little mouth, it didn't appear that it was a recent thing. I sensed, though, that now was not the right time to be asking such questions.
We ate, cleared up and made our way back to my car. Bethany slipped her hand in mine again and, as we walked along, she chattered away like before as if the fact that not so very long ago the hand that I was holding had been tightly wrapped around my stiff prick and the mouth that was babbling on so innocently had been full of my manhood as well. I was almost stunned into silence!
On the way home I couldn't keep my curiosity quiet any longer.
"So, Bethany", I said in the most conversational tone of voice I could muster, "how long have you and your dad been, uh, playing those games, then?" I asked.
The little girl turned around to look at me.
"Ages" she said, casually. Not exactly informative.
"How long is 'ages', honey?" I asked, trying to clarify things.
"A long time" she said, as if it should be obvious to me. It still wasn't, though.
"Oh, uh, okay. Was it before or after you started going to school, then?" I suggested.
"Before" she told me, sounding bored with the subject.
Well I'd asked and now I knew. My sick brother-in-law had been interfering with his daughter since she was little more than an a baby!
Yeah, I know that that sounds like a case of the pot calling the kettle black after what I'd done with my niece: a rank case of hypocrisy. In my defence, for what it's worth, I'd say that I had no idea what Bethany was going to do in the woods, in spite of the peeing thing beforehand. I sure as hell wouldn't have initiated anything like that with a seven year old schoolgirl. Now that it had happened though, I wasn't feeling as guilty about it as I should have been, I guess. Hell, truth be told, I'd bloody enjoyed it, every single second of it! And, to make matters worse, the more I thought about it as I drove, the hornier I became...
Bethany barely left my side after we got back to my house. It was though she was almost afraid to leave my side or something. Whatever, I wasn't complaining. I was still feeling pretty damn good, to be honest with you.
When she said she needed to pee, instead of waiting for her to call me from the bathroom, I followed me niece upstairs. I stood and watched as she unselfconsciously pulled down her panties and sat on the toilet. As she did so, I knelt in front of her.
"I'm going to show you a new game, sweetie" I said, placing my hand under her pussy. I began to gently finger my niece's pussy and urged her to pee over my hand. Moments later I felt the warmth of her amber fluid soaking my fingers as I rubbed them along her slit. Almost immediately I began to get hard again. I managed to ease the tip of one finger into her tight virgin hole and leave it there until the little girl had finished, then withdrew it.
"Did that feel nice?" I asked her.
"Yes, really nice" Bethany answered, smiling at me like she'd done something clever and good, which, as far as I was concerned, she had.
"Now I need to pee, honey" I said, "but you can sit there" I told her as she made to get off the toilet. "I think you'll like this, too"
I unzipped my fly and freed my stiffening prick. I had to will myself to not get an erection as I pointed the head at Bethany's tiny pussy. As my pee began to flow I urged my little niece to finger herself while I peed over her, which she did.
Dear, God, watching that seven year old girl playing with her innocent pussy while my prick peed over it was something else! I had a hell of a job trying to stop myself becoming stiff as I watched Bethany's hand stroking her pee-soaked pussy. It was amazingly erotic.
After what seemed and age my bladder was finally emptied.
"Would you like me to clean it for you again?" Bethany asked. I was tempted, I truly was, but I had other plans.
"No, not this time, sweetie, though we can play some more games if you'd like to?"
The beautiful smile that lit her pretty face up was answer enough in itself so I quickly wadded-up a ball of toilet tissue and wiped my pee off my niece's pussy. Her panties were still around her ankles so I slipped them over her feet and laid them aside. I then picked Bethany up off the toilet and carried her into my bedroom.

I quickly removed my clothes and undressed my niece. Naked, she was so sweet, innocent and childlike that I felt my heart miss a beat or two. I had never thought of such young girls as being sexy - or even sexually attractive, for that matter -, but seeing my seven year old schoolgirl niece as naked as the day she was born went a long way to changing that view point.
There really wasn't an awful lot of her: she was maybe four and a half feet tall, cutely plump with baby fat, rather like a cherub in old paintings. Her little bum even had a dimple in each cheek! The swell of her immature, hairless pubis was a prominent bulge at the top of her thighs and looked like a small peach, ripe for plucking.
I laid on my bad and got Bethany to lay herself on top of me. I placed small kisses on her face while my hands stroked her cute little body, especially her bum. Now, I had always had a thing about girls with small arses and my little niece's was by far and away the smallest and the cutest naked arse I had ever had the pleasure of touching so intimately. I couldn't leave it alone!
