It's no fun having a sister who's a child model...

Let me tell you, it's no fun being the older brother of a sister who's a child model. I should know, because my kid sister has been a model since she was six years old. She's appeared in no end of mail order catalogues, modelling anything from shoes to underwear. Apparently, she's good at what she does.
When she was little, it was no problem. I mean, who takes any notice of a little kid playing dressing-up? I certainly didn't. Sure, it used to piss me off when plans had to be cancelled at the last minute because mum would get a 'phone call from the agency asking if Trudy was available to do a shoot somewhere or other, but that was about the extent of it. No, it's only been in the past year or so that it's become a problem to me personally.
Trudy's twelve now and I'm fourteen. Me and my sister are pretty typical, I suppose, in that we fight and argue like most brothers and sisters do. Although Trudy doesn't come 'the big I am' she still has a manner about her that annoys me at times. I love her to bits even so and I think she loves me as well. Even that, though, isn't the real problem. It's my mates at school that piss me off.
You see, although she's two years younger than us, Trudy doesn't look it, especially when she's all dolled up. She'd get away with being at least my age; older even sometimes. And she knows it, too.
Now, I know it isn't cool for a brother to tell people that his little sister is pretty, but, if I told you otherwise I'd be lying. Trudy isn't just pretty, she's beautiful. There, that's the truth. She is one very good-looking girl. Not only that, she's already got the body to go with the face. Trudy's about five feet, two inches tall, has nice legs, a cute arse and a decent pair of tits: not too big yet and not so small that you wouldn't notice them. She's a natural blonde with a complexion that older women would kill to achieve. Nature blessed her with large eyes of the deepest blue, a small button nose and set of perfectly even teeth. I'd heard it said that her smile would be her fortune in later life. It's not doing her any harm now.
So, I have a gorgeous little sister, right? I also have a lot of mates. Normally when we're together, we have a good laugh, you know? We do the sort of things that all fourteen year old lads do; arse about, make a nuisance of ourselves, play footie and, of course, talk about girls. And that's where the problem - my problem - begins.
You see, out of all the fanciable girls at school, it's my sister who invariably dominates my mates' conversation. Jeez, you'd think she was only girl around to listen to them talk! Anyway, they talk about her, but I don't let them get too, you know, personal, like. I won't allow them to say anything rude or suggestive about her, if you know what I mean.
In a sense, I benefit from her success as I'm seen to be popular myself. My mates love coming around to my house on the off-chance of seeing Trudy and she, of course, revels in their adoration of her. She's savvy, I have to tell you: she's been a model a long time and she knows how to 'work it' when the occasion calls. I've seen a couple of my mates virtually drooling when she's around! It makes me laugh.
Anyway, this is what happened after a conversation me and my mate Leon had one night.
For some reason it was just me and Leon that night. He’d managed to get a cheap bottle of cider from the local Sainsbury’s and we’d polished it off between us. We were sitting in the park talking about a girl at school we both fancied. Her name was Felicity and she was in the sixth form and way, way out of our league. Even so, it didn’t hurt to fantasise, which was what we’d been doing for most of the evening. Leon had been very graphic about what he’d do to her if he ever got the opportunity to get her alone in his bedroom and I’d chimed in with my ideas.
Most of it was bollocks, really. I mean, we were both inexperienced in bed. Leon didn’t know it, but I’d lost my cherry with his older sister, Maxine, not so long ago, actually. We tried it twice, both times unsuccessfully, as I’d cum too quickly! I knew that Leon had had sex with at least one girl; then again, so had half the lads at school, if her reputation was to be believed! So, really, we were just spouting off trying to sound like we really knew what we were talking about.
It must have been the cider that made Leon say what he said.
“You know, mate” he said, “if I had a sister like yours, I’d definitely shag her”
I hadn’t drunk so much that I mis-heard what he said.
“What?” I said, shocked.
“Yeah, mate. If I had a fit sister like your Trudy, I’d give her one” he was grinning stupidly, well on his way to being pissed as he spoke, but I knew he wasn’t just winding me up.
“What, you’d shag you own sister?”
“If she looked like Trudy, yeah, I would” he told me again.
Oh, man, this was unreal. I’d known Leon since we were little kids and I had never heard him talk like this.
“Man, that is so sick!” I exclaimed.
“Why? Why is it sick” he challenged.
