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Chapter 2; Alex's induction.
If there is little to no support for this one, I won't bother releasing the last parts.

----- 2 --

Jonas and Alex stood back to back in the bathroom slowly disrobing while the shower water warmed up. Alex finished first of course and pivoted around to watch her father. When he turned around, his private part was the absolute biggest she had ever seen. It was shooting straight up and it looked so incredibly hard. It was massive. She knew that penises went into vaginas but right there was proof that only certain penises went into certain vaginas. Her and daddy just didn’t mix. But she was still curious.

“Can we wash each other, daddy?”

“I don’t think that’s a good idea.”

“Pleeeeeeaaaaaase…” Alex reached her hand up and wrapped her fingers around his penis.

Jonas about lost the strength in his legs as he took in a huge gulp of air. Without repercussion, Alex slid her hand up and ran her fingers around the big purple head on top. The entirety of her daddy’s body quivered as he reached for her and pushed away. She let go promptly.

“Did it hurt, I’m sorry.”

“No, it felt amazing. I mean, don’t do that again.”


“Just, don’t. We shouldn’t be doing this in the first place.”

“Please, I won’t do it again. Please, we still have to take a shower.”

“Okay, but let’s make this quick.”

They both quickly transferred into the shower and took turns completely soaking themselves under the spray of water. Jonas picked up the shampoo, squirted a splotch into his hand and handed it to Alex. Alex put it down and picked up the conditioner. While she squeezed a good amount into her hand, she looked up to her father.

“I got your conditioner.”

“I don’t use that,” he responded peering up, scrubbing his finger through his hair. Anything to take his mind off his little girl.

“What about down here then?” she asked as she pressed her hand into his pubic hair.

Unwillingly almost, her conditioner covered fingers made their way back over his shaft.

“If it feels good, why can’t I do it?” she asked pulling her hand up to the tip.

Her father was speechless as she swirled her palm around at the top before tugging back down. All he could do was moan. He had just lost his last tidbit of willpower.

“Does it go like this?” Alex questioned running the length of him up and down through her fingers.

“Yes baby,” he said through heavy breaths.

She had never seen her daddy like this before. But he looked like he felt really good so she continued. His breathing was very hard.

Jonas couldn’t last very much longer in such a situation. His little daughter was so innocently, jacking him off. He was seconds from cumming. He had to stop.

“Baby stop, stop now,” he groaned. Alex knew something big was about to happen. Her daddy flung his arms around her naked body and pulled her hard into his. Immediately she let loose to not smash her hands between.

She felt the super warm, solid shaft press in between her near absent breasts.

“No, don’t. I can’t. Stop,” her daddy muttered to himself. Alex shifted her chest around feeling the object out more.

And then something very warm and thick splashed up onto her chin. She pulled her neck back, scraping her hair down her father’s chest and looked to feel that warm goo coat her lips. She watched as white milky cream squirted up from the pee hole on her father’s penis that was squeezed tightly between his hips and her chest. The next shot plastered her nose, some jumping into a nostril.

Then her face was pressed into her daddy’s ribs by his hand tugging her head in. The rest of the warm liquid oozed onto her chest.

“I’m so sorry honey. Please forgive me.”

“Is that the stuff that makes babies?”

Jonas slowly dropped to his knees to look his daughter in the face. Cum coated her lower half. Lifting his hand, he wiped and smeared as much off as he could. The steamy water sprayed his shoulder blades, occasionally sending droplets into Alex’s flinching eyes.

“Yes honey. And I shouldn’t have done that.”

“Why? That means you love me doesn’t it?”

“No, well yes I do love you. But that doesn’t mean I love you. Any guy can do that.”

“But I love you and you love me and we’ve known each other for years and trust each other with everything. It’s all like you said. I don’t see why it’s wrong.”

“You didn’t do anything wrong sweetie. I just shouldn’t have let you do that. It’s my fault. You would do anything just because I’m your dad, not because you know what you’re doing.”

“Mommy would do anything because you’re her husband. Same thing. It’s not your fault. I touched you.” Desperation began breaking through as she saw tears forming in her daddy’s eyes.

“I need to tell your mom.”

“No!” Alex spat. “You said this was just between us.”

“Things changed. I failed.”

“NO!” she screamed. “The only thing that changed is you! You’re a liar now! And you’re starting to hide things from me! You don’t trust me anYMORE!” Alex pushed off her father in a screaming fit.