I was, of course, fully erect again by now so, when I rolled Bethany onto her back, i urged her to take hold of my stiffness, which she did rather eagerly. I turned myself around so that my head was above her pussy. With the little girl gently wanking me, I kissed her immature pubis.
I knew form the times I'd already fingered her how soft and smooth her little pussy was, but when my lips touched her there, I thought that I'd cum there and then. I had never felt anything so soft, so smooth, so bloody sexy in my life. It was heavenly and it wasn't too long before I was snaking my tongue between the folds of her pussy and was lapping greedily at her virgin sex.
I could taste traces of pee there, hers and mine I presumed, and it tasted pretty damn good, I have to say. Hell, when your tongue's lapping at an innocent little girls' pussy, you ain't gonna complain about the taste, right? I sure as hell wasn't as I slathered my niece's little pussy with saliva. When it was good and wet I pressed a finger to her hole again. Like before, when she was peeing, I only managed to get the tip of the finger in her young body as she was so tight. Still, I kept gently probing and pushing and after about five minutes was able to slip my finger about halfway into her before she complained that it hurt. immediately i took my finger away.
Over the next fifteen or twenty minutes I continued to lick, suck, kiss and finger Bethany's sex. Each time I pressed my finger into her pussy, I managed to slip it in just a little further until, eventually, it went in all the way. She didn't cry out as I'd expected her to when, as I thought, I broke through her hymen. I knew that not all girls felt anything when they lost their cherry; maybe Bethany was one of those? I also knew that a lot of little girls broke their hymen without even realising it: doing exercise, riding a bike, any number of ways. As a very active kid, it was more likely during one of her games that my little niece had ceased to be a 'real' virgin in that sense. I actually felt a mild pang of disappointment!
After giving my seven year old niece time to get used to the feel of one of my fingers in her young body, I eased a second into her. She was incredibly tight; her pussy closed vice-like around my intruding digits. However, I continued to move them in and out of her and after a time found that they were moving more easily. I finger-fucked her for another five minutes or so then removed my fingers completely.
I reached over to my bedside cabinet and located the bottle of baby oil I kept there for use when I wanted to give myself a prolonged wank. I'd found that it gives great lubrication - like a woman's pussy - and was ideal for what came next.
I freed my prick from Bethany's grasp and positioned myself between her legs. I poured a generous amount of the oil into my hand and spread it liberally in and around the little girls' pussy. Lastly, I applied some to my swollen prick and put the bottle aside. I leaned over the schoolgirl's sexy immature body, kissed her lips then pressed the head of my prick against the opening to her virgin sex.
Bethany let out a little 'oh' of surprise when she felt my prick trying to penetrate her young body.
"Just relax, honey" I said as I pushed my hips forward. "It'll be alright, I promise" I told her as my oil-slicked prick pushed against her small tight hole.
Bethany smiled bravely at me as I thrust myself a little harder against her resistant sex, her pretty face scrunched up in either pain or concentration or pain, I couldn't tell which. After the fifth or sixth time of trying I finally felt the head of my organ begin to slip into my nine year old niece's pussy. I eased the rest of my length slowly into her until I felt my prick being tightly gripped by the little girl's virgin sex.
Bethany exhaled loudly as she felt her small sexy innocent body filled with a mans' prick for the fist time. She wore a look of puzzlement on her face as she realised that her uncle was playing a game with her that not even her dad had played. Then, the most beautiful smile spread across her face as she felt my length moving inside her and she clasped her arms around my neck. I kissed her lips lightly, then again and again as I made love with the little girl.
I was still moving myself slowly in Bethany's sex out of fear of hurting her or causing her some physical damage. She was so tight that I was sure I would do her real harm if I made to her the way I'd made love to other women. After a surprisingly short time, though, I felt some of the tightness around my prick ease and I was able to move in her young body more freely and easily.
The baby oil I'd applied to my prick and her pussy made slipping my organ in and out of the seven year old girls' sex so smooth and sensuous that I was in no hurry to bring this most unbelievable of sexual experiences to a close too soon. I just slipped myself in and out of Bethany's sexy immature body with a regular slow rhythm, kissing the little girl and feeling her small naked body. Her skin was so soft to touch that I gained almost as much pleasure from feeling her flesh as I did from having my swollen stiff organ buried to the hilt in her tight pussy. Her tiny nipples stood up stiffly from her chest and I paid them lots of attention. They were like two hard buds against my tongue and felt lovely in my mouth. At the same time I had stroked my hands down her body to her waist and hips and had slipped my hands under cute arse. In no time at all one of my fingers had found her dark anal ring.