“Because it is. I mean, your own sister? Jeez”
“Listen, mate” Leon insisted, “it ain’t as strange as it sounds” he said, pointing his finger at me. “I mean, there’s always stories in the papers and that, about dads shagging their daughters. You ain’t gonna tell me it don’t happen between brothers and sisters, yeah?”
Yeah, I’d read the occasional story in the newspapers, of course I had. But it wasn’t all that often, though, a point I tried to raise with my mate.
“Well, whatever” he said dismissively, “the point is, is that it does go on. And more often than people realise” he finished, as if that was the clincher.
“Even so, mate” I insisted.
“Even so, what?”
“Your own sister”
“Well, I’m telling you, I would”
I hoped like hell that he was winding me up; that it was the alcohol talking or something, but, at the same time, I was afraid he was being deadly serious.
“Would you shag Maxine, then?” I asked him, teasing him a bit I suppose.
“If she looked as good as your Trudy, yeah I would” he said bluntly.
“She wouldn’t let you touch her with a bargepole!” I laughed, knowing that Maxine was mostly up her own arse when it came to boys. She thought she was something special in the looks department. I can tell you, if I was being kind, that she was just about average-looking. I’d only shagged her because it was offered to me, otherwise I wouldn’t have looked twice at her.
Leon laughed with me and agreed that I was probably right.
“Still”, he said, “Trudy ain’t like her”
“No. No, she’s not” I said.
The conversation tapered off after that and Leon went home not long afterwards, as did I.
Our conversation, though, stayed with me. I wasn’t as disgusted about what my mate had suggested as I thought I might - or even ought to - have been. I knew that that sort of thing - incest - went on and probably had been since the dawn of time. Even so...

Why, then, just a couple of days later, was I rooting through my little sister’s wardrobe looking for her modelling portfolio? I told myself that I was just trying to see Trudy how other people saw her when they looked at her pictures in those catalogues, if they looked at her, as such, at all. I mean, the whole idea of models was to show off the clothes, wasn’t it? Did people actually look at the bodies?
I couldn’t find anything in Trudy’s bedroom, but hit the jackpot in mum and dad’s. Mum had been keeping scrapbooks of very shoot Trudy had been on, from her very first as a really cute six year old kid full of innocence and the joys of being young, to the most recent shoot just a couple of months ago. It was that set of pictures that opened my eyes, really opened them for the first time, to my sister.
Two photo’s stood out for me: one was of Trudy and another pretty girl about the same age modelling school PE kit. Trudy was wearing a white tennis skirt, a white polo shirt, white sports socks and trainers. The other girl was wearing the same kit, only hers was in royal blue.
What stood out to me was just how gorgeous Trudy looked; young, fit and healthy. I remembered the shoot because Trudy had giggled about having to use fake sun-tan lotion to make her winter-pale legs look nice (the shoot had been back in February, ready for the Summer catalogue)
The other photo was of my sister on her own. In that one she was modelling girly-looking jeans and a girly-top. The way the photographed had been posed and lit, it made Trudy look exactly what she was; a young girl on the brink of womanhood, enjoying herself. It was so natural-looking that I felt it captured the spirit of my sister perfectly.
In the picture, she is turned slightly away from the camera so that she’s caught in profile. The light in her hair makes it shine and makes her blue eyes twinkle. She is smiling happily, showing off her nice teeth. But it was the way her emerging figure stood out that did it for me.
The jeans clung to her bum tightly, the curve of her arse cheeks clearly defined. Also, the top she was wearing must have been quite tight as well because I could clearly see the swell of the small tit that was nearest the camera lens. She looked gorgeous.
I remember thinking two things: firstly, that had I not known how old she was I’d fancy her something rotten and, secondly, had the girl in that picture not been my little sister, I’d have shagged her brains out. Oh, yeah, I got a hard-on, too.
It was my hard-on that changed things, and every word of my conversation with Leon came back to me. I couldn’t honestly remember ever having sexual thoughts or ideas about my little sister before, but as I looked at those two photographs, not only was I having those kind of thoughts, they were really turning me on. I took both pictures with me into the bathroom and propped them up on the toilet cistern. I gave myself the best wank I’d had in ages while I stared at them...
Those photo’s never found their way back to mum’s collection. I hid them in one of my many books instead. I could lie and say that I just wanted a couple of nice pictures of my sister; that I’d got whatever had prompted me to wank over them out of my system; that I never gave another moment of thought to what Leon had said, but I’d be lying through my back teeth.