She punched him the face as hard as she could. He grabbed her back into his grip.

“Honey, remember your exercises.”


Alex lunged her mouth into her father’s neck and bit down as hard as she could while jamming her thumb into his side. He let go his strength for just a few seconds and she slipped out of his grip and made a run for it.

Jonas turned the shower off and stumbled naked from the bathroom after her. The sound of ceramic plates flying onto the kitchen floor signaled where his daughter ran to. Scrambling into the room at the wrong time, a glass cup thudded hard into the bone just above his shin.

He gave himself a loss of breath and suddenly instigated a spell.

“Calm down honey, please.”


Jonas found himself on his hands and knees after a particularly dizzy, long blink. A sharp pain stung into his arm as he rested his body onto the floor of broken plates to fall asleep.

Alex was enraged. She saw her dad falling asleep on top of the broken dishes. She knew she had to stop. She had to do her exercises. It had been so long since she was like this that she didn’t like it anymore. She didn’t feel like herself and it was scaring her. The fact that her daddy was sleeping so dangerously and she didn’t care.

Forcing herself to, she marched carefully out of the room and reluctantly speed dialed her mom’s cell phone. At hearing her voice she lost control again and slammed the phone to the ground before she began crying. She sprinted up to her room and crawled under her covers, threw the pillow over her head and continued screaming and crying.

It had been an hour before she was shaken out of a near trance by her mother.

“Honey, what happened?” Alex rolled over facing her and waited several seconds before blurting out.

“Daddy doesn’t like me anymore.”

“Why do you think that?”

“Because. He lies to me now and doesn’t trust me.”

“What happened that made you so mad?”

“I was touching him and he said not to, but I did it again and he said it was okay, but then he changed his mind again and then made the stuff you make babies with. And he got mad at himself even though I did it. And was acting like he was going to punish himself and tell you even though it was me and he knew it. But really, nothing was wrong because all the stuff he told me before.

“But he said it was so he had to be lying, just because he doesn’t like me anymore. He doesn’t want to be around me and he lies saying that he’s bad so I should stay away. I know daddy more than anybody and he’s not bad. He taught me all good stuff so I must have turned bad and now he wants me to stay away from him so I don’t infect him.”

New tears rolled from Alex’s eyes.

“It’s okay sweetie. Daddy’s just having a hard time lately. You’re growing up a lot quicker than he thought so he’s a bit behind. We just need to catch him up. I can see it now that you’re a lot smarter than we give you credit for.”

“I am,” Alex agreed confidently. A single laughed escaped her mother’s mouth at that. “Is daddy okay?”

“He’s fine. I moved him into the living room on the carpet and put a blanket on him. Had to put a bandage on his arm and sweep and mop the kitchen.”

“I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay. Go wash up your face and put some clothes on. You still got some of dried up daddy on you,” she pointed out. “Then come downstairs and we’ll see if we can wake him up for lunch.”

Alex raced into the upstairs bathroom and cleaned herself up, pulled on some clothes and sprinted downstairs. She crawled around on her daddy for a bit while her mom made sandwiches for them.

Riley walked in setting three plates down on the ground around her husband’s head, left and came back with three glasses of juice.

“So young lady,” she started as she maneuvered herself down into sitting Indian style, “you’ve got a little explaining to do. I’m assuming this all happened in the shower from the tracked water and shampoo and conditioner on your father. Why were you two in there together?”

Alex chewed the first bite of her sandwich extraordinarily slow not quite making eye contact with her mother.

“Because, I got mad at him yesterday so he said we could do one thing I wanted for just the two of us. Anything that I was curious about.”

“And you were curious about really touching his private part?”

“No, not until I saw it. I really just wanted a shower with him yesterday because…” She faded off as she put her head between her knees, dropping the sandwich to her plate.

“You can tell me anything honey.”

“I was just curious,” Alex said to the floor. “I wanted to know what it was like to be treated like you. Like if daddy was my husband. Not always just protecting me because I’m little.” Her lowering voice made it impossible to hear the last part of her finishing sentence.

“And where did you get the idea to touch daddy there?”