Some of the baby oil I’d lathered onto Bethany’s pussy had dribbled between her arse cheeks, which made it greasy and slippery there. I used some of that lubrication around her anus before slowly slipping a finger into her dark, secret hole. My niece let out another small noise of surprise when she felt her rectum being penetrated by my probing digit, then another as I slipped a second finger in her.
I was now making love to my seven year old lover with my prick in her pussy and my fingers in her arse, and I felt more aroused than I had in years. I mean, how good could things get? Not only had I had the most unusual blow-job off this little girl, but I now had my prick stuffing her little pussy and my finger stuffing her cute arse! It was wonderful, brilliant, incredible, erotic and downright sexy all at once. I was in heaven!
The harder I thrust my fingers into Bethany’s arse, I also thrust my prick into her pussy equally hard, which pushed her arse more firmly down onto my fingers. The little girl let out small ‘oof’ noises every time my prick slipped firmly back into her pussy and she felt my fingers poke deeply in her rectum. I was becoming more and more aroused the longer my prick and fingers were in the little girl’s body and began to pump myself in her sex harder and faster, thrusting my swollen organ as deep into the schoolgirl’s pussy as I could get it.
Too soon for my liking, those familiar tingles of pending climax began in my feet and rapidly spread up my legs to my balls. I started slamming my prick into Bethany harder and faster still as I pushed ever closer to the brink of climax. My head began to swim with sexual delirium as the tension in my balls reached boiling point. Suddenly, my prick swelled thicker still and I felt my niece’s pussy tighten around my thrusting organ as I cried out and exploded my load of cum into her tiny little pussy.
Time after time I pounded my prick into the little girl, groaning loudly as stream after thick stream of cum flooded her virgin sex. My fingers were also pounding Bethany’s tight arsehole and she squealed in pain as I all-but lost control over myself and made love with complete abandon with the schoolgirl.
I was a mass of overwhelming sexual sensation with my whole universe centred around my prick and Bethany’s little pussy. I had not felt anything so arousing in my life and I didn’t ever want to stop feeling the incredibly erotic sensations that swamped me. Wave after delightful wave swept through my body as my prick continued to pound in my little niece’s sex and I was gone; lost in another world where what was happening to my prick was the only reality. I felt that I could have stayed there forever.
After what seemed like an eternity at least, my head began to clear and I slowed the thrust of my hips. I gently eased my fingers out of Bethany’s arsehole then allowed my now-wilting prick to slip from her cum-filled pussy.
I laid myself on my back and my niece threw herself on top of me, kissing my face and thanking me over and over for teaching her such a wonderful new game to play. She asked if we could play it again, soon. I told her yes, but in a little while as her uncle needed time to recover first. She giggled girlishly and snuggled herself closely to me and in minutes was asleep.
We slept together in my bed that night and I did play the lovemaking game with her again. I also introduced her cute arse to my stiff prick, which she didn’t like so much. However, her little moist mouth reacquainted itself with my manhood the following morning, which kind-of made up for it.

Sadly, this story does not have a happy ending. A few weeks after Bethany stayed with me my brother-in-law, Bethany’s dad, hinted around what he had been doing with his daughter. I gave him no indication that I had any idea of what he was hinting at, which seemed to piss him off. What I had done with his daughter was done out of love for her, not his perversion, I thought. I wasn’t about to sully what my niece and I had shared with her fuck-wit of a father!
Six months passed, during which time I saw Bethany only twice. Regrettably, we were unable to fully indulge ourselves in our ’special game’ as my niece called it. We did, though manage to enjoy ourselves feeling one another by playing the ’pee’ game that had started it all. Then, a couple of weeks before Christmas, after an afternoon of boozing, my brother-in-law picked Bethany and a friend up from school in his penis-extension of a sports car. The police theorised that he was not only well over the legal drink/drive limit, but was driving far too fast for the road conditions when he ploughed his car into the back of an articulated lorry at speed. The two little girls died at the scene, but he survived the immediate crash. He was on life-support in hospital for several days, but succumbed to his injuries eventually.
My sister fell apart and ended up having to be hospitalised for some six months. She was still unable to properly look after herself so I invited her to come and live with me, which she did. She’s getting better now and she and I have grown close, very close...


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