The truth was that over the course of a few weeks, those photo’s became a little tatty after I’d taken them out and wanked over them many more times. In fact, even the lovely Felicity came a far second in my night-time wank-before-sleep fantasies when I went to bed. It was images of Trudy that fuelled my mind as I brought myself to climax into a tissue before dropping off to sleep and having erotic dreams about her.
Trudy, of course, was oblivious to the thoughts, ideas and fantasies I was enjoying about her. I tried to act around her as I always had. We still argued, fell out, made up and got along as well as we always had. It was only in my head that our relationship was any different.

A month or more had gone by since me and Leon had had that conversation. It was never mentioned between us and I suspected that he had forgotten about it. He had drunk a lot of cider that night, after all. .
In fact, that conversation was on my mind one Saturday morning when I went to the bathroom. Dad was at work and mum was out as well. I can’t remember where now, only that she wasn’t due home until much later that afternoon. Dad had said that the job he was on might mean he’d have to stay away overnight, but he wasn’t sure. He’d ring later in the day and let mum know, one way or the other. Either way, what it amounted to was that me and Trudy were effectively alone at home together all day.
It wasn’t the first time, but by no means was it a common occurrence. Mum hated leaving us for too long especially as dad worked away quite often. Me and Trudy told her often enough that she had every right o go out and enjoy herself now that we were not babies anymore. She still took some convincing, but she didn’t protest half as much as she did less than a year ago.
Before, me and Trudy did our own thing; me with my mates and she with her giggly friends. It was never a problem, which was why mum was happy to leave us. That Saturday, though, with Leon’s words in my head, my little sister’s photographs a continual source of wank fantasies and my almost-constant state of horniness, and that day was completely different to all of those other times we’d been home alone.
It was about ten o’clock and Trudy hadn’t emerged from her bedroom yet. Dad had been gone for hours and mum had gone out thirty minutes or so earlier. I hadn’t made any plans to meet any of my usual gang nor, to the best of my knowledge, had my little sister arranged to go out.
I had to pass Trudy’s bedroom to get to the bathroom. As I did so I noticed that the door was ajar, indicating that she had at least got out of bed at some point. I used the toilet and, as I approached Trudy’s bedroom again, I paused outside the door.
I could hear her radio playing softly, but nothing else. I was going to knock on the door before entering, but something told me not to. Instead I just pushed the door slightly and it opened wider without a sound.
The first thing I saw was a back view of my sister. That in itself was nice enough. However, it didn’t hurt that she was naked and I had my first-ever sight of her cute arse!
In clothes, Trudy’s bum looked nice, a la the photograph I’d wanked over god-knows how many times by then. Her naked arse was a much, much nicer sight to look at. How I wished I had a camera!
Her bum cheeks were small and nicely rounded, each with a small dimple almost in the centre. They looked invitingly strokeable. I felt my breath catch in my throat and a surge of something - lust or whatever - caused my prick to swell to full stiffness in moments. I stood and stared at my twelve year old sisters naked arse for what felt like hours but was probably less than a minute or two.
I don’t know if it was the feeling of being watched or the draught from her open bedroom door that caused Trudy to look around, but whatever it was, look around she did.
Clearly, she wasn’t expecting to see me - or anyone for that matter - to be standing there. Her pretty face registered puzzlement, at first, then anger when she realised it was me. You see, she was stark naked and I wasn't slow to notice, either.
I barely heard her as she yelled at me, at the same time as she tried to cover her tits with one hand and her pussy with the other. I'd already seen though.
I had no idea what she'd been doing when her back was to me, but it looked to me like she was feeling herself up or something. Both of her nipples stood out from the pale flesh of her small tits, dark brown and much bigger than I would have expected on such a young girl. She might have been my kid sister, but I have to tell you, the sight of her tits started to make my prick stiffen.
Oh yeah, just before she covered herself with her hand, I also noticed that her pussy didn't have any hair there yet, either. I didn't know if twelve year old girls got pubic hair at the same time as boys of her age, or whether it came later (I'd had some soft hair around my prick by the time I was twelve, I recalled), but her little pussy looked really cute without any hair there.
Instead of 'pissing-off' like she was telling me to, I stepped further into Trudy's bedroom and closed the door behind me. Trudy backed away from me, looking around for something with which to cover herself up. There was nothing immediately to hand and her bathrobe was hanging on the back of her bedroom door, immediately behind me...
Trudy had stopped yelling at me and we were staring at one another.
"What do you want?" she asked angrily
"I don't know yet" I answered.
"Pass me my bathrobe" she ordered.