“Nowhere. I just never did it before and it looked interesting. I know it’s a no-no place but he said before that those rules only apply to everyone but you two or when I’m with a doctor and you’re right there. It was just daddy so it was okay. And then he spurted and got mad and I don’t know why. I wanted to ask him a bunch of questions because I never seen that before but he was being like he’s wrong even though I did everything.”

“Okay honey. Calm down. We’ve already been over that part. Take a deep breath.”

“Why was he mad?”

“Well, it’s just that… Well, daddy taught you this already, didn’t he? That part of him is a private part, so only the person he trusts and loves most should touch or see it. Like husband and wife. Mmm. Okay, let me try this,” she picked back up seeing prompt retaliation in her daughter’s face.

“You wrapped you hand around his private part. What if he just suddenly did the equivalent to you?” she tried again.

“What’s that?”

“What if he just came up to you and poked his finger in between your legs and went inside of your vagina? How would you feel?”

Alex squinted her eyes in confusion and a little disgust.

“I go pee from there.”

“But you know what it’s also used for. What if he pretended to use it for that purpose with his finger? That’s what you were doing to him with your hand, pretending. Something that should only be between two lovers, husband and wife. And your daddy instead did that to you?”

“You can pretend with your fingers?” Alex sparked in amazement.

“Please honey. Forget I said that. One problem at a time. Okay.” Her mother was off and on between calming herself down and cooling off her daughter. “Alright, I can’t screw this up any more.”

“Wait,” Alex resolved amazingly somehow back on track. “Daddy said he had to tell you that it happened. What I did to daddy was something only you’re allowed to do but since I did it, he was scared and mad because it’s like he was cheating on you. I swear mommy, I didn’t know. Please forgive him. He tried to stop me but I didn’t.”

“Calm down honey.”

“I’m right, aren’t I?”

“You’re close enough for now. Just calm down. I’m not mad at either of you. I wish your father would wake up very soon.”

“How do you pretend with your fingers?”

“Honey, before daddy wakes up, you have to understand something. Please listen and forget about that.”

“Okay,” Alex said in defeat.

“You father has always held a very open relationship with you. More so than most other families, and he has a way with words I can’t compete with that compensates.”

“What com-pun-sate mean?”

“It means make up for. He can always tell you the truth, but his words make it appropriate for you.”


“Your relationship with him looks like it’s going to start changing.”

“Noooo…” Alex whined in fear.

“Just listen. If you want to keep your open relationship with daddy when you’re doing stuff like you just did, you need to take everything that he’s taught you and throw it in his face when he starts acting different. Not literally. Use your words. We both know that mind of yours is quick on its feet. Daddy trained you to lead your own life, separate from him. If you want to keep your relationship, you have to start leading. Your eleven years old now; if you don’t challenge daddy, he’s going to get bored.”


“You’ve been one challenging little girl growing up, but now your too old to be acting like you use to. Doing that stuff will make him feel like he’s failed. I was a young girl like you before and I’m telling you here and now, all you need to do to keep your father happy and interested is be yourself. More and more questions are going to pop in your head; more and more curiosities. Just like you did this morning with your words, you took what he taught you before and challenged him. You’re smarter than you used to be because of him and you’re bringing more complicated situations to the table. I think you’ll find acting more grownup will make things a lot more fun. But grownups use words.”

“I know already. I’m not going to have another tantrum. I didn’t even like the way I felt when I was having it. I don’t want to feel like that again. Oh, and does all that mean we can take another shower together?”

“You’re very good with reading words, aren’t you?”

“Learned from the best.”

“Yeah, well, unfortunately I haven’t picked that trait up from him so well. But you can shower with him if you can convince him, and get my permission at the time of.”

Alex was suddenly happier and back to eating her sandwich. She was winning her favorite game; compare what daddy said to what mom says. Daddy with his so carefully chosen words and definitions and mom with her accidental splurges. She was learning a whole bunch and just got permission from her mom to test those learnings.

Jonas slowly moved about under the blanket and bumped his head into the plate in front of him as he began to wake. More fully opening his eyes he looked back and forth between the two females.

“We’re just finishing up a little conversation,” his wife comforted.

The last half of the day finished off relatively quickly. Alex kept mostly to herself pondering over hundreds of new questions. When bedtime came turn, she was the first ready. Both her parents kissed her goodnight and left her in her room alone, leaving the door ajar just a bit.