Now, if she'd asked me more politely, I might well have passed it to her and that would have been the end of it. She would have put it on and I would have turned around and left her to it. But she didn't. It was that tone in her voice that pissed me off - really pissed me off - and I decided there and then to teach her a lesson.
"If you want your bloody bathrobe" I teased, "you'll have to come and get it yourself"

She looked gob-smacked at me, seemingly shocked that I hadn't immediately done as she'd said. It didn't happen very often, admittedly, but my little sister could be like that at times. It seemed to me that she forgot who was the older of the two of us every now and then and spoke to me like I was the kid. Well, she'd chosen the wrong time to do that.
We argued back and forth for several minutes, me standing by her bedroom door and she eight or nine feet away with one arm covering her tits and the other strategically placed covering her pussy. The more angry and upset she became at my refusal to 'obey' her, the more aroused I became. My prick was fully erect and I was as horny as hell. An idea formed in my mind, an idea that suggested that I could turn this unexpected situation to my advantage, I thought.
"I tell you what" I said casually, as though I was suggesting nothing more outrageous than what to watch on telly, "if you let me see you naked for a minute, I'll pass you your bathrobe".
"NO!" she exclaimed
"Come on, sis" I wheedled, "just for a minute"
"No. No I won't!" she hissed.
"Why not?" I asked. "I've already seen most of you anyway" I reasoned.
"Only because you crept up on me!" she accused.
"No I did not! You left your bedroom door open!"
That shut her up because she knew I was right. I smiled at her.
"Please, Brett, just pass me my bathrobe. I'm getting cold now" Trudy asked in a more reasonable voice. I wasn't fooled.
"I only want a quick look at you" I said, equally reasonably, "it won't bloody hurt!"
"No! Just give me my bathrobe!"
I just stood there, smiling sweetly at her as she became more frustrated and I became more horny. Man, she was so cute when she was angry!
Okay, I needed to try a different tack.
"How about if I get undressed as well, would that be better?" I asked.
"NO!" she virtually screamed at me. "I just want my bathrobe!"
"And I want to see you naked" I said quietly.
All those weeks of wanking over those photographs of my little sister; all those fantasies I'd had of seeing her sexy young body naked; everything that Leon had said that night, were all driving me on to do what I was doing. I was determined that, one way or another, I was going to get a good view of my twelve year old sister's naked body - today.
Trudy began to cry, her tears ran down her cheeks but she didn’t make a sound. I was fairly certain that she would have liked to have wiped them away, but that would have meant moving one of her hands. She could have turned away from me, but that idea seemed to not occur to her.
I was wearing a shirt and jeans. With tears streaming down her face, Trudy watched me as I began to unbutton my shirt. I quickly shrugged it off and dropped it on the floor. Then I undid the button and zip of my trousers and pushed them down to my feet. I stepped out of them and kicked them aside.
The bulge in my pants was obvious. My prick was as hard as I could remember it being since that disastrous time with Leon’s sister. It seemed to me that my little sister had noticed it, too. Her tears stopped and I would have sworn that she was watching my every movement.
I pushed my underpants down and freed my stiff prick. I didn’t take my eyes off Trudy’s face as I kicked my pants aside and stood in front of her, as naked as she was, with my prick standing proudly to attention.
Bearing in mind that I was only fourteen, I thought that I was reasonably well endowed for my age. My prick wasn’t very long, maybe four inches or so, but it was quite thick. I also had a thick thatch of dark, curly pubic hair already. I reckoned that, for a lad my age, I was doing okay in that department, compared to the men’s pricks I’d seen in wank-mags. Maybe I’d grow as big as some of those guys as I got older?
“There” I said, spreading my arms out either side of me and pushing my hips slightly forward, “this is me, naked” I added.
Trudy, I noticed, wasn’t looking at my face any more. Her eyes were looking at my stiff prick.
“C’mon then, fair’s fair” I prompted
“I, I’ve never seen a boy naked” Trudy whispered.
“And I’ve never seen you naked” I countered.
My little sister looked at me, let out a big sigh, then slowly dropped her arms to her sides. I felt my eyes widen and, if possible, my prick stiffen just a little more as I gazed with awe at the sight of my pretty twelve year old sister’s naked body.
I had a pretty good imagination - and those photographs had helped somewhat - to help me fuel my wanking fantasies. The reality was far, far better than anything my mind came up with. Man, I wasn’t even close!
As I said, Trudy wasn’t all that big; petite, really. She was very slim and had a tiny waist. Her tits were no bigger than a couple of ripe apples and each of them had huge dark-brown aureoles that covered almost the whole of the front of them. But it was her dark nipples that grabbed my attention. They looked like a pair of dark chocolate sweets as they rose stiffly and proudly on her tits. Leon’s sister had had big nipples, too, and I knew what it felt like to suck them and, man, did I ever want to clamp my mouth around my little sister’s!
Trudy’s waist tapered in slightly to her hips then widened a little to give her that womanly shape that would develop more as she matured. Her stomach was flat and led down to the swell of her hairless pubis. She stood with her legs close together, but even so, her pussy slit extended about halfway up her pubis. Christ, she was bloody sexy, I tell you.
Trudy and I stood there for maybe two minutes, not speaking, just looking at one another.
“You’re beautiful” I heard myself saying in a voice I didn’t recognise as my own. “Gorgeous” the voice added.
“Thank you” Trudy said politely.
“I can see why all my mates fancy you” I told her, still using that stranger’s voice. Trudy didn’t say anything to that.
“I’ve never seen a boy’s... thingy...” she said slowly. “I mean, not like that” she added.
By ‘that’, I assumed she meant erect.
Yeah, well...” was all I could stupidly manage by way of a reply.
We’d been standing there for five minutes or more, staring at one another and I was still ridiculously horny. My arousal was not being helped by being so bloody close to a sexy naked girl, even if it was my own sister. I would have loved to have wanked, just to relieve the sexual tension I was feeling, but I was loath to just turn around, pick my clothes up and leave Trudy’s bedroom. that would not have been at all satisfying.
I crossed the floor and stood directly in front of Trudy.
“There”, I said, “you can see it better from here” I told her.
In the back of my mind, I wondered if I’d break the spell that seemed to have woven itself around us if I moved. Reasoning that we couldn’t stand there all day looking at each other, I gambled that my little sister’s now-obvious interest in my naked body was worth taking the risk. I was as much relived as pleased when, after I’d spoken, Trudy didn’t turn away or make any move towards covering herself up. If anything, her eyes seemed to be riveted on my prick.
“You can touch it if you want” I offered, hoping like hell that she’d take me up
“I.. I don’t want to” she said softly
“Go on, it won’t bite you!” I urged, manufacturing a humour I wasn’t feeling at that moment!
“Are you sure?” Trudy asked, looking right at me for the first time in several minutes. Her eyes gave her away; she may have been acting reluctant, but there was a gleam and excitement in her eyes that gave the lie to her words and actions.
“Yes, of course I am” I said, then realised that I was probably giving away the impatience I was feeling. “I mean, I’d really like you to, if you want”
Of course she bloody did! It took Trudy no longer than for my voice to stop than for her to tentatively reach for my stiffness, that’s how ‘reluctant’ she was. I expected her to just place the tip of one of her fingers on me or something, but not my little sister. Before I knew it, she had all of the fingers of here small hand wrapped around my shaft, and I was in heaven!
I’m telling you, as often as I’d gripped my own swollen prick and wanked myself, nothing, nothing at all, felt anywhere near as exciting as those first few seconds when I realised that my little twelve year old sister had hold of my prick. I actually let out a little groan of pleasure!
And she bloody-well knew what it did to me, I swear she did. A small smile curled the corners of her lips and I began to wonder just who was in control here? With my sister holding my stiff prick, it sure as hell didn’t feel like me!
“Do you wank?” she asked me suddenly.
“Do, do I what?” I stammered
“Wank. Do you wank?” she repeated.
Yeah, I know. All guys do it, right? We just don’t admit it, though, do we? Well, if you ever get yourself into the position I was in at that moment in time, denying doing something like that seemed... well, pointless, to be honest. I suspected that Trudy knew full-well that I wanked, anyway.
“Yeah, I do” I said brazenly.
“Wow! That’s so cool!” was her delighted response. See, if I’d lied to her we’d have had another pointless argument and she would more than likely have let go of my prick, which was the last thing I wanted to happen. Instead, I felt her fingers grip me just a bit tighter, which did me no harm whatsoever!
“You, can you know... If you want to...” I said, sounding vague. I didn’t want to push my luck too far, you know?
“What? Wank you, you mean?” Trudy asked.
“Well, yeah, if you want to” I told her.
“I don’t know what to do or how to do it, though” my sister said, sounding unsure of herself.
“It’s easy” I told her, “just hold me like you are and move your hand up and down, see?” I said, taking hold of her wrist and moving it up and down. “That’s all there is to it“.