Then after hearing her parents settling down and the house go quite under the air conditioner, for the first time she could ever remember, Alex pushed her fingers up her nightgown, onto her panties, and rubbed.

Spreading her legs underneath her blanket, she moved her hand up and down over her private part. A shuddering feeling overwhelmed her entire body. Pretend sex.

Up and down, up and down, up and down. She started squirming all over her mattress and soon disrobed her blanket. If it was pretend sex, she wanted to be completely naked. Off went her nighty, then her panties. New amazing sensations reverberated through her being as her fingers made contact with her very own bare, eleven year old vaginal lips. There was liquid coming out making it smoother to rub. She could care less if she was leaking pee.

Jonas awoke to his wife softly shaking him.

“Follow me,” she tugged.

Silently the two moved through the hall where Riley pushed her husband’s head to the crack in their daughter’s bedroom. He could only see the bottom of her legs flailing about, but could hear the unmistakable sounds of masturbation. His little girl was rubbing herself and he was spying. No sooner had that thought moved into his mind than his wife had her fingers down his boxers and wrapped around his rapidly expanding sex.

Alex tried with all her failing strength to keep silent but the feeling was beyond enormous. She rubbed and rubbed and rubbed. Fifteen minutes passed, twenty, twenty-five, thirty. So so so so so so so so good. Her arm finally gave way. She was exhausted. All she had left in her was to pant her way back to normal breathing as the feeling faded. Was that what it felt like when she touched daddy? She made daddy feel That good.

As the heartbeat thumping through her skull faded, she thought she could her strange noises. Silently, she sat up in her bed and listened hard. It sounded like the bed in her parents’ room shaking around like the times she and daddy played wrestling on it.

Standing up and walking to her door, she backed up a bit, but then decided if she was just going to spy, she didn’t need clothes on. Alex crept down the hallway naked and stopped at her parents closed bedroom door. She could hear moaning from both of them. Just like hers. Were they having pretend sex like her? Where they having Real Sex? That had to be it!

She bolted back to her room and jumped onto her bed. Her parents were having real sex. Daddy was having sex with mom. For the first time in her life, she found herself jealous of her mom. She didn’t quite know why, but daddy was having real sex with her the same day that she herself made him so happy feeling. All she got was to sleep alone in her dark room, by herself.

Alex fell asleep that night with her head under her pillow. She woke up with her daddy sitting cross legged by her bed staring at her. Confusion, then panic struck her. She knew this game.

Before she had any say in it though, her father’s arms were around her and he pounced, pulling her blanket and all onto the floor with him where he tickled her awake. Her feeble words of ‘Stop’ were drowned out by laughter until her blanket came open and she rolled over onto her back just under him completely nude. She was too embarrassed to move anymore as he stared down examining her body.

“Put your bathing suit on, we’re going swimming,” he said as he stood up. Walking toward the exit, Alex spoke to him.

“Daddy, do you like when I’m naked? You have to tell me the truth and just yes or no only.”

He stood still for several seconds not facing her.


The answer from his own lips came somewhat as a shock to her, but part of her expected it. She tried crunching everything she knew to ask him another question or make some sort of statement. She wanted to challenge him, keep him interested.

“I love you,” she said dumbly in defeat.

“I love you too.” Jonas walked out from the room.

By the time Alex was into the kitchen wearing her black two piece bathing suit, her father was already outside by the pool. Her mother was inside by the patio door on her laptop getting ready to relaxingly waste away her weekend.

“Give me something, give me something,” Alex bugged her mom.

“Hmmmm, well, this time, how about something more extreme.”

“Like convince him to do a belly flop, or drink Three gulps of pool water!?”

“No, I’ve got one. Get him to lick inside your mouth again,” she said smiling just as her husband did a canon ball into the pool.


“Are you going to lose already?”

“No way. Just once though.”

“If that’s all you want.”

Alex scurried from the room looking back at her mom funny. Then immediately turned at the poolside and jumped in. The soft sound of an airplane not too far above slowly grew through echoes between the wooden fencing. She swam over to her father and strongly latched onto him. Pulling up, she gave him a peck on the lips.

Jonas returned the peck to his daughter.

Alex pecked back. Soon a pecking war started until Jonas twisted back and dropped himself backwards, tugging them both underneath the water, where he triumphantly finished with one last long peck.

Alex’s senses flared as she kissed her daddy underwater. The kiss had to have been Four seconds long, and it was under the water. As they reemerged, she took a deep breath.