Trudy didn’t say another word as she practiced wanking me.
“Is this what you do?” she asked after a minute or so
“Yeah, yeah!” I said urgently, barely able to believe that not only did my little sister have her fingers wrapped around my swollen prick, but was actually wanking me as well! This was too unreal!
It was also bloody sexy as hell. Christ! I’d wanked hundreds of times, I reckon, but not one of those wanks compared to the one Trudy was giving me, I can tell you that for nothing. Her grip was firm, but light, if that makes sense. Also, because she was being so careful, she was going agonisingly slowly, which was something I could rarely do to myself because I was normally so horny I wanted to cum as soon as I could. I’m sure you’ve been there, too, yeah?
So, there we were, fourteen year old brother being wanked by his sexy twelve year old child-model sister. It was brilliant; fucking wonderful to be honest. My prick had never felt so stiff, neither had I felt so horny, either. I mean, I’d had a hard-on for well over ten minutes and I’d been looking at one of the sexiest little bodies I’d ever had the good fortune to stare at. So, it wasn’t any wonder really that within a couple of minutes of Trudy starting to wank me, I could feel that I was going to cum.
“I’m, uh, gonna cum!” I gasped as my little sister’s hand moved up and down my shaft with exquisite slowness.
“Oh? What happens, then?”
“Just keep doing what you’re doing!” I panted, “and watch my prick, then you’ll see”
Trudy did as I asked and I felt my balls contract and my prick swelled in her little hand.
My legs felt rubbery as the tension in my prick built up and I groaned in frustration. That little smile was on Trudy’s lips again and, at that moment in time, I positively loathed her for what she was doing to me.
Then I adored her; thought she was the most wonderful creature that ever existed as my balls gave up their load of cum and a thick stream of creamy-white fluid spurted from the end of my prick and arced to the floor. Trudy jerked in surprise, but mercifully didn’t stop wanking me. Her hand helped another, then another spurt of cum free itself from my sac and join the first lot on the floor in front of us. A couple of more dribbles followed then my prick began to lose its stiffness and Trudy let go of it.
“Wow! That was so cool!” she exclaimed, her pretty face wreathed in the biggest smile I’d seen on it in a while. “It’s a bit.... icky, though, isn’t it?” she added, wrinkling her nose is distaste at the sight of the cum stain on her pink bedroom carpet.
I couldn’t help it: I laughed, loudly. Trust my kid sister; she gives me the most fantastic wank I’d ever had then brings it right back down to earth by calling it ’icky’. Bless her, but I loved her to bits!
My legs were still a little unsteady so I sunk onto Trudy’s bed. Trudy looked at me, looked at the mess my prick had made on her carpet, then sat herself beside me.
I looked at her, all laughter gone. She really was most remarkably pretty I remember thinking before I leaned my head forward and kissed those lips that had had that little smile on not so long ago.
Trudy pulled away from me.
“What’s the matter?” I asked, a little annoyed
“Nothing. It’s... I don’t know. You’re my brother”
“So? I was only going to kiss you”
Yeah, I know, but still...”
“Oh, come on Trude. I mean, after, you know...”
“I know” she said simply. I didn’t want to labour the point, but after she’d already wanked me, what the hell was a kiss between brother and sister?
“I only wanted to say thank you, you know, for what you did” I said soothingly.
“But you’re my brother! Brothers don’t kiss their sisters, not like that” she said, wrinkling her nose again. Oddly, instead of finding it annoying, I thought it made her all the more endearing.
“I don’t see how you can complain” I tried, attempting logic as my line of argument. “Twelve year old sisters don’t usually wank their older brothers, either”
She actually blushed as I spoke the unspoken words. It seemed to me that as long as we didn’t verbally acknowledge what had gone on, it wasn’t real or something. The fact that my cum was drying on her bedroom carpet was truth enough that she had, in fact wanked me, and most satisfyingly, too.
We were sitting less than two feet apart. I grabbed Trudy around the shoulders. She fell back as she tried to evade me but I laid across her. this time when I tried to kiss her, she wasn’t quick enough to turn her head and our lips met.
I pressed my lips against my little sister’s but felt no softness there. I persisted, kept on kissing her until, she couldn’t keep her lips closed tightly any longer and had to take in a deep breath.
“C’mon, sis” I said gently, give me a proper kiss”
God, she was pretty. Her beautiful blue eyes looked at me with such intensity that I felt something shift in my chest. She was beautiful.
This time when I bent my face over her to kiss her, Trudy’s lips were so soft and warm and welcoming that I felt my prick begin to stir to life again. I kissed her again, then again, each kiss longer and sweeter than the previous one. Let me tell you this, no girl had ever made me feel so sexy and aroused as kissing my own twelve year old sister did. After the fifth or sixth kiss, my prick was again fully erect.
In the back of my mind was the realisation that my chest was pressing against Trudy’s tits. My inner voice was reminding me that she had the most gorgeous nipples, too. I decided it was a good idea to listen to what that voice was telling me - and to do something about it.
My free arm was laying above my sister’s head. As we kissed, I eased it down, placing my hand on her stomach to begin with, then began to slowly ease it up her small body towards her chest. I had a slight tremble in my fingers as I lightly stroked the swell of her smooth boob. I felt Trudy’s body give a little shudder - of pleasure, I hoped - when she felt my fingertips brushing across the hard erect nipple.
Trudy broke our kiss.
“What are you doing?” she hissed.
“I’ve been wanting to do this since I saw you earlier” was my vague reply.
“Don’t!” she scolded, trying to slap my hand away.
“Why? It’s not hurting you, is it?” I argued unreasonably.
“That’s not the point!”
I couldn’t have cared less what the point was, to be honest. Trudy’s hard dark nipples were lovely to look at; to touch, they were a million times nicer. I ignored her complaints and pressed her against her bed as I moved my face from hers and placed my mouth over one small round tit.
She tried to push me off, but I was a good six inches taller and at least two stones heavier than Trudy, so it was an unequal contest before it started.
“Please stop, Brett. You shouldn’t be doing this!” she cried.
She ‘shouldn’t’ have wanked me either, but was I complaining? Was I hell! I ignored her protests as my mouth savoured the feel of her hard nipples. I sucked and licked each hard little bud in turn, and when my mouth wasn’t busy on one tit, I made sure that my hand was. Trudy’s young body was rigid under me as she fought vainly to squirm out from under me, but all she managed to do was make me all the more determined to keep sucking on her tits.
To be honest, having her fight me like that was turning me on. There was a big difference between having a girl willingly going to bed with you than one who wasn’t all that keen. My sister, after everything that had happened so far, had put herself into the latter category. Well, tough shit, as far as I was concerned.
My stiff prick was demanding attention, but another wank wasn’t on my agenda, as nice as that might have been. I did give it a single moment’s thought, but dismissed it.
Come on: what guy un their right mind, in bed with a naked girl, would settle for a simple wank, for Christ’s sake? I sure as hell wasn’t going to, I knew that.
Trudy was becoming more and more agitated the longer I kept her pinned down. I had to virtually lay across her sexy little body to stop her wriggling about. It ended up that I was damn near between her legs with my full weight pinning her down.
Using my knees as leverage, I eased my little sister’s legs apart.
“NO!” she screamed at me as she realised what I intended. I ignored her.
To give her her due, she put up quite a fight, clamping her legs tightly together. But I was stronger and more determined. Not only that, I was fucking monumentally horny, and nothing was going to stop me.
“Please, Brett, not that” she whined, “I’m still a virgin”
A virgin? Great! I’d not had a virgin, yet.
My greater strength and persistence paid off when, unable to maintain the strength she needed to keep her legs clamped together, they virtually flew apart and I made sure one of my legs was between her thighs before she had the chance to close them again.
Trudy was sobbing, begging me to let her go, but I wasn’t hearing her. I eased my weight off of her body and pushed her legs apart. they opened more easily than I expected.
Her pussy was soaking wet; not just moist or damp, but really, really wet. Now, that I hadn’t expected. Given the way she was bawling her eyes out and the fight she’d put up, I really thought my little sister would be as dry as an old bone. her pussy, though, suggested something entirely different. She was turned-on as I was!
I placed the head of my swollen prick against the soft folds of her labia. Trudy cried harder still and begged me to not take her virginity. To be honest with you, even if I had wanted to, I couldn’t have stopped myself from pushing my hips forward. My blood was up, i was as aroused as ever I’d been and, short of being annihilated in a nuclear explosion, nothing was going to stop me.
I didn’t slip smoothly into Trudy’s pussy. She’d clamped her pussy walls as tight as she could make them, trying to keep my prick out of her sex. I wasn’t going to let that stop me, though. I just pushed my hips harder forwards, banging the head of my prick against her tight wet pussy lips.