“I’ll never let you win,” she giggled and pressed her lips into his for a real kiss. After two seconds, she decided his mimicking battle would win her the game right then. She pushed out her tongue and slipped it between his lips, licking his teeth. She pulled back only for a second to get one last good lick in and was beyond shocked when his jaw opened and both their tongues pressed together. Even more, his tongue went into her mouth as his head tilted with his hand on her back rising.

She couldn’t help but taste Trix cereal from his mouth inside hers. She had his tongue inside her. Then he abruptly pulled back and off of her.

“Sorry honey.”

“Underwater,” was all Alex could say in response as she pushed at him to bring them down.

In a twist and a flip, Alex was pushed down under, before her daddy. As soon as possible, her lips found his and she moved her tongue throughout him. She felt him inside her likewise. When they came back up for air almost half a minute later, she was gasping.

“How come you never kissed me like that before?” she demanded at a loss for breath.

“It’s not really appropriate for someone your age. It’s usually reserved for people like me and your mom.”

Alex looked over to her mother who was watching the two of them with interest. She was confused about what all was happening but it felt too good to question and possibly ruin. Then he let go of her. Just like that, he let go of her and swam backwards playfully leaving her alone.

Daddy seemed to make nothing of it so Alex tried her hardest to play the whole kiss off. She knew if it looked like no big deal to her, there would be a much better chance of reproducing it. But her mind was like the grand finally of a firework show for an entire hour while the two played together in the water.

And then he leapt at her taking a hold of her in a weird way. His hand slid down her sides and she felt his thumbs slip down the hips of her bikini bottom. He stopped cold. Alex did as well. The natural, calming sounds of the quiet suburban street they lived on faded away from the two with a pop of silence. Seconds passed under the inaudible settling water.

“You can take them off if you want to,” she near whispered coyly. Her voice was deafening. Whether it started by a mistake or not, she still wanted him to take them off. Even more, she wanted him to take them off not because she asked him to, but because he wanted to.

Jonas was frozen. His subconscious just took control of his arms. Worse more, after hearing his little girl tell him to take them off if he wanted to, it still held control.

Alex’s body temperature dropped thirty degrees in shock as she felt her father pushing her bikini bottoms down her legs. Almost instantaneously, her muscles obeyed the motions and she actually helped kick the thinnest of fabric from her feet. Her eyes moved from the floating triangle to her father’s face.

“Daddy, do you feel okay?”

Jonas was sick with anxiety. He just pulled the underwear off his eleven year old daughter. He knew too well how easy it would be to get her to do anything he asked of her, but things were happening too fast as they were already. His eleven year old floated without any bottoms inches from his throbbing cock. Every cell in his body cried to touch the little girl in the most sexual ways, but he knew he couldn’t.


Riley came sprinting over to them with a pill and a glass of water in her hands.

“I’m okay, it’s not that,” Jonas spit up.

His wife looked over to their daughter’s swimsuit floating in the water beside them.

“Honey, let’s get you out of the water. Daddy needs a little alone time,” she said reaching down to pull Alex out.

Alex climbed out onto the concrete deck with only minimal help after being pulled up. Crawling forward to stand up, she couldn’t help but see in the reflection on the patio door window of her father reaching out to her bare naked bottom and falling just short. He had the most painful look on his face.

She stood up and looked around to find her mom picking his arm up and comfort his sickly body. Immediately she stormed off into the house pulling a towel with her. She made sure to make her anger known and then ran upstairs and into her parents’ room.

“I just need to lie down,” Jonas quivered as he got out of the pool.

“Okay, go lie down for a bit and then get that stuff out of your system. I don’t need you getting a stroke or a heart attack on me. I’ll go talk to Alex.”

“No, let her do her exercises. I’ll talk to her afterwards. I have a feeling your talks are accelerating all of this.”

“Honey, she’s an eleven year old girl. She’s a lot stronger than you think. Do something about this now before you destroy your relationship with her.”

“A few days of daddy acting up won’t destroy anything.”

“I know you better than that. A few days will lead to weeks of resentment and you’ll both be fighting back and forth the rest of the summer. Once she gets mad at you because you can’t get your act together, she’ll push away. She pushes away, you’ll let her, blaming it rightfully on yourself and everything falls apart. You’ve already changed her beyond all odds. Don’t let that fade away. Try something bold and even if you mess up, I know you have a better chance of fixing things than if you don’t do anything at all.”

“Alright,” Jonas gave up. “I’ll do something.” Standing up with a towel over his back, he headed into the house. He traveled upstairs and turned into his room.

Closing the door, he was a bit taken back when he saw Alex sitting on his neatly made bed, bare ass on his pillow with her knees in the air and legs angled into her body by her folded arms. Moving his eyes up from her tiniest, bare vagina open to his view, he found her head plopped onto of her kneecaps staring at him angrily. Slowly he stepped toward the bed.

“What do you want from me?” she pouted. “Don’t lie or I’ll never forgive you again. I’m tired of you treating me like you don’t love me anymore or whatever you’re doing. What do you want from me!?”

Jonas stood at the foot of the king sized bed wobbling in restraint.

“To touch you,” he cried; a single tear running down his nose. Alex was completely lost. She gasped when he fell to his knees and his body leaned limp onto the mattress. Instantly she jumped to him.

“What’s wrong? Here, touch me,” she consoled as she pulled her hand into his fingers. “Daddy?”

“I want to touch you,” he almost sobbed into the comforter.

“Touch me, touch me. Daddy, you can touch me.”

Jonas’ hand lifted up her side and rested onto her back just below the shoulder. Alex pulled on him and he took the queue to climb onto the bed. As he scooted his stomach up the mattress, she dropped down and laid next to him.

“You can touch me daddy anytime.”

“I want to touch you,” he cried as his grip shifted over her little body and made its way onto her chest. His force pressed her from her side onto her back where he began gently massaging her absent breast with his fingers and palm over the black bikini top.

“I want to touch you,” he said one last time staring straight down into the mattress, and then stopped pulsing his grip onto her nipple.

If what her mind was going through in the pool was on par with an hour long grand finale firework show, than the revelation that just sparked inside her than was just flat out a nuclear mushroom cloud, glowing in lavalike flames of super heated particles.

“For just these past three days?” she quivered from her mouth. She didn’t know what to think. Everything about anything that she knew told her that this was much, much more than innocent fun. Innocent fun was all she ever knew with her daddy.

“No,” his voice muffled to her.

“For how long?”

“Since you were eight. When you started making progress with your exercises.”

Alex found all the new information incredibly hard to swallow. Her father rolled his head over and took her face into his vision.

“I’m sorry.” He tugged his hand a little to move away but Alex slammed her hold into him, preventing his further advance.

“Why just three days then? Why were you only different three days?”

“Why were you different for three days?” he asked back. “Why all of a sudden do you want to be naked around me?”

Alex blushed uncomfortably.

“I was doing middle exercises when you were napping. And. I was curious.”

“About what?”

“About what it would be like if you weren’t just daddy. Not like a boyfriend, but just more than daddy.” They laid in motionless silences for several moments. “You can keep touching me. It feels good.”

“Honey, I have to go to the bathroom and fix myself, otherwise I’ll go too far with you.”

He tried sliding his hand free but his daughter only held on tighter. Jonas rolled up and over to regather his strength. Alex responded with pushing him onto his back and climbing over top him.

“You wanted to touch me since I was eight and you waited this long. I’m not letting you escape. Don’t go to mom if you really want me.”

Jonas was taken back in some shock at her last sentence but had no time to think as her lips swooped down and twisted onto his. Her little tongue began licking up and down against his teeth until he opened up for her.

He lost any will he had left when his daughter’s young arms grabbed a hold of his and pulled them up to her back. Immediately, his hands slid down to her butt cheeks, his fingers down her crack. He felt her puckering butthole barely protruding outwards under his index finger.

Further down they moved until her slit was the prominent feature of his touch. Alex moaned into his mouth. Jonas pulled his face to the side a bit and took his daughter’s lower lip into a nibbling bite as he turned her body over and underneath him.

His right hand brushed around her butt cheek and took a new stance between the front of her legs, a foot north of his knee. He ran his finger down through her butt crack resting his index knuckle on her tiniest sphincter and lifted his face from hers.

“Keep going daddy,” Alex pleaded. Then her face burst into pure shock and awe as she felt for the first time in her entire life, something going inside her. The thumb of her daddy was penetrating her little girl hole. “Daddy!” she squeaked unable to choose an emotion to show.