Trudy was wiling and throwing her head from side to side, saying ‘no, no, no’ over and over again as my prick pounded against her pussy. I don’t know what happened, but Trudy must have briefly relaxed her pussy muscles at exactly the same moment as my prick hit her pussy, because I felt the swollen head of my organ slip into her.
For a moment, Trudy was silent, her mouth a round ‘o’ of surprise as she realised that her big brother had his prick in her. then she really began to struggle.
I eased my full length into my twelve year old sister’s pussy as she screamed at me, called me every single name she could think of, even searing at me, which was something I’d never heard her do before, ever. I didn’t care a toss what she said because my stiff prick was firmly enclosed by the walls of her tight virgin pussy and I was oblivious to anything else other than the incredible sensations I was enjoying.
Now that I’d finally got myself in her sexy young body, all of the fight left Trudy. Still crying softly, she closed her eyes and turned her head away from me as I began to slowly and gently make love to her. I say ‘make love’ because, in spite of the manner in which it had come about, I really did love my little sister and I wanted her to enjoy having my prick in her. I would have told her that, too, but she wasn’t in a listening mood by then.
Trudy didn’t react at all when I began to feel her lovely small tits again. With the feel of them in my hands and the tightness of her pussy around my prick, I was enjoying myself immensely. Trudy even managed to stop crying after a while, but she still refused to look at me. I could live with that.
The longer my prick was in her, the more her pussy relaxed and I was soon able to make love to my little sister more easily. I was able to slip in and out of her freely, which must have made it nicer for her as well.
I was so excited and aroused. I mean, a fourteen year old schoolboy having proper sex. It was fantastic! Okay, it was with my little sister, but, you know, that made it even more fantastic and exciting. At that moment, with my prick buried to the hilt in her immature sex, i couldn’t have thought of anything else I would have rather been doing with anybody else. Making love with my own sister was about as good as it got, I thought.
I began to hump myself in Trudy’s little body harder and faster as I brought myself close to climax. I’d already performed better than I had the only other time I’d had sex, so I was feeling pretty good about that, too. I drove my prick into my twelve year old sister’s pussy over and over again, pushing into her young body as far as I was able. i was transported to somewhere else as i savoured every second of making love with Trudy.
I would have loved to have been able to keep going all bloody day, if that were possible. Unfortunately, my inexperienced body betrayed me and far too soon for my liking I felt myself on the brink of climax. It spurred me on to make love to my sister even harder.
The bed was rocking under us as my prick slammed into Trudy’s pussy. She began to cry again as even she realised that i was about to cum. I thrust into her harder still, then felt my prick swell and my body went rigid. A low groan escaped my throat as I felt my prick seemingly explode in my little sister’s pussy. Still I humped her, lost in the incredible sensations sweeping through my body. Never had I felt anything like it and I never wanted it to stop. Everything was centred around my prick, the warm glow of release and satisfaction virtually indescribable. Only when the feelings decreased in intensity did I slow my hips, allowing my prick to slip out of Trudy when they stopped altogether and I was completely spent.
I collapsed beside my sister and made to cuddle her.
“Just fuck off and leave me alone!” she spat before jumping off her bed and running out of the bedroom. I heard the bathroom door slam. I could hear her sobbing, wailing in fact. I felt a little bit sorry for her, to be honest, but consoled myself with the thought that if she hadn’t wanted to play grown-up games, she shouldn’t have started them...

Things didn't change a great deal between me and my sister after that day. Oh, sure, she was pissed-off at me for weeks afterwards, but she never said anything to mum and dad. We stayed friends and still argued, like we always had done. Even when I got into bed with her one morning and made love to her again, she didn't cry like she did before. She still tried to fight me off, of course she did, but she didn't cry. And now, she doesn't even struggle anymore. That's taken a little of the fun out of it for me as it turned me on no end when I had to work hard to get what I wanted from her. Still, it was still bloody fantastic every time I made love with my little sister. I doubted that I'd ever get quite the same thrill out of making love with another girl as I did with Trudy.
A few weeks ago I was out with my mates again. Leon mentioned Trudy during our bull-shitting about girls. He virtually repeated our conversation from before, about shagging his own sister if she looked like Trudy.
“You should try it, mate” I said.
Leon looked at me, a question in his eyes and expression. I looked right back at him. Then I smiled, a secretive little smile just like the ones Trudy gave me that day.
“Have you...?” he began to ask. I just walked away.


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That wasn't sick. That's a common fantasy. Hell, I've thought of my brother like that a time or two...

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Good story but next time
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