He pushed all the way inside her. As deep as he could go, past the joint connecting to his hand.

“Uuuuh,” he shook and groaned involuntary as he felt his little girl’s cervix topping his thumb. He was poking his eleven year old’s cervix.

Alex had tears in her eyes. They were from a feeling so far away from pain or sadness, so very extraordinarily far. Daddy was poking as something amazing inside her. Daddy was inside her baby hole. His finger.

Jonas had never felt a warmer, squishier, springier substance beyond the insides of his eleven year old daughter’s vagina. It was quickly soaking itself and clearly had to be made up of primarily child fat accumulated for a very nearing growth spurt. He pulsed his thumb into the very deepest he could a few times, pressing on the button that was her cervix. Alex’s face was soaked as she struggled for an ample supply of air.

Then slowly, her father’s intrusion began pulling out of her body. The movement was incredible even if she never wanted him to leave. His head dropped down to her neck and she groaned loud feeling him sucking her skin into his mouth. He began licking too. She was chlorine engorged but it didn’t stop daddy. And then just before he popped out of her pelvis, he changed directions and like the hydraulic beams that slowly released the back door of their SUV, pressed his way back inside pushing her squishiest tunnel back apart.

“Daddy, daddy, dad, daddy, dadd, daddy,” Alex mumbled unable to form any other word.

Her liquid ran down over her father’s fingers and between her butt cheeks onto her parents’ mattress. Jonas nibbled up her neck and chin as he maneuvered his other hand below his daughter’s belly button. Taking her wide open mouth into his, he pressed down into the fatty tissue between his left palm and right thumb.

Alex squealed as loud as she could manage into her father’s mouth before inhaling one last time into silence. Never in her entire existence had such an insane spike of ecstasy jolted through her body as fast and with the power of a web of lightning. All her muscles flexed at full capacity. She went completely stiff as vibrations rolled through her being from the shifting tectonic plate inside her.

It rumbled through her body, tensing every tendon she had. Swirls of colorless smoke whistled through her brain blocking or dampening each of her five senses in combination. Her pupils dilated wide but still near all light faded from her perception. Sweat expanded from all the tiniest pores of her body, running lines of it around the mere simplest curves her figure shaped, yet the enraging fire she felt burning her from the inside out was never hot enough.

Minutes passed by in seconds. Inaudible squeaks spurted into soft coughing screeches. Those soon turned into vibrating grunts. And all of which ended with a solid tone releasing the last of the her latest breath, the one she took and trapped in nearly fifteen seconds prior.

Her hazy eyes finally slowly refocused onto her father above stroking his penis with pink watery lubricant.

“Can I do that daddy?” she asked dreamily, not even strong enough to raise her arm.

“No time, I’m seconds away.”

“What do you want me to do? I’ll do anything!?” Watching him above her began pumping the blood through her limbs faster.

“Uuuuh… Ope-open your mouth baby. Don’t worry, it’s safe, it’s healthy for you. Drink it down…”

Alex saw his eyes fade out with his words as he shifted and pressed the head of his penis toward her face. The sensations of excitement started coming back from its cozy bed. Quickly, she obeyed him without question. She even pulled her head up a little to better align the shot. And then it came.

Her daddy pulsated jets of cum in and around her open mouth. The hot milky goo sprayed her lips and throat splashing all about. With a jerk every now and again, she received a line up over her eyeball or across her cheek. Soon enough, fed up with the mess, she poked forward a bit more nearly inhaling the tip of his head. It was incredible feeling her daddy’s goop splash into the back of her closed esophagus with such force. Two slamming streams were left in him.

Once it started oozing, she found no other option to comply with her father than to actually take the purple tip of his penis into the suction of her shutting lips and lick the cream up as it came out. She started swallowing soon after, rapidly implanting the salty taste into her memory bank lumped together with her first orgasm and making daddy super duper happy feeling.

Jonas patted his daughter on the scalp and guided her down back onto the bed. She lifted her hand up and had to scoop his cum from her eye before she could see him lying down with her.

“What do we do now?” Alex asked, blinking a glaze of millions of little daddies from her eyeball.

“Well, we can either go back down to the pool, or you can finish up what’s on your face and we kiss some more.”

Alex hastily began spooning her father’s sperm into her mouth and funneling it down her throat.